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>LISTENANdelicate sound of thunder

>>523518889For years this autistic OP is freely datamining zoomers and morons

>>523518889Fuck off retard. These threads are cringe.

>>523519080yeah, that goddamn son of a bitch is getting away with all this valuable information!were you dropped on the head as a child?

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>>523518889>PLAYANAbout to sit down and play some more Avengers because I didn't get to play it at all yesterday (I beat the campaign during early access though). Going to do some side-content or maybe multiplayer as Thor. Maybe some Starsector later.>WATCHANBeen going through the good MCU movies again, think I'll watch Endgame later, then hop back into some Gundam Unicorn.>LISTENANAlestorm, Gloryhammer, Unleash the Archers, Frozen Crown, and some fucking anime music that has gotten stuck in my head.>EATANLeftover donuts from yesterday.>DRINKANJust polished off a Monster Ultra. Probably need to go out to Costco today and get some more drinks.>FEELANI just started my staycation, I'm off until the 14th. Going to play a lot of vidya and hopefully build GunPla. I've been keeping myself busy fixing up bullshit though, and it's raising my anxiety. Have my surround sound system up, and Dolby Atmos sounds awesome, but if I try to get my Switch to output 5.1 it just refuses (apparently a common issue). Fixing the tension on my monitor mount so that my middle monitor stops slowly drooping over time. Fixing my network sharing setup... etc. >>523519080>For years this autistic OP is freely datamining zoomers and moronsI'm sending this shit directly to gookmoot, he knows what you fap to now. He already did.

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>PLAYANtrying to play Rayman 3 via GOG but it's being a piece of shit and won't open after hitting play

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>>523519371>trying to play Rayman 3 via GOG but it's being a piece of shit and won't open after hitting playDoes this help?

>PLAYANSkyrim and Red Alert 3>LISTENANJackson C Frank>READANWar of the Worlds>EATANOrange Club Bars>DRINKANWater>FEELANGoing fucking mental thinking about my deceased gf and my bereavement group meeting got postponed due to COVID spike. Hasn’t been this bad in a while. Think i’m going to decamp to my parents’ place to mope on their couch like a dumb piece of shit

>>523519425nice that fixed it, not sure how I missed that, thanks lad

>>523519651>SkyrimYou playing with some mods on PC or anything?>Going fucking mental thinking about my deceased gf and my bereavement group meeting got postponed due to COVID spike.Sorry user, I've never gone through something like that but I imagine it must be very hard. >>523519736>nice that fixed it, not sure how I missed that, thanks ladNo problem, user. Enjoy, and have a good weekend!

>>523519763Yeah, giving Ultimate Skyrim a try. It’s pretty fun, bugs out the wazoo though!

>>523520038Definitely get the unofficial patch.

>PLAYANCK3>WATCHANnothing>LISTENANweeb music stream>READANnothing>EATANnothing>DRINKANcoffee>SMOKANnothing>FAPPANalready fapped>FEELANfine

>>523518889>PLAYANJust been grinding on Friday the 13th: The Game. I've got 45/53 achievements, most badges, all Pamela and Tommy tapes, and I still need to beat both singleplayer campaigns.>WATCHANI've been watching a lot of Vinesauce fan highlights, including The Subspace Emissary, Shitty Mario Games, and now Spooky's House of Jumpscares. Here's the channel of the guy uploading the highlights.>LISTENANMainly the music from Friday the 13th: The Game, if that counts.>READANHaven't read any books as of late. I really only do that stuff for school purposes. I still have my Holy Bible wrapped up brand new that I got for Christmas.>EATANI ate two Hot Dogs about 5 hours ago, nothing on them. I'm a picky eater, and it sucks because no one understands how shit it is. Anything that I don't typically eat outside of the main 20 things I've had my entire life, I nearly puke trying to eat.>DRINKANDrinking a Pepsi right now. Been developing a taste to Soda more and more recent.>FEELANPretty good. I spent a lot of time with my dad watching stuff, just fucking around doing things we shouldn't be, we're happy. My cousin had some friends over, hanged out with them, but the sprinklers to the lawn were on at 3AM, despite all of the doors being locked and shut. Not strange considering we have ghosts in this house.

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>>523518889>>PLAYANHitman for free from Ebin Geym Store>>WATCHANnothing>>LISTENANpic related>>READANsubtitles in the game>>EATANtuna salad>>DRINKANgerman beer>>SMOKANsmoking is for losers>>FAPPANSamantha Fox>>FEELANpretty god, started a new job last week.

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>>523520463>Just been grinding on Friday the 13th: The Game. I've got 45/53 achievements, most badges, all Pamela and Tommy tapes, and I still need to beat both singleplayer campaigns.Based, I love that game. Too bad the dev dropped it like a rock.>Mainly the music from Friday the 13th: The Game, if that counts.It definitely does:>I'm a picky eater, and it sucks because no one understands how shit it is. Might be OCD? I'm a bit like that, but not as extreme (I'm getting more loose about it as I age).>>523520474>pretty god, started a new job last week.What kind of job, user?

>>523520652>What kind of job, user?web dev code monkey

>>523518889>PLAYANRed Dead Online and Rune Factory 4 Special>WATCHANNot sure yet, maybe Venture Bros or Space Dandy>LISTENAN10CC - I'm Not in Love>READANNothing, thinking of reading All Quiet on the Western Front again sometime>EATANFried rice>DRINKANCola>FAPPANNot feeling it>FEELANBeen trying to date again after staying out of the scene for 5 years, been going shit cause I've yet cause I'm in a small town so there's not many people and on top of that no one so far has yet to interest me.

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>>PLAYANFF14, Predator: Hunting Grounds and Control>>WATCHANOverlord and The Boys>>LISTENANNightmares and 808's and shit from HYPER>>READAN1984>>EATANno clue yet>>DRINKANWater and Coke Zero>>FAPPANGonna ERP with my best friend later, he loves it when I listen to him stroke his cock while he tells me at which speed I should wank mine>>FEELANgood

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>>523520652>Might be OCD? I'm a bit like that, but not as extreme (I'm getting more loose about it as I age).No, its none of that made up bullcrap. My body physically doesn't want to eat that stuff.

>PLAYANnothing, I am a burned out of Vidya.>WATCHANIf I dont get out later in the Night I will watch a Movie, maybe some Oldschool stuff from Depp>LISTENANVidya music ranging from Kotor to Secret of Evermore)>READANstuff for University>EATANFish and Veggie>DRINKANWater and lots of Coffee, Alcohol later>SMOKANRed Gauloises>FEELANa bit bummed out, have to deal with people from work who seem to dislike me (or at least a few of them). they are actin like I am made of thin air. I dont understand the necessity in beaing this rude.Other than that I have a lot of work that Weekend.>>523519275based LISTENAN>>523519651you are not a dumb piece of shit for being emotional about a death. I am sure your parents will understand, as would I.>>523520474>smoking is for loserstry some Luckies

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>PLAYANTHPS1+2 and having a blast>WATCHANVtubers or Jerma when I go to bed. Maybe get back to my Dropkick On My Devil rewatch. I love that series so much.>LISTENANGame. Some of the new tracks are really good and fit right in, others are absolute trash. Thank fuck for the Playlist edit.>READANThis thread and the Tony Hawk threads>EATANChips and dip>DRINKANWater >FAPPANNot today. My balls hurt... not feeling good about that.>FEELANTons of anxiety but also enjoying my game. >>523519275How's Avengers?>>523519651Sorry to hear that user. Staying with your parents might be a good idea. Always prioritize your mental wellbeing.>>523520902Why do you need to date when you have RF4S? Clorica is all you need. But good luck with your search.

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>>523521654>try some LuckiesI have smoked for over 20 years and quit smoking 2 years ago, best decision I ever did.

>>523522128>How's Avengers?I like it a lot. Even on normal the combat is pretty challenging. All of the characters are fun and feel very different from each other, and there are a lot of small details that they added to make it really feel like an accurate representation of the characters.


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>PLAYANBatman Returns (SNES), TTYD and Final Fantasy Tactics on my emulators>WATCHANAnimaniacs, Batman TAS, Ed, Edd n Eddy and Vinesauce Vinny right nowGonna watch Laputa: Castle in the Sky with a movie dinner>LISTENANMy weekend>READANWatchmen and Lost at SeaI need a link to a online manga reader since KissManga got deleted>EATANPenne and pesto for lunchTuna and tomato linguini for movie dinner>DRINKANWater rnCoca-Cola with my movie>SMOKANNo>FAPPANTomboys>FEELANPretty good, but ever since a Friday a couple weeks ago where I barely got an hour of sleep I've been having trouble sleeping, last night I went to bed at 9:30 but didn't end up going to sleep until 1 in the morning. I'm now starting to dread sleep rather than looking forward to it like I used to and the days seem so quick now. Any help?>>523519080>>523519137Cringe>>523520463>Not strange considering we have ghosts in this house....What?>>523519651>>523520902>Water>>FEELAN>Going fucking mental thinking about my deceased gf and my bereavement group meeting got postponed due to COVID spike. Hasn’t been this bad in a while. Think i’m going to decamp to my parents’ place to mope on their couch like a dumb piece of shit>>523521654>>523522128Wow, today just isn't our day, huh?

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>PLAYANAnno 1800, Desperados 3, Mario Sunshine>WATCHANThe lighthouse>>EATANPizza, chips>DRINKANcoke>FAPPANnah>FEELANpumped for some vidya and just being alone>>523522128>THPS1+2I'm guessing the remake? either way based, I might try emulating them>>523521161>The Boysseason 2 has been pretty good so far. Also good readan

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>>523518889>PLAYANHotshot racing>WATCHANTucker carlson from last night>DRINKANIced tea>FAPPANMaybe some lactating stuff later>FEELANMiss my dad but glad I was finally able to have his funeral.

>>523518889>saturday night Aussie shitposter detectedFuck off

>>523518889>PLAYANBeat Hotline Miami. Took a while because it kept crashng on me. Don't know why. Also been playing MGSV for the past week.>WATCHANAsh vs Evil Dead. It's kind of meh. Not bad but a lot of the humour didn't land for me and the CG is awful.>>READANGook cartoon forum>EATANNothing currently>DRINKANWater>SMOKANI'm not a degen>FAPPANJOI>FEELANOK. Going to Wales on Monday.

>>523518889>PLAYANCrusader Kings 3, VRChat>WATCHANBlender donut tutorial>>READAN/v/, /vg/, /vm/, /vst/, Holla Forums, /int/>EATANTacos>DRINKANWater>SMOKANSmoking is for fags>FAPPANLoli>FEELANAlright

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>>523522703>...What?We've got ghosts in the house. My sister says ghosts don't exist and they're actually demons, but they're real. You'll see shadows during the night that move, stuff will break down or will be turned on/off, just last night I went to take a piss at 5AM after being up the whole night and had a glowing white figure in the corner of my eye as soon as I left the room.With these ones, it's not really spoopy.

>>523518889>PLAYANFootball Manager and Borderlands 2 on the Vita>WATCHANTekkonkinkreet for the 5th time>LISTENANDrum'n'Bass station on>READANnews, /int/>EATANfluoxetine and cheetos>DRINKANI had 2 teacups of coffee and it was a terrible idea>SMOKANUkrainian Marlboros>FAPPANAlex Clark>FEELANI should have stopped on 1 coffee, my heart is acting funny and I got anxious. Other than that, I'm trying to focus on fun thingsHappy Saturday my dudes

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>>523523267>Ash vs Evil Dead. It's kind of meh. Not bad but a lot of the humour didn't land for me and the CG is awful.Second season is the best.

>>523522128>Why do you need to dateIts been something on the back of my mind for the past few months, I'm pretty happy single but I figured whats the harm in trying? Best case scenario I actually meet someone neat, failing that I can go back to enjoying being single.

>>523522225thats great and I am really happy for you. You still are a judgmental cunt.>>523522703>Wow, today just isn't our day, huh?to be fair, this isnt really my year. getting constantly kicked in the balls is tiresome.btw based LISTENAN>>523523491>I had 2 teacups of coffee and it was a terrible ideaI am drinking about 6 cups of strong coffee a day. I am sure you will be fine

>>523518889>PLAYANDragons dogma and VTMB>WATCHANThe boys S2>LISTENANNMH2 kill or be killed>READANShit isekai manga>EATANBBQ chips>DRINKANFanta exotic>SMOKANI don't smoke>FAPPANOffice ladies and gyaru>FEELANSad because one of my friends from HS who introduced me to PC gaming turned into a weed addict

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>>523524640>Sad because one of my friends from HS who introduced me to PC gaming turned into a weed addictwould it help to talk with him? is there a reason he is doing so much drugs?

>>523524374>6 cups of strong coffee a daydamn, that amount would give me a heart attack probablyI used to drink way more and stronger coffee years ago. I'm not sure what happened , but now 1 small cup is enough for me.

>>PLAYANPuyo Puyo Tetris>>WATCHANDebating on spending $37 for the live action Mulan movie and also watched Bill And Ted 3, it’s okay>>LISTENANThe new Trash Taste podcast>>READAN/v/>>EATANAdobo and rice/Red Baron pizza>>DRINKANRockstar punched>>SMOKANNo>>FAPPANGay chubs earlier>>FEELANWorking the early shift later on. That should tell you how I’m FEELAN

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>>523525114it is probably way healthier, I cannot function normally without overdosing on coffein

>>523518889>>PLAYANWas playing THPS1+2 before work, Dark Souls 2 with mates soon>>WATCHANKitchen Nightmares snippets>>LISTENANOUCH! by Matt WatsonTHPS1+2 soundtrack>>READANBerserk>>EATANBarbecue chicken pizza from work>>DRINKANMango pepsi (surprisingly good) and coffee>>SMOKANNo>>FAPPANEmerald Herald>>FEELANPic related desu, dark souls with mates is pretty funny, coz we're all fucking retards>>523519080>>523519137Ok samefag>>523523201>Retard cant read titles

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>>523518889>PLAYANDark Souls 1 and Metal Gear Solid 2> Space Ghost Coast To Coast>LISTENANOK Computer by Radiohead, The Queen Is Dead by The Smiths, and Sticky Fingers by The Rolling Stones>READANSam and Max>EATANCheese pizza>DRINKANProtein shake>SMOKANI don't smoke>FAPPANNah>FEELANShit but hopefully getting better. I keep having really bad anxiety attacks, but I'm getting help controlling them. I'm gonna try and hang out with friends this weekend. That'll cheer me up.>>523519371>Rayman 3Based. I need to play that again.>>523519651>War of the WorldsNice pick. Great sci-fi novel. I hope you feel better. Try hanging out with someone close to you. That helps for me.>>523520463How is that game? It seems cool.>>523520902>Space DandyBased. That's Watanabe's second best imo behind Bebop.>>523521654Hi Frog-user. Sorry to hear about work and not enjoying vidya anymore. For liking vidya again, you gotta play a game that you don't have any expectations for, but ends up being fantastic. My recommendation is Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.>>523522128How is THPS? I loved them on PS1. Didn't they get the original soundtracks from both games? It's not THPS to me without Goldfinger and Bad Religion.>>523522703>TTYD and those game OSTsBased as fuck. Chrono Trigger might be my favorite game OST ever. It's either that or SotN.

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>>523525929>Dark Souls 1Based, what's your build?My last one was a spellsword-type deal

>>523519371same user, dropped Rayman 3 after exactly 50 minutesplatforming feels janky, camera is bad, just a weird and not very good game this year I've played 11 games I have liked, and 31 disliked; I'm not sure if that's a fucked up ratio, whether I'm just becoming more picky as I learn more about my taste, or I'm starting to hate games altogether

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>>523526035Debating either going as a knight and focusing on defense and strength or a wanderer focusing on dexterity and pyromancy.

>>523525929>Hi Frog-AnonHey Man! Glad to hear that you are doing better! Spending time with friends for me is the option to deal with mental problems and stress, so I hope it will help you to.It is not that I dont enjoy Vidya anymore. It is more a mental thing, I feel bad when I play for more than 1 hour a day. >Protein shakeget those gainz rollin my man!

>>523525929THPS is great, it's a very faithful remake with lots of content and some mechanics from 3 and 4 added. The biggest issue is probably that tour progress is shared across all skaters as opposed to each skater essentially being a separate file in the originals, but personally I think the new modes and skater specific challenges do a better job of giving you that replayability. And yeah, the soundtrack is mostly intact, only 3 songs are missing and they're not any of the big ones. There also like 30 new songs, which are pretty hit or miss, but the good ones are great. Also create a park is back and has online sharing.Nice list by the way, love the Smiths and Space Ghost in particular. >>523523806Well, best of luck to you. >>523522703For me it's not so much today as it is a slow decline mentally and physically over the last 6 or so years. Hope you figure out your sleeping problems though, been dealing with that myself lately. Maybe try melatonin. I've started taking a bit here and there but I can't really tell if it is helping me actually fall asleep, though it does seem to make my dreams a bit more vivid.

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>>523518889>PLAYANArkham Knight and the Spongebob remake>WATCHANForensic Files still. I can’t get enough of it.>LISTENANStories from /x/>READANVolume 1 of Akira, Holla Forums threads>EATANWill probably have a sandwich later >DRINKANArizona Green Tea>SMOKANNothing currently >FAPPANLesbian of Cerebella and Filia, milfs, monster men>FEELANStill a little sore from the other day but pretty good overall. Just woke up and I’m gonna chill for a little while before going to the gym. I’ll probably visit my dad afterwards.

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>>523522703>>523527376Also as far as manga readers go, check out tachiyomi, been using it for a while and its pretty good.

>>523518889>>PLAYANWasteland 3>>WATCHANYouTube>>LISTENANLinkin Park and Wasteland 3 OST>>READANThreads>>EATANLeftover bacon burger>>DRINKANWater>>SMOKANDon’t >>FAPPANMaybe later>>FEELANBreddy gud, I have drum lessons, later.

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>>523525929>How is that game? It seems cool.It's fun, but its on its last days man.

>>523518889>>PLAYANfar cry 4 for like the 2nd time, going to finish this time unless I get bored lol. first time playing on PC though.>>WATCHANBleach anime. only been doing couple episodes a day. whatever so far. rukia is a cute.>>LISTENANtricot new single>>READANnothing. recommend me something, anything.>>EATANbreakfast quesadilla. also thinking of learning to make tortillas from scratch when my store bought ones run out>>DRINKANenergy drinks>>FAPPANthere was a marie rose thread today with a cosplay vid thumbnail, one google image search later cock was out>>FEELANbretty gud

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>>523519371>tfw Rayman 2 worksWidescreen mod took ages to figure out, though. Once I fix this problem where I have to hold a button to not strafe, I'm golden. Childhood, here we come.

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>>523529698>rediscovered Lego Soccer Mania 2 minutes ago>there's a torrent of it availableFUCK YES WE GOIN BACK TO 2002 GAME GOT SHIT REVIEWS, BUT IT WAS FUN, THO

>>523518889>PLAYANFighters with the bros like TFH, SF V or Alpha 2, and Tekken 7. We're having fun. When I'm on my own, I play some Wario Land 2 and Yakuza 0>WATCHANRe Zero Season 2 and Tales of Zestiria X>LISTENANSF A2 and IV ost>READANrereading my Sakura manga>EATANIce cream>DRINKANWater>SMOKANnah>FAPPANMilf inseki>FEELANPretty good. I'm slowly but surely relearning Japanese and Italian and I'm having a good time and solved my issued with my family. I need to find a job in a hotel but I want to make sure my language skills are decent beforehand. Have a nice weekend bros.>>523527645How's Wasteland 3 user? I tried 2 but kinda got bored of it. I should also try the first one.

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>PLAYANDivinity OS, Crusader Kings III, Maybe some Overwatch when my gf gets home from work>WATCHANThe Boys, Mr. Robot, Maybe John Wick 1>LISTENANThe Official Podcast>READANNot Today>EATANFish and Chips>DRINKANWater>SMOKANDon't Smoke>FAPPANNah>FEELANPretty Good. Having a Lazy Saturday so far, haven't got anything I should be doing. Debating whether to keep laying on the sofa under a duvet playing Divinity or whether to go take a hot bath. Stay comfy anons.>>523519651What Skyrim character build you going for?>>523522854Sorry for your loss user, hope you are coping okay.>>523523371Are you sure you don't just have subconscious psychic powers and hallucinations user?>>523523491I feel you user. I had 4 cans of Monster Ultra yesterday and have had mild chest pains today, I know I'm a fucking idiot. hopefully we don't die.

>>523531665As someone who got hard filtered by 2, 3 feels much better. Worth playing just for Major Tom and the OST alone.

>>523533176A hot bath sounds nice actually

>>523518889>>PLAYANDokkan battle, just farming shit.Spellbreak is cool although i hate how some character blend with the environment>>WATCHANrandom anime openings, youtube retarded drama shit and cooking videos>>LISTENANrandom anime openings>>READANjapanese study books>>EATANnothing yet>>DRINKANwater>>FAPPANdsl, milf, big titties, tanlines, bigdad, gerph, legoman and melkior>>FEELANNot sure how i feel. i am desperate to find a game to a few posts and there's not much i can reply with, so have a nice weekend

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>>523518889Happy Saturday dudesGot clear blue skies and sunshine over here>PLAYANAbout to start Kiwami 2>WATCHANRewatching the Vinny Tomodachi Life compilation videoI wish they'd make another of those games>LISTENANYakuza osts>EATANPeanut butter breakfast bar>DRINKANSimply Made LemonadeProbably an ice coffee in a second>FAPPANWMAF stuff on /gif/>FEELANA little anxious but mostly excited for the future.Getting laid off from my job of nearly 5 years, but I get to go back to neeting for a couple of years. I think I'm gonna use this time to learn a bunch of things. Thinking about getting back into drawfagging, then learning game dev, or possibly web dev/mobile dev. Also maybe Japanese. Kinda want to learn something I can turn a profit on. >>523533669How goes your Japanese studies?>>523533176Lazy Saturdays at good shit, have a good comfy weekend bro.

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>>523534131>How goes your Japanese studies?i started again not too long ago after a year. so i am pretty rusty but better than i expected.

>>523533176>Are you sure you don't just have subconscious psychic powers and hallucinations user?Nope, because if I did, my life wouldn't be as messed up.

>PLAYANTHPS 1+2 and sleeping dogs >WATCHANYoutube, malcom in the middle, and horror movies>LISTENANThe offspring >READANNot today but if anyone needs a reccomend The Crow comic from 1989 is so beautiful in a dark way I say it is essential if you like or wanna get into comics>EATANTurkey tenderloin with mashed potatos and stuffing >DRINKANWater, cream soda, apple cider, and aloe drink>FAPPANReally fucked up ERP>FEELANMeh some good some bad family is adopting another cat

Attached: 2d224dd8f4c38bdbecc88f144ca7ad1f.png (500x750, 491.99K)

>PLAYANThe Long Dark>WATCHAN / LISTENAN / READAN/x/ greentext stories >EATANBreakfast was hashbrowns with a sunny side up egg on top. It was great.>DRINKANWater.>SMOKANI don't smoke.>FAPPANRecommend me some weird stuff. Honestly kind of horny for modding non-sexual games into something kind of sexual if you get what I mean.>FEELANGood. Breakfast was nice, it's a nice day out, and my cat came up to my desk and sat nicely in front of the keyboard as I game.

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>>523537181The sims 4

>PLAYANMHGU, .hack//GU and probably some indieshit on PC. Something cute, I need something cute.>WATCHANToo much anime at once. Ergo Proxy, No Guns Life and Deca-Dence, but I'll probably be watching 3:10 to Yuma tonight. Finished Kakegurui and I liked it way more than I should have.>LISTENANYuro/JP free>READANThomas Ligotti and Jorge Borges, and they're both utterly fantastic. Finished my Raymond Carver collection so I gotta go find another.>EATANFruit and Toast>DRINKANWater>FAPPANBeen a lot of muscled and armored women, milfs and trapxfemale. But gentle femdom is always a constant.>FEELANA bit more relaxed now that I know I have monday off but I still have to work Sunday unfortunately. I'm hoping it will be quiet. Went to a grandmother's birthday yesterday and everyone is just looking so old and tired now, and I'm not sure how to feel about it.>>523520902based watchan>>523522771also based watchan>>523524640How much of the Boys is available now? Just one EP?

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>PLAYANThe elder scrolls V: Skyrim >WATCHANCursed images >LISTENANNope >READANNope >EATANSmoked salmon >DRINKANDrinking water >SMOKANNope >FAPPAN---------yeah>FEELANOk

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Dedicated Autism Containment Thread

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>>523540190Nigga that's every thread

>>523540190Welcome to 4chan, newfriend.

>PLAYANBlue Dragon, just made it to disk 2. Potentially a little 999, or another shorter game on my 1337 2DS.>WATCHANNothing now but I havae some anime on hold>LISTENANSome music, I'll listen to just about any genre>READANMight read a novel I got about a post apocalyptic weather event, it seems like a really cool book and a good way to get back into reading.>EATANSome chicken fettuchini>DRINKANSome diet mtn dew>FEELANPretty estatic, I superhaxored my 2DS XL last night to play my pre-existing roms on it and man it is such a great time. I recommend anyone who has a 3DS that is interested but somewhat put off to do it, just remember to get an SD card usb adapter if you don't have an SD card reading slot on your PC. >>523539547How's .hack//GU? I picked up The Last Recode for 11$ because it seems really cool and i'd love to see the "in a video game" pulled off well. SAO was ok but that pathetic excuse for a 2nd season turned me away, personally.>>523534949What kind of kot is it?

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>>523518889>>PLAYANultrakill>>WATCHANfeel like rewatching cowboy bepop>>LISTENANguns n roses>>READANSlam Dunk>>EATANlamb>>DRINKANwater>>FAPPANmaybe>>FEELANok

>>523541205>What kind of kot is it?no idea ill post pics when my sister brings it home she's gonna decide when she gets there its here cat

>>523539547She was asking for it.

Attached: 9238890B-907B-4072-B4AA-592B3FA2303F.gif (480x462, 106.93K)

>>523541205It's good but it's definitely a game you play for the story--it's not super hard and the combat can be repetitive. And it does honestly take awhile to actually get going gameplay wise. Depends on how much anime you are willing to stomach.>>523541864noooooooooooooooooooooo

>>523518889>>PLAYANPersona 4 Dancing (Story Mode). Surprisingly comfy and the writing is a million times better than the P3 and P5 dancing games>>WATCHANGonna watch the new Bill and Ted later>>LISTENANKKB>>READANThe King's Ransom>>EATANThai takeaway later>>DRINKANwater>>FEELANok

Attached: story-4.jpg (960x544, 197.3K)

>PLAYANNioh 2. Going at it til my hand starts acting up. Build is mostly fully done, I kind of want to keep trying for max anima for my accessories but I'm not in the mood for it. Still hoping I get a good scroll for Ubume farming.I looked at the classes for EO3 and decided to start it while I also play EO1. I was thinking of trying EO2 instead but I noticed you could put in a password to move your party from EO1 to EO2 so I'm going to do that I think.Maybe some Code Vein>WATCHANI think ASL is on tonight>LISTENANEurobeat>READANRide on King>EATANLeft over steak tacos>DRINKANDr. Pepper>FAPPANYandere>FEELANA little tired>>523522703I love me some tuna. Check out>>523527578I love Tachiyomi.>>523528967Anything? Read Sumire 16-sai>>523537181Skyrim if you're in the mood to spend four hours making sure your sex mods work.

Attached: The Ride-On King - Chapter 1_ The President, And The Wyvern - 13.jpg (1426x2048, 1.08M)

>>523518889Did the Friday thread ever hit bump limit? Was pretty slow moving before I wandered off.>PLAYANDunno, maybe RoR2 later>WATCHAN>LISTENANCurrently just vidya streams>READANThis thread, a WoW thread on Holla Forums, and a thread on /tg/>EATAN>DRINKANCoffee right now, alcohol later>SMOKANDon't smoke>FAPPANProbably not tonight.>FEELANMelancholic, mostly.

Attached: 1599110405699.gif (540x405, 117.41K)


Attached: birb.jpg (801x1320, 492.13K)

>>523545239Probably not, it's been pretty slow these past couple weeks. Probably because school/college starting back up for some folks.Have fun with RoR2 bro.

>>523518889>PLAYANDoom and Doom II with the new updates>WATCHANBatman: The Animated Series>LISTENAN"Heart on Fire" - Hammerfall>READANWhatever I need to for my classes>EATANNothing but might get some In-N-Out later, idk>DRINKANWater>SMOKANNever>FAPPANPics of my female friends>FEELANJust showered, I feel clean and relaxed

>>523541743alright ill b lookin forward to it>>523542861i can stomach the anime-ness of it, is the plot good though? or well, how's the writing?

>PLAYANMario Kart 8 Deluxe with friends tonight, maybe some Xenoblade before>WATCHANGreat Pretender, Aggretsuko S3>LISTENANDefunctland, podcasts>READANPosts here, my notes, some manga where dude has a hair fetish and the girl has a back fetish, but it's absurdly cute and wholesome?>EATANGF made a pancake and bacon for me, might go get some pakistani food for a late lunch>DRINKANWater, maybe some booze tonight>SMOKANNah>FAPPANNah unless the gf wants to do something laterIf I have the chance, I'll continue writing some fetish stories>FEELANSo much better. Yesterday I was stressed and feeling like pure shit from work and my body. Got enough sleep, going to do some errands, and then chill out. Might get a spooky Lego set while I'm out.Enjoy the long weekend everyone!>>523541205Mind sharing the book? Sounds right up my alley, definitely a good way to get back into reading. I need to do it myself.>>523539547How's Deca-Dence?>>523534949THPS worth it? It looks great but I'm debating on how long I'll wait on it.>>523534131Good plan user. Keep a schedule and keep on the discipline to maintain your learning, but hopefully you can come out better for it!>>523519371There's a mod to improve a bunch of it for the PC release.>>523527523Cute slippers anonHow's Spongebob?>>523525131Godspeed on your shift user. I hope Mulan is good at least!

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King of the Hill and Scrubs>LISTENANVarious Alt-Rock bands>READANAokana>EATANJust had a steak, egg, and potato breakfast bowl>DRINKANSparkling water>SMOKANNo>FAPPANPlump girls>FEELANbreddy gud>>523545749>Doom and Doom IINice! What did they update?Good taste in Watchan>>523546109>DefunctlandGood stuff, makes for great background noise. What's your favorite episode?

Attached: 3777753_Breath_of_the_Wild_Great_Fairy_Legend_of_Zelda_Link_comic_tagme.jpg (1280x1810, 402.37K)

>>523546373Shit, Playan got cut off>PLAYANAry and the Secret of Seasons, A Link to the Past, and Monster World IV

>>523546373>>523546373>Nice! What did they update?A lot of quality of life improvements, the biggest being widescreen support.>Good taste in WatchanSame though I've never watched

>>523518889>PLAYANDark Souls>WATCHANSaved streams of an old steamer I used to watch who disappeared>LISTENANMatt Watson's new LP. Mostly just boring lofi shit but I like "Come Over">EATANGonna order some steamed dumplings and crab rangoon, maybe lo mein too>DRINKANBaja blast>FAPPANSmug cute n funny doujins>FEELANLazy/sleepy, waiting for my friend to wake his ass up and text me so I can knock out hanging out with him already. I just wanna chill at home today.

Attached: 1598970097733.jpg (301x299, 39.48K)

>>523546373Can't say for sure, I've really loved the entire series from the start. I did really enjoy the Muppets series though, learned a lot from that and gained a lot of appreciation for them.Speaking of, both of the recent Muppets movies are on Netflix soon I think. Might have to finally watch them.

>>523518889>>PLAYANCK3, having a blast with this>>WATCHANWatching qualies for formula1, might watch a bit on the new season of the boys>>>>READANDune>>EATANGonna run down and buy me some good chocolate>>DRINKANCoke zero>>FEELANHaving a decent day, but a bit sad about Canucks getting eliminated yesterday

Attached: 1585315349660.jpg (850x565, 65.95K)

>PLAYANGarry's Mod.>WATCHANBlade Runner 2049.>LISTENANEarl Sweatshirt, St. Vincent, Sweet Trip, whatever I have in my Liked Songs playlist.>READANMasters of DOOM.>DRINKANSquirt.>SMOKANI don't touch that shit.>FAPPANWhatever bullshit I find on XVideos.>FEELANPretty shit. Probably getting close to blowing my head off, but we'll see.

Attached: 1549592786248.jpg (232x197, 37.61K)

>>523519080>>523519137whats the point of these threads anyway? nobody even replies to each other most of the time, its just blog posting. I've asked this before and got no answer.

Attached: E128A727-3F1D-4B67-AC1B-B32D8886B6BE.gif (480x466, 3.98M)

>>523547445It's tradition

Attached: 1577445186650.jpg (634x487, 103.17K)

>PLAYANMaybe dead by daylight tonight>WATCHANAvatar, currently on the third book>LISTENANMCR>EATANChicken + rice, too lazy to make anything else>DRINKANPepsi>FAPPANI'm trying to fix my death grip so I'm chill as fuck with fappan>FEELANCorona chan killed my family business, we are closing tonight.Also I told the toxic girl that has been stalking me to fuck off, glad I didn't fell for her tricks.

Attached: Goku.gif (500x281, 1.97M)

>>523524640you can't get addicted to weed

>>523546109I'm more invested in it that I thought I would be.But I will say keep going after episode 2; I think that's the obvious point of contention with people and I don't blame them.>>523545969I like the plot and the writing is pretty 2000s anime but the characters themselves are pretty compelling. However kind of like the actual game it's a slow process so the first "Game" of the series is a bit simple character and story wise. Keep in mind all this stuff, including the real life/online dynamic precedes all the stuff we see in anime now by like a decade.

>>523547445Tradition, and sometimes conversations do expand from these threads from shared interests.

>>523547782>>523547539Maybe I am too quick to judge. The conversations that popped up in this thread are quite nice, you're right. I'll shut up now.

>>523518889I bought 2 large pizzas with cheesy bacon fries and bbq wings, ate 3 slices and im so full lol what a waste. sippin on that fanta thoim watching the boys season 2 ep3 atmplaying wasteland 3, scrolling here in between loading screens

>>523546109it's named balcony of fog, i haven't started on it yet but it looks cool after a brief skim>>523547754i see, thanks. i'll go into it expecting a slow burner, then.

>>523531665I didnt finish wasteland 2, I was playing it on xbox and there was a point where it got tedious and i lost interest, im enjoying 3 more but the loading times quite frequent and long

>>523546109>THPS worth it? It looks great but I'm debating on how long I'll wait on it.It's great the devs took what made early tony hawk great and new when to stop adding and they stopped at thugs wall plant my only problem is create a skater is eh at best

Attached: 4336738-art10.jpg (410x798, 116.74K)

>>523518889>PLAYANBlockland, especially a lot of Tezuni's Prison Escape.>WATCHANNothing much in particular.>LISTENANRisk of Rain 1+2 OST>READANJohn Grisham's "The Firm">EATANEgg & Cheese sandwich.>DRINKANWater.>SMOKANIs for the weak.>FAPPANNoFap feels great.>FEELANSomewhat tired, but good nonetheless.

Attached: 1593799654192.png (642x541, 360.78K)

>PLAYANnothan. Might grab something off of my wishlist.>WATCHANOn a bond kick after watching solace>LISTENANshe - days>READANindeed and other job sites>EATANnothan>DRINKANcoffee>FAPPANmaybe. considering holding off to see if I can boost my motivation for other things. Hasn't worked before but whatever.>FEELANfrustrated. Dear old dad keeps throwing his two cents in about work and school and its not helping anywhere near as much as he thinks it is.I appreciate that he cares but I wish he would just fuck off. >>523547357there are days I wish I hadn't cut out gmod cold turkey. what do you do in it user?

Attached: 1382575086875.jpg (960x926, 117.4K)

>PLAYANTony Hawk 1+2, Crusader Kings 3, Assetto Corsa Compietizione >WATCHANAssassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, A Certain Scientific Railgun>LISTENANSouthern Rock>READANFate/Stay Night, Ultimate Speed Secrets>EATANBacon and eggs>DRINKAN Coffee>FAPPANToo early to tell>FEELANOk. Just a bit pissed off. FedEx is holding a new wheel I bought for my sim racing setup, because my mailing address is a PO Box and its a real pain trying to get them to redirect it to somewhere else.>>523547204>watching qualies for formula1Are you ready for another parade for two hours where Mercedes leads>>523545749Man I miss In-N-Out

Attached: 1599249530885.jpg (1280x1816, 503K)

>>523548887>That feelanFuck dude I know it all too well.My mother thinks she has the answer to everything and knows what's best all the fucking time. I hate it. Just parents being parents I guess, trying to guide, but it isn't always needed.

>>523522771>Desperados 3that's my GOTY. how far are you in it?

Attached: 1510358988038.png (629x473, 563.34K)

>PLAYANTony Hawk 1+2, maybe Timesplitters 2 or the original Resident Evil>WATCHANgamecenter cx>LISTENANsewerslvt>EATANJust had shoyu ramen from a local place>DRINKANCoffee>FEELANGot a stack of games from garage sales this morning, totaling $16. I feel like a fucking scumbag but I'll probably sell a couple of these to fund games I actually want to play. But I'll still keep the Tony Hawk games as well as Hot Shots and GT3.

Attached: 20200905_110729.jpg (1555x1836, 1.3M)

>>523547445I'll take chill "blog" threads like these once a week over the deluge of outrage/bait/troll/waifu/etc. threads that contaminate Holla Forums on a daily basis.

>PLAYANTony Hawk's 3. All I've got left to do is find two more hidden decks. Might start a new TOME4 run later too.>WATCHANDetective Conan and Re Zero>>READANJust started 21st Century Boys.>EATANNoodles, and I made some plum jam>DRINKANKronenbourg>>FEELANOK. Got a new tablet and have been setting it up for most of this afternoon. I've also been using green stuff on my Warhammer models for the first time and it's a lot more fiddly and annoying than I thought it would be.>>523544467>EO and Dr. PepperNice. I've been playing EOV recently. I got it at launch but never actually finished it.>>523549876Based PLAYAN, especially Timesplitters 2. What GCCX episode are you watching?

Attached: 1558343120223.jpg (453x381, 13.82K)

>>523549876I hate it when they put these ugly ass price sticker on the boxes, it's hard to remove themCex stickers are easy to remove and box-friendly though

>>523549876fuck I'm exhausted from the heat, I forgot to reply to you frens.>>523549045Is Assetto Corsa really not playable without a wheel like I've heard? I've been curious about it. >>523548887Whats on your wishlist, user>>523547562Fuck I'm sorry about the family business. That really sucks>>523546702I rewatch old youtube videos from a guy that disappeared that I used to watch and talk to from time to time. Its a weird feelan>>523546109Is Aggretsuko season 3 good? I'm too lazy to watch anything most of the time but I liked the first 2

>>523549045>Are you ready for another parade for two hours where Mercedes leadsMercedes is racing itself, but everything going on behind them is exciting imo. And the chaos in q1 was pretty fucking funny.

Attached: 1588172720358.jpg (444x400, 44.32K)

>>523550406Thankfully those stickers are actually from a local game store and what they do is put the sticker on a small piece of paper inside the sleeve so you can just slide it out. >>523550379There's a twitch channel that runs it 24/7. Hopefully it doesn't get taken down anytime soon. Right now its on an unsubbed episode.

>>523550449>is Assetto Corsa really not playable without a wheel like I've heard?I've never played it with a controller, but I can tell it would not be fun with one. It's not like Forza or Gran Turismo

>>523550912I love racing games but I'm too cheap to buy a wheel so that's unfortunate

>>523518889>PLAYANWarzone with some buddies, definitely the pop music of BRs but it's alright.Outer Wilds, beat this the other day, man is it oozing with soul. Highly recommend. >WATCHANOne Hour Photo, always enjoyed Robin Williams' dramatic roles.>LISTENANThe Beatles>READANThe Girl Who Lived Twice. Love the Millenium series and although the sequels by Lagercrantz are bad they're usually a fast read and entertaining enough. I also finished 2666 the other day, fucking amazing book, wish the author lived to edit it and give it a bit more cohesiveness, though. >EATANSammie from a little local place nearby>DRINKANGatorade, got some beers for later tonight>FEELAN8/10, enjoying the long weekend and chilling with games and the boys. >>523550209Smartest man on Holla Forums, you're absolutely right. These threads are about all I come here for anymore, the board has gone to complete shit elsewhere. >>523549045>Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert FordNice taste, pretty great flick.>>523546373>King of the Hill and ScrubsNice taste, man Scrubs is a solid show. Perfect blend of gut wrenching drama and humor.

Attached: 1454427881995.jpg (346x391, 29.72K)

>>523550379I can't wait til I can finish the earlier EOs and go to play the newer games. The classes all look so interesting.

>>523518889>>PLAYANNothing.>>WATCHANGibi asmr>>LISTENANGibi>>READANTrading Price Action>>EATANLeftover chimken wings>>DRINKANWater>>SMOKANQuit weed 4 months ago>>FAPPANDandonfuga>>FEELANJust snorted half a crushed modafinil pill instead of a quarter. I hope I dont get seizures or some shit

Attached: 1595455756390.png (351x276, 93.98K)

>>523547940>>523547445I'll weigh in even though I think you get it, but generally these threads are pretty civil and usually populated by the more older and chill anons compared to obvious bait, falseflag, wojack, or pepe shit corrupting the board elsewhere. They do die out early in the afternoon generally, but usually in the first 200 posts or so people are better at responding and carrying on a convo. If you like the back and forth and striking up a convo, lead by example and respond to others. Most of us are here to shoot the shit and have a good time, unless you're a literal zoomer contrarian faggot from /r/4chan like these two insufferable faggots. >>523519080 >>523519137

>>523547445I enjoy seeing what other anons are playing and watching, sometimes it helps me find new stuff

>PLAYANI haven't played games since the first three days Tsushima came out. I want to play Tsushima, and RE2, and Fire Emblem, but games just don't do it for me. I think I need a year away from them or something.>WATCHANToday I've watched "This is Spinal Tap", "The Prestige" and I'm halfway through The Dark Knight Rises. I'd like to start ATLA, but it seemed too childish when I started it, desipte the fact I know it gets pretty intense>LISTENANThis youtube cover guy called "PelleK". He does pretty cool anime covers>READANI'm about to get Murukami's "Killing Commendatore" on audible tonight. It's long but I'm keen>EATANCurly fries and steak skewers. I'm trying to avoid eating sweets for now, cause I wanna lose some lockdown weight. I've barely touched sweets or pop all week, and I'm feeling pretty good about myself. Small steps I guess>DRINKANPear cider. For Tesco's own brand, it's surprisingly good>FAPPANAgain, I'm trying to avoid wanking as much. I took a big step by deleting my porn bookmark folder. I realized that I was addicted to masturbation and porn, and I was only doing it because I was bored. It was a slippery slope. If I ever wanna shag a woman again, I need to avoid being addicted to porn, or I'll never be satisfied. I haven't been with a woman in 9 years, but I'm making steps to self improve at the moment, that will hopefully help me out romantically>FEELANSurprisingly good? I was in the thread yesterday, talking about being in my head about my friends ignoring me. I was concerned that my friends hated me, and were simply "Putting up with me". I got some advice from an user last night that helped me rationalize. Why would they talk to me? Why would they spend time with me? Why would they do stuff with me, if they didn't care about me. I realized that I was in a negative spiral of bad thoughts, and I needed to pull myself out. I spoke to a good friend this morning, and she really reassured me that all my friends love and care about me.

>PLAYANFall guys with my friends and L4D2 with randoms I find>WATCHANMy Hero Academia and Initial D>>READANThreads on whatever board I find myself in>EATANHotdogs and chips>DRINKANCheap vodka and soda>SMOKANnah son>FAPPANTraps>FEELANThinking about getting a job again. Been unemployed all summer because I got fired and wanted to take it easy from that shithole I was working at for about eight years. Chilled out and feel like I should get back to it.

Attached: 1502220822686.jpg (236x236, 11.68K)

>>523518889>>PLAYANWasteland 3, Wreckfest, Ride 3 and CoD Warzone>>WATCHANNothing>>LISTENANMaybe some Angra, Pantera, gregorian chants, I don't know>>READANMaybe Confessions, by St. Augustine. But I'm not in the mood right now.>>EATANSopa de macaco>>DRINKANBeer and water>>SMOKANNon smoker>>FAPPANAlready did today>>FEELANLIke shit. Gotta a shit ton to do and I am on the verge of breaking up a 6 years relationship with my GF. Shit sucks.

>>523552346I think Hexer and Dancer are my favourites. EO in general does support classes really well. 3 seems to have the craziest classes but that's the only mainline game I haven't played yet.

>PLAYANCK3, maybe some Civ.>WATCHANScience docs>LISTENANMegadeth- Rust in Peace>EATANMeatballs>DRINKANOrange juice>FAPPANPantyhose>FEELANBored, demotivated, unsure about the future

Attached: 1595379606165.jpg (447x686, 62.49K)

>>523518889>PLAYANWorking on Uniclr>WATCHANThe Boys with the boys>LISTENANIt's a black sabbath kind of day>READANhistory of the 30 years war>EATANPastrami sandwich>DRINKANgot a big mug of black coffee>SMOKANnah>FAPPANBondage as per usual>FEELANPretty good. Gonna go walking soon.

>>523549876Man, now I want some ramen. >>523539547I really should watch Ergo Proxy

>>523518889>>PLAYANApex Legends!>>WATCHANJapanese Walking Simulators!>>LISTENANRocky, Schoolboy Q, other miscellaneous niggers>>READANnah>>EATANpizza 'n shrooms later>>DRINKANWater and V8 Energy for caffeine >>SMOKANnah>>FAPPANnah>>FEELANHave a great labor day weekend, wagie frens!

Attached: 1598491619162.png (472x482, 88.41K)

>>523547445I dont reply, but Ill read nearly all the posts. I like sharing comfy feels with other anons. This must be what Reddit is like without all the trip faggotry and upboats

>>523553683I wanted to use Dancer in 1 but I ended up just making a plain Prot/Landy Medic/Alchemist/Survivalist party, and I still haven't unlocked Hexer. The group I think I will go with in 3 is Hoplite/Princess Farmer/Wilding/Zodiac. You can subclass in 3, right? I'm not sure for everyone else but I will make Princess either sub a Gladiator or a Monk. The thought of a battle crazy yangire ojou-sama excites me.

Attached: Overlord - Episode_ 39 - 10.jpg (969x1400, 177.67K)

>>523546109The Spongebob Rehydrated is pretty fun though it’s a bit frustrating on the switch.

>>523518889mostly playing remnants to ashes just made it to the labyrinth its pretty fun but i wouldn't really call it a looter shooter tho trying BDO but i'm really not liking it don't know if i should buy starwars battlefront 2 while its on sale on steam or just buy ea play for a year

>PLAYANNothing, probably some Fate/Hollow Ataraxia>WATCHANNothing>LISTENANTrance>READANPosts on Holla Forums>EATANNothing>DRINKANNothing, will probably have some water>SMOKANDon't Smoke>FAPPANNot in the mood now>FEELANPissed, came home with some of my shit being thrown away.

Attached: caren.jpg (850x1032, 182.79K)

>>523518889>>PLAYANP5R on NG+. Also want to start SMTIV soonPicked up Gravity Rush 2, may try that out>>WATCHANNothin>>LISTENANNujabes, P5 OST>>READANSword of Destiny and the No Longer Human manga by Ito>>EATANNo idea>>DRINKANWater, coffee>>SMOKANDont think so. Trying to quit>>FAPPANSee smokan>>FEELANTired. Need to get more active, may force myself onto a bike ride but I really don’t feel it.>>523553309>I'd like to start ATLA, but it seemed too childish when I started it, desipte the fact I know it gets pretty intenseFirst season is the worst but has some diamonds in the rough, after that the quality continuously goes up. >>523552531>Quit weed 4 months agoDid you have trouble doing so or was it pretty easy? I made it 3 months once, told myself I’d smoke just one time, then over-indulged for months


>>523518889>Playan ACE COMBAT 7>WATCHANRandom youtube >listenanrandom synthwave>readanGRE prep book>eatenbroiled chicken>Drinkanwater with crystal lite>smokannothin>fappinghetto mix latina getting gangbanged>feelangood