Should height matter in video games?

Should height matter in video games?

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>>523530151Sure, characters playing differently is always nice.

>They couldn't just make a game you pay for.>It had to be gacha shit despite being a BOTW clone.Fuck off China.

>>523530151Thats actualy a soulful idea Maybe I'll buy the game now

>>523530431>buying a gacha

>>523530387>if you're fighting against characters under a certain height you can just put a hand on their head to keep them at arm's length

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I always thought it was funny and cute that Elin lancers were the "best" due to their animations adding a longer reach than other lancers.

>>523530151Crystal Chronicles does this. Yukes are "overpowered" to compensate for the fact that literally every attack hits them because they're freakishly tall.

>>523530151hell yes

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>>523530151This happens in Xenoblade chronicles, all characters can attack enemies if they're knee deep in water except Riki who is extremely short and immediately starts swimming and cannot attack.

>>523530151Yes, Dragons Dogma had that with short companions as well.

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>>523530803my man

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>>523530151>minimap is LITERALLY out of Breath of the Wild.

>>523531025>botw invented minimaps

what was the name of this game? is already out?

>>523531310Releases on 28th this month.

>>523531310Genshin Impact, Sep 28th. It's a gacha

>>523531058Can the chinese only steal and lie?

>>523531536Are Nintendo shills illiterate?


Why do people keep bring up BOTW. I'm not a boomer who played Zelda and I don't want to play as a fucking m*le

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>>523531025So are the structure of the enemy camps, the specifics of the resource gathering right down to the way the lizard animals look and behave, and the way climbing operates

>>523532086pssst, BOTW has mods that let you play as a fem*le. go play the game, it's fun

>>523532339You can mod the switch?

>>523532539i dunno, but i do know you can mod the emulators, so you don't even need to buy the switch.

I for once I'm glad it has gacha elements, it'll help filtering out a bunch of retards.

>>523532715You mean filter in retards?

>>523532607Oh yeah, those are a thing. Can they run Hyrule warriors decently? I think that's the only zelda branded title i've been interested in for like 10 years.

>>523532715>A fool and his money are soon parted

>>523532776I meant what I said period.

>>523532715I'm glad it's gacha because looking at Honkai Impact it's going to last a long time.

>>523530425How about you try it out first before crying like a bitch?

BDO had it as well. Shai would end up swimming in the swamp areas because they were so short and cute.

>>523532838Paying for your mum was foolish, yes.

>>523530151Be honest with me, are you the dev of that game or a spokesperson for them?

>>523532882How about you take your slot machine back to /vmg/?

>>523530151Yes and Dragon's Dogma did it bestLarge characters had higher carrying capacity and didn't get drenched in water as easilyBut small characters could fit through some gaps that large ones couldn't get through

>>523530151Manlets, when will they learn?

>>523532954I'm just excited for the game and the vmg thread is at bump limit on page 10

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why does she die after swimming 1 meter tho?

>>523533193No stamina duh

>>523530151Should the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989 matter in video games?

>>523530431If you don't play it, it will unironically be better next time because they'll cut out all the bullshit.

>>523533263Should the Trail of Tears matter in video games?

>>523532954>>523533263Do people think we have actual chinks shilling a gacha game on this site? Instead of lolifags?

>>523533301Its well known in the US, you are allowed to talk about it without being imprisoned by the government, and its not recent.

>>523532995I own a Galaxy Note 3, faggot. I don't play gacha. I can't even afford a new phone. I just don't see the point in being a crybaby bitch like (You)

>>523531025>he actually played BotW with the minimap and other distractions turned onAnon...

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>>523533392You would have to be mentally deficient to think shills don't exist on Holla Forums.

>>523533301If it can be tied into the narrative in an interesting and natural way, yes.

>>523533502The entire global server is less than half of the size of the chink one. I don't see the point of chinks shilling to a fraction of a fraction of a fanbase

>>523533467If you've not played gachas, maybe you should listen to the people who have warning you about Genshin.

>>523533658Considering China is moving its global industries to be more deign and tech based from manufacturing and other countries have video game industries that sell globally, I would say you are retarded.>ungah bungah its currently not selling abroad as well as it is at home, therefore they aren't trying to expand their market to net foreign coinYou are a dumb faggot.

>>523531536yeah that's been their evolutionary pressure for 4000 years, turned them into bugs

>>523533880Even if that were the case I really doubt this place would be the best place to shill instead of a popular site like reddit

>>523534108Well no, the Chinese in China 4000 years ago aren't the modern Han Chinese which are largely just Asian mutts.

>>5235342014chan is mainstream where have you been the last years?

>>523533819>Don't play free game because ??? Wow dude! I can't wait to spend money on a game when I don't have any money! Surely my life will be ruined!

>>5235342014chan is widely considered to be one of the most influential websites of Internet culture, we know for a fact Ubisoft and Blizzard shill here, THQ Nordic even did a QA on the other chan, and this website is BLATANTLY the only place with this game's target audience.WHY ARE YOU THIS STUPID


>>523532954You don't even need shills for these types of games. Gachas just get a really hardcore fanbase for some reason.

>>523533193That's why they ran in circles before hand. To deplete her stamina.

>>523533228>>523534635Shouldn't she drown instantly

>>523534413Enjoy struggling at content because you didn't p2w

>>523534754Get thrown in a pool when you're completely blasted, you could probably float a bit, but it won't be pretty.

>>523534870Are you genuinely retarded? If I can't progress in the game, then I'll stop playing it and move on to something else, dipshit. I'm not being forced to play it. I'll TRY it, retard. Holy shit. You're really fucking stupid.

>>523534870It's a single player game tho

>spends his state issued allowance of Mao Coupons on Loli Level-Up Potions to avoid needing to grind to fight [BANE OF HUMANITY] "Damage Sponge" LVL 200YES THIS IS GAMING!! THIS IS GAYMING!!! YESSSS!

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>>523530626>L Corp friend in a Genshin threadIt's more likely than you think.>>523535268Welcome to modern gaming, enjoy your stay and be sure to buy the monthly pass on your way out.

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>>523535268Who's this character, is she in the game?

>>523535320It's just mobile gaming. I have no idea why this shit is on consoles

>>523535660She's from the hit anime Little Bitch Academy.

>>523535268You do realize the game hasn't even started yet?

>>523535725Oh, I guess it's just an avatar fag thing then

I remember modding skyrim to play an Elin berserker, busted all the animations, but it was still fun to break kneecaps, being that small.

Did they fix that one lolis walk yet?

>>523530151>gachashitHardest pass in my life

>>523537080It was never an issue, characters have walk/run shift(button) and sensitivities, from full-tilt to half, to mid, etc. It was displaying the actual walk toggle on, which is for everyone a very normal walk, also slow.Her march is her half-tilt normal speed, non-sprint.

>>523530425>make a game completely f2p>Fuck those greedy chinksbro?

>>523538706I rather pay once and have full content than play a "f2p" game full of micro-transactions

>>523530151No, all enemies must be infinitely tall on the Z axis.

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>>523539193you don't start with everything though in any video game, you have to play and unlock them. Whats the difference?

>>523530151How much do I have to shill out for Jean?

>>523539452Wait for a banner or spook. Standard banner has 10 5* weapons Jean and some dude for a rate of 0,6%. Limited banners have only 5* characters with a 50% spook. Pity is 90

>>523532882I would love to.As an offline game I purchase once.>>523539415The game being designed around making things annoyingly tedious if you don't cough up cash, for one. It's not free, it's "Free". Either sell me your game, put it out entirely for free, or fuck off.

>>523539452Luck, pity is at 90, you get a guaranteed "good roll" which mean a 4* or higher (either character or weapon) every 10th pull. Note it's not just on 10-rolls, but every time you pull counts. e.g. if you pull 9 times and get 3's, your 10th pull will be guaranteed 4* or higher. If you get a good pull in 2, then the counter will be reset for the next 10.

>>523540160Here's the full

>>523540160It's a decent game with a cancer monetization system bolted on top. Maybe someone will fuck with it eventually since it's not just on phones.

>>523540237So is this better or worse than one every ten pull period?

are there any videos out that point out the dozens of literally rips from botw?

>>523540529Better, do single rolls and if you get lucky and get what you want, save the rest for later. You'll eventually want dupes, but I'd suggest waiting to see if they'll implement something to earn upgrades in-game. Hyper-max'ing a character is great, but no one is unusable as-is. It's more about gear than the gained skills.

>>523540818There's dozens of videos pointing out how it's not like BOTW below the surface level.

>>523540529Depends on if you're the kind of person who wants to gamble. If it takes all 10 and you're doing singles, you spend more money for the same result.

>>523540962Jesus, they couldn't even rip off BotW right?

>>523540886Oh yeah didn't think of that. Plus it's good for when you're doing singles close to pity

>>523541079Why would someone want to rip off a shitty game?

Not really sure

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>>523541079Why are people calling it a rip off? I heard they literally said they were inspired form it?

I sank like half a year of my life into that destiny childcare and got almost a full rank 5 team of the "meta" pvp characters without spending a cent because i just did the dailies. Do we know the extent of how "gacha" this game is? Can I reliably play it for free?

>>523541239Anon said it himself: it's only a surface level tipoff.>>523541142Because Gachashit is even worse than Zelda.

Could the shills saying soul be less blatant?

>>523541357Four stars are pretty easy to get and max every 20 pulls and you're guaranteed at least one. Getting and maxing 5*s with dupes is much harder. Dupes give passives not game breaking shit but useful

>>523530803>>523530918Doesn't look like a loli.

>it's ONLY surface level LMAO

>>523541197Good booby. The girls should be taller.

>>523541197lmao look at that fucking cripple

>>523541804It's true though. The game's heart is grindy mobage bullshit that begs you to spend money or invest your life into it.

>>523530151It certainly matters in Phantasy Star Online 2. In the NA/Global release at least, where they limited how short you can make your character (probably to keep people from making lolis), among other rampant censorship in that game...

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>>523530151What is this trash weeb game and how is it related with your question fucking weeb fag

>>523541642what do these cards even do in a mostly single player exploration rpg? At least in destiny child you needed several high rank, high star characters for raids.

>>523541642Wish I could just play the video game.

>it's ONLY surface levelLMAO

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>>523542013Well if you watched things instead of being a blind nigger, you could put 2 and 2 together.

>>523542126Just like your picture.

>>523542013did you try watching it?

>>523542020More characters to explore with, you can set up a party of 4 and mix elements like water and electricity

>>523542123Then play it.

>>523542013Look at the webm again newfag and see how height does play into his question.

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surface levelplay gacha game cute anime girls xD

>>523542208>>523542272Maybe he doesn't know what webms are?

>>523531396Whats the gacha element in this game? Do you have to pull characters?

>>523542123Just use your f2p units and save just like the rest of us poorfags

>>523542013this is Holla Forums now, huh

>>523542208>>523542272No subhumans, nor I plan to do so>>523542334> newfagYou need to go backDiscord is calling

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>>523530151It becomes annoying if you have to be a certain height for an area and cannot quick switch.

>>523542004I'm glad I'm not a pedo then, I made myself a 200cm amazon wife

>>523542519Whatever, newfag. Nice twitter image.

>>523530151Hell yeah, motherfucker. Imagine if races in rpgs had different movement options. I just did, and now I'm hard.

>>523530151The airplane arms are super cute

>>5235420133/10 bait, but it's working

You people do realize this is a shill thread? With a random text nobody cares about.

>>523542519Here you go, bro. Have a good Saturday.

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>>523542308>>523542479>WAGESLAVE FOR THE GAME OR GAMBLE!Or I could just buy a product that's complete and enjoy it.

>>523542456>Do you have to pull characters?Yes.

>>523530151After playing soulcalibur 4 and 6, it shouldn’t.

>>523542541I always wish there were more holes for small characters to crawl into in Dragon's Dogma.

>>523542567CringePeople have always hated you, so you migrated to RedditEven the boxxy fans in 4chans hated weebs yet they were worse than weebs

>We've finally reached the point where people are supporting gachashit in proper games.I hate kids.


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>>523542731Gacha makes more money which keeps the game alive and how they could make the game why is this so hard to comprehend for people? Honkai would have been dead in the water without it

>>523530151Dumb babu


>>523542893ok boomer

>>523542813>BoxxyAny user who actually enjoyed that ugly bitch has no right to judge others, nigger

>>523542757Yoda and who?

>>523542893How long until someone fucks up and pulls a lootbox like scenario.>>523542915>wife and children>on Holla Forums

Why can't we just have a comfy Genshin thread

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>>523543101CaS characters with astaroth and Amy I think and shorter people do more damage in that game from what I’ve heard. Plus hitbox shit

Is this appropriate for a boy to wear?

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>>523543109Aren't gacha and lootboxes the same thing?

>>523543191Because you have Discord and Subreddits for that

>>523530151You want to know what I hate?How this reminds me of FGO.Are there any gacha where the characters aren't subservient to you?

>>523542932>Make game worse to keep it aliveMake a better game or fuck off, then.

>>523543191because the devs decided it shouldn't be an actual game which made me really mad

>>523543191/v/ isn’t for video games. It’s only for platforms to play wars and calling video games shit.

>>523543191>comfy thread>on Holla ForumsIs such a thing even possible?

>>523543501This isn't a AAA studio who can pump out a cross platform game

>>523543191You'll get good threads when the devs stop being faggits and just make video games without trying to make you a gambling addict.

>>523543613Unlike extremely well funded devs like Mediatonic.

>>523543471>discussing videogames on my Holla Forums?? FUck off back to discord!Epic reddit moment.

>>523543542Relatively speaking does muh BOTW have to come up in every fucking thread?

>>523543613Nigger, there are literally entire companies that exist for the sole purpose of making cross play cheap and easy. CC Remastered had a shoestring budget and has crossplay.

>>523543498This one.

>defending gachaIs gen A gonna be worse than zoomers

>>523543803>Copy BOTW aesthetic and overworld but with ANIME WAIFUS UWU for max return on investment>DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO BRING UP BOTW?!Yes.If the devs didn't want it they wouldn't have shamelessly cribbed it.

>>523542519>get called out for being blind retard>u-uhhhh g-go back to r-reddit...Ahahahaha

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>>523534108China was the dominant global power until like 400 years ago. >>523534225Northern and Southern han are still (related) genetic islands. The mutt thing doesn't hold up under actual scrutiny, rather than assimilation idea does. Mongols are somewhat distant from the rest of the east asians, and the east asians are all distinct groups with the han having two major groupings. There is also the idea of regional han though, a tight cluster of distinct groups that live in China China (no including Xinjian, Tibet, former Manchuria, etc)

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>>523543967>they aren't mutts they are assimilatesanon...

>>523543613>The Chinese government can't fund crossplayFuck off.

>>523530425Yeah pissed me off, when this was first revealed I was super hype because it seemed like botw except not garbage but then they revealed it as fucking gacha

>>523543958> BOTW aesthetic and overworld but with ANIME WAIFUSHonestly pretty based

>>523543961Barbara is so cute, I hope they undid the nerf to her in CBT3 because nerfing the already weakest healer is retarded.

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>>523543752>videogame>some loli porn game where you walk around jerking off to your character Sure coomer, a videogameThat's why you bought socks and you want your friend to call you Asuka-chan.

>>523532086Because the game is a botw clone

Why couldn't they just make an actual game out of this?I was pretty excited when I saw the first gameplay footage, but nope, they had to make it fucking gachaSeriously, fuck China

>>523544192>coomerReddit tourist doesn't even try to hide anymore.

>>523544192Why do you anti-fag posters always sound so gay?

>>523530918>>523530803What the fuck, that's a hag. That normalfag should die.

>>523544192So uhhhh is it a BTOW clone or not?

>>523544053The assimilation idea is that the han use their numbers to absorb and dilute the genes of invaders. Asian conquerors usually didn't interbreed all that much, usually just the ruling classes as a way to establish bloodlines, but with frequent upheavals and huge wars that kind of scheme doesn't hold up.

>>523544291Weeb and AmericanYou couldn't do worseWhy do all the Amerimutts always have Reddit in their mouths? It is not used outside of the US, you know that right?

>>523544498And this is what they teach in the same schools that claim Taiwan isn't real and nothing happened at Tiananmen Square.

>>523544282Because this isn't designed to be enjoyed.It is purely a fiscal vacuum.

>>523544192Mimi-chan personally

>>523535320>L Corp and Genshin fags like garbage gamesIt's more likely than you think.

>>523543641But why would you come to a thread if you dislike the game?

>>523543541Gachashit isn't videogmes

>>523544953Because all Holla Forums is is a containment board for autists whose only interaction with other people is to bait and falseflag all day about something they don't like, instead of finding things they do like and discussing that.

>>523544953>>523545183Fuck off to reddit if you want a fucking hugbox


>>523544953Because those shitty games are also ruining the industry for everybody If they sell well, why bother with something else?

>>523543967>China was the dominant global power until like 400 years ago.this is something only China claims is true

>>523533392It's the cheapest form of advertising om the planet.Of course chinks and kikes shill here.

>>523545406Shiting up and bumping a thread ain't gonna negatively affect sales m8

>>523544565Lmao, fuck off shitskin, this is an american website.

>>523545609no but it feels good to call chinks what they arefucking disgusting subhuman filth that needs to be destroyed

>>523545674It's owned by a gook....

>>523542004I made a shortstack with big boobs just fine. And I already got 2 really skimpy outfits from the SG rolls.>>523542545A pretty based choice as well.

Is it possible to download a beta client somewhere?

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>>523545934Unless you know how to work some private server magic, none of the beta clients would work anyway.

>>523530151Yes. Dragons Dogma had that kind of system. The smaller and lighter the easier for you to get knocked back.

>>523543967>China was the dominant global power until like 400 years ago.In China.Did Russians even know about Chinese people in the 1600's?

Mihoyo shill why did they just make the gameplay slower Honkai instead of just APHO

>>523546030I don't need it to work, I want to rip a unity project from it.

>>523539327Am I blind or is this list missing that magic based Doom game? I think Heretic was the name of it.

>>523535892Someone posting a single reaction image is not the same as avatar use.>>523530425It looks better than BotW regardless.>>523543967China has had the boot of others on its neck forever. It is weak historically and is weak even now. They project strength BECAUSE they are weak.

>>523545674>America>Third world country with a minority of whites>Had a Black President>Has a convention to donate money to a Middle East country>This site was founded and is owned by an Asian> calling people shitskin in a country where they kill people for saying all lives matterI bet you could do that outside of your house to the first BLM patrol that you see, lmao.By the way there is many continents outside of your third world continent in civil war, did you know that?

>>523544441Yes but worse than BoTW


>>523544953>Why would you ever say anything that's not positive?My bad user, I should know better than to criticize China. That's double plus ungood.

>>523545609You say that, but sometimes bad word of mouth matters. I was going to try this out until I saw more from Holla Forums.

>>523544156Some user said they buffed her again, so we'll see.

since when does Holla Forums defend gachashit?

>>523543191Because china, no steam no buy.

Has Holla Forums ever got this BTFO by a game before?

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>>523538615Wow so you mean Holla Forums screamed censorship over something they were completely wrong about?

>>523544192No, nigger. I bought those socks for programming.

>>523543613you do know they spent 100 million dollars making this game? Cyberpunk 2077 spent 120 million so thats how much money they have spent

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>>523547557Now post the original BOTW one

>>523538706Are we really pretending like f2p isn't the more kike choice? You can't even get a full game's content if you put 100$ into it

>>523544441its not a clone because its better than BOTW in every way.

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>>523538615>>523547567Pretty sure they changed it because of the zombie girl

>>523530151I never played BOTW but is this actually an asset flip or using stolen graphics, engine or just similar in style?

>>523547532Ah, the usual steam drone cancerous faggot. Eat shit, zoomer nigger.

Who else is going to protest against the game when it comes out?

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>>523530151yes but only if im allowed to bully manlets

>>523547967>the guy that smashed his PS4 over GenshinI still am a firm believer that this was a publicity stunt, everyday I see new people following the game and one of the first things they mention is "this is the game the guy broke his PS4 over right?"

>>523547967Can't wait to see the total meltdown when the game turns out to be miles better and free at the same time.

Can gachafags get off the video game industry please

Dumb weebs

>>523548169>and freeretard

>>523533284Fucking retard.

>>523548360Yes, free, retard. Exactly why dota2 and fortnite are extremely popular.

>>523530151What game is this?

Look at her go.

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>>523547790Cute bellybutton

>>523548545are we in the golden age of chinese gaming?

Reminder that this game is going to come out and blow everyone's mind off, then BOTW 2 will come out and everyone will laugh because it will be so bad compared to Genshin.

>>523547759You can clear literally all content in the game with default characters your given. The MC is legitimately top tier. Whaling in this game is purely for bragging/showing off to friends.I hate that auto-play gacha shit but this is the first gacha game I'm going to sink hours into. Got in on one of the betas and it was a genuinely enjoyable experience. I love how it's blatantly obvious when retards dismiss the game despite knowing literally nothing about it other than "hurr gacha model so game must be terrible."

>>523548545Look at her go.

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>>523548813>>>>>>>defending gacha

Who's the fem!Vergil?


>>523549120I'm not defending gacha. I dislike the model. I was dismissing the objectively false point that "you can't even get a full game's content if you put 100$ into it." That's straight up wrong and anyone trying to play that card knows literally nothing about the game other than it has a gacha payment model and that makes them tunnel vision in anger.

come on Miss Honorary Knight, just give me your credit card number, the expiration date and those cute and funny digits on the back!

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>>523549496Sorry your walk is shit now. You can spook me later I guess

>>523549496SEX with Klee!

>>523549496>Miss Honorary Knight

>>523549496So you are playing as the little sister. Good to know

>>523549462You're delusion if you think events aren't gonna get harder and harder


>>523547967This looks like stunt. Did BotW invented openworld or something? >artstyleSuch artstyle was already used before BotW existence.

>>523549728You can pick and the other gets kidnapped and is evil actually or something

>>523549813Have you ever been in a BotW thread before? NintoddIers ironically believes that the game is the most innovative and unique game in existance

>>523549949It's also because it's a chink gacha game. Holla Forums would love this shit if it was an actual normal game made by nips with no microtransactions

>>523550162>normal game made by nips with no microtransactionseven with microtransactions

>>523549760The day 5* weapons and whale characters become required to do content is the day I will criticize the game. Until then it's just a bunch of retards howling over literally nothing. It's fucking free you neanderthals.


>>523548820>I can hit the lolis and send them flyingHoly shit, now I will buy your game.Can you kill them?

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>>523550847If you reduce their health to zero you can.


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>>523550847>>523551208>wanting to kill lolisYou're no gigachad of mine

>>523530151if is not something broken like do dodongo cavern link childs vs link adult sure

>>523530151I would play this but since it's chinese there's BOUND to be some sort of malware involved.

>>523551309Ok, killing lolis give me a lot of pleasure.

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>>523551309Upsetting lolicons is just about the most chad thing someone can do.

>>523551469>>523551608Gigachad loves cunny

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>>523551454It's releasing on PC. That shit will be thoroughly combed through within minutes of launch. You're safe.

>>523551454>>523551753it's got some anti-cheat kernel

>>523551860>anti-cheat kernelno thanks

>>523551860Well obviously. But that doesn't mean malware. Again, anything that game does is going to be monitored like fuck because everyone is going to want to be the first person to confirm that chink game has chink spying. There's no way they'll be able to hide what they're doing on a PC client.

>>523551469>>523551608mask off, if you were a true chad you'd protect the cunny

>>523552103Based chink shill

>>523549496Does anyone have the sick walking animation?

>>523552103Shills will block out all info

>>523552176Klee's walking animation was changed for the loli march to a basic walk because they don't want to pander to pedos. That's seriously the official reason given.

>>523530151Only if it is fairly balanced.>play poporin in tera>have to swim in knee deep water>people try to pk>I am lancer so I fuck them up once I get ashoreFucking cheap niggers.

>>523541197yeah, but can you beat them on a fist fight?

Attached: 1553326329350.webm (1280x720, 2.94M)


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>>523552404women can't fight


>>523552384Anon every race has the same hitbox in Tera. Stop making stuff up.

>>523552478I will now boycott your game

>>523552325It was changed, but that isn't the reason. It was just that the stupid normalfag playtesters rather have 10 generic characters than 5 unique ones. And somehow the already done walking animation was too unique and couldn't be used on other models.

>>523552512they are not women

Attached: 1553335019814.webm (960x540, 2.84M)

>>523552478But why? Was the original ripped from a different game?

>>523552604I don't know if they fixed that but the beach area where you had to traverse some way through water, poporins and elins had to swim some of it. I don't need to make shit up.

>>523548516>Yes, freeretard

>>523530151Even WoW does this, its weird someone made this video like it was hot new tech.

>>523552665>It was changed, but that isn't the reason.They literally said the reason for the change was because they didn't want Klee attracted "certain types of players." For anyone who isn't a retard that is confirmation that they did it to avoid lolicon pandering.

>>523552616>>523552742the original would look stupid after 20 minutesit would be cute for a cutscene or something where she is determined but if she always did that weird march for the entire game it would look stupid.

>>523549813It literally rips assets from zelda dumbass

>>523530425is the full-price console version gonna have gacha in it too?

>>523552867Nigger they saw how popular Klee was and shat out a new loli asap


Attached: 1523239254448.png (311x413, 249.31K)

>> forget about length.

>>523552867Prove it because I have actually read their blogwhatever about it.

>>523552790>arguing with factsFuck off, schizo.

>>523548612>China will make better botw>China will make better

>>523552937What kind of assets?

>>523552894And carrying around a randoseru isn't?

>>523552970Yes, and? That means nothing. They changed Klee's mannerisms to be less childish.

>>523553174They use the same animations didn't you see the run

>>523553174And? Your "fact" is still wrong.


Attached: 1585704342764.jpg (1044x20, 14.89K)


>>523553270False.>>523553284Repeating yourself doesn't make you right. Now go ahead and repeat yourself again because you're just that predictable and need to get the final word in.

>>523534972you're genuinely retarded for wasting your apparently non-precious time on stupid shit like gambling skinner boxes when there's thousands of normal games out there


>>523553106This actually looks good.As far as I'm concerned Genshin Impact is shit, but I'm actually interested in seeing if this teaches the Cyberpunk devs to shape the fuck up. Of course, I was interested in Genshin Impact when I first saw it on Holla Forums and Cyberpunk when it was still early on, so I'm not too inclined to believe that this demo will actually accurately portray the final product. It is China after all...

>>523553557>thousands of normal games out thereRecommend some. With DD tier combat. Also you're wasting here in Holla Forums


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so what the fuck actually IS this game?gacha?mmo?adventure zelda clone?waifu simulator?


>>523553832>gacha yes>mmo no but has co op>adventure zelda clone yes>waifu simulator no_

>Copy Breath of the Wild>Copy the part where Link can't swim and dies from running out of stamina in waterFucking chinks can't even remove the bad parts of BOTW. If you're going to copy something at least fix some of the stupid shit.

>>523542334>newfag>post old thing cuz oldfagHoly projecting

>>523553980Breath of the Wild invented swimming and MCs who can't swim

>>523553832Arena shooter with dating sim elements.

>>523553980There's no weapon degradation

>>523553819what... you just proved him right though?

>>523553980>Copy Breath of the WildEveryone keeps saying that but what exactly did it copy? Exploring things?

>>523553819Yes, and? I was referring to the old animation which is... you know, the whole subject of debate. It's cool that you spent your time proving nothing though. Thanks for thinking about me so much user despite your toddler-level reading comprehension and inference skills.


>>523554165They use the same animations it's a jew thing not a sjw thing

>>523554202Look I'm looking forward to the game but you have to actually be a Chinese shill if you can't see how they basically stole BOTW assets and retextured them a little (not at all, in some places).

>>523530151I have severe deja vu reading this thread.

>>523554202Breath of the wild is a vapid copy too since it uses a controller and pong had the first controller. People just cant be innovative anymore.

>>523554319I thought nobody would notice

>>523554243madoka magica

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>>523554385keep denying the obvious.

>>523530151why's this look like a mobile game

>>523554302What kind of "unique" assets are you talking about?

>>523530151Yes. Tall char have advantage in shallow water. Short char have advantage in being cute.

one of the things that annoys me most in games is when you run past a crowd of people and every generic NPC is the same heightseems like such an easy thing to fix

>>523554492Faces aren't wide enough

>>523554492almost as edgy

>>523554243Don't listen to >>523554492It's some shitty anime called Special Ops Asuka or something like that. Yet another soulless entry into the post-Madoka magical girl genre. Shame what happened ot it, going from Sakura and Princess Tutu to trash like Nanoha and Madoka.

>>523554531because it is? can you not see the touchscreen controls? read the fucking thread and you'd know this is gachashit

>>523554693Fuck you nanoha was good

>>523553543Ironic coming from you.Also funny you think you have any authority here. This is not reddit with accounts where you have "credit".


>>523530151Is this peak mogging?

>>523554816then why isn't this on /vmg/

>>523554693nanoha and madoka are fine, but everything that came after madoka including its fanbase is absolute shit

Attached: 1577599831597.jpg (750x1061, 537.31K)

>>523554827Too predictable. Care to dance some more my marionette? You've already proven me right, may as well let yourself go.

>>523555084Because it's a video game?

>>523555084Read the rules newfag.

>>523555153Do you ever stop and realize how cringe you are?

>>523555160no, it's a mobile "game"

>>523552965Yeah. It just gives you a headstart with extra premium goods. It's like a p2w boost.

>>523555362There's an fgo thread up that shit doesn't even have a console port

>>523555084>>523555362>Does this mean discussion of mobile games is banned on other video game boards? No!Did you even read the sticky?

I'm a sizefag so what the fuck do you expect>>523530803what the fuck this is amazing

>Really want to play this game>Extreme desire to not support China/Tencent in anyway.Sad times.Recommend me a game bros.

>>523555751yeah Dragon's Dogma has a lot of little details you might miss in it, which is really nice.

>>523555767Is thing some kind of mutt thing? I couldn't care less where shit I play or like come from.

>>523555983>he has chink botnet on his pcweow

>>523555767this is Mihoyo, not Tencent

>>523556102I'm already running windows 10 bro

>>523548813>You can clear literally all content in the game with default characters your given.Characters are content. The general content is weak as fuck and designed for long term investments, and at the same time character movesets are weak as fuck to make you seek variety.Not to mention that being a fucking mobile gacha instantly guarantees tedious F2P progression instead of proper singleplayer game progression it could have otherwise had.Also always online and you don't own anything.

>>523555767>mutt is retarded cuckHoly shit the state of west

>>523555767>China is now making high quality weeb video games with the most expensive Japanese voice actorswhat is there left to hate about China?

>>523555315Just as I thought. Utterly incapable of controlling yourself. Your strings are pulled too easily user.

>>523555983China is increasingly sterilizing the gaming industry the more they encroach on it. I can't support that.>>523556136Any Chinese company that grows bigger than a mom & pop might as well be the Chinese government themselves. So Tencent, Mihoyo, doesn't matter.

Attached: Suicide Beam.png (194x259, 50.83K)

>>523556197Exploring seems like fun.

>>523556274Keep stroking my cock strings, it feels so gooooood aaaah

>>523556102>said user who use google captcha and american botnet

>>523556248are you saying this is high quality?

>>523556248Thats even more terrifying because that means they are going to try to fuck Japan over next.

>m-muh breath of shitIs nothing like breath of shit other than both being open world and Im sure breath of shit didnt invent that either

>>523556342>China is increasingly sterilizing the gaming industryWhat explain this to my brainlet ass, more games = good thing

>>523530151that running animation is so fucking stupid


>>523555983Yes it is mutt thing. Politicized mutt thing. The muttcuck unorinically think his life and vote matters. He want to paly game but cucking himself with Holla Forums by believing his existence matters.

>>523555767Anon the best way to not support the game would be to play it and never pay a dime.>>523556197>Characters are content.So you're one of those weebs who decides what anime they watch and what games they play purely based on whether or not there's a character you can fawn over. Pretty pathetic user.>what could have beenYour cluelessness is showing user. Embarrassing.>Also always online and you don't own anything.Wow a whole lot of non-arguments. Are you going to boycott MMOs with such vigor?

>>523556450Japan needs to have competition, they're stagnant as shit now. China is already beating them in gacha games

>>523534497It literally is, faggot

>>523556567I thought china makes like 90% of the stuff we use

>>523556248Funny how no one gives a fuck about origin of game in Japan.

>>523530151Why the fuck does she fucking drown after just a couple of fucking strokes? That's bullshit!

>>523556763that doesnt count, its american patents

>>523556972Look at the stamina meter user.

>>523556482You're joking right?Every time they buy into something its sterilized to meet chinese standards.More and more western brands are starting to censor themselves for the chinese market. Even the movie industry does this.Rainbow 6 siege tried to change their shit and the community had a back lash and forced them to create 2 versions. One for China, one for the rest of the civilized world.Riot constantly censors league these days and redoes old art to appease the chinese. Same with Legends of Runeterra their hearthstone rip offBlizzard again is another great example of them pandering to China. Though not explicitly changing stuff in their games (they will never make anything to offend china as they've been entrenched there for FAR too long) but with the Hearthstone shit.And if you think devs are going to allocate the time and resources to create two versions of the same game every single time, you're delusional. They will simply make the original version suitable for china.Gore and blood will be toned down. Skeletons/skulls fewer and far between (Chinese taboo) honestly that one might be the only thing that devs make the effort to change into something generic like a zombie, just because skeletons and skulls are such a big part of western fantasy, No gambling. Sex appeal only in ways china deems fit.Theres plenty more examples too, I just don't have them on hand. Dig a little and you'll find it. Its never widely reported on in Western game outlets because no one wants to upset those Chinese investors.>>523556720Granblue is the only Gacha that matters and that Japanese.

Attached: file.png (1320x743, 1.37M)

>>523555118Funny clown puss

>>523547967I honestly don't see the issue. It's not ripping BotW off, but is inspired by it.It looks just as fun as BotW, so I will give it a try.

>>523551058Fuck the people using this guy.

>>523557521I heard the developers even said they were inspired by the game

>>523552742I guess it looked too much like a military march.

>>523557653I mean, it is easy to tell just by looking at it.It looks cool.

>>523546462Heretic and Hexen were a sibling series using the Doom engine, yes. That list is about mods though, and there is a mod called Heretical Doom that should be added to that list.

>>523557521Nintendo made an open world cel shaded game so now nobody else is allowed to otherwise they're ripping off Zelda.

>>523557793Ah, okay. Fair enough.

>>523557276why can't we just nuke beijing?

>>523557886Probably the same reason why we can't nuke california.

>>523530151What do you do in this game? Is there a story or quests?

>>523552512Magical girls literally have combat data uploaded straight into their brains. This is the actual canon explanation.

>>523558137Yes there is a story.

>>523558137Story but it's gatekeeped by player level which you use energy to level up like every gacha

>>523530151Yes, and it should be tied to your real life height, with harsh penalties if you are beneath a certain height (6'2")

>>523558502>6'10'' IRLDo I get to be a raid boss?

>>523556342>>523557276>unironically blaming China as a Burger for leftoid infiltration of videogamesFuck you golem, I hope Yellowstone explodes and kills every last American.

>>523559172A couple retards screeming on Twitter isn't as bad as fucking China banning a game

>>523556601>So you're one of those weebs who decides what anime they watch and what games they play purely based on whether or not there's a character you can fawn over.It's a video game, you utter fucking retard nigger. They're playable characters. Didn't read the rest of your shit, it's probably something even more stupid.

>>523550459The cutest character are usually the highest rarity plus the rates being ass (fucking 1% in 2020) >But muh limited pick up has better ratesRate up doesn't mean anything if it doesn't have a meaningful increase>Is fairly easy to farm currencyAnon, is a MiHoYo game, any other chink company has a better gacha model than HL3rd>But is a way better game than BOTW They said me the same with HL3rd and I ended up droping it because of the mindless event farming and grinding without a proper auto mode, the biggest flaw in gacha games is not in their gameplay but comes from their mechanism and goal, since you're trying to sell a "service" and have to keep it as relevant as possible you have to sacrifice a proper conclusion, even if this makes the game quickly burns its playerbase in the long run but as I said in my first statement what you're focused to sell is in cute/cool designs not actually a proper game.

Attached: 1592757775395.gif (395x313, 1.99M)

>>523559775Why are you quoting me user?

>>523559775Cutest character is a welfare though

Attached: 1580740678017.webm (1920x1080, 2.56M)

>>523530918>>523530803Honestly I like this for multiple reasons. Short characters being able to reach alternate places is a thing I like, but I also want to relive the aspect of playing Lee Everett protecting an adopted/blood-related daughter by forcing her to learn how to use a bow-and-arrow. It was awesome watching Clementine improve, I want to recapture that.Unfortunately I can't see any way to do this and not look like a pedophile faggot. It just looks all sorts of wrong. pedoshits need not reply to this post. castrate thyself

>>523532882hi shill

>>523560057unironically kill yourself

>combat better than BOTW's stunlock spamFinally.

>Pick female so I don't have to play as a male>But female gets silent protag treatment while the male gets all the linesOr>Pick male and get to hear Aoi Yuuki be evil>But have to play as a maleThis is quite a non-issue for me since I don't pick female MCs when given a choice, but it sucks for those who do I guess.

>>523530151Name of this botw clone?

when is this game coming out

>>523560927Sep 28


>>523561085>>523561132thanks, i'll keep an eye out for ithopefully the gacha is better than honkers, that got old for me after a couple months as f2p

>>523544085>because it seemed like botw except not garbageHow? Fucking how? It looks like BOTW but reskinned

>>523550459>Doesn't criticize gacha unless it's impossible to play without whaling>When all successful gacha are built on the premise of annoying the player through possible but agonizing play into paying.You slimey, two faced shill faggot.

>>523561316FGO the arguably most successful gacha doesn't do this. Unless you want to script lotteries

>>523561316Good job completely missing the point in your blind rage. Fuck off retard.

>>523560914breath of the pico

>>523559172Ah yes. The left and their fear of skeletons.

>>523533467how is galaxy note 3 not a phone you fucking faggotmy phone is from 2009 and it still plays gachas, stop pretending like oh no le phone too old I am so le cool for gachaskys

>>523561493>"You're defending something on the premise that it will still technically be free when the entire cancerous model thrives on the 'you can TECHNICALLY not pay!' aspect.">"noooo you missed the point"Stop defending gacha bullshit you underage faggot. A paid game is preferable to a gacha model every time.

>>523560026>hai domo

>>523532539Yes you can

>>523541670I'm pretty sure that the person writing the story and the person who added the pictures are different people, just to illustrate what the guy is talking about.

>>523560607imagine a pedo thinking he matters

>>523547790>chinese copy>better than the originalLOL