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Your other thread not going so well, OP?

>>523535625>APOLOGIZEI'm sorry valve is so retarded that they decided to double down on this retarded dota card game no one asked for.

>Slay the Spire>2 man team, completed in 2 years, critical acclaim and still has a strong player base>Artifact>dozens of devs including the creator of Magic the Gathering, 5 years dev time, immediately shit on and player base falls to under 100 concurrent players in less than 4 monthsWhat the fuck happened?

>>523535625Honestly I just want it to be successful because I think those mascots are cute

>>523535625>450 ppl in 2.0 chatGame's still dead.

>buy game>buy in-game itemsDevelopers, choose one. Not both. Never both.

>>523537497this, If I buy a game, the only thing that should ever add money is DLC and that better be extensive. You also lose out on an easy playerbase, something artifact lacked.

>>523535625oh god they still kept the ugly fucking mascots lmao

youtube.com/watch?v=OR4jPtrDCLoReminder that this happened.

>>523536893>What the fuck happened?Valve and their cocksuckers

>>523536893They tried to make you buy the game AND buy the cards. No ones going to do that fucking shit with a digital card game they pulled out of their ass.Even shit like Heartstones free and you can get cards for free by playing.

>>523535625As much as I love Dota I don't want to play a shitty virtual card game

>>523536893>>dozens of devs including the creator of Magic the GatheringWho they squandered lol.It's not like everything garfield touches turns to gold, king of tokyo is the last thing he's made that I've ever heard anyone talk about outside of specifically talking about his stuff.

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>>523536893Dotafags want to play dota not a card gametcgfags absolutely do not want to play dota in their card gamethe core conceit is one of the dumbest ideas imaginable, regardless of any of the other shit that ruined it

>>523536893The core concept is something its fanbase dont give a shit about. (Unlike league, Dotards only care about dota)Having an entry fee is retarded when all your competitors are f2pRichard just copypastes the magic color pie, making it soulessRNG was in the main mechanics of the game (How creeps spawned)Games would take an age despite this lack of agency in a critical mechanic.

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Dota sucks

>>523536893First impressions are everything. The moment I heard you have to pay real life money to play competitive modes, I decided to not even bother installing Artifact.


>>523535625no one cares, give up GabeN you fat fuck

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>>523535625>Performing CPR on a slow follow Hearthstone cloneValve is shameless

Never gonna apologize for dabbing on nu-valve>dotards btfo by lol>artishart btfo by lorcan't stop winning.

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>>523535625What did they change?

>>523537023Admit it, you just want to fuck them.


>>523546139yes, and?

>>523536692Two yuan have been deposited into your Battle.net account

>>523535625Unless it goes F2P it still has no chance and will be dead within a month or two again.

>>523542960So you are claiming that Valve squandered Garfield's talent but that he also only makes 1 good game every 9 years or so?I'm confused.

>>523546262>single-player campaign set in the Battle of RoseleafI’m so hyped for that rich Dota lore.

>>523536893Slay the Spire just copied Dream Quest and made it not have dogshit graphics, tho.

>>523535625>virtual collectable card gamesYou have to be a real turbo fag to play shit like htis.

>>523546490Wow good news that's one of the first things they announced.

>>523536893>hey what if we took all the bullshit of a physical TCG and applied it to a digital oneliterally nobody wanted this

>>523546802There's a pretty sizable MTGO community.The difference is Valve thought they could just have the same without realizing that WotC fucked these people over for decades and so they saw no issues with paying for all of their cards again.

>>523546536Read up on your lore, lads!playartifact.com/comics/prelude/https://playartifact.com/comics/calltoarms/

>>523536893Pay to pay to play + one of the worst implementations of rng


>>523546760What are they giving people who already brought into it? Some fancy badge or card?

>>523546503More or less, he's a good designer but he's not god or anything, magic sets are always better when they bring him back.I've only played like 3 of the non-magic games he's made and they've all been decently fun, and people still like netrunner.He was dealt a losing hand from the start though, the inherent core concept of artifact is flawed and the amount of people who would like it are so insanely small it can't sustain any sort of game, let alone a relatively big name one like a valve project.

>>523537497No it is not even choose For this type of game you make it f2p for esports shit.Only actual real games with good campaign liek card city night1+2 can get away with chgarging entry fee.

>Friend has artifact>Still no beta inviteAre they doing more waves?

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>i only suck black cocks>how did you tell?

>>523535625>Trans flagnice try Globo Homo

>>523547146Everyone who signed up for the beta and bought Artifact before March 30, 2020 is in now. Did your friend sign up?

>>523547281No. But we got artifact for free cause of TI. I got my invite but he didint. Its just really weird.

>Shartifact>BlunderlordsDamn, Valve keeps on jobbing.

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>>523547373If you didn’t sign up for the beta you’re not getting in. Your friend could maybe try signing up now? Not sure how the sign up works now that they decided to mass-invite everyone. Can’t hurt to try, though.

>>523546938MaRo could release a set of his canned farts, call it Magic: The Gassening and you'd have neckbeards lining up to gobble it up. But it wouldn't prove anything about potential market for canned farts.


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>>523547461But thats the thing. I didnt sign up. I got into the beta cause I owned artifact. He owns it too but didint get in.

>>523547475>MaRo could release a set of his canned farts, call it Magic: The Gassening

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i thought spending 2$ for a deck and winning with it was pretty good, considering i came from hearthstone, but yeah the idea will never pull off

>>523547548I like how insanely racist you have to be just to find "offensive" things in media that you will never even engage with.Of course a lot of these faggots also used this as a low-key way to try to get hired by Valve as SocJus experts making sure everyone there stays adequately sensible.Social media was a mistake.

>>523547730But you didn't pay 2 dollars you paid 22 dollars. Spend that on Hearthstone and I assume you could make a decent deck.

>>523547914or you could play an actually good tcgfuck arena and modo though just use cockatrice or something

>>523547667>nectar filled insect just runs around above ground>it's okay tho it has these tiny blade arms that totally protect it

>>523548049they're not gonna survive much but yea that's how bugs work

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>>523547914Is 22 dollars even enough to trigger the pity time a single time?I feel like 'a decent deck' is a really blatant lie.

>>523547914the 20 dollars gate is really killing it i agree, dont know how hearthstone nowaday is but 20 bucks is definitely gonna give me jack shit

>>523535625digital card games are dumb

>>523548178Previous expansion was an exception, they gave you a decent demon hunter deck almost for free.

>>523548246I just assumed it would be enough because I don't play it but I do play MtGA. I don't pay any money for it and I can make decent decks so if I spent 20 dollars on packs I could make almost any meta deck for standard at the very least. I just assumed that another company wouldn't be more jewish than WotC but it is ActivisionBlizzard.

>>523547036One steam card, thank you for your support

>>523535625Why? Why can’t they just make a 3th game of anything?

Valve's arrogance has no limit, they couldnt POSSIBLY have made a bad game so they are going to shovel out another piece of shit and declare victory. They should have refunded everyone, went f2p and moved on admitting they fucked up.

>>523548485seeing the success of vermintide, do you think another game from left4dead series would be possible?

>>523535625I'd rather valve make the Alyx workshop more convenient to make content for desu, like, we've got a category for custom pistols now give us categories for custom shotguns, smgs, and alyx tools and allow better sorting of content

>>523548485Fuck that, they should make a game that isn't Dota themed or HalfLife instead.Just make something entirely new and maybe people will give a shit again.

>>523548596A left4dead3 would sell millions

>>523548596>vermintideNever played that but I want to give it a try.

>>523549131>I want to give it a try.don't

Gwent is better

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>>523548560This is them doing just that.The core gameplay was broken. If the core gameplay was good, then the people who bought into the game would have kept playing. Instead, even people who had put money into the game stopped playing because it wasn’t fun. Going F2P wouldn’t fix the gameplay.This is then admitting they messed up, and fixing the core gameplay as well as going F2P before moving on.

>>523549373>and fixing the core gameplay as wellare they removing the dota elements of it? because those were the core gameplay issues

What le fuck? Artishart stil exists?

>>523549460>the theme is the core issueHurr durr

>>523536893>Slay the Spire>let's make a fun game>Artifact>alright gentlemen, hearthstone is a big fad right now. we need to maek a hearthstone killer, and we need to MIIIIIIIIIIILK the goys as much as we can. we've just hired garfield an expert on goy milking to guide us through this. let's make the most profitable game ever!

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>>523550142they are the core gameplay issues though, I don't know what you want me to say

>>523550194if they wanted to make a hearthstone killer they would've just made hearthstone again but with dota characters, they tried to make something unique that has the draws of a physical TCG so that they weren't as directly competing with hearthstonethey succeeded, in the sense that what they made was unique (and shit) and doesn't compete with hearthstone (because nobody wants to put up with that level of horseshit unless Wizards of the Coast is doing it for some fucking reason)

>>523550194>we need to compete against RiotValve...

>>523550473because even as much as they fuck with it sometimes magic is a good gameartifact is the furthest thing from a good game, even hearthstone is probably preferable


>>523535625dota is fucking cancer, we need to grab artifact budget and ti10 prize pool and spend it all in the heavy updateog might win again anyways who the fuck cares


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>>523551437>buying shartifactFOR WHAT PUROPSE?

>>523551437>not a receiptBruh.

>>523551437>buying a card game you have to buy more cards for

never thought valve could get any more out of touch, at least get rid of the tf2 bots

>>523539704every time

>>523549289Gwent is fucking trashSlama has no idea how to run a card game and doing so, he's still making all the errors of the betaBurza is a faggot who doesn't know the game, the community manager that is supposed to be the voice of the customers

>>523549197Why not?

>>523551437Now show that you bought it.

>>523548049It only has 1 power, yeah


>>523555356That game deserved better.

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>>523536692Why not. They got free money to experiment.

>>523556249Why is this thing so... hot...

Thread is full of Blizzard shills.

>>523545853>no players>no viewers

>>523535625No. I never had any interest in Dota. Why would a fucking card game spinoff change my mind?

>>523558657Nah it's doing fine.

the game was actually just too complex for people, me included. but it was pretty fun

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>>523535625The problem with Artifact as a commercial product is that, even in it's much more user friendly re-release, the game is still far too complex for the average computer ccg player. Even on a purely numeric level: the amount of potential lines of play open to the player at any time is absurd, compared to something like Hearthstone where genuine board state complexity can only be encounter while playing control or combo decks and even then, in exceedingly rare cases.Mtg took off because it *can* be complex, but it can also be immensely simple to play, unfortunately the core design principles of Artifact don't leave any room for simplicity.

>>523559484>f(3,3,13) = 376Is this one of those autism traps again?

>>523551189>dota is fucking cancer, we need to grab artifact budget and ti10 prize pool and spend it all in the heavy updateMoney is never the problem with Valve, it's their internal employee culture.The influential employees don't want to work on TF2, they want to work on Dota, so that's what gets worked on.

>>523555251That's like half of a bear.Or an entire beard, depending on card art.

>>523560382definitely not a trap

>>523561392and an average human has 1 powerin fact an average human would die to that bug and the bug would still be livingand fifteen squirrels can kill an eldritch abomination

>>523550579The game wasn't even that bad, it just had some really huge flaws that made sure nobody but a small number of people wanted to stick with it, first and foremost the pricing/monetization and RNG creeps and arrows.>>523560426They don't want to work on Dota either.The game is barely even supported outside of TI time, when they drum everyone together to shit out cosmetics to sell.If Dota and The International weren't Gabe's pet projects, then it would be on life support just like TF2 by now.

>>523535625Why not play yu-gi-oh duel links instead of this garbage? It's even on Steam already.

>>523561904>and RNG creeps and arrows.yea that's my point, the concept of a moba card game was a faulty one from the start

>>523561829Sometimes I understand why those jap TCGs have their power/toughness in hundreds and thousands instead of points of 1.

>>523562028small numbers are better for a game and most of those can have 2-3 digits cut off and nothing would change in the slightest

>hmmmmmmm we have a game printing money with 100k players every day>do we update it after 3 years>no, we need to do a full groundwork rework of our 50 player game that nobody wants

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>>523562437smile because it happened etc

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