>I like Dark Souls cause it's hard but fair!Anyone that says this hasn't beaten this game or even gotten very far at...

>I like Dark Souls cause it's hard but fair!Anyone that says this hasn't beaten this game or even gotten very far at all.

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darksouls2.wiki.fextralife.com/Armors with Special Effects

>>523524854Yeah because it's actually easy and fair

I like Dark Souls because it's fun.

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It's hard but fair.It's also worth noting that steam achievements came out long after I beat the game.

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>>523524854Love the first half of this game, but the only boss after Orstein and Smoo that's worth a damn is Gwyn and maybe Nito.

>>523524964>>523525005>unwinnable boss fight that just kills youhow is that fair?

>hard but fairAt most I’d say it’s not a cakewalk, it’s just pretty easy to die or get fucked.

>>523525373Truly the rhetoric of a BLM far left subhuman

>>523525373It isn’t, deal with it and don’t go through fogs with many Souls.

>>523524854This game is kinda retarded. Addicting but there's just a bit too much bullshit in it. By endgame I was just kinda forcing myself through it. Bloodborne is better.

>>523525510I'm a leftcom but I beat the game twice get fucked Holla Forumstard.

>>523525519>dark souls is hard but fair>what about this unfair thing>yeah it's not fair retardok you little faggot

>>523525373>how is that fairWhy are you going through a fog gate to what is clearly a boss fight without spending souls? Also, you have rings by this point that can mitigate death and your souls are still there you just have to survive the prison and get them back. This last option might be hard, but it's fair.

>>523525080AotA bosses were the best. Although From should stop shoving all the best parts of their games into DLC

Yes dark souls is hard for people who dont really play games or lack severe skills to learn new things. The gameplay especially in 1 is very slow and simple but people keep doing the same thing over and over again not evolving what they do

>>523525373>unwinnable boss fight that just kills youSo nobody has ever completed the game? Is that what you're saying?

>>523525620A toddler could beat this game with walkthroughs and wikis

>>523525795>it's fair because you should've known there would be an unwinnable boss fightso this is the mindset of guidefaggots

>>523525628>dark souls is hard but fairI never said it was fair

>>523525938>so this is the mindset of guidefaggotsIf you're such a brainlet you didn't pick up on the difference between a fog gate that's just a transition point in an area, or a fog gate that has a boss behind it. After ascending a spiral staircase slowly corrupted by crystals which is the motif of the enemies but the library is otherwise just a normal library. user, you might just be retarded.

>>523524854Dark Souls is just a question of getting used to its pace. The game is not hard and you kind grind and then kill anything by simply mashing.Sekiro on the other hand has no levels, so the game's way harder.

i don't like dark souls because its sluggish, boring, tedious, and unpolished/unfinished. its such a slog to play through i can't enjoy the few interesting aspects like the world design

I like Dark Souls because it allows me to roleplay the character I want without gimping myself

>>523526097It’s okay it’s not for everyone

>>523526021the mental gymnastics of soulsfags never ceases to amuse. there is no indication that the boss fight is unwinnable, it's just presented as a normal fight. then you are instakilled and possibly fucking cursed. only a fucking scrub would equip a fucking ring of sacrifice or go all the way back to a bonfire to level up because he thinks he's bad and can't beat the easy ass bosses in 1, maybe 2 tries. and guess what, the real fight with seath is fucking easy as pie.

I always feel like the "fair" part is over-exagerrated. The hardest part of this game are either doing some of the bosses solo or the borderline-bullshit moments that take you by surprise and force you to restart. The "hardest" stuff in this game is probably stuff like>entering capra's lair and getting owned instantly. then having to redo the boss and figure out the exact way to roll past>falling into the hole in the depths and getting cursed, and having to leave the depths and buy an item to cure it>falling off one of the platforms in blighttown. or getting hit with toxin and realize it lasts too long>the knights shooting arrows in anor londothe basic combat in the game is pretty easy and fun. Its the "haha gotcha" moments that are the most challenging. the difficulty comes from some cheesy level design when it opts to restrict movement and not really the enemy encounters

>>523525938This was the most clearly advertised boss gate in the whole series. For someone who had been hyped since the opening cutscene no less, so you should expect a hard fight and the possibility of losing your current souls

>>523526447>if you have meta knowledge then you know what to dolike I said, mental gymnastics

>>523526447OP just can’t get over the idea of getting thrown an initially unwinnable fight.

>>523526240>there is no indication that the boss fight is unwinnable,That's not the point but your attempt to shift the goals is noted. If you realize a boss is coming up and dying to a boss is a common occurrence you should either>leave to the bonfire and rest + level up>equip a ring of sacrifice and press on>accept the risk of losing souls and enter the fog gateIf you pick the last and Seathe does his scripted thing you are just accepting the same risk you would for any other boss encounter in the game where you enter with souls. The only difference is your return trip is more convoluted. >only a fucking scrub would equip a fucking ring of sacrifice or go all the way backNo wonder you think the game is unfair you deliberately ignore your options when they are available and cry about the game being unfair afterwards.

>Dark souls isn't hard bro, you just have to finish the game 13 times and memorize the entire map every single enemy attack pattern by heart

>>523526625>thinking souls games are anywhere even close to this difficultlmao just use a shield with fast rolling

>>523526625it's really not that hard, it's literally just patience and rolling. All of them are fucking easy or at least not THAT difficult, doesn't deserve the title of ''le hardest game EVAR'' fuck off.

>>523524854you're right, Dark Souls isn't that hardthe other day some faggot was posting about how he couldn't imagine people beating this without a guide, can you imagine?

>>523526620I already said dying to a boss is not a common occurrence you faggot. god you need to pay attention retard

>>523524854It's not hard but it is fair. It doesn't require skill to beat, just persistence and a greater than room temp IQ. I'm not that good at games, I just insist on enjoying them as a hobby and refuse to give up. That's why even I beat DS1 in 139 hours without looking anything up except how to do damage to ghosts in New Londo (by the time I got there I'd forgotten about transient curse).

>>523526539He has a point, but its about the game being unfair and the only thing unfair about an unwinnable fight is that you lose all your souls, which you should have spend before

>>523526796>I already said dying to a boss is not a common occurrence you faggot>>523526240>and can't beat the easy ass bosses in 1, maybe 2 triesYou still admitted that it's possible to die at least once which means your souls are still at risk. Take precautions and don't cry about the game being unfair when you had options to mitigate loss and deliberately chose not too.

>>523526940yeah but you know what happens when you die during a normal boss fight? you go back and can retrieve your souls. dumb nigger

I stopped playing at Sen's Fortress. Yes I know if you played this game 50 times you see it as easy as pie. But by this point I was just getting tired of the game. No bonfire in the fortress at all (only at the top outside) and I was getting sick of having to replay the same dumb sections over and over and over. It was getting old how the game's notion of difficulty is basically giving you a sense of tedium through repetitive sectionsAll the people who say "its just patience" are wrong, its not really patience you need but moreso needing to learn what the level is going to throw at you and then avoid it the next time. Trial and error

>>523526940Defend getting cursed during the fight

>>523527054Can’t you just go back to your bloodstain where he killed you the first time? Does it not get left there?

>>523527054>you go back and can retrieve your soulsYou can get your souls back from Seathe's fog gate retard. It's already been mentioned that the difference is the prison adds to your return trip. Also, you argue about guidefaggots and such but how would anyone know how difficult Seathe is at all on their first trip? If you still argue that taking no precautions when venturing into the unknown is a "scrub move" you're just plain dumb.

>>523527165>defeat every boss before with little to no difficulty>BUT HOW WOULD YOU KNOW IF SEATH IS EASY OR NOT????the bosses in the first game are not fucking hard

I like Dark Souls because it's hard but fair, it has the ideal gameplay look, aesthetically fairly pleasing, and cool boss battles. I really just want more Souls clones. It's the first fad I've really fallen for. I love it.

>>523527165Op is just a dumb contrarion faggot. My first playthrough I got real wise about fog gates before I even got to the gargoyles and got important business finished like leveling and spending souls before entering any of them.

>>523527219>defeat every boss before with little to no difficultyThis might surprise you, but some bosses actually have difficulty to them and aren't just 1-and-done affairs. Doesn't mean they are the hardest bosses ever made but you can still die to them.

>>523527360you also still have a chance of beating them.

>>523524854Anyone who claims it's hard didn't get very far at all.

>>523527219ornstein and smough says hi.>boss you have to kill before you even get to fight seetheDon't even try to say that fight was easy faggot. Dont lie.

>>523527438most people who say the game is easy probably beat the game with summons

>>523527461I beat it on my first try

>>523527623stop being a nigger, it doesn't look good on you.

>>523527768don't project your failure onto other people, that's literally what niggers do

>>523527125Just gotta deal with it. This is after DeS would half your health in its “hollow” form and you’d need to come across the ring that fixed it and dedicate a ring slot to it.

>>523527434Sure, so if the point is that a completely unwinnable fight is unfair I'd still disagree for the reasons I stated because the only real loss here are souls when dying to Seathe the first time. You can still retrieve them, it will take more work and care, and if you don't that's it and you move on. But you can absolutely predict there's a boss fight about to occur and you can do a couple different things to make sure you don't potentially lose any souls you care for. Therefore this moment is still fair. You aren't ever forced to enter a fog gate until you choose too.

>>523527845niggers have giant egos and are immune to becoming humble that lie often. you double nigger.

>>523527860Part of the “””fun””” was getting these blatant “fuck yous” and coming out on top regardless

>Play darksouls>it's just a bunch of i-frame dodgingI avoid every game that relies on i-frames like the plague. It's the biggest design clutch and totally kills any kind of good encounters.

Oh look it's the thousandth time you faggots complain about the one unwinnable boss fight.

>>523527965play heavy armour with shield, you don't need to i-frame shit

>>523527965Or just block stuff. Then again I’m not sure what’s wrong with being good enough at the game to dodge it.I also think getting comfortable with the parry is what minimizes the combat the most.

i hate the boss fights in these games. they are boring and basically force you to change how you play in a stupid way. using your shield and blocking - something you do in most enemy encounters - pretty much goes out the window against bosses as they always pummel through it. instead you just have to roll like a dumbass. for a game with a knight on the cover it feels like the bosses are meant to be fought by agile characters with no armor

>>523528364>t feels like the bosses are meant to be fought by agile characters with no armorlight agile characters are for faith/int/pyro builds, and anything "heavy" should be utilized as a "tank". you can make faith/int super-tanks, and they work too. >power within>moonlight GS>heaviest armor you can put on while maintaining mid rolli usually just ce all my shit in for my build in the beginning tho, so probably why I love these games. a lot of builds you can make if you really twink, and stat crunch.

Dark Souls is Retard Check: The Series. prove me wrong.

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>>523528364But in DaS1 you absolutely can play as a heavy tank build and block or power through bosses. One of my most fun runs in the game back in the day was when I played as a perma-fatrolling heavy weapons guyReally it's DaS3 that fucks up the balance and forces you to play the game with only 1 real (and viable) playstyle, as a quick and agile rollspamming matrix-wannabe. Which is a perfectly fine way to play the games, but part of the charm of the other games in the series was the variety of ways to play. >>523524854Overall it's "fair" but there definitely are a few bullshit segments. I'm able to look past them though>first encounter with mimic chest>stray demon floor>hellkite drake bridge after taurus demon>forced death against unwinnable encounter with seathe, round 1

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>>523525373>dark souls 1>talking about boss difficultyYou must be joking. It's the world and the exploration that is challenging in this game, not the boss fights.The boss are slow as fuck, they have ridiculous hp pool, their attacks are telegraphed, their AI have brainlag and they take forever to decide what they are going to do next. If you didn't beat all the bosses in 2-3 tries except manus you're just bad. it is what it is.

>>523528835Sick screenshot.

>>523528728It feels like the game is made for something like the Bandit class, an agile character that avoids attacks and that hits harder, rather than a tank knight. Even as a knight, if you let a boss or even just a normal enemy hit you, it will do tons of damage and probably take you awhile to get up, and the boss will probably get another hit in. In my experience, tanking doesnt work that well in Souls because every hit is so impactful. I found that unless I focus on avoiding attacks as much as possible its usually a death sentence

>>523528364shield works for the entire game in ds2, not so much the DLC, but you can play the entire ds2 game effectively using your shield instead of rollinganother reason why ds2 is the kino souls game, there's so many viable builds and play styles.

I've beaten Dark Souls 1 so many times and watched so many critique videos of it that I'm not even sure what I think about its difficulty anymore.

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>>523529128you can face tank the entire DS1 game. The only boss that is slightly difficult is O&S, but you just kill smough first and run out of one of ornsteins attacks. Every other boss you can literally stand in their face and melee them to death while chugging estus with poise. Just equip the Wolf Ring + Elite Knight set until Anor Londo, and then the Havel Set when you get to Anor Londo.here's capra demon for example, with poise he cant knock you down youtu.be/KhhGoAdhASg?t=91

>>523529150You can use a shield vs DLC enemies but you gotta go greatshield. Especially Shulva becaudse they have maces.The standard knighs in the other aren't as bad cause they only use spears/rapiers/swords/axes.Bosses like Fume will fuck you up though.

>>523529461Poise just breaks DS1 on soo many levels.This is like a SL60 character.

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>>523529461but without the wolf ring, something first time players will never know to get, normal knight gameplay feels like you're at a disadvantage. its why i think the emphasis on knights in these games is odd.

DS1 has more BS moments than the rest of the series:-forced Seath death-being able to go back to the forced Seath death room if you don't realize he's invincible in that encounter and die again-forced damage when you fall in Nito's room-Nito's bullshit scream attack and inconsistent timing-Bed of Chaos-Stray Demon fall-Titanite Demons hitting through walls and generally being a mess of hitboxes-Hydra is a fucking mess, especially in ranged mode

>>523529857Knight with fatroll and good poise is much easier for a noob than going warrior and having almost zero poise and midroll.At least for level traversal and killing normal enemies.vs most bosses you'll a fatroll Knight will get raped, but once you find shit like the Stone Armor, you can just chug and trade with almost every boss, you only need to get to Pinwheel for 20 estus.

>>523524854>2020>still getting filtered by capra demon

>>523530350Seath, his crystal spam curses you if you have no humanity or decent resistances.Seath's first encounter should have been some cutscene that forces you in jail, no death.

>>523530107and even then there's a lot of BS moments before that like dragon bridge, capra entrance, getting cursed. DS1 is honestly a shitty argument for the "tough but fair" style because its most memorable moments are the bullshit ones that you couldnt see coming

>>523530107>hydra>that one final head that always swoops retardedly to the side right where the underwater drop-off bottomless pit is

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>>523530350Seath's first encounter that breaks multiple established game rules>can't be killed>the only fog door that for some reason allows you to leave the boss arena>have to die and lose your souls unless you use a ring to proceed>respawn at completely different bonfire that you never visited before>have to attack an enemy through barsAlmost all of that could've been prevented if there was simply a cutscene of Seath encasing you in crystals and some Channellers, golems or snakemen taking you away and throwing you into the prison cell.

>>523530107i've always found the worst hitbox boss in the series was ceaseless discharge. even when you hide in the crevasse and see his lava arm attack coming, 90% of the time it would hit you directly through the wall anyway

>>523530708most of the difficulty in souls period come from breaking the rules it established before

>>523530761Ceaseless is a fucking mess.The quick kill method is like an apology for him being soo broken.They didn't get this boss archetype working well till Old Iron King.

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>>523530938>ceaseless is a fucking mess>you have to kill him to get to Lost Izalith>Lozt Izalith is a fucking messSOMEONE GET VAATI I'VE CRACKED THE CODE

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>>523530461holy fucking projection

>>523525373That happens literally once (first round vs seath), and it doesn't "just kill you" there's actually a safe spot where you'll never take damage, but you'll also never progress

>>523530806how is a literally unwinnable fight difficult?

>>523529128no it's 100% made for pyro. you can equip quelaags sword at level 4 pyro, and upgrade the attack with humanity+no souls into pyromancy lawl just upgrades, and get pyromancies you desire. the entire first game is based around "fire", and the power it brings. don't know if that's subjective perspective, or some legit correlation, but it's also most OP end game build next to Faith's AOE spells

>>523531424You don't know it's unwinnable and you can repeat it even after going to jail.

>>523531489This is mostly true, just be sure to have a fallback weapon if you do the DLC because every boss in Oolacile resists fire to an insane degree. Even with 10 humanity and 40 dex and dual-wielding Quelaag's sword will be dealing like 80 damage per hit max on Arty and Manus.

>>523531684DS2/3 did thing right for pryos by giving them great scaling for hexes so fire resistant bosses don't just become a x10 HP sponge due to resistances.Plus letting players switch infusions without needing a whole new weapon and upgrading it completely.

>>523531684what do you even do to stat crunch, and get around that?

>>523531884how to mandatory stat allocate for ds2? how do i the thing..ya know the thing;listen jack! corn-pop...was a dude. a great dude. bear with TorPedo Joe Biden

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>>523532004Either build a raw or lightning weapon or get really fucking good at dodging shitI did a Quelaag's fury sword playthrough recently and while doing the DLC I died to Manus so many times that I literally just teleported to Andre and upgraded a Falchion I had to +10 and when I went back I beat him on my first try, the damage difference was that impactful.AoTA is a great content pack, just don't use fire.

>>523531195>you have to kill him to get to Lost IzalithPlay the game

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>>523526262And also random shit like enemies hitting or shooting you through walls. You can argue that this is unintenional and it's not that big of a deal, but it's literally in all of their games and is by no means fair.

>>523532509Fuck that bitch I'm keeping my humanityFuck Solaire too

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>>523532509You still need to kill him to get to the shortcut unless you do the absolute retarded skip through the lava.

The second half of Dark Souls is good. Change my mind

>>523527461Not trying to seem like epic pro gamer or something, but for me they weren't all that hard. Beat them on 4th or 5th try, something like that.

Why is Lost Izalith so soulless?

>>523532509>doesn't know you have to kill Ceaseless to actually use the shortcut"Play the game", he says...

>>523532720You're wrong.

>>523532751Every dead.

>>523532751fat dragon ass

>>523532720New Londo is pretty funTomb of the Giants is alright, but skeleton dogs kinda ruin itDuke's Archives suckLost Izalith legitimately the worst level in the entire seriesSecond half isn't as bad as some people say, but it isn't good, especially when compared to the excellent first half.

>>523532808painted world is good, and that's about it.

>>523532650>>523532790>ceaseless>centipede>asylum demon 4.0My bad for mixing these shitty bosses

>>523525373 just use a homeward bone?

Why does the game have NPC summons for bosses? It's like an easy mode

>>523533286you dont know its unwinnable until you die

>>523533286you need to die to progress to the next area

>>523533370>games are not allowed to surprise you


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>>523533526who are you quoting?

>>523533354That's literally the point.Same for blatantly overpowered shit like sorcery. It's much easier to design and more natural than some dumbass pre-game difficulty menu.

>>523533354Because in 2100 when what's left of human civ finds copies of DS1 buried somewhere they can experience all the mechanics including summoning/invasions.

The game relies too much on upgrading your weapon at the blacksmith for damage.

>>523524854It's true, for the most part.

>>523533354Because despite the "hardest game in le world xD" hype, dark souls actually has a dynamic difficulty setting. You choose whether or not to summon for bosses. You choose whether to grind souls for leveling up or staying lower level.

I liked dark souls because of incredibly simple yet satisfying combat system and replayability through a shitton of different builds and unique weapons. And that was before I got internet connection for pvp memes.

>>523533619>never had to upgrade anything at the blacksmith for the whole gameYou're just not that good

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>>523533619Yes, they fixed this in DS2/3 where a +10 weapon only does x2 base damage compared to a +0. They made stats scale better for extra damage instead if just jacking the base damage via upgrades.In DS1 it's fucking retarded where a +15 longsword does like x6 damage of compared to a +0.This is why Twinks just one shot things in the Burg and Parish.

>>523533749Convince me that the Souls series hasn't turned gamers into jelly brained idiots like this guy

>go through all the effort to allow the player to craft and wield boss weapons>every single boss weapon is a piece of shit elemental weapon that is outclassed by literally anything else>the only one that isn't total trash, the Golem Axe, is a fucking memeWhy the fuck would you do this

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>>523525938>first playthrough>die to seathNow you know that he's there, it's literally only a problem once. That is unless you got so mad you never played again?

>>523532991Catacombs is fun and Tomb of the Giants is interesting due to the gimmick changing how you approach it. Same with Crystal Caves. Demons ruins is legitimately fun even if the bosses might not be the best, fighting previous bosses as enemies is a great idea. New Londo is good start to finish. Only weak areas are Dukes Archives which is bland (except I like the kidnapping scene) and Lost Izalith (which is the worst and unfinished). Four kings, seath, nito are all fine boss fights and Bed of Chais would have been fine if the run back had been much shorter. All of the hate for the second half of the game is overdone and mostly undeserved.

>>523529128>and probably take you awhile to get upSomeone doesn’t know what poise is.


Nobody plays Dark Souls for the difficulty, beyond the insane SL1, no damage, every game in order freaks.If you're actually good at the game it's not very hard, with a few notable exceptions usually down to poor design or intentional difficulty spikes.

>>523533938You can go back to that room and die again.It's easy to miss the extra path that magically opens when you go to jail.So if you don't know that fight is unwinnable and just thing you need to figure out a better strategy you can get stuck trying the first Seath encounter for hours.

>>523533867The problem with twinking is that the game is set up to only allow twink invaders in the first place. You can only get IIRC 4x CREOs until you beat 4kids, which is one of the hardest bosses in the game at low SL due to it being a DPS race. This means the only low-level invaders are going to be those who are good enough at the game and also with their equipment upgraded high enough to beat them. Meaning all low-level invaders are de facto twinks, and an invader would need to otherwise exhibit self control and choose to use unupgraded gear even when there's a 99% chance he's got lighting/fire weapons that he uses for PVE. And that's if he wants to feel fair; it's more likely the low level invaders will just keep using the fully upgraded shit they've been using. I've got a lot of complaints of DS3's multiplayer, but one of the best things it did was make all the invasion covenants available very early on without any sort of skillcheck or gearcheck. This made for a much healthier balance of invasions in the early game. It was refreshing to actually have noob players invading and fighting each other rather than just being twinks.

>>523534329>an invader would need to otherwise exhibit self control and choose to use unupgraded gear even when there's a 99% chance he's got lighting/fire weapons that he uses for PVEThat's what I did when I was invading in DS1, I used a +3 claymore but 99 soft humanity and guess what I was still destroyed shit in the Parish even in 2v1s.You don't really see any relatively "fair" invasions until the the host gets at least a +10 weapon around Sen's.Meanwhile in DS2, even with my +10 rapier twink in FOFG, I died quite regurarly when a blue or a white came to help because even though I had like x2 damage, I had no heals and no insane phys defense via 99 softH.

>>523533867Anon, weapons in DaS1 go only slightly beyond double base damage at max upgrade. The longsword goes from 80 to 200 base damage. The "six times the damage" effect you're seeing are defense stats actually working.

Dumb question but is leveling up in this game even really worth it? It feels like almost all your progression comes from items

>>523535658It matters but not level by level, think every 10 levels, especially HP and stamina.Getting 3 shot by a boss instead of 2 shot really gives you way more leeway to recover/heal.

>>523524854That's not why I like it though. Steady sense of progression and exploration is why I like it

>>523535872If I want to use my starting weapon the whole game is there any reason to level strength or dex at all? There are param bonuses but they don't seem to do much compared to the blacksmith

>>523536063It's a secondary concern, you'll hit diminishing returns on other stats

>>523536063As you upgrade it it'll get better bonuses, but you'll only need to pump a ton if you find some really good A or S scaling weapon.With those you'll get +100 damage extra if you have good stats vs only having base stats to equip it.You can also 2 hand weapons for a 50% STR increase so you cam "preview" how much damage more STR would add.

>>523535436And actually, while most weapons have their base damage grow by a factor of 2.5, special weapons such as Dragon Greatsword and so on only grow by 1.5. Meaning, it only gets 50% stronger with reinforcement. >>523535658Absolutely. You need stats to use items and weapons gain a lot from scaling, and though between +1 to your weapon and +1 to your Strength isn't a contest, it shouldn't be and you should do both when you can. To showcase, a Zweihander with base stats to use it (16/10) has an AR of 444, but with Strength investment to the softcap (27/10 if you're two-handing, which you should for the 20% bonus damage multiplier from the 2h movesets) the AR becomes 528, 84 damage higher. Put in some real investment into Dexterity (27/40) and you make it a whopping 610 AR. That's 37% stronger in theory but in practice you'll find that it does even more damage because your attacks aren't being thresholded by defenses. You also don't have to deal with split damage that elemental infusions would have. Furthermore, if you want to cast magic or use miracles, which can be really handy if you find yourself using lots of estus or adventuring very far with lots of souls and need something to minimize your risks, you can't upgrade casting tools so you have to have high casting stats, such as Intelligence or Faith, unless you use the rather unwieldy Pyromancy, which you can just buy upgrades for.All that said, it's possible to beat the game at SL1 using entirely item upgrades, but it's still a challenge.

>>523525373>filtered by a red bar with letters on top of it

To me, what makes something bullshit is if you really need an item to succeed. If you can't win through just skill, then something is off. The bottom of Blighttown isnt hard, but it seems impossible get through it without getting poisoned, so you basically need purple moss or you will die. I think its just dumb design. you might as well just give the player purple moss if they need it

>>523537143You can just outheal the poison and wait it out or use miracles instead of moss.It barely does any damage anyway.

i dont understand how a melee character is supposed to get past this

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>>523525373Whats "unwinnable" nigga? People have done runs starting in DS1, ending in DS3, SL1 the entire run in one sitting. You are terrible at video games, accept this reality.

>>523538147okay then load up DS1 and beat seath on the first encounter smart ass

>>523524854Daaaamn it’s so unfair that they give you a roll with invulnerability

>>523538193Fighting the AI is boring and thoughtless to me, I could do it with my eyes closed. I'd rather invade and kill you, and your two buddies.gamerdvr.com/gamer/prof-phat-packs/video/92600879

>>523538484so did you beat seath's first encounter yet?

>>523538651The AI is easy and dumb. PvP is much harder than anything in the PvE lol. Seathe is easy, look.youtube.com/watch?v=M-CYcvErhFw

>>523538838huh... weird how that's not the first encounter...

>>523538838youtube.com/watch?v=Mw75RP4QDvY Oh man look how hard this boss is, he BARELY moves the entire fight

>>523527075You kinda have shortcuts in the fortress.

>>523524854yeah because its easy as fuck>i-frames>poise>shields

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>>523533965>Demons ruins is legitimately fun even if the bosses might not be the best, fighting previous bosses as enemies is a great idea.In theory. But fighting 9 copy pasted capra demons and 7 copy pasted taurus demons is lazy. The Demon butts are also just lazy difficulty. The ruins is not great and clearly rushed.

First playthrough is tough but doable. Fair is subjective. A friend of mine found O&S unfair, I didn't.

>>523524854True. It's the easiest in the series by far

>>523524854It’s not always fair, at the beginning of the game you are railroaded with a giant boulder out of nowhere

>>523525373The first Seath encounter is a scripted moment, like watching a fucking cutscene and then you get on with the next part of the game. Why the butthurt? It's so inconsequential.

>>523540052please go back to the first grade and learn what "context" means

>>523524854you're a gay, the game is pretty fair most of the time. sometimes it's a bitch but it's not that bad so quit crying and git gud faggot.

>>523530708>no gimmick bosses allowedYou faggots would complain about the Fool's Idol and I hate you for it.

>>523540135>git gudthe first dark souls is the easiest one dumbass, please play some games with actual difficulty if you want to brag about your gamer cred

>>523526262Honourable mention to the bonfire in Sen's fortress. A bonfire that you can only find by exploring but you can't freely explore that area because a giant is throwing fireballs at you.

>>523524854You’re acting like the game is hard in the firsts place. It just requires patience and trial and error. I know women who have beaten Dark Souls. Why make a stupid thread like this?

>>523540616hello? I was implying the game wasn't hard and in many cases unfair

OP will never see this area. F

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>>523527075Filtered by rolling boulders lol

>>523527075>moreso needing to learn what the level is going to throw at you and then avoid it the next timeIt's a fucking zoomer that never played any 90s game. OP you need to learn and get better or wait until you're older and have the motor controls to properly play.

>>523537143But the game does give you a shitload of purple moss.>>523538193You can skip the first encounter.

>>523525510OP is defiently a right wing burger what are you talking about

>>523529580E X T R A T H I C C

>>523542278trial and error gameplay sucks and is not good game design

>>523537517This is where I ragequit a few years ago and never came back. I don't get it. And it's not just the archer, its the two flying monsters before it. Does the game actually expect you to kill them, when they both engage you in combat at the same time, while you're being pelted with arrows? Fighting them was basically guaranteed death so I always had to run past themI felt like I missed something. I got through Blightown and Sen's Fortress pretty easily, but the enemies in Anor Londo seem to have way, way more health and do more damage. Every time I attemped to get past the archer I ran past those big ass knights and the flying monsters because taking them all on would take a long time, and the flying monsters are too hard with their spears that shock youI know, I just suck, but after trying a bunch of times I gave up, got tired of just trying to run from the bonfire and past the enemies and to the archer so many times

>>523537517With a parry.>>523544848It's a tough spot. You have to take off your armour so that you're fast. Run past everything, reach the archer, evade his arrow and then stand in front of him to make him draw his sword. When he strikes, parry. You can practice parrying on the skeletons in the undead parish, it's not hard. Get back to it user, you can do it.

>>523524854> it's hard but fair!> can completely cheese the game from the first lvl of the game without even look at a guide but using common sense >fair>game is so bad at balancing that the 90% of your struggles will be the gravity of your character

fact: most people calling the game easy used summons and or walkthroughs

>>523538193You're not supposed to win that first encounter, retard.This isn't new in video games.

>>523540317if you're OP then you're the one bitching about how unfair the game is, so git gud faggot.

>>523547868thats what i think too, they always say stuff like "the game is easy, just go and get this ring/" that you would never find early on a normal playthrough. when people say the game is easy they talk as if they beat it 50 times and know everything about it. of course its going to seem easy when you know where everything is and what the cheap items are

>>523548045Exactly, super bad design.Hence why they never did it again in DS2 DS3 and BB.


>>523524854i thought people liked the game because it wasnt fair, i mean i enjoyed all 3 of them because i had to figure out how to go through all their bullshit enemy spam levels.The bosses are fair tho it's just a matter of dodging and managing stamina use, if the games were just a constant bossrush they would be better in my opinion, most of the level desings are fine but the way FromSoft places basic enemies is really annoying.

>>523525510Whatever helps you sleep at night, Holla Forumscel. Never kissed, never touched.

the only thing I found legitimately terrible was gravelorded skeleton dogs in totgmost gravelorded shit is manageable but those things can instagib you just by looking at you

>>523551246what do you mean "gravelorded"?

>>523551035whenever the game has you fight multiple enemies, its annoying and not fun

>>523540052I lost 30,000 souls because of this "cutscene"

>>523524854It's not that the game isn't fair, it's just not fair when you're starting out. You can beat your head against the wall so much that it will eventually crack by trying repeatedly until you overlevel yourself and don't have to be good to beat the boss.

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>>523551851Sadly that's the entirety of ds2, expecially because of their aggro range.

>dude shockwaves lmao

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>>523552107you got electrocuted and executed by smough

>>523552107git gud looks fair to me

>>523525373git gud

>>523552107>run into lightning>woooooowhi dsp


>get hit>your character takes 7 seconds to get up>enemy can hit you againthats basically where all the games difficulty is, if you get hit the game keeps you stunned and open to another attack

>>523524854It's challenging, but it's extremely forgiving. There's almost no penalty for dying continuously.

>>523551916Git gud

>>523551541the red variants that can pop in ng+ if a gravelord servant decides to fuck your ass

>>523540117tfw so buttblasted you're unable to form coherent arguments

>>523540052Dying in your first round with Seath makes you lose your souls and humanity? I always use a sacrifice ring since my second playthrough. Do you have to get all the way back to get your souls back?Can you get cursed there too?

>>523532751lava that makes you feel like you are staring at the sun


>>523529128>Even as a knight, if you let a boss or even just a normal enemy hit you, it will do tons of damage and probably take you awhile to get up, and the boss will probably get another hit in.Use your upgraded high stability shield. Then you have your upgraded armor and poise behind it. No one upgrades armor or shields in Dark Souls and then go durr hurr armor and shileds are worthless!

>>523552052Nope, DS2 and DS3 have no such problems because you can roll in any direction with a lock on, masking weaving through groups and pivot backstabs easy as hell.

>>523554523Not possible, you're invincible while on the floor.

>>523551938This is why they should have level caps that you can only extend by beating mandatory bosses.That way retards actually have to learn the game instead of grinding the Burg/Parish 5 hours then complaining the game is broken when they still lose vs Tautus.DS2 did this to an extent by despawning shit after 12 kills, making grinding souls or certain drops less viable as a brute force strategy for noobs.

Beautiful Angel Marz has been going through the game mostly blind. She's getting through despite being kidn fo retarded and missing half the NPCs. youtube.com/watch?v=76nRm6XVhRc&

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I got stuck at the bottom of Tomb the Giants, I wasn't able to enter the yellow gate and couldn't run past all the enemies without being decimated.I felt so frustrated and was seriously considering to restart.But I started to kill the giant skellies near the bonfire over and over until I was strong enough to consistently survive encounters with them and be able to use the Gravelord Sword 1H, since that was the strongest weapon I had at the time.By the end I felt like Batman in Dark Knight Rises when he resurfaces from the prison. I ended up kinda busted, but it felt so great and memorable.

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>>523524854>Dagger run>No backstabs>Low cl>No summons >No Magic, Pyro, FaithGood luck.

>>523558267I miss the feeling of being trapped in a far-away and hopeless place in dark souls. The sequels undermine this feel with the instant bonfire warping.

>>523532509Fair lady looks like a late addition to the game and Quelag was meant to be the original covenant leader. They made her into a boss and then made her a twin sick sister to be the covenant leader.

>>523558267Yellow gate should be right after Pinwheel, the way you can do like 90% of the Tomb only to get blocked by the gate and have to backtrack to Firelink is absolute bullshit.

>>523558267>Gravelord Sword 1H, since that was the strongest weapon I had at the time.You had to have used a gudie to get that right? No one would find that covenant blind. >But I started to kill the giant skellies near the bonfire over and over until I was strong enough to consistently survive encounters with them You DID find Vamos right? He sells titanite shards and you can easily upgrade all your equip to +5, and then ascend something to fire.

>>523526940>take precautions and assume that every boss is unwinnable your first timeStop coping. Not everyone is as bad as you at video games where they assume they'll lose every boss fight.

>>523558492>Yellow gate should be right after Pinwheel, the way you can do like 90% of the Tomb only to get blocked by the gate and have to backtrack to Firelink is absolute bullshit.Tomb is actually an early game area, not a late area, and besides you need to go in there to find M'Lady Reah and her troupe. She's the actual teacher of Way of the White Miracles and you need her if you go miracles. And I'm almost certain that past the orange fog gate there was to be a proper stage for Nito himself, Nito's Domain.

Speaking of Dark Souls, I'm currently doing my NG+99 run. Unfortunately I'm still in NG+10.

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>>523554910wtf I've never seen one

>>523524854Mario Bros is harder than this game, you guys are babies

>>523558815Fucking why?

>>523558896I honestly don't know. Dark Souls 2 is more fun to play, I guess?

>>523527075Yeah, the game isn't hard. Just tedious. The only "difficulty" comes from the tedium of having to restart entire sections of the game. If there were checkpoints in boss rooms then the game would be a 4/10 on the difficulty scale because you could just use a shield the entire game.

>>523558815Try a SL1 run, it's much more interesting than the other souls games because there's tons of gear and items that raise stats so you're not stuck with just a few weapons like Mace/Club. You can even get decent ADP/iframes as the Peasant's set raises ADP and lowers INT by 2 point per piece.darksouls2.wiki.fextralife.com/Armors with Special Effects

>>523559090>The only "difficulty" comes from the tedium of having to restart entire sections of the game.Do you say that about Super Mario Bros 3, or Mega Man 2, or Castlevania? It's classic game design. There needs to be a penalty for losing, and they clearly have stage design. Stage 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, boss fight, 2-1, etc.

>>523527075The hidden bonfire isn't even needed, you're supposed to get the key and unlock the elevator and that goes from the start of Sen's to the boss fog. Get fucking filtered by easy as fuck to backstab Snakemen.

>>523527075>I stopped playing at Wily's Fortress 2. Yes I know if you played this game 50 times you see it as easy as pie. But by this point I was just getting tired of the game. No checkpoint in the stage at all (only at the beginning) and I was getting sick of having to replay the same dumb sections over and over and over. It was getting old how the game's notion of difficulty is basically giving you a sense of tedium through repetitive sections>All the people who say "its just patience" are wrong, its not really patience you need but moreso needing to learn what the level is going to throw at you and then avoid it the next time. Trial and error

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>>523559237the difference is that in a game like super mario bros, the difficulty is throughout the whole level. its not just simple stuff and then give you something really hard right at the end that requires learning to get it right. dark souls forces you to boringly retread sections you've already done just so you can have a chance at the hard part again. the fact that most players just sprint back to the boss shows how the level design actually kind of sucks.

The games are hard because they have a very "gamey" way of beating it. The RPG portion has too little significance to the gameplay and you are forced to exploit animation flaws in order to actually win in this game. Just look at any Ornstein and Smough boss fight and you'll see exactly that. The entire tactic is:> heal while Ornstein is going through his slow ass animation and you're further away from them> attack Ornstein while he's going through his slow ass animation> repeat for Smough> use the pillars to make them go through their slow ass animations while stuck in the level's geometryLike it doesn't feel you're actually fighting them properly. Almost all of the boss battles feel like that, like you're somehow cheating at the game in order to actually win the game.

>>523524854It’s hard and unfair. I really enjoyed the feeling I got when I finished the games, but I never felt compelled to do NG. I rarely had “fun” playing them, DaS2 and BB are the only 2 I’d even say were fun. DeS was cool but I really sucked.

>>523559668>heal while OrnsteinYou don't need to heal if you never take damage.

i quit at blighttown when they put two enemies right at the bottom of a ladder, plus a mosquito came at the same time that my weapon couldnt even seem to reach. i appeared back at the bonfire and just felt like i had enough, the enemy placement in this game is annoying

>>523559654>dark souls forces you to boringly retread sections you've already done just so you can have a chance at the hard part againYou can run to any boss fog and enter without killing anything once you know the route.At worst you'll take a minor scrape or 2 if you're shit at rolling.Literally every boss runback in DS1 is a minute or less, zero enemy kills required.Many levels have elevator/door shortcuts that bypass 90% of the level.And with DS2/3 these shortcuts and runbacks are even shorter.They're short enough that they aren't frustrarting but long enough that they make you think/look at the stats/equp/spells screen to see if you can change something to do better on the current boss instead of instantly repawning in front of the boss every time you get a small down time to think.

>>523560227Zoomers should be hanged by their entrails.

>>523538484Jokes on you, I just quit and load up the game again if I get invaded.

>>523525510>Holla Forumstard seethingId fuck your wive and daughters to ruin your pure white bloodline if you weren't legally bound to keep 20 feet of distance between you and every girl you meet.

>>523560646Ok, do that 10 times in a day and that character is blocked from online play.

>>523560227it's ok, it's not for everyone. I don't blame anyone who stops playing when they stop having fun.you will make mistakes in a blind playthrough, it's reasonable. you probably went to blighttown too early, it's generally not a dangerous place.

Do you guys ever get tired of repeating yourselves?

>>523558647No, I found the covenant because I really wanted to kill that demon in the catacombs and found a prompt for the coffin in-between those fights. I thought chilling on the coffin would buy me some time for the enemy to reposition and bam, cutscene.And this was my first playthrough, so I didn't find Vamos at that point.

>>523560761Why would I care about being blocked from online play? That sounds good to me but I played the game when it was already dead so I never got invaded much anyway.

>>523559869that's impossible from the first playthrough and you don't know their attack animations.

>>523560347>DS2Sir Alonne, Blue Smelter, Lud and Zallen, Ivory King...

>>523529580and people complained when this shit got nerfed in 3

>>523561841I think poise would work if you cut the values in half. You can stack absurd levels of poise if you use the wolf ring plus heavy armors.

>>523524854>t. controller smashing ape who can't accept it being his fault when he died

>>523524854I honestly grew bored of it and never finished it

>>523528835Yep, first part is spot on and the reason I don't enjoy DaS3. I think they messed PVP up as well, considering you have however many years inbetween 1 to 3... Why is there no ranking system? I think people tend to only like PVP on DaS3 because its linear and there is no real matchmaking that puts you in with people of similar skill or playtime.

>>523524854>I like Dark Souls cause it's hard but fair!>Anyone that says this hasn't beaten this game or even gotten very far at all.You're right, it's not hard. It's the easiest out of the three mainline games, and a lot easier than Sekiro. The souls games being hard beyond your first exposure is a lie, once you have the mechanics down from one of their titles even dying double digits before seeing the credits in the other ones is shameful. The hardest challenge the fromsoftware games has to offer is going for the 2 hidden rings in Dark Souls 2 that can only be obtained by completing no bonfire + no death runs, and those rings were not even that uncommon to see equipped on people in online pvp arenas.