Why were DS sequels much worse than their GBA predecessors?

>Partners in Time was worse than Superstar Saga>Phantom Hourglass was worse than Minish Cap>Prime Hunters was worse than Fusion>Kirby Squeak Squad was worse than Amazing Mirror>Dark Dawn was worse than Golden Sun 1+2>Advance Wars became worse>Starfy became worse>Pokemon became worse>Master of Disguise was worse than Wario Land 4>No Mario Tennis and Golf gamesAnd so on, why were many DS titles so shit?

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>>523528472>>Pokemon became worseBut Gens 4 and 5 were peak Pokemon

With DS they targeted a way more casual westernised audience. Not japanese.

>>523528563Fuck off zoomer, they were seen as a huge stepdown compared to Hoenn, only retarded zoomies like you like the DS ones because you grew up with them.

I think Nintendo stopped trying because the DS was doing super well. There's seriously no excuse for Phantom Hourglass looking like ass when Beyond the Yellow Brick Road exists.

>>523528717Fuck off zoomer, they were seen as a huge stepdown compared to Johto, only retarded zoomies like you like the GBA ones because you grew up with them.

>>523528472Everything was based around the double screen gimmick rather than being a normal ass game

>>523528856Gen 1 and Gen 2 were the peak, indeed.

>>523528717>>523528856Niggas relax, we all know Pokemon didn't go downhill until X/Y, I fucking loved Crystal, Emerald, HG/SS and BW2.

>>523528472>the same console that had Heartgold, Sould Silver and BW2>pokemon became worse

>>523529050>quantity = quality

>>523529080This isn't /vp/, you don't have to pretend to hate the DS to fit in.

>>523529185Gen 3 was more revotuolnary

>>523528472>>Dark Dawn was worse than Golden Sun 1+2>one game is worse than two games combinedwewew

>>523529185But /vp/ is full to the brim of people who grew up with the DS. Hating the DS there is basically just a bait to make the zoomers angry there.

>>523529574I fucking loved gen 3, I remember seeing the early leaks of duskull and latios/latias. Good times.

Pokefag shitposting aside, ever noticed how a lot of series just died after the DS?

>>523529690Golden Sun 1+2 is one game, they just released them seperatly due to limitations, like Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

>>523528472Partners in time was good.Phantom Hourglass was shit because of that one dungeon you had to do over and over again. Spirit tracks was better. Actually fun.True for metroid. True for kirby.Dark Dawn was really good. Other points are shit opinions.

>>523528717He’s correct. DS games had less Pokémon to collect

>>523529050BW wasn't even good.Gen 2 was peak pokemon and ofc the remakes would be good.The DS probably had a lot of bad games because all the quality was poured into 999 and ghost trick

>>523528472>Partners in Time was worse than Superstar Sagalol?

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>>523529185>Unovabortion HQ>hating the DS gamesUh what?

>>523528472The DS had a based library, if anything the 3ds was the one that released a shitton of mediocre titles and probably the worst from each nintendo ip, excdpt maybe ALBW and 3D land

>>523528472epic bait

>>523528958fuck off zoomie, the pokemon games were never good. theyre piss easy and boring as hell

best game libraries in ordergba>ds>gbc>3ds>gb

>>523528563>gen 5>peakI recently realised that kids who grew up with Gen 5 are like 17 or 18 now and are posting on this website. Gen 5 sucks, little boy. You're just too nosalgia blind to see it.

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>>523528472Those are all first-party games. Nintendo were the ones phoning it in, a lot of the third-party stuff was great.

>>523528472Days of Ruin is fantastic.

>>523528472>Why were Nintendo published sequels much worse than their GBA predecessorsFixed. Most Japanese companies absolutely killed it on the DS.

>Why were X sequels much worse than Y gamesThis threads are going to be repeated until the end of time, aren't they?

>>523528472>Pokemon became worse

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>>523531128I'm 18 yet played every gen on their original platforms as a kid. Gen 5 was easily the best.

>>523531026GBC had jackshit


>>523531326Yes, until I cover all the consoles imaginable, tomorrow will be why 3DS sequels are shit compared to DS

Oh shit, forgot to add that Fire Emblem was worse in DS as well, GBA ones were amazing, DS ones were fucking awful.

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>>523531730>DS ones were fucking awfulspoken like a true pleb that got filtered by the graphics. 11 is solid, and 12 is one of the best games in the series. 3DS was where it went downhill for FE, even if conquest has great maps.

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>>523528472One word: Castlevania. Except Dawn of Sorrow.

>>523531916They almost killed the franchise

>>523532062One wasn't even released outside Japan and the other was marketed like dogshit even though it WAS released outside Japan(kinda like 9 and 10). Just because they didn't sell well doesn't mean they aren't good games.

>>523531632absolute retard zoomer opinion. the 3ds has no games.

>>523528472>Dark Dawn was worse than Golden Sun 1+2It wasn't worse. The issue was it was the same shit.

>>523531638Well user I gotta hand it to you at least you're determined

>>523532502>oomer retard thinks the 3ds didn't have good gamesI'm surprised you didn't post a wojak considering your post was as retarded as someone who typically posts them.

>>523532062>They almost killed the franchisePoR and RD almost killed the franchise. The DS games, while selling better, wasn't enough to save the franchise until Awakening.

>>523531997Order of Eclessia was amazing, and Portrait of Ruin was pretty good (art style notwithstanding).On the other hand, the only excellent Castlevania game on GBA was Aria of Sorrow. Circle of the Moon was clunky as fuck and Harmony of Dissonance was just meh.

>>523532675>didnt name 3ds gameslemme guess you were gonna name nu pokemon but decided against it because you realized that was all the 3ds had. what else did it have? the oot and majora remakes? pathetic

>>523532746awakening is weeb shit, and the beginning of the end for FE

>>523528472>prime hunters worse than fusionFusion is a shit Metroid game to begin with, so it was actually an improvement

>>523532931Maybe, but that's not what I was talking about.

>>523528472Squeak Squad was leaps and bounds better than Amazing Mirror, the hell are you talking about? And yeah, Partners in time is worse than Superstar Saga, but Bowser's Inside Story is undeniably the best entry in the series. And Pokemon Gen 5 and the Gen 2 remakes are probably the best the series ever got honestly.

>>523532860Why would I need to? I know what people like you are like. I could post any game and you'd call it shit for whatever reason. This isn't fucking 2011-2012 anymore, the 3ds has a fuckton of great games now and acting like only a "zoomer" would think that is beyond retarded.

>>523532860You're nuts if you think the 3DS library has nothing going for it.

Mega Man ZX was much worse than the Zero series.

>>523533036imagine coping this hard lmao >you'd just say theyre all shitwell, maybe thats because... theyre shit?

>>523532769I agree with everything you said. Only Dawn felt weaker than Aria, PoR and OoE were amazing.

>>523533130>wow youre so silly, youre being a real stupid head poop-erinoyour words cut deep

>>523532860Not him but 3DS had several games.Fire Emblem FatesFire Emblem AwakeningFire Emblem EchoesMetroid 2: Samus ReturnsBravely DefaultBravely SecondSenran Kagura 1Senran Kagura 2Pokemon X & YPokemon OR/ASPokemon Sun & Moon/US/UMTheaterythmTheaterythm: Curtain CallMajora's MaskOcarina of TimeA link between WorldsLuigi's Mansion 2Monster Hunter 3Monster Hunter 4Several Etryan OdysseyFinal Fantasy ExplorerOnly to mention a few.

NSMB looks and plays like budget shitSuper Princess Peach was alright but super boringHunters was repetitive and a poor man's primeWhy does Pinball Exist?Mario Kart DS was made instantly obsolete when Wii came outPhantom Hourglass is a hideous landfill blazeSpirit Tracks is like Phantom hourglass but with less dungeonsDark Dawn killed the seriesDitto for Park PatrolJungle Climber jumped the shark which is amazing for a series as stupid as DKOnly good Kirby platformer is Squeak Squad (Which is pretty sad). Remakes don't fucking count and you know itYoshi's Island DS is a blight to the name Fire Emblem was so bland it made the series turn into waifushitWario Master of Disguise was bland as hell killed the Wario Land seriesThe DS Warioware games were shovelled off to Intelligent Systems and had the soul sucked out of them and upped the waifu pandering (Penny's cute though)Animal Crossing started the awful style that's used in every subsequent game nowSo actual good Nitnendo DS games:Mario Party DSMario HoopsKirby Super Star UltraTetris not even jokingStarfy I guessWhat a joke

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>>523533496>didn't play star socian>didn't play soma bringer>didn't play nintendogs

>>523533312>I'm the one coping>despite you being the one desperately trying to pretend the 3ds' library is shit because you've never even touched a 3ds past 2012

>>523532938fusion has the best atmosphere and difficulty out of any metroid gamebig minus points for the slow movement though, but everything else is fucking amazing

>>523533496>muh blandwow great arguments, retard

>>523533496>didn't play Ghost Trick>didn't play TWEWYretard

>>523533432>Fire Emblem Fatesweeb shit>Fire Emblem Awakeningweeb shit>Fire Emblem Echoesweeb shit>Metroid 2: Samus Returnsremake>Bravely Defaultoverrated>Bravely Secondoverrated>Senran Kagura 1coomer>Senran Kagura 2coomer 2 electric boogaloo>Pokemon X & Yyawn>Pokemon OR/ASyaaaawn>Pokemon Sun & Moon/US/UMYAAAAAAAAAWN>Theaterythmcute mobile game>Theaterythm: Curtain Callcute mobile game>Majora's Maskshit remake>Ocarina of Timeshit remake>A link between Worldsthere was an attempt>Luigi's Mansion 2completely soullless >Monster Hunter 3its okay i guess>Monster Hunter 4its okay i guess>Several Etryan Odysseynever heard of it>Final Fantasy Explorerborderline shovelware

>>523528472Pokemon peaked on DS and Partners in time was a perfectly fine sequel to superstar, also, who gives a shit about tennis and golf?

>>523533961That's not what this was about.I can't list games "you" like. I don't know you, nor do I want to.I can only mention games I deem fine to play. And like I said it was only a few. There are more games, and you not ever heard of them doesn't mean they don't exist.Good attempt nonetheless.

>>523533751Fusion's atmosphere is completely ruined by excessive dialogue and handholding. The whole experience is made worse by how excessively linear the entire thing is. The only 2d Metroid worse than it is the original.

>>523528717Gen 3 was shit and emerald fixed it. I would rather play DP than RS if I was forced to play one of the first revision games.

>>523533231this is truegood porn though

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I have that DS feeling

>>523534412>only two fire typesDP was a dumpster fire, thankfully Platinum made a lot of improvements

>>523534346The dialogue and handholding really isn't as bad as you're trying to play it off as. But you're a "muh atmosphere" fag anyway.

>>523528472Actual insanity: the post

>>523534346If you didn't notice every subtle thing in the environment signaling what's going to happen, and the music changing to what's appropriate, being chased by a superpredator that you know the power of better than anyone else, alongside the impending doom of the universe if the X parasite is allowed to live then I feel sorry your experience was botched

>>523531128>>523528717I turn 31 this year and grew up playing Pokemon blue. Pokemon White is my favorite Pokemon game.


>>523533496You forgot Rhythm Heaven u fucking nignugget

>>523533496You've clearly haven't played that much of the DS library if the only non-Nintendo IP you've listed is a fucking licensed Tetris game.

>>523528472>Bowser's Inside Story was a great game, on par with Superstar Saga, and was a great conclusion to the Mario & Luigi trilogy.>Dragon Quest IV, V and VI all got great ports, and they're some of the best JRPG ever made.>Iga's Dawn of Sorrows, Portrait of Ruin and Order of Ecclesia are 3 of the best metroidvania games ever made.>Pokémon peaked with Heartgold & Soulsilver. Despite a lackluster reception, Black and White was a great gen, and was the only so far to have had a completely unique regional dex with 156 new Pokémons.>Phoenix Wright peaked with it's initial trilogy.>Rhythm Heaven peaked on the DS.>The World Ends with You, 999, Ghost Tricks, all very surprising games that now have a cult following.

>>523531730>Fire Emblem was worse in DSOnly FE6 is good on the GBA, and that wasn't even localized. The rest can go.>>523531916>FE12Fuck I hate reinforcements.

>>523528472>Partners in Time was worse than Superstar Saganot as good but still okay>Phantom Hourglass was worse than Minish Cap2 completely different games, also ignoring spirit tracks which was better>Prime Hunters was worse than Fusion2 entirely different things, kino online>Kirby Squeak Squad was worse than Amazing Mirrordebatable sure>Dark Dawn was worse than Golden Sun 1+2true>Advance Wars became worsefalse>Starfy became worsetrue>Pokemon became worseno not really, gen 4 and 5 were the peak>Master of Disguise was worse than Wario Land 4true>No Mario Tennis and Golf gamesnot a huge loss, camelot started losing their mojo around this era, also we had mario hoops 3 on 3 to compensate

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>>523531128I'm 25. Silver was my first. Gen 5 is the best. Get fucked.

>>523529835And if they didn't they died after 3ds.Only exceptions being Mario Kart.

>>523528472>Advance Wars became worseHope you're talking about Dual Strike because DoR was the shit.

>>523535778Because I was listing all the first party sequels like OP implied. Not counting Phoenix Wright most of he DS best games were standalone/spinoff games like SMT Strange Journey or series that started on the DS like Layton, Rune Factory, Devil Survivor etc. But Nintendo really dropped the ball on first party offerings.

>>523528472DS/Gamecube era Nintendo was a fucking joke and everything they've made since, both hardware and software, is dogshit

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>>523531128BW2 Challenge mode is peak Pokemon.Not arguable.

>>523537034Gamecube and GBA was soul, DS was the beginning of the end.

>>523528472>Squeak Squad, Not super star ultra>Ignoring Peak Pokemon

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>>523537034what kind of smoothbrain take is this? how old are you dude?

>>52353912332, NES is the best nintendo console, Gamecube is fucking trash

>>523539521youre fucking retarded dude, GC and DS were good eras, youre just way out of your league and hopped up on nostalgia. True nintendo fans know nintendo died with the Wii U

>>523539602lmao nah kid, enjoy your nostalgia for trash like gamecube and ds though

>>523533496>Mario Kart DS was made instantly obsolete when Wii came outbitch what, MK Wii was fucking awful.

>>523528472>>Partners in Time was worse than Superstar SagaNo.

>>523531730>GBA ones were amazing, DS ones were fucking awful.OH NO YOU FUCKING DON'T

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>>523540032>>523530028>>523530089>>523534049Zoomers are scum

>>523534346Nah Super is worse>Floaty as fuck>excessive bactracking unless you use wall jumps>5 bosses in the entire game>Literally 90% of power ups are hidden in the walls>Meridia

>>523528563I agree but Diamond and Pearl were a very weak start for the best period of pokemon games.

>>523540424Partners in Time is good. It isn't as easy as super star saga but at the same time isn't as "funny"

>>523528472>Pokemon got worse>HG/SS

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> op cherry picks games from series to fit his narrative> generally right in those assumptions> people ignore this and try to refute his claimsAlso how the fuck are people trying to defend partners in time and squeak squad? Sure SS wasn't by any means bad but it was so ridiculously average and lacking in content, PiT was just irredeemable Bros items spam

>>523531128Why is gen 4 wojak crying?

>>523528472mario kart ds is the best mario kart ever, retard

>>523540854Hands younger than 20 typed your post. It's not even as good as the originals.

>>523541185I played Blue when it came out, and Gold was the most hyped i ever was for a game before it came out. HG/SS is the peak of the entire series. I can only assume you're a Hoennbabby.

>>523541310Sure you did, kiddo.

>>523541428I still have my original Gold cart, with the sticker i decided to put over it, for whatever fucking reason. Hey, whatever makes you feel better for having bad taste.

>>523541185You are wrong. The minigames alone made HGSS better than the originals. Pokemon needs innovation and we have grugs like you shitting on the titles in the series that innovated.

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>>523531128>First pokemon game was Sapphire, didnt finish it because my gameboy got stolen.>2nd was fire red>Didnt play platinum until much later on.>Got Soul silver shortly thereafter.>Preordered gen 5.>Black 2>Gen 6 was boring>Didnt finish omega ruby>havent touched 7&8. ImoY

Chinatown Wars is peak GTA

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>>523541609>having bad taste.But you're the HGSS fag. That game ruined the originals by adding in a ton of unnecessary tutorials and railroading that wasn't there in the original. Plus shoehorning in some friendly rival cancer.

>>523540230Only reason people dislike it is for phoenix mode and Kris. But as a game it is pretty solid and fun.

>>523541185>wahh i dont like new thingsAutism.

>>523541720>Ruined the originalsHow? Did they break into your house and patch your Gold cart with HG?

>>523541845No, but it created a generation of children who hold the games as a gold standard when they did nothing to improve the original game, and only introduced things to make it worse.

>>523541719Chinatown was pretty fun. Mostly because I love GTA1 and 2.

>>523541890Not him, buuuuut... so it didn't ruin the original?Did you think this through?

>>523541981>buuuuut...Just go back already.

>>523541890>No, but it created a generation of childrenYes, it is a game for children. Not you. You are not the target audience. You have autism if you cant see this.

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>>523542048Good response. Sucks for you I am immune.

>>523541935I have 300 hrs on that game, GTA gba is pretty fun too if you enjoy 1 and 2.

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>>523542053If it's a game for children, then why are you defending it so much? Don't you have better things to worry about?

>>523542136Own it, played it, liked it.

>>523528472Is megaman star force worse than battle network?

>>523533432Fates was ruined by its shitty localization and I'll never forgive NoA for it.


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>>523542297The gameplay was hardly changed other than a few costumes (yet they left the towel in) and the petting.Gameplay was fine. Nothing special, but it improved on a lot of things and didn't make pair up as broken as Awakening although still pretty broken.

>>523542138Not an argument. Delete your post.

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>>523535134This.On the contrary, I loved Black 2 most because it really fixed the Unova region being boring and actually added lots of new routes and you start on them too, with postgame being routes from the first versions. B2/W2 was a decent and needed shakeup that excited me for the future of Pokémon, along with challenge mode and the Black Tower was fun and easy to grind with since Pokémon there were high level... then they did a full 180° and it's been downhill ever since XY.

>>523528472Metroid Prime Hunters multiplayer is extremely fun and I wish it was still active. I'd do anything to play it online with a community.

>>523542297>>523542416Might also add, I played in nipponese first. So I don't have the same issue like others seems to have with the game.

>>523528472>Prime Hunters was worse than FusionWorse single player? Easily, but Hunters had some great multiplayer until the cheaters made online unbearable.

>>523531128Nigger I started at Gen 1 and think BW2 is one of the best in the series.

>>523542459Gen 5 sold pretty poorly relative to other Pokemon games, so it showed to them effort doesn't pay off.

>>523542589I still hate the touchscreen controllers. Wish it was more like the GCN controls for MP 1&2.

>>523528472>>Prime Hunters was worse than Fusion>comparing prime to regular metroid >>Pokemon became worseNo

>>523528472Half of those aren't even sequels. You'd have to be a retard to tell me Prime Hunters was a sequel to Fusion.>>523528765>>523528605The DS got fucked because the DS' first year were still in the point where Nintendo was advertising it as a "third pillar" and the games tended to be experimental with heavy touch-based controls. After the Wii was released, Nintendo's marketing went full retard and casualized most of its games. The GBA sold about half as much as the DS family, but if you compare average sales per year before being outmoded, the GBA outperformed the DS.

>>523531128gen 5 is exactly what everyone that complains about current pokemon wants.

>>523542981The controls take getting used to, but lock on controls don't work for multiplayer. See Prime 2's multiplayer.

>>523529032This man gets it>>523542883And thats why we now get shit like SwSh

>>523528472>Yoshi's Island DS better than Yoshi's Topsy-Turvy>Mario Kart DS better than Mario Kart Super Circuit and every other game in the series>Mario Party DS better than Mario Party Advance

>>523543634Ok taste

>>523528472GBA has hardly any memorable games....

>>523544989Cheers user

>>523533961what a terrible post. why did you type this?

>>523530065>gen 2>peak>the gen that almost killed pokemon

>>523545086Mother 3

>>523533961kike taste, hys

>>523533961Based if you disagree kys but how have you never heard of EO

>>5235339014chan is going to think I'm so BASED for my taste... I can't wait to post this!

>>523528563Gen 5 had good ideas in terms of gameplay. But the actual world design was pretty shitty.Gen 4 would've been fine if it wasn't SO FUCKING SLOW.

>>523528472>>BiS was better than Superstar Saga>>Ripened Tingle was better than Minish Cap>>Prime Hunters and Pinball was better than Fusion>>Canvas Curse was better than Amazing Mirror>>Starfy became better>>Pokemon became better>>Master of Disguise was better than Wario Land 4>>2D Mario game revival and the best Kart gameftfy

>>523528472>Pokemon became worse>HG/SS>Platinum>BW2>not the Holy Trinity

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Arguing about whatever portable console got better first party titles doesn't obscure the fact all Nintendo handhelds are awful and had no good games overall.

>>523546039t. sonyfag

>>523546121Ahahaha like clockwork. PSP and Vita are terrible too. Nice try though.

>>523542459>>523543231>>523542782Was the second game that much better? I never played it, since I never played any 3rd game in any generation, since I always assumed they were just the same game again with a few bonus areas and features. gen 5 was my favorite because you didn't have access to any old pokemon until after you beat the game. I had to learn everything again and it made the game feel fresh again.

>>523540741Partners in Time is absolute dogshit.>Battles bogged down by the babies>No world to explore, Toadsworth just sends you directly from dungeon to dungeon>Bros moves replaced by consumable items so you have to grind for money to buy them to beat up the HP sponge bosses>dogshit "humor" like getting vored by a huge yoshi or the internet Hammer Bros>Shroobs can't even speak when half the appeal of Mario RPG games is banter with the bad guysEven if you don't think its awful, PiT is a downgrade from SS across the board. Zoomers deserve the rope.

>>523545829>But the actual world design was pretty shitty.Nah, circle memes aside had a hell of a lot to explore if you weren't trying to blitz the game especially when it came to BW2 which is still one of the larger pokemon games in regards to explorable areas.

>>523542281By a metric mile. 1 is an okay game, but nothing special. 2 is a godawful travesty. Probably the second worst MM game, behind X7. 3 was actually pretty good, but the series was already dead by that point.

>>523528472Squeak squad was fucking beautiful. Shit I could even mix sword based copy abilities.

>>523546395>dogshit "humor" like getting vored by a huge yoshi>thinking that was meant to be humour

>>523528472>Partners in Time was worse than Superstar SagaYes, but Bowser's Inside Story was kino>Phantom Hourglass was worse than Minish CapNo argument from me, PH and ST are awful. PH is just a glorified tech demo for the DS>Prime Hunters was worse than Fusiontwo different genres entirely>Kirby Squeak Squad was worse than Amazing MirrorEven if you think this, Super Star Ultra is a port done right>Dark Dawn was worse than Golden Sun 1+2It's much worse than 2 but it's very on par with 1 if you look at 1 without nostalgia goggles>Advance Wars became worseYes>Starfy became worseI don't play this series>Pokemon became worseVanilla DP are bad but Plat, HGSS, and BW/BW2 are some of the best games in the series.>Master of Disguise was worse than Wario Land 4No arguments here>No Mario Tennis and Golf gamesNintendo left these franchises to rot after the GameCube anyways

>>523546731>Nintendo left these franchises to rot after the GameCube anywaysAces is the best tennis game to date.

>>523533961>never heard of itslit your throat faggot

>>523534161This is Holla Forums user. The conversation doesn't matter as long as you "win".

>>523546348BW2 feel like different games than BW, altough on the same region


>>523546348BW2 is widely considered better, but it's most appreciated if you played the first since it's a straight up sequel. It's like playing gen II before gen I, you'll have a good time but you won't fully appreciate Kanto until you've experienced the original.

>>523546348Play Challenge Mode or play through the Pokemon World Tournament and then come back and ask.


>>523535134This but I turn 30 this year. Black/white and their sequels are the closest I del to playing yellow for the first time

>>523528472>prime hunters isn’t even the same genre as fusion>pokemon got the physical special split and arguably peaked lole

>>523546995Fuck off, Power Tennis is better

>>523528472Too many shitty gimmicks: Rub daddy's bottom screen.Now, blown in the mic like a good little slut. Good, good.

>>523548736This is your brain on porn you slut!

>>523531128>Wojack poster is retardedWho would have guess?I played Red when it came out and didn't play another until Y. HGSS, Plat, and B2W2 are the best games with B2W2 being my all-time favorite.

>>523528472>Advance Wars became worseDays of ruin is the best advanced wars game. The tonal shift just filtered out retards like you


>>523549645>t. the kids who grew up with DoRIt's just so corny, at least the originals don't take themselves so seriously to the degree that it becomes unbearable to sit through.

>>523528472yeah,yeah faggot i know what you want here you go:Shin Megami Tensei: Devil SurvivorShin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2Shin Megami Tensei: Strange JourneyNew Super Mario Bros.Super Mario 64 DSThe Legend of Zelda: Phantom HourglassThe Legend of Zelda: Spirit TracksMetroid Prime HuntersMario & Luigi: Partners in TimeMario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside StoryPhoenix Wright: Ace AttorneyPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice For AllPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and TribulationsApollo Justice: Ace AttorneyAce Attorney InvestigationsAce Attorney Investigations: Prosecutor’s Path (fan-translated)Knights in the NightmareCastlevania: Dawn of SorrowCastlevania: Portrait of RuinCastlevania: Order of EcclesiaContra 4Trauma CenterTrauma Center 2The World Ends With YouGhost TrickWarioWare: TouchedWarioWare DIYGrand Theft Auto: Chinatown WarsPokemon Heartgold/SoulsilverPokemon PlatinumPokemon Black/White 1/2The Legendary StarfyChrono Trigger (best version with new content)Mario Kart DSSpace Invaders ExtremeSpace Invaders Extreme 2Avalon CodeBlue Dragon: Awakened ShadowBlue Dragon PlusKirby Superstar UltraKirby: Canvas CurseKirby Squeak SquadKirby Mass AttackFire Emblem: Shadow DragonFire Emblem: Shin Monsho no Nazo (JP fan translated)Big Bang MiniBleach: Dark SoulsBleach: The 3rd PhantomChessmaster: The Art of LearningFritz ChessFreshly-Pickled Tingle’s Rosy RupeelandTingle’s Balloon Trip of Love (JP fan translated)Tingle’s Balloon Fight (JP)Jump! Super Stars (JP)Jump! Ultimate Stars (JP fan translated)Umihara Kawase (JP)Legacy of Ys: Books I & IICommando: Steel DisasterChibi-Robo! Park Patrol (JP fan-translation)The Legend of Kage 2KORG DS-10 (neat for its time)7 WondersBoing! Docomodake DSKetsui Death Label (JP)Professor Layton and the Curious VillageProfessor Layton and the Diabolical BoxProfessor Layton and the Unwound FutureProfessor Layton and the Last Specter

>>523552158Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine DoorsInfinite SpaceSuper Control Mecha MG (JP fan-translation)Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan (JP)Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 (JP)Elite Beat AgentsG.G. Series Collection Plus (JP)Nintendogs if you’re into that (shovelware now but neat for its time)Brain Age (same as above)ContactAnother CodeAliens: InfestationCronos TwinsClubhouse GamesThe Dark SpireTetris DSN+Spectral Force GenesisSaGa 2 Remake (JP fan translated)SaGa 3 Remake (JP fan translated)Style Savvy (yes fuck you)Game and Watch Collection 1 and 2Etrian OdysseyEtrian Odyssey IIEtrian Odyssey IIIPac-PixPang Magical MichaelPokemon ConquestPrincess DebutPuchi Puchi VirusPuzzle Quest: Challenge of the WarlordsRiver City Super Sports ChallengeRobocalypseBomberman 2Inazuma ElevenArkanoid DSMario Hoops 3-on-3Rhythm HeavenSands of DestructionOntamaramaNinja Gaiden: Dragon’s Sword (it’s surprisingly good)Electroplankton (nothing fancy but neat)Planet Puzzle LeagueColor CrossSonic RushSonic Rush AdventureSonic Colors (very different from the Wii one)Dementium: The Ward (maybe not that outstanding now but certainly neat and impressive for its time)Dementium 2TheresiaFrom the AbyssFront MissionOkamidenSNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters DSFlower, Sun, and RainLovePlus if you’re into that (JP fan trasnlated)NinjatownNanostrayNanostray 2Nanashi no Geemu (JP fan translated)Dragon Quest IVDragon Quest VDragon Quest VIDragon Quest IXFeel the MagicRub RabbitsPhantasy Star ZeroMaple Story DSLost MagicMagical StarsignMaestro! Jump in MusicGlory of HeraclesFighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop MountainFinal Fantasy IIIFinal Fantasy IVFinal Fantasy: The 4 Warriors of LightFinal Fantasy Tactics A2Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of FatesFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimeDrawn to LifeDrawn to Life: The Next ChapterGiana Sisters DSAway: Shuffle DungeonElebitsMagneticaNeves

>>523552158Might and Magic: Clash of HeroesExit DSHotel Dusk: Room 215Diddy Kong Racing DSDonkey Kong: Jungle ClimberRetro Atari ClassicsScurge: HiveDisgaea DSResident Evil: Deadly SilenceThe SettlersPicross DS/3DSolatoroboBlack Sigil: Blade of the ExiledSoma Bringer (JP fan translated)Mr Driller: Drill SpiritsBatman: The Brave and the BoldPokemon Mystery DungeonLux-Pain (the translation is fucking horrible though)Last Window: The Secret of Cape WestDigimon World: Dawn/DuskDragon Quest Heroes: Rocket SlimeDragon Quest Monsters: JokerDragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the WandererSkate ItMystLogic CubesRayman DSSimcity DStheta (JP)Ultimate Mortal KombatAdvance Wars: Dual StrikeAdvance Wars: Days of RuinAdventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?Animal Crossing: Wild WorldDawn of HeroesTales of Innocence (JP fan translated)Kingdom Hearts 352/8 DaysKingdom Hearts Re:codedRune FactoryRune Factory 2Rune Factory 3Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the MinisLuminous ArcLuminous Arc 2Luminous Arc 3Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butoden (JP fan translated)Lock’s QuestLunar KnightsPuyo Puyo (not gonna list all of them)Jam With the BandMeteosRondo of SwordsNew Zealand Story: RevolutionCuldcept DS (JP fan translated)MoonPop TownKonami Classic Series: Arcade HitsCustom Robo ArenaAtelier Annie: Alchemists of Sera IslandRetro Game ChallengeRetro Game Challenge 2 (JP fan translation)Cross Treasures (JP fan translated)Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars – Director’s Cut7th DragonA Witch’s TaleWitch’s WishIzunaIzuna 2Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQCoropata (JP)Crimson Room DS (JP)Age of EmpiresDigdug: Digging StrikeSuper Princess PeachNostalgiaDragladeDraglade 2Metal Slug 7Monster TaleSuper Robot Taisen OG SagaSummon NightGeometry Wars: GalaxiesDodgeball BrawlersHarvest Moon: Sunshine IslandsHarvest Moon: Grand Bazaar

>>523552335Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two TownsWizard of OzLost in BlueLost in Blue 2Lost in Blue 3Touch DetectiveTouch Detecrive 2 1/2ScribblenautsSuper ScribblenautsHenry HatsworthTrackmania TurboBust-a-MoveGolden Sun: Dark DawnSoul BubblesWario: Master of DisguiseWorms: Open Warfare 2Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (specifically this one due to having a semblance of a story mode)Sonic & Sega All-Stars RacingYoshi’s Island DSNinja TownDragon Ball OriginsDragon Ball Origins 2Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the SayiansViva Pinata: Pocket ParadiseMegaman ZXMegaman ZX AdventMegaman StarforceMegaman Starforce 2Megaman Starforce 3The Megaman Starforce/EXE port/crossoverMegaman Zero CollectionSuikoden TierkreisTime HollowValkyrie Profile: Covenant of the PlumeViewtiful Joe: Double TroubleBangai-O SpiritsGunpey DSThere you go, now stop being a fag and play some games

>>523528717Uh no, it was seen as a return to form by most. DP were the biggest Pokemon games ever at the time and they retained almost all of the features RSE had. It was the last gen that actually built on all the previous ones without arbitrarily cutting a bunch of shit.

>>523528472>Phantom Hourglass was worse than Minish CapMinish Cap was made by Capcom, the GBA equivalent of Phantom Hourglass would have to be Four Swords Adventure.

>>523528472>Pokemon became worseBull fucking shitDPPt and HGSS are much better than RSE anf FRLG

>>523528717Hoenn is the worst generationEven Sword & Shield are better

>>523528472They weren't. Pokémon factually went downhill at Gen 5 but up from 3 to 4.

>>523528563Gen 4. Gen 5 was sliding down the hill fast.Only Gen 8 slid further away from the previous game and that's because it did what Gen 5 did but worse.

>>523528472Minish cap was dog shit

>>523528472>Pokemon became worse>when Gen 4 is the absolute peak of the franchise in terms of spinoffs and mainline

>>523528472>>Kirby Squeak Squad was worse than Amazing MirrorTrue but squeeky squad had fantastic art. Also they released superstar ultra which was one of if not the best game on the console.Everything else is true especially phantom hourglass. Fucking christ what a piece of shit.

>>523554580>gen 4>peak>everything introduced in gen 3 was downgraded>performs worse than any other game before it>cluttered designs that birthed the digimon meme


>>523528472I disagree for BW2 and Prime Hunters were really cool. But yeah you're pretty much right.

>strange journey and devil survivor gamesThank god im a third party developer fag


>>523528472>Kirby Squeak Squad was worse than Amazing Mirror>>Pokemon became worseI'm gonna kick your ass


I'm still amazed that we somehow didn't get a 2D Metroid game on this thing.

I will always defend Days of Ruin.

>>523555782Hoennbabies still seething Kinnoh made gen 3 obsolete.

>>523552158>>523552241>>523552335>>523552429all shit

>>523560238Metroid Dread was cancelled

>>523529835So did companies. Specifically konami.

>>523528472Gba was pretty shitty.Most of the library. Specifically from Nintendo were nothing but pokemon and mario games.

>>523529835They lost their motivation