Is Billy literally unstoppable?

Is Billy literally unstoppable?

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Literally who?

>>523539524Never take a jew to court.Never let a jew take you to court.

>>523539581dont pretend you dont know who the king is

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did apollo ever return the money of the gofund me?

>>523539581thisfuck off with this non-videogame bullshit

>>523539581>>523540227lurk more newfag

>>523540227couldnt be more videogames, fucking sperg

>>523540254no you fuck off to Holla Forums or /trash/ with this shit

>>523539524I wonder if Karl Jobst will fold too.

>>523540789he said in his twitch he will never but who knows, Billy is too powerful

He truly was the kong of kings

This dude can't stop winning and that's a good thing.

>>523541394Like he won against Cartoon Network?

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>>523542025just wait, he will destroy cartoon network

>>523542165no you, >>>Holla Forums is therethis is videogams

>>523539524Next time don't publicly defame someone unless you have actual evidence to back it up, retard.

>>523542257have sex incel

>>523542318Sex is shit. Masturbation with proper tools and techniques deliver more attuned pleasure and prolonged pleasere.

>>523542257we're talking about video gamesyou obviously don't know shit about them if you don't know who billy mitchell is, zoomie

>>523539524Anyone got re uploads? the videos were actually good.

Do you think he asked for the same rates Guinness World Records demands to acknowledge bullshit?

When will youtubers understand they aren't shit in the real world? Keep your little fucking youtube drama bullshit on youtube and out of real people's lives and you won't get BTFO and forced to pay THOUSANDS of dollars in court fees.

>>523539524What a cuck.If Karl Jobst deleted his videos though, then I'd be worried.

>>523542767well he got the 20k from the gofundme he never returned so..

>>52354286520k is nothing. He probably has paid 40-60k in fees to his lawyer.

>>523542310There was plenty of evidence.

>>523542927they didnt even go to trial


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>>523542310There was evidence and it was true, the dude cheated and had literal impossible scores recorded for some games, as in a TAS couldnt reach the same score as it was impossible in engine.

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legit smheading over how there's Billy Mitchell apologists in this thread. Is there something about the ass of chronic liars that tastes particularly good to anons? Don't you have a Qanon facebook pages to admin?

>>523543239its just ironic shitposters, why do you think mods splintered the board into ones that actually discuss videogames while this is a containment zone for faggots?

>>523543314>this is a containment zone for faggotswhy are you here then?

>>523543073Is Karl up to the Jobst of defeating King of kong Billy Mitchell?

>>523543369Who doesnt like to shitpost?

>>523543314so people like you can post here too

>>523543407he's the next to fall

>>523542931No, there wasn't. I watched the videos. They had thin evidence that maybe he used an emulator and that's it. They had no evidence to claim the score was acquired by cheating or that he was engaged in fraud. If they'd been careful with their language and said he was being stripped for failing to correctly adhere to the rules or something then fine but they got him on a technicality and blew it way out of proportion to make some outrageous claims. That's why he sued and it's why they are all caving in. I've read the court documents. He has a damn good case and they have wild speculation which they stupidly decided to pretend are facts.

>>523540254correct me if i am mistaken but is this Billy man not a celebrity of the internet persuasion, aka: an eceleb?

>>523543421>>523543369I love how offended niggers like this get this gets pointed out

>>523543157>dude cheated and had literal impossible scores recorded for some games, as in a TAS couldnt reach the same score as it was impossible in engineThat's someone else entirely different. That guy isn't suing anyone for claiming he's a cheat because he is.

>>523543517>I've read the court documentswhere?

>>523543560This was a legal beef over a video game high score. As Holla Forums as it gets.


>>523543157that's Todd Rogers and are you saying THE HUMAN ELEMENT and COFFEE STAINS aren't enough to defend his reign?

>people think he can touch based jobst

>> things like Billy Mitchell having an affidavit from a senior Nintendo engineer that the hardware is legit which Twin Galaxies dismissed as "irrelevant" which is funny considering the hardware not being legit is a major basis for their claims.

>>523543871>Used MAME>obvious stitiching of his recordings>Gets so salty about a fucking highscore in videogames that he sues anyone who claims its cheated, which most cheaters have done in the past

>>523543704Well i've made threads about prominent video game players getting high scores and been banned for it. Why should this be exempt from such rules? I'm sensing some bias here.

>>523544026Pro players are fair game. You just got fucked by an asshole.

>raise money to sue a jew only to get a bigger handout from said jew to drop itoh i'm fucking laughing at how fucking retarded everyone involved is

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>>523543978The fact that he used MAME is possibly the only indisputable thing, where did they dig this lying ass technician up from?

>>523543157What? That's a bouncy castle, what the fuck are they talking about?

>>523544269he destroyed his youtube channel in the process tho, and it was his means of living

>>523544342>bouncy castlethe fuck backwards 3rd world you come from, literally noone has ever called it that

It's so pathetic. How the fuck does Apollo still have so many subscribers at this point?

>>523539524I have never seen a man get so completely and utterly BTFO as Apollo "Cuckold" Legend

>>523544342It's a jumping castle you spastic.

>>523544523from hero to zero in a couple of months

>>523544523>>523544630How did he get btfo? he got a bunch of money from both his fans and billy with barely any effort at all.He's literally running away with the money and laughing at you fucking idiots for lapping it all up

>>523539524>Mostar menosDios mios

>>523544303>The fact that he used MAME is possibly the only indisputable thingBased on what? Because people who clearly don't like him said so?>where did they dig this lying ass technician up from?He's someone who worked for Nintendo as an engineer for years. That's verified fact. You're not just talking about lying now. This is a submission to the court. It's perjury if he's lying. That's a felony.

>>523544454Not that user but that's exactly what they're called

>>523544662ruining your online reputation hurts, maybe you dont care about it but I guarantee he has nightmares about what happened in the last monthsalso, those 20k will run out but he killed a constant source of revenue that was his youtube channeli mean, maybe he doesnt give a fuck since hes clearly pretty autistic, only he knows

>>523544851noone calls it that nigger its a bouncehouse

>>523544705It's also a verified fact that his run was done on MAME through studying the footage.

>>523543073Doubt it karl seems competent


>>523544959You need to learn the difference between speculation and verified fact.

>>523543157bouncy castle son

>>523545139Hi billy, you don't have to lie on here because everyone already knows you are bullshitting out of your ass. It's a fact that your footage has been compared countless times already to prove your run was done on MAME.Your money doesn't have any power here.

Billy is based as fuck desu

>>523540310lurk more idiot, watch as this thread reaches post limit and happy seething!

>>523543073he'll call himself Karla Jobst after Billy is done with her

were r the vidy gaems?

>>523545295>> stumble in from the wrong dimension? hasnt been called a bouncy castle in the history of the earth

why Holla Forums sides with a liar and cheater like billy?

>>523545687clearly a fucking castle. why you trippin

>>523545769/v/ sides with winners.

>>523545592that's hot man

>>523545627whats with all you fucking newfags? are you just pretending or what?

>>523545769I side with victims of fake news. All this smearing shit originates from a "documentary" that is 90% horseshit.

>>523543073>Americunt tries to sue Australianlol good luck beardo poofter

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>>523545769because it's videogames and nobody wants to side with tryhard incels on the way to becoming trannies on a "videogames issue", also Billy is actually based

>>523539524This is because they banned Leafy isn't it? You can even criticize people with facts and evidence anymore.


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>>523543517Using an emulator IS cheating by default because the rules don't allow it for the entry he had it in. If you show up to a NASCAR race with a rocket you'd also be cheating and disqualified whether or not you still managed to drive around the damn course.Or even in speedruns directly where it's no different than someone entering a normal Minecraft speedrun into the Bedrock category or a SSG into the RSG category.And, the more important logic... Why would you lie about not using it unless you were taking advantage of the reasons to use it? Stop being a retard.

I mean the evidence looked pretty conclusive that he was altering footage and stuff, how'd he come back from that?

>>523543073THE KING'S BACK BABY!!!!

>people think they have a case in a world where money = powerlol

>>523539524money > facts

>>523540789Apollo's always come across like a reactionary grifter so him taking Billy's check and running isn't that shocking (as embarrassing as it is) but Karl clearly actually cares about dumb shit like this so I doubt it

>>523543073look at that fine patriot

>>523546135I'm sorry, is this libel?

>>523543073isn't guiness complete bullshit when it comes to video games, though?

>>523546417that's just what they want you to think

>>523539524>>523539636>>523539649>tfw some sperg gets mad about some cheater from 20+years ago>seethes and seethes even going so far as raising funds to sue him>jews the fuck out of many people >court clearly doesnt give a fuck about some literally what vidya record>all breaks down>billy goes apeshit and reverse sues the apollo dude>s-sorryI'm glad he got a nice ass kicking.Literally NOBODY cared about this and we already knew about Billy Mitchell a long time ago.Based Billy, gonna sell more of his hot sauce now.

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The only people who can tell Billy to shut up and fuck off are Nintendo and Bandai Namco.

>I have evidence that could lead to Billy Mitchel's records being stricken from the scoreboards>USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS VIDEOIs Billy the Hillary clinton of video games?

>>523546135basically, "yes we know is a liar and a cheater BUT that doesn't matter cause muh witness" and even if you take breaks (you cant) but they dont tell you that first, you "win" anyways.

>>523546017>noone wants to side with tryhard incels>sides with billy mitchellthe irony is palpable

>>523546593>buy hotsaucesorry user but I am not colored

>>523546094He's denying the emulator accusation. He has an affidavit from a Nintendo engineer who was present during the recording saying it was on legit hardware, not emulated. They have spergs watching videos nitpicking over things that we don't even know are actually relevant and making guesses.

>>523539524apollo is the most gutless backtracking faggot ive ever seen in my life

>>523539524That's what you get for slandering the gaming god and the KING of Kong, Billy FUCKING Mitchell. Learn your place millennial dweeb.

>>523546692ah yes. You require that mayonnaise

him getting buttflustered over that Regular Show episode will never not be funny, no matter how much of his name he tries to clear.

>>523546697Cuckollo was doomed to fail. Maybe he knew this from the start and wanted some cheap money

>>523545769It's memers, usually.Can't say posts like >>523543073 don't make me laugh.But I think Billy is probably on the cheating side.

>>523546593>Billy's hotsauce will MAME your taste buds

>>523546026>talking about Leafy>obsessing over 'facts and evidence' but only the ones he likesfound the electionfag zoomer

fucking american threads

>>523546825did he seethe over the Pixels character too, Where that dwarf played a parody of him cheating? Its funny, if he wasnt actually a cheater he would completely ignore these jokes but it just makes him even more obvious when he doubles down and tries to sue anyone who calls him out

video game "culture" is not video gamesleave

>>523546671hey better than to side with actual "speedrunners" lol, fucking degenerates

>>523547010Billy The King Mitchel *IS* Video games you fucking peasant!

>>523547010it is autismo

>>523540789Nah he seems to have that kind of autism that can be channeled to make shit happen

>>523546417Guinness called touhou a series of fan games

>>523546929Ok bad example, but they've been banning anyone with any hot takes lately. I didn't even mention politics.

Billy might have won the battle against Apollo, but at the cost of causing a Streissand effect. Now people know far and wide that he's sketchy as fuck, and he can't possibly win if he can't sue everybody covering him in the future.

>>523539524take the case on a videogamer court next time faggot

>>523542025Yessss, stroke the beard of Garrett Bobby Ferguson...

>>523546593>20+ years agoIts 30+ now, feeling old dudes

>>523547010get fucked wannabe mod.

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>>523547164Yeah his reputation is completely destroyed and now people will double down on backing up Karl

>the silly bitchell>sues everyone for daring to point out that his good but not groundbreaking records were done in an emulator>the human element>"yeah I got 15 million in a game where the next highest score is under 400,000, I'm just that good bro">gracefully bows out when everyone disqualifies his scores

>>523547010i'm sorry your feefees got hurt by walking into this thread man, may i redirect you to a smash thread or perhaps a 3x3 thread would suit you better?

>>523539524Apollo also scammed people so he had no chance to win.

>>523542025I'm not following Internet drama, my post was just made for fun.

Billy reminds me a Trump, he gets asspained and sues everyone for anything and loses every lawsuit.

>>523547171>videogamer courtdoes this exist? I mean a pro CS player sued valvE over a VAC ban,

>>523547164Have you never heard of The King of Kong? People have known he was "sketchy" for about 15 years now. But the person who made that documentary was smart. They implied things but never actually said them. People like Apollo are fucking retarded. They just flat out said them. Problem is if you're going to actually say it you better be able to back it up and none of them can. That's why they are all folding.

Jordan Peterson said american males are retreating more and more into degenerate addictions like porn and speedrunning.For real, anything or anyone that shits on that community has a free pass on my book, cheating or not, who cares

>>523547291Are you talking about the dragster guy? Pretty sure he fought hard to keep those scores up, even having a man on the inside

>>523539581Thought he was talking about Trump boomer guy

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>>523547385does billy actually have that much money to grind out lawsuit and shit just to fuck the other party over though?i honestly don't know how rich he really is

>>523543073Kill screen status: NEVER

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>>523547385Trump hasn't actually sued much. He tends to be the one being sued. He usually wins.

>>523547528Jordan Peterson also nearly died abusing anxiety medication

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>>523547515good postit is near impossible to have actual hard evidence to prove he was cheating at this point, so going ham wont be in your favor if he sueshonestly the whole fucking shitshow is kinda weird, bunch of boomers and early gen-x get bend out of shape over some monkey business

>>523547291>Todd "Coffe Stains" Rogers has more self awareness than Milly Bitchell

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>>523544909You know there's work other than youtube, right? He'll be fine as a Wal-mart cashier.

>>523547553I remember following this guy four years ago and he was screaming WAIT FOR THE PANHANDLE when Trump looked like he was losing Florida. Wild ride

>>523547528The fucking irony of this post is genuinely amusing.>Cheating or not, who caresJP was talking about you bro

>>523547385Reminder that pornstar that sued trump ended up having to pay trumps lawyer fees. Also, her lawyer got arrested for extortion attempt lol

>>523547824>You know there's work other than youtube, right?Everyone's working from home now due to covid. I'm sure things will go back to normal eventually, but until this whole covid thing blows over this is the only way neets can "make a living".

>>523547804A lot of the guys saying he's a cheater fucked up by accusing of actually cheating when the only evidence we have of misconduct is that he clearly used an emulator, so at worst you can call him a rule breaker

>>523547291Billy apparently has enough money to sue his accusers into silence. Todd Rogers looks like he probably stocks shelves overnight at Walmart. What else does the guy have in life? Just let him have some fake scores in Atari games no one gives a fuck about.

>>523547291>oh yeah bro, it might be a bugI think only a GAMER lawyer can fight this guy

>>523548139>Billy apparently has enough money to sue his accusers into silence.He has a hot sauce company, he's probably not "loaded", but he does well for himself.

Billy probably wouldn't have had a case against Apollo if Apollo didn't secretly record Billy in a two-party consent state, but being a complete retard is the norm for youtubers.

>>523548139T O D D Z I L L A

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>>523545139Go away billy.

>>523547853>cheating on toysyes, i could care less smartass

>>523548225Defamation is a good enough case considering Apollo went full retard in trying to start a witch hunt on Billy through his YouTube videos and acting cocky with his whole "Give me money. We WILL beat him."There's a reason why lawyers say to shut the fuck up and not say anything, but being a retarded YouTuber he clearly couldn't help himself.

let's start this thread in second gear

>>523548379I know, cause you're a degenerate.

>>523548225>being a complete retard is the norm for youtubers.are there any youtubers that AREN"T complete retards? I can think of like three, & they're all old tech review channels like LGR & that guy who does a 1700s cooking show.

am i the only one who forever look at billy as the prime example of a car salesman who just happen to be in the game business?

>>523548194You'd be surprised how much money people can make from what you'd think were nothing little niche businesses. He's almost certainly a multi-millionaire.

>>523548524kek both LGR and that cooking show tard are the absolute definition of retardsI really hope your post is just bait

>>523548517i wish so i could make a youtube drama video about it :)

>>523539524I honestly still have no idea what happened.>Gets sued by Billy >Doesn't go through>Fundraiser to countersue Billy>Doesn't go through>Suddenly Billy sues him again and he folds this time?The only part I understand is him getting played by a malicious informant and making an ass out of himself with his Viper video.

>>523547253how will he ever recover?

>>523547219>30 years ago was 10 years ago

>>523547528he meant vidya in general, not specifically speedrunning

>>523543029That doesn’t mean he didn’t employ an attorney dipshit. Just talking on the phone with a lawyer is expensive.

>>523548524Unironically projared, instead of caving into pressure he met with laywars and gathered all the info he could before defending himself

>>523542381>the point of ejaculation is pleasure>the point of life is to make and spend moneyDisgusting attitude

>>523548849and speedrunning is the most degenerate way to enjoy vidya

>>523548890>Just talking on the phone with a lawyer is expensive.what if it is a crank call?

>>523546593This is what a real American hero looks like.

>>523545687>amerifatAh, right.

>>523546616No, he can stand on his own in 72 degree heat.

>>523549146wrong im an aussie

Billy always wins baby

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>>523539524quick rundown? who's billy and what did he do?

>>523544454It is literally a bouncy castle. Here in the UK that's what it's called, because that's what it is. How many castles do you have the US? Pathetic. My town is 1100 years old and I live within walking distance of a medieval castle. We know what castles are and that is a bouncy castle.

>>523549514We have the oldest boucewalk in the world fron 982AD sorry fag nobody cares about your misaligned teeth town

>>523549514You have 1100 muslims within walking distance that's NOTHING to be proud about


>>523549343Short version is he's an asshole who is really good at video games to such a degree he's a record holder but because he's an asshole people really don't like the idea of him holding records so there's been a concerted effort to smear him which culminated in outright defamation and the claim he's a cheat which led to him being stripped of his records. He's decided to sue to clear his name and have his records reinstated. So far he's winning.

>>523549514that nigger is aussiein us here people also call it bouncy castle

>>523539524Get dabbed on Apollo you bitch

>>523549842good summary but you left out the part that one of his record was really fucking sus, that's where all the allegation come frompeople didn't out come out and smear him from nothing

>>523548890not 60k expensive you retard

>>523549851Im US and its called a moonwalk, noone calls it bouncy castle you fucking limey bastard

>>523543157We call it a bounce house where I'm from

>>523545769Speedrunners and e-celebs are the cancer of videogaming and I'll gladly side with anyone willing to chemo this shit.

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>>523549842he's sketchy as fuck, there is no way his records are legit (legit meaning they would pass as records nowadays with rules and shit)

>>523550218sorry limey its a moonbounce

>>523550163in this case it is cancer vs cancer

>>523539524Thanks for confirming that Billy is a bully and a sore loser, already knew that though

why doesnt this retard just redo his score on real hardware? he's spent so much time and money suing people he could have done it again by now

>>523544662Imagine battling against billy mitchell and GDQ and losing.

>>523550119Imma moonwalk all over your ass if you ever call me a limey again, you hear?

>>523550293So a win-win situation then

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>>523550382probably blame it on age or some shit

>>523550382because those old timers scores are fake, they were friends with the referees and shit and just claimed anything they wanted

>>523543157Bouncy castle/bounce house. Saying otherwise means you're subhuman

>>523550382He did

>>523549343Dude has world record of Donkey Kong. There is some controversy because some people think he cheated. And by some I mean 99.99% of people who spent a minimum amount of time researching the subject would know that he's a fraud. If you have any doubt then don't listen to anyone in this thread, just look it up. The guy is rich and sues into silence anyone who talks against him. That donkey kong record is apparently his 15 mins of fame that he won't let go of it. He is actually good at video games so he's not a complete fraud.

>>523550587Its a Castle bounce house though


>>523544465His last REAL video was almost a year ago, so its not like he doing much for it anyway, but I do like rewatching the cheaters videos.

>>523550382Because we aren't talking about something you can just do on demand. It's like expecting an Olympic sprinter to break the world record every time after they break it just once. Does the fact that they might never run that fast ever again mean they don't deserve recognition of that record?

>>523550649its weird why he doesnt juts let it go, he's rich off selling hot sauce,all this is doing is making sure he dies unhappy and alone

I wish billy would make a twitch account and play there, would be my first sub

>>523550776you are underestimate narcissist

>>523550776guess its bad for bussiness having your name associated to fraud even if its in videogames, anyone who googles him now can see that immediatelybut if I had to guess i think its really really important to him to be the king of kong in an autistic way

>>523550649>The guy is rich and sues into silence anyone who talks against him.That's just not true. This is the first time he's ever sued someone and it's specifically not just because they spoke ill of him but because they called him a cheater. Lot of people have talked shit about him before and he did nothing but the thing that pissed him off this time is Twin Galaxies issued a press release saying he's a cheater and that was written up widely in the press.

>>523550937the hilarious thing is he just made himself seem even more suspicious by suing everyone and dragging his own name through shit

>>523550773its been so many years that it's been more than possible to do it again. and this guy wouldn't be breaking it a second time i.e. an increase in points, just needs to break it again because his record isn't verifiably valid anymore. it's not the same.

>>523550937but him going nut and try to sue everybody just make this whole mess even bigger isn't it?before that he can just claim these people are jealous fucks that have no real proof to prove anything

>>523551068He sued Cartoon Network over Regular Show.

>>523551068>first time he's ever sued someone>Regular show>Twin Galaxies>Guiness Records>literally quoted as saying after the regular show sue case he I didnt care who won as long as he was trending

>>523551125Imagine spending hundreds of hours slaving over something to be the best in the world at it and then you finally set that world record showing you are the best. Then some fucking retard comes along and says "I don't believe you. Do it again." Would you be willing to go back and spend hundreds of hours more hoping to match that world record again or would you just say "Fuck off. I did it."

>>523551462shouldn't have used an emulator bro

>>523550776He's probably more emotionally invested in not being known as a fraud than being known as a good gamer. The original fraudulent claim wasn't that important, nobody cares about old vidya records, but if he gives up defending his claim then everyone who insulted him for being a liar and a cheat will be proven right.

>>523551462I'll give him $50 if he can get 95% of the score he claimed.

>>523551360>>523551432>Regular showThat lawsuit wasn't because they shit on him. He sued them over likeness rights. He thought they owed him money if they were going to use his likeness in a show. He was wrong.

>>523551360that one was really fucking stupid from him lmao

So what about Todd Rodgers? Where is his apology?

>>523551663everyone was proven right the moment they got sued by him over a joke

>>523551738It was quite literally because they made fun of him with a satirical character. The judge dabbed on Billy hard too.

is Steve Wiebe still the only true neutral and good guy from the whole saga?

>>523551891No. The lawsuit specifically states it's because he thinks they stole his likeness. The judge said it was transformative enough and dismissed the suit. That's not being "dabbed on hard". Being dabbed on hard would be being reprimanded for a frivolous suit and having to pay legal fees, neither of which happened.


>>523552247He got dabbed on hard>Mr Mitchell is not a gigantic head that explodes into slime so I do not see any likeness. Dismissed.

>>523552247So he was dabbed on softly instead of dabbed on hard? Thanks for your opinion.

>>523552321>...the Court must balance Defendants’ First Amendment protections against Plaintiff’s plausible claim for relief under the right of publicity. Applying the Transformative Use Test, this Court finds that Defendants’ GBF character is transformative and thus protected by the First Amendment against Plaintiff’s right of publicity claim. The judge's decision was not quite the epic smackdown you think it was.

>>523552648Did Billy win or lose that lawsuit, remind us.

>>523552648>“The television character does not match the plaintiff in appearance,” Judge Anne Thompson said of the Garrett Bobby Ferguson, a character who cheats to win at an arcade game. “GBF appears as a non-human creature, a giant floating head with no body from outer space, while Plaintiff is a human being.”Imagine simping for Silly Bitchell

>>523553078He lost. But the judge said he had a plausible claim that was only rendered null by first amendment protections, which is an affirmative defense, so the notion he got "dabbed on hard" is utter crap.

>>523553173literally worse than simping camwhore imo

>>523553485Anyone suing someone has a plausible claim you dipshit.

>>523551738The alleged goal of a lawsuit is not necessarily the actual goal intended. Often, the goal is to pressure the other party into a out-of-court settlement. In this case, the obvious out-of-court deal would be that he makes them stop airing the episode. He's not going to say in interviews "My goal is to make them stop airing the episode, and I cannot achieve that legally, but I will take them to court and claim they owe me money in order to achieve that purpose through legal intimidation". Your post is written as if we cannot possibly have an idea of his (obvious) intentions unless he illogically says them out loud. There is no way anyone can honestly believe that this man would have been perfectly happy with the episode being on tv as long as he gets a few dollars in his pockets because it supposedly has his likeness. There is also no way anyone can honestly believe this man has never seen a single episode of the simpsons and didn't actually know a comedy show could have parody. "Oh, the guy just didn't realize that comedy isn't illegal, perfectly common mistake". Seriously.

>>523553892That's not true at all. That's why you can do things pre-trial like a motion to dismiss on the grounds there's no plausible claim. You can sue someone for anything. You don't actually have to meet any standards until it reaches a judge's desk. Notice they didn't file a motion to dismiss on the grounds there's no claim. They used an affirmative defense which is basically admitting to the claims of the plaintiff but arguing they are inactionable. In this case, inactionable because of first amendment protections.

The whole "emulation is too different" clause is so weird when they'll be perfectly okay with some obscure version Japanese or Chinese version that loads stuff faster, has a faster refresh rate and/or less text to scroll through.

>>523554142I don't care for speculation about what's going on in someone else's head. It's pointless wank anyway but especially so when it's someone none of us know or have even so much as met.

>>523551127boomers dont understand internet and streisand effect

>>523554795but those are in their own category, often being specify out which version was being playedand guess what? you can also get an emulation category too, you just don't get to play on emulation and claim it is from the legit version

>>523554795emulation enables injection of hacks, pausing shit, going frame by frame and correcting things, saving states so you can redo this without starting over etcEven stuff like changing the refresh rate by 0.1 can affect the score significantly in theses long ass perfect score runs.

>>523554515Billy motioned that his legal claim was actionable. If he didn't, he wouldn't have sued. If the judge ruled the claim wasn't actionable then Billy's position was wrong. Imagine using mental gymnastics to justify why someone losing in court is evidence they won.

>>523554795Twin Galaxies have always been autistic about emulation and using glitches in speedruns. Most speed game communities are fine with emulation if the game is hard to come by otherwise (arcade games, obscure consoles and Japan-only games, etc.)

>>523539524>Billy single handedly btfo'd the speedrunning community Holy shit. Literally our guy.

>>523555203>Imagine using mental gymnastics to justify why someone losing in court is evidence they won.I'm doing no such thing. All I'm doing here is refuting the claim "The guy is rich and sues into silence anyone who talks against him." by showing he's only ever sued a few people and almost all of them are in relation to this one incident involving Twin Galaxies despite the fact that huge numbers of people have talked shit about him over the almost last two decades now. People then brought the CN suit and I merely pointed out there's nothing in the suit that leads me to believe it was for anything other than appropriation of likeness. And you retards just go "Nu-huh. He did it because he was butthurt. I know for a fact because I like to just make stuff up and then pretend it's real." Fuck off.

>>523554845I could very well point out that YOU are speculating by saying that Billy wasn't aiming for an out-of-court settlement. It's a simple fact that settlements exist. When someone forms a lawsuit, they may be aiming to achieve what they legally claim or they may be aiming to achieve a settlement. ANY claim about their intent is speculation by default. You speculate first, then claim to dislike speculation. Strange behavior.

>>523555463I don't think anybody would care if it is emulation as long as you specify out in the end that it was running on emulation, issue only start if you play on emulation and claim it was authentic hardware

>>523543157>impossible scores recordedWe've gone over this again and again with different gaming celebrities and every time the people ultimately at fault are twin galaxies for bad book-keeping. Player wins an offline video game exhibition against other players with the best run / highest score/ fastest time, there is picture and video evidence of the event even if the screen cannot be recorded due to crt and low quality video, and then internet retards call the whole event fake because some dipshit at twin galaxy writes down an impossible number. Its like if the person writing the VoD titles on GDQ's youtube playlist mistypes someones run time as 21:35 when it was actually 21:53, and then thirty years later the community agrees that everything that runner did was fake because of it.

>mfw I'm not Billy

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>>523555632>by showing he's only ever sued a few peopleLet's make things clear. Be honest. Did you write this post? >>523551068

>>523543560No, eceleb implies some level fame. He's been a record holder for Pac Man and Donkey Kong. Literally the king Holla Forumsirgin, but he did cheat and got exposed in videos and the exposer got cucked.

>>523555818It's not speculating to take a legal document at its word. It's speculation to assume it's all a lie with a nefarious ulterior purpose. I'm not denying the existence of legal strategy but without actual evidence of one I don't put much weight in what you reckon. Why the fuck should I? Do you know Billy? Were you involved in the case? Do you have any sort of relevant knowledge? Or are you just guessing from a position of bias?

>>523550663Brincolina putos

>>523556118>Did you write this post?Yes. And I will admit when I wrote "first time he's ever sued someone" I should have specified I was referring to the notion of suing someone for talking against him but I assumed the text being quoted would have made that obvious. The lawsuit against Twin Galaxies, Guinness, Apollo and whatever are all for the same thing and in relation to the same incident. This Twin Galaxies situation is the one and only time he's gotten involved in suing people and it's not for talking against him, it's for very real defamation. They are claiming he's committed fraud. That's a serious claim that made it into the press.

Even DSP shitposters are funnier than billy shitposters.

>>523553485>bro he would have won if the constitution didn't exist

>>523557000>I assumed the text being quoted would have made that obviousIt doesn't. What you said was strictly wrong.>The lawsuit against Twin Galaxies, Guinness, Apollo and whatever are all for the same thing and in relation to the same incident. That does not make them different lawsuits. They are individual lawsuits. The second word of that quoted sentence should be plural. You make a lot of "tiny communication errors" which coincidentally all have to do with the number of lawsuits, that's odd.

Karl Jobst is making a video on the downfall of apollo legend right now

>Says Billy won't get away with it>Billy LITERALLY gets away with it>The absolute state of Apollo Cuck

>>523556468>It's not speculating to take a legal document at its word.Yes it is. It's not because someone makes a legal claim that it properly reflects what the claimant honestly believes. Someone can commit murder and say in court "I didn't commit that murder", it is both speculation whether they did it or didn't do it. The legal claim does not have priority for some illogical reason. Any opinion on what the claimant believes is speculation. Even a 12 years old should be able to understand something that simple. Why do you pretend to be mentally challenged?

>>523557034that's because DSP is generally the underdog in most situations, Bitchell is just a liar that's rich enough to get away with it

>>523559076ThisHe knows pedo Apollo won't have money to sue Karl

>>523539524Billy is /ourguy/Trannie slanderers have been utterly BTFO

>>523545976Billy would smash his effeminate faggot aussie skull in

>>523557000> And I will admit when I wrote "first time he's ever sued someone" I should have specified I was referring to the notion of suing someone for talking against him but I assumed the text being quoted would have made that obvious. Not him but you're a bitch nigger and everyone knows it

>>523550382He did. Watch his vods, he's a literal pac man and dk god

>>523559768Courts really don't look kindly on action that is taken in what is called "bad faith". Don't act like it's standard procedure.>Someone can commit murder and say in court "I didn't commit that murder"This is perjury. It's a crime. It's got nothing to do with what we are talking about. You definitely don't want to commit perjury in a civil dispute. That will get you in very deep shit with the judge.

hey 4channellersjust a heads up all the /ourguy/ posts are made by one person

>>523560985Yeah I know, he's /our/ourguy/guy/

>white>male>straight>american patriot>The King of KongNo wonder speedtrannies want to cancel him.

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>>523539524Absolutely based, Billychads win again.

>>523539524Lmao I can sense the fear and anger from this imageWhat went wrong? Wasn't Billy undeniably a cheater?

How can one man be so powerful?

>>523560971I expected a complete non-answer and yet you manage to exceed my expectations. You are carefully explained, like talking to a slow-witted child, that people can just lie and therefore that it is speculation whether you believe they spoke the truth in a legal claim.... and then you find it important to point out... that courts don't like when people lie? Powerful comeback. I hope you have considered a career as a politician.

Karl (soon to be renamed to KARLA)... prepare for the KILL SCREEN

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>>523562168Billy Mitchell doesn't even know what a kill screen is. He's never seen one.

>>523556017Would you rather be Apollo or billy?

>>523545976Oh something sure is going to change in a land down under when Billy is done with him

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