Post your smash wishlist and main

post your smash wishlist and main

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>>523533715>Most iconic indie character across east and west>Perfect moveset>Great stage potential>Amazing music>A well rounded case of character that could easily fill a spirit board>Curly Brace mii outfit>Also from one of my favourite games everQuotebros, let's hope our boy gets in, I can't think of any character from a 3rd party franchise more deserving

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>This is Holla Forums's taste

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>>523534449>Arle >69 Smashpedos everyone

>>523533715Fuck, from the thumbnail I thought the yokai watch dude was a carton of Marlboros

>>523534449>steveI told you all this was rigged af

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>>523534449>Holla Forums's taste >Steve in first place when he's universally hated on this board???

>>523535431>>Steve in first place when he's universally hated on this board>utter fanfiction Keep telling yourself that Banjie!

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>>523535708One of them is in Smash

>>523536393Yeah, Steve.

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>>523536450When is it shitposting and when it is outright delusion?

Just put Travis in already, fuck.

>>523536552>When is it shitposting an-

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>>523536667his mii costume will come, don't worry

>>523533715Here're the goobers I want in Smash.

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>>523536908Sans isn't in retard

I want Shantae, if she gets in, anyone else can get in and I wont mind,

>>523536952Geno will get the check mark when they unfortunately bring his mii costume back

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>>523536681wow you really showed me.

>>523533715>lara croft>dantemains are zss and snake

>>523537067>unfortunately lol

>>523533715here's my smash wishlistpreferably with other Ray Model robos for the first 3 skins>>523535431don't fucking tell me antimod fag in mcg is one of you fucking autists

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I'm hoping for more first-party fighters. They might be all D-listers at this point, but I still think they have great potential for fun movesets.

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I want my Smash Bros Leak...Now look at them AmibosThat's how i consume itI look up Pornhub for the BBCThat ain't workingThat's not how i consume itMoney for cardboardAnd i'll touch your nieceThat ain't workingThat's not how i consume itLemme tell y'allThem ports ain't cheapMaybe fist ya sisterWith my little fingerMaybe fist ya sister with my thumbWe gotta install Mario cuckshedsCustom Niggers deliveriesWe gotta move in with friggen black menWe gotta rub these colored foreskinsI shouda learned to lift a barbellI shouda learned to please my wifeLook at my wifey, she got it stickin' in the cameraMan, Tyrone has so much funAnd Ty's up there, what's that? Liberal noises?Bangin' on my wifey like a chimpanzeeThat ain't workingThat's not how i consume itI spend money on cardboardAnd touch kids for free

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>>523537659top kek

>>523536835change Andy to Travis touchdown and this would be the best roster

>>523533715Wishlist: Travis, Rayman, ShantaeMain: Lucina

KaWaSe!>>523536835>Solangehave sneed

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Wishlist: Steve, Travis, Rayman, ShantaeMain: I don't play this game

>>523537449Also throw pic related in, Smash is severely lacking in robot representation.

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>>523538548>representation fuck off

>>523538635you are the one who should fuck off if you hate robots.

>>523538661>wanting a character solely to fulfill a quota over actual appeal lol at you

>>523538853You act like I don't think Ray 01 or Fulgore would be great additions.i'd fucking hope if we got Fulgore or any Killer Instinct character, they could have some pretty cool stuff considering KI has stuff like counter breakers, plus if the stage could have the KI Announcer and Dynamic Themes implemented would be great.

>>523533715I want Spring Man

Give me ALL the anime swordsmen

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>>523534449Surprisingly good taste for this shitty board.

>>523539738why'd you posted Crono twice?


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>>523541112That's Ark from Terranigma if anybody is wondering

>>523534449>sceptile in 2020You furries and scalies need to call it fucking quits already


>Ryu Hayabusa>Nightmare (Siegfried/ Corrupted/ Nightmare)>Lara Croft>Pyramid Head>KratosI figure a couple transformation or trainer characters are probably a lock considering there are something like ten character slots left in the data but only five characters remaining in the fighters pass.

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I fixed it. Your welcome.

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>>523543962>Koei Tecmo>Namco>Square Enix>Konami>SonyBased major Japanese game company diversity user.

>>523544065>ArleThe smash bros pedo subculture identifier, kys fgt.>Yokai watch fodderStarted as a manga, not even Vidya.


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>>523543962The fact this isn't predominantly /v's most requested characters proves there are very few Chad's on v

I picked this by cultural significance, historical significance, and gameplay. Plz r8>Quote from Cave Story (Cultural, Historical)>Rayman (Cultural, Gameplay)>Steve from Minecraft (All Three)>Bandana Dee (Gameplay)>Crash (Cultural, Gameplay)

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>>523535708>>523536450>>523541314Steve in smash more like seethe in trash

>>523544728Fuck off, Jacob.

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>>523545016>cultural significance, historical significanceWhy do rosterfags loving trying to talk like closet tumblrfags and sjws?

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I still believe.

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>>523534449so leaving aside steve shitposting Holla Forums favorite choice is Doomguy? neat

>>523534272>indieshit lolno

>>523533715Isaac golden sunIncineroar

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>>523545016no doomguy no buy

>>523545481>Jacob Who?

>>523549527Trying to go unnoticed I see,

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>>523534449I want to see how the poll would look when only the votes by the avid roster fags are counted. Doesn't anyone have a version like that?

>>523552395I'm an avid rosterfag and I didn't vote, also these polls are easily raidable

>>523552636Obviously. Still want to see the poll filtered by the second question on it, why else should it be there.

>>523533715Dark Matter Swordsman, Bandanna Dee, Magolor.

>>523545016>Quote seems cool but the significance of the history seems overrated, do you mean indie games, what does that have to do with Nintendo? I know they characters like Snake but still, I don't see how is relevant to be a necessity in Smash Bros.>Not sure what you mean by culture but I do feel Rayman is another Bomberman(I think Bomberman deserves it btw) it feels unlucky that he's absent, he could be bordeline honorary Nintendo with great games like Rayman for SNES, Rayman2 and Raving Rabbids for Wii but not quite premier titles likewise Super Bomberman and Bomberman 64 and yeah the Rayman gameplay can carry over to Smash nicely>yeah except gameplay with Steve, theres not much action in minecraft but is more about building, more AT material, definitely possible but seems kinda quirky to translate in Smash,>Absolutely Bandana Dee toolset can translate in Smash, he almost already has a complete moveset already with obvious specialties like spear copter>Agree with Crash, many people reach for weird 3rd Parties saying anyone can be a rival type like Sonic(looking at you Master Chief) but Crash definitely feels like a rival to Mario since he was made to be an answer to Mario and even in commercials he calls out Mario, he even had a Kart game to contest Mario Kart, he definitely would feel like he represents Nintendo History as a rival to Mario in the 3D era

Here’s mine

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Paper Mario since he is pretty significant to my childhood gaming with a great games like Paper Mario and TTYD and his toolset can carry over wonderfully in Smash Bros, like being rewarded with a quake effect for Side Smash hammer attack perfectly timed with a prompt, having his superguard with the sound and all as a parry, even mobility with turning into an origami boat when swimmingWaddle Dee I think should get a shot since he became a new core character to Kirby lately and his moves can also carry over to Smash Bros nicely, I thought he was fun to play as in Kirby so he can be fun to play as in Smash BrosExcitebiker another game big in my childhood was Excitebike 64 and Excitebike is iconic as is, I would say Excitebot and Trucks were underrated games as well so I took it deserves it and ofc the mobility on a dirtbike would be funEggman honestly I want him in more for his character aspects on its own, I would love to see his chemistry with other characters having one of the most iconic voices in video games, his gadgets are cool tooAndross I feel is very underrated since we have quite a few SF guys already but I feel he can that guy nobody thought about but would love anyways since he would be unique from the rest operating as a giants floating head and hands which actually has history to nintendo having that as a trope for bosses

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>>523533715Main Banjo & Kazooie, sub Ridley and Shulk, rotate with Byleth, Joker, Dark Samus, and Corrin for fun matches.

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>>523541042Nah, don't know what you people see in block head. I'm glad it was Banjo instead.>>523544019>Dixie KongShe should have been on the base roster with K Rool to be honest.

>>523534449/v/'s taste is eerily similar to the taste of places people here hate on

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>>523544019Lanky Kong would be pretty fun.


>>523543962I think those slots were more like futureproofing than actually planned to all be filled up.

>>523556423>Half the picks are Coomer picks.Have sex incel.

Main Ryu, I stopped playing altogether a few months ago thoughToo lazy to make a picture>Waluigi (Mario Tennis)>Captain Syrup (Wario Land)>Ring Fit Girl (Ring Fit Adventure)>Mike Tyson (Punch Out)>Crash (Crash Bandicoot)

>>523558608>he isn't horny for nemesisDilate.



>>523558710Based and genuine, I can tell you actually love videogames


>>523544323>Started as a manga, not even Vidya.The manga was based on the PS3 prototype you drooling mongloid

>>523534449what the fuck is an avid rosterfansmash fans make me sick

>>523534272Curly Brace should be an Alt Costume.

>>523533715>>523536908>JibanyanNice!I'd love to see the other Nyans as Alternate costumes!

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>>523543962Good list

>>523561574Poll maker probably didn't allow "RosterFAG".