Super Mario Holla Forumsorld 2 - Testing Thread 2/5

Last Thread >>523342871Hi all Anons, once again. I wanted to thank you all for participating in Super Mario Holla Forumsorld 2. For those who didn't see nor know, I was the organizer for Super Mario Holla Forumsorld, a Super Mario World Collaboration hack with levels by your fellow Anons. This period lead its course for 31 threads, and now that period is over. As a result, this first testing thread will be created to start scanning over the levels, discussing other aspects of the project, and submitting updates to submitted WIPs.The first thing to note - YOU CAN SUBMIT UPDATES HERE. While I would prefer an Email, you're perfectly allowed to send your update here. Be sure to include all needed files, as you would before.Second - THIS IS THE LAST DAILY THREAD. Follow this bump, testing threads will occur every Saturday for the next four weeks. Once those testing threads are over, the hack will release. Make the most of your time. If you need to update your level, don't wait until the last minute.I will detail some other things in the posts belowTESTING THREAD BASEROM 2/5 - Mario Holla Forumsorld 1 Download -

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SPECIAL BOSS DISCUSSIONAs you may remember, we were planning two final bosses for Holla Forums2. The first, Xaruin, is more or less feature complete and merely lacks some QoL polish. The second, however, is yet to start.The plan for 5-FINAL (hereby called by it's official final name "The Rage") is to have 3AB's Holla Forums-tan as the final boss. Unlike with the first final boss though, everything about this boss is in the hands of you Anons. Things needed at the moment are:> Boss Attacks> Boss Music> Boss Setup/EndingOne of the Anons in the threads offered to code it (the same user who made the Holla Forums1 final boss), but the actual planning for the boss I want to put in the hands of you Anons. From there, the Boss will begin being coded in the next week or two. Thanks a bunch.

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Also note we also have an IRC - at #vhack (with the #)

Hello everyone.

>>523540220Hi user, thank you for your support! I'm a bit busy today so apologies if my responses are slow.

>>523540389No worries, waiting for others to flood in

good this hack live on

>>523540975There'll be 4 threads for testing (including today) and then a release thread. These threads will be once a week, so next one would be next saturday

>>523541156Why are the test threads so spread out?

>>523541940Mainly because this month I don't have too much time to commit to the project besides my weekends. It's also the format I used for the last hack. People also don't seem to like my daily threads here, so I guess that helps too

Continuing my testing

I'm very busy today but im gonna download the rom and test over the next week

>>523543817Sounds good user

>>523541940Need to take a breath of fresh air after last month. I was just contributing some stages and I was already tired out.

>>523544398It takes a lot of effort to work on these

Newfag should just be changed to Newbie or Noob. Also, there's still a "newfag" in the first message box of the level.

>>523545389The level I was talking about is Newfriend Fields btw. Noob is better just so it fits in the tight message text space


>>523545389I must've missed that. Newfirend I think fits more with Holla Forums without losing the meaning compared to normie/noob

Still testing

>>523546994You've been doing a lot of testing. Have you had to make any major changes to levels?

>>523547710A few of them

4channel Experience's midway entrance must be broken. It leads me to the very first room and kills me instantly.

>>523548165Will fix for next build, it's probably a secondary exit confliction

I finished level 133 yesterday. It's pretty puzzle-based. anonfiles com/3ev7D1Raoe/Ring_Ring_zipThe ExGFX are for the shell bro.Tell me what you think of the level!

>>523548585Sadly user you never actually sent me any files, just a video. As a result I don't think I can count this.

>>523538212Reminder that the hack is instantly trash because it has slurs in it and it was made in 4chan.

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>>523549192SMWC will never like it sheerly because it's 4chan. Nothing that can be done about it, and complaining about it won't do a thing because they won't ever like it. It's pointless

are there any azumanga daioh maps?

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>>523549016I sent the level in the final submission thread.>>523271770Graphics for the shell bro >>523279609

>>523549192>Admits to just blindly hating 4chanI'm really not surprisedOn a more related note i have no idea what to do with my time now that I'm not making levels. The last month felt so normal

>>523549721Oh I completely missed that fuck. Yeah, no problem then.As a note anonfiles is down right now. Can you send on catbox or mega?

>>523549808No prob. Here

>>523549919Got it, will add right now


>>523549749make your own hack

>>523550016I would love to but I'm trying to stay unspoiled for when the hack is finished>>523550150 I'm to much of an asmlet to make my own hack pretty much everything i made for this was vanilla

>>523549192So much for internet culture. I'm not gonna deny that this place is often shit and terrible, but that's mostly just Holla Forums and Holla Forums.I'm never gonna stop bringing this hack up everytime anyone mentions SMW here or in SMWC.

Currently getting 133 into the files

Needed to be sure, but fastbgscroll.asm was updated right?

>>523551653Should have been

>>523549192What a bunch of milquetoast pussies.


>>523550358>I'm to much of an asmlet to make my own hack pretty much everything i made for this was vanillaThere's nothing wrong with vanilla levels, user. Just make whatever you find to be fun.

>>523552318Maybe i will put some time into my own hack then, especially since i got so much experience and knowledge from this

Currently testing Ring Ring, don't exactly understand the puzzle solution

>>523553024Which part are you at?

Can you put this little GFX fix into the rom, OP?

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>>523554331Sure, it'll be in for next week>>523554147I figured it out, not to worry. I just suck at puzzles


>>523554868im sad now

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Almost done with Ring Ring

>>523555453/r/equesting Osaka in this ROM hack.i would do it myself but I'm too much of a brainlet

>>523555453Can't fit everything in

>>523557215not even a single osaka sprite?

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>>523557420Up to level designers, really.

>>523557420>>523557489Truthfully Osaka would've fit better than Yotsuba for Peach. Oh well

>>523557615Yotsuba is kind of the 4chan mascot.

>>523552528You don't need to be good with asm to have non-vanilla content in your hack either, you can just go on SMWCentral, they have a lot of resources. It's not hard to insert things like graphics, blocks, sprites, etc. It just takes a bit to learn how.


im finally getting around to drawing proper slopes and corners for MOOT IN SPACE today

>>523560173Sounds good, can't wait

Done testing for right now

>>523561384What do think of the level? Do you rike it?

>>523562172Unless I was doing something wrong I didn't like the forced keyjump. It could probably use another midpoint as well

>>523562282Which keyjump?

So far, what is the harder levels of the game?