Rise and shine, Segafags

Rise and shine, Segafags

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>>523539774Sonic can go fuck offI’m ready for more ATLUS/Sega PC ports


>>523539774Virtual on bros, where at

More importantly. What SAGE games are you looking forward too?youtu.be/nElBxexdMBw

>>523543028I can't believe this is still going on. Everybody can say what they want about Sonic, but their fanbase is rock solid.

>>523539774Hey man, New Genesis looks great enough for celebrating 20 years of PSO that it almost makes up for the fact that to celebrate 30 years of Phantasy Star in general all we got was an FGO clone that rips off its mask to reveal its just a PSO2 spin-off like half way through it's story.

Is it just me or does it seem like Sega is doing much better these days compared to when they were still selling consoles


>>523543028Sonic Triple Trouble’s second demo is the only one I’ve looked into, hope to find a ton of cool shit

Puyu Puyu Tetris 2 is going to be dope though

>>523539774LimitedDigitalSales>hello, Mr Miyamoto?>yes what you want?>i-i'd like s-some decade old ROMs, if y-you be so g-gracious sire...>"hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....">nope>b-but why nor Mr. Miyamoto-sama?>"We all out of data, prease try again when we raise da price wan mo timeu"Thank You, Nintendo

>>523547775>sequel to a mediocre DLCfest that we already know is going to have microtransactions>dopeFuck no.

>>523543349At least PSO2 gave us a good ending, that's more than most MMOs can say

>>523544196Not being an industry titan means they don't have as much room to royally fuck up anymore. They're still doing pretty sloppy with their low output and Yakuza tunnel vision but eh, could be worse.

All this says to me is that Sega releases new games for anniversaries and Nintendo doesn’t

>>523539774chigyus get what they deserve

>>523539774Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 having Chronicles elements in its story mode is something I'm skeptical about, and the continued recycling of assets and music from fucking Fever is exhausting, but if this IS the new anniversary game and we actually get all the 15th/20th modes in a western release for the first time ever then the game is going to be worthwhile. I really miss Sun mode.Also the addition of proper leagues in online play is going to salvage ranked play if it allows you to assign specific rulesets and gameplay modes.

>>523550205They hardly even do that any more. Puyo's 30th anniversary is this year and all we're getting is a sequel to the shitty Tetris spinoff.

>>523550689>but if this IS the new anniversary game and we actually get all the 15th/20th modes in a western release for the first time ever then the game is going to be worthwhileIf this is the 30th anniversary game it's the saddest shit ever. Imagine if Sonic's 30th anniversary game was a Mario&Sonic at the Olympic Games sequel.I fucking hate Sega.

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>>523550797isn't it next year

>>523539774What sonic game

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>>523550962At this point its safe to say Tetris isn't a spinoff but a direct sequel to 7. These are Ringo's games and they replaced the awful mini/mega mechanic for swap mode.I hope we go back to more traditional games soon but the Tetris crossover has enough to work with for one more title and if it helps Puyo Puyo cement itself in the west then thats a good thing. I prefer this to more Quest or Chronicle, and the idea that we'll ever get a Fever 3 at this point is a pipe dream.

>>523551357>if it helps Puyo Puyo cement itself in the west then thats a good thing.But it hasn't. Practically everyone buying PPT in the west is buying it for the Tetris side. Every time I see someone one twitter/youtube/twitch/etc play this game they fucking hate it when they have to play Puyo in the story. This series is never going to survive over here if they keep fucking doing this.

>ywn be able to have a proper Puyo thread in Holla Forums

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>>523551562That's probably why the story mode in the new one has support items like Fever 2 and character abilities like Puyo~n. You can brute force it for a pass just by playing with the RPG elements, and don't actually have to learn how to play Puyo Puyo until you go for ranks or enter multiplayer.We'll see if it works. They already botched the announcement.

>>523551657>ywn be able to have a proper thread in Holla Forumsyou don't even need the puyo partit's just all threads, you can't have any discussion here

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>>523551657>he keeps posting this shit image because he got into the series with PPT and thinks it's the best onego play the other games, retard

>>523551657>literally the same artstyleAre wojackposters just all universally braindead or what?

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>>523551875Not that user but my favorites are Sun and 20th but I still like Tetris and think it's the best party game in the series. It gets too much flack for not being a sequel to Fever or ideal for competitive play.My bigger complaint with the series right now is how barebones Champions is. If they want it to be the core Puyo Puyo game for diehard fans and multiplayer it should have had more than just Tsuu and Fever rulesets, if it was a dumping ground for all the legacy rulesets and had an arcade mode it'd be a lot more appealing.

>>523551783We'll see. I'm already massively turned off by the microtransactions and the fact that they made O into a human character because Mikame just fucking hates any characters that can't be drawn with the PPQ design template, but maybe I'll end up being wrong.

>>523551875I don't think it's the best one. But the games are so similar that it dosen't matter which one is the bestIt's basically Weeb Fifa

is PP box any good

there hasn't been porn of sonic pounding arle?

>>523539774wojak memes get even fucking stupider as time goes by

>>523552172>But the games are so similar that it dosen't matter which one is the best>i don't know shit about puyo: the post>>523552194It's pretty okay, yeah. Not particularly memorable, but okay.

>>523552305Except for Yon all games play well and that's all it matters

>>523551965congrats on proving his point

>>523552506>Except for Yon all games play well and that's all it mattersGuess how I know you didn't play PP1, PP7's HENSHIN bullshit, or the Puyo part of PPT.

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>>523552672You think that's anywhere near the same artstyle you need to get your eyes checked.

>>523540347Ok fatlus.

>>523539774>Luigi, it is 4pm. time for your pegging session!>LET'S A FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


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>>523552506>Except for Sonic 06 all games play well and that's all it matters

>>523553041Stop pretending that Puyo is nearly as bad as Sonic

>>523550797Its fucking puyo puyo, how many iterations of that funding game do you chigyu niggers need?

>>523539774Get the FUCK out of my sight, inferior franchises. You're lucky I even lift a finger once a year to keep you afloat. Speak up more time and your series' budget for the decade is getting reallocated to Shin Yakuza Kiwami 5 Ishin.

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>>523553489Not until you make SMB3 you hack


C Kronk

>>523553345Puyo's downfall started around the exact same time as Sonic and Yakuza, though Yakuza made a comeback

>>523555937That downfall never existed

>>523556807>MUH RUBBER BULLETS never happened you guys, y-you're just chigyu!!!fuck off nagosh

>>523556965Anon I hate the Chigyu meme too and even I think you're an autist

>>523557651>i don't know anything about the history of the company we're talking about or the series they make and if you do you're an autist>definitely not samefagging btw :^)

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>>523550797Puyo Puyo Tetris was the definitive version of Tetris gameplay, it's a shame Puyo had to be brought down a bit but they can't fuck it up twice... right?

>>523543028How can I follow SAGE? Do I need to look up the twitter of each individual developer?I wish they did something more like E3 with one presentation of an hour talking a bit about each game and showing some gameplay, it's so unorganized when you have no idea where to look, they'd probably attract more casual fans too if they made a press conference people could just look up on Youtube

>>523551965> slightly sharper lines> slightly less blocky fingers> slightly less flared clothesWow, it's fucking nothing(tm)

>>523552705The Puyo part of PPT was competent, it was its matchup against Tetris and the lack of variety that was a monstrosity.

>>523551351>download.jpgOh...wow...there really IS a discord tranny group doing targeted shitposting raids on this websitetoo fucking funny, you literally cannot make this shit upthankfully, with tranny suicide rates being so high, this will all stop in a few years.

>>523548307I mean it has happened before. I still remember when club nintendo was closing and they ran out of digital codes for earthbound

>>523549125>PPT 1>dlcfestWhat are you even talking about?

>>523560250>different general color pallete>completely different way of drawing hands>different approach to character poses>linework is almost completely different in every way>slightly different proportions>PPT uses highlights/gradients inconsistently in ways that cause things to resemble plastic

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>>523560476PPT was fucking loaded with DLC. All of the EX chapters and the content you unlock in them in the 2017 release were DLC in the 2014 release.

>>523560476In certain countries the last three bonus chapters were dlc. In localized copies they were just base game.



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>>523560117Just subscribe to their Youtube channel. They put out a teaser trailer for this year's event a month ago in advance. Too bad their servers are hot garbage and are down for like the full first day every year. Can't download shit right now.


>>523539774Being a sonic fan must be suffering. I know being a MM can suck sometimes but at least when we get a new game it's (usually) good.

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>>523561390Sonic has never had a bad game.

>>523560785this definitely matters

>>523560785I genuinely can't tell what you mean by the color palette and lighting, other than "PPT has actual lighting and multiple shades of each color to facilitate this".The "completely different way of drawing hands" is basically nothing.Even you can admit the proportional changes are tiny.And I prefer inconsistent gradients to completely flat colors all the fucking time.You're a total autist if you think PPT is a significant change. A lot of little things have changed but the basic shapes have stayed so much the same I'm shocked it's not the same artist with a bit of art style evolution.

>>523562326>You're a total autisthe is, he brings this up every single puyo thread and most of the time it's unprompted