Only a few days left, friends

Only a few days left, friends

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>>523515980has anyone ripped that image yet cuz i need it

I just spent $40 on a stupid Amazon exclusive theme because I couldn't stand missing it when I've had all the other themes for months now

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>>523515980>uncensored handholding deviceSONY FIRE THIS MAN

>>523515980I wish that were me

>>523515980Preordered physical to get the artbook

>>523516161the rest of the themes

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>>523516298tfw they won't release this theme to the west

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>>523515980me coom game good

>>523515980george is really losing his touch

>>523516298How do I get this and do I need a nip copy?

>>523515980this is what v/boomers are interested in?pathetic


>>523516486This but unironically

>>523515980Only a few days left until what?

>>523516524十三機兵防衛圏 神谷盛治描きおろしスペシャルテーマ was a pre-order bonus I think I got it for pre-ordering on PSN. You can still get a code on yahuoku maybe? Be careful not to buy the wrong theme. Also you'd have to use a proxy if you don't have a jp credit card. Also you need a jp PSN account to redeem the code. Also it would cost like $30 to $40 with the proxy's fee included.

>>523515980Any version of this picture without the PS4 hud?

It's delayed for 2 weeks though

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>>523517303>Only a few days left until what?Trump makes racism illegal

>>523517489>>523516134This is the best I can give you

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>>523517562Nice!Thank you, generous user.


Name of the game?

>>523517562Thank you so much. George Kamitani needs to draw hentai.


>>523517754十三機兵防衛圏 GOTY 2019 according to Japan

>ps4 only

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>>523515980What am I looking at here user? Should I be interested?

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>>523518375Who doesn't have a PS4 at this point?

>>523517562thank you, love you


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>>523517405Eh fuck that

>>523518617>one-of-a-kind>yoko taro>>523518437I do but I rather play it on switch and p

>>523518437I dont want give Sony anymore of my money. Someone please tell me they'll release it on other platforms.

>>523518617>Aegis Rim showed me the infinite possibilities of games>It's one-of-a-kind, impossible to imitateIt's a VN

>>523518957Depends on how serious Sega is when they say that they'll be more aggressive with porting games to PC.VW and Atlus certainly doesn't care.

>>523519010that translation doesn't feel very accurate but he really really liked it

>>523516486now you get it

>>523515980fuck, now I have to buy a ps4

>>523517562>robo-pp succOk>vag/machine interfaceSure>interlocking finger controlsWhat sicko designed this thing?


>>523517562What do her feet smell like?

Is the game good though

>>523516406>region free system>complains about region locks??????Just make a jap account, how lazy can you be?

>>523522612maybe the problem is that he has to buy the code from a reseller

>>523522841Just time travel back and fly to jap, how lazy can you be?

oh no I need it

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>>523523256and the store bonus means I have to buy one soon

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imagine the smell

Reminder that this is a 95/


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How can S*ny allow this?

>>523515980Who's in charge of the translation? Are they good?

>>523516406>have to be an early buyer to get wallpaper>tfw I just download and put it into my PS4I'M THE TROUBLE STARTERPUNKING INSTIGATOR

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I'm bored and I don't have a PS4, anyone got a good let's play of this?

How many of main characters die in the end? This shit gives me the "angsty mecha" feelings like Fafner or Bokurano



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>>523518957It's a literal VN, watch it on youtube

There's a demo out, not that fun, bad reviews, didn't even sell well in japan

>The story follows its thirteen protagonists, all of high school age, as they are dragged from their normal lives into a fantastical war against invading alien forces using the Sentinel mechasjapan is creatively bankrupt

>>523527104And that's a good thing


>>523527104can you fuck them?

>>523516493>Not appreciating based George’s innovation in game ludoFaithless fool. I bet you only played 2 of his games as well.

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Alright where do I start with vanillaware?

wait is that saliva, does she have to suck that knob to pilot ???

>>523527632I've played the demo. It's being overhyped here. Very different from other Vanillaware games and the gameplay is very lacking. Just being honest.

>>523528295Stick to your codblop, amerifat

>>523528052> Alright where do I start with George ftfyPrincess Crown.

>>523528378Where's your argument? Play the demo. Fans of Dragon's Crown and Odin Sphere are going to be disappointed. I see a lot of buyer's remorse from the hype here. Discuss the game. The mecha gameplay is garbage

>>523528914You’re just a pleb who got filtered and I sure as fuck wouldn’t care about newfags’ opinions who only played DC and OS.

do you get princess crown for pre-ordering this in the west or is it japan only

>>523526723>watch it on youtubeHave you used youtube recently? A few days back they decided it'd be a fun idea to now have a fucking "PLS SIGN IN" popup on every fucking video because they really, really want to track your every search better so they can sell your profile to advertisers.And if you watch a video from Japan that doesn't have a million views, it's not even on your local server so the whole thing completely freezes up every 2 minutes. Youtube is a complete pile of shit.

>>523529334Japan-only of course.

>>523529134I played OS when it first came out on the PS2, DC and Muramasa, then Odin Sphere Leifthrasir when it was remade. The only filtering in 13 Sentinels is out of boredom cause there is minimal gameplay, none of it like their previous titles. Go ahead and buy it. Expectations should be lowered though

Is it worth it to get a PS4? What else does it have other than this and Bloodborne?

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>>5235159801. How can I get this theme in the west2. That is all

I've watched a couple of short gameplay videos and I'm still not entirely clear on what the gameplay is.

>>523515980>$59.99And you're sure this is a $60 game, user?

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>>523515980But it doesn't look fun...

>>523523819>Players with short attention spans who get restless when there are long periods with no action would be better off avoiding the gameJust come out and say it, it's not for autistic retards like >>523530807>>523530798>>523528914>>523530103

>>523524250a bunch of resetera tranny as always, who else translate jap games for the industry?

>>523519010We’re getting a VN character in Smash now

>>523518437I don't. I use Gog and switch. If not, Igg and emulators

>>523530520Bullet Girls Phantasia

>>523530923make it happen

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>>523530989also on vita.

>>523531003i'd cum on that figure

>>523523256>both set to release on decembervanillawarechads just can't stop winning

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>>523531003i would prefer if she was 1/71/4 is too bigi might still get her though

I wish the game part was any good and not just some tower defense without even fucking graphics.

day 1. or hopefully I can convince some local store to give it to me early.

>>523523993god i want to bump in her when running across a corner.

>>523528295>Very different from other Vanillaware games

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>>523532479no one played that shit

>>523532554I did and it was a ton better than this garbage.

>>523532554>retard gets proven wrong>B-BUT NO ONE PLAYED IT!

>>52353263113 Sentinels is a direct upgrade from GrimGrimoire's formula, both for the history and gameplay sections

>>523532978>your units are literal dots on the map>all you do is pick a line of fire for your "invisible turret" and shootNo.

>>523532978Wrong shill

>>523533096Infinitely better than>make a bunch of ghost knights/dragons>rush everything with them>battle with the awkward controls because RTS are not meant to be played with a controler

>>523533096But that's wrong, retard


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>>523518437I do have one, but its my exclusive dust collector.

>>523519010This is like saying a novel can't be unique because it's a book. You're a turbo-retard

>>523536761Why didn't you hack it instead?

>>523536987Latest firmware.

>Coomer post gets to stay up>Harmless post discussing vidya girlfriends where I'm talking with some anons about a cute co-worker who's interested in me gets deleted immediately

>>523537081iori-tan is vidya your shit isn't

>>523529134You look like a shill

>>523515980Where the hell are the images of the male pilots like this?


When does it come out?

>>523537058>It's just some dust collector!>Somehow always stays on the latest firmwareYeah I have some doubts.


>>523541662That's not a few days

>>523515980What, nothing? Yeah. Sums up ps4

>>523541756Ops stupid and probably doesn’t know about the 2 week delay to get the English voices in for launch

>>523541662more like a few weeks retard

>>523542016why so aggressive user

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>>523515980Few days left for what? I already played it.

>>523542016Why do you think I’m OP just cause I answered when it was out?

I didn't like how you're not allowed to progress in the game unless you finish the stupid VN parts. Those should really be optional. Only way I could tolerate it was by skipping all the horrible dialogue.It's just undeserved Japanese nationalism with generic characters.

Isn't this literally a console RTS with VN scenes?

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>>523543161It's just even worse when the whole time travel thing is actually just teleporting

>>523543530Yes, and a bad VN that tries to trick you into thinking it has mechanics like 428 or Machi.

>ITT: People who don't know what's a VN

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>>523544501It absolutely is

>>523517562>>523515980God bless George and Vanillaware and OP

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tfw no one to play Dragon's Crown with

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>>523543161this is the opposite of what I've read. I've read alot of people say the VN parts, the story, is the best part of the game. And the game itself, the RTS parts, are boring.

>>523517562>that thing where her mouth would be if she were face down and the saliva bridge on it

>>523515980why are you excited the game looks boring as shit

>>523547828Of course Japanese people would praise the game for being in-line with their unchanging sensibilities. It's a widely known fact they have awful taste.

>>523545682It's an Adventure game not a Visual Novel.

Wait. It's getting English release?

>>523517562the fact that she have to “sit” on the mech like that is kinda stupid

>>523517562>girls need to be pounded by the seat, suck on a robodick and hold hands with a special interface to pilot a mech>guys just pilot it normally

>>523550946Feminist hands typed this post

>>523550208yes, and even before Persona 5 Scramble. Thank you, Atlus for doing the right thing.

Is it good?

>>523536014Basedfuck this shill thread

>>523551415explain to me how it isn’t stupid that you need to suck a robodick while getting another robodick on you ass so you can pilot the mech.and let’s remember this is supossed to be a serious game and not cheap fanservice like SK, so the “is a fanservice game” excuse isn’t valid

>>523551802Not really, no.

>>523551802Yeah, it's pretty good.

>>523551802I've heard it's amazing

>>523552843No one cares what you heard if you never even played it, EOP.

>>523551802Nah, It's barely even a game

>>523551802Pure George ludo. Seriously, if you’re a George fan you shouldn’t be missing on this game.

>>523551802Japan says it's amazing, so who knows.

What about a new 2D sidescroller Vanillaware?I dont want to play indieshit indefinitely for my 2D fix.

>>523515980Is this a vanilla ware game?!System??!?

>>523553726>Is this a vanilla ware game?!Yeah some sort of Mech RTS game.>System??!?PS4.

>>523552486shut up dude it's brilliant

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>>523533096>your units are literal dots on the mapLITERALLY THIS SHIT. Mech games are getting ruined by not letting us use them just like Left Alive bullshit.

>>523515980Why she nekkid?

>>523554682It sucks. But the excuse is it's an homage to some PS1 mech game that I've never heard of that looks like this.I would have preferred something different, but at least it still looks cool in it's own way.

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>>523555562>an homage to some PS1 mech game that I've never heard ofYeah, there's a reason why you've never heard of it till now. And the reason is that it fucking looked like fucking that. I don't know what the fuck were they thinking over at Vanillaware. What an absolute waste.

I haven't played it yet but since it's supposedly GOTY 2019, I hope it sells tons

>>523555815>Yeah, there's a reason why you've never heard of it till nowGunparade March is a very highly regarded game in Japan; so well regarded that it got a manga and two anime series years after the fact. Just because YOU haven't heard of it doesn't mean no one else has. There's a reason people like it.

>>523556024And it's not the game itself.

>>523555815>The graphics in the battle sequences were designed to look like an operation monitor display, and though the enemies originally used sprites, designers Shigatake made graphics for them to look like 3D holograms. Maenou points out that the monsters were only to get abstract depictions from the beginning of the project and asks Kamitani why this was the case, and Kamitani says that he had several reasons, one being that since this was to be a strategy game, he thought it would be cool to have the game look like a warship’s combat information center’s screen.>Kamitani says that he was unsure if it would be alright to have the game’s graphics look like this, but was inspired to go with it by looking at the 2000 PS1 simulation game Gunparade March, which used similar graphics for its battles. The explosions on the other hand were inspired by the 2000 PS2 puzzle game Fantavision’s fireworks.People usually just know them for the art and beat em ups and forget that they're legit maniacs that do whatever they want. I like that, even if I'm not a huge fan of the combat view. Still it's not like the games seems to be lacking in the scenery porn department.also: who the fuck is still taking direct influence from goddamn Fantavision?

>>523556280>he thought it would be cool to have the game look like a warship’s combat information center’s screen.Unfortunately, he was very wrong.

>>523527104Can you seethe any harder?

>>523556497What I struck a nerve? Is no one allowed to criticize your favorite 2obscure4u japanese dev? You literally couldn't construct a more generic premise if you tried.

>>523558294Whatever floats your boats, secondary trash.

>>523554092i was also thinking on this