Are you OKAY?

Are you OKAY?

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>bowsette>female terryIs it gay to jack it to these characters bros

>>523525995>Is it gay to jerk off to giant tits and assGee idk user

>>523525859I'll be okay when coom inside your big tits and pussy, bitch

>>523525995Only if the balls are touching

>>523525995of course not

>>523525859>ywn be pranked into a female character of your choiceWhy live?

i hope he still has his big fat uncut cock

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What would be the first thing you would do if you were Pranked™?

>>523527179Get fucked senseless

>>523527179Become a huge cumslut

>>523527179Hang out with my friendsJust because I'm a girl now in body doesn't mean I'm not a guy anymoreI'm sure my friends will understand and won't make a move on me even with force if I refusehaha

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>>523528483you could play vidya with them AND suck their cocksit's win/win

The only good genderbend for me is when it's unintentional and the guy (now girl) slowly willingly embraces his new femininityThere's bimbofication I guess but that's more of a immediate mindbreak scenario

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>>523529002No wayI'm still a guyI'm not gayI would never do something so lewdNo matter how much I think about how fun it would beThat's just the girl hormones in my bodyI swear i'm still a guy

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>>523529604it wouldn't be gay cause you'd be a girlalso since you were a guy you know what they would enjoy mostand you can still play vidya with themthe only downside is that you could get pregnant

>>523527179Gee, let me think about it

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Why are you people always afraid of being homosexuals?Are you aware that you can like both chicks and dicks? There's this thing called "bisexual".

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I thought we were supposed to keep winning...

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>>523525859FTM PRANKS WHEN

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>>523525995If it's gay depends on if they chose to genderbendIn bowsetes case most depictions have him choosing to wear the super crown so it's not gay to fuck herTerry was pranked so you are fucking somebody that still wants to be a dude which is gay

>tfw only recently started having this fetishI don't want to be a trannyoid bros

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>>523525859No. Genderbending is gay.You get hard to it with full of knowledge that it's an ex-male and had a dick.You even see the presence of the dick through the fact to satisfy your hidden lust for dicks.

>>523527179probably cry because i probably wouldn't have a dick anymore


>>523527179Become a streamer (or vtuber by the matter)

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>>523525859For me, its brianna

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>>523529997>Why are you people always afraid of being homosexuals?I mean it's not like there are any benefits from being one. One obvious big reason, won't have a biological child of your own. I mean I guess you can do a sperm dono but what kinda cuck wants to raise a child that isn't their's?


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>>523530636me on the left


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>>523525995Yes, that's why I do it every day. I also whack off to female porn stars, but pretend that they're female representations of male characters too, because I'm just gay as all hell.

>>523530892me on the right

>>523530587>this will be the only way they bring back the sports team in a numbered KOF

>>523530610Most people who have kids shouldn't anyway. Most parents fucking suck at their job.


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>>523530056>genderswap into amazons>death of video gamesSTOP BEING SUCH A FAGGOT HOLY SHIT GO SUCK A DICK ALREADY

>>523530056Female anti mage isn't a genderbend, she's a seperate character that is the male anti mages apprentice

Pranks for days

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>>523530071They do nothing for me, i mean, i like the concept and some look cool but they arent hot>>523531609Who's the second one?

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>>523531912It's true you retard

>>523531897I want a male mai but not to beat off to it, I just think it would be funny to see her act too stubborn to change her clothes to match her new body so she has these drooping strips of cloth on her torso

>>523531897The second one is anti mage from dota 2 but it's not actually a gender swap, it's a separate character who is the male anti mages apprentice

>>523531864Hopefully pranks go mainstream soon.

>>523525859If I were pranked into the body of a cute girl I would find every virgin in this thread and make passionate loveEveryone deserves to be loved, including you.

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>>523532336>ugh, you see, femthor is not actually a genderbent thor, it is a whole new character that is a girl and happens to substitute thor while wearing thor clothes and wielding the hammer

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>>523532505>pranks go mainstream>trannies latch onto that shit with the force of a billion suns>over half of the art created is just really shitty drawings of said character holding up a "trans rights" signthings going mainstream isn't a good thing anymore


>>523532763You're actually 100% right. I take it back.

>>523529997but i'm not gaygay and tranny porn does nothing for meI just sometimes wonder what it feels like being a girl with a slutty pussy that sounds like mac'n'cheese while watching straight porn

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>WEEEHHH WEEEEHHH WHY ARE ALL WOMEN WHORESS WEEEHEHHH??!?!?!?>*would become a whore himself if he were a woman*lmao fucking hypocrites neck yourselves

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>>523525859>Your best friend will never use magic to turn you into an 11/10 woman "as a joke" and then profess his love to you "as a joke"

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>>523532763Also:>pranks goes mainstream>trannies want to remove every sexy prank because sexism or some other shitliteraly the one of the worst case scenarios

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>>523533701>ywn fuck bitches with Big Ass

I wish I had been born in the technologically advanced future where a prank turns me into a cute girl.

>>523535198Just use your butt

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>>523533343Women are mentally whores, that's the different

>will never have the tiny, slender, curvy body of a woman>stuck being a big bulky blocky manWhy even live?

>>523532763You're on the spot

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Need Brian and Maxima

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U need a cup of cawfee?

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>>523536194Sometimes too curvy...

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>>523539007I prefer gween tea thanks

>>523527179Go shopping for some new clothes.>>523528483[Itou Eight] Sex Best Friends

>>523525859I'm quite okay.

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So why are we okay with tranny propoganda when japan does it?

>>523540802They do it for jokes or titillation which is fine by mean.

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>>523540802Why are you still trying to change r63 into tranny propoganda?

>>523540802Not everything is conspiracy theories and propaganda, dipshit. And it's hilarious how Holla Forums only turned against Rule 63 after everyone became obsessed with trannies for whatever dumbass reason.

>>523540802>tranny propogandaThey actually really dislike pranks and genderbending characters, because it implies that to be female you actually have to become female, and because genderbent characters tend to be physically really curvy and feminine.

>>523539007Sauce on the artist?her face looks kinda bad but beggars cant be chosers, i hope more pranked kof chars get more porn content

I want all of the FF games to be remade and all the male characters changed to female.

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>>523525995>>523526118>>523526212It is gay to jack it to trannies, yes>>523530160>it's not gay to fap to tranny Bowserlmao

>>523541251>Honeybee in with pranked Cloud that is in legitimate danger of losing to ugly_bastard cockI need it

>>523527179I don't even really have friends so I can't even slut myself.>>523529034I thought I liked bimbo for a bit but then I realized that I only really liked coc bimbo at all, and 99% of the other bimbo stuff I found I didn't care about at all.

>>523541337>tranny tranny bo banny banana fanna fo fanny fee fi mo manny!Is all I hear from you retards who can never shut the hell up about your newest favorite word you learned from Holla Forums.


>>523529997cut them some slack, virgin whiteboys are the most fragile thing on earth

>>523541614Anon, I hated bowsette shit long before I took a year and a half's worth break from this site. Tranny buzzword wasn't plaguing Holla Forums back then.

>>523530160>Terry was pranked so you are fucking somebody that still wants to be a dude which is gayThat's gay for him. I'm fucking an actual female body so it's awwright.

>>523541021>whatever dumbass reasonYou know dam well the reason you disingenuous fuck

>>523529997I don't want to be a guy getting fucked by dudes. That doesn't turn me on at all. I just want to wake up as a cute anime girl with huge knockers and fuck my pussy with a huge dildo or play with my giant titties. God, how do you people just not get it?

>>523541996Because they became the newest boogieman that according to you rapes and murders video games?

>>523541881Wasn't born a woman, so it's still gay>>523541021There's a difference between Rule 63 and actual man transforming into a woman stuff. The former implies the character is just a hypothetical/alt-verse/what-if version of the character.

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>>523542140Well that and because they started trying to brainwash children into developing gender dysphoriathey aren't all doing it but the more sane ones are still making no real attempt to stop it so they are still culpable

>>523541021Good. Gay-shit should be called out and shit on whenever it's present.

>>523542182>The former implies the character is just a hypothetical/alt-verse/what-if version of the character.Oh, so we're making up definitions to fit our narrative now?

>>523541614dial this number

>>523525859It's so brave of SNK to turn such an iconic character trans.It's good to see progress being made in Japan.


>>523542457>being this disingenousSex TF isn't the same as Rule 63 and you fucking know it.

>>523539007She's looks nice and buff and that's pretty hot, ngl.

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>>523542182There's absolutely no difference because they're both female versions of male characters and vice versa.

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>>523542817>there's no difference between an actual woman and a man TF'd into a womanDumbass


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>>523542442Man, you're a very angry little bitch over something that concerns and affects you in no way whatsoever.>>523542405So they're like the straight people who groom little girls into being sexpots with underage beauty pageants?

>>523542672Being a woman isn't the same as larping as one with an inverted hollowed out penis. Japan still has a lot of work to do if they want to be more inclusive.

>>523542952I'd trade Gween Tea for some of that Cawfee

>>523542817>Male SamusCursed image

>>523542941You said there's no difference between a Rule 63 person and a transformed person, retard, are you incapable of remembering things you said two minutes ago?

>>523542817That's pretty cute!>ywn get spooned by buff Samus Aran(male)

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>>523542954There are plenty of straight people that fight against those pagents

Stinky criminal

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>>523543110And doing a very lousy job of it, because they're still very common and widespread, especially in the South.

>>523543061No I didn't. You're referring to a different user. My first reply to you was >>523542182

>>523525859>ITT:Faggots in denial. You like the character only because she was a man and you find hot that.

>>523543217>because she was a man and you find hot that.Don't project your gayness on me.

>>523542961>having a character go through an idealized version of a process means its not exactly the same thingNo shit.

>>523543209You both think the same thing so I'll respond to both of you the same way.

>>523543324>You both think the same thingNope

>>523540802>characters turned into actual biological females>trannyPick one and only one, then do a flip off a bridge for using words you dont understand

>>523527179Be sad and irritated.

>>523543402>literal transition but perfected>it's not trans because I said soWhy are you so afraid of it?

I want to be one of the friends she fights for.

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>>523543217>man brain in female bodyOnly pros

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>>523541337>gender bender>trannyBack to Holla Forums.

>>523543505>fictional transition done for the sake of drawing smut is propaganda for inverted freaks that chop off their own willy on discordYou are silly.

>>523543505It's not trans because it's not real. Just like perfected transition lmao

>>523543505Gender transition is biologically impossible for humans, this cant possibly be compared to rainbow retards wearing anime wigs and a skirt.

>>523543645Yes, propaganda is often idealized.Shocking I know.

>>523543402>man turned into a woman and thus not a real women>not a trannyWhy are you closet gays so self-loathing?

>>523541863Sure you did. Gender Bender isn't tranny by the way. Tranny is a mentally ill faggot who wants to be a girl. These two characters changed literally through magic.

>>523543764They turned into women through magic, you pivoting retard. I hate cringy trans faggots, but stop throwing the blame on a literal fetish.

>>523543615>guy with internalized homophobia calling others Holla ForumsAnon, it's okay if you're gay, just don't delude yourself about jacking off to men not being gay if they're trannies via magic.

>comfy rule 63 thread invaded by tranny obsessed Holla Forumstards again

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>>523543780>These two characters changed literally through magic.And they aren't real women.>>523543858>it's not tranny if it's magical tranny

>no bro a character transitioning perfectly isnt transition based japan please im not trans I just want to become a womanAnd I thought trapfags and futaniggers were delusional, holy fuck.

>>523543764what part of being turned into a woman is not a real woman? Quit trying to convince us women and tranny's are the same thing.

>>523543889Maybe we brought this onto ourselves with all those "I want to be the little girl" posts all those years ago.

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>>523530172stop watching pornthe porn -> tranny pipeline is real

>>523543889stop being upset because your gay fantasies are being shat on

>>523543951You're really fucking infinitely retarded are you? A tranny is someone who mutilates and drugs themselves to pretend to be a girl or boy, but will never be one no matter. A delusion.Gender bending is a dumb fetish in fiction where magic is involved. Why don't you America First, cross tippers go back to Holla Forums. retard?>>523543959>>523544005Stop samefagging cross tipper.

>>523543889>implying I'm a Holla ForumstardI'm just baffled by the mental gymnastics people will go through to pretend they aren't at least curios about transition because they saw an ugly trender on social media.This is literally transitioning but with magic.

>>523543764>turns into a full biological woman>not a womanYep you are completely retarded.

>>523543959>faggots that chops off his dick is totally the same as Ranma getting splashed with cold waterYou retards are both delusional and disingenuous.

>>523543754>something has existed for millennia>nobody has a problem with it>internet rejects in 2018 learn a new word>now thing is constantly vilified and screamed about by internet rejects who think it's demon propaganda for the new word they learned

>>523543764>man turned into a woman and thus not a real womenExcept the magical bullshit involved makes him 100% biologically female. This isn't a snipped dick scenario, he has a functional womb and perfectly formed snatch.

>>523544230I'm baffled that you literally cannot stop fantasizing about something you claim you despise and want to see eradicated like the Jews.

>>523543889>thinks TF is Rule 63>thinks coomer bait like OP is comfy>thinks not supporting the dangerous ideology of transgenderism makes you neo-nazi

>>523544230No, you're just fucking retarded and you complicate two different things. Get the fuck off my board since you won't shut the fuck up. You retards started hating on it, because you keep getting angry at Twitter users. Stop taking it out on us, when people just want to fap. A trap isn't a tranny, gender bending is a tranny, neither is futa.

>>523543959Having AGP and being a tranny are two different things. Trannies have AGP and make it their entire life, whereas other people it's just a fetish.

>>523544203The objective of transitioning is to be as close to female as possible.All those transwoman that chop their dicks off would use magic to become a woman if they could.You are literally masturbating to the thought of transitioning but without reality's limitations.

>>523544230Magic isn't real, bro. Are you having trouble with discerning what's real and what's fiction?

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>>523544413Who said I despise anything?

>>523544442They would, but they never will, because they're seething self-hating men and Magic doesn't exist.This is literally a fetish within fiction much like other inane fetises. Log off Twitter, my man. you are getting mad at the wrong people.

>>523543986>what part of being turned into a woman is not a real woman?Because they were turned. If they were a real woman they wouldn't need to be turned into one.>>523544203>Gender bending is a dumb fetish in fiction where magic is involved. It's literally just closet tranny fetishism."haha wouldn't it be hot if this guy turned into a girl?">Why don't you America FirstNot even American. Fuck Americans.>cross tippers go back to Holla Forums. retard?Not supporting transgenderism doesn't make you Holla Forums. I've called out Holla Forumsfags in a lot of threads, user. This black-and-white political bullshit is why your country is such a volatile shithole.>>523544237See the first part of this very post.

>>523544230>he cant tell fiction and reality apartGrats you have the same mentality as a tranny. Sad retard was projecting all along kek.

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>>523544393If they're not born a woman, they aren't a woman. That's all there is to it.>>523544425>A trap isn't a tranny, gender bending is a tranny, neither is futa.All three are equally gay to fap to though

>>523544442>The objective of transitioning is to be as close to female as possible.>All those transwoman that chop their dicks off would use magic to become a woman if they could.One is a sensible option with no downsides that can be reversed.The other is chopping off your dick in a bout of insanity.

>>523543870It's a female character with all the correct plumbing because of magic. The fact that you literal vermin have to infiltrate every single thread with your stupid shit gets really tiring. How about you kill yourself so you can add yourself to the precious 41% you like to talk so much about, huh? Fucking 70 IQ ape.

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>>523544442>>523544708You're trying really hard to conflate trannies with r63 but all you're doing is being a disingenuous nigger.

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>>523544708>if I turn water into ice then its not real iceThis is how stupid you sound.

lol all these homos upset that someone is shitting on their degenerate fantasies like it's their identity. Imagine being this pathetic enough to care to defend fapping to men turned into woman.

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>>523525859>No gender bender yuri anywhere to be foundFuck my life

>>523544805>If they're not born a woman, they aren't a woman.He is 100% biologically female. That is by definition female. Are you retarded?

>>523544708TL;dr spastic retard. Keep coping and keep seehing. get off Twitter. I don't give a shit what you think, I just came here to fap to Femterry and be on with my day. God, you sound just like a Leftist who writes walls of texts in a meme. Shut the fuck up lol >>523544805>All three are equally gay to fap to though I'm fine with that. It doesn't mean I want to suddenly chop off my dick.

>>523544895Smell that? That's cope.

>>523530172>jerking off to hot women is turning you into a trannyLol fag

>>523527179Extract maximum wealth from simps.

>>523544829Yes, which is why one is the idealized version of the other.Glad to see you finally put your brain to work.


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>>523530197It's biologically female though.

>>523530587is this really what female football players wear

>>523544895Yet you care enough to be spending the past several hours convincing people that r63 = trannies because you let trannies live in your head rent free.

Galahad kinda got lucky.

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>>523544421>thinks something that's existed in fiction for millennia is somehow demonic propaganda because he learned a new word from obsessed 4channers back in 2018

>>523527179Scream in fear and jump out a window

>screaming Holla Forums because you cant accept you might have the same ideas and curiosities as transfolkThis is new.

>>523545105>is turning into a tranny because he's jerking it to biological femalesHope you get pozzed

>>523544995>that's copeYeah. The one's who can't jerk off unless the person was originally male before is coping with their gayness.

>>523545112It's just Holla Forums retards or at least Holla Forums adjacent language. You know how we had fedora tippers in the early 2010's who seethed at any topic of religion or whatever? We have the same shit with Holla Forums bitching about secular, dumb shit. It's exactly the same.

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>>523544830>projecting>edginessSad>>523544863>You're trying really hard to conflate trannies with r63Nope, you are by trying to conflate tranny TF with Rule 63

>Persona is pretty interesting, what with the way the characters' psychic powers become a way to portray->Oh, so you advocate scamming innocent people out of their money by pretending you can look into crystal balls and predict the future, how dare you be so heartless and cruel?!Modern politics were a mistake.

>>523544895The ones with worse degenerate fantasies are the ones who won't stop screaming and crying about others' fantasies in a sad desperate attempt to deflect and make themselves feel better.

>>523545317Most people with a TF fetish want to get transformed into a girl you dumb spaz

>>523531862expensive useless skin, is fucking doogshot

>>523544895You really seem to care that your boring vanilla fantasies get your cock harder than mine, but somehow i'm the degenerate homo.

>>523545313You could have just said "Faggot" and be done with it. Instead, I just see a wall of text as if I'm going to read all the shit and listen to you.

>>523544889>water can only become ice through magic>haha inanimate objects are like living thingsShit analogy>>523544895This. They call others Holla Forums yet they're all self-loathing gays who can't admit their gay because they're supporting homophobia. Ironic.

>>523545219>everyone who says things I don't like is one person

>>523544895*tips cross* We must stop degeneracy m'lady.

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>>523545419They don't want to fuck girl Terry and Bowsette?

>>523525859>Guy gets pranked>He gets even more badass

>>523545456This is a weird cope but ok.

>>523544987>He>100% biologically femaleWew>>523544991I rarely look at Twitter.>I just came here to fap to Femterry and be on with my dayIf that were the case you would have just opened the pic in a tab and closed this thread instead of read the comments. Also this is a blue board, if you want to fap go to a red board, or better yet, an actual porn shit.>shut up because I don't agree with youRude>It doesn't mean I want to suddenly chop off my dick.I never said it did

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>>523545419so trannies?

>>523545648Some probably do, but for the most part it's the becoming a girl part that's hot, not the girl herself.

Ignore arguments, post pranks.

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>>523545112>if you think enabling people to give into the delusions of a mental illness that doesn't improve their life and only makes things worse for them, you're just an edgy neo-naziImbecile

>>523545550>Everyone who doesn't like gay-shit is religiousOne of the biggest copes in present-day.

>>523541337If a magical device / scifi tech could make males 100% perfect, funtional and hot women. Fucking them whould be absolutelly hetero, it will putting them close to fucking tomboys as most.Trannies are hideous because are abominations, not because they born with a dick.

>>523545752If they want to chop their cock off and eat tranny pills yes. However like anyone other fetish it's just that. Trannies just take it too far and make it their entire lifestyle, kind of like the gay pride parade faggots.

>>523545379>Nope, you are by trying to conflate tranny TF with Rule 63I'm not the one saying>>523544708>It's literally just closet tranny fetishism.

>>523545763Man that's gay. Turning someone into a hot girl and then fucking them stupid would also be pretty good i guess

>>523545713>Was a man>Gets turned into a woman via magic>Body changed at the cellular level>Bones reshaped>Now has a functional womb and pussy>Natural breasts>Not female>NOOOO THAT RECYCLED METAL WAS ALWAYS A FORK, I DON'T CARE IF IT'S NOW A BELL

>>523531487This desu, get to know new body, adapt then become a lady

>>523545242The last line was specifically referring to merely the "Holla Forumstards" part of his post, not the concept of Gender TF>>523545317>TF'd Men>biological femalespic one


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It's 2D porn, stop bringing politics into it.

>>523527179Boot up an OnlyFans and whore myself out.

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>>523545893Gr8 b8 m8


Attached: 3db5d87d6e3059e7235c2f0b99a49f5c.jpg (1093x819, 690.57K)

>>523545997>TF'd Men>biological females>pic oneYou pick both, because they are biologically female. You don't get to dictate the definition of biology, especially when magic is involved.

>>523545997It's TF, not surgery. Are you stupid?

>>523545814it's literally not a mental illness though. what happened to facts over feelings?

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I would not bang my friends. But I would: >>523546024 , simps deserve to have their money taken from them.

Attached: 1593031691814.jpg (720x1070, 127.12K)

>>523545814Enabling what? You don't seem to understand that magically changing sex and getting your dick chopped off aren't the same thing. The same way flying like Superman and flying in a plane are completely unrelated.

>>523525995The sooner you stop caring and just jerk off to whatever makes your dick happy the sooner you'll be happy

Attached: 1356578965179.jpg (500x500, 186.89K)

>>523544708Because they were turned. If they were a real woman they wouldn't need to be turned into one.So you could not being turned on by a ugly chic that go tru puberty/surgery and became hot, because she was ugly?

>>523525995nope, its some parallel universe stuff not trannys

He got pranked to be a sister.

Attached: 8771c10effc00811ddd0546c9af4924da57549b6b864185ac5399eb4ae5d1476.png (1123x2047, 1.05M)

Attached: 9bcb4524dee7e19b0ab3f74035361792.jpg (500x767, 75.43K)

>>523545840>They're hot but the fact that they're truly male has nothing to do with itAnon, it's okay to be gay. You don't need to grandstand about your heteroness.>>523545847>I'm not the one sayingExcept you were by saying TF is Rule 63

>>523546295>lol who cares let's all just coom and coom to everything and anything all the timeThis is what happens when sex is overvalued.

>>523530541You can be a female vtuber right now pal, dont let your dreams be dreams.


Attached: 1588632666760.jpg (3000x1246, 1.17M)

Imagine getting teased by the person who pranked you

Attached: e54a4c2d64449eb33f77c540d186a02d.png (1000x1385, 669.09K)

>local autist doesn't understand the difference between "wanting to experience what the other gender feels like" curiosity and "I'm totally a girl, I was born in the wrong body" insanity

>>523526282Unless I get the powers, then no.

>>523546557>another seething crosstipper

Attached: 145c2d08d94a03539437deb5e5ca7f59.jpg (1347x1842, 1.44M)

>>523525859>Characters you DON'T want to see prankedPost '

Attached: 81THYjXMfrL._SL1500_.jpg (1303x1500, 245.66K)

>>523545893>Was a manThat's literally all you needed to say to confirm that it's tranny>>523546118Nope, they're men.>>523546159They're men. Are you stupid.>>523546165>be biological male>think you're woman despite this>be very emotionally and mentally unstable about it>desire to mutilate genital and convince others to do as well>get triggered when nobody plays along with delusion>high suicide rate

>>523546630Normal heterosexual people don't constantly fantasize about being the other sex and masturbate to the thought.

>>523546834If I got pranked I'd hope I looked like this

>>523546165It's not classified as one, but I can't understand why

>>523546269>Enabling what?Transgenderism>>523546439>conflating looks with sexYou're mixing up preferences and sexuality here, user.

>>523546834She should do some squats, her thighs are pure fat

GOD imagine if you got pranked like that


>>523546440Neither of those two are parallel universe shit though

>>523532730YesThey even have voice lines for meeting each other even though that is impossible in a normal game.

>>523547018>>523546904Trannies live rent free in your mind, lmao. Imagine being this fucking obsessed to the point you conflate literal magic with chopping off your dick.

Attached: 0330761c078d80c2aed786b65dc2ea1a.png (1336x2000, 1.53M)

>>523546873I mean, it'd legit make THAT scene scarier.>Two worn out middle aged women get tortured by a guy with a box cutter. And considering how Lynch's GF was treated, they'd probably get raped as well

>>523546948>Normal heterosexual people don't constantly fantasize about being the other sex and masturbate to the thought.>ConstantlyHe never said constantly, he said it was a natural thought and it is. The dangerous part of modern reality is leftists conflating this normal curiosity with transgenderism.Cooming to Rule 34 genderbender art isn't tranny-enabling, it's glorified cosplay at best.

>>523525859To be perfectly honest, there's a difference between fantasizing and trying to bring said fantasy into reality. Unless it's a healthy fantasy, like wanting to make a film or something.

What if Zelda was a girl?

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>>523529034That's sounds gay as fuck. Are you are tranny or something? The best kind of genderswap is the au kind.

>>523543959>thinking futa is tranny shitI want liberals to leave.

Attached: (690x388, 243.62K)

>>523543959Trannies associate themselves with everything. Like a parasite.

>>523546948Every woman has thought about what having a dick feels like and gets a little turned on about being able to use it.


Attached: Kane-%26-Lynch-%D0%98%D0%B3%D1%80%D1%8B-art-%D0%B1%D0%B0%D1%80%D1%8B%D1%88%D0%BD%D1%8F-%D0%BA%D1%80%D0%B0%D1%81%D0%B8%D0%B2%D1%8B%D0%B5-%D0%BA%D0%B0%D1%80%D1%82%D0%B8%D0%BD%D0%BA%D0%B8-1567106.jpg (497x600, 48.21K)



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>>523547274Seriously.THIS with two gross middle aged>>523547714Too pretty

Attached: 32bf4b2ad356b5f34cc4903daf98c2c6.png (1074x1530, 1.07M)

>>523542817>male samusokay>No bulgeRUINED

>>523541337>>523546486>>523543764The idea that someone can really be a man despite being biologically female is, in fact, a tranny idea.

>>523525859>Guy gets pranked>He goes on a hate-fueled crusade to get his old body back

>>523546630One is a starting point to the other, yes.Your delusion and being afraid Holla Forumstards will laugh at you doesn't change that.

If you believe that fapping to genderbender art makes you a tranny, then you agree with the left that fapping to 2D lolicon makes you a pedophile.


>>523547563You are masturbating to magical transitioning.You being deathly afraid of transwomen won't change that, Holla Forumstard.

>>523547101>rent free>literally going around brainwashing children and having them mutilated and getting anyone who speaks out against them firedFuck off>>523547923>people jacking off to fake women projecting this hard

>>523547923It's so funny that they're attempting to justify their hatred of trannies by aggressively validating their so-called delusions.

>>523547981Yes, it means you are attracted to idealized children.It doesn't mean you abused children because a drawing isn't real, but still doesn't change the fact that you beat your meat to the body of a 11 years old.

>>523547981>fapping to children makes you a pedophileBut it does you dumbass

Attached: Loliapologist Gymnastics.png (739x618, 176.87K)

Attached: e0d1ac61e7844de16a1efba1bff2af19.png (600x848, 391.87K)

>>523540802Because it is not.

>>523548201There is nothing wrong with being a pedophile

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Attached: 1591906824949.png (693x601, 246.8K)


>>523547981It is the same people that make both these arguments, yes. The difference is that while they both make this argument to attack loli, the left will use the same association in a positive light when talking about trannies. They'll chalk it up to representation.

>>523547887The lewd comic the artist made rectifies that.

>>523547696Stop confusing anime with reality user.

>>523548276There's nothing wrong with being and masturbating to trans, real or not.

Keeping her inventory in a purse just makes sense. Where else could she possibly store so many items?

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>>523548142Cope in a grave with your birth name engraved on the headstone.

>>523546486>They're hot but the fact that they're truly male has nothing to do with itA smoking hot chick want to bang> I would totally smash her> You would be afraid to do it because she had memories of having a dick.> I am the gay

Attached: 15928441878444.jpg (425x272, 22.99K)

>>523548381Sorry bro, you're not welcome in the club, the tranny club is two blocks down.

Attached: 1595203623257.jpg (1080x1331, 357.06K)

>>523548276>>523548316>neckbeards pretending they are chadsLmao

Attached: PedDefend.jpg (255x199, 21.78K)

>>523548142You will never be biologically female, though, so you will never be a real woman.

>>523548381I can tell this post was made by a white American "male".

>>523540802It's done for>Jokes>Faps>StoryNot for explicitly "Accepting trans people" message

>>523548381>There's nothing wrong with being transExcept for you know, living in delusion with a mental illness that makes you degrade over time

>>523548415Tits and butt

Attached: 4bc8c119b6f0e07821c85253cff65d44.png (1280x1280, 505.24K)

God I fucking hate politics. Fuck the Left for exaggerating shit.

>>523548548>retard pretending to be an arbiter of justice for two dimensional creationstop kek

>>523548568Not even in the same continent. Keep pretending your magical transitioning isn't transitioning though, your mental gymnastics are hilarious.

>>523548635I miss the more innocent times when fetish and fun stuff just could exist without people bringing up midwit arguments about nothing.

>>523547981Dude, there's no reasoning with these newfags. Just ignore them. They're obsessed with trannies to the point where every single thing in the world has to be some sort of conspiracy. They're not left or right, they're solidly off the political spectrum into retard-land.

>>523527179Live normally and hope that my bust size isn't too big for my clothes.

Attached: My Feel.png (578x474, 10.92K)

>>523548554>it's not the same thing>>523548649>it's totally the same thingSo which is it? Is a gender transformation the same thing as a transsexual transition or not?

Would you?

Attached: 7af51b09d99eebb9ca007e7c09526556.jpg (2448x2736, 745.42K)

>>523548831>different people have different opinionsYour brain really can't handle simple conversations, eh.

>>523548634It'd be pretty convenient to have a supply of fresh Lon Lon Milk always on tap.

Attached: 0027afc272dd29d3a753455bc5cd322f.jpg (1083x1300, 353.83K)

>>523548718This.Everything gets associated with leftist politics and then that ruins it

>>523548831When 'literal fucking magic' makes it a flawless and complete change it absolutely isn't the same as having your body parts hacked off and ruining your chemical balance.

Attached: 1592205280721.jpg (741x389, 33.62K)

Attached: e795a3fbd10a672d3abc581d04b346ca.png (1784x2348, 1.65M)

>>523548481You're literally attracted to the idea of it being a man that became a women, not just a plain old woman


Attached: (You).png (1230x258, 64.16K)

>>523549003Truly an invincible Hero

Attached: 8e6afe5518796200f63025e3a6f32551.jpg (810x1080, 662.3K)

>>523548641>pedo pretending anything he says matters

>>523548831It is literally the same thing with the same objective, but one has magic and can be done without reality's limitations.It's not that hard to understand.

>>523549009The last decade was a mistake.

>>523548950>>523549231>confronted with two people on the same side stating conflicting matters of fact >should I take a definitive stand on the matter?These guys get it >>523549094 >>523549389

>>523549426Legit, a lot of the problems can be blamed on PC culture

>>523527179That's a difficult question.

Attached: 1553416029297.jpg (839x1200, 128.35K)

>>523545198The uniform is a nod to the 'lingerie football' league, which is a real thing that actually exists. In it, women in skimpy protective gear play wimpy football.It's an entirely different thing from the WNFL.

>>523549493And social media as well.

>>523549493Hah! So much for the "master race," huh?

>>523549561Mostly PC culture, though.>>523549536What was this called again?

>>523530172so don't be?just jerk off to it and then go about your day

>>523549639I never believed in that crap.I just hate PC culture.

Attached: 39c35fb8611d187a6491463dcaa2fef3.jpg (1200x1600, 1.13M)

Look guys, it's pretty simple: Transitioning is a terrible idea in real life and lots of trannies are idiots. But that doesn't mean that the fantasy of becoming a hot girl (via magical means, i.e. entailing none of the real-life practical problems) can't be enjoyable. (The important part is not letting it go to your head and ACTUALLY transition just because you got horny.)Rule 63 drawings aren't even about that though, they're just images of hot women basically re-imagined from (or cosplaying as, if you prefer) male characters. It's literally just using a male character's visual design as inspiration for a female counterpart. There's no "transitioning" involved. You can enjoy the images without any relation whatsoever to trannies.Think of it like this: Plenty of female cosplayers have cosplayed as female versions of male characters over the years. They are undeniably female from birth, they just wear some clothes inspired by a fictional character that happens to be male. Is this part of a tranny plot? Are the jews using occult mind-control to coerce these women to lure guys into getting sexual reassignment surgery? Or is it just harmless fun? Food for thought.

>>523549306>idiot pretending the rights of fictional characters matters

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>>523530172You're aware of it.So you won't become one.

Does this still count as a prank?

Attached: 9cd1e1e7f99cf19f6044349e624de637.png (760x1038, 328.11K)

>>523525859I actually know a trans man.>They don't do surgery>They're more androgynous>They're really down to earth>They like Metal Gear>They never so much as once say "I'm trans">They're an artist who actually managed to make the "Calarts style" look GOOD.I don't know how to feel about this

>>523549685Seinaru Usotsuki - Chapter 710 Things to Do While I'm Still a Boy (Otoko no Uchi ni Shitai 10 no Koto) will usually get you the source for full pages like this

Attached: b1b093314c46f03c16ef773eb844faa5.jpg (1200x1600, 1.18M)

>>523550036>managed to make the "Calarts style" look GOODI don't believe you.

Attached: grannies.gif (500x500, 281.53K)

>>523549830TF isn't Rule 63 though.>>523549832>pedo trying to act high and mightyLmao


>>523550036How do you know they're a trans man if they've never once said they were trans? You're descriptions don't even specifically lean toward one gender or another, and you use a gender neutral pronoun. Do you mean they're nonbinary?

>>523550036>They never so much as once say "I'm trans"What do they do when someone calls them a woman?

Would you be okay with this training dummy?

Attached: c6a087979e8347e0124e9e086a104483.jpg (1200x1600, 1.11M)

>>523550235>accusing others of acting high and mighty Let me know when those lines of ink start singing your praises user

>>523550178I couldn't believe it either.I think it has to do with how they actually fucking add, y'know, DETAILS to the clothes and stuff. And the characters have normal smiles, not fucking caterpillar mouths

>>523550338We'd train alright

Attached: 997dedcb60e4d16a12cc053fbd4e698f.jpg (1200x1600, 266.94K)

>>523549952No one directly pranked him, but Jusenkyo being a popular training ground kinda makes it similar to one.

>>523550315>Do you mean they're nonbinary?Theres no such thing as nonbinary>>523550340Keep acting smug, kid-diddler

>>523549952Ranma's curse makes it possible for him to be the subject of a literal prank, like the old bucket-of-water-on-the-door trick, that results in him becoming a woman, multiple times. He's the the ultimate prank victim.

Attached: 41863e6a671a1e01a7480f25ac9b62b6.png (1600x2228, 1.55M)

>>523550623Keep coping retard


Attached: 1b5bfc2a2f672e87d7efca1bb3a034c9.jpg (541x800, 315.44K)

>all these cute eggs ITT

>>523550472>>523550762Can't argue with that logic.

Attached: cff2ad17bb625d7b335cae77ebe2287b.png (590x775, 180.38K)

>>523550784You sure are


>>523551664It's the term groomers decided on to describe their victims. It's based on the idea of trannies "in denial" coming out of their (egg) shell.

>>523551664It's an /lgbt/ propaganda term, or a Holla Forums poster using it as bait. Don't reply to it or give it attention.

>>523551927Oh my god


Attached: 8cd8647527228347842ce49fe26963ea.jpg (810x1080, 639.57K)

>>523551664All of them

>>523552208Doesn't it sound so innocent and playful? Just a bunch of eggs waiting to hatch and begin living their new lives "as the true selves."

>>523552563It's disgusting

>>523552249Extremely cute Skullgirl.

Attached: db6b49b82f986a73574633610a96f2c9.jpg (1015x910, 301.36K)

>this threadRule 63 a tenet of 4chan is finally dead. Tourists and newfags killed it. F

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>>523552841>TF is Rule 63Idiot

>>523553197From the thumbnail I thought it was Tharja

Attached: 1555873857601.jpg (1000x1500, 893.05K)

>>523552841It's sad, no?

Attached: 1588958757261.jpg (1130x1255, 176.61K)

Attached: bb1fd2b1438ef01489e56c365cd75560.jpg (810x1080, 615.55K)

>>523548831It's not, you dip. It's a fantasy achieved with fucking magic. Complete and utter reversal through impossible means.It's like any other impossible fetishes, like body exaggeration or other transformations. You can't literally do it. You can still fap to it. Separate fantasy from reality, retard.

Attached: 1573487355830m.jpg (712x1024, 113.48K)

>>523552841It is a pure pursuit, but every thread is dominated by either trannies, Holla Forumsfags, or both. Maybe in 10 years when tranny stuff passes they'll all fuck off.

Here's your Bedwoman bro

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>>523541206mod by Brutalace for sf5

>>523552841I fucking love it.Hopefully futa and traps are next.

>>523552208>>523552563>>523552679>eggs in denialAdorable.

can anyone prank me with some x-change? lol!

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Pretty fighters on a official KOF game when?

Attached: 75880791_p0.png (2097x3100, 1.42M)


>>523555450>stop saying im not really transexual, you can't command others' identities!!! it's oppressive!!!!!!>heh, you're just in denial. I know betterThis is why people laugh at you.

Attached: fade to black.gif (260x221, 772.82K)

>>523555450You are a monster.

Attached: 1296744739274.gif (240x180, 588.46K)

>>523527179cry and paniclike, dude, i get that being man is hard, but i really enjoy my masculinity and the fact that i dont bleed every month

Attached: 200_s.gif (356x200, 38.89K)

>>523556089Not soon enough

Attached: c71bc6c682a4abbad1596c9099815dbe.jpg (810x1080, 148.96K)


>>523556258>implying I'm transYou need to stop seeing trannies everywhere bro, it's hurting your brain.>>523556501I'm just helping people find themselves, no need to get so defensive.

>>523549952The earth itself pranked him.

>missed a pranked thread

Attached: EPYSjcLUEAA7dMB.jpg (2048x1448, 266.76K)

>>5235603972/3rds of it was shit, so you didn't miss much.

>>523560539Yeah I noticed that, as bad as the tg threads on /d/

Attached: ES0k9XiVAAA9uTN.jpg (1448x2048, 361.78K)

>>523549261>>523548927>>523548634>>523548415>>523547797>>523547418God rule 63 link is the best


Attached: 1597263852694.png (390x348, 124.83K)

>>523555450As someone with actual autogynephilia, neck yourself. There is a world of difference between one's sexual fantasies involving oneself being a woman and being so detached from reality that you split your dick.

Attached: 1597080595436.jpg (797x876, 134.72K)

>>523525859what a funny prank, hahahahaha

>>523560921>he doesn't know Skullofuckingmania

>>523561138you will never be a woman

>>523527179>masturbate>see if my reality shifted to where I was always a girl>if not then pack my things and find a place to crash at>stream some vidya and make money then become a vtuber>buy a bunch of clothes I like seeing girls in then masturbate more>still search for seiba gf

>>523561326Thanks for telling me what I already know? Please learn basic English.

>>523561529>he doesn't know the standard sentence for replying to anything and everything

Attached: 6f90df5258093c339c7555b4455e6554.jpg (1200x1600, 1.33M)

>>523561529seethe tranoid

>>523525995If its magic that turns them 100% it's alright

>>523561326You think I don't fucking know that? God quit rubbing it in.

Trannies arent magically turned into women cause of a kitchen sink accident they are still a man You literally cant refute that

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