Doa threadWhat's next for steam? Anything useful?

Doa threadWhat's next for steam? Anything useful?

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Other urls found in this thread:*ahem*

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>>523517159Probably not.Why am I so bad at Mila, should I stick with her abs, or swap to Christie and her sweater puppies

>>523517839Mila is pretty simple actually. Christie is way more complex to learn

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Why is BIRB so attractive, Holla Forums?

>>523518002Designed to be that way

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So when do they plan on putting her in Nioh 2?

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>>523517941I have trouble with the flicker cancels, but I haven't sat down and tried to mash it outgod I wish Mila's abs were more defined

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>>523519401>god I wish Mila's abs were more definedDoes she even have any? I don't recall seeing anything

I love Mila!

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I love Helena!

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>>523518527This picture makes me unreasonably horny.

>>523522313Kasumi has that effect on people

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anyone else here like boobies???

Imagine playing a version of the game that's years behind, and you'll have to wait 2+ years to get a new character if you like them. And all you have to look forward to week by week is shit that everyone else had 2 years prior, so there's no enjoyment from wondering what's coming up.

>>523522961Tomboy boobs are best boobs.

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>>523517159Probably finishing up Kanna's intro events is next I think. One Tamaki/Leifang banner with a Lotion event, and then a Marie/Fiona banner with Rock Climbing.The other banners that haven't happened yet but are from the time between Kanna and Monica are Nagisa/Hitomi dog/bear ranked event, Nagisa/Helena ranked event with the leaf bikini, and Misaki/Tamaki pinchable blouse+shirt.Older banners that got skipped are Fiona/Marie ranked event for Valentines, the new year kimono stuff for Nyo/Ayane/Misaki, and the really old Momiji/Luna towels.

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Isnt there a better option for DOA? Like you can get these characters in honey select or something and take photos there

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>>523521092very, very minor.I can't think of a single game that gives me what I want though, so maybe I should accept that no user, it is you who is wrong and extremely defined female washoard abs are bad

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>>523523623I want to lick those abs after a long sweaty workout.

>>523523623I have no idea what you're on about, I wish the girls had more or any at all muscle on them

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>>523523982proper size

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>>523523982>Peaking pubesBased.

>>523524027>>523523982That zipper looks like a painful disaster waiting to happen.

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>>523523982That's my point. I wish they had a LOT more muscle, particularly in the stomach region.But no game I can think of caters to it.

Literal perfection

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>>523518097Momiji looks like a great new toy for her after Kasumi seems to have been thoroughly converted to her ways.

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>>523525198WHERE'S THE REST OF IT?!

>>523523982>pubesTamaki peaking pubes where


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>>523526242Moar, i don't like going to /h/ because it's full on nudity there. Suggestive subtle peeking is kino

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>>523524167That worry/fear in her eyesNice

>>523526824Got any Kanna?

>>523527192Kanna deez nuts

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>>523527192For that I think you'll have to ask another poster

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>>523527357Pubes already ruin any girl, they absolutely do not fit Kanna.

Tsukushi resembles this J-pop/K-pop artists named Sakura Miyawaki from the group IZ* just in appearance, but also in persona. She is also an otaku gaming girl, and she has a youtube*ahem* The "modded" version of Miss

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>>523526594>>523526663>>523526742>>523526824May God bless your soul user :)

>>523527868Are you the same guy who thinks Momiji is based on some JAV model?Those two don't look alike at all.


>>523527915Oh thanks

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>>523527960You do know you can't do a 100% copy of a famous person's likeness without permission, right? Inspired by, yes.

>>523528086>Inspired byAlso no. Momiji's design was already done before that model was known at all.And this new girl does not have anything in common with that other one. You're just reaching.

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>>523528447>>523527979>>523527902>>523526824>>523526742>>523526663>>523526594>>523526242Literally meant for Nakadashi.

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>>523517159no VR no care


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>>523528886Playstation wins again...Fuck them and those exclusives.

What happened to the VV server emulator?

>>523529083There's a server emulator?

>>523528297>before that model was known at allIn the west, maybe. You know Japan is ahead of us in 1-2 years, right?

Where my Marie bros at?

>>523523982>>523524027>pubesJust disgusting.Why would you even add it when you idealize every part of female body in CG?

>>523529305Her japanese debut was like a month before Momiji was first seen in a game. Get your head out your ass.


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>>523530478As I said, look nothing alike.

>>523529328literally gay

>>523530478They don't look anything alike.

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>>523529328Imagine being this gay.

>>523522924Whenever Kasumi makes an expression other than the same dopey smile she's usually portrayed with she becomes 100x hotter.

>>523530493Cute retards.

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>>523522924What mod is this?

>>523533650The blender mod

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>>523532597I thought she'd be more serious rather than dopey

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anyone else make their own DOA renders in XPS?

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>>523534260I used to think she's boring and uninteresting, but she's slowly edging her way to be the #1 doa gril>>523534554lets see 'em

For me it's Kasumi with short hair.

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>>523534801Looks much better than that moeshit in vv.

>>523534801Hmm, would need a different style. Her usual style just short doesn't look like anything

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>>523532597>>523534039My wife is always serious, not dopey at all!

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>>523536398this pair doesn't work at all

I thought the game is supposed to be a beach volleyball game, not forest volleyball.

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Where are the Tina pictures?

>>523538720in the dumpster where she belongs

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>>523539207Would've been hotter with her leotard but 2D DOAs are rare enough as it is

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>>523532597She's hotter when any pretense of being a serious ninja is dropped and she can give in to being a cock hungry cum whore. But that's just me.

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>>523540604Okay FOW

I love Tina

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I love Luna!

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>>523541118I like how in DOA 5 you can just watch all the victory/defeat poses for as long as you want as the camera lingers on them after a round. Tina's is really hot.

The rival festival may be boring as sin, but at least you get to see the taste of the other owners in how they dress their girls.

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>>523541943tamaki is not a mexican whore, this feels disrespectful.

Misaki a cute.

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>>523542131You don't like Angel's suit?

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>>523542223mod name?

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>>523542290From wtx's discord cool mod

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>>523542223I like it, it just doesn't fit Tamaki imo

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>>523542419Do these things tend to get put on LL eventually?I dont want to have to go lurk a pisscord for mods,.

>>523541893That's one fluffy kunoichi.

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>>523541884In 6 it's even better, both the winner and loser are on the end screen and the improved sweat really adds to the feeling of physical exertion for both

>>523542471I like the biker/leather vibe from it>>523542585Usually yes. But there are mods that will never be LL

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>>523542419Hey thanks.

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>>523542790>But there are mods that will never be LLAny particular reason why? And can anyone grab these mods or do they have special rules in place over there.

Yes, dirty jews.

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>>523543071She looks a bit overcooked

>>523542790Wheres the leaking cum?

>>523543141>Any particular reason why?Modders just don't want to share some mods? Fuck if I know. It's mostly Japanese ones btwThis one is public

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>>523543216But Kokoro looks so cute with a tan.

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>>523543525Oh, so its a collection of japanese costume customizer mods. I was wondering if there was any host for those somewhere since there's barely fuck all on LL from what I can see.If there are more there that are of the same quality as the angel mod then maybe its worth checking out and then leaving.

>>523540604I like to think of her as a serious ninja that can kill a man in a thousand ways, but also make a cock explode in a thousand and one different ways. There is some overlap.

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>>523543743I think everything I have is on LL publicly

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>>523543525The worst thing about the majority of mods that do get shared is that they end up being shitty looking, hacked together nude mods. There's not that many actual costume/swimsuits out there.

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I really need that pinchos banner to come to steam already. I want a Tamaki and Misaki in my harem so I can harass them.

>>523544319Next week is Lei+Tama china dress. Also you missed pinchos rerun on Steam. There was a banner for both of them. But they will do one more for sure. Pincho maid dresses are the most popular suits.

>>523544558Or were you talking about this?

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>>523544558Tempting, but I think I'll pass on that china dress. Sitting on 50k stones which will probably be around 65k after the next event.>>523544752Didnt know that suit was a thing. If the skills are good then I'd roll for it.

Is there a kaumi mod that cuts that loin cloth looking fabric really short? I remember watching a gravure scene with that and i'm pretty sure it's not an official costume because it was pretty lewd even for kasumi.

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>I only take cocks this thick

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>>523544319Pinchos are overrated.

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>>523542585VV's thread on Lover'sLab is a bit of a mess, so I don't even bother with it. Most likely it'll end up available through the mod manager thing.

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>>523533771Thanks user

>>523545286It looks good and is a decent POW suit. If not pinchos then what?

>>523544821The Shrimp is also a pinchable suit. They're TEC, and no Fever Skill, so it's more getting them for the looks.Last time the Pinchos showed up on Steam was a nostalgia when Fiona got hers in Pool Hopping. Next Pool Hopping when it happens should be for Luna's Pinchos, and they'll probably rerun the older ones at that time.

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>>523545335Yeah that forum is incredibly disorganized. I wish everything was put on mod manager but unfortunately you still have to trawl through the threads to find specific fixes for certain swimsuits.

>>523545335oh boy

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>>523545558I've still never been able to fix this mod having this strange lighting effect. I've downloaded multiple different versions and it happens on all of them.

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>>523522961I love boobs

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>>523546071Wait a second... that pool...

>>523522976Yeah well that’s every Japanese gatcha basically lol

>>523546202what about it user?

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>>523518097I don’t like pics like this

>>523522961I love big fat titties

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>>523522976Absolute troglodyte brainlet take.

>>523546309Are all of WTX's mods public or are some only on his discord?

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Cant get enough

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>>523527960I know huh people just making crap up

>>523546482>hisYou are talking to the Big Jew himself.

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Here's your videocard user.

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>>523546669W-what's the catch?

>>523531681>Nice Momiji pic and yeah hardly look alike

>>523546754This young lady has gone mad from the heat, she cannot continue to flaunt her bare plump bottoms to the world like this!

I still can't get over them calling her ogre.What were they thinking?

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>>523546543I wonder if getting defeated turns Tina on just a little bit. Those eyes have a lot of lust.

>>523546989Her bottom cant be contained by some simple bikini cloth.

>>523529328Look, that user is a homosexual

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>>523547094Japanese goburin!

>>523546989Why contain it?

>>523546989>>523547231Why contain it?

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>>523547168But who can even defeat Tina in the first place?

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>>523546482Pretty sure they were all added to the mod manager thing, with the exception of probably one or two mods that were either dumb, work in progress, or just incredibly specific and situational. The only ones I'd say are worth it are the Angel outfit and the 'Rose Petals' suit. Both for the costumer customizer and available through MM.

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>>523547421A simple poll.

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>>523527795You sir are fuckin GAY!

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My favorite girls are Rachel and Lisa... Am I welcome here?




>>523547421>>523547661Best girls>>523547678Yes


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>>523547701>>523547779>>523547851Thank you, I also enjoy Mila and Marie almost as much.

>>523547094The main difference is that you're used to "oni" being anime girls that have horns, whereas "ogre" doesn't invoke that same feeling.In the end, the issue is that Kanna and Nyo are both supposed to be Japanese mythical creatures and they've known each other for a long time, so there's this weirdness about "Tengu" staying as it is, but "Oni" being changed.Also it's only the English version that does that. Chinese and Korean call her Oni as they should.

Attached: Narukozaka Dance.webm (960x540, 1.57M)

>>523547678Yes, Rachel's my favorite. Next to Lisa and Tina. And maybe Helena. And also Ayane, but only when she has massive milkers.

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Ok, stop posting irrelevant DOAs.

Attached: c_AxaX2_1200x0_conew4.png (1200x727, 1.1M)

>>523548076I like when they call her ogre. Even if it's not accurate. Cute lil ogre girl hehe

Attached: its_ogre.jpg (734x565, 100.26K)

>>523547678I don't know

Attached: 1598470690527.jpg (2001x900, 180.68K)

>>523548454Kanna is like an onion.

Attached: 1573543820983.jpg (1080x1920, 208.12K)

>>523548695>Kanna is like an onion.yeah, i want to fuck an onion

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Since you guys started, can i get a bit more Lisa and Tina to relive for the weekend. Need to go out later.

Kanna is not for lewd.

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>>523548695She stinks?

Attached: DOAX-VenusVacation_200905_101648.jpg (1920x1080, 271.59K)

>>523548695She makes you cry?

>>523549283Lisa is cute

Attached: 1589948680165.webm (1920x1080, 2.95M)

>>523549430Delicious brown kokopuffs.

>>523549387Kanna is a hungry for cocks OGRE!

Attached: DOAX_VV_2020-07-04_07-51-32.jpg (3840x2160, 3.55M)

What are chestlets doing in DOA? What the fuck happened to this series? What is wrong with you people?

>>523549387No.If there was ever a DOA who was made for lewd, it was Kanna.

Attached: DOAX_VV 2020-08-17 18-21-43.png (1080x1920, 2.37M)

>>523549572hungry for bird cocks

Attached: kino.jpg (1280x720, 284.57K)

>>523549613Different people like different things. Crazy, I know.

I really hate how the hair bangs clip into the face while posing for pictures. I need to get me those alt hairstyles that tie or braid the hair back.

>>523549613Marie came out 10 years ago. You can stop pretending to be retarded.

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I love Kasumi!

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>>523549572>>523549621>>523549658You better be careful you don't end up like these Decobromides for lewding a cute Oni.

Attached: Oni Gacha.webm (1920x1080, 2.94M)

>>523549680They shouldn't be allowed in DOA

>>523550282According to who? Under what pretense?

>>523546809You can only keep the bird OR the card

I like small breasts. I think they're really cute, and I kinda want to pull on

>>523550792Marie looks the best with those hairbuns. Much better than her default hairstyles.

>>523550906I always switch her hair around, because unfortunately the game has extensive clipping, so it depends on the pose. All of her hairstyles are cute.

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>>523550453One could find thousands of those cards all over the world at any time. Where would one find another birb like her? That's the real question.

>>523541470Why is Ayane so bitchy? Like she straight up blames everybody but her when she loses a set. And if by mistake you touch her, she threatens you.

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>>523551606>why does Ayane have a personality????What a conundrum.

>>523551606Oh, I dunno. Maybe something to do with the fact that she's a bastard child born out of rape and she was treated badly for it.

>>523551737I don't mind her having a personality, but why doesn't she accept that it might have been her mistake losing a set?

>>523551906Because that's how her personality is you dense buffoon.

Was anyone surprised how much of a bloodthirsty murderous psychopath Kasumi is in NG3?

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>>523551606Because from her point of view the world fucking sucks.

>>523552792It's not even canon.

>>523552792Not really

Attached: Ninja-Gaiden-Razors-Edge-Screens-5.jpg (1280x720, 240.05K)

>>523552792Her NG3 appearance isn't canon, it's just there to show how deadly she could be if she were to go all out.

What Ayane really needs is some good dickin by me to straighten her out. Am I right you guys!?

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>>523552924>>523553352Was Momiji non canon too?

>>523553950Unless you're Ryu Hayabusa, dream on

>>523552924it is. nioh-ng-doa are all canon

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>>523554541Kasumi's 'involvement' and 'presence' in that particular game isn't canon, semantics-kun.


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>>523554541Her only canon involvement in the NG series was in Sigma 2 (if Sigma was canon) where all she did was stand there. That's like saying Ayane's bonus thing in Fatal Frame 5 was canon.

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How to take video of girl in this room without all the UI?

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>>523555214>Fatal Frame 5It's not made by TN so it's not canon. Different universe.

>>523555274You need to have 3dmigoto (the thing that enables you to use mods), and then press the back button on your mouse. You can change what key does that if you want/need to.

>>523555743So I press the button when I get my gacha? I mean, there isn't a gallery where she does the animation in that room? I can't pick which outfit to wear, then?

>>523555435>>523555183She also only appears in chapter challange and ninja trials, not in the actual story.

>>523556106I think you can use the Guest Gacha for that. Just pull a single roll on it, and if you don't get a suit or accessory, she'll show up in just what you're having her wear.

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>>523556106You can usually click on one of your results to rewatch them showing it off.

Honoka is for _______

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>>523557723Black men over 6 feet 7 inches tall

>>523557723a healthy, loving marriage relationship just like all DOAs.

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>>523557723paizuri and busting huge loads. duhhh

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>>523557723Deep mating presses.

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>>523557723being a respectable dog owner


Why are mutts so obsessed with interracial cuckshit and bestiality?

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>>523560575Kokoro is for breeding


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Tina Armstrong is for passion

>>523561385oh my god! Do you guys see those massive fat titties!? Geez I just want to grab them and suck on them and titty fuck them until I cum on her face and tits.

Did they increase the level cap on DMM again? What's the level cap now?

>>523551906She’s a tsundere that’s how they act lol