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>>523529965Holy shit, that's perfect.


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>>523529764Why is this even legal in UFC? I mean, I get it, the round wasn't over yet. But I thought there were rules against punching someone in the back of the head when they were unaware. Pretty sure you can't do that in boxing.

>>523530997Nope, the ref’s instructions are to follow his commands and protect yourself at all times. It’s perfectly legal to strike someone who turns their back if the ref hasn’t signalled that the round has ended. It almost never happens anyway.

>>523530997Is that an actual rule in boxing? I only casually watch so I don't know the rules at all, but only a fucking retard would turn their back mid fight surely? Plus in boxing there is a count so you can't be unaware? Looks like his stupidity got to him.

>>523530997looks like he punched him in the side of the head

>>523531275It's an unlikely scenario either way but a boxer might turn to speak to someone in his corner. It's marginally more likely to occur in boxing than in UFC.

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>>523530997nop, what's illegal is to hit someone's nape, not hitting someone's face from behind while they're still fightingside of the head punches aren't illegal either, just the nape

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>>523530494This kind of thing is posted consistently but its never acknowledged in any way. This is what actual autism looks like, right?

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>>523529965>their faces at the double KOthe most perfect webm i have ever seen


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>>523531839they actually showed the killing scene? i remember them cropping it in the ps4


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>>523532054what's the name for that kind of panties? they're god tier


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>>523532320That's a thong.

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>>523529965If you told me this was a TAS I would've believed you

>>523529764It's a gif, sorry.

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>>523532308i forgot this existedStill better looking then most of the PS4 games


>>523529764Mobs immediately regain agro if you revive in Sekiro.

>>523531839back to tumblur

>>523529965>man e-sports is trash>man e-sports is great


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>>523529764why in the fuck is the dude just walking away?

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>>523532741didn't this guy eventually kill someone or something

>>523533062End of disc 1.webm

>>523533062holy shit that made my dick hard

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>>523532308God this shit was an embarrassment

>>523532741Anyone have the one with the Style bar increasing? Lost it on my old com.

>>523533224kys pedo

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>>523533115He drowned in a boating accident along with his apprentice.

>>523533357>kingdom hearts webmOk zoomer.

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>>523529764>Stop! I surrender!>NEVER SHOULD HAVE COME HERE!


>>523532278I wish I could uyu yuyu's yuyus.

>>523533115no he drown in a canoe accident

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>>523533115nah he got on a boat with a girl to "teach her swordfighting" on an island but the boat flipped over and he drowned



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>>523533527>wastes 20 min killing small NPCs for gold so the game can be decided in the last 5 mins by some retard that can't into pvp.>literally just click on the head and you win: the game>spamming buttons to build shit just so you lose the same fucking strat a millionth time in a rownice game

>>523533061iirc, the guy on the ground got decked so hard he passed out for a second or two and the ref waved off the ginger ninja, fuckface wokeup, and broke the rules, then got away with it because he claimed he'd been unconcious. i say he just got decked and faked it so he could sucker punch the other guy.

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>>523532069Man I miss skipping school to go to the lan house with my classmates to play Quake 3 arena, UT99, CS1.6 back in the day.

>>523529965From what anime is this fight?


>>523533061He heard the clapper signalling there was 10 seconds left and thought it was the end of the round

>>523530997>getting my ass kicked>turn around>other guy cant hit me now because some fag on the internet thinks this should be illegal

>>523532167dont stop me now

>>523530494I too enjoy the smell of fresh rain.

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>>523532785>trying to have fun in a rockstar game

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>>523531926Why would you acknowledge it? It's rude to stare at the retardo kid on the street. Just ignore and move on.

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>>523534395Now that's what I call a dame da ne moment

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>>523534271the warm and soothing rain?the droplets that fall down on terrarin?

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>>523534663I really don't understand the appeal of musous.

>>523534395H-Hey Morty i-it's *burp* a bunch of *burp* men acting like babies

>>523534848>>523534595Kill yourselves

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>>523534805Just mindless fun.

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>>523534805They never used to be this ridiculous

>>523534190You'd think that but MMA has had retarded rules like this in the past>rule prevents kicking a downed opponent>some dude fights an entire match on one knee because his opponent has some brutal kicks>match ends because the guy gets tired of his bullshit and kicks him in the head anyway, accepting the DQ

>>523534805The best ones have a strategic element to them, but nowadays it's mostly just>kill ALL THE DUDES

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>>523531926because its a joke meant to sour the sexual appeal of an image

>>523532069Son of a bitch

>>523532278She's so cute.

>>523535971I'm off of my main pc right now, but I think most people who regular these kinds of threads, myself included, already have every one of those images filtered via 4chan X. It just seems odd to me its apparently still being posted while nobody is giving it attention and anyone its targeted at has already filtered its image hash.

>>523529965Fucking kek. Even their reactions are identical.

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>>523535150That looks good, is it MWLL?


>>523531674What the fuck is this?

>>523532152one of the best parts of the game, for me

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>>523532145>>523532694>>523530394it was staged fyi

>>523531913Jesus christ.

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>>523532054Fucking perfect.

>>523531512It's illegal to turn your back on your opponent in boxing, you'll get shit from the ref for doing it

>>523532308All they had to do was make old timey Gears of War and they couldn't do that.

>>523536465Based. I love over the top shit like this.

>>523536438hybrid heaven for n64

>>523536139but you dont have it filtered lying retard you literally replied to it wondering why you were still seeing it. did you think people wouldn't post it because you say you cant see it?


>>523535521is there video of this? that sounds fucking hilarious

>>523536759>i'm off my main pc right nowretard


>>523534445damnshe just fucking leaves like thatwhat a bitch

>>523532617no it isnt.>>523532809no it isnt>>523532320called a tanga

>>523536759I'm not on my home PC, but with 4chan X you just have to click on the drop arrow, click filter and then click Image MD5 to filter an image forever.


>>523536790Should be one. M1 challenge 44, Konstantin Gluhov v Mikhail Gazaev

>File name related

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>>523532741I've seen this for years and never really knew the context for it.

>>523531712>someone's face from behind>face>behind


>>523536775none.pokchop is a character and she is a cute

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>>523532069Dubs ang you get ball cancer

>>523536951Nope, this is a tanga. The underwear in the webm is just a standard thong, it even has the telltale horizontal

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>>523537098Kek fucking retard. Do you know how to curve your arms? Do you know what joints are? Do you know how to bend your elbows and knees?


>>523531913>level lasts 50 seconds>webm is 43 seconds longthis video was sped up

>>523533115he drowned his underage tail survived


>>523537048A weeb who made a name for himself after he stopped a crime on a subway with this self-taught swordsmanship. Later died in a boating accident.

>>523534805You are too low IQ to realize the benefits of turning off all IQ for fun

>>523537483The Boys

>>523534190That's how mayweather beat mcgregor.Gaming the game.

>>523533431I missed a couple of Holla Forums tournaments. Which one is that?

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>>523532774is there anything better then sideboob?


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>>523537776More of an underboob man myself but I can appreciate a little sideboob every now and then.


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>>523536981>crowd starts laughing at him, then starts cheering him when they see the knee strat start workingfucking great user, thanks.

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>>523531275Yes, that's why backfists and hammer punches aren't allowed.

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>>523537840wasn't aware I had whatever fetish this is but... shit

>>523537540You're too low IQ to realize that some people have higher IQ than you do normally even when they try to turn off their IQ.

>>523537275Yo I'm literally watching ep1 of this

sheva, my kween

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>>523537983I'd game her mouse if you catch my drift


>>523531273which is a phrase statement and rule stolen from boxing and rabbit punches are still very much illegal and have been for over 300 years

>>523536957You can add a button so you don't have to go through all that if you go into the advanced options. Can put it right next to the filename.


>>523534007Fallout 4 is a fucking gold mine of glitches.


>>523538103wut gaem?


>>523532069good shot

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>>523537446>he doesn't know about mario seconds

>>523537840code please

>>523537446maybe just to fit under 3mb


>>523529764>Dude slammed him with one armwas the other arm broken? Cause it looked like a normal punch, which is usually done with one arm. Who the fuck punches with both arms, kek.

>>523537957the actual reason backfists aren't allowed which is actually known as a pivot punch in boxing is because of an event in the early 20th century by which a young boxer had his career ended by a pivot punch which struck him such that it effectively removed his nose from his face and destroyed his career, the story goes that the audience and officials where so appalled they banned it almost immediately and it has stuck.

>>523538158which is why he punched him in the ear, not in the back of the head. 100% legal blow. don't turn your back

>>523537840imagine being a titty monster, your bestie is a titty monster as well, and you do porn togetherwhat a life

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>>523529764>The ref's reaction


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>>523532069Get ass cancer

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>>523538442Where the punch landed is irrelevant the legalese in the rule is pretty much any punch from the back that doesn't afford the fighter the possibility of defending himself. Granted there are exceptions for fighters who place themselves in positions to be punched in the back of the head for example James Toney vs Samuel Peter where the technique afforded defense intentionally. However in this case had this been boxing the fighter clearly believed the other to be downed and if it where boxing(I know it is not) the standing 8 count would have soled the issue from the outset.

>>523538448Why do you trannies always wish you were whores? Is it because your only exposure to attractive women is porn and therefore that's all you have as a role model? Are you not aware, for example, that in real life the more attractive someone is the more sexually conservative they tend to be? Seriously. Attractive people are more likely to have a lower number of sexual partners and less likely to do things like cheat on their partner.

>>523538864video games

>>523535150is this Battlefield 2142? looks pretty rad

>>523534524Fucking Extraction Point

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>>523537446nevea' noticed that. maybe I'll edit it

>>523532791You can make a game look amazing when it's only 9 hours long and single paths.

>>523538512so fucking sad

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>>523538670Cute dragon.

>>523537446the "time" in mario isn't a real unit of time


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>>523535072Wut gaem?


>>523537739no mans sky

>>523532069good thing ive got immunity dog

>>523532741>and movelist

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>>523536706Ah yeah, it's on my fucking list of to-do's.Thanks.

>>523536361bf2142 from when battlefield was good

>>523539383Betrayer. /v shilled it a bit before it came out because the dev was some of the Monolith guys behind games like NOLF and FEAR who jumped ship with the WB buyout but unfortunately it's not very good.

>>523532785Why even bother giving the player control if the game forces them down a certain path to suit because it works better with the story? Go make literally any other form of media or at least just make it a cutscene. Stop with this "you're in control during the cutscene" crap if you're not gonna do it right. Half-Life figured this out back in 1998 and that was 22 years ago.


>>523537491Then it's a real loss.

>>523529764Did the ref try and warn the ginger guy?

>>523529764Post the double hammer fist

>>523539751I think everyone including the ref was momentarily surprised at what he was doing


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>>523538103Not a bad looking Redguard

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>>523532069high tier


>>523539630Fugg, I played Bad Company 2 but never 2142.

>>523538864Whats the name of this?

>>523537880This is gold. A Kurosawa movie?

>>523532054No modern western female character look anywhere close to that


>>523532167>shooting star

>>523537840Indescribably hot.

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>>523529965holy kek

>>523537880What's this from?

>>523538103shiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeti wish black girls had better boobs thoand faces lolshe aight tho wud fugg but not reproduce withwell maybe would reproduce fugg it but then i leave lmao

>>523531991I hate nip games when they do that kind of ridiculous shit


>>523532069kys. get kungflu

>>523537035god wrestling is so fucking stupid

>>523540062you should try it, at least against bots. i don't want to sound like a pc elitist asshole but battlefield got gray and formulaic when it started releasing on consoles as well. but maybe it was because all shooters were gray and boring around that time.>BF42 naval combat, submarine combat, big open maps>BF Vietnamdeployable traps, in-map traps, fun vehicles like helicopters and vespa bikes, you could carry tanks with any helicopter, you could blast fortunate son and some other classic songs from any vehicle.>BF2 fun classes, commander mode (uav, artillery, vehicle and supplies drops), level progression, perfected vehicle handling.>BF2142 Mechs and tanks, titan Assault mode (assault and destroy a giant spaceship from the inside), perfected the unlockables system and classes, futuristic but grounded setting but at least bad company had a fun campaign. subscribe to my blog for more epic gamer rants :^)

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>>523538426can i get some salsa on this

>>523538797That's creative loss.

>>523537035Cameraman couldn't find his mark or what?

>>523538864What are those called again?


>>523538817Gonna have to press X to doubt on that one, chief.

>>523539692He's been escorted to jail, fucking imbecile. You don't even know what game that is

>>523532069you got me you son of a bitch

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>>523534785ayo wat game is this?

>>523530997Number one rule in combat sports>always protect yourselfThere's a rule in boxing&mma you can't punch to the back of the head."the back of the head" is a specific area of your head & neck that the ref physically explains to you in the pre-fight briefing.The fighter in the webm hits him on the side of the head, not the back.Unsportsmanlike - maybe - but by no means illegal. The fight's not over until it really is over. The other fighter has every right to hit him.

>>523533062>>523533113i now remember why i hate overmeme literally every match was the same

>>523530997>>523531275>But I thought there were rules against punching someone in the back of the head when they were unaware. Pretty sure you can't do that in boxing.You can't punch the back of someones head in Boxing, and I'm pretty sure it's the same in UFC.You can punch someone who has turned away from you though, just not a straight blasting the back of their skull, that's for fighter's safety since you're FAR more likely to do permanent damage like that. See; Prichard Colon, whose final bout saw him getting rabbit punched repeatedly with an incompetent referee not properly DQing or disqualifying his opponent. He passed out after the bout and has been in a vegetative state since then.There's been plenty of situations in Boxing like the OP where a fighter turned their back and got slaughtered for it."Protect yourself at all times".>>523537620That's not how Mayweather beat McGregor. McGoober was trying meme footwork that Vasyl Lomachenko does, where you position yourself around your opponent to take shots around their guard, only McGregor doesn't have even 1/10th of the footwork or experience to pull it off so he kept taking Mayweather's back and didn't have the intelligence to realize that's not gonna fucking work.

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>>523539736Yes, that's the point.


>>523537840God damn


>>523538345just google queen anri and her maid hitomi

>>523540792Something tells me it's from The.Life.of.Oharu.1952.iNTERNAL.BDRip.x264-MARS

>>523541226She already ate it

>>523532069bro really

>>523541401>, it's true. Attractive women are usually more satisfied in relationships, more likely to remain faithful, less likely to partake in things like one night stands, etc., etc. To be fair, it could be because hot women get the good the men whereas ugly woman only get the dregs and are constantly trying to find someone better.

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>>523529764I'm not really get into MMA, but isn't illegal to stand up after being knocked down? At least that's what I know in boxing. You can't retaliate once you're in the floor.

>>523538807You're a fucking moron a rabbit punch is a strike to the back of the neck

>>523538807> However in this case had this been boxing the fighter clearly believed the other to be downedYou’re wrong on this assumption. Spike Carlyle (guy who got hit) had top position on Billy Quarantillo and heard the timekeeper signal to the ref that there were 10 seconds left in the round. He stupidly stood up and walked back towards his corner while the ref screamed at him to continue fighting and got boxed in the head for his stupidity. Quarantillo won by decision after 2 more rounds.

>>523532069Fuck you bitch

>>523542086You’re completely ignorant of MMA rules then. It’s not boxing.

>>523542086>isn't illegal to stand up after being knocked downread what you wrote out loud


Attached: 1594311619951.png (500x860, 734.77K)

>>523542314good pupper

>>523541467It's from Uncharted 4 and I know what's going on. I'm questioning why they bothered to make you the player, control the movement of Nathan when it might as well be a cutscene. What amazing interaction as I move Nathan from one room to another while someone talks.

>>523542283Not him, but work on your reading comprehention.

>>523532069I'm gonna eat yo ass medium rare

>>523532054except western character design look like goblinas lmao.just look at horizon.

>>523541158Thanks, I'll try to get it working again then.

>>523534395>Accidentally entering a Nintendo thread

>>523538495Goddamnit, now I have to watch it again.

>>523534785What's with all the skills with warframe mod names at the beginning?

>>523542117incorrect, it is the the general area of the back of the head tough guy.




>>523537996Woman in corset is always turned me on

>>523542606Take your meds, scizo

Attached: out.webm (584x480, 2.87M)

>>523543007But Yuyu has a kid

>>523536706>N64that explains it

>>523542276>he doesn't read that I'm not really into MMA I mean, at least there's general rule in every fighting martial arts where you can't retaliate once you're in the floor? Kick boxing, muay thay, karate, silat, they apply the same thing

>>523543237It's bathed in pure soul. What game?


>>523543252Not biologically that's for sure

>>523538109>making blast shield out of tabletsgenius

>>523543423Kill yourself racist


>>523538426I want to squeeze that tummy

>>523543237What in the world is this?

>>523540369What about that Apex girl, or all the girls in Witcher, and the waifubait characters in games like Overwatch and LoL.


>>523534805The older games (DW2 to DW5) used to require an aqueduct amount of attention as they had a sweet spot of challenge; not too frustrating and not too boring.But now, the series has been flanderized with this superficial, over-the-top combat.

>>523538068Good shit, I'm gonna start S2 today.

>>523534805I like to turn my brain off and just grind out things like ultimate weapons and stuff. And the better ones have a lot of objectives and alternate scenes. The lamer ones are just “kill all enemies” and often don’t even have weapons to unlock or other things to satiate my collectors autism. So even among Musous I’m still picky about which are good ones

>>523543237this looks cool as fuck what is it

>>523544165God, the last one I played was 4 and I've toyed with the idea of getting back into musou.How does Hyrule Warriors fare?

>>523541796Canelo would whoop that nigg

>>523544018Loba from Apex is so fucking obnoxiously thicc there had to be a crew of coomers that made her

>>523534805a lot are mindless fun. the licensed ones are often great tributes to the source material, Zelda and the first Fist of the North Star as well as all the Gundam ones are great and there's a real love for the source material shown.Empires is where it's at though, the strategy elements and customization give insane replay value. Samurai Warriors 4 Empires is the best.


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>>523539692Don't know the context here, but it's not really an uncommon thing. The point is that forcing a player to do something, instead of showing him it makes for a bigger impact. Of course that only makes sense if the scene itself is impactful, and since I don't know what exactly is happening in the webm, I can't tell.

>>523531674Dbz fights the webm

>>523544320Today I remind them.Roy would embarrass Canelo even more than Floyd did.

Attached: Mayweather-Canelo Outclassed.webm (1280x720, 1.14M)

>>523544718As of now? No. Roy was a bum who fought bums. King of bums.Canelo is a Mexican king who would shit on niggs like bum fuck BasedRoy


>>523540983Dude don't let this site fry your brain.

>>523543596>>523544007>>523544293It's called Germs. Japanese PS1 game.

>>523537840sauce? is there an uncensored version?

>>523532069blow up to your ass

>>523544609>forcing a player to do something, instead of showing him it makes for a bigger impactCool claim now prove it

>>523544912Obviously right now Roy would lose given he's a 50 year old retiree.Prime Roy would have made Canelo look like a bum, just like Roy did to all the other greats of his era; Bernard Hopkins, James Toney, Virgil Hill, etc...The only fighter to win titles from Middleweight all the way to Heavyweight. Canelo would be out of his depth.

Attached: Jones Left Hook Setup.webm (640x480, 2.98M)

>>523544308>the last one I played was 4You stop playing when the series could be considered good (though, I personally prefer DW5 over DW4).>How does Hyrule Warriors fare?Never played it.However, it has the combat system akin to new warriors games; flashy, but challengeless. Which maybe can be enjoyable short term, but without adequate challenge can become boring.Maybe you'll like the story, however.For example, DW7 is when the superficiality for the combat kicked in, but it has the best storytelling of any Dynasty Warriors game.

>>523532069She's already sick, don't do this to me man

>>523532069>>523532069fuck you dude

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>>523532741Imagine spending all that time to learn how to be a weeb swordsman, but you never bothered to learn how to swim.

>>523544609Nathan is being brought to a room and has to move down the hallway to the room. You can only move along an already plotted path and any deviation or back tracking just forces you back onto the path. It might as well have been a cutscene to where a point of actual gameplay starts up.

>>523531926Even thinking about muh aknowledgement on an anonymous board makes (You) seem much more autistic.


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>>523537776flat cleavagelike Aerith's

>>523537983>>523538118seconded, we need a hint of some sort.trying to find this one is like trying to find a needle in a stack of needlessauce?



>>523545326This webm plays out just like a fighting game when you condition your opponent.

>>523545756Nioh 2 on PC when?

>>523533698Did It work?


Attached: early access.gif (460x259, 1.79M)

Attached: 1533493199269.webm (1280x720, 2.99M)

Attached: 1525466068056.webm (854x480, 2.86M)

>>523543007Yuyu isn't tranny faggot. She even had to post her fucking passport details online to stop you transsexual freaks claiming that she's a "tranny".

>>523534805A strategy and time/crisis management game from the perspective of an action game.

>>523538179Glitch? I tought it was a mod to change the idle animation to breakdancing

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Attached: 1597001435415.webm (1280x720, 1.32M)

>>523546504Cute af. Kinda reminds me of a Kino's Journey episode

>>523546712Her eyes are freakishly big wtf.

>>523546504>Come back and see me again!Let me guess, no point in ever going back to her again?

Attached: 1547122023571.webm (480x270, 1.31M)

>>523545858its not all you have to do is go to your favorite booru and type in all the tags you see dva, animated, hair color, pantyhose, etc

>>523545858>>523538118Artist is DisckoAGet better at searching.

>>523534190That would probably give penalty.

>>523544320You serious? Prime Roy Jone Jr would absolutely blow out Canelo. The sheer athleticism he had was incredible. Two hand puncher with an incredible gas tank and reactions.Might not have technically been the best fundamental boxer, but god damn he was gifted.

>>523542698have fun

>>523532741>Tfw when juggled into missing kid then K.O me with a perfect storm

Attached: 1595183216045.jpg (1280x720, 309.82K)

Why is this site still so shitty when it comes to videos first it has to be fucking webm, then it has to have no fucking sound on this board which is a problem because software i use doesnt remove sound even if there is no sound left, its just "muted", so i have to go some site that fully removes audio then the fucking size limit dogshit

>>523534395>when you see those vrchat lolis dancing

>>523529965Wait so this isn't scripted?

>>523546003>wow fighting look just like fightingWtf you just posted

>>523545326By god someone who knows what they're talking about? On Holla Forums?What's going on with the Tyson RJJ fight?

>>523536775Pokchop being Pokchop

Death to white supremacy

>>523531991This made me gay af

>>523539286Wrong girl.

Attached: 1587950774758.webm (416x400, 2.55M)

>>523547128boorus are still a thing??holy shit, I thought they've died out years ago.

>>523547669I've never seen someone so blatantly fall for conditioning in a real life fight like you see in fighting games all the time.

>>523546831gook with double eyelid surgery. they hate their slits for eyes.

>>523541608I haven't seen a game like this in ages. And when it comes to the mercy one, yes, the objective is to defeat the enemy. It includes killing them over and over again. You know, like in a lot of FPS games.

>>523546347Uh yes he is. he has dark voice no jap women have that. Big ass hands.

>>523545858tried gelbooru, no useful results.

>>523546391I thought the exact same thing.

>>523548051stop posting trannies

>>523530997Hits to the back of the head refer to a specific area of the back of the head, i.e. the base of the neck, because of the very high chance of causing life changing injuries if you hit that area.Its different from some retard turning theor back to you before the fight has been called because they think "I'll look so cool to not fully follow up my knock down becausw Ill be so confident that was a KO".

>>523534901Anata ga suki de suki sugite


Literally every Nintendo Announcement and it's fans these days.

Attached: Nintendoannouncementfanreaction.webm (720x480, 2.48M)

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>>523537035>Yeah! That will show my upper arm to not fuck with me!

>>523532308I dreamed that i was replaying this, and now this webm happens.I unironically liked this game for the 3 USD i paid for it.

>>523532557Do you have that one where Eli is replaced by manlet Snake?

>>523547727>What's going on with the Tyson RJJ fight?Last I heard Roy was threatening to pull out because the handlers were delaying the fight.Probably going to happen in November if it does happen.

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>>523545756PC is truly the mustard race.

>>523548478You wish, faggot.

Attached: 1588151695653.webm (854x750, 2.96M)

>>523532320Thats just a regular laced thong user

>>523549864She passes, but stop posting them anyway. They're not vidya.

>>523547636You’re witnessing a flowchart in action.

>>523550170Just be sincere, user. Tell me what you really want.

Attached: 1588151443161.webm (432x414, 2.69M)

>>523546504>Rock got her flowerNice.

>>523550170>She passes>She

Attached: 1594010216064.gif (55x55, 240.2K)

>>523537840anri okita and hitomi tanaka. I dont care what is going on in the world right now, this is truly the best timeline

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>>523551085Truly a white man's disagreement, any other races both them and 6 bystanders would be dead by the end of that webm

>>523548140Never seen Mayweather fight? High level boxing is filled with it

>>523531839probably the most important scene in the game and just looks so hokey.

>>523551732Ww1 ww2 kill yourself

>>523531991I hope he and Cloud rekindle their flame in part 2.


Attached: 1592069686133.jpg (633x738, 84.55K)

>>523537840The dresses that Anglo women discarded will do fine on Asian woman.

>>523551085>the van stopping immediately as they throw fuck you's to each other

Attached: 1592072799179.jpg (317x267, 12.43K)

>>523532774Wow it's 2020 and they can't even apply some boob physics


>>523553027the guy was clearly crossing the street ofc he will stop driverlet

>>523551732if they were black, a cop wouldve beaten both to death, and later claim that they feared for their life

Attached: Be Right Back.webm (896x504, 1.13M)

>>523553653based zoomer

>>523536139holy fuck how gay are you

>>523532741Let this be a lesson to everyone, always wear a life jacket if you're going over deepwaters.


>>523532054actress name?

>>523531926Ceaseless shitposting is part of board culture, lurk more you absolute newfag

>>523529965yeah. totally not fake.

>>523554516nvm Paulina Gaitán

>>523536775The girl is a guy

>>523554625i wish the dude was a girl

>>523551732Take pills

>>523532741F our hero>>523553930yep

>>523554625I will never understand girl fetishists. Sure, boobies are nice and all but the notion that every single inch of a woman's body is sexually arousing is just odd.

>>523554625ah good old luo dong

Attached: 5MnWe2E2OnNr2F7p.webm (800x450, 2.96M)

>>523538426yes... YES...


>>523555198In b4 retards bait themselves over "girl fetishists"

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>>523532265The camera is glitched to see the entire thing unfold, it shouldn't look as shitty as it seems here with the characters being robotic and the clothes flapping on the corpse

>>523531991he should've had a re-appearance during the final driving sequencefuck these other fags he was kino

>>523532741Rest in peace my friend

>>523556275>she doesn't eat himwtf

>>523534935>Pantsu-on-head retarded.webm

>>523539692>Half-Life figured this out back in 1998Half-Life is literally the worst implementation of "you're in control during the cutscene" where you can't even get to the end of the "cutscene" quicker intentionally. Being locked in a box while someone just talks at you for a couple minutes is the absolute fucking worst. And don't even bring up the glitch where you can hit people in the head with objects to force move them to the next locations in the script because it was definitely not intentional design when the devs were locking you in with the NPCs.

>>523556275I’ve always liked how she wants her tits grabbed.

>>523556681Bionic Command Remake had the best way to handle cutscenes imo. Pressing the skip button just made your guy yell 'shut the fuck up'

>>523533062Wait, does the icicle actually keep the mouth open, acting as a physical object that collides with the model? That's pretty neat if so.

>>523547487>not just spamming scottsdale rapeLOL

>>523532694The input buffer on SF5 is so big that it's stupid easy for anyone half decent to throw optimally timed fireballs like that. The thing is that good gameplay does not involve perfectly timed fireballs, it involves imperfectly timed ones.

>>523531674Emulator or legit cartridge? Never could get it running right on emulator last I checked. Admittedly that was years and years ago.

>>523534445Jake deserves it

>>523557642I played it on project64 with GlideN64 perfectly like a year ago I dropped it though cause it was really fucking bad

>>523551732Fun fact: "Whites" are actually pink. They're pinks.

>>523556681>And don't even bring up the glitch where you can hit people in the head with objects to force move them to the next locations in the script because it was definitely not intentional designThat is definitely intentional design. It's a fail safe for when, for whatever reason, a scripted sequence cannot execute correctly. Most likely the situation here is the game interprets the collision as the NPC being obstructed and automatically skips to the next step. I've seen plenty of games where if you, for example, block a scripted path for an NPC they'll just teleport to where they need to go. It's pretty standard.

>>523531991>that moment where the bike magically hovers in midair during zack's front flip just becausei hate this shit so goddamn much

>>523543237holy shit this looks awesome

>>523536538>>523554646Fake/Staged or not, their timing is fantastic and that alone is worth appreciating. Stop hating one everything just because you're a pathetic, depressed faget.

>>523558091It's intentional design to avoid softlocking, but not an intended skip button for the cutscene.

>>523530997Except he hit him on the side of his head not the back blind retard

>>523556275Would be better if it was rape.

>>523557965>I dropped it though cause it was really fucking badDamn. I'd just gotten into rpgs at the time with chrono trigger and ff 7 and thought it looked interesting. Never could find a physical copy

>>523549628this actually isnt a bethesda thing, I know its fun to make fun of all the actual shit they blow cock at, but this is SUPER universal in video games, the issue is its a lot more apparent in Bethesda shit because they have a wonky physics engine.Basically the objects are in what is called "Sleep" mode or state. This is usually very useful for a multitude of things.1. The player doesnt get a performance hit loading into a zone and all the physical items are all active the second they load in.2. It stops smaller objects getting fucked or falling down or whatever because if all of those bottles were active, 1 of them could knock the rest over, its physics.The issue here is, GOOD devs have the sleep mode shit on timers/triggers so all the shit should load fine, but then go active when it matters. Im gonna go suck a fuckload of cocks.

Attached: 42342342.jpg (750x599, 25.89K)

>>523558324nice projection bro

>>523556861>no shield0/10 would not summon

>>523552091What is so funny about numbers?

Attached: gav7p-fdm41w.webm (960x540, 2.73M)

>>523558561I guess 'sleep' states were things that they didn't bother with in older games.Remember every dining room in Oblivion exploding with food everywhere when you entered it?

Guy is from /vg/. As of no suprise to anyone, he's just a coomer.

Attached: 😬😬😬.webm (1280x712, 2.94M)

>>523558667>off by one

>>523540792>>523540179I would just guess it's a remake of Cinderella? I think he re-made Hamlet

anybody got 4chan cup webms?

>>523558687I think how it works in Oblivion is it does have sleep states, but after the first time you go in, they are always off. In Skyrim you generally have to interact or touch the item for its sleep state to be off permanent. But yeah, thats EXACTLY the reason you use sleep states with the example you gave.

>>523533523Fuck me, my sides.Underrated as all fuck.

>>523548191That or this thing. They basically jam some glue in there.

Attached: eye jammer.jpg (480x360, 11.9K)

>>523558561I think that is a Bethesda cock up. Like they didn't give the ball enough mass or something. You're right that physics is disabled by default but when a physics object gets activated anything in collision with it also gets activated. This is what causes the infamous everything on the table jumps after you pick up one item thing. Activating that one object caused a cascade of activation through multiple other objects. When the ball hit the bottles their physics should have turned on. Unless in Fallout 4 Bethesda changed the way the engine works and it no longer does that. I haven't actually played that game.

>>523532741>As Jacintho was trying to get to the kayak, he yelled “No!” and disappeared under the water, based on the teenager’s report to authorities, Brooks said.

Attached: anton_baja.png (400x368, 195.5K)

>>523537983Well that was disappointing.

>>523532791>Still better looking

Attached: The Order.jpg (3935x4000, 1.05M)

>>523548191It's not the slit, it's the fact that they don't have double eyelids.When whites open eyes, you can see those little folds above eyes, where the eyelid is folded between the eye and the brow. Gooks don't have this and instead their eyelids are smooth. This looks mongolish compared to white eyes.


>>523559268top 10 saddest anime deaths

>>523531991>revolution 60basedtaste

>>523553647Good, rightfully so.It's common knowledge every nig has a Hi-Point in his nigpocket.

>>523538670Ngl nikita dragun would get it


>>523531991Reminds me of when I was a kid and would make my toy cars do crazy stunts.

>>523533431This new Smash Bros game is looking good.

>>523532513what game?

>>523538512Yes a climbing segment, what's your point exactly?

>>523541796Colon is awake now. Still severely fucked up though.

>>523532741People call him a weeb, and it's true, but that's a skilful bit of sheathing.Anyone know the name of this technique?

>>523540369Nu Lara comes close desu.

>>523534445What game?

>>523558679What game is this?

>>523541467based retard

>>523530997Think about this for a second. This would mean fighters could intentionally make themselves unaware to coerce that technicality. The best solution is for the maintain focus at all times, there's no real objective in the sport to worry about other than your opponent. I'm starting to wonder if your post is bait or not.

>> is the entertaining class clown friend you never had growing up

>>523560986No one can beat the cock. Not the cock.

>>523545268this shit is literally opposite, spec ops the line, bioshock, any time a game forced me to do anything it was always retarded and forced


>>523561181>any time a game forced me to do anything it was always forced

Attached: 1422926032445.jpg (576x418, 55.97K)


>>523533527>didn't watch the webmRetarded SNOy

>>523534785What game?!

>>523561419you know what I meant faggot

>>523561501>>523541563It's not a game, it's a meme animation. All the skills in the menu are from warframe.

>>523534395Why its Kiryu? In Like a Dragon another protagonist.

Attached: 1241621556_l.jpg (640x360, 27K)

>>523556275This is furrshit I can get behind.


>>523557295I think the mouth is kept open because Mercy die during her emote

>>523532774Still nerfed and no jiggle physics.

>>523532741Mutts are so retarded

>>523536535Rare moment of DS2 functioning

>>523531839is the pc port good yet?


Attached: soy1560.png (600x933, 33.02K)


>>5235330320/10Didn't try to throw the stall at her head and discombobulate.

Attached: 1585589490306.webm (960x540, 2.97M)

>>523531839those animations are so annoying.How was this even greenlighted?


>>523562231That's pretty great

>>523531991It's so fucking stupid and nonsensical that it wraps around to being amazing