ITT: Scenes women will never understand

ITT: Scenes women will never understand

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Scenes no one will ever understand

Scenes only Japanese people will understand

>>523520719>>523520775>t. WomenNow post tits and gtfo

>>523520842>mortal enemy that ruins your life>heh.... we had some good times together bro..... time to die I guessit's just dumb contrived writing

>>523519668What game is that from?

>>523521064t. roastie


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>>523521064Well he's not called Mad Dog for nothing

>>523521064>opinion of someone so simple in the brain that they didn't notice Majima's psycosis in subsequent games?

I'm about to finish Kiwami 2, I heard they fucked up the western release of 3, should I jist deal with it an play it or hope it gets the Kiwami treatment too?


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>>523521329>>523521380Sagawa says that not Majima retards

>>523521064Nah you’re a faggot

>>523521064It's not like the whole "Omi owning half of Kamurocho" plan falling through was Majima's fault, he was just another pawn in Shimano's scheme so he ended up sympathizing with Majima be honest though, there's a lot of guys of certain ages who will never understand this either, they have a warped and misled understanding of honor and duty, and an autistic literal interpretation what is meant by "code of honour", they will never get why spare Shimura is the true "good" ending.Women have no chance and will whinge "I don't get it!!!" immediately after either ending.

>>523521428>retard cannot comprehend cause and effect justification for scene being set out for him

>>523521383The original western release of 3 has a ton of cut content and censored dialogue. The remaster adds it back in. They aren't gonna make a Kiwami 3 so you may as well just play that instead.

>>523521383Fixed in ps4 version I think

>>523522090>The original western release of 3 has a ton of cut content and censored dialogue.But why though?

>>523522275Time constraints, I assume. They cut out like 30 substories, the massage minigame, hostess clubs, etc. As for dialogue, there's one part in the story where a girl says she "wouldn't date a black guy" which they changed to something else in the western release. All of this was fixed in the remaster.

>>523519668As a woman myself, I perfectly understood this one

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>>523522846Hello fellow fem! I'm a woman too.

>>523522846never ever, tranny

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>>523522846>>523522867>Being gay

>>523522751Considering how poorly the series did in the west, it's kind of astounding that they localized 4 games and a spinoff (which was probably made with a western audience in mind) before giving up

>>523521064I think its just that he ended up having some measure of respect for Sagawa's determination, even if they obviously had clashing goals. It's not like you should really expect fucking yakuza to be morally upstanding in the first place.

>>523523030I just think it's really funny that Dead Souls was the straw that broke the camel's back. The shitty zombie spin-off that barely anyone was gonna buy anyway almost killed the series in the west.

>>523523942Zombies were pretty huge at the time, my guess is that it was a last ditch effort to save the series in the west, if the zombie gake failed then western Yakuza was a lost cause ngl Dead Souls is a guilty pleasure of mine

>>523521309Isn't she almost 30, lol

>>523519668Both endings of Ghost of Tsushima

>>523519668One piece when Ace confronts Akainu for insulting Whitebeard

>>523526007Muh Wan PissRead a better manga faggot

>>523521209Yakuza 0

>>523521383Japanese PS3 is the ideal version in terms of content but it obviously not the best in terms of resolution or framerate.Western PS3 is the bad version with a lot of cut content and a poor translation with carry-overs from 1 and 2's translation.Western PS4 cut only the Michiru substories and retranslated the entire game getting rid of censorship while also changing one of the Tojo Clan icons to not be a rising sun.Japanese PS4 cut Michiru substories and Answer x Answer while also changing one of the Tojo Clan icons to not be a rising sun.You're not getting a better deal than the PS4 remaster unless you can understand Japanese well enough to play through these games and import the PS3 version. For reference, just a small amount of things added back to PS4 from PS3 in the west:>Minigames such as mahjong and shogi (Also brought back the ability for Haruka to play these with Kiryu).>Hostess Maker was brought back which we only saw for the first time in 4's main story in the west.>Hostess club in general (The dating one).In the original western PS3 version the hostesses just sat at Smile Burger waiting for a man to sweep them off their feet which was hilarious but not how it was meant to be, they basically cut out all the wooing and character building to skip straight to the substories.>Something like 20 or 30 substories.>Postgame game modes which were pre-order exclusive in the west and can't be gotten unless you pirate now on the PS3.The game modes included sequential boss fights with all the story bosses, you had multiplayer minigames, and I know there were more.>Retranslation so we don't have Fuma, Kage, and Rex on top of getting rid of the censorship that was there.

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>>523527302So basically PS2 version is still the best.

>>523521792YOu have it backwards. Killing Shimura is what aligns with his code of honor

>>523521064>t. faggot who never learned to respect someone he hated

>>523519668Yakuza is an entire series that women will never understand. They only like it for fujo reasons but the themes of loyalty, respect, brotherhood and honor don't resonate with them in any meaningful way.

>>523521064>mortal enemy that ruins your life>heh.... we had some good times together bro..... time to die I guess>it's just dumb contrived writing

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>>523521792>not respecting uncle wish>"good ending"

>>523519668>fighting for the sake of fighting, not for good or for evil easy way to confuse women

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>>523522846youre parents will inscribe your original name from birth when you die tranny

>>523521309where is this from


>EVER respecting someone you hateFuck off retards. Might as well start slobbering on their cocks and kiss their feet at that point. Strive to either murder someone you hate or just completely erase them from your memory otherwise, not sympathize with them.

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>>523534406woman hands wrote this post


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>>523534406>Post men will never understand

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>>523534406>strive to murder someone you hatethis is unironically what women think like? holy shit

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>>523534406I really fucking hate women.

>>523534406>proving OP right

>>523535023Scenes ports will never understand.

>>523534406Women will unironically never understand the final MGS4 fight

>>523535085>>523535074>>523535062>>523534661hey now, it could be a numale or someone raised by a single mom, which would result in the same thing

>>523534406Are you one of those trannies gender professors keep babbling on about? Female brain in a male body?

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>but heed this, the price you pay might be heavy indeed>it doesn't matter

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>>523535213doesn't have to be a single mom, i've seen this shit happen in households where both parents are present but the father is either bitch whipped or just fails to provide their child any proper insight into anything

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>>'mon Lou. One last delivery.

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>>523535747>>523536143Imagine being capable of creating the cutest form of life that will forever love you unconditionally and being so far removed from reality that you consider it a sane, valid option to murder them over and over and over because it's "your body" instead of having less and more protected sex

>>523536382>Imagine being capable of creating the cutest form of life that will forever love you unconditionally?

>>523523030>>523524182Yakuza: Dead Souls is underrated imo. I liked it a lot more than Binary Domain, which I felt was kinda generic.

Still mad the song that plays during this was never released.

>>523521064>>mortal enemy that ruins your life>>heh.... we had some good times together bro..... time to die I guess>it's just dumb contrived writing

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>>523521064>xhe doesnt understand the way of the yakuzaplebby western fatfuck

>>523519668fuck off incel

>>523521064Why are holes so stupid?

Women simply cannot comprehend the complex emotions a man experiences when he is cucked.

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>>523521389>craft umbra>equip it>he forcefully pulled you outfuck man i wish i can re-experience it again

>>523521064Part of the point of them sympathizing in the end is that they were both being used for Shimano's ends.It wasn't as though Sagawa was the one who forced Majima out to Osaka, he was simply the enforcer of Shimano's punishment for Majima.In the end Sagawa got the rawest deal, since his backdoor dealings with Shimano got him whacked by the Omi.See you on the flipside, Tiger.

>>523542514Anglos have such a weak word for infidelity.It's just "cheating". Like>hehe, I cheated him out of $500In polish, the word for infidelity is much more accurate: "betrayal".

>>523523030>Considering how poorly the series did in the west, it's kind of astounding that they localized 4 games and a spinoff (which was probably made with a western audience in mind) before giving upThe series didn't do poorly in the west, Yakuza 0 didn't even surpass Yakuza 4's sales until the PC version came out. SEGA for whatever reason fucked off with localization after Dead Souls flopped.

>>523543103zamknij morde

>> tried to get it without the dialogue but obviously it sounds very blown out.


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>>523543419Sram na chrystusaJan Paweł Drugi jebał małe dzieci w dupę, cipę i w ryj


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>>523521064Imagine being a woman


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>>523544328Y-yeah, hahaImagine being appreciated just for existing, having men cede you their own achievements, actually being loved without rolling the 5% gay/bi chance, having retards jump to your defense whenever you scream.That sure would suck!

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>>523533625japs look like monkeys bro

As someone who started with 0, how did it feel seeing Majima being so uncharacteristically nice to fans

i loved the shit out of this game and was planning to 100% it on legend, but by my second playthrough i realized it was the story that kept me going and now i don't want to play it anymore. why do games keep locking higher difficulties anyway

>>523521389>look at him old man>look at your son

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>Main characters are LITERAL members of the Yakuza>"What you killed someone and punched a woman? My moral compass wont allow this....."Who the fuck plays this garbage?

>>523536005>Commited literal genocide>"Uhh sorry my abandoned son gotta go cut a tree down see you never"Why do people like this cunt again?

>>523547572Kiryu really only joined because he respected Kazama, his kind nature nearly got him killed several times, showing that he's really not fit to be a Yakuza

>>523547732Lost his mom and if you ain't feeling that then I don't know what to tell you.

>>523519668Sagawa was an annoying nigger and the only bad thing about his death is that you weren't allowed to whoop his ass beforehand because Majima's too cucked by wanting to get back in with the Yakuza.

>>523547889He lost his mom so that excuses him killing literally thousands of moms?

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>>523538028nah, it was a fun game, but the writing was absolute cringe, I just wanted to punch that retarded rabbit in the face all the time

>>523547801What a fucking pussy. Only the weak and feeble dont have their own goals and agency.>Please papa I just want to hump your heels for eternity please dont make me stand on my own two feet let me just suck your cock forever

>>523548473Did you ever actually beat Yakuza 1? Kiryu decides that the Yakuza life isn't for him and quits to find his own path in life

>>523548473say it to his face when u see him on the street bitch lol

>>523545856Being a retard is a big downside tho

>>523548704Chicks never finish games.

Women can LITERALLY never understand this game, let alone this scene

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>>523534768>not i have the mass

>>523549071I can see a woman crying because of this scene but not understanding what it truly means

>>523548793Retards don't complain about their retardation. They're too dumb to understand that they are retarded.If retardation doesn't feel bad and you still get a nice life for free because cunt pass, the problem only exists when you look at it from man's side.Most smart men don't achieve much with their intelligence.Intelligence won't buy you happiness. Appreciation from all sides can do it.

>why didn't you kill him, he did all those bad things>why did you kill him, that wasn't a good thing to do

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>>523548704The immediately rejoins the yakuza the next game

>>523549868Never understood this. Why should bad people get to live. Whats the actual point?

>>523521064holy fuck, i can feel estrogen replacing my testosterone just being in the same thread as you

>>523549969He doesn't, he helps them out, yes, but only really because they were a huge part of his life and doesn't like the idea of the Tojo clan just dying

>>523550065Because if you killed him, he would become a martyr. Funnily enough, the worst ending is triggered when you go the full revenge route but cop out in the end

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>>523550763Then who was paying?

>>523521064They're not mortal enemies though. Sagawa was litterally just doing his job as the Omi's lapdog, he never actually did anything bad to Majima of his own volition, since Majima was willing to kill himself if Shimano ordered it, he understands that. In fact on the rare occasions where Sagawa was actually able to excersise his autonomy it can be argued that he was actually trying to help Majima, for example trying to convince Majima not to take the hit. As other people have mentioned Majima also grew to respect his tenacity.

>>523550354Golden ending is >Killing DeFalco on the platform >shooting Mason Sr. in the dick>Killing Harper as Farid>Shooting Briggs in the dick, as Menéndez>Assassinating Zhao in Strike Force>Sparing Menéndez at the endI think that's all of itResults Chloe defeats the Celerium worm, Menéndez is denied martyrdom and rots in jail like a chump, his revolution petering out, China and the USA unite as allies and 2nd Cold War is averted in a new era of cooperation, Mason Sr. meets his son, and Woods ends up happy too. All it cost were Harper and Farid

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>>523551967>you still got that scar? you made me proud that day>but i fell>yeah. but you got back upIt was cliche as fuck but God damn that was a good ending

>>523521064Just proved OP's point, roastie.

>>523534325Yakuza 0 substory

>best friend literally destroys his career to save you>hate him because muh inferiority complex What the fuck was Nishiki's problem?

>>523556070he got zero pussy

>>523556070It was more just thinking how he could never live up to his (crime) family. Along with that hospital bill causing him to BEG for money caused him to really go off the deep end and go full mafia boss.

>>523533549Yakuza has a huge female fanbase in japan.


>>523558224lmao yeah but they enjoy it for superficial reasons like it has shirtless guys fighting and being manly or because they make gay pairings in their heads and get obssesed with them to the point that they consider it canon regardless what happens

>>523530349The PS3 version has god awful performance while the PS4 version runs at 60FPS.

>>523526604You’ve never read one piece

>>523534406It’s weird how I can tell who you’re voting for from this post

>>523519668go nuts tiger!

>>523558914My mum literally picked up Yakuza after watching me play and seeing Makoto hug her dead brother made her cry big time. It happens man, its rare but it does.

>>523536728You don’t know what a baby is?

>>523519668I want my bros back..

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>>523521309Best substory.

i finished yakuza 0 without doing substories. can i do them now?

>>523559840but why tho

>>523556070I wouldn't say Nishiki hates Kiryu but you'd be upset too if you constantly lived in your cooler brother's shadow and after he's gone people went ''god it would be so much better if he was here instead of you'' all the time

A girl named Maiko Hagiwarq, on the right, has been responsible for character creation and the creation of a lot of substories throughout the entire seriesIf there's a sub story you particularly enjoyed, odds are she was responsible for it

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>>523559905im brainlet+impatient

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>>523556070having to hear people say "if it was kiryu this wouldn't have happened" can really break a dude

>>523559960I think the biggest mistake was giving him his own family when he clearly wasn't ready for it, if that didn't happen he would have just asked Kazama for the money he needed to save his sister

>>523560101I see, well in that case make sure you do them all. for the bigg super sidemish

>>523519668>scenes women will never understandAny cutscene in Strategic minds Blitzkrieg

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>>523559769well i gotta say that was by far the most emotionaly loaded part of the game, but that is if you knew the characters, she cried without knowing anything about them?

>>523559783An ugly larval human that has free will and will grow to hate you if you mistreat it, which is easy to do accidentally.


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>>523561415Na that's my shitty writing.I meant as in, she watched me play it. Like what she saw.Got the game her self.Got to that part and cried.The part that got her into it though was amount of stuff you can do. Shit like that really hooks her on games.

>>523534406There is a thing called context user, I don't think you understand what it is. Murdering the everloving shit out of someone you hate is fine and all in some cases, arguably in most, but in a thread filled with moments where that is not correct course of action, your post just shows your pea brain.

>>523561546>Can't date milf Yuki in Kiwami 2Why

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