What are the best sequels?

What are the best sequels?

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>>523533139>Dark Souls 2>goodI’m a Fromfaggot and I can’t even defend that garbage

Blood II

>>523533139fucking halo 2 are you mental?

>>523533321Sorry user, but Halo 2 is the best in the trilogy.

>>523533139half-life, fallout, KOTOR and mass effect are all better than their sequels

>>523533321Dial 8

>>523533139good one op

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Serious Sam 2

>>523533139Bioshock 2 is not better than 1. Replace that shit with SOR 2

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>>523533139No Diablo 2?

>>523533139spiderman 2?

>>523533139Fuck you for creating a secret Dark Souls 2 thread

>>523533139Uncharted 2

Timesplitters 2

Real masterpiece this...

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What's with the Halo 2 reverence on this board? I stood in line at midnight to buy that game. It was widely acknowledged at the time that the campaign was terrible, but nobody cared because we could finally play Halo online. That's what was so good about Halo 2. But when Halo 3 came out, everyone moved over to that game's online, and there was no reason to go back. I can't imagine why anyone would hold Halo 2 in high regard today, unless it's Zoomers revering what's old without any idea of why it was revered in the first place.

>>523533935Hello kevin levine

>>523534352>Game is so terrible, the director felt obligated to make a decent sequel to make up for it.

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>>523534610it's mostly just that one guy obsessed about halo 2

>>523534352Dante must live mode


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>>523534961and from then on the series branched into it's own thing, leaving anyone who was a fan of the original high and dry while everyone else pretends they all have the same appeal.

MW2 and BO2 are the only ones you got right

I completely agree with you OP, but Miyazakifags are too busy tongue juggling his cum loads and bottling his braps to listen to you

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>>523533321UH OH, TRANNY ALERT!

>>523534610>t. casual who got shit on in H2

>>523533139DMC2but yeah, most of the games in that pic are masterpieces (fuck COD games tho)

>>523537165Huh? I said the multiplayer was the reason we liked it.

>>523534961DMC2 was made by a different team than the one who made DMC1

>>523536672It was soulless. A lot of empty space due to some areas being meant for online and other areas looked as though they were made in like a Dark Souls Maker game. And the sound effects suck. I still enjoyed it just not as much as the others or Bloodborne. Majula is the best hub though I'll give them that.


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>>523533139>bioshock 2 goodlol what?

>>523536672Takin my chances

>>523533139He's right. Xenosaga 2 was the best of the series. Not to mention Dark Souls and Devil May Cry.

>>523533139thief 2>mass effect 2the patrician choice is me1. get rid of that cod garbage

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>>523537945ME1 is ME Andromeda with shittier graphics and gameplay

>>523536672Rolling because it's the only DS I've played extensively because they're all shit but the bosses in this game alone make it laffable...

Well persona 2 is miles better than the visual novels..

Dragon Age 2

>>523533139>BLOPS2>Souls 2

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>>523533139kill yourself

>>523533935Bioshock 2 is absolutely better than 1. They refined the gameplay and the story doesn't matter because who gives a shit. Fuck off Ken, you hack.

>>523533139allow me to debunk your hypotesis

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>>523533139>blops 2goddamn, you're a retard

>>523538301haven't seen this in like ten years

>>523533139>souls 2>blops 2>dead space 2all worse than the first games

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>>523533139Halo 3 is better than Halo 2Resident Evil 4 is better than Resident Evil 2Black Ops 1 is better than Black Ops 2Bio shock 1 is better than Bioshock 2Dark Souls 2 fucking stinksMGS2 stinksDead Space 1 is better than Dead Space 2Oh yeah, Alien is better than AliensFuck your shitty thread

>>523533139TLoU 2. God of War 2. Uncharted 2. Witcher 2. Seethe

dungeon siege 2 neverwinter nights 2wasteland 2 fallout 2 diablo 2starcraft 2 wolfenstein 2 thief 2SW: jedi knight 2 tomb raider 2 red orchestra 2 overlord 2doom 2 just cause 2 gothic 2 far cry 2 crysis 2 evil within 2broderlands 2 hotline miami 2 user you have just stumbled on a seriously interesting theory

>>523540942can't forgot aoe 2 red alert 2 broken sword 2 gta 2 civ 2 witcher 2 WTF

>>523540942>evil within 2

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>dmc 2>da 2

>>523541052> Ratchet and Clank 2> Baldur's Gate 2WTF

>>523533381Seriously, its story alone is fantastic, and then it has a legendary multiplayer. Its menu UI basically inspired the Xbox 360s friends list and messaging popup/overlay system. It was absurdly far ahead of its time, and its graphics still hold up for the most part.

>>523541052>broken swordNow that's a name I've not heard in a long time

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>>523536672Rollin', I've been wanting to replay DaS2 for a while now.

>>523533321yes and it's also the best game in that image. kys fag

>>523534947>>523538841>kenpostingCan you make it any clearer that you are plebs?

>>523534947>>523538841Spotted the white supremacists

>Bioshock 2>Black Ops 2>ANY Mass Effect>fucking HALOWho the fuck likes this trash?

>>523533935What about Guilty Gear 2?

>>523533250Ds2 is the best one you fag

>>523544626Go make another joke of a game, Ken.

>>523533139Halo 2 fucking sucked


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>>523536672Based DS2 poster

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>>523546085Well, Ken must live at least somewhere

>>523539703>Resident Evil 4 is better than Resident Evil 2Not the original it isn't

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>>523545731Trump will lose and you will cry.

>>523533139There is some truth to this. No to say the others are bad.

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>>523546169That was soooo pissweak, figures it's the most a cretin like you can muster.

>>523533139Half Life 1 is betterDark Souls 1 is betterBlack Ops 1 is betterBioshock 1 is better

>>523540942doom 1 is better than doom 2

>>523533250DS2 = DeS > DS > BB >> DS3

>>523546169Was that supposed to be a comeback? Did you even think before posting?

>>523533139how did you forget this one?

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>>523533139>bioshock 2

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>>523546660OP's a b8ting poltard, don't mind him


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>>523533321>>523544857how was your prostate exam, grandpa?


>>523546660best gameplay

>>523533139Resident Evil > Resident Evil 2Dead Space > Dead Space 2Bioshock > Bioshock 2MGS > MGS2Your list sucks, OP.

>>523533250I think it's meant to be a some kid's idea of a troll post because with the exception of Half-Life 2, all games I've played from that post are vastly inferior to their prequels.

>>523533139I love mass effect 2 but only weiners think it's better than 1

>>523546085Stay mad that some shit B team made a better game about plaher choice than you've ever been able to muster, homo.

>>523546862are you stupid

>>5235332502 > Sekiro> 1 > 3

>>523541052>witcher 2rofl. that game is an insult to its prequel

>>523546856You will be, come election night


>>523547004please explain how i'm wrong

Holy shit true

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>>523546978Completely fucking delusional. And homophobic, to boot.

>>523544729If they were white supremacists they’d be shilling BioShock Infinite since that game shows how if you let inferior races like blacks or the irish rise up, they’ll immediately tear civilization down to the ground. The actual moral of Infinite is the importance of finding the right amount of oppression to kept the underclass down. It’s extremely redpilled when you think about it

>>523533139Missing>Uncharted 2>Arkham City(Should count)>Portal 2

>>523546886>Resident Evil > Resident Evil 2fucking rofl no one actually believes this

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>>523533139Hello zoomer, why is Diablo 2 not on that list?

Are you fuckin kidding me guys cmon

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>>523547259Columbia's "civilization" deserved everything it got, it was a morally abhorrent pile of jingoist, theocratic garbage (not much different from the United States today).Sorry not sorry that the game told you to your face that your precious little poltard utopia was revolting and deserved to burn, but your shitty life choices are none of my (or any decent person's) concern. Fuck you and die.

>>523547303REmake > RE2make

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>>523547092>>523547205get fucked faggotthis is the part where you seethethis is the part where you cope

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>>523547642January 6. Tick tock, motherfucker

>>523546264Lmao, sure thing cuck

>>523547785Not even american, don't care. I'll enjoy any seething I can get. So keep going

>>523547589difficult, difficult... i like them both very much.

>>523533139>no megaman 2>no DKC2>no Kotor 2>no Baldur's Gate 2stop making these if you aren't a real gamer, bioshock 2, mass effect 2 and cod and halo in general are fucking garbage

>>523547831It ain't the words that make you racist, son; but if you are that stupid you should not be posting here in the first place.

>>523547525I didn’t say I agreed with it. I’m just saying that in-game, Columbia was shown as a nearly perfect society up until they start talking about civil rights. Perhaps that’s just the result of them not thinking the setting and it’s various implications through... OR perhaps Levine is secretly a huge racist who has tricked us all. I know which one I’m going with. The second one. Because it’s funnier

>>523547960>Not even americanYes you are>don't careYes you do

>>523537534wait are the sequels bad?

>>523533139Uhhh, dude, that's not the cover of Resident Evil 2. This is. You mistook it with another game. Why is the EU cover so good?

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>>523548061>it ain't the words that make you racistBLM would have you believe differently.


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>>523548189>a nearly perfect societyPropped up on the backs of abused and mistreated minorities, not to mention how Fink payed them half a penny a minute. Prosperity ain't difficult when the privilidged (white) class has slave labor that they're free to mistreat.>Perhaps that’s just the result of them not thinking the setting and it’s various implications throughOr maybe you didn't understand the fucking game!

>>523540942Abe's Odyssey 2: Abe's Exodus

>>523533139I didn't realize until now that Bioshock 2 was another victim of Holla Forums's contrarian hivemind.

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>>523539703Gameplay wise, Dead Space 2 is absolutely better than 1.


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>>523548258It's just a Romero TV ad zombie in black and white. I would argue the NTSC cover art is better but PAL had the better font

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>>523548482No, its only a few cocksucking brainlets

>>523548254Gameplay-wise, they're a straight improvement for the most part besides some quirks here and there like sliding after a sprint returning to the sprint afterwards instead of remaining crouched like in D1 which was way more useful, or climbing now having animations which makes it inherently slower. In anything and everything narrative-related, like plot, lore, world building or returning characters (stuff an immersive sim should excel at), it's not only garbage but it straight up ruined and killed the IP. D1 was built up by 5-6 writers and co-directed, while D2 was both directed and written by a single guy and DotO was rewritten by FOUR different writers, some of them were hired I shit you not because of their Tweets or online blogs. The better D1 co-director made PREY which is a great fucking game then left Arkane.

>>523545439You have really low standards

>>523533139>Dark Souls 2.Stay behind me little ones. Here they come...

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>>523533139As much as I love some of these games, every one is a step down from the first one except for Halo 2 and MW2.

>>523547050reverse this

>>523533250Some people on Holla Forums pretending DaS 2 is the best in the series has to be the greatest pretend-to-be-retarded troll of all time. There's no way anyone can actually think this. It's a good game, but best in the series? Lmao

>>523548731Oh yeah, nothing says better than an ugly late-90s 3D render slapped on the cover with a retarded font.

>>523548425Exactly. Levine was saying that by utilizing the underclass as slave labor we could greatly increase society’s overall technological level. Sure some people will suffer, but that’s sacrifice Ken "The Grandest Dragon" Levine is willing to make

>>523549485>renderit was hand painted art. The artist also painted all the other art that was used like Misty and the Cop Zombie that everyone knows, or the Morgue zombie with the brain exposed that looks at you

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>>523534610This, there's a reason why like 90% of MCC players just queue for Halo 3 even with the fucked hit reg. Halo 2's biggest accomplishments were the story, the online system itself, and 4v4 competitive gametypes. The actual campaign gameplay itself is filled with slog levels and devolves into a cover shooter way more than H1/3 on the harder difficulties, BTB and customs are infinitely superior in 3 (and 3 is getting a custom game browser added to the MCC to seal the deal).

>>523533139REmake 2 isnt better than REmake you fucking retard

Sequels attract trend chasers, which is the majority of the society. That doesn't mean they are bad or good, it means if you tend to favor sequels you are part of fake "nerd culture" cancerruining gaming. But that goes without saying because you are posting on Holla Forums.

>>523550082>cat eyeBUT FUCKING WHY.Also Misty in the original has her bare ass in view, fuck the Remake.

>>523533250It’s a great game with a ton of content. Might not have the magic of the others, but D2 but beats 75% of other AAAs.

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>>523533139ME2 was more of a spinoff and took the action route. RE2 isn't as good as 4.MW2 turned the franchise to shit and had braindead multiplayer.Bioshock 2 is alright but far from a masterpiece, I haven't played it in a while but the level design I remember being quite bland. Might just be misremembering that.DaS2 is the rightful birth of the soulless meme and deserves no appreciation.MGS2 is not MGS3. What an absolutely shit list. Surprised Dragon Age 2 isn't there as well.

>>523533139>calling Hl2 or Halo 2 a masterpieceThe only true masterpiece on this list is MGS2. That's the best game of its series.Halo Reach, now, THAT'S a Halo game.

>>523533139Rollercoaster Tycoon 2.Pic related pretty much sums up the series.

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>>523533139Bioshock 2 was the beginning of the end for the series. They simplified the political commentary into just "racism: bad" so the normalfags could digest it easier.

>>523533139always one troll in there

>>523533139the same way 2 tits is the perfect number. No more, no less. TWO TWO TWO TWO

>>523552553You've clearly never played Bioshock 2 if you think racism is a subject at all in the game.

>>523536290DMC3 is the perfect middle ground. Good enough to be a god-tier action game, but also with the gothic horror look and feel of the first game. Though I will say I wish the games stuck more to the roots of DMC1 instead of becoming retarded meme-lord anime shit.

>>523533139the dark souls 2 bait is so good

>>523551160>Also Misty in the original has her bare ass in view?

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>>523552553>racism>bioshock 2retard

>>523533139>black ops 2pftthahahahahahaBLOPS 1 was the best game from that franchise tied with WaW.

>ctrl+f suikoden>0 results

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>>523549246contrarianism. when ds2 came out it was really popular so Holla Forums hated it. now hating ds2 is popular so Holla Forums pretends to like it.

>>523533250DS2 was the first for a lot of people. It's like Fallout 3 or Final Fantasy 7.


Two worlds 2 has it twice and it sucks twice the dongs

>>523533139Myth 2: Soulblighter

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>>523556101>DS2 was the first for a lot of peopleFaggot opinion that only exist to cope and no basis in reality.>>523533250It's the best.

>>523533139>Halo 2 good>Dark Souls 2 goodOther than that, true. The only thing Halo 2 does right is multiplayer balancing. Campaign balancing is an absolute shtishow.

>>523533139You forgot mortal kombat 2 and SF II. But excellent point.

>>523556202anon. I am going to post that RE girls pussy tier list in a second if you don't be quiet.

>everything with "2" is a masterpiece Annnnnd proven wrong

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>>523547109Ignore that retard, im just playing bioshock 2 on hard and its fucking amazing. Great game, great levels, great powers and weapons. It gives you even more freedom on how to approach the game than the first one.

>>523536672Rolling for fist weapon cleric

>>523533139MGS2 and PM TTYD are kino so its true

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>>523533139pikmin 2

mass effect 2 was a turd

>>523538994Wrong pic

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>>523547095>get absolute overpower by punching your party membersthe game is just bad, user

>>523533139GAME>Niece idea the studio develops out of passion. It's great, and well received, but not amazingGAME 2>Following the success of the first the studio is given more money to expand upon their vision GAME 3>Studio gets bought out or investors move in. The goal becomes monetizing the game beyond the initial purchase. Most of the original teal has left or is leaving by the end.

>>523546934dead space 2 might be the best sequel ever

>>523533139Crash 2Timesplitters 2Wario Land 2