>game gives you a fetish

>game gives you a fetish

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>>523518573That's all I got folks!

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>>523518209I cannot remember a single episode other than the samurai jack parody, but I do remember loving this show

>>523518974>not remembering the one where she sings>or the Green Lantern oneWell it's something

>>523519702I don't blame him. This cartoon came kinda late I mean I can remember more about Animaniacs than this. Had it premiered in the 90s during the WB TV animation peak it would've been remembered a bit more.

>>523518974For me it's the Dave Mustaine episode that I remember the most, but eventually I want to watch it from the start

>>523519935>the Dave Mustaine episodeoh yeah, that was a thing, kek

>>523518974I remember:> one with a friendly robor, that comes back as a villan in another one (that one was some kind of, all villans teaming up episode). >Some kind of zombie thing with Elmer>the one when Dodgers quits and works in a restaurant>Melvin gets a new arch enemy >Dodgers sabotages peac treaty and blames his pig side kick who goes to prison. It was 2 parter, but I never saw part 2>something with an evil alien that looked like a kid>something Frankenstein related

>>523518209Isn't Daffy implied to be a martian?

>>523518974All I remember is the episode where he's got an "evil" doppelganger and mentions he sold porkies sister to a sausage factory and the one that he takes the trials of becoming king of Mars

I remember absolutely NOTHING from this show apart from Tom Jones singing the OP.


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>>523518974I remember the one with Tom Jones.Best episdoe by far.


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>>523518829>FFthAGGot me

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>>523518209Fuck you SHODAN now I want my computer to degrade me in a sexy glitched out voice

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>>523518209>mars' queen threadascendedly based

Duck Dodgers was a cool cartoon, I wish more of it had been made.



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>>523518209How does she...ehm...drink her Martian coffee?

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>>523518209If only real black women looked like this

>>523527670Just fully straighten her hair and dye them white. Plus, purple contacts if you are picky.Bingo!

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>>523518974Holy shit same. Only scenes I remember are the TV-Y7 joke and the Dragon Ball reference.

>>523518829>FFthAGoh my god

>>523527969not him, but they're still not blackwhy call them black if they're notsame with white, i want a WHITE gf not a """"white"""" gfwhat a fucked up world

>>523527969>only black women who look good irl are the ones that look like white girls with brown skinreally makes me think

>>523527969Can’t do anything about those ugly facial features though


>>523528276What white girl looks like that, seriously?

>>523527969Made for BWC

>>523528174>what a fucked up worldNah that is only in America that happens


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>>523518829So they finally confirmed that he isn't duck?


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>>523528702What the duck are you talking about?

>>523528573hang yourself cuck

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>>523528795Lmao, asians are the cuck posters

>>523528795Don't you mean "duck"?

>>523528174my sister is black and she has long straight hair. granted it gets a little frizzy after a while but some black people can have straight hair. unless I am not black somehow that is

>>523528795AZNs and Jews are the real blackedposters by a huge margin. This has been proven.Faggot.

>>523518869I'm gonna

>>523529143but is she BLACK? look at his image, is her skin like this?

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>>523529347no, you're the faggotdon't you dare call me faggot again or i'll fuck you up

>>523518209Now I’m imagining the really old school Daffy doing his “Ooh hoo” shtick when cumming.m.youtube.com/watch?v=M4BXyC3kHSU

>>523530440Call me daddy bb.


>>523524548>SHODAN will never use dominate you and transform you into a faithful obedient cyborgWhy live

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not in the direction you'd probably expect though, since I don't really like other plant girls still. Instead this awoke my love of very simplistic stylized faces.

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>>523531985I bet shy gals make you cum in your pants

>>523524548>You are a remarkable example of a pathetic speciesHNNNNNNG

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>>523518974the camo man episode was pretty kino

>>523532034Oh yeah. And on some days, even that Switch Dog shamefully does things to me.

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Dawn made me realize my love for big butts.

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>>523531985Based kannaposter

Do you think she'll be in the Space Jam Sequel

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>>523531965>she will never remote control your augmented limbs and torment you with themAI Overlords cannot come soon enough

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>there is an episode where dodgers becomes a literal chad.>There is not porn of the mars queen with that form of him.I am disappointed of you, internet.

>>523524548Shodan awakened my love of power bottoms. I want my women to spit on me and insult me as they struggle to keep their composure while you fuck and choke them. The Shodan stirred that in me, but it was definitely Azula that complete cemmented my desires.

Duck Dodgers was only "modern looney tunes adaptation" that managed to kept the original charm while modernizing it.

>>523518829>FFthAGAll of my fucking keks.


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>>523533816Deepest lore

What if we decide once for all the color of the Queen´s nipples/pussy I think they are dark grey

Frozen in a time and space divideBut how would the universe survive?For long they were out of luckBut now, they're saved by the duckDUCK DODGERS ON THE 24, AND ONE HALF CENTURYDEFENDING THE POWERLESS AND THE WEAKDUCK DODGERS ON THE 24 AND ONE HALF CENTURYTHE FIGHTER OF MARTIAN TYRANNYOh, but he is the duck of persuasionUltimate resistance soon dissolvesA definite duck beyond all temptationEnsuring the universe still revolvesSpace is such a lonely place to be stuckBut it's not lonely, for this duckFor hordes of Martians runWhen he shoots his duck-billed laser gunDUCK DODGERS ON THE 24, AND ONE HALF CENTURYPROTECTING THE POWERLESS AND THE WEAKDUCK DODGERS HE'S FUCKING TYR'AHNEEIN THE 24 AND ONE HALF CENTURYYY

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>>523533816I binge watched this whole show in a week and most of the jokes and situations still made me crack up

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>>523533816I wish they never cancelled this show.

>>523533816>he was a martian in disguise

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I got a hag fetish now thanks to LC and Ruina

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>>523518209NTR, Totono

>>523534342It sucked ass and had shit ratings.

>>523534467>Replicates Jack's outline-less style for one episode>Genndy voices this dude he talks to>Takes the piss out of Jack passing up portals home to fight Aku over a decade before people started talking about that in Season 5>"Not with a Y-7 rating you won't"A masterful episode.

>>523534607I liked it. It isn't the type of thing people were wanting from the franchise, but it had some pretty spot on reinventions of most of the characters, and some jokes are legitimately funny

>>523534467>not funny for kids or adults, just a 'heh' from people who grew up with Samurai JackSo this is the power of modern cartoons. If it's not SJW propaganda it's just endless references without punchlines.

>>523535032>modernIt's 15 years old user. It's time to let go.

>>523533816Daffy could swim and fly in older cartoons.

>>523535032Seek help

>>523535153Everything past the year 2000 counts as 'modern'. Wake me up when it's 3001.

>>523535153I thought those new Looney Tunes were from like 5 years ago, huh.

>>523534386Dear God

The Sorcerer

>>523535032I chuckled at "that time portal is just a prop to introduce moral conflict!".

>>523535257>t. Philip J. Fry

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Reminder:>Human x Xeno is based>Human x Anthro is based>Human x Orc is based>Interracial is a big copeI don't care if you like blacked or bleached. Both are shit tier fetishes. Humanity needs to colonize inferior races, not focus on compartmentalizing our own. fuck nigs though


>>523536154>>523536365she is so perfect

>tight leather pants>choker>tall woman>corset>bimbo

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Monster girl quest


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>>523538019wrong thread coomer


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>>523539219>when you die and turn into unstable polygonal goo

I curse the day this woman gave me jungle fever

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>>523527969Who is this nubian queen

>>523539568nice rotoscope animation

>>523527547Where are the nips?

>>523518209>>523518291>>523518829>>523518869Genuine question.How did cartoon/video game designers years ago managed to make so simple yet fucking sexy and memorable designs, but today's artist struggle to make a character that you remember 2 weeks after seeing them. Just look at modern LoL. It's all overdesigned shit as opposed to simple, yet effective early champions.

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>>523540001Same thing as with why good games are rarer now. Limitations forced creativity.

>>523539568Goddamn, this was such a bad rotoscope job. The shading on the body is so sloppy on most frames and her head barely changing between frames is jarring.


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>>523534386Of course, only a martian can beat another martian

>>523538545Didn't he Kurt Cobain himself?

>>523540001because the market mentality is to pander to the the average consoomer, if they make *weird* stuff they are afraid of losing profitnothing is worse than losing profit for themmuh profit for the economy is all you hear as the excuse nowadays

>>523518209Is this show worth rewatching? Does the humor still hold? Haven’t watched since it first aired.

>>523518209Bayonetta, that walk she does now has me downloading videos of pornstars walking naked on heels.

I think this was the scene that gave me a BE fetish

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>>523527547data unavailable

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>>523518209years ago I remember feeling 'funny' when I realised this was once a women

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GW2 gave me a weird thing for plant women, especially ones that push the botanical, flowery aspects like narcotic bodily fluids or petal-like pussies.

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>>523541290Based monster fucker. I remember being horny while watching the end of blue dragon because the bad girl transformed into a giant bat-like monster, making her clothes rip. And thinking about how her body was nude but still sexy and human-like for a short while before completely transforming into a monster made my young pp hard.

>>523540339No, Obama is still alive.

>>523534607>It sucked ass and had shit ratings.What?! What was wrong with the show?

>>523528683fuck off, tranny retard

>liked to drag raider corpses around for fun when I was a kid>have a necro fetish nowThanks Todd

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>>523527547With lots of cream

I thought yall didnt like black people

>>523540001because you were younger then, maybe even a kid (not knocking you!). these designs are memorable due to the time in your life you experienced it.

>>523542631It's cool when they're aliens, at least that way they're not pretending to be human

>first fap was to gay yoshi vore>it's all gone downhill from there

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>>523536365Imagine being Marvin and constantly wanting to get with the Martian queen only to realize she only wants dodgers. It's not fair bros

>>523540001Both because they were allowed to remain in the limelight for a longer time due to lack of such saturation and because you only remember the ones that were truly exceptionalRight now you're bombarded with more shit than ever and it's constantly competing with new and old shit alike.Though Duck Dodgers and especially Queen Tyranhee don't have a huge following, just a small cult of coomers and people who appreciated how funny the show was after the fact.I remember hating it as a kid, but then realized towards the end of its run it's actually fantastic.

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>>523531985what about wii gunner then?

>>523542846thank god I only fapped to normal shit like sports illustrated: swimsuit edition

>>523518209So, will we ever back from limbo?


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>>523540621What the hell am I looking at.

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>>523541108Wasn't there another, similar pic?

>>523543969what a fag

>>523544010bartok, the magnificenta spin off movie of Anastasia. there is a transformation scene which has T&A expansion

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didn't think a blacked thread could last this long

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>>523544305m-maybe she dont have pussy?

>>523544010She's becoming a dragon, slowly.

>>523544424It clearly says QUACKED you weirdo. This is a DUCK thread.

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>>523540621How could it when the way her hips just effortlessly rip through her dress and bounce around at the end there is way hotter?

>>523544614because I like boobs dumbass

>>523540621>>523544486So that's why /trash/ almost always a thread about her.


>>523544424>those two>producing kids that light skinnedhe knows those aren't his, right?

Vagina Dentata~

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>>523541412>petal-like pussiesnigger you might be on to something

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>>523544568>>523545142>that flatty in the back

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>>523544925That's what mixed kids look like. The dad himself isn't even particularly dark.

>>523540621Ah man. Same. I remember watching this movie as a kid and getting that funny feeling in my stomach. Same shit in a kids show where the female hostess pretended to have eaten a shit ton of food and her stomach got inflated.Needless to say, I sure do love cuminflation and BE!


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>>523518974There was the time they parodied the Gorn episode of Star Trek where Daffy fought the Tazmanian Devil.

>>523540621I remember watching this movie as a kid, and feeling funny when watching this particular scene, but I soon forgot that the movie existed. and thank fucking god, I don't need anymore fetishes



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>>523535257take your meds grandpa

>talk about cartoon and anime crushes with girlfriend>all of her crushes were characters like that Martian queen in the OP, Shego, Megara, Sabrina in Pokémon, that one episode where Aku got rule 64'd and that hot femme fetale bitch in Atlantis

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do you think she has body heat? or does the skin absorb everything like light and heat

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>>523545894your girlfriend is a lesbo, friend

>>523546319and one with respectable taste at that

>>523545894>Shego"just lesbian enough": the character

>>523546157>tfw recreating Hot Shots! sex scene with Tyran'hee is entirely possible if you let her preheat on the sun for long enough

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>>523527969engineered for BWC

>>523545142The song is unironically fucking fire.youtube.com/watch?v=3Oe7Q8OCm5I

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>>523518209I wonder how many got any fetishs from any of the Sly games.

>>523546448damn right she is, you're lucky user

>>523531985>I'm ***"""Enjoying"''*** her DLC alot more than BMZ2 V E G G E D

>>523542846>first fap was bestiality on limewireI want off mr bones wild ride

Fuckiing AI Dungeon made my cock erupt from kobolds and eggs.

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>>523547262>ywn make eggs and bacon on her tummy

>>523527547>>523541108Theres some screenshot where theres a side profile shot of her face and she has lip indentations so it it possible she has mouth.


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>>523548958I have a very vanilla palette and my fetishes had not changed in 10 years. but after playing ai dungeon a few months ago, I now desire to nibble on elf ears.

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Although she has no nose.

Attached: Queen Tyr'ahnee no nose.jpg (1920x1080, 204.66K)

>>523549438Thats still remarkably tame.

>>523548958aww cute story about a mother and-->Will Ferrel emerges

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>>523549895I added that in based on this.youtube.com/watch?v=ddNMQGcg0-w

>>523549449shallowest lore

>>523534079Does she even have them >>523527547

>>523550427she got a pussy but its not between her legs.Its somewhere else.

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>>523550602Back of the knee, maybe?



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>>523518974There was that one time when all the trash inside him got removed and he became a buff, intellectual duck. When he considered recreative geometry as a side hobby, it really got me


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>>523532987That mutant is in the middle of a Thriller dance.

>>523551434>all the trash inside himI havent watched dd since i was a tiny little boy and i dont remember anything what the fuck is the trash inside him?

>>523527538>>523551352Tongue/lips/mouth is truly the best fetish

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>>523551352Less vore more tongue textures for fellation, user.


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>>523551453thats pretty damn cute got a source?

>>523544504RABBIT THREAD

>>523550602But what about her nips, she doesn’t have any in the pic

>>523552019maybe look at the image

>>523534386no wonder why the queen wants his cock so bad

>>523541412>>523545073>>523545383have you never heard of georgia o'keeffe?

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>>523551619It wasn't literal trash inside him.I.Q. invented this helmet that removes impurities and negative traits from an individual.From Dodgers it removed things like laziness, greed, pride.Kinda like the toxic removal chamber from a Rick and Morty episode, if that makes any more sense to you.

Monster Hunter gave me a bestiality fetish. Both male x female monster and female x male monster are equally good.

>>523552124ok sweet thanks

>>523552157fuckkkk i love rick and morty, it all makes sense

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>>523552157so like the crayon in homer's brain?

>>523527969why is she drinking a salad

>>523518209i didn't ask for this

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>>523536510Are you saying aliens, furries and orcs are inferior to humans? What would YOU do if you encountered one IRL?

>>523542846How did you even start off like that? Usually you gotta edge yourself into that sort of thing.

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That pink line is her mouth and I havent been able to unseen it since I was a kid

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>space jam 2 next year>lola back to dab on judy hopps>queen tyr'ahnee going mainstreammuh dick is ready

>>523553530nah doesn't really work

>>523553638>space jam 2 next yearSOURCE

>>523552456No.There were no physical obstructions inside Dodgers.The helmet just de-toxified him.

>>523542846>can't even remember my first fap>had a tv in my room>plenty of lewd shit already playing at an early hour for cartoons>porn available as soon as eleven P.M, just mute the TV and fap>All this before six years oldT-Thanks mom and dad

Attached: 1587099745210.jpg (466x644, 52.52K)

>>523518869Spoe is based.

Attached: cm__well_above_queen_sized_by_superspoe_dc9r30o-pre.jpg (852x938, 69.79K)

>>523530352that's a close up of her ass

>>523553798dude trust him.

>>523553960which cheek?



>>523553798I wonder how Space Jam 2 is gonna work. I heard rumors that is was gonna be a big WB crossover, including other stuff like the Wicked Witch of the West and The Mask on the opposing team.



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>>523544925It's possible, my mom is black and dad is white >tfw dad is an oil driller

Attached: IMG_20200905_141143230.jpg (4000x3000, 2.49M)

>>523554369you should tweet this at him, he'd probably love it

>>523554369I love when dresses do the side-leg thing.

>This thread is STILL up>make a thread that does some minor criticism about Nintendo and it's instantly deletedgod I love Holla Forums

>>523542846>first fap was a 1930s pic of some asian naked tribal milfs I found in a national geographic magazine that I was supposed to be using for a school assignment.>my fetishes have not strayed and actually got more tame and wholesome.Tomboys are God's gift to man

Attached: 1542746419711.png (298x307, 73.17K)

>>523545017Holy shit I haven't seen this screencap in fukken yearsIt's weird thinking about what else I've forgotten from this site


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>>523518209Her hand maidens were better

Attached: D0F45780-8B89-4821-A56D-AC340015E3EF.jpg (738x1040, 117.22K)


Attached: 1594550244754.png (959x1064, 460.83K)

>>523518209I got a nipple piercing fetish from Custom Maid 3D. It's subtle and minor, but it always makes me happy when I see a pair of knockers with a ring.I've never actually watched Duck Dodgers. Adding it to my backlog along with other great cartoons.


Attached: Sweat&deodo.png (379x708, 291.48K)

>>523554921>artist goes from extreme guro to pure vanilla>it's the best

>>523554574I read this as "my first fap was in the 1930s"

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>>523554921>girl finds your porn magskind hot desu. wish there was more of this


Any more jet black skin characters? asking for a friend

>>523554746both is better

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>>523518209Kek my childhood

>>523540094You got any proof that's rotoscoped?

>>523543969>>523536365>>523532839so,is marvin a martialet?or are martians just very sexually dimorphic,with the males being tiny and the female tall?might also explain why the queen is attracted to dodgers,since he`s also pretty short,at least compared to her

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>can't suck dick>but the best titjob on mars>pussy game ridiculous

Attached: sotlo.png (1080x900, 249.66K)

>>523543969Her wedding outfit is so cute, wish people drew it more. But I just have a fetish for anything princess-like.>>523554574Asian tribal MILFs?

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Here in the UK, some of Tex Avery's old shorts got slapped in with Looney Tunes, and my young mind was poisoned by this footage.static1.e621.net/data/38/2c/382c843fb9c7c2fa32ca4c6071b798c3.webm

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>>523556028am i remembering wrong or there actually was a chad martian on the show? i think he was a commander or something

>>523555650 She actually does have some decent porn.

Attached: Jynx.gif (275x300, 23.32K)

>>523554574>asian naked tribal milfsfuckin WHERE

>>523556145youtu.be/xEilRFdjV80>>523556179There were a bunch of Martians.

Attached: Martian General Z-9.jpg (1920x1080, 157.65K)


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>>523556267yikes she would be called a tranny on mars



>>523556327>>523556145based tex

>>523556476She's just a midget

>>523555227Reverse corruption? ShindoL when?

>>523542846First fap wasn't to porn, some kids were talking about it in school and i just started rubbing myself until the magic happened, it blew my mind


>>523554921>>523555132Based doujin

>>523556129>Asian tribal MILFs?yeah exactly like it sounds, it was some black and white pic from the 30s with 3 naked south pacific women in a jungle that were the "village mothers" or something

>>523556614Name? Code? Artist?

>>523556560Shindol has done several vanilla or vanilla-ish stories though. One of them has some uterine prolapse shit in it though.


>>523554746>""hand maidens""


>>523556327Based tex condeming kids to a life of fur


>>523546157Mars is cold as fuck, so she needs all the heat

>>523532659One of my earliest erotic dreams was Dawn sitting on my face

>>523554397Based bleacher (the dad)

>>523556814Cant believe that lady ripped off elena's win pose in the past before sf3 came out.

>>523540001Limitations as the other user said, but mainly because they weren't looking to appeal to a board of SJW feminists. They were masters of their craft.

>>523542846>be 12>see this in game magazinefirst fap was pretty great

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>>523518209>game has female MC arrested and tied up>get a bondage fetish

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>>523542801This is Holla Forums (or just 4chan in general), you don't need to tell people that you're not knocking them haha


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she was my first waifu

>>523558946and your last.

>>523534315Oh, it's a Wrath of Khan tribute, that's fun.

>>523542846You can never truly escape the haha

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>>523529347>it's the asians who are the real blackedposters>all the amateur cuck porn is white guyshuh

>>523557532Based user's brain

I've lately attained a fetish for girls with horns

I always liked the martian queen but I can't disassociate her from the show, and thus struggle really hard to actually jack off to her.

>>523554397Same bro except my mom is white and my other mom is black

>>523518829That one got me bad.

I hope she returns in some capacity in Space Jam 2.

>>523533816Why is Daffy holding a turd?

>>523540001Because the animators were as horny as we are. Now everything's drawn by girls or nuMen

>>523559603Why? The show is great and she's portrayed as pretty sexy while also being powerful and funny, she's underrated as far as writing a female character goes, even if her crush on Dodgers is a pretty simple gag to build on.

>>523540001There's a lot of stuff like Tahm Kench that I think would fit right in old league and still be just as charming with a janky model and 6 voice lines.

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>>523559781>Space Jam 2wat>it's real


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>>523540001actual designers with passion vs losers who like video games and thought they would be good at making them

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>>523560010I want Tahm Kench to marry me/eat me/sit on my face

>>523553798LeBron James' new Tune Squad uniform was revealed not too long ago

>>523560017It's called Space Jam: A New Legacy but it is real.

Reminder that the newest Looney Tunes has not only banned depictions of guns but also just announced that Minerva Mink will not be returning because she's "objectified and a male fantasy".

>>523544568Why did they cancel it just as it was getting good?

>>523560459Is Minerva even considered a real Looney Tune? I thought she was just an Animaniacs character?

>>523560459Source on the latter part?

>>523560076if that's what I think this isDo not look up this guy's other works if there's no tomboy wholesome tags

Are we even talking about videogames?

>MC has the same fetish as you

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>>523560459When the first thing that comes up when you google a children's cartoon character is "furry animal sex symbol" it might be okay to cut them from the show

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>>523559759Your parents broke up and your dad returned to his own race too? Neat.

>>523560459It's bizarre that it seems like guns are only getting more and more relevant as media cracks down on their depiction.

>>523551909too late for that now

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>>523561131Fuck videogames, you wanna talk about videogames go to one of the video game boards

>>523542801No, objectively the early LoL designs were well designed, you could understand exactly what they were going for, later designs were changed due to lore and the lore is constantly being retconned and doesn't matter, so the whole design is a mess

>>523561171Funny animal, user.Funny animal = furry

>>523518209Imagine being a pleb who doesn't develop his fetishes without media influence. Must be sad that you couldn't enjoy tv and games without it altering your mind.

>>523555650Flip Flappers, but only for one episode.

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>>523561559This panty and stocking 2?TRIGGER YOU HAAACKS

>>523560459Minerva barely ever appeared in the original animaniacs anyways, this isn’t a loss. The real loss are the mafia pigeons and slappy the squirrel not coming back.

>>523561283>once we only say how evil guns are and never show them we'll finally get them gone for good!oh no no no no

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>>523553271What is this from? An ad for World?>>523554238Isn't Wizard of Oz and MGM property though?

>>523561667>No Mafia Pigeons or Slappy SquirrelDamn. I'll still watch it at some point but that's saddening


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>>523561559Here's maybe a better picture with more fap fuel.

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>>523561725It's from an old Super Mario World phone game. You know the old Bandai console with the cassette tapes and the phone controller, there was even a DBZ one too. As for Wizard of Oz, WB has owned that property for decades now, MGM is practically a shell of it's former self. Also, I think WB also bought out some New Line Cinema properties too, which is why The Mask is supposedly gonna appear.

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>>523518209Even though she was possessed, the Fairy Queens evil smile made me love crazy/evil chicks. Many years after that, I got into yanderes, funny innit.

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>>523560459>also just announced that Minerva Mink will not be returningBimbos are shit anyway. I bet you think Candy Kong and Tawna are hot.

>>523534342It was too ahead of it's time. Imagine if they rebooted it (kept the show as is of course) and made it more adult like samurai jack season 5. I'd actually get HBO max.

>>523559901Because the thought of looney tunes characters fucking weirds me out and makes me go flaccid.


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