Why is it okay when Nintendo does it

Why is it okay when Nintendo does it

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>>523527949>inb4 "because mario is good" because they can't come up with an actual defense

>>523527949Because mario is good

>>523527949This is unforgivable. No Mario Galaxy 2?

>>523528024forgot to attach image

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>>523527949because mario is good

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>>523527949Because mario is good


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Because people actually want to play Mario. I.e. it's actually good.

>mediocre shovelware remade into furry fap baitversus>three great games

>>523528178Hahahaha. Kojima trash.

>>523528178Movie the game

We don't know how buggy they're gonna be but I 100% agree. I'd give more justification for the games being straight ports if Galaxy 2 was included but this just seems like an easy way for Nintendo to get money.

>>523527949The first three mario games already got remakes and is available for free with snes switch online though

>>523527949Because mario shits all over snoy nobody shit

>>523528104>>523528182>>523528213>>523528237>>523528247So usual Nintendo games should be $200 because they're so much better than others, I expect you'll petition Nintendo to do so

>>523528247I agree they're mediocre but how are 3D Mario games furry fap bait?

>>523527949Crash trilogy has broken physics and it's 30fps on consoles

>>523528151They'll re-release that later on I reckon.

>>523527949Explain how I can value something if its own creator doesn't value it much?

>>523528809The physics only majorly affect ONE level and it has an easy cop-out method to beat. The 30FPS thing is retarded babbys-first-argument bait.

>one copy of the spyro and crash game bundle for ps4 thanks

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>>523528247>He likes N64 version of Mario 64>Not the 3DS superior remake

>>523528809imagine playing anything that has a PC port on a console

>>523528809>it's 30fps on consolesWait aren't the Mario games 30 fps too?

>>523529047Crash was not designed to run at 30fps

>>523529120>Not the 3DS superior remakeif it was on the 3DS it probably would have been

>>523527949>pill shaped hitbox

>>523529110The hell is wrong the left’s chest?Human torsos don’t look like that.

The Mario is a bad value, but the Crash games are still garbage


Why does Holla Forums ALWAYS think they are the target audience for EVERY piece of software that gets released? Zoomers have never played 64 and Sunshine, even Galaxy could be too old for them. On top of that you have people that just feel nostalgic. Why should Nintendo not give these people the chance to play some of the best games in the series? If you think it is too expensive then dust off your old Wii and play the games there, pirate them or whatever. But for people that want to play on their Switch and not have to deal with old shit it's just fine. Especially if you look at the price in relation to the time you get out of all 3.

>>523529110>one copy of the latest Nintendo rehash for the switch thanks

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>>523527949>straight ports>from builds buggier than the originalsSource or GTFO.

Non-shitposting answerThe Crash games had some glaring issues such as the pillbox, and bland color/lighting, and the Spyro set, despite playing prefectly fine, suffers from too much visual change for the sake of it.Still way better value than the tendie cashgrab.

>>523528281>>523528312still collectively more hours of gameplay

>>523529315It would be nice if Nintendo released those three games for 19.99+tax Not every american kid can spend lots of money on video games

SM64 could've had a bunch of shit, but Nintendo got way too lazy, to the point of not even offering widescreen. The fucking decomp port on Switch by fans has seen more QoL shit available to be added. Analog camera, wide-screen, 60fps, and most importantly, since it's not based on the shit Shindou version, BLJs are doable.

>>523529370Spyro is playable now after they removed motion blur on PS4

>>523529410You think America has it bad? Try living in Brazil or Australia. Nintendo's prices are terrible across the globe, but their games are simply not on the same level as the rest of the industry, especially these 3.

Poorfag here: where can I download Crash trilogy for PC with patches included? Last time I downloaded games on PC was back when Underground 2 was hot in 2006/2007

>>523527949Mario has soul is the difference sweaty

>>523527949Percent It’s $12 because they came out a while ago and no one wants to buy that shit

>>523529410that'd still be kinda bullshit considering Mario 64 was $9.99 on the Wii U eshop. If it was more like>Super Mario 64 ($9.99)>Super Mario Sunshine ($14.99)>Super Mario Galaxy ($19.99)Then THAT would be more like it.Hell I'd even take a Super Mario Galaxy 1+2 bundle for $30-$40

>>523527949its not okay, these consoomer onions boys are killing gaming. nintendo literally is not making any games, just releasing ports, roms, and licensing deals for years now.

>>523529539Nintendo is like Apple: selling expensive shit for upper middle class retardsI hate this business model.

>>523529548>implying crash and spyro never had soulgo back

>>523527949Op nobody actually complained about crash and spyro

>>523529676>Hell I'd even take a Super Mario Galaxy 1+2 bundle for $30-$40Those games are overrated. Besides, I believe they were ported on the Wii U not long agoThere are far better games on the 3DS waiting for a remaster other than Mario Sunshine

>>523529748this, they should start selling shovelware to spics with no disposable income who can only emulate games like me

mario 64 feels awful to play, insanely dated compared to crash 1.

>THINK OF THE KIDDIES WHO NEVER GOT TO PLAY THESE GAMES BEFORE!!!!The WiiU VC/Wii rereleases weren't that long ago you retards.

>>523529548>the most sterile gaming franchise aside from yearly EA sports games>soul

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>>523529867I'm a crash fan and even I disagree.

>Good morrow to you cashier. I trust today's weather finds you well? *ahem* Anyhoo, let us get to the matter at hand. I've come to purchase Super Mario 3D All Stars for the Nintendo Switch Life Upgrade system. Oh, and do make it snappy, I've not got all day!

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>>523529748Upper middle class retards? Have you seen the market shares for phones? Even poor people buy apple and then can't afford to eat for the rest of the month. Nintendo is not on the same level, they just artificially keep the prices high. I almost never buy 1st hand games AAA games from Nintendo, but this bundle is one of a kind + it is going to have insane resale value because of the limited release. If you don't hoard, you can easily get back 50-55 $ after finishing it.

>coping already begun

>>523529867I only really feel this way in the later levels like tick tock clock and rainbow ride where the camera actively works against you.

>>523527949Why no galaxy 2 though?To be honest i wanted to buy the gane, but i remember i have my hacked wii and an original copy of sunchine, not sure if i should do it, a music library doesn't seem like enough bonus content for me.

>$12>download code that can only be used on one account until the content is removed from the serversor>$60>physical copy that will work for as long as the cartridge lasts>can make your own backupgee I wonder which is the better value>>523529372>muh $/hrpoorfag, autism, or both?

>>523529591The Mario games came out 20, 15, and 10 years ago

>>523528024>3 of some of the greatest Mario games of all times>Mario is a revered franchise>6 games from a PS1 relic that literally never had a good release after that genI know this is low tier trolling but at least attack the mario collection on the stink of it's own shit. The comparisons to spyro and crash are very smooth-brain.

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>>523529970Pretty autistic but generally a nice guy. I'd be friends with this man.

Did everyone just forget the difference between remakes and remasters.Also why did you lie about the Spyro + Crash bundle being $12

It's kind of disgraceful to call this collection of nearly straight ports an "All-Stars" when the original Super Mario All-Stars were versions of the 4 NES Mario games with massively enhanced graphics and sound. Even more disgraceful that Nintendo's holiday season is Oops! All Ports. ACtrannies fucking ruined the year for Switch owners.

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>>523529867Having played 64 years after I mastered BK, I can say for a fact that 64 was dated even shortly after it was released. It's only popular for 3 reasons:1. Nostalgiafags2. Speedrun trannies3. Gaming historians who praise its controls.

>>523527949>No Galaxy 2There is literally no excuse.

>>523527949The argument that this is meant for kids so you shouldn't complain about the price immediately falls apart when you take into consideration who the fuck is actually buying this for them. Because it ain't the kids that are buying it, that's for sure.

>>523530307You would see the same level of shitposting if they actually remodeled Mario64. It'd be compared to some shit Unreal version of SM64 that they didn't bother to praise beforehand.

>>523527949Western cope thread time?

>>523527949>builds buggier than the originalHow so user, the only bug difference I know of is that it's the version of super mario 64 which patches out backwards long jumps, regardless of your thoughts on that it's objectively less buggy

>>523530289It saw a humble monthly thing for $12 m8

>>523528178Metal Gear was always shit. Mario is actual good.

>>523530246>3 of some of the greatest Mario games of all timesHilariously wrong. >Mario is a revered franchiseAll-Stars on the SNES had 5 games and 4 of them had improved graphics and save features. Reverence is no excuse for laziness.

>>523527949The Mario games are not even ports, they're emulated.

>>523530246consoom more

>>523530246it's not even an argument about game quality, retard. it's about pricing and value that reflects the effort going into the products being compared

>>523530646>pulling shit out of assok

>>523530613Cope shîtçh tranny

>>523530724Quality influences value. If Crash 1, 2, and 3 released at $60 they'd have a hard time justifying that even with the graphical improvements. The same graphics Holla Forums was shitting on regularly before this mario announcement, but we won't mention that :)

>>523530613how would you know? you never owned anything other than a nintendo system. you never played any of the games in this collection, and the ones you do have on nintendo systems are inferior remakes

>>523530794your only proving me right, kys reddit

>>523530519kinda shitty to compare a huge humble bundle sale price to an MSRP butwhatever

>>523530816quality is subjective, time and effort isn't. Also as for the art direction of the crash remakes, definitely a mixed bag, but there's more objective effort and quality put into it than this mario collection

>>523530816The difference is that Activision put forth the effort, it's a given that Nintendo would do a remake justice if they bothered with one :)

>>523530984It was a limited digital release :)

>>523530875>kys reddit>he says while being a reddit tier consoomer

>>523530764If these were native ports all 3 games would run much better, Sunshine & Galaxy are nothing but ISO files with a few minor hacks and Mario 64 is a WAD file as everything runs off of Nvidia's Wii emulator originally made for the Chinese Shield TV.Proper remakes will be release at a later date.

>>523530238would you spend $350 on a 5 minute game?

>>523531175It's actually kind of amazingly disgusting how these cunts have been able to turn around the soiboy/reddit meme here to be about critical fans instead of blindly loyal, standardless consoomers.


>>523527949There's silly justifications that I'm sure Nintendo use, such as how they added new control schemes or there's soundtracks added which are completely ridiculous since YouTube exists and the control schemes are gonna be worse than the original in Sunshine's case at least. Also >>523528178 MGS collection was GOAT and Nintendo couldn't even bother with adding an artbook and is still more expensive than MGS collection. It'd be justified to me if they were remade from the ground up in the BOTW/Odyssey engine, then Nintendo could work toward doing the same with Zelda 64 games next year, but even Crash and Spyro were cheaper as full remakes, with Spyro being kinda shitty design wise, but Crash knocked it out of the park. It's pretty ridiculous Nintendo haven't given people more in terms of fucking artbooks or whatever, just to justify the shitty pricetag.

>>523528024Its true though. People actually want these games and it's more expensive to buy the originals.

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>>523527949why are you still seething over this?

>>523527949why is>thing only done by nintendoonly ok when nintendo does it??????

>>523531659mario 64 is on the Wii U eshop for $10, and mario galaxy is $20 on there.

>comparing launch prices to discount prices years after releaseShouldn't you be playing the THPS remake or something?

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>>523527949>left>furry shovelware that died long ago for good reason>right THE Mario times 3

>>523527949On the left is given out like used coasters and skeet targets. On the right is about $100-120 to play.Hur dur.

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>>523531934Why is it $120

>>523529372>mgs >game playFuck kojima and fuck you

>>523531902that's the thing though, this won't ever be discounted because it won't be up forever. After March it's gone.

>>523531743People should be. I fucking love Nintendo, but the way they do this is a pretty anti-consumer practice and pro-consooooomer practice. I'm at least happy the UK didn't sell out of the physical copy, which was surprising, although they've gotten better with meeting demand with their experience on amiibos and scalpers.

>>52353024324, 18, 13 years.

>>523529316Now post the Snoy rehash one with the freak parade

>>523531807only onions fags buy digital. We trade in real goods here.

>>523532081>I fucking love NintendoYIKES imagine "loving" any company.

>>523530382>Galaxy 2Saved for summer 2021 release as "Galaxy 2 + Bowser Jr's Quest" retailing at 59.99 USD plus tip :)

>>523531931>Left.Games built from the ground up.>Right.2 ISOs and a Wii WAD file dump with minor hacks and HD texture packs running on a Wii emulator originally made for the Chinese Shield TV.youtube.com/watch?v=JMQWcl_99fs

>>523532007Mario 64 is about 35-50Sunshine is steady 40Galaxy is $10-20

>>523532081>you should be mad for days solely because nintendo made a single stupid decision Like dude, just don't fucking buy the games. Pokemon SW/SH were fucking awful and I was mad about it for like a day but I didn't buy the fucking game.

>>523532049Seethe more

>>523527949It's not, but imbeciles would buy ground arsenic to season their food if Nintendo slapped Mario's face on the shaker.

>>523532073If it's so terrible then why are you so concerned it's going away?

>>523532474when did I say it was terrible?

>>523528334>games is availableChrist, what a retard

>>523527949It's not ok, but it dosn't matter because the demand and laziness of customers outweighs the bad buisness practice. I will admit that I bought a physical copy, because $60 is not a big deal to me and setting up old consoles or emulating is a step more than I am willing to take. Thats it. Stop talking about it on a Taiwanese Oragami Pictorial Forum and go and complain about it on Nintendo's Website.

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>>523532275Yes we know ps1 trash and especially ps1 furfag shovelware was always awful playing and looking but 3D Marios were always excellent games that need to changing.

>>523527949>Why is it okayA couple days ago people here were shitting on the Nintendo Direct. What changed?

>>523532302Why are they so expensive

>>523532671Complaining is pointless if lazy dipshits like you reward their asinine business practices.

>>523532671>it’s not ok>I still bought it thoughYou’re no better than the rabid fanboys Nintendo still gets your money

>>523532302did you pull these prices out of your ass? where are you getting these from?

My question is anyone going to do anything about it, i mean, its happens a lot and nothing changes

>>523527949>buy first one on sale>prerorder the second oneWhy do I do this?

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I like Crash 1-3 a lot(hell I even lke wrath of cortex). I used to like Spyro 2 when I was little, I don’t think I still would though. If you think either of those series stack up to Super Mario 64 though than I don’t know how to help you. You probably haven’t played any of them and are just assuming the quality must be the same since they’re all E rated platformers.

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>>523527949The crash remakes were shit though

>>523532980pretty defeatist user. I mean at that point why criticize anything if it's already done?

>>523532964 I bought all of them this last decade. Just looked up the current prices.Mario 64 is 35Sunshine is 65Galaxy is 13

>>523533031Because the Mario All Stars collection is a limited edition that will never go on sale you would have pay more if you didn't get it in the first year?

>>523533353where did you buy them from?

Because if they're emulated roms injection is possible

>>523533507Yeah pretty much, it's a good investment, since it's limited it will be a collector's item and in a couple of years the price will sky rocket. Also the games are good.

>>523529845the majority of low IQ nintendo fans are upper middle cass american retards


>>523527949because nintendo, unironicallyand the sheep will eat it and up defend it

>Crash was bundled with Spyro and 12 bucks at release

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>>523527949>build buggier than the original sunshine(X) Doubt

>>523529748This is just a cope for poor people. But Nintendo products aren't expensive like Apple ones. They just don't put their games on sale (actually they do on the store, at like 33%).

I think I should make an image that explains the differences between remakes and remasters, as well as regular ports since there seems to be a bit of an overlap.Anything I should know about the two other than remakes being more of a reimagining while remasters try to stay faith and keeping little changes?What games would you use to describe the two?

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>>523528178Nincels will defend this.

>>523534282Remasters use the same engine.The engine itself is the master

>>523527949>6x shit Mario 64 knockoffsEw. No thanks.

>>523527949>limited digital releaseWhat the fuck? Are they going to run out of online copies? What a bunch of scumbags?

>>523534804>any 3d platformer is a rip-off of mario 64 even if completely fundamentally different in designyou people are an actual cancer to the gaming industry

>>523530238>if you can backup the second one, then you can backup the first one retard

>>523535260How the fuck is Spyro "fundamentally different" to Mario 64? Its a carbon copy of its game design. It wouldn't exist without it.

>>523532275>2 ISOs and a Wii WAD file dump with minor hacks and HD texture packs running on a Wii emulator originally made for the Chinese Shield TV.can't prove it with a 2018 video and without the actual game

>>523529970Sometime I`d love to talk this way but im no fedora

>>523535435Spyro's controls and level design are completely different. Are you stupid? Environments in Spyro are designed to be huge and open ended for you to fly around in. If anything it's more similar to Banjo-Kazooie in terms of objectives being centered around various collectables. Mario 64's levels, while open, are more compacted and controls are more about precision

>>523536170>Spyro's controls and level design are completely different. Are you stupid? You clearly don't understand game design. Stop talking to me.

>>523527949No one cares about spyro and crash. Not even Sony gives a fuck about spyro and crash when they helped to drive console sales during the ps1 era.

>>523536442he's right though, spyro controls nothing like mario. level design isn't really that drastically different, but different enough to separate both of them.

Because the three games Nintendo gives you are each better than all 6 Activision games combined. It's called the law of price and demand: Nobody demanded Crash or Spyro games, so the price was dirt cheap. Everybody demanded older mario games be ported to new systems, so they could probably have gotten away with selling them at $30-40 each.>>523528395So usual Nintendo games should be $200 because they're so much better than others, I expect you'll petition Nintendo to do soIf that's what people are willing to pay for them, sure.

>>523531634Could you imagine Nintendo copyright striking every music track from youtube, just to make this collection look like a better option?

>>523535304>buy $60 digital game>back it up and pay some Russian $500 to crack it for you>buy $60 physical game>back it up>sell it for 10x profit because Nintendo hates their fans

>>523531324But user, I already own a Vive & Index controllers and that ran me $1000 for 0 minutes of gameplay

>>523537007i'm going to remember this post. I have a bad feeling...

>>523530614If anyone ever mentioned All-Stars before this week you autists would've shat all over the "improved" graphics

>>523537052would you fork over $350 to play a 5 minute game with them?

>>523529748>Nintendo is like Apple: selling expensive shit for upper middle class retardsThe difference is that apple products are essentially the same as non-apple ones. You can't do anything with your iphone or your mac you couldn't do with a phone or computer costing half as much. You can get games similar to Mario, but they're not the same, and usually much worse. There's nothing on the PS4 you could call a replacement for Mario Odyssey.

>>523530307>>523530430Meant to also quote you here >>523537154It's like everyone forgot about it the instant 3D All Stars was announced>>523537176What's the game?

>>523537208you can play literally every single Mario game on PC for free

>>523536875>level design isn't really that drastically different, but different enough to separate both of them.The entire core game design is copied wholesale from Mario 64.Before Mario 64 developers had no fucking idea how to make platform games in 3D.Nintendo decided HUB world - and all levels will branch of this hub.Smaller number of levels but they will be replayed with different objectives allowing developers more time to make memorable environments.Levels will designed like 3D explorable diorama rather assualt courses.Future levels can be unlocked by completing objectives in other levels letting the player control their own progression.Nintendo wrote the rule book on this shit.

>>523537114Knock on wood.

Because the Crash remakes play like ass.

>>523537281I almost responded seriously

>>523529240Pectus excavatum

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>>523537282I'm not denying Mario 64 set a foundation for 3D platformers to follow, but to act like everything preceding it should be considered just a rip off is absurd

>>523537590*following, not preceding. excuse my retardation

>>523534697>M2 reverse engineered Fantasy Zone because Sega destroyed the original source code years age.>M2 made Fantasy Zone 2 DX on a real Sega System 16 board strictly because it can handle basic at a decent frame rate as older hardware like the Sega System 1/2 are restricted to assembly.>Mario 3D All Stars is nothing but hacked Wii ISOs and a Wii VC WAD file running under a emulator.>Nvidia hacked Mario Sunshine to run in Wii mode, complete with 16:9 and Classic controller support.

>>523537590>precedingsucceeding* Also the user is specifically talking about game design, not the minutia like controls (and the differences in level design resulting from differences in controls)>>523536170I replayed Spyro 1refently and it definitely has some precise parts. I also never really felt like the levels were "open" at least moreso than a game like SM64.

>>523537794Ah fuck me your reply loaded right as I posted >>523537970, excuse me. Speaking of which...>1refently1 recently*, whoops

>>523530430this>if they remade the gamesNO MY SOUL AHHHH>if they actually remastered them properlywtf i can just play on the pc???

Supply and demandPeople actually want the games on the right so it costs more

>>523529548kys nintendo baby

>>523528024It’s true, it’s not a defense. Super Mario Sunshine, which some consider to be the weakest 3d Mario entry, is still stronger than any Crash or Spyro game. Crash and Spyro are Western-made C-tier mascot platformers destined for the value bin. Mario 64 DS, which has awful controls and questionable changes and additions, was sold at retail well into the life of the 3ds and never got a price reduction. In fact, it increased in price from its original $29.99 to $39.99 since to factor in 10 years of inflation. Meanwhile Spyro and Crash bundled together are struggling to sell at a reduced price. That’s the difference

>>523530430Switch doesn't have backwards compatibility with the Wii, this were all ported to switch.

>>523537281A) my PC's shitB) My monitors aren't 50 inchesC) I'm willing to pay a premium for the convenience of not having to pirate games

>>523529192There's the 3DS port of the N64 version, which will probably be superior to Nintendo just emulating it on the Switch.

>>523538469Meant 3DS port of the PC version

>>523527949>this is ok>but we will never get Super Paper Mario and TTYOD as portsFuck Nintendo!

>>523528395I wasn't planning on it but maybe. Nintendo deserves it. I'll pay whatever I need to for their games. They're that good.

>>523528178This is just the MGS HD collection in a retail bundle with MGS4 and download codes for a PS1 game. Should be only comparing MGS HD collection.

>>523537970I understood what he was saying, I was more or less just talking about the sentiment of devaluing something as an "inferior rip off to Mario 64" just because of that.Also >>523538061it's fine, we're all fucking retarded here. If we weren't, we'd be doing something more productive than yelling at each other over stupid shit like this

>>523538563>TTYOD>The Thousand-Year-Old DoorNot sure why but this made me chortle

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>>523527949show me right now where I can get the spyro and crash bundle for $12. you can't.

Why are nintendo cultists so mentally ill?

Spyro and crash are nowhere near as good as mario, but yeah the limited release, not remastering them, and charging $60 is shitty

>>5235279493 great Mario games for $20 each is a pretty good deal if you don't pirate games like a filthy Brazilian. I'm actually glad Holla Forums is upset about this because it means Holla Forums is piratepilled.

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>>523538804>an inferior rip offAhh I stopped following the chain right before I got to the first post, I didn't notice user led the argument with that. A lot of people seem to confuse Sony's marketing of Spyro and Crash as "cool" foils to Mario with the original intention behind the character design.

The answer always comes down to shareholders.>COVID creates shitty worldwide recession>This and Super Mario Bros 35 are limited releases until March 31st>March 31st is the end of their fiscal yearDo the math.

>>523538916>Hurrr anyone who likes something I don't like is a mentally ill cultistCope/take your meds

>>523533507It being a limited edition is a greedy dick move from Nintendo, Holla Forums decries artificial scarcity of digital goods from any other dev or publisher

>>523528024>bbbut crash and spyro are shovelware!

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>>523527949It's not but I don't care. The problem is unregulated capitalism allowing consumer unfriendly practices, that isn't something me or anyone else here can stop right now.

>>523533353>>523532302The objectively best versions of those games all cost 0 dollars to play on PC (and 64 on switch)Therefore the all stars 3d collection is literally worth less than 0 dollars.

>why yes I defend multi billion dollar corporations on the internet for free, how did you know?

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The Spyro and Crash remasters are the definition of soulless and are filled with odd design changes from the originalsThe Mario rerelease being just the games in higher resolution are for the best. Still too much for that price, at least have something like a museum for concept art, trivia, etc. like Kirby's anniversary or those Namco Museum games. Wouldn't be surprised if Mario gets just a simple menu

>>523527949>$12u wot

>>523527949>the reason they killed the virtual console was so they could get away with shit like this

>>523539352There's a difference between liking something and rabidly defending scummy practices, cultist.

>>523540636Cause you type like a faggot that does

>>523527949I want to play Mario, I don’t have Mario.

>>523527949Can you just let us be happy? I want to buy the game why is that so wrong?

>>523527949In what world is that $12?

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>>523527949>don’t remake the game>people bitch about low-effort remasters>remake the game>people bitch about MUH SOULJust shut the fuck up already. You don’t even have to buy it if you already own the games or emulate. I can’t imagine why this would be a problem for anyone.

>>523541294It was a limited digital release :)It also came with ~7 other games humblebundle.com/monthly/p/november_2019_monthly

>>523541405Do you seriously think the muh soul shitposters are people who even give a single shit about games? Everyone who actually likes crash and spyro is happy with the remasters and played them already.

>>523541405Cool original strawman, got any more?

>>523527949Just wait for it to go on sale or buy it used if you're so butthurt about the price, snoyfag

Attached: 1554803655208.jpg (1022x688, 175.88K)

>>523541405People are complaining about the price. Although I would've loved to see what a Nutendo remake would've looked like.

>>523537009>>back it up and pay some Russian $500 to crack it for youlol nopeboth the PS4 and the Switch are cracked, you can backup both of the games fine

>>523527949I don’t even mind the fact that they’re ports and not remakes, I just don’t understand why they couldn’t included more games in the collection like 64 ds, galaxy 2, the new super mario bros games, or even yoshi’s island.

>>523541294Civilized sections of the world.

>>523530613>sunshine>goodIt's a mediocre game that got carried by brand recognition. Zoomers are literally the only people that like it.

>>523541782You can backup software that is tied to a specific account and load it on a new device to play offline? I'd very much like to see this. I got some PS+ games to backup

Attached: oops all ports.png (1502x2379, 3.83M)


Attached: 1431816564859.jpg (462x462, 47.73K)

>>523527949On one hand I want to say it's convenient to have all 3 in one place and having them all be portable is nice. Sunshine's nice too because cheap Gamecube games are hard to come by.On the other hand though I feel like there could've been way more. Mainly Galaxy 2 and any other extras aside from just a music player. When you compare it to other anniversary games/bundles it's just kind of depressing.On the third hand just fucking pirate all of them. Dolphin's so optimized it works even on shittier PCs/laptops and if you can't emulate Mario 64 then what fucking year are you currently living in?

Attached: 1599137540254.jpg (600x735, 54.39K)

>>523541580>limited release>even for digital>sale

>>523540986The Mario collection is also nothing but ISO and WAD dumps running through a emulator.It was so bad that Nintendo is taking it off by the end of March so they can replace the games with proper remakes, $60 dollars each.

>>523542225you can do it with cracked PS4s retardjust like you would need a cracked switch to backup that cartridge

>>523542218Bad opinion

>>523542538>The Mario collection is also nothing but ISO and WAD dumps running through a emulator.You have been asked for a proof 2+ times and weren't able to answerStop talking out of your ass when no one has been able to datamine the game

>>523542408>emulating mario 64>he doesn't know about the PC port

>>523542590I wasn't aware it was that easy to backup digital games, no need to be a fag about it.So there's literally no extra steps to circumvent Sony/Nintendo DRM? Just have the cracked device and that's it?

>>523527949There’s no point to these threads, Nintendo defenders will just whine “B-B-BUT THAT GAME IS SHIT AND MARIO IS THE GOAT!!” when they’re backed into a corner. It’s the same shit you see on twitter, they’re a consoomer hive mind


>>523542895But what if those games are shit and Mario is GOAT?

Thats because Crash and Spyro are dogshit games, Mario is good

>>523541580>limited release>salebased retard

>>523543089They’re literally not >>523539942

>>523528236that's a lot of games... a lot more than club house 51.

>>523529970>Life Upgrade systemI understood that reference

>>523543020>one game out of three>homebrew emulator>not the same console>>>>>>>>>>>>2018Not a proof that the switch runs this 2020 3-game collection via mere ISOs/WADs emulation, you will have to wait for a datamine for that


Attached: 1599226535515.jpg (750x394, 56.07K)

>>523539942Wowiewowow metacritic you sure showed us.

>>523527949Shouldn't it be called "All stars and suns" since you only get stars in two of these games?

>>523528024Sonic SatAM is a good cartoon because it's good, fuck you for trying to argue.

>>523543386Mario 64 is a Wii VC WAD file running under Nvidia's Wii emulator as no N64 emulator exists for Switch yet.

>>523541671You fags can emulate if you don’t already own it then. This remaster is for people that didn’t play it.

>>523528379The Crash and Spyro trilogies are on Switch, too.

>>523532671This, fellow Nintenbro! I tried setting up an emulator but it was too difficult and felt wrong to play. I also can't remember where the yellow red white cords from my Wii go.

>>523543550>those dont count!there it is, right on time

>>523543386>>523543664That and the Shield TV & Switch use the exact same SOC chip.The Wii emulator was made by Nvidia themselves, it's official and is was even licensed by Nintendo themselves.

>>523527949They could have re-released each one individually for $20 and nobody would bat an eye.

Attached: 9819e0e3aa3504071fbabc4191243c82.jpg (1000x884, 244.51K)


I'm actually glad they're keeping the games the same as the original experiences. I would like games totally remade from the ground up, but I also want the original experiences as they were on the home console as well.

>>523528809>it's 30fps on consolesas opposed to 15 fps Mario 64 on SWITCH lmfao

>Nintendo's 2020>AC Delay from 2019 to 2020>XC:DE port from Wii>Mario Origami King, rehash of Color Splash>Pikmin 3 Deluxe>3 Mario Ports, N64, GameCube, Wii>most cash rich company in Japan

>>523544048Not worth $60

>>523544153Barebones game with less content than New LeafWii PortNew gameWii U portN64, GameCube, Wii portAll this in a 12 month period from the most cash rich company in Japan that merged it's handheld and console game divisions so they could make more games.

>>523527949Imagine unironically arguing in favour of the awful ToysForBob garbage just because you hate Nintendo.

Attached: 1593580099357.png (1230x1008, 1.49M)

>>523544153>>523544187>>523544248And worse of all, it' going to sell like fucking gangbusters. I expect on their next IR report to see this 3D All Stars collection sold 4-5 million units in two months. People are goin to go fucking rabid and buy these copies like madmen.

>>523543664>64 is emulating the wii to run a wad that runs on wii's vc n64 emulatoran emulator running an emulator instead of just properly porting it, jesus

>>523543664>>523543878There's a wii emulator for the shield tv, but that alone isn't enough to prove that the 3 games will be emulated on the switchThere isn't enough elements apart from speculation right now

>>523544327I just wanted Nintendo to put in equal effort

Attached: 1541022539938.webm (942x1080, 2.93M)

What do you wager it cost Nintendo to make this 3D All Stars compilation? I'm going to go ahead and stay conservative and say this was probably a million dollar project by a very small team. And what do you wager they'll make on it? 10 million copies by the holidays for 60 dollars each is 600 million dollars right?

>>523539942>>bbbut crash and spyro are shovelware!No they're not. They're amazing in fact. But the remakes absolutely are. They can fuck off forever I absolutely hate them!


Attached: 1561340181672.png (200x332, 95.26K)

>>523544430WOW. Wish Nintendo had done Mario the honor like that bottom one! WOW what a remake. look how good it looks and the fact it doesnt do the gems animation or have any background at all WOW....

>>523544327I've said this before, so hopefully I don't seem like some kind of spammer, but as much as I don't think the Spyro remake looks perfect, I do think they nailed what modern Insomniac would have put out. I find that pretty impressive.I'm not a fan of these remakes that add detail for the sake of detail, though.


>>523544438It took 20 minutes and zero dollars to make, the only cost they have is marketing

>>523544407Ocarina of Time 3D and Majora's Mask 3D, and even Wind Waker HD all took several steps backwards for each step forward. I am not necessarily against remakes. But the original games better be available too, and I've really, really wanted the original games on my Switch.


>>523544660oot 3d is fine

>>523544660I really wish they'd just clean up the textures and re-release the games as they were. I despise the ground up remakes from Spyro and Crash. It's not the same as the originals, and it's not better, and never will be.

Attached: 1523449633784.png (2031x406, 1.88M)


Attached: 1466954307594.jpg (490x490, 49.91K)

>>523532671>>523543826You do realize emulating is easy to do, even the laziest of people can emulate n64/gc games right?I don’t even blame Nintendo for profiting from consumers like you or fanatics you can see on yt. It’s just easy money.

>>523531807>>523532178oooooo get fucked faggot

>>523544763I would have bought the Crash and Spyro collections in a heartbeat if they were just that. Collections and not awful remakes.

Attached: 1542130727551.png (2848x1080, 2.07M)

>>523544763Crash and Spyro remakes were fucked because they were rushed, not made by the original devs, and had 10x more content to remake than any of the Mario games. Nintendo shouldn't have those obsctacles.

i just wish ninty ha put in effort on a remakes u kno like sony did

Attached: money.jpg (301x167, 12.16K)

>>523544387Nintendo is using the same emulator as the Shield TV's emulator due to using the same chip set, plus Ct.Tsubasa & NateDrake both said that all 3 games are emulated as if they were ports they will be running much better on the Switch.>Mario 64 is a Wii VC WAD file due to that the Switch doesn't have a proper N64 emulator yet.>Sunshine is a hacked GameCube ISO running in Wii mode with 16:9 and Wii Classic Controller support.>Galaxy is a Wii ISO.>All 3 games have HD texture packs.>All 3 games use the same Wii emulator.


Attached: 20 dolla.jpg (1505x916, 205.59K)

>>523545087You are literally saying you're happy for the privilege of paying extra so Nintendo doesn't have to put in any effort and potentially ruin the original games because they're as incompetent as the studios the Crash and Spyro games were outsourced to. The complaints are about straight ports costing more than ground up remakes, if the collection was $20 and had Galaxy 2 no one would complain.

I like the games, but I agree this shit is ridiculous. I’m glad I have a hacked switch so I don’t have to pay for lazy ports.

I'm imagining the Crashies and Spyies literally crying and banging their fists and seething saying HOW CAN NINTENDO DO THIS

>>523545212Crash and spyro are and always have been shit games. The remakes are even worse. End of story. You couldn't PAY ME to play that shit

>>523543827Sorry champ didn't mean to rack down on your normie friends and game journos that you love.

>>523545212If they made them like this on the right I wouldn't pay 0 dollars>>523544934If Nintendo shit all over their franchises and """"remade""" them instead of just making new games from the ground up like "Odyssey 2" I would just not buy it.My only issue is that 3D All Stars should be 39.99. But I don't want them remade so they look like cartoon unity/unreal shlock.

What is this ugly ass rim lighting effect called and why has it been in every Nintendo game since the Wii

Attached: light.png (610x394, 613.52K)

>>523545407Crash and Spyro are average games that very clearly tried to ape Mario. The biggest problem is that they are braindead collectathons, especially Spyro 1. 99% of the levels are just, walk down a corridor, grab all gems, exit.

>>523544430>nuConsoles are cancerWhat else is new?

>>523545407Same but for Mario games

Attached: 1555241379737.png (1200x900, 838.42K)

>zoomers itt legit think if a game is "remade" in unreal engine it's worth more money than the original gameJesus fuck I'm feeling secondhand embarrassment.

Attached: 3536563.jpg (800x600, 182.28K)

>>523545671Why would Nintendo use Unreal, what's wrong with you

>>523527949It's not, just like the pic you showed up (although the same in principle, both trilogies retailed 40$ on their launch)

>>523545426>normie game journalists>in 1999

>>523545608What a cope. Spyro has always been trash and a straight up cheap imitation that tried to follow up on mario 64.

>>523545815Same but for Mario games especially 64 that stole Argonaut's 3D ideas

>>523545508In joke within the LDP.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberal_Democratic_Party_(Japan)


Attached: yeah.jpg (606x916, 152.73K)

>>523545862>Argonauts Who? Were talking about successfull games here.

>>523545147>Nintendo is using the same emulator as the Shield TV's emulator due to using the same chip setDoesn't mean these games are being emulated>Ct.Tsubasa & NateDrake both said that all 3 games are emulated as if they were ports they will be running much better on the Switchso a baseless opinion without proofs to back it?

>>523545813Oh no he thinks game journos were good before.

>>523545975They made Star Fox


>>523545719I dunno. What makes Mario 64 timeless and beloved is it's artstyle and it's surreal levels and 90s graphics.Change that and it's not Mario 64. it's literally named after the Nintendo 64.

>>523528024I give you spyro but Crash is shit

Insomniac ran out of ideas with spyro very quickly, so quickly in fact they added in other characters you play as in the sequels because they were fucking done with Spyro. They had no idea what to do with him or where to take him. Mario is fucking timeless, meanwhile, and his creators didn't abandon him to other studios.

>>523546145The game is a glorified tech demo, no thought went into the level themes or cohesion, all the textures are stock pictures in muddy low res, there's signs of corner cutting and rushed development everywhere, acting like these things are somehow crucial to the aesthetic and not the result of a lazy "they'll buy it anyway the suckers" mentality like it is right now is childish and delusional.

>>523546256>what is FLUDD>what is Luma>what is Cappyoh no no no no no

>>523546163crash is better than mario 64

>>523546538Crash which is "we can't utilize 3D the game" vs Mario which is "we perfected 3D instantly the game"

If Ape Escape gets an awful remake collection instead of plain ports I will actually cry.

>>523546715mario 64 is a shitty tech demo with awful levels thrown together at the last minute

>>523546520>adding to gameplay mechanics is the same as not playing the main character

>>523527949Can we stop with this constant Spyro shilling? As a person who played both it and Crash without any nostalgia, Crash is GOAT but Spyro fucking sucks. Anything that people complain about in DK64 is literally the point of every Spyro game. Walk forward and pick up items. That's the whole game. I'd agree with these threads if they were only showing Crash, but the constant inclusion of this trash collection of objectively bad games just makes me angry

>>523546920FLUDD and Cappy are actually more prominent than the companions in Year of the Dragon ever were, you play the entire games with the objects' help, whereas there's only 3-4 bonus levels where you play the animal companions in Spyro. That's how little faith Nintendo has in Mario.

another day of seething at nintendoembarrassingbut hey in a few months you'll have the privilege to buy a new $500 nogame box

>>523544660OoT 3D was fine and the only problem with MM was reworking some of the bosses for no reason and fucking with art design. Making the triforce piece hunting more streamlined completely nullifies any and all backsteps that might exist (of which I'm currently blanking on naming a single one). Tingle Bottle and the fast sail are cherries on top.

>>523547019Yeah at least you have an argument with Crash but only furryshits like Spyro.

>>523547054>$500If it comes out that cheap I'll be moderately impressed

>>523527949I'd get this only because I never played Sunshine all the way through and I never played Galaxy but I tried Galaxy 2 and I hated it. I already have my N64 and original Mario 64 cart and I still have my Gamecube so if I really want to play Sunshine I can just find an old copy.

>>523547049funny how the argument moves from "Fuck Mario litteral rehash 41412" to "Hurr needed gimmik to stay alive" however it suits the narrative.

>>523547241Gamecube emulation is perfect even on shit PCs

>>523547305>Hurr needed gimmik to stay aliveThat's literally what the original poster claimed for Spyro, that was the entire point of the argument

>>523547315But I already have a Gamecube. Why sit in front of a computer when I can relax in a comfy chair in front of my CRT?

>>523547396Just saying, it wasn't really regarding your guys discussion.

>>523547181>Making the triforce piece hunting more streamlined completelymakes it an entirely different game that's an entirely different experience. And does not nullify all other backsteps outside of this.

>>523547241I have trouble believing that you were open-minded when trying Galaxy 2 if you really hated it. I mean I hate using that word, but both Galaxies are objectively fucking amazing. The only thing I like less about them is the fact that they're more course-based than Sunshine / 64. I'd give it another shot if i were you

>>523546001These games are indeed being emulated (they would of ran better if they were ported to Switch).And those are not baseless opinion, they're facts.

>>523547529Name them

>>523547430put a comfy chair in front of your pc then you retard

>>523547575Basically I started it and was irritated at the long-ass cinematic opening movie and then the piss-easy tutorial levels and didn't feel like I was actually playing a game so I just dropped it. So no, maybe I wasn't in the right frame of mind.

>>523547648Not comfy., PC is for work.

>>523547884You can hook up a PC to a CRT with the right cables and adapters

these threads are what cope looks likeive never seen so many shitty excuses

>>523547815Yeah. I mean if you do change your mind and pick it up, be sure to play Galaxy. Great, great game

>>523547614>These games are indeed being emulated>they would of ran better if they were ported to SwitchDepends on the quality of the port.>And those are not baseless opinion, they're factsTwo people that haven't been able to mine the game having an *opinion* about it, isn't a proof that it's emulated.Absolutely no meaningful proof has been posted here.

>>523527949>>523528178>every other game is for normal humand with standards >Nintendo games are for retarded subhumans with no standardsMakes sense

>>523528178I find both great deals, cope poorlet

>>523547631>Name themYou mean the other backsteps? Well. The visuals for one. That's like the major thing. The removal of the Tingle Tuner is almost insulting though, even though it was never an essential item. The Wii U could have absolutely have kept or even upgraded the Tingle Tuner since it comes with the fucking Wii U gamepad and wouldn't have to rely on a GBA with an GBA adapter. But then there are also minor things like moving the location of the Charm to the end of the deep combat dungeon instead of at the end of teacher's quest-line in town, which is a big ??? decision. I know that there are other changes I don't like either but yeah. The new sail and such is amazing though. It's not like the game is all bad. But there is a lot of bad to go with the good and it's extremely annoying.

>>523527949I bought both

Attached: 1590856921673.jpg (596x798, 141.81K)

>>523529748The Classic consoles were a good deal. In a perfect world they would do an N64 Classic.

>>523544339>everything on the Switch sells at least well>they still wont make a new Golden Sun, F-Zero or Custom RoboYes I'm mad, how could you tell?

Attached: 04cef53c19d17e0a51194772914206e4323ca46fr1-1080-1628v2_00.jpg (339x512, 54.21K)

>>523527949People actually want to play old Mario games.

>>523529140Sunshine and 64 are still capped at 30fps

>>523529970>Sorry but we already sold the two copies Nintendo sent us.

>>523544934I still had my money's worth of the game, but this is one of my complaints as well. They turned my Cloud Spires from a sky factory made of clouds to fucking mountain tops.

>>523547019>spyro fucking sucks

Attached: 1594366543840.png (554x874, 509.14K)

>>523548587how well the the NES/SNES classic emulate the N64, because I suspect they haven't bothered because they can't get it to an acceptable level.

>>523529970Uhhhh, no dude. I bought all the copies to sell on eBay. But you can buy them on there for 500 bucks + tax. Normally I'd say we can skip the shipping and you can just pick it up at the store, but pee yew I'm gonna have to pass on that one.

>galaxy in 60fps >64 and sunshine still in 30fps >64 still in 4:3 why

>>523528405You win

>>523549048They're emulated, while Sunshine has a 16:9 widescreen hack.

>>523549048why bother? nintoddIers will eat up anyway

>>523528178I can play the left on YouTube for free

>nintendo ports three games to the switch at the price of one game>this is somehow so evil and despicable you stupid faggots will complain about anything


>>523529372>gameplay >Snoys pretending to know what gameplay is when their holy grail game this year advertised a jump buttonSad


>>523530614>improved graphicsYou clearly never played Mario All-Stars

>>523530614>All-Stars on the SNES had 5 games>5 games

>>523550061The original All Stars did have improved graphics.3D All Stars is just 2 ISOs with hacks and a WAD file running through a Wii emulator.


Attached: He's weak against Brazil Man.png (121x128, 36.8K)

>>523527949>bargain bin price because nobody buys that shit unless it's dirt cheap

MEANWHILE, ON PC!youtu.be/0zI5m4u6sqU

Attached: Render96.png (1600x900, 2.08M)

>>523549689Because the industry standard is remaking three games at half the price of one game

>>523550648nintendo is a small indie company please understand

>>523527949I don't knowIt wouldn't surprise me if Nintendo bought their own game to look like they are in demandThere is literally no reason to buy these since Emulators can read them at 60fps in 4KThere is just no point at all

>>523550648The thing I like most about that thing, is shit that was previously 2D like coins being made into proper 3D models.

>>5235508323D All-Stars is a handheld game.

>>523534061All the poor people I know have Apple phones, including workers who barely get paid 1.5kThe rich doesn't carry phones, you find out why by your own though I'm not your father.

Crashfags>$60 for 3 Mario games is outrageous, Nintendo are a bunch of kikesAlso Crashfags>Stop complaining about the Microtransactions in CTR, you're just poor and probably suck at the game. Activision needs more of your money, goyim.

Attached: AndIFindItKindOfFunny.gif (372x273, 977.96K)

>>523550648>Comparing a WAD dump with a HD texture pack to a actual port.

>>523551358>texture packIt looks like they remodeled a lot.

>>523551358>WAD dump what did he mean by this?

>>523550981?I've finished all those games in my 55 inches TV from my sofa with a nintendo controller and now I'm waiting for the Super Mario 64 remaster which is a PC exclusive lmaoYou know you can't play these games with a keyboard, right? Kek

>>523528405>>523529316>>523528024Best post itt

>>523551656>?What's the confusion? 3D All-Stars is a handheld game. If you want to play these games handheld it's not exactly a bad deal.

So many nintendies here defending their sacred Mario 64.

>>523546810crash is shit and fake 3d, 64 perfected 3d

>>523551637Wii VC and WiiWare games use WAD files to boot said programs.

>>523527949I bought just so I can stream mario 64 for some friends and yes I could emulate it but I fucking hate the n64 emulator its shit.

>>523547181WWHD is unplayable garbage due to the awful bloom.

>>523541567Speak for yourself. Crash remakes were ass, Spyro was ok.

>>523551838Can you even read?I've played those games, many many times by the way, handheld, lmao, for free.


>>523551996Technically it's not dumped from anywhere since it was always digital.

>>523529542rarbg.to/https://www.gamestorrents.io/https://1337x.to/https://fitgirl-repacks.site/https://rg-mechanics.org/to download torrents use this:picotorrent.org/>b-b-but you should use more H4RDCOARZ sites than that those are for le evil normies!!!no one cares, suck my dick, fuck off to redd*t.


>>523552524Virus shit.Kill yourself miner shill.

>>523552281>Can you even read?You wrote>>>523551656>I've finished all those games in my 55 inches TV from my sofa with a nintendo controllerWhich says you played them on your 55 inch TV, on your sofa with a controller in hand. Not that you played them handheld.

>>523552219so you didn't play them

>>523527949>kusoge rotting in the dollar binvs>short timed offer of legendary titles.

>>523528178>your cherry is so old you need to adjust to inflationImagine the absolute state of mind of the "person" that made this pic.

>>523552761This.I was actually disgusted when Crash and Spyro came to Switch.

>>523527949because mario is good

I'm surprised how few people mention that Nintendo likely thinks that updating graphics/remaking it is conceding that the game doesn't look good anymore, which Nintendo doesn't want to do. Nintendo doesn't want to give the impression that their games are outdated in any way. Link's Awakening is an exception, and even then it was still a tile for tile remake.

>>523552701I did. The Crash remakes looked good, but had bad geometry, making platforming worse than the originals (the MOST important part). Spyro was mostly the same, except it looked stupid as fuck.

>>523551263This. People trying to call nintendo money grabbing while playing their micro transaction ridden games. If Nintendo was really trying to jew people over they would be reselling all of these games individually with a cash shop in each.

>>523553023Mario 64 DS? Ocarina of Time 3DS? Majora's Mask 3DS?

>>523553135>>523553023Eat shigeru's asshole ass lickers

>>523527949I’m going to make the mistake of actually being serious with a postI don’t think these scenarios are the same thing >The Crash and Spyro games have very little difference between how their sequels play when compared to the Mario franchise. This is not to say that it’s a bad thing; just that the only reason they were all remastered together in one game was because of the similarities between sequels in the first place, which made the task so tenable they could even stand to add new content. You couldn’t do that to Mario with the same work, as instead of making one new engine for your remasters, you would have to make three. I don’t think any company can be reasonably expected to remaster three games from their flagship franchise and release them all at once>It’s disingenuous to use the Crash/Spyro bundle for this image, as this was not the original release. It’s a bundle. They were released separately for 40 dollars, and at most retailers, are sold for around 75. In fact, the only place I could find that had this bundle for 12 dollars was on eBay, and you can get Pokémon Sword for 99 cents and 8.40 in shipping on eBay; Pic related>They aren’t exactly straight ports, as they now run at the Switch’s resolution. This isn’t as good as good as the remastered games, but it’s worth mentioningThat said, I suppose I’d rather have 3 Remasters. I’m merely saying this comparison isn’t as clear cut as it makes itself out to be

Attached: A998B4DE-6109-4D1D-B17C-36E8511A8107.jpg (750x371, 104.8K)

>>523553023>and even then it was still a tile for tile remake.And I love that it is.

>>523528024mario if he good

>>523552662I don't think you properly understand English nor the word handheldHandheld means held by your handA controller is held by my hand thus becoming handheldIt's not that difficult mate Let's follow your argument though, I guess that you think that handheld means having a Switch since there is a small 480p screen attached to it and you can hold them with your hands, just like a fucking controller.I personally do not know where do you come from but I don't think that you can play the Switch on the streets without getting robbed, like even a bunch of teenagers are going to pick on you since you are obviously a weak individual.

>>523528236>no shareware!Well I wasn’t thinking of that before but I sure am now

>>523553217All gimmicks designed to show off the power of a handheld.

>>523553462>Handheld means held by your handYes. >A controller is held by my hand thus becoming handheldThe controller being held by your hands doesn't make the game handheld though. There is a huge difference between a handheld game and a handheld controller. And you are fully aware of this and is just being an ass to shitpost.

>>523527949Parasite, clinging on nintendo Ballsack, to promote crash. Snoy taught you well.

>>523553734So why couldn't a Mario 64 35th anniversary remake be a showcase of the Switch's handheld power

>>523553462>a small 480p screenThe Switch display is a 6.2-inch LCD, native 1280x720.

>>523553890It's actually relatively weak, it's a tablet from 2014. Also Nintendo generally doesn't like messing with Mario too much.

>>523553796>The controller being held by your hands doesn't make the game handheld thoughAll games are handheld since you can carry one in your hand>There is a huge difference between a handheld game and a handheld controllerYes, one is a game and the other a controller, both can be handheld> And you are fully aware of this and is just being an ass to shitpost.No such thing

>>523553347>That said, I suppose I’d rather have 3 RemastersI'd welcome this, a a remastered port of 64 (maybe even throw in the DS versions), Sunshine and Galaxy released over the whole year would have been great.

>>523554154Ok, ok. 100% of all games in existence are handheld. There is no such thing as a game that isn't handheld. You won this one. Sugoi user.

>sell three videogames combined in their original form for lower price than normal>people hate this>sell toilet paper in their original form for higher price than normal>people are okay with thisWhy is it okay when Charmin does it?

How does Nintendo keep getting away with it bros? How can they keep winning all the time, its just not fair...

>>523527949Hmm you're paying for Nintendo's seal of quality sweetie

>>523554478It's because Mario has ingrained itself into people's lives and childhood. Because Sony never stuck to one mascot to represent them, you have their fan bases broken up into small groups (Sly, J&D, R&C, AE etc.), while Crash and Spyro were pretty much dead while most of the younger crowd were still in diapers.Yes, Nintendo has other franchise but Mario will always be their "face".

>>523548476>defend lazy ports just because I have a lot of moneyI don’t know it user but I prefer to see well what to spend and avoid those impulses of consumerism

>>523549251no excuse, mario 64 and sunshine emulated can be viewed in 16:9 and run at 60 fps, both games

>>523552523The ISOs are dumps and so is the WAD file.

I dont know bros...Im gonna check if my potato pc can run sunshine and galaxy at 60 fpsIf it cant, i think it might actually buy the collection. I feel like a sucker typing that...

>>523555826Mario 64 is still 4:3.As for Mario Sunshine...youtube.com/watch?v=45qFhXl4ySU

>>523549251>>523557073there's literally no videos of this on youtube without some retarded HD texture pack but whateveryoutube.com/watch?v=W93tXvlO_bkit has been done. all it requires is some technical expertise on Nintendo's part.

>>523557263>Reverse engineered PC port.I'm talking about the original game emulated.

why the fuck for only a limited time? why does nintendo always do their artificial scarcity bullshit and why do people just take it? it happened with amiibos, it happened with the switch launch, it happened with the nes classic and now its going to happen with the mayro collection. is nintendos method to obtain an unlimited amount of orbiters to tack on fomo to anything they make so the fans will go absolutely rabid for it?

>>523527949one is mario another is fail ip who tried beat mario

>>523557475bro it's a rom hack made a full year before the pc portmega.nz/#!SC43HaQC!3LZZDTc7V_AK3MqgIcGkANsy17mr4CrdleY9lVmvUVIi'm literally playing through this on a garden-variety emulator

>>523557907>Can't be done on real hardware.

>>523557823If your old content sells without a markdown, why start now? If you have a monopoly on item scarcity, why go balls deep and have the Nintendo Switch the card to end all cards? They would actually have to give incentives to upgrade from a Switch, that takes too much time, money, and effort. One of the few lessons they learned from the Wii U. Why would people move from the Wii when it itself had so many games? They marketed heavily and recycled the Wii U, it is all business.

>>523531324Considering that Arcade1Up and gacha trash exists, it's already a thing.