Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2

how are those high scores coming?

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>top 100 in Warehouse and School speedrun >bumped down to 2300ish a day laterWell there goes my ego boost.

Looks like the X button is dying on my DS3 controller finally. It's making playing this game extra excruciating because I have to hold down on it twice as hard as you'd normally have to otherwise I lose input.

Im waiting for the steam release but the more I think about it the less I know why I'm waiting.

I watched and it convinced me that this is actually a proper, solid remake of the originals that stays true to its roots and doesn't fuck with the levels and gameplay.Might actually have to get this game. Is it on Steam or just Epic?

>>523533008>mfw ordered friday night>won't ship till monday>prob will get because corona till next thursday/fridayi get $20 aud off it at least. based amazon au.

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Kind of tempted to buy it but I haven't bought a game in about 2 years now. Just tried Skate 3 on EA Access and realised I specifically liked Tony Hawk, not skating games

>>523533393buy it already dood

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Is there any way to change how tall your skater is? why are they all manlets?

>>523533695Wish there was at least a body slider.

>>523533695Nope. Also the clothes kinda suck, all name brand shit. I miss having tuxes and shit. I can't even put glasses on my custom skater

>>523533008Still playing through the THPS1 levels. Downhill Jam sucks ass still.

Minimized my stats to play it in a realistic way. Does anybody do this too?

>>523533008I was looking forward to this until they started to fill it with undesirables.

>>523533849Did you post in the last thread? Yeah I appreciated it changing things up a little with building speed and (arguably) platforming elements but it's more of a relic than most other levels

>>523533925The only undesirable is you, incel

Putting this game off until I can get myself a PS controller, playing Tony Hawk with anything else just won't cut it.

>>523533925congrats on being a snowflake too triggered to play games.It's like 2015 all over again except now it's the rightoids that are crybabies.

I used to be good at these games as a kid but I'm finding it really fucking difficult now. Am I just too old and softened after playing Vidya in an increasingly casual industry for the past 20 years? I can't even break 100k on most stages and just end up pressing way too many buttons way too fast and getting mad when I bail. I just wanted to relive my childhood nostalgia.

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>>523534146Also the game hurts my fucking thumbs.

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>>523534146You might just be overthinking it. Also leveling stats helps, i just played Rodney Mullen and his air is total bullshit.

>>523534146Then relive your childhood by getting good again. You weren't a wizard at these games the first hour. Get back in there and practice. You got this.

>>523534146>>523534227God dammit. Don't give up user! Remember to manual in between tricks. You can do this man!

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>>523534146The answer is always to git gud

>>523534286>max speed>hit the vert>360 flip + benihana + hold that directional button>crash before even turning 540 degreesthis game really is different when you max the stats

>>523534069>>523534107Zoomers, we're here to discuss the game not your fantasies.

>>523533008Speaking of high scores, here are the scores you need to get in order to get the secret animated level themed decks.

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>>523533008>clip out of bounds>counts as part of my combo as a trick called "you broke the game"mad lads

>>523534286He's not a vert skater, he's a street skater.

>>523535160>obsessive trannywhining=game discussionThis is an incel brain on Holla Forums

Never played the franchise but SSX 3 is one of my favorite games ever. Is this worth it?

>>523535371No one mentioned trannies though until you did. It sounds like you're obsessed with Holla Forums.

>>523535339Yeah well as much as I like street/flatland, it's the verts give the big points. Giving Rodney a high base manual stat and low almost everything else makes him one of the most gimped starting characters

>>523535235>Secret animated level themed decksGot any previews of them?

>>523534146Go Vert and remember to revert on landing. Triple Kickflip into Indie into Revert into Manual into Lip is worth 30k+.

>>523535428>No one mentioned tranniesFuck off, retard >>523533925

>>523535505At least part of that reason he's gimped is because Rodney turned them down and they asked Tony instead. They've held a grudge against him ever since.

>>523533008CAN I KICK IT?

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>always onlineno thanks, bro

>>523534557This, and also, you can alter your manual if you tap face trick buttons to get your combo multiplier up. Its basically running 4's engine.

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I haven't picked this up yet>>523535687and I probably never will if you're serious

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>>523533110get a ds4 dumdum

>>523535531one of the designs from reddit, no gif though. I'm going to go after the chopper one when I'm done with unlocking officer dick.

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>> online on PC, at least

So where do I buy this on PC? It's not EGS exclusive right?

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>>523536039>always online on PCwhat did tim sweeney mean by this?

>>523536117>It's not EGS exclusive right?about that...

>>523533925>fillThere’s like 3 women and 15 men to play as you stupid fuck

>>523536117yep they took tim's chink moneyeither pirate it or wait a year

>>523536158>>523536192Ah lost all interest then, fuck em.

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>>523536039I was gonna get it on PS4, which I never even hook up to the internet unless I'm downloading something anyway

>>523535579turned who down? activision?source?

this aori nishimura chick is pretty cute

Is this game not available in Canada or some shit? What the fuck?

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Do you play as your own made character or one of the real ones?

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>>523536294Epic Games Store unfortunately.

>>523536350mullen always (unless i'm unlocking shit for the other guys)


>>523536370Epic game store? The fuck is that?

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>>523536251It unfortunate how quickly that keeps happening.Was hoping the Xbox version would have at least given access to a windows 10 version. I could have sworn that was going to be the case.

>>523536417david lunch lol

>>523536275I disconnected my PS4 from the internet and the game works. Always online just applies to PCux.

>>523536417My bad, typo. I meant the Fortnite Store.

skate 4 when? all these casual non skaters hype over billion combo point simulator, when the real skater niggas waiting for S4. skater XL a bust, so don't even mention that shit.

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>>523536350Played with my CAC the first time through since I wanted to see the Pro Bails movie, going back through the pros now.

ok guys is the game actually good? how is it compared to the originals?do not reply to this post if you're under 25. thank you.

>>523533446any pirate sources? I will get the game but I instantly kneejerk backwards when being told to buy something on Holla Forums of all places.

>>523536556Isn't that the chinese game that people are always getting credit card data stolen in? Ok. So I guess piracy is the answer then. Anyone know where I can grab a torrent?

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rate my skater

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>>523536719how about you buy the fucking game and support the devs

>>523536720>Element deckShit character would not skate with.

>>523536707Plays like 3 with a few moves from 4 and THUG, levels and music from 1 and 2, shitton of unlockables. This is probably one of the few games this year that can be taken at face value

>>523536281He mentions it in an interview, but he's not really bothered by it and just laughs it off. I'll never able to find it now because all that comes up on google is about this new release.He just says that they had approached him about making a game, but he'd said no because he was more interested in skating rather than making money or being a celebrity and then he jokes that's why his stats are so shit in the games. Tony Hawk has mentioned it before too, it might even have been in the same video desu.

>>523536559Haha look at this homo

>>523536791Put it on Steam so I can do just that then.

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>>523536719No, no, that's the League of Legends Store.

>>523536791Why are you shilling on 4chan?

>>523536559Real Chads like both series for different reasons.

>>523536791Tim's already supporting them with his monthly welfare check. How about they stop taking bribes and give me options.

>Epic store>always onlineFeels good to not be part of the master race

>>523533393>realised I specifically liked Tony Hawk, not skating gamesAre you me?

>>523536836>1 and 2>but plays like 3are you for real? fuck man i wanna play th2

>>523536386my nigga

>>523536513Holy thanks. I just about died

>>523537093in the menus you can modify the physics/momentum to be either 1 or 2 styled.


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>>523537093The games didn't git good until THPS3 added reverts, though.

>>523536845weird that they would even consider him considering the splash that the 900 made at the time and how much of a presence that move had in the original game

>>523536791Let me buy it on a service that isn't gonna go bankrupt in a year when Apple ravages it's asshole.

How much is this game?Does it have lots of achievements and things to go for? Hard to 100%?

>>523537257What are the main differences by changing the setting?

>>523536417chink malware

>this guy in MP constantly gets 20-50k with a x20 multiplayer (so like 2522342242424 billion points)????????????HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWthe highest i ever got was 35k, and I'm trying really hard, what the fuck am I doing wrong, this feels like CTR all over again

>>523537257>>523537268I wish I could only turn off the flatland/grind button spamming junk.Of course, I can just choose not to do those moves, but they're so cheap and easy it's hard not to.>>523537536There's challenges for doing 10,000 of each type of trick, or winning 1,000 matches of multiplayer.It's Perfect Dark Zero levels of BS for getting 100%.

>>523537536$40 burgerbux, yes, and yes. Honestly most TH games are typically beatable in an afternoon anyway but this one pads it out with a shitload of objectives and shit, and I havent even played online yet. The honeymoon is over after 10 hours but it'll be installed for a very long time.

>>523537556One has the phsyics of THPS1, the other of THPS2.

Is it epic exclusive forever or just a year?I don’t mind waiting for it to be $5 on steam desu.

does this game have any cool unlockables to replace spidey (which I have to assume is gone) or is it all just boring normal people

>>523537753What is the difference between the physics of the two games is what I am asking.

>>523537651You new? Just revert and shuffle to keep your combo going. Also set The 900 to an easy input like left right circle as a combo starter

>>523537337This was before the original game though and before the 900 had been done. Everything was mainly geared towards street skating at the time and Mullen was the man for that.I wish I could find the interview because it's more just said in passing while they talk about other things. It's not an interview about the game, or even about Rodney in general, it's just about skateboarding. That's why I'm sure Tony Hawk is in the same video when he mentions it. It's not an old video from like 20 years ago though, it's fairly recent (within the last 5-10 years).

>>523533008How does it compare to the originals? Is it fun?

>>523537790An alien, and Officer Dick played by Jack Black

>>523536559Real chads have skater xl, tony hawk's pro skater 1 + 2, and Skate 3, and like all 3 for different reasons.

>>523537804oh, my bad.

>>523537790officer dick who is played by Jack black and there's an alien

>>523534146i was running into the same trouble but i've played so damn much of this franchise in my teens it's just coming back as muscle memory. the reason you can't get high scores is you aren't abusing your special tricks. it was the same in the original games. i bet you just need to set some more specials up, fill out the rest of the grab & flip trick buttons, then memorize and actually get used to pulling them off. if you keep fucking up the timing just go free skate and get on vert and keep pulling them off until you can consistently land them.i usually had like four or more special grab tricks, one grind, one flat, and one manual special each. always easy button combos to remember that matched the animation as close as they could. misty flip for example would be < > Oalso stop using the 900. it has the longest special animation and you just won't fucking land it with low stats. don't care that it's 9000 points. it's 0 pts if you can't land it. everyone should be using a custom skater fuck outta here if u dont

>>523537935>jack blackAaand dropped

>>523538008No Ollie Ollie?...

>playing to maximize points only instead of goofing about doing stupid shit

Reverts are pretty tough to hit reliably. If I had the PC version I'd probably use a Switch Pro controller for the digital triggers.

how does the speed acceleration work? Does it depend on tricks performed? Should I always hold A?

>>523538263No, they replaced him with some bitch named Olivia from Bolivia.

>>523538387>Reverts are pretty tough to hit reliablyFucking how? The window before your combo drops is pretty generous

>>523538407Push off with foot, go downhill

Are there any more Create-A-Park maps other than the beach one?

>PS4 Pro Enhancedhow bad does it run on a standard PS4

>>523537651>build special>land a special trick in the air>revert>manual>mash the 3 face buttons

is epic games really that bad guys?

>>523538641runs completely fine on my base model

>>523538641Perfectly fine, PS4 Pro is a meme. Loading times are a little slower than I'm used to but it's still just a few seconds (Downhill Jam and a few bigger levels take a little longer)

>>523538356>>playing to maximize points only instead of goofing about doing stupid shiti clear the map objectives at a boomer pace then sperg out and get the high score shit in one shot


THPS2X Levels when?

>>523538703No, just a bunch of butthurt Gabenfags who get mad that their monopoly is being challenged by a company with a large Chinese backing. As for always online or DRM that's been the new normal for over a decade so who the fuck cares

>>523538783>PS4 Pro is a meme>coping this hard

>>523538871based, same


>>523538928hopefully never,those levels were terrible

>>523538387You can mash revert out while on your way down, these games have always had extremely generous buffer windows

>>523537851>Just revert and shuffle to keep your combo going.What's shuffle? Do you mean like just doing different tricks? I don't understand how to keep my combo going unless it's rails/walls. I wish there was a spectate mod in MP.>Also set The 900I always fail that move though, maybe I need to level up my jump height or something>as a combo starterso okay, you do a special, then revert (R2 right?) then what? manual? but it will fuck up my speed and I won't be able to jump on the other ramp>>523538674i didn't know you could mash face buttons during manual, i'll try that thanks

>>523536720looks like the psychologist from gta v

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>can't get enough speed from the start to ollie all the way over the half pipe, through the secret room, and start grinding the rail behind it right after>land in the secret room instead>best I can do is manual out of that roomshit lads, is this because I'm playing as 2020 tony hawk who is 20 years older now?

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>>523538993>mid-gen mulligan that struggles to reach 4K and still sounds like a jet engine How is it not?

Why is this so much harder than when I was 10

>>523538703I installed epic launcher a month ago and it wouldn't even download a game for me, the download kept fucking upabsolute garbage software

>>523534146>tried multiplayer>some ttv guy was getting like 40,000x65 combos>thought he was cheating so went to twitch>he's just constantly manual spamming and grind spamming at the speed of lightI don't know how he does it, shit hurts my hands.

>>523537804THPS1 = No manual, No revert, No Wallplant, No Spine Transfer. THPS2 = You can now manual and nothing else.

Post your favourite

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Does it actually play properly like the originals, and not like THPSHD?

>>523535235So that's 25 secret challenges accounted for, any idea what the last two hidden ones are?

>>523539318yes, it plays 1:1

>>523538993>designed solely for 4k resolutions>ad-hocs the 4k instead of doing it nativelyFor all the zoomers this is like labeling your thing 1080p when it is in fact 1080i.

Sup boomersWhat special characters are in this game? I heard you can play as wolverine or some shit.

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>>523539318it plays more like THUG without the walking than THPS1/2 (though I think there are toggles to make it more like the original originals) but yeah

>>523539318It's pretty much identical.There's some weirdness here and there, but even the different platform versions of the original games had differences between them.

>standstill>face up toward a ramp>magically zoom up it and get airfuck yeah these physics, that's called SOUL

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>>523539318it plays like the underground games without off board stuff. feels great.

>>523539103Couple of things for gitting gud>BonelessDouble tap up then ollie and you'll get more air than usual, good for shooting up verts>StanceRemember to R2/RT to keep your default position, especially if your Switch stat is low >shuffle You can change the trick you're performing during a manual or grind if you push the trick buttons, good way to add to the multiplier. Try it on the New York fountain with the grind>revertR2/RT at the base of a pipe and then manual (up/down or down/up) as you're landing to continue your comboAlso change your special inputs, left right grab/flip or up down manual/grind are easier to remember and won't fuck up your trick as much if you fat finger it. Oh, and if you're grinding a vert like a pool, try to keep the cursor on the inside of the vert so you'll just slide down instead of bailing

Not enough girl skaters so I made my own.

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>>523539420Gene Simmons

>>523533110The same thing is happening to me. Shit sucks.


>>523536294Skate Xl is better, but it seems kinda unfinished.

>>523539884Some asshole Jew from a garbage boomer proto-juggalo band

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How basic or expansive is the Create-a-Skater?

>>523534146Custom specials, user. Assign one or two manual and grind specials. You'll be hitting 200k easy peasy.

>>523533110I feel you bro.My DS4 has stick drift to the right so it's a pain in the ass to do tricks that have single right input because it sometimes counts those as two.


>>523533008>tfw no money to buy the gameHow is it?

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>>523539314SoB are legend.

>>523540234Great!You're missing out.

>>523540007Basic. Like 20 different preset faces, no body type mods (sorry fat people), 4 voices (2 male and two female), OKish amount of hairstyles, clothing is all brand name shirts/shoes/pants and only some articles have color changes, no accessories (not even glasses)

>>523539785look at those hands lol

>>523540278Microtransactions are coming, huh?

>buy game on Tim's store>have lots of fun for a weekend>finish game>move on with my life, and come back to play it someday if I feel like itWow, so hard. You steamfags are insufferable.

>>523540340>fallout soon fellow stalker!

>>523540334Gotta have big hands to be able to grab my dick.


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>>523540007It's better than 5. Not as good as 4-thug 2.

>>523538162I remember putting all special tricks I really used to be either `^ v (button)` or `v ^ (button)`, so if I couldn't do them in time, I would automatically transition into a manual.

So I heard that some of the songs have been censored (such as language used). How true is that?This is a game I would really like to show support for but it seems like they have outright tried to block out some of the punky-edgy things about the original THPS1+2. Is there any censorship in music or gameplay that is distracting or disappointing to you?

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>that Activision spinning logo Fuck, never thought I'd have Activision nostalgia. Would've been funny if they revived Activision O2 logo for this

>>523540567The tracks in the original were clean versions.....but anyway, they're all explicit in thps1+2

>>523540392>Thanks for spitting facts, user. You know what's up!

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>> boomercore.

How can I get high scores? I have way better luck chaining a bunch of grinds together than I do doing anything with verts. Can you chain those with reverts into manuals? You lose a ton of speed that way.

>>523540694I know for a fact that at least some of them are censored>"fucking" to "flipping"

>>523540665Was that logo used in the Tony Hawk games? I remember Shaun Palmer and Mat Hoffman had the logo.

>>523536718>denuvoPiracy hasn't been relevant in months man, sorry

>>523540216>>523540334obsessed freaks

>>523540567Your memory is failing you. The original releases had censored music. You don't remember?>LIGHTS OUT, GUERILLA RADIO>TURN THAT ____ UP

Are keyboard controls trash? I don't have a controller and don't wanna buy one for this one game.

>>523540392yes I agree with you user. what's wrong with spending some cash on honorable epic store

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is the digital deluxe worth it? can I just upgrade later if i decided?

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>>523534107congrats on gargling tranny dick, faggot

>>523540567They were censored from hard language before, see Police Truck. The N64 version (aside from the awful compression and loops) even censored "hell" in Guerilla Radio. Don't turn this into one of your bullshit censorship spams, Billy.

>>523540567I haven't picked up a copy yet but I'd assume it's about the same as it was back in the PS1 days, I mean I sure don't remember the "fucking" in You or the "shit" in Guerilla Radio being

>>523540782huh, hasnt stuck out at all with how few times thats said. Probably necessary to keep the T rating

>>523540817That is unfortunate. I will live vicariously thru you anons in the thread then.

>>523536791how about you keep wasting your money on faggotry and jewish tricks while everyone else enjoys it for free

>>523541039>calling others "faggot" while seemingly having tranny tunnel vision and disregarding the WWE Diva-tier qt in the game who even has nudes onlineSeek help, user

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Next is THUG, right?

>>523539880Yeah it sucks. This thing lasted me many years though. But I guess it's finally time to buy a DS4.

>>5235414263 first. I'd also like 4, it's the one I remember the least so it'll almost be be like playing a new game.

>>523540694>>523540860>>523541059Ok. Fair enough but that was an example. Like I don't believe they show blood anymore during falls so my question wasn't really aimed specifically at music but my question was is there a drastic change that seems distracting to you?

>>523541217I am sort of with you. I don't mind that it's on epic, just I don't want to pay $40 when I'd rather a THUG remaster. I didn't play 1+2 so I'm not drawn in by nostagia, but I know that buying it would encourage the making of THUG. I'm torn because I just bought avengers. I've been working mad overtime and have the money to buy it as well. I'm monitoring threads. It looks like you'd only get a few hours out of singlepalyer and the real meat and potatoes does come from online.

>>523536285I'm actually surprised her model came out halfway decent. She's way prettier in person.

>>523541531No there's not, and you really need to stop being this way

I actually love the machine gun kelly song in itMY BLOODYY

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>>523540567>making a big fuss out of something>virtue signaling>wrong>anime posterChecks out every time.

>THAT song comes on which puts you immediately in THE ZONEwhat's her name, Holla Forums?

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I'm very bad at it but getting better. I'm already way better at it than when I was a kid. Back then I couldn't even figure out how to do manuals.I got all of the goals cleared on the Warehouse. Doing the rooftop jumps in Downtown is hard though.

>> can only be one.

>>523541751See >>523539767, learn to use and abuse Boneless until it becomes second nature. I personally prioritize the speed stat first then the air stats. shit actually made me feel like a kid discovering music through THPS again.


>>523541926>240p is max quality

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>>523541741Superman obviously. Is there any way to add your own music? Needs more Cock Sparrer.

Price is too steep for me. I could buy it right now but it just seems like such a wait for sale game seeing as I can emulate the originals.

>>523533008>Paying to get a mouthful of Tencent cumWhy do people do this?

>>523541926>>523541983Absolutely based

>>523541504I just want 3 for the combo of that Alien Ant Farm song and the foundry level for maximum nostalgia

i can consistently get 1-2mil point combos but i don't know how to get more. i know it basically becomes grind and manual as less as possible but it still gets pretty unmanageable by that point

>>523541741Blood Brothers, Superman and No Cigar.

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>>523542145Buy the console version retard.

>>523536285Lizzie is actually pretty cute as well

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>>523542091I'm already done with the game soundtrack and playing from Spotify on PS4. It actually mutes the game music when it plays so that's pretty cool at least since my entire TH franchise playlist is so much better


>>523536285>19 years oldthank god.

i like how every multiplayer mode essentially boils down to "just get a big combo"

>>523542742I mean, that's more or less THPS in a nutshell

>>523539420Unlock Spiderman from THPS2

>>523533008can we all agree that this game is garbage ?

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>>523541741The classics as well of course, but some of the new additions are a great fit.

Does playing this give anybody else a weird feeling that isn't quite straight up nostalgia? It just makes me reflect on how that era of video games wasn't totally archaic and limited but also weren't obsessed with grand spectacle and shit. It's a relatively simple game but it's super slick, fun, doesn't feel impossible to learn and has a cool soundtrack. I don't know, That time was such a sweet spot in gaming, playing this is like a glimpse into what used to be. Not only in game design but kind of culturally too. It'll will probably become irrelevant in the next 2-4 weeks like every other game but I think it was worth it for that alone.

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>>523541973I was trying to find this song after it played in game. Thanks for posting this.

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>>523536791How about I tell the devs to put it on a store I'm willing to put my credit card information in

>>523541531Lmao I know you would never buy the game anyway

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>>523539318Yes they really did it proper

>>523540694no theyre not fucking retard. listen to the rage against the machine song>.... YOU I WONT DO WHAT THEY TELL ME

>that one guy who waits until time runs out just to pull off a 2 million point combobased

>>523534829How's your spin, air, and hangtime?

Honest quest. How the fuck can you guys stand this shit? It looks like thps5, it plays only slightly better than 5 and HD or any other modern attempt which is not a compliment. Its fully of nu skaters and some new puke music all shoved in. The maps do look nice i like malls decay but yea wake me the fuck up when skate 4 drops.

>>523538945>No, just a bunch of butthurt Gabenfags who get mad that their monopoly is being challenged by a company with a large Communist backing who want to create their own monopolyftfy

is 21 mil combo cheating? I know THUGPRO and underground games can do this because of caveman shenagans for example. but is it possible with this toolkit or was the guy cheating?

>>523543619>plays only slightly better then 5/HDt. haven't played it

>>523533274>doesn't fuck with the levels and gameplayYou realize the flatland shit and easy grind transitions were not in the original right?This is the rarest possible example of a remake that updates the gameplay in a way that actually objectively improves it.

>>523543657one guy got a 100 million point combo in the Warehouse demo, which meant he was playing as Tony with his shit starting


>>523543696Dont need to play it i can see its weightlessness and unsatisfying bails with my own eyes. T. Same next gen bullshit again

>>523542976I saw these boys play live back in 2013 in my local venue. God I can't believe it's been 7 years

Attached: 1493587174957.png (331x352, 211.42K)

>>523537905Also his vert skills are that bad irl he tried to drop in once in the past 6 or so years and immediately ate shit kek.

>>523536559real chads have session

>>523543869it's literally a 1:1 copy of the THPS 2-3 era, just faster because it's 60 FPSthey got the source code from ex Neversoft devs to make thisbut this doesn't matter because you just want to shitpost at how """pozzed""" this game is so fuck off

does it run smooth on xbox one s? or do I just wait for steam release (if it ever happens)

Attached: 1598556469923.gif (499x373, 286.76K)

The fact you can play your own custom music and pause it any time if you want to listen to the game's playlist is fucking great. Small feature, but really appreciated so I don't have to end up downloading the songs I really like from the THPS 1+2 playlist.

>>523541741for the originals it's probably Bring the Noisefor 1+2 though,

>>523544529after seeing the music video for this, I can see why someone at VV wanted it

>>523544529I swear to god, THPS series inadvertently gives me the most intense existential crises ever with some of their song choices. Great song.>>523544341Yeah. Makes the game so good just to zone out after a long day. I've got songs mixed up from Burnout 3, SSX 3, and THPS 1-3.


>>523536791Tim already paid for the copy anyway so piracy is a non-issue

>>523544529this is the one that's stuck in my head the most after playing, kinda hilarious most of the skaters are 40 now

>>523541741IF YOU LIKE TO GAMBLE3 DLC when?

>>523541741>not muting the TV and playing your own music on the CD player in your room or just youtube/spotify these days I guessSELL OUTWITH ME OH YEAHSELL OUTWITH ME TONIGHTTHE RECORD COMPANY'S GONNA GIVE ME LOTS OF MONEYAND EVERYTHING'S GONNA BE ALRIGHT

>>523544690>I swear to god, THPS series inadvertently gives me the most intense existential crises ever with some of their song choices>playing THUG2 as a kid> comes up>"hey this is neat">replay it earlier this year for nostalgia>song comes up again>relate to it far more than I ever thought was possible back then

>>523544918That song was in Aggressive Inline, a game about a dead sport.

I like how the tapes in game make fun of THPS 5 killing the series

Attached: thpstapes.png (339x202, 92.34K)

>>523541741I play without the music on

>>523545085THUG2's soundtrack was pretty... boldNever thought I could skate to Frank Sinatra or Johnny Cash, but it actually worked somehow

>>523544690>Burnout 3 OSTMy absolute nigger of niggers. A lot of the songs from there fit THPS' vibe pretty well.

>>523544205Multiple large levels have inconsistent fps, like Minnesota was where I first noticed it was bad. Online has fps issues on most maps

>>523545302yeah it's honestly impressive how they managed to make some of the oddest picks work. I don't think things like the smoother reggae tracks or especially That's Life would cut it in the more arcadey originals but in a free-roaming game like the THUG series it just kinda works out as a nice break from the more aggressive stuff you're used to hearing.>>523545425That was in THUG2 as well, one of my favorites actually.

Why do I fail boneless so often?

What new song would have liked to see in 1+2?For me, seeing as how they are going with Canadian Punk Rock bands so much, I would have

>>523536791Die niggerThey took the epic store money and gave it to denuvo. Fuck them to death with a razor blade.


Attached: boxer.png (335x557, 151.5K)

>>523543153you don't have to use your credit card

>>523545480fuck. guess I'll wait for steam or a crack. thanks user

Attached: 1597854822359.jpg (236x236, 31.45K)

>>523545553I could play a game with nothing but LTJ tracks so something like woulda been nicethat or something a bit more out there, like Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra.

Wish some of the "Hit 5x" objectives had the objects lit differently from the environment. Am not as fluent with THPS1 as I am 2, but have been having difficulty just seeing some things because the lighting engine is making it all blur as part of the environment, or is in the shade.

>>523545162Fucking hell, THPS5 is five years old already? It feels like it was two years ago.

>>523545162>>523545597here's another funny detail in Hangar, (remember it's a big Neversoft Tribute stage now)

Attached: banjochampion.jpg (1152x648, 88.46K)

>>523539032fuck you

>>523545302Even putting those two extreme choices aside, someone on the Neversoft sound team was a huge fan of boomer music. People don't generally skate to Kiss, but they got their own level and the whole band was playable in THUG. You'd also get bands like AC/DC, Iron Maiden, The Cult, The Doors, Motley Crue, Motorhead, and others that typical skaters wouldn't care about.

>>523535412Emulate THPS3.

>>523546474funny thing is, THUG2 came out back when I was in High School and one of my best friends was a big stoner/skater. We were playing THUG2 together and when Ring of Fire came on he started freaking out because as it turns out, he loved Johnny Cash and sometimes skates to him.

>>523546658Well, Johnny Cash sort of had a resurgence in popularity during that time after he covered NIN and then... died.

On PC theres already a single game with all the Tony Hawk levels in it, why bother?

>>523546474You have literally never interacted with skaters before if you think they don't listen to boomer music.

>>523546907I mean, Boomer by 2004 standards

I was gonna wait for next week to get this game since I got a birthday coming up and I don't wanna buy it now in case a relative gives me a gift card somewhere but I don't think I can hold out, the itch to get back to this series is too strong

i can't believe the machine gun kelly song is stuck in my head nowIN MY HEAD IN MY HEAD

>>523536720My math teacher from college/10

>get for PS4>UE4>TAA on, blur-o-vision>Texture filtering limited>Stages take longer to load than they did on PS1's CD-ROMGuess I'll rebuy it on Steam in a year if Activision allows VV to keep adding to this instead of it being a one-off.

I mostly just do the free skate mode.

>>523533393>realised I specifically liked Tony Hawk, not skating gameswhich is why they had to stop making skate games because the devs realize that is same sentiment of the TH refugees that they were chasing

What's your favorite level?

>>523547017You still get presents on your birthday?How old are you?

Have to use the no bail mod for it to feel like the old games. Other than that its good

>>523546986idk man the doors and motorhead were always revered by skaters

>>523547272getting presents didn't represent his age but him relying on bday for money did

>>523547242gameplay wise it's still probably school 2. a simply perfect level.burnside is the most kino though. the rain and lighting are amazing

It took me 2 hours to remember about manual for chaining combos. Anyway game is super cool. Each level is nostalgia trip. Hope they remake 3 and 4 too

>>523547272I have a loving family and give them presents too, user.>>523547382I assure you I am merely a poorfag. 26

i never knew what the fuck claim your challenges meant for a while figured it out and spent a couple of minutes mashing Ywhy would it just not auto “claim” stupid mechanic although i was weary about the challenges they’re actually fun to complete

>>523533008Should I get a game controller for this? I really want to play.

Attached: 1-4.jpg (990x963, 150.4K)


>>523547494>not always owning at least one controller for games like this

Attached: 1487562077035.jpg (942x943, 123.3K)

>>523547494Yes, I can't imagine what hell this would be to play on a keyboard.

>>523547494I can't imagine playing a tony hawk game without a dualshock but that's probably just because that's how I played them growing up. no idea what everyone on THUGPro uses.

>>523547494join the rest of the pc fags and go buy an xbox controller

Attached: xbox_one_grey_blue_wireless_controller_4_.jpg (773x773, 46.24K)

>>523547516there's no way to upgrade at the moment but i'm sure activision will release it as dlc at some pointi like the skeleton character and some of the gear, not sure it's worth $10 but i enjoy it.

>>523533393I know that feeling dude. My buddy when he found I was into Pro Skater he was all like "dude you gotta get skate 3 it's so much better than any of the tony hawk games" and yeah I liked it but I have never felt drawn to play it again after I beat it.

I hope they release TH 3 & 4 as expansions instead of another game. Having all 4 games in one package would be perfect.

>>523547746between music licensing and the fact that those games (especially 4) are bigger in scope, i think they'll release them separately.

>>523534146>>523534227Literally me.I used to easily break 1 million combos in THUG2, now I struggle to even get the 200 total high score.

>>523547746I feel like 3 will be DLC solely because if they did a second pack it'd have to be 3+4 and 4's just so radically different structurally from the first 3 that it'd be an odd collection to sell like that.

>>523547735real life skating is only fun in real life. while I was playing skate, all I could think of is why the fuck am I playing this game instead of skating?tony hawk is surreal skating that you can't do in real life and that's why it's an objectively better video game.

Attached: something.png (595x398, 102.97K)

>>523547746I can see them doing 3. 4 is kind of a different beast due to the more open-ended structure of the game.

>>523547652Been using my DS3 for 10 years now on pc, works like a charm.

>>523533783wanna know the funniest thing? the best clothes(and like 90% of the coolest decks) are locked behind Deluxe Edition

>>523547494No. Steamcel master race always uses mouse and keyboard

>>523547915wasn't there a poll and like 803% of pc only players use an xbox controller. everything about it is better. more games support it. better build. and no shitty analog stick placement.

>>523547825THUG2 is one of the higher scoring games in the series, so I don't think that's quite a fair comparison.

>>523547882Exactly. THPS is just fun.

>>523547847I'd like to see them make a traditional classic mode for the THPS4 levels. None of them ever returned in a classic mode.The only thing I'd miss that only works in THPS4's structure is the escape from Alacatraz mission. That would also get rid of dumb shit like snake run slalom, Bam's loop, Bam's shopping cart ride, etc.

>>523548031>everything about it is better. more games support it. better build. and no shitty analog stick placement.speak for yourself. I never liked the xbox controllers, I don't like the analog placement and I don't like their buttons.

>if you grind on one particular rail in school 2 while the bell is ringing the door to the gym opens and you can go insideI know it was in the original but this is some "that kid on the playground" tier shit and I love it

>>523548031tony hawk games always felt best on ps controllers. xbox dpad blows.

>>523547812Hopefully both. Same core engine, just it's able to recognize which "DLC" are included depending on the release, with options to buy the missing content for either one.

>>523547746I don't think they could do 4 as a dlc. 4 is so much more unlike 1+2. I mean they could do the maps easy but without the goals something would be lost. Like I can't imagine skating alcatraz without having a run in with ranger bob. 3 absolutely could work as an expansion. I remember for Pro Skater HD they did a 3 dlc with the airport and canada maps. >>523547882You're probably spot on there user.

>>523548286>xbox dpad blows.the xbox dpad stopped being bad 7 years ago, user

>>523548250a lot of characters have stat points hidden in that gym as well so you better fucking know it

>>523548107>None of them ever returned in a classic mode.Alcatraz was in THP8 for PSP.

>>523548250funfact! the backdoor of the gym (the one with that roll call grind gap) does open in the remake

Did they actually do a decent job at hiding the Ayy Lmao in some of the levels or am I just retarded? Some of them were super easy to find but a few of them have me stumped.

>>523548367the xbox 1 dpad is better but still not good. i haven't tried the $150 elite dpad though

>>523548497good luck getting the Skate Heaven(and the VV symbol as well) and the Skatestreet ones tho

>>523548250Not quite as good as >if you grind one rail on Skate Heaven the volcano starts to erupt and you can jump in and go to a new area

>>523548541not him but I have no problems with the xbox one dpad. its perfectly fine in my experience.

Is the map editor in it?

>>523548669>tfw you have literally 30s since you do the grind gap to pull that Boneless jump

Attached: the-violence-has-escalated-49704320.png (500x576, 147.36K)

>>523548250I only learned about the underground section of the France skate competition level last year. Never bothered going for 100% before and had no clue where the rest of the money was

>>523548796It was even worse in the original THPS2 because it was hard to build up the momentum to even make the full grind.

are gaps listed anywhere in the game?

does anybody know where I can pirate this game? I don't really trust the pirate bay.

>>523549013I just hate that they added new gaps to the old maps to accommodate acid drops/spine transfers now existing.

>>523549013game options

>>523548541The Xbone d-pad is good once you break it in a bit. It starts out a little stiff on the presses, but if you use it for a few hours in a fighting game or something it breaks in to a really nice feel and becomes the best d-pad.

>>523549394It's funny you mention that because I actually wore my Xbone dpad out by playing fighting games. It doesn't work at all now.

>>523549235imagine being mad at this

>>523548669>it takes you to the infamous Animal Chin Megaramp >there’s a choir of angels playing and a light shining on it

>>523548601I found the Downtown one by sheer, pure accident and there’s no fucking way I would have found it on purpose

>>523533008Found this on the Chicago skae park.I don't know if this was in the original or not cause I doubt I ever really got up here.

Attached: doll.png (1920x1080, 2.39M)

>Chicago is just called “Skatepark”It was the Windy City Slam dammit

>>523533008Just still having fun, no scoresTHEY DIDN'T FUCK IT UP!

>>523549453That happens with all d-pads if you play fighting games seriously because it gives them a beating. I buy wired Hori pads specifically for fighting games for that reason. They work well for the task and I don't feel so bad about replacing a $20 controller every so often when it inevitably wears out like all d-pads do. But an Xbone d-pad won't fully die with most use cases like platformers and stuff.

>>523547568believe it or not but I can only play THPS games on a keyboard. not saying it's better, but I got so used to it as a kid that I suck ass when I try to play with a controller.

Attached: 1595693983968.jpg (576x510, 28.35K)

>>523549676No, those little dolls are everywhere now (remember seeing one in the France hidden room). They break when you touch them, so there may be some gimmick there.

Wish you could knock flatland spammers on their ass online

>>523549820>Windy City Slam

Attached: 1456531860048.jpg (640x640, 113.8K)

>>523540340there's already a 5bucks MTXit's for some charity thing but yeah, it's a MTX

>>523549962Seriously? Now I'm curious. What are your keybinds?

>>523549458>add in option for original-game limitations>can't 100% the game with it on

>>523549976nah this isn't one of the alien dolls that you smack to unlock the alien. It's just a really low quality person looking thing.

vert tricks score so low. Is that to reflect the current climate of vert skating being all but dead?

>>523549976Are you talking about the Alien Dolls? If you find and break all of them (there’s one on the hidden levels as well) you unlock the second hidden skater

>>523547494Played so much with the numpad, it feels weird with a controller. Only liked it with the BMX in THAW for some reason.

The cycle is complete..

Attached: 20200521_093948.jpg (1302x1842, 566.11K)

>>523549976Ok, nvm. That's a different plush than those plushes. May be a developer injoke.

Does the game run well? I only have a laptop with 1650 at the moment

>>523550081arrows for movement, numpad for tricks (2 for ollie, 4 for flip, etc)>>523550275glad to see I'm not the only one

>>523550086eh fair point i guess. but the thps1/thps2 modes are basically there just to remind you how boring the game feels without reverts and transfers lol

>>523540278Can I make trump? I wanna kick-flip over the Clinton mural

Attached: 66A0E71B-E4DF-4E99-BAA4-FDFA04FAE17C.jpg (553x522, 55.09K)

>>523550347>Shaun Palmer, a Tony Hawk from an alternate universeI don't know why this part in particular got me so good, but it did.

Attached: 1362365382198.gif (275x248, 2.33M)

>>523550549the faces are only presets


>>523550220Is there a way to track which of those and the V emblems you've nabbed? I've gotten a few of them playing casually so far. Anyone know if the game added any new locations, or is it pretty much a match for the original map's collision data?

>>523551317Find the corresponding challenges and check if they have checkmarks for the levels you already found the V or alien plushie foralien plushies also do not respawn so once gotten the level will stay empty

>>523543808so is keyboard the key to being able to spam moves so quick?

can anyone explain me how to score challenge?it only accepts landed combos. do I have to calculate the "2314124 x 45" scores to know when I have the desired combo score to land it?sounds retarded as fuck

>>523550347>utopia where all are free to skate together without limitation. Even Shrek.I am dead.

Attached: 1340226418639.gif (250x219, 208.21K)



Does online multiplayer have H-O-R-S-E mode?

>>523535235Is there any exploit or “trick” to getting these scores or do you have to be insanely good? I can hardly get past 500,000 on any given level.


Attached: 1581154476395.png (146x146, 25.54K)

>>523552238get special manual, few special grinds and a special grab. do them

>>523552214I’ve played 50+ matches and haven’t come across it; I think it’s only for local play, which sucks because there are challenges/achievements tied to it.

>>523548363Then keep 4's levels as they are with the goofy bits of story, and the npcs. Honestly most of the hard work of making the engine right is done, so why not use the framework to basically create official thugpro.

>>523552238some maps are easier to pull those scoresRoswell (for example) has an area with a pretty much endless grind where you can pull the required score very easily

>>523552196I think I heard somewhere people found switch prompts in the files but I don't even know if that's true and if it is it's probably just for PC since tons of other games have the exact same song play out on that front.

>>523552470>required scoreyou gotta be brainless retard if you are struggling with career mode scores

>>523552518It's pretty common for games now to include Switch Pro prompts since it's so widely used on PC.

>>523552638>9 Million>career scoreyou're the retard here

>>523552370Special grab to revert to manual combos to grind and back to manual is usually what i use to get 1mil+ scores

hows does the game run?framerate capped at 60?

>>523552518I'd buy it again for Switch as long as it runs well. Don't even care if it looks like a PS1 game.

>>523552960fully capped to 60fps without drops>t. PS4 Pro

>>523552960no fps cap on pc. runs great

>bail on a manual after a revert

Attached: 1597818971662.jpg (661x661, 95.42K) the fuck is this the same guy that was feuding with eminem a year ago

>get ran over by a taxi>"damn, you're not gonna be in Pro Skater 6..."

Attached: 1597944190028.png (352x373, 173.87K)

>>523553596>got dissed so hard he became a decent punkwhat the fuck

Why are there no Sum-41 songs?

>>523552240Fucking kek good oone

>>523552518That's UE4 stuff in general. Even a PC exclusive would have mentions of console shit in the files.

>>523553915Were there even any songs from them in any THPS game?

who chad muska here?

Attached: 1598722671331.webm (1064x652, 859.88K)

School >>>>>> School II

>>523553915Why would there be?

Just unlocked the two secret skaters. Getting 25+ combo without grinds was fucking painful.

>>523554484Just do flatlands. Took me like 3 tries.

I hope they update it to support Xbox control configuration. I'm not used to playstation controls for transfers and spins.

>>523536720Its like some tired hipster glued carpet to his face.

>>523554484what does 25+ combo mean lol?

>>523554439it fits too well

>>523552960I've only seen framerate drops in a custom map.

>>523554734A combo with 25 or more tricks in it, I assume.

>>523554734It means you have to be 25 or older to post here zoomer.

>>523533008I thought there was supposed to be a demo available. I looked a week ago and didn't see anything.


Attached: Promotion.jpg (320x375, 17.14K)

>>523554879You only got the demo if you pre-purchased the game

>>523554879never played thps?

>>523554821>>523554863assuming its 25 tricks, thats fucking easy lmao. just spam pogo tricks idiots

>>523538176Imagine being so autistic that something llike this prevents you from playing a game.

>>523554734It just means your multiplier needs to be x25. Did it abusing the shit out of flatland tricks.

>>523555280It's called having standards

Do Tony Hawk online have bots? I only lost twice. I placed easily over 30 matches...

Wish they had gotten the PS4 game Spider-man

Five Lessons Learned was the THPS2 demo song yeah? For whatever reason I associate it with being the primary THPS2 song, similar to Superman with 1.

>>523539156no its because you have to add stats into you're skater

>>523539785>crop topHow the fuck did you get that?

Wait, this game is out now? I completely forgot

is anyone else sick of the superman meme? i grew up with all of these games and i never associated SO HERE I AM with being the #1 thing about the franchise.

>>523556204why are you lying on the internet, zoomzoom?

>>523555468>says the guy who probably loved the jackass crew in underground.


Attached: 1597450003842.gif (112x112, 754.21K)

>>523536285>>523542353I like leticia she has a nice bum

>>523533008Any characters similar to spider man or shrek you can unlock? I heard crash was going to be it.

>>523556204I only played 2 back in the day and never got why the song was so popular, the signature song of the serires to me is (You)

Post your Create-A-Skaters

Attached: CWC THPS.png (1920x1080, 2.99M)

>>523556607For me it's Cyclone, the best Tony Hawk Pro Skater song

man I even feel that the manuals are tight, super tight, been replaying THPS 4 and Underground and manuals were kind of iffy, specially with a xbone controller, but now they feel super smooth

Attached: 1591199849844.gif (320x240, 992.79K)

>>523541741Can I kick it? To all the people who can Quest like A Tribe doesBefore this, did you really know what live was?Comprehend to the track, for it's why, causeGetting measures on the tip of the vibersRock and roll to the beat of the funk fuzzWipe your feet really good on the rhythm rugIf you feel the urge to freak, do the jitterbugCome and spread your arms if you really need a hugAfrocentric living is a big shrugA life filled with that's what I loveA lower plateau is what we're aboveIf you diss us, we won't even think ofWill Nipper the doggy give a big shove?This rhythm really fits like a snug gloveLike a box of positives is a plus, loveAs the Tribe flies high like a dove

>>523556607>>523556753millencolin chad coming through

Attached: 614R93DFDFL.jpg (500x500, 77.8K)

>>523554739You could say that about a lot of bands.

>>523553750I hope they name it Pro Skater 5 again so we can memoryhole the previous Pro Skater 5 out of existence

>>523556847>"people" calling Tribe zoomer trash

Is there a mod to uncensor the music?


Attached: 1597884618335.gif (173x188, 8.82K)

>>523556607To me it's IF YOU LIKE TO GAMBLE

>>523557046those wastes of Oxygen can't even comprehend how important are Q-Tip and Ali Shaheed in goddamn music

I was about to buy this but then I found I could only do so on Epic so I guess I'm just going to wait to pirate it. Fucking idiots.

Attached: disappointment.gif (320x240, 1.62M)

>>523557131you mean you don't like "LIGHTS OUT GUERILLA RADIO TURN THAT ... UP" ?

tfw you 100% a park

Attached: cheers.png (208x202, 47.92K)

>>523557131just mute music and play spotify

>>523557359I feel like on some tracks it actually adds to the experience but some tracks they didn't do the censoring in a very clean way so it takes me out of it

>>523557469Fuck off, zoomer.

I played 5 hours on free skate and campaign today i need help

>>523534146>>523534227you'd still get it if you were actually good back in the day as you sayyou dont ever lose talent

>>523556607>and never got why the song was so popularIt was the demo track.

>>523557510nah, boomer

leave it to a remake aimed at white gamers that actually is an improvement rather than a cash grab

I feel like doing this was 75% load screens.

Attached: 20200905114545.jpg (1920x1080, 397.08K)

>>523557928where is bam margera, johnny knoxville and steve o?

>>523557563Why no online?

>>523533101I got top 20 in warhouse speed run, fuck its annoying but I can't stop.

Some of the map visual design is way too fucking busy in this remake. Streets being an example.

>going for gold on Burnside>do a clean run>get fucking yeeted off my board due to weird collision with certain pieces of the environmentGod I hated this level back then and I hate it now.

Attached: 1580149196597.webm (954x712, 2.34M)

>>523558621I love Streets. They turned worst map in THPS to the prettiest.

>>523556658They all look like man jaw mutants why bother?

>>523533393I enjoy both series just as much as each other, outside of “skateboards”, THPS and Skate are two incredibly different games. I see similar remarks in Guitar Hero threads. I’m not saying you’re acting like this, but I’m just using this as a transition.>Not playing REAL guitarBut you can do both, it’s totally possible. You can enjoy THPS and Skate, you can play Guitar Hero and play real guitar too.

THPS2 here I cum

Attached: thps1.jpg (492x944, 447K)

>>523556753Say what?

>>523559167And here I am trying to find gaps for two specific maps without hitting up a guide.


Attached: 1A84D3AE-79B1-4EA1-8241-3DAB51DB8BAC.jpg (228x176, 16.22K)

>>523542091>Superman>song is about a manchild who considers to kill himselfTotally Holla Forums's song.

>>523559236>2020>not reading a guideStep it up senpai

>>523556658>meow deckWhy


>>523559934looks the most like a chris chan drawing

Don't do an entire skater's worth of challenges in one session. Holy shit my thumbs.

>>523557928None on PC. Shits instant on an SSD.

>>523559818Wow this is most casual thing I've seen on Holla Forums lately

For some reason I think the Hardflip BS Nose Pick special trick is bugged. It won't come out no matter what input I map it to. Tried clearing and setting it again


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>>523536791based you got the steamies steaming

>>523536791I bought the PS4 version because of EGS and I'll pirate the PC version as soon as possible and will buy the game highly discounted during a steam sale years from now.

>>523559167I'm still trying to do the sick score -goal on the streets -level. Can't find a good spot.

>>523539318>>523542940Superficial faggots like you are the worst.The true crime is the fact that the polycount is higher than the original.What a piece of shit design for a remake

>>523559236I used guides for that.

>>523561351Dude I'll buy the steam version when it comes out later chill.

Fuck figuring out what that 3rd gap was, christ. Kept overshooting the thing that even counted for it.

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