2 weeks until prepatch startsAre you ready to kill all famous ICC and wotlk dungeons bosses during event?

2 weeks until prepatch startsAre you ready to kill all famous ICC and wotlk dungeons bosses during event?

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nah just the nelf customization options

I can’t wait to be a gnigger.

I am ready to see my boy Garrosh again.

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fuck should I resub?what shit there is to be done?

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>>523536306>>523537627thisWhat is the event

>>523537627>>523537839the prepatch event is literally nothing, they nerfed the shit out of the zombies and they will never accumulate or do anything now, all of the rewards are recycled cosmetics from the warfront, and everything 'to do' are just WQ styled chores killing trivial mobs

>>523538230>nerfed the shit out of the zombiesHow so? PTR makes them look formidable

>>523537839same old kill mobs in outdated zones shit it always is

>>523536306As soon as I saw sylvanas in the blizzcon trailer I uninstalled

>>523540236he's lying, there was a nerf (around 50% to their dmg/hp) like 2 weeks ago, but they recently buffed them (50% more hp double damage) so they're like 25% less hp than they were back when they were op

>>523540236Ghouls now take fall damage and falling higher than 10 feet will cause instant death.Ghouls are now active for 60 seconds and are spawn capped to about 15 ghouls.Ghouls can no longer attacks players and players can no longer attack ghouls unless they turn on War Mode.

>>523540395writer's pet with her asspull abilitiesWhat an utter piece of shit

>2 weeks until prepatch startsSource?

>>523540586fall damage yes, the time limit/spawn cap was removed, and the war mode thing is fine ghouls still kill all their npcs

>>523540676He's probably correct. Blizzard run prepatch events for about a month typically. Should be the 22nd of September.

anyone feel like there's little hype for this? the usual pre expansion buzz definitely seems to be absent

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how the fuck do you play this game? every time I try to play without the only 2 friends I have that play it I get bored and drained in an hour

>>523541315shadowlands doesn't have too much to look forward to. Torghast and the opportunity to see some old characters might be the only interesting things.

>>523541315Same stupid shit with a pricetagWhy would anyone be excited to be time-gated out of something youve paid for, with the same old garbage systems as before under new namesFor a while it'll be a second job you pay to work, then it becomes a series of daily chores just to remain relevant in an endgame that isnt funSame old shit.

>>523541524I honestly think the entirity of BFA and the fucking ending was such a drag it's completely deflated the game

>>523541905How quickly people forget about N'zoth of the Rings and all the lazy shit Blizzard somehow gets away with

im probably just leveling a bunch of characters in anticipation of shadowlands not sure what to main yet though, priest looks kinda fun and i havent priest seriously. also druid is very high on my list aswell.

>>523542349spriest is fun and pretty good in sl

>>523542067>N'zoth of the Ringskek

>>523542775All specs and classes should be good

>>523541315The prepatch is incredibly disappointingShadowlands has the covenant system and Torghast and a dumpster truck full of fanservice for characters who've long since died.

>>523542971not everyone will like all specs and classes


>>523536306The only point to prepatch was speed leveling alts. Does it include the new level scaling, at least?

>>523536306Pass. Blizzard literally forgot my Class existed, and it's busted. Further more my alts don't look to be much better. Expansion looks to be shit before it's even out.

>>523536306Not really - the fact that the prepatch armor is just recolours of very recent armor rather than anything actually fitting is disappointing.The ghoul system got neutered last minute instead of just tweaking things so some NPCs and new characters are immune to it.

>>523536306All my classes play like shit in SL so no fuck off.

>>523543797They removed the GCD on most cooldowns now though

>>523543861Most classes played like shit in Legion too though.

Yeah theres just not much excitement, barely any notable class changes, and what has been changed is generally worse, and bfas classes already sucked. This whole covenant system is a mess that all the content creators are seething at. Torghast seems to be looking decent but its locked behind a 6 hour tutorial thats braindead easy, which will kill a lot of peoples first impression. Im honestly looking at skipping it, I got better shit to play.

Shadow Priests report, after 4 years of being a meme class we are finally relevant again

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>>523543861>They removed the GCD on most cooldowns now thoughUH DK has like 10 GCDs all unchanged.Mage still plays like fucking garbage.

>>523544297Shadow Priest here, what happened?

>>523544460what 10 spells does unholy have on gcd that shouldnt be?

>>523544460>mage plays like garbageas opposed to what, classic frostbolt spam?

>>523540821so 29th, got it


>>523542067Bruh i aint forgotten. Ill be honest it kinda killed all hype i had for next expansion. Shadowlands just looks like an ass pull of lore and we got robbed of a Nzoth expansion so they could shovel more of Sylvanas bullshit down our throats. Fuck that bitch and fuck blizzard.

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>>523544460>realize that they forgot monk after there was a ton of bitching about it on their forums>promise some substantial changes in a week>a week passes by and they forgot again or just didn't careThe class still has many broken or useless skills and spells, and it's looking to ship out broken. Blizzard should be ashamed of themselves, but we know they are incapable of that.

>>523544546Always dealing in black and whites, eh?

>>523544507Complete rework, but in shortVoidform is a now a cd, insanity doesnt drain during it, 15 seconds durationDevouring plague is back, its our main madness spender and does a huge amount of damageMind flay/sear has 2% chance per dot to let you cast mind blast during mind flayand a whole lot of other stuff

>>523544540>Dark Tranformationliterally just a buff for the pet>Gargoylesummon of a pet that is now baseline and makes the already long gcd even longer>Unholy Frenzyinstead of reworking it and making it worse should have been off gcdAt least 2 of those need to be fixed because fuck the 20sec long opener.

>>523544546Going from one extreme to the other is not good either.As it is now frost bolt deals 0 dmg and is just the proc generating skill.Frost bolt too weak, ice lance crits and glacial spike too strong in comparison.Also glacial spike is fucking shit and unfun.

wait is bumpfag the dog rapist here, he into wow?

>>523544507>>523545394Shadow is doing fine on beta but it plays like trash. You overload on insanity super easily.

>>523540586Sounds like players can actually organize against ghouls now. Before it was a steamroll

>>523546362>>523545394The issue is there's a talent that restores void form to how it was pre-rework to some degree while also making the CD stronger, and I believe the way it's currently balanced means it's the strongest option. Combo that with devouring plague only refreshing instead of stacking and generating a lot of insanity leaves it in a weird place.There's also a lot of smaller issues that are affecting the class such as covenant abilities all being shit or really wonky and buggy too.

Anons in the beta, recommend me a class to roll in the pre-patch. I tend to shy away from pure DPS classes and would prefer something that's actually fun to play across multiple roles. I'm assuming shaman and monk still play like absolute trash, how is druid?

>>523546865I dont like boomkin but some people doFeral is probably still just worse-mut rogue

>>523546865can't go wrong with druid

>>523546865>shamanEnhancement feels better after the rework, but don't expect big dick energy with it. Elemental is retarded. Less lightning bolts and more meatballs.>monkStay very far away from this class. It's beyond fucked. It might seem okay as a Brewmaster, but you will still be a meme, and you won't have fun.>druidThat one I don't know. I assume it's fine, as long as you aren't Feral.

>>523547390Feral druid was a joke entire bf, and bear was literally worst tank by large margin

>>523546865I've heard not-elemental shaman is fine, Monk is absolute trash outside of it's tank spec (even worse, as the DPS and Heal specs are terribly bugged and hardly function at all) and Druid is honestly doing pretty well.Just bear in mind that a certain spec is bearly fulfilling and not very good with current tuning. The other three specs are solid enough though, mostly. Feral's a little lame, but eh.

>>523547565Monks still must have in raids and dungeons thanks to 5% physical dps buff for raid

>>523547704That's why Brewmaster is a meme. Everything else about the class is ass or bugged out the ass.

another expansion of shaman being shit and forgotten......

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>>523547586so what, boomkin and rdruid were A tier

Survival Hunter bros, why must we suffer so badly?

>>523540646How is she a pet if she’s constantly portrayed as wrong and bad?

>>523546865>multiroledruid, paladin both looking really good. demon hunter slight nerfs but still super good.priest looking good.

How are tanks looking? Used to have fun with blood in legion, not sure how they're doing now.

>>523547565>as long as you aren't Feralferal got some nice changes and gcd removal of berserk, it's actually looking decent. also it has an uncapped aoe spell in thrash

If you're anything but a Death Knight of every spec, you can kiss your ass goodbye

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>>523547892mm here, eat poo sv boy, stop diverting resources from the chad hunter spec>>523547938blood still really fun/strong and unholy is great for a dps alt

>>523547938DH is okay. Not amazing, just okay.DK is great, as always. AoE cap hurts, but it's still one of the best.Druid is still not as good as late Legion, but it's significantly better now than in BfA. Also, suffers the most from AoE cap.Monk is not that good, but it gets the job done at least.Paladin feels good. Nothing else to say, really.Warrior is like every other expansion; decent right now, will be better later on.

>>523547872Shaman probably got the most attention out of anyone else.

>>523546627The issue is that it feels very disjointed and Devouring Plague doesnt know what it wants to be.Its both an upkeep (de)buff and a spender. Except that the uptime is way too high for it to feel like an impactful spender and the duration is way too short that its frustrating as an upkeep spell, especially on multiple targets. Compare to when it was a spender in MoP and Mind Flay Insanity was a super big payoff for mind flaying a target with DevouringOr Cata, when you just had DP as a regular dot and you had Dark Archangel burst phases instead. New shadow has neither of these

>>523548041DK always looks awesome in the beta and then ends up bad

>>523540586I think Blizzard needs to stop catering to fucking annoying casuals

>>523548156>diverting resources from the chad hunter specYeah, it's got moves from Beast Mastery which makes no sense.

>>523548289did they though? giving ele fulmination, realizing its shit, then reverting it back to bfa ele is kinda boring.

>>523541871Wait, is there more time gating in Shadowlands? What is timegated?

>>523548407Ah, makes sense. I still think it was a mistake to move away from the Legion design of Shadow Priest, as it was actually relatively unique among the specs and felt really good to play. BfA fucking trashed it and instead of fixing it they gave us this abomination.Hell, I'd even take MoP-era SPriest over this weird hybrid.

>>523548528about 10 years late for that senpai

>>523537136You mean the din'dorei?

>>523548589>give a lot of specs dual wielding and 2 handers back>don't give survival dual wielding back>don't even touch survivalReally what was the point of changing it in Legion if you guys just leave it like this. It's literally the worst DPS spec in the game. I mean I sure it's cool, but come on.

>Game is over 15 years old and still somehow disconnects people mid combat.

>>523548528they should have left the ghouls op but put an impenetrable barricade near the target dummies. that was 95% of the issue, people are trying to test out the class changes but retards would come and kill everyone. let them roam free chaos in the city but give the players a spot to test classes in safety

>>523548528Are you fucking retarded? The poopsocks ruin all the fun.They balance for >pvp>raids>m+And thus any class that has anything others dont have gets nerfed into the ground or they remove said skills and everything plays the same.

>>523549167>They balance for>>pvphahahaha

>>523548962>Survival with two 1h axes>Can attack from range by throwing axes in auto attack>Abilities have different effects when used in melee range or at a distanceAll I want.

>>523547565Why does anyone play WoW anymore? Each time before an expansion release I get that itch to check whats up and I see "Oh don't play X class, it's going to be 20% less damage than this class" or a whole slew of specs looking like theyre gonna be shit and broken for half an expansion. Why can't Blizzard ever release anything polished anymore?

>>523548724I dont think MoP spriest would be functional in m+ either. I personally want to go back to Dark Archangel stacks as I really liked on demand frequent burst but I dont think we'll ever see it again

>>523536306Which classes are going to be OP?I want to play and be OP for a month, clear some dungeons, raids, and do some pvp before I cancel my sub again.I am thinking rogue as it's one of the classes I've never mained properly.

>>523548289Enhancement is the same mess of too many buttons and most of them not being good and an over bloated amalgamation of talents that won't be used outside of the one setup that'll be useful.

>>523549273Might as well as make Beastmastery the melee spec instead. Go full Rexxar with 2 pets an two axes. Make Survival about creative ammunition, venom, and traps.

>>523549167>rogue and DH completely dominant in m+ for a while with their unique skills>dead specs bad in all 3 remain bad>people still pretend like they balance rather than just play community favorites

What DPS specs are actually fun to play in Shadowlands? Fuck effectiveness, I just want to hear peoples thoughts on whats actually fun to play.

Are hunters still the most boring shit ever or are we even close to mop hunter? I don't understand why they completely butchered that class.

>>523549296>Oh don't play X class, it's going to be 20% less damage than this classgenerally this is not true. the specs all do similar enough damage that you can play anything and do fine, but it's the playstyle that sucks on some specs, they feel incomplete or poorly designed or they don't bring enough utility compared to other specs that do the same thing. unless you're in a top 5% guild pushing for fast mythic prog and going for orange parses every week, you can just play whatever you want. if you have fun on the spec, you'll do fine.

>>523549580DH is bullshit that needs to be deleted from the game, or give them a ranged spec and rape their melee specs to death from this shitter class

>>523549296Stockholm syndrome. What's sad is that some specs have been ins a sorry state for multiple expansions now and people keep buying this garbage.

>>523548962>worst specFeral druid, frost dk and ww monk still existSurvival was meme, but playable and was strong middle/top middle

>>523549425warlock. it's very strong, arguably the most op class in the game for shadowlands, flavour of the month for sure. afflic in particular but all specs are great

>>523549167No casuals ruin everything. They can't be inconvenienced by anything so they have to be instantly gratified and they can't do anything that will bother casuals. Raids should have been left to be only seeable by people willing to do progression style raiding, shiny mounts shouldnt be on the store and should only be available for difficult feats in current content then locked off after, transmog shouldn't exist for gear that isn't current or wasn't obtained in the pass for difficult content, players can't be offended by being killed outside of war mode with the pre-SL event, etc... the entire integrity of the game is ruined by catering to casuals which unironically makes the sub count dip because people aren't having to play anymore to show off their characters or obtain cool things that truly make you stand out in main cities.

>>523549649This isn't the case if you're pugging shit. Faggots will exclude you.

>>523547901because she gets away with being wrong and badit's gonna end up with her being ultimately right but for some stupid reason never felt the need to explain herself to anyone to try and make us think of her as the ultimate selfless hero but at the end of the xpac everyone is just gonna do 1 collective massive groan and hopefully give up on the game for good

>>523549550I would love that, to be honest. I prefer melee, but I like collecting pets and using them.

>>523549631new spriest, warlock, unholy dh, sub rogue, ret pala, havok dh, bm hunter, feral druid. imo

So how are the dungeons looking in shadowlands? There was only like one dungeon I enjoyed in bfa, too much fucking meme shit you had to do to finish them.

>>523549723That's because any time we have these threads you have deluded faggots lying to people about how everything's fixed and being vague enough that someone who hasn't kept up wouldn't know better. Every time I see these threads there's some queer going " NAH MAN 2H FROST IS BACK YOURE MISSING OUT" and leaving out the fact that that spec might only have 3 abilities to hit, is dead last on the meters, or completely unfinished and won't be good 2 months into the xpac.

>>523536306If I start now will I still need endgame gear for the event or will a level 110 with just some gear from dungeon finder work since I don't want to do raids and never actually was around for a pre-patch

>>523549635we're gradually begging blizz to get mm to a playable state before release. atm it's very focus starved, and a couple of the core mechanics are kind of retarded and don't function as expected. bm will be fine. surv is still a meme

>>523549787that's the price you pay for playing nonmeta specs. it's not that you're excluded, it's that flavour of the month specs are preferred. you should find a nice guild and make friends in-game

>>523550039Blame the marketeers. They have been pushing 2 to 3 Shadowlands threads on the board for any given time for a while now. It's like waving drugs in front of junkies trying to kick the stuff.

>>523549754>They can't be inconvenienced by anything so they have to be instantly gratified and they can't do anything that will bother casualsNo lmao, casuals don't fucking care about dumb shit like that they'd have fun with it. It'a the autistic min/maxers that can't stand anything deviating from the script or anything that they consider wasting a single minute of their precious time.

>>523549937>unholy dhi meant dk*

>>523550238I have friends but they're all poopsockers. I don't wanna make 4 alts just to raid mythic, unfortunately.

>>523549937>feral druid

>>523550324>4 alts just to raid mythicthis won't happen outside of the absolute most autistic 0.0001%ers and it's not even clear that it will be optimal for them to do that either.

>>523550370have you tried it since the recent changes? i think it's quite fun personally but i always kind of liked it even when people hated it so idk.

>>523550002A couple are way overloaded on trash right now but most of them are good from what I've heardBiggest issue people keep mentioning are long runbacks that need more res checkpoints. Really good bosses outside of De Other Side too that shouldnt scale like turbo aids on tyranical

>>523541315I'm more interested than usual just because they're getting rid of endless grinds like AP. That said, the expansion is probably the most boring looking thematically. The lore higher power systems are generally nonsense that only get worse the more they're explained, so the thought of delving deeper into poorly thought out garbage like the shadowlands through the lens of 4 factions that are just reskins of shit we've already seen before seems tedious.

>>523550450Oh, well I'd do mythic as long as I could just play my own character. But last time I had considered joining them I would see them swapping from character to character on raid days. But it was a while ago.

>>523544297so happy as a Shadow, I was afraid id have to re-roll

>the virgin shitolands>the CHAD Classic TBC

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>>523550695first tier of BFA was really bad for class stacking, worse than it ever had been outside of the world first racebut I think its not been like that since

>>523550543wotlk feral only true feral

>>523541315no new shiny thing for the 5 second attention span autist crowd to basedscream overI'm excited personally as it changes a lot of the underlying issues with the game that I've wanted- return of tier sets- gcd revert- better character and transmog options- alt friendliness againObviously a lot of this stuff already existed, but it's better than more steps in the wrong directionOnce you accept that either you pick the covenant you want best, or pick the one that's best on paper (unless you get lucky and they're the same one) - there really isn't much to be mad about. I've always seen it as a 'fix everything expansion' - I'd take that 10000% rather than a new class I'll stop caring about after 2 weeks

>>523550795The Burning Crusade was bad, and you should feel bad!

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>>523536306Is there going to be a sale on BfA when the prepatch releases?

>>523541474maybe MMO's aren't for you if you lose patience in an hour wow probably isn't your game, particularly at max levelI should point out if you're leveling blizzard have done an AWFUL job of giving you spells early - genuinely below 60 is like 10% of the actual spec in some cases. Even as someone who loves the game, leveling some classes does not get fun until 60+ and you have a decent selection of talents etc

>>523549746>afflic in particularNice my favourite spec and I like warlocks.

>>523542971that's completely subjective though>>523544038at some point you gotta wonder if you just don't like wow and it's not the classes faults'

>>523536306Honestly, the pre-patch was looking to be good. After the zombie nerfs though its going to be the worst one yet.

>>523551072idk but i would not recommend buying bfa at all at this point since it will be rolled into the base game for free once shadowlands is out. unless you really wanna fast track all the bfa content over the next month or something

>>523536306When is this game going f2p? Subscriptions are so dated in 2020.

>2 weekssource?

>>523536306I'm hyped for being able to grow out my tail as a Draenei.

>>523550695every class is capable of killing mythic, obviously not at the cutting edge top 0.1% - but that goes without saying

>>523551473I see, I'll wait then. Thanks.

>>523551502Usually have 4 weeks of prepatch before launchLaunch is 7 weeks away2 weeks sounds a bit soon, but 3 at the most

>>523551501It won't. F2P means your game is dead

>>523551642By capable you mean carried.

casuals got the scourge invasion event gutted on the ptr again.

>>523549937>ret pala>the definitive wheel chair

>>523536306Hey guys remember hong kong?

>>523550057please advise

>>523552410yeah but after this blm shit i kinda sympathize with the hong kong police

>>523552410i do. i also remember the wu-flu and uyghurs

>>523552410Literally no one gives a fuckYou're supporting china already just by being able to post that

Played WoW since 2007 up until 8.2, my guild died that I had been with for 5 years and I just lost all motivation.

>>523552410>y-you don't support china, right?Stop buying chinese made goods if you want to see change in that abysmal shitpit that is China, retard. And anyways, no one gives a fuck what goes on beyond their immediate proximity unless it personally affects them like covid did.

>>523549937I cannot even fathom how they managed to make a BM hunter a fun spec, apart from reverting the spec to a very old state. BFA hunter is where the fun fucking die.

>>523552410Yeah I remember when hong kong introduced a ton of bots into classic wow.

>>523553290It's almost braindead rotationally, but it is enjoyable to be a ranged spec that loses 0 damage when moving. Just constantly jumping around like a retard while topping meters.Fury warrior is kinda similar in being braindead, but people like it because it's GCD-locked and can reach a 0.75 second gcd.

>>523541315I'm not even remotely interested in the expansion. I'm confident that Blizzard's writing team is staffed by incompetent people. What interests me are the changes being brought to WoW's leveling system, because as someone who came in much later, I'm interested in actually being able to play through the expansions properly without either being rushed, or pushed to do certain content.

>>523553290Its a proc spec where the proc is very impactful so you get excited every time you see it light up, its all it takes to feel fun.Also killshot, because landing execute on adds feels good. Its braindead as fuck but it has nice player feedback.

>>523552541>feral niggers burning down their own cities is the same as a free people telling Chinese commies to fuck offyour heart's in the right place, but get your head in order pleasealso, back on topic, fuck Woketivision and Jizzardimagine paying 60$ retail and then 15$ monthly to play a digital chore-simulator for a company that couldn't give less of a fuck about you

>>523549707DH basically got neutered back down to being a normal spec in shadowlandsnaturally they're all throwing a shitfit, and they're still good by the way

>>523554114Cept it's not fun. There's nothing fun about hitting one button, what are u talking about my dude.

got a beta invite yesterday and played for a couple hours, unironically had a lot of funazerite/essences gone so you can change between specs freelycrafted my legendary and put the secondaries I wanted on it instead of the random bullshit in legionwarforging/titanforging gone so the ilvl I get from the dungeons was itI played DK and they gave back AMZ/gargoyle/soul reaper execute and the change to unholy frenzy helps to cut down on gcd bloat in the rotationgrabbed night fae stuff and having the blink with 50% movement speed in furry uwu form on DK was great,the night fay dnd is really good for every spec but especially notable on frost because of how cd oriented it is and didn't even have dnd beforeactually looking forward to this one

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>>523540586>players can no longer attack ghouls unless they turn on War Mode.This kills the pre-patch. Shadowlands will lose more subs before the first content patch drops than any other expansion, including WOD.You have no idea how boring it is.

>>523555502nice post. now get back to working on finishing the game code you faggot shill

>>523555708oh sorry I forgot you can't like video games on Holla Forums my badsuck my dick nigger

>>523541524Torghast is a pale shadow of what was promised at Blizzcon. If the 6 runs you HAVE to do to unlock it don't sour you one it, that it's gimped and only a Leggo parts dispenser once a week and a transmog/pet loot pinata the rest will really kill it for you. "Roguelike" was left in the dust before the alpha ended. So, that was the new shiny for the expansion, that they intend you to grind for the whole expansion, and it's kinda shit now. Woo. Sign me up.

>>523552410yeah i remember laughing at all the retards deleting their blizz accounts

>>523555759vidya is wonderfulwhat you described is pissing your time away fucking off at a pay-to-play chore simulatorchanposting is a waste of time, but it's free and doesn't penalize you for taking a break>suck my dickmaybe you can give me some pointers from all the ChiCom Blizzcock you've throated

>>523548289No they fucking didn't, lmao. SPriest is the only class that got any real attention, Shaman got fulmination and then lost it, wooptidoo.

>>523543229More like "OMG WE'RE GONNA SEE UTHER AND...wait, he's a bad guy now? He did...what? Why is he attacking Bastion? He's the bringer of light, and he's turning his back on the light? Devs, why? Why can't you leave anything alone? WHY?"And the expansion hasn't even started yet, lol. The devs dropped their cargo pants and shot liquid shit out of their collective asses on one of the true heroes of the game, who was established when WoW wasn't even a discussion internally there. And they're gonna redeem Arthas, because...fuck if I know why. They're retarded.

>>523556186cool dude reddit space me some more retarded shit like that

>>523556250enhance got a huge rework by the way, to the same degree as spriest

>>523543861LOL, no, they removed a small number that should have never been on there, but most talents are still on the "Make my dev job easier" GCD. Go look at arcane mages and the 20 second ramp up they have to get to their rotation, and tell us how all those spells are off the GCD, Blizzard simp.

>>523550039>give Frost 2H back>the spec still feels GOD FUCKING AWFUL to play>the spec still isn't' good>the spec still is 100% brainless>'wrap it boys, job well done' says IonIf you still play WoW you have no self-respect.

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>>523556272>2016+4>not installing AutoTurnin so you can just right click once on quest npc and automatically handin/accept all quests super fast>not skipping all cutscenes so you can level faster

Can allied races roll DKs come prepatch?

>>523556424did people ever think fdk wasn't retardedbecause back in wotlk it most definitely was still retarded

>>523556291>give me more retarded shitokay but do what you do with Blizzard and pay me 15$ first

>>523556380You act like Enhance is good now, it's not. Most of your talents still aren't competitive, it still feels like shit to play. The fact you can spread around Flame Shock now really shouldn't impress anyone. Meanwhile SPriest is actually good, has competitive talents, and is interesting to play.

>>523556498They could since 8.3

>>523556409arcane power is off, and rune of power autocasts when you cast something else now. not perfect but it's a bit better

>>523556565I pay for my subs in gold from raid sales back in legion :)

>>523556637Oh shit

>>523545287The dev who designed monks left or went to Overwatch a while ago, the new dude in charge of classes - who was a spell FX artist before being Peter Principled into class design in Legion, has no fucking clue what to do with monks. Or most of the classes. He's been fumbling and ass pulling since. He's a bigger fuck up than Holinka, and what he did to PvP in WOD, but they're both still working on the game - they brought that dick Holinka BACK, the new guy was fucking up so hard. ANY OTHER GAME, the playerbase would have abandoned this clown car fuckup game years ago, but skinner box rats NEED that pellet from pushing the raid/mythic lever.

>>523555502are legendary effects spec specific? Do i need to make three different ones?

Sounds like the game is just broken and overdesigned at this point. Like they wanted to make classes/specs seem new and fun with every expansion, but they just ended up being power creeped to shit.

>>523556934some are, some aren'tI did the superstrain one which makes one disease apply all 3 DK diseases, so frost fever+blood plague+ebon plague and just went with that

>>523556934there's some generic ones that work across specs and some specific ones

>>523545394Yeah, Shadow Priest went from shit, to mediocre. The class finally works now, after being broken utterly in BfA, but the skinner box rats are all going "YAY EVERYTHING IS PERFECT NOW" after a low effort, revert to mean change that should have been done two fucking years ago. I mean, you have to lower the bar drastically talking about Blizzard and their addict customers, but it's beyond pathetic, they're meth addicts going 'yeah, it's killing me, and I'm powerless over it, but i really like that this new batch has less carpet fiber in it, and it's wrecking my teeth a little bit slower. Hook me up, I need my fix."


>>523546865>would prefer something that's actually fun to play across multiple rolesAdorable. My recommendation? Buy Cyberpunk 2077.

>>523556710jesus dude, how many hours of your empty, shit existence did you sink into this half-game?it's rare that I feel genuine sorrow for the faggots on this site, but you actually made me feel better about my own life.now ignore the fact that WoW is Reddit-The-Game, point out my plebbit spacing and fuck off to your digital hamster-wheel

>>523557380you're embarrassing yourself man, calm down

>>523551034>Covenants>Alt friendliness againu wot

>>523557380seethe more

Attached: 1599191500584.png (595x447, 71.43K)

>>523548528Blizzard needs to cater to "fucking annoying casuals", because if they all left, they couldn't fund the game from the small population of elitist, toxic cunts like you. They pay for your addiction...er...raids, shithead. Have some fucking respect.

>>523557380this fucking post lmao

>>523557501>way less mandatory shit to do per week>no titanforging forcing you do run m+ 24 hours a day hoping for good dropsyes, alt-friendly


Attached: 1599330486489.png (389x683, 506.75K)

>>523549631Ranged are being catered to in end-game content. Melee? Sucks to be you.

>>523549754Shut the fuck up, Asmondgold.

redpill me on the state of rogue going into Shadowlandsthis decides whether or not I resub

>>523557539Then why was the game at its peak when it was most elitist? Once it started getting more casual (MOP) the subscribers began dwindling you stupid fucking nigger!

Attached: 1594072914881.png (514x500, 291.35K)

>>523555502based fun enjoyment post

>>523557845completely fucking broken like it always is what do you expectright now sub is king

>>523557665Anon... they are also trolling the void niggers... and the death niggers... they are FUCKING JEWS


Attached: Screenshot_20200829-210734.jpg (625x1098, 76.3K)

>>523550002More of the same, honestly. Nothing really 'cool" that i can think of. They're so boring I stopped bothering in the beta. Plus, they're adding a lot of assholes in, when I got in, it was still mostly the alpha crowd, who'd do a dungeon just for the fun of it, now the toxic cockblocking bullshit is starting. I'm only playing the beta because fuck it, it's free, and I wanted to see personally how bad it is. And it's bad. The best word I can think of to describe it is "lackluster". You know they can do better, and you just sit there wondering why they didn't.

>>523558037>retcon something older than world of warcraft just to shill your newest theme park expansionno

>>523557845great, solid

>>523558052can you make undead niggers?if I can play as George Floyd then I retract all my previous shitting on this shameless cash-grab...err..."game"

>>523558131>retconning dreadlords into jews is a bad idea

>>523558302goblins are the jewsdreadlords were meant to b-oh wait you're a fugitive>>>Holla Forums

>>523558162>can you make undead niggers?yep

>>523556521Frost was god tier in wotlk

>>523558464weren't dks kinda god tier across the board in wotlk?

>>523536306what is in this expansion aside from flappy bird?

>>523558464Yeah, i don't think you played wotlk, user.

>>523550597>I'm more interested than usual just because they're getting rid of endless grinds like AP.Dude. They added MORE endless grinds. One, anime is the new AP. Then you're gonna grind for conduits. Then, you're gonna grind for parts to make leggos. It's. All. Grind. All. Of. The. Time. And that's just release. if this is anything like BfA, there will be MORE systems and things to grind for in the big patches. They even managed to make World Quests worse. Instead of lots of them in each zone that are short but don't give much reward, now they take considerably longer, take a fuckton more travel to get to, and reward...about the same. You don't know how bad it is. I'm in the beta. I see it. It's a dumpster soaked in gasoline with the match being the release. Don't even get me started on the beyond obnoxious grind for starter honor gear on the new pvp vendors. It's not even passive aggression from the devs anymore, they're outright punishing players for wanting a vendor.

>>523558396Goblins are caricature jews. Dreadlords are irl jews.

>>523558556>>523558538not him but i played frost dk in pvp in wotlk and it was op

>>523558464not talking about whether it's good or notit was fucking retarded back then, just as retarded as it is nowyou used to one shot people with obliterate

>>523558650>mmos are grindymore at 12

>>523557857hello? based department?

just play xiv

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>>523558683Nobody played frost DK in pvp during wotlk.

>>523558650>grind for conduitsthey're rewarded from playing the gameclear a dungeon? get a conduitclear a raid boss? get a conduit>grind for parts to make leggosyou mean crafting?what a fucking nightmare that crafting is relevant again, oh no>animaonce you have whatever legendary you want you're done with animathere is no open ended AP grind like legion/bfa


Attached: 78667798.jpg (315x263, 10.59K)

>>523558845>>523558427WHY have I not seen any?!

>>523558806this post was made between gcds

>>523536306>Mathias shaw is gay>he gets put in charge of guard duty to defend anduin>he goes on a gay date with his gay lover>anduin gets capturedI wish i was kidding but im not. This is a significant plot point

>>523558806>things I hate from wow>xiv have them even worse

>>523558806I don't "play" cutscene simulators

>>523558650>You don't know how bad it is. I'm in the beta. I see it.>entire post is blatantly lyingnow why would someone do this I wonder...

>>523558806>dude stop playing this shitty mmo>come play a clone of it with less features and an anime skinNah I'm good dude

>>523558806pedo game

>>523551034>- return of tier setsThey're not back. Ion said they *might* return later. But as of right now, Conduits are the new tier set. >- gcd revertPartial so far. It's still the molasses that slows the whole game down. >- better character and transmog optionsThis is one of the few things they did a good job on. Sure, your character will look great. Playing it? Oh, dear...>- alt friendliness againI can't even address this. You're trolling. You have to be. You're trolling, or you've been living in a cabin in the woods with no internet since the alpha rolled out. The time required to play ONE character at decent end game levels is substantial. Two? You're a no lifer. More than that, I just don't see possible unless you multi-box, cheat, or...I don't know how you'd get anything done, with more than two alts, you'd still be grinding patch 9.0 content when 9.3 drops.

>>523558937This is the game guy who is apparently in a secret shadow organisation together with Vanessa "I'm going to murder everyone in Stormwind" vanCleef.I'm not sure why anyone expected anything from him.


Attached: undeadSkinColor.jpg (2514x1304, 832.02K)

>>523551642Group Finder stands in your way.

>>523559135alts are literally the easiest they have ever beencovenants take no time at all, legendary recipes are account wide, I have no idea what you're even talking about and you apparently don't either since you haven't posted a single reason why it's not alt friendly

>>523558650>Pretend to be in alpha>Make obvious liesThe grinds are actually super low caps weekly. If anything all the big streamers are saying theres less power grind than ever.

>>523558650The grind is basically doing torghast and 2 quests once a week. If you miss weeks, doing basically anything rewards catch-up. World quests offer gear that's only useful to people who don't do anything else and the rep rewards that matter are at honored. If anything, we'll hear all the casuals bitching about there being nothing to do.

>>523536306Does it matter? It's never going to live up to MoP and WoD.

>>523558650This user is your friend, he tells the truth.>>523558701>>523558827>>523558997These are Blizzdrones and shills. They want to take you down with them on a sinking ship fo regret and resentment. Remember not to fall for it anons!

Attached: 1591362673526.jpg (636x564, 74.99K)

>>523559143I cant believe a legendary rogue fails his duty because he needed dick in his ass. They could have come up with anything and this is what they chose

youtu.be/er36ad1hFlwit's out boys

>>523559242Wouldn't having super low weekly caps just make it so everything is timegated instead?

>>523559320sorry to disrupt your echo chamber user

>>523558650>>523559320So, you make shit up? Fuck XIV trannies

>>523559320samefagging doesnt prove your argument right, faggotron

>>523546591kill yourself scum

>>523559376Timegating is a good thing when it comes to power scaling. It makes you feel less obligated to login 24/7 just to stay competition.

>>523551892Nope. Every class can kill mythic

>>523559320>he tells the truth.hmmmm

>>523557857>Then why was the game at its peak when it was most elitist?Because a lot of fucking casual were paying $15 a month, you incredible nincompoop. Wash your poopsocks out and shut the fuck up, Asmongold.

>>523545221Same. Each new patch made me more wary of Blizzard and my interest in Shadowlands is near zero. I bought BFA and played it on release, actually enjoyed those first two weeks too and thought there was some hope for the future of the game, even if it seemed a bit "eh" compared to what I had been enjoying in Legion. This time around I'm not gonna buy until something really interesting draws me in. If it's half of the same drama and bullshit of BFA, this interesting thing will never come.

>>523542067>>523545221>>523559876>caring about lore/storyI literally can not understand or relate to this in video games in any way

Attached: 1461392916459.jpg (1022x872, 397.79K)

>>523558701Yes, that's what I'm saying, neckbeard, I didn't need it repeated. Go flap your neckflaps at the cunt I was talking to, you worthless meat sack.

>>523559998I can smell your fedora through my monitor

>>523558827Oh, look, the addict is here to say they don't mind sucking a couple more dicks for BlizMeth than they did in BfA. LOL. It's just a couple more loads in the mouth, right?

>>523559983i'm a metal gear fag but i don't get warcraft lorefags. up to mop i can see but from wod onwards it's been irreparably destroyed by sjw hiring.

>New expansion time!>Heres a cool endless randomly generating tower!>Okay actually were going to put in stacking debuffs until its unplaya->Oh shit they didnt like that take it back>Okay well we are still going to cap the floors and make it so you only have to do a trivial amount to softcap weekly>Heres covenants!>Okay so tons of your power is tied to this decision and we are going to make you take a month to sw->You dont like that either?! Tough shit!>Also no new races or job, here have some more face options our interns slapped together in a week

>>523560103what's your obsession with sucking dicks? pretty weird

>>523558997And another addict with BlizCum on their breath steps up. LOL.

>>523559998absolutely livid thanks to a simple reminderseethe more my man

>>523536306>guys mists will fix everything! it'll be great!>guys wod will fix everything! it'll be great!>guys legion will fix everything! it'll be great!>guys bfa will fix everything! it'll be great!>guys shadowlands will fix everything! it'll be great!

Attached: 1522601398798.jpg (808x535, 142.45K)

>>523559227They're literally not, but I get it, "contrarian neckbearding is fun, hurr hurrr".

>>523560190>>523560103do you spend a lot of time thinking about sucking dicks?

Attached: 1567132949959.jpg (913x1024, 79.53K)

>>523559509It also makes you obligated to sub for longer periods of time. I guess it just depends on how they do it.I really didn't enjoy doing a small handful of quests every tuesday in Suramar, only to be told "haha come back next week!". It was so much more enjoyable when I could actually do it at my own pace at the end of the expansion.

>>523559258And a third Blizzard simp steps up to tell us a couple of dicks sucked a week ain't so bad. It's not like I have to take a load in my mouth EVERY day. Right? Right, guys?

>>523559983If not for lore/story, why not just play something with better gameplay than a tab target 20 year old mmo?

i'll sub for 1 month for the prepatch then fuck off

>>523560296so you're still incapable of providing any reason as to why they're not? good talk>>523560154>Also no new races or job>job>not a unique IPXIV shitposters are a plague

>>523556186I like raiding...:(

>>523560127>>523559983>wasting your life playing and shilling something you don't even enjoy

>>523560430I play both yes. Address the argument.

>>523560306Me watching you literally deep throat Blizzard is somehow worse than you actually doing it. Okay, simp! LOL.

>>523560403because there's no game comparable to it and I enjoy resubbing with friends for arena/mythic+ and checking out the raids>>523560486>if you don't enjoy the story you can't enjoy the gameare you retarded?

>>523560362Why? Just sub when content comes out and unsub when its boring. Unless you're on a cutting edge mythic raid group nobody will care if you're a little behind.

>>523560430When did I agree to provide your lame ass with anything more than mockery, incel? Bait back better, simp.

>>523560612>Okay, simp! LOL.>>523560705>Bait back better, simp.the fuck is this? who even are these people?

>>523558701I think they are entirely different types of grind. As someone who was not blinded by the nostalgia of WoW back in the day and has played both BFA and Classic, I much prefer Classic. It's grindier but in a completely different manner. I haven't played it yesterday or today, but I plan to play it tomorrow. I'm looking forward to getting on with a friend and progressing some more in whatever zones we feel like. It feels a lot closer to a more traditional MMO, though a grindy and coop one. BFA had none of this at all, it felt so fucking oppressive. There came a point where I had a list of dailies and weeklies written in a text file open along with the game. I'd login and plan out in my head the most efficient order of chores, all of which were ridiculously easy to do but mandated a certain amount of time. As the expansion went on both of these lists grew, where it felt like I was doing more chores to continue playing than having any actual content to look forward to. Then at a point I just said fuck it. Maybe I don't want to go do the daily quests in pandaland again. Maybe I don't want to go into the mini horrific vision and rescue 7 civilians AGAIN, for the 30th time this month. And yet you look at Classic, a 200 year old game with many outdated design decisions and somehow, I'm more compelled to go through it at my own pace than having a gun against my head.

>>523536306I havent bought battle of azeroth. at what point can i just buy shadowlands without first forking over 60$ for an expansion that is obsolete now?

>>523559591*after overgearing it 2 months later

>>523558806If only it wasn't so cringy. Seriously, and I liked both Warcraft 3 and oldschool Final Fantasy games, so if anything I'm biased towards liking both MMOs.

>>523541315same, WoD, Legion, BfA cinematics got me pumped af, and Shadowlands just feels detached and shallow

>>523560834its because the people designing the game now are soulless hacks.They looked at the data and determined that people who log in every day are more likely to keep their sub for longer. (hmm i wonder why!).So they made dailies to make people feel like they had to keep everyone logging in every day in an effort to increase their data on regular log ins.

>>523559591Remember when Kil'Jaedin was so poorly designed that most classes just were complete dead weight unless they were goblins?

>>523561087I feel like the ultimate form of retail WoW is just a game where you login, it's an endless void with a few portals. You must go through the portals and play a few minigames that are all easy but a bit time consuming. It flashes some lights and makes some noise every time you complete one. Then you step into the next portal for the next minigame. There's a few of these, then there's a bigger weekly minigame that's a bit better designed. Every once in a while, you get a bar filled to a certain amount and you get extra special sounds and flashing lights. Then you log out. Now come back every single day for the rest of your life. I would say it's close to an Arcade but I think it's more like a souless Casino at this point.

>>523560834This is why I stopped playing WoW. I realized I was spending more time doing chores so I could do the content I liked than I was doing said content. And it wasn't like you could just come back later and do the chores, no, they are time limited so you had to come and do them regularly or you fell behind. It really is a fucked up giant hamster wheel for people who subconsciously hate themselves.

Attached: wow is completely evil.jpg (1256x706, 204.01K)

I literally and I mean LITERALLY don't give a single flying fuck about shadowlands other than african complexion skin options for all the races desu senpai baka.

>>523560286>things no one ever said


>>523559152>removed the bony knees and elbowsFUCK CHINKS

>>523560190>>523560103You have to understand to the addict you are threatening what is in fact their entire lives when you point out how dogshit WoW or Blizzard are. You are literally an existential threat just by observing reality. I've learned not to be too hard on them because of this, it's not like they have any choice in the matter.

Attached: 1543903656871.png (1225x968, 619.91K)

>>523561859We will never have full on skeletons for forsaken because of chinks.

>>523561812>being this new

>>523561859You can still choose bones.

Attached: 938390.jpg (1020x672, 209.49K)

>>523561949>>523561859The funny thing is updated and really nicely varied undead models already exist in the game for the Maldraxis faction or whatever. They look 100x better than the player character. We'll never get them as options though because Blizzard.

>>523559152>literally just humans with glowing eyes and a broken jawholy shit

>>523561963I refuse to believe anyone that has played the latest expansions had any hope for the game to improve.As some people have mentioned, we're meth addict waiting for our next dose. We know it's shit and bad for us but we crave it nonetheless.

Does the leveling changes/overhaul start with the prepatch? Sort of interested.


Attached: vjzbq3qz34l51.png (1288x1824, 1.54M)

>>523561939you know he got fired literally years ago right?

>>523562106don't worry, they'll be an allied race in 2022's expansionfor alliance

I just wanna level some alts, have zero interest in prepatch content. Haven't played wow for so long, so I have that craving for random dung spam and quests.

>>523562059>Finally being able to have normal armor without replacing every bones in the game with breadbased

>>523561939pretty cringe samefag dude

>>523562265Not the same user but I know he was fired was it ever said what for?

>>523562176the whole "next exp will fix shit" have been going on for so many exp's isn't even funny anymore

>>523562202I don't mind they spend development time on Maldraxxus custom for undead, but first I want to be able to roll a male Nightborne that doesn't have cancer or down syndrome.

>>523562265No he didn't, just got transferred to Hearthstone. And you act like every other employee at Blizz isn't a carbon copy of that faggot nigger.

Attached: 123890.png (1818x928, 2.55M)

>>523562318Alliance get void elves and same skin options as blood elves, plus blue eyes still whine about wanting High Elves is there any faction more annoying?


Attached: 1464226125217.png (749x434, 54.26K)

>>523561749If I wanted to do 300 dailies and weeklies I'd just live out my real life where I have to do these things already but at least I get paid for it. I don't need to pay a company monthly for that.Also I never want to hear anyone yelling CHAMPION at me ever again before requesting something.


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