Why are gamers like this?

Why are gamers like this?

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Don't know.

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>>523515029People like him are the reason white race is fucked

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>>523515524>People like him are the reason white race is fuckedCool it with the antisemitism

>>523515678Ofc blame the jews if you're a fuckign sissy son of liberals

>>523515337I will now buy your game

>>523515878Is there any group you don't hate? Or better yet is there any group that doesn't hate trumplicans at this point?

>>523515029>>523515337when i saw this shit i got angry because those girls are sexy as heck and they are not making children. This society is soo stupid the sexy girls should be having 5 or 7 children each one but they are wasting their beauty and young days in vanities.

if i'm not horny i don't want to see womansimple as

>>523516164>is there any group that doesn't hate trumplicans at this point?Pretty sure everyone hates Trumptards.

>>523516878Abe pls

>>523517042uh...do you have the same but with daughter/mom?

>>523515029I'd actually be jacking off to that along with kiryuNo homo

>>523516878Calm down Abe

>>523517042The west is doomed

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>>523515029who is she

>>523516878Women's rights were a mistake

>>523516878They hated him because he told them the truth

>spends 10 seconds to type BOOBIES in chatname a better boomer character, you can't

Bro, it's just a funny guy on the internet.Please shut the fuck up about whatever points you are trying to prove, that this is because of "feminism", "the west being doomed", "the jews", or some other delusional boogeyman shit. It's a literal fucking meme on the internet. You guys are as bad as the people who say that "Pepe is hate speech", taking something funny, and using it to forward your shitty world view. Like, there are of course going to be weird/autistic individuals on the internet, but to suddenly act like they are all of society really shows you need to go outside more, and maybe get some friends. I was just here to laugh at this funny character, and you guys take it 100% seriously.

>>523518359Unironically yes.

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>>523515029I think he was doing that as a joke. Those scenes in Yakuza are skipable

>>523517152>>523518063>Abe memeIf Abe wanted he would have caused population boom by creating good economic circumstances for it. Sure it would have hampered economy in short term, not in people starving on streets way of course but rather in CEOs buying 1 yacht less way, however this too was unacceptable. Abe never gave a fuck about demography as end goal, he was only concerned about how dropping population will hurt (((GDP))), and in the end he solved this problem by increasing migration because he's typical neokoshervative faggot. Meanwhile Japanese left wing parties opposed that due to concern of workforce influx hurting Japanese workers.

>>523516878Abe please step down your desire for expansion is going to end us all

>>523515029>>523517042jesus christ i'm starting to wish for a doomsday

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>>523515029who is this streamer

>>523515029>Why yes, I am sickened by 3DPD but absolutely love me some cute 2D girls, how could you tell?

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imagine being in school and your classmate is sick, you're asked to bring them homework, you ring the door and this is who welcomes you>ara ara user kun how reliable... please come inside, my husband is on a business trip overseas right now...it'd be pretty funny haha

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>>523515029if you noticed the streamer on the first watch you are the gay. if you had to read the replies to even see him you are a real man

>>523515029Was this really a thing in japan, small video booths to watch porn and jack off in.

>>523520970your classmate is her child you mouthbreathing retard

>>523520629>imagine being in school and your classmate is sick, you're asked to bring them homeworkWhy the fuck would you force a sick person to do homework

>>523515029why are gamers NOT LIKE THIS?

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>>523521319who is this neon demon?

>>523521319holy mother of god

>>523521530>Why would this stupid cunt answer the ? are you having a stroke, nigger

>>523515029why are *you* like this?

Why do you care so much that people are different than you ?You don't have to approve their behavior but everybody is responsible for himselfYou just run away from real problems that you have with yourself and don't want to face them.It doesn't matter that society is shit it matters if you are.

>>523517042ask me how I know dad diddled him when he was a kid

>>523515029That's due to low test, homosexuality, or both.

>>523516878Hey little bitch. Do you want to die of starvation in 5 years or so. Because your bullshit thoughts will do just fucking that. Fucking Incel.

>>523521319Dear god let me rub those thighs and legs.

>>523521319thighs not fat and jiggly enough

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>>523515029He would have preferred to see picrelated.

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>>523523990>>523525637Did she bogged herself?

>>523525771probablya career in porn might have an effect on your looks too, pic related looks far worse now than when she started

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>>523518359That's where it all began

>>523522438>He took it seriouslyBased retard

>>523526078hahahahahahaha holy shit this is cringe

>>523519075The internet is serious business, if you can't handle the fire get out of the kitchen.Start by learning the basics, go make a sandwich.

>>523526078>nazi nigger>RGB faggot keyboard>that background>fucking vegas 14>google chromeThe only based thing here being the chocy milk(??)

>>523515524Not as fucked as the Japanese are. There will only be a quarter as many Japanese people on the planet as there are now in 30 years.

Greetings my fellow mentally ill transfans on Holla Forums!I have drafted the perfect story for the next Yakuza game. You see the bad guy from Yakuza, Jingu, had a daughter who gets revenge on Kiryu Shitlord for killing her father, who through his influence and philanthropy would usher in the multicultural, non-gendered racially diverse utopia Japan was destined to become, by beating him to death with a pachinko. Haruka discovers she is lesbian and ditches her family to get revenge on the new protagonist, Abbiko Jingu, who you play as for most of Yakuza 8. But after she is beaten by Abbiko, Haruko realizes she is perpetuating internalized misogyny and gives up, setting up Abbiko as the next protagonist of the series.

>>523515029Maybe someone told him yellow fever was an actual disease you can die from.

>>523529201>There will only be a quarter as many Japanese people on the planet as there are now in 30 years.Not if I can help it

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>>523529392Would pirate for pachinko

>>523518359Sounds like someone is just mad women ignore them.

>>523521319I want her to grind my cock into dust

>>523530075That neokoshervative stepped down last week

>>523530401He's still PM until they find a replacement

>>523519094This happened during the American occupation of Japan. The Americans really knew what they were doing/testing lol. Sadly, little after it was applied in the West too.

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I dont know why you're all so upset, even if anglos, saxons and nips all die out there will still be slavs, who will preserve white values indefinitely.


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>>523530781>empower civilized race women to reduce fertility rates for muh population capacity>quadruple gibs for barbaric race women per new child they pop outYeah sure, whatever you say Greta.


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>>523530991I said that, *sadly*, later it was applied in the West. Not sure Greta would say that.

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>>523515029only mulatto bugzilla insectoid animals like (you)


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>>523531367I was referring to the text in your pic from the MJ12 lackeys.


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>another yerrow fever thread

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>>523515029Video game "journalist" are not gamers.

>>523531367How soon do you reckon the balance will tip and all of Germany's EU meddling will come crashing down on them?


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Just had a thought. So many fags in here made that women have rights. Saying it is hurting our race. Want to remove those rights... so you fags want to be muslims?

>>523531543Havent you heard? Meds arent white either.

>>523531203>Ayu SakuraiBest blowjobe scenes ever.

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>>523526078>neonazi niggerReminder Hitler hated your kind

>>523515029>resist charm

>>523531759Nah bruv to be honest womens rights and educated would be fine but it doesnt work if we let the nonwhites outbreed us. The mudslimes have the right idea in terms of their militant approach to the racial conflict but that doesnt mean they arent our enemies.

What kind of shitty fucking thread is that

>>523531952Adding to that as long as women have rights they will compromise our ability to destroy our enemies so its just common sense to eradicate the lesser races first, then give women rights. Not after.

>>523531759No need to become Muslims. The West wasn't Muslim in the 50's and our fertility rates were pretty good. We just have to get rid of all the social engineering which has been poisoning our minds since the 60's (picrelated).

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>>52352920175% of the Japanese won't die in 30 years.

>>523526078Never reproduce. Its not like you can anyway haha

Its what happens when you simp for a sex negative feminist for a decade

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>>523515029Here in Japan the appropriate respond is to look and say thank you, maybe with a slight bow to show gratitude. You see, when a women worked hard to achieve a hot body and then spend like hours to put on make up and finally show her to you, you don't fucking just look away and say no thank you. That's the equivalent of saying your mom spent 3 hours cooking dinner for you and you just hop into your car saying "no thanks I'll have dinner outside".But of course I won't blame westerners because of their cancelling culture. That being said, its your fault that the entire retarded cancelling culture even happen in the first place.

>>523531543Damn they sure look Japanese to me. Come on you faggot you know damn well people with yellow fever are only(i hope) into japs. They're the best looking Asians while everything else is off brand trash.

>>523531993Why you still here? Just to suffer?

>>523515678who said anything about klepek being a jew? you brought it up.


>>523532142Lets be honest the jap porn girls out there arent putting THAT much effort into it. I mean their acting is pretty bad, and that requires talent which is far more important than makeup or a special diet (these girls are rarely athletic either). I dont see why I should be grateful.

>>523532148Koreans are much, much more attractive than nip women.

>>523532114Our enemies? Whites are the ones drinking all the bleach. Not so sure what this shit is about.>>523532119Christians are nothing more then a joke. a really pathetic joke.

>>523532364They just need to look uncomfortable while being raped. Not much acting needed.

>>523532440>Christians are nothing more then a joke. a really pathetic jokeNot an argument. Also, t. non-religious.

>>523532563When the major group against common sense on a pandemic is the group touting jesus and orange gorilla is the second coming. The group that is drinking bleah. I think it matters.

>>523532440>Not sure what this shit is about.Youre fucking retarded and Im not going to let myself get baited by the likes of you. Go to Holla Forums if you want details.

>>523532658>common senseCommon sense is producing more children in the face of a pandemic to cover the losses. Abortion and quarantine is willingly complying to genocide.

>>523531020She had mad stretch marks though

>>523532723Stay on pol. Retards that argue differences in races and the bleach master race need to understand suicide is better then living. Go kill yourself. Make the world a better place.

>>523532563>Supporting the largest pedophilia ring in the entire world

>>523533129Niggers and muslims together commit 90% of the worlds pedophiliac rapes globally.

>>523533129I forgot about that. Yes. Christians love being pedos. The government even bailed them out so they could keep fucking children.

>>523533382Look. I pulled fake numbers out of my man vagina because i have to defend the rape bleach cult.

>>523520763Because the ugly gook and eye cancer neon pink bra is so distracting right?

>>523516878take it easy abe, your health is already as bad as it is! don't stress over it!

>>523531838>literlally drooling when he sees other dicks being suckedZoomers truly are a generaiton of faggots

>>523520629Nice tits but have you seen her ass? Complete turn off.

>>523515029That's a "video games" journalist...

>>523533558We found the fag. I did not even see the guy until i was told he was there hi fag. How does it feel to be part of the race that cant stop drinking bleach? Fuck your sister yet? I heard she was getting fake teeth to help finally finish off those black cocks she desperately needs.

>>523515029>live action video in a video gamewhy are game devs like this?

>>523516878Get some rest, Shinzo-kun. Your ulcers need to heal.

>>523533764because making sexy 3d models for soft core porn is a waste of money. Pay a real chick. Easier.

>>523515029What do you mean?Why do they like women?You don't?

>>523533129Thats Saudi Arabia, followed by UK.Arabs have breeding farms

>>523534421More "facts" from the mangina. Let me guess. All those pedo priests were just doing gods work?

>>523526078imagine actually posting that, even if "for giggles". you are a stupid cunt

>>523531170Understandable nigger. You wish you could be as white as a big dicked slav chad.

>>523534723Her hair is not blond.

>>523515524>White race is fucked>For not looking at nipongWut?

>>523515524What a man with a white wife whom he had a child with? Don't see you spreading your white genes, incel.

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>>523516878this post was written by prime minister hands

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>>523534542You act like the only pedos to exist are in the Catholic church.Thats simply not true.You have to understand that diddling kids is a taste for the rich and powerful who easily get away with it.Its Libertine, along with the other messed up stuff done at those parties, which I gurantee the Popes invited to

>>523515029>be nofap and redpilled on the degeneracy of coomers>"I refuse to look at something that will tempt me. Furthermore I understand "coomers" are common in Japan, so I will respectfully close my eyes and look away.">be a degenerate masturbating faggot on /vee/>"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL HE CANT DO THATTTTTTT HE MUST JERK OFF ITS GOOD FOR YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU HE HAS TO LOOK AT THAT BUGS BOOBIIEESSSS LOOOOOOK LOOKK AT THEM YOU CAN JUST NOT MASTURBATE YOU NEED TO BECOME A COOMER LIKE ME AND HAVE PORNOGRAPHY DICTATE YOUR LIFE Is this the power of the superior race? The mayonnaise skin race? so sexually frustrated that you cannot keep your hands off your dick perpetually masturbating? top kek. dilate you tranny faggot

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>>523535554>redpilled and nofap.in other words, an incel that has beaten their meat so hard they feel nothing now, so have to cover it up by pretending to be against all women. Makes sense to me.

>>523519075>delusional boogeyman shit

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>>523535712Keep telling yourself that tranny. Masturbation is degeneracy because you can fuck a real woman. Masturbation is for sexually frustrated degenerates who cannot get a woman.

>>523535768So idiots not liking a design is proof of a larger conspiracy? Given the stupid in this topic, I can the same kind of image for the opposite. This is conjecture at best.

>>523535937says the person who has no real women. Pretty sure you have no feeling anymore and are covering up your anguish. There, there. I hear bleach solves all our problems.

>>523535983>conjecture at best

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>>523515029You mean journalist?

>>523516878>sexy as heck and they are not making children.The thing is they're actually not. The girls in those idol videos are like 5 out of 10s. Aside from like, Abe Mikako and Shuri Atomi there are very few actually hot modern AV/Gravure idols these days.Japanese Gravure/AV aesthetics peaked in the 80s/90s. Much more natural makeup, way more curvy, way better balance between "Cute and sexy", you had real serious actual Japanese babes back then.Shits me off that Yakuza 0 didn't have 80s idol videos and 80s idol card collectables.

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>>523536175Who are all these people and why does their opinion matter? should I get all the ignorant white people who keep drinking bleach into an image here to show how fucking stupid you are being?

>>523515029I don't get this even if you're full on sjw. They're not even nude? You're not a monster if you look at a bikini girl. Sex positivity is a thing

>>523536273I mean they gave the jav idols parts in the game as well they couldnt do that with 60 year old women I dont think.

>>523531367>the guardianclassic

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>>523536280>Who are all these people?Liberals hoping their constant criticism of Japanese media will lead to more censorship.

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>>523519075Totally a coincidence, I agree.

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>>523536385Sarkesian bullied all the sex positive feminists to shut up back in 2015.

>>523515029gooks are so ugly holy shit, literally ayylmaos.

>>523532432only if you're really into plastic though

>>523536273Mizuki Horii was always my favorite Gravure model.

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>>523536546Pretty sure Jack Ma is too dumb to create an actual dystopia. He isnt exactly Sheng Ji Yang.

>>523536550So, nobodies that no one cares about.

>>523536859Why would you assume korean idols have more plastic than jap idols? Anyway its the eyes and teeth for me and if their teeth are fake thats still better than ugly real teeth.

>>523536550If a couple of nobodies will cause a dev to cancel a game, they deserve it. Man up for gods sake.>>523536662Oh yes don't you browse BROBIBLE website everyday and read all these literal nobodies tweets every single day?

As a fellow white man I think we should ignore white women and breed with asiansWho is with me?

>>523536953You're right about them being nobodies.

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If you came into this thread to complain about SJWs and not to look at sexy Japs you're just as bad as the fag in OP's webm

>>523537053I'd breed with anything that wasn't immediately disgusted by me

>>523533469>>523533003mentally ill

>>523537162making shit up to cover up your own issues is mentally ill. Here is a fact for you. Bleach helps cure everything. The perfect drink.

>>523536273Classic japanese gravure model thread now.

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>>523537103>not doing bothCentrist casual.

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>>523537015>a guy refuse to see a movie>gets accused by the media people of being a man-baby, articles talking about he 'boycotting' the movie, simple-minded, being part alt-right and hating women>the defense presented is: "Oh yes don't you browse BROBIBLE website everyday and read all these literal nobodies tweets every single day?"Your kind is always so predictable.

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>>523515029Sexual predators overcompensating in order to appear innocent.


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>>523537368How is this any different from the bullshit you are doing right now? Oh no. Shit people are going to be Shit. news at 11.


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>>523537448Btw, you should be careful about your allies, cucky.

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>>523537262you are obsessed with a bogeyman that only exists in your mindget help

>>523515337Which game is this from? 6?


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>>523537806You mean Trump?

>>523537368Tell me, who @devincf? Who are all these literal nobody websites? You faggots are all so predictable. A classic "me against the world" when the enemies are literal unknown. Your kind is not only predictable, but pitiful.

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>>523537368>devin faraciThis name sounds familiar... was he accused of sexually harassing women or being a pedo? I don't remember.

>>523537903it's right fucking therejust shows how deluded you and your kind are


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>>523515029Is this the journalist thread?

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>>523538078the point(you)You cannot sit there and parade allies when your fucking orange orangutan is one of the largest pedos out there. Get help. your blinders need fixing.

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>>523516878>5 or 7 children>6 children does nothing

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>>523515029He’s no man... a real man would display amusement.

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>>523538293>>523538438Stop posting cute girls! the journalist buddies will have a meltdown!

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Just the white ones.The rest of us aren't nearly that gay.

>>523538543She is a bitch. Fuck her.

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>>523538010Ok she's a little pretty. Nice face I guess.Most of the other girls here arent though.

>>523516878>>523518359abhorrently based

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post some fucking JAV webms

>>523538543>women embracing their femininity>sexistfeminists hate femininity

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Actually I take it all back. All these girls would look pretty in real life, it's the camera work that makes them look like shit.


>>523526078/pol/ack herekys

>>523528793this>not using linuxngmi bros

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>>523538893I went and looked up the article, it's absolutely nothing like twitter says. The PCGamer article is completely correct, wearing your mom's clothes as a kid does not prove you are transgender. I don't care if a trans person wrote it, they're flat wrong. That's like saying you knew you were gay because you watched My Little Pony with 4chan back in 2012.No, you're gay because you love men, not because of what media you consume or what you wear.Anyone who posts literally who opinions from twitter instead of the original source deserve the rope.

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>>523539049They really do. It's only a matter of time for the other shoe to drop on the tranny and blacks questions and the 20% of the moderate women feminists that are only in this insane movement out of some misguided notion of egalitarianism will finally come to their senses and swap to full conservative.


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Only whites are like that

>>523539570>may be interpreted as>proven to lead to radicalismYes ok. This is not libel, it can only be interpreted as libel.


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>>523539660Anxiously awaiting for the day everything under the fucking sun is a rightwing ideology.

>>523515029He knows he can just press O to skip the video right? No need to play it up for social justice points.

>>523539660>Right-wing ideologies>Repelling invaders>Staying healthy>Defending property>Securing resources>Establishing societies>Safeguarding loved ones>Cultivating the environmentThey really should have thought out their complaints better.


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>>523539347I still remember when he tried to blame the hate on Trump supporters after the first day.


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>>523516878This man speaks the truth. Modern society is killing us.

>>523540030Nah mate I used to do this when I was a shiteater in high school debate. If you can come up with nonsense accusations of the other side that they get stuck on defending themselves from instead of attacking your nonexistant arguments you have a higher chance of winning than if the engagement is on a direct and rational level.I think there was a quote about that by some guy, never argue with idiots they will beat you with experience.

PC gamers use a chair without arm rests so you’re forced to hold your arms up, my neck muscles are fucking huge now

>>523539975>under the fucking sunSince it darkens the skin, being under the sun will be probably labeled as doing a blackface.

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>>523518359Unironically true. This is the redpill that is hardest to swallow for society.

>>523531543if the italian spent all the time she was putting make up on towards more practice maybe she would have gotten better than bronze

>>523540030Sounds like retards trying to protect their rights to fuck their sisters.

>>523540368and yet, if they were usually black, they'd complain about them even more

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>>523516878Unironically agree.

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>>523516878wanting other people to have kids is the weirdest thing i see people care aboutguaranteed only psychos do it

Of course... That's why Marvel vs Capcom Infinite was so underwhelming.

Attached: MvCI.jpg (705x390, 110.41K)

>>523540417What do you think is more important, winning some trophy or attracting a 6 foot chad mate? She got on tv for an athletic deed and looked pretty, hitting all the right checkpoings, while the chinks only did the athletic deed but cant attract the seed. And now that theyve won the asians will most likely be forbidden from breeding while the italians will find someone new to replace her, giving her freedom. It's a balancing act, that's evolution baby, it is not the strongest that survive but those optimal to their reproductive strategy.

Attached: insidious kind of peer pressure.png (999x684, 360.36K)

>>523540932>go to world-wide event representing your entire country trying to be the best at something>lol looking good is more important bronze is just fine

Attached: kancolle.png (723x930, 777.97K)

>>523540706Really? And you think wanting other people to NOT have kids and constantly lying to them to convince them they shouldnt isnt weird? What, you have some cool goal in mind to see everyone but you stop reproducing so that you win the evolutionbowl? Thats pretty psycho dude.

>>523540404can easily think of harder ones that even you'd ree over

>>523541189speaking of representation of women

Attached: 1203152282998.jpg (900x1354, 786.54K)

Attached: 1344561268841.jpg (695x726, 316.22K)

>>523541107Only nazicucks and commietrannies believe the country is more important than the acquisition of family.

>>523515029>NOOOOOOOOOOOOO HORNY BADit's a basic human phenomenon, why is he scared of women

>>523541276Yeah, there's nothing weird about that. It's like not wanting blind people to drive. Better for all involved. Nothing psycho about common sense and decency.

Bonus video:youtube.com/watch?v=d3pQ0oO_cDE

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>>523516878Abe you know porn stars retire from the industry and move on to normal lives rightHell Uehara Ai retired the same year the game was released.

Attached: index.png (1280x720, 1.31M)

>>523541589bad angle to use, many basic human phenomenon are very much only bad

>>523541416>"professional" reviewers write trash like this>metacritic lets it contribute to its scores>later on Holla Forums>hurr game X only has a 7.3 rating gamefags BTFO'd

>>523541596>Better for all involved if I feed people shitheaps of lies to prevent their self actualization>common sense and decencyFound the actual, certifiable psychopath.

gravure is fake and gay

Attached: 1506085565974.jpg (1632x608, 244.54K)

>>523541698Says who? Leftists? You?

>>523541603I remember this it was fucking beautifulHe makes that cheeky cunt tweet like only game devs and esteemed critics like himself can comment on what changes should or could be made to gamesAnd less than a week later the game was modded, not even updated by the game devs but modded by guys on the internet to be playable offlinePolygon blown the fuck out once again

>>523541919>women posing sexy is fake and gayreally?

Attached: 1244503168256.jpg (753x1129, 143.93K)

Attached: vg 247.jpg (967x743, 277.54K)

Attached: valve, the great enemy.jpg (913x748, 222.12K)

>>523542212>"i like that the protagonist was portrayed as active and capable in the promotional art"What am I supposed to be mad about, here?


Attached: Steam it's a problematic company.png (4425x2609, 3.75M)

>>523542401that the game was ironically forgettable and the protagonist was bland as fuck her booty was ok thothe article is a dumb fluffpiece for a bad game that was only written because of yass queen slay

>>523542401Images are purely reference. You should always check the article itself:archive.vn/aEC5F

Attached: 1345945617791.jpg (1136x847, 137.96K)

>>523542691No. You're posting a snippet of the article for me to get mad about but there's nothing to GET mad about in what you posted.

>>523542615Let's be honest we all knew this was coming. Valve are lazy fucks that cant count to 3 but what they arent is a publicly traded company. What that means is the cocaine jews of the video game industry would always resent them for not playing by their rules and eventually launch any twitter ammunition their way.

>>523519620Politicians cannot create good economic circumstances, they can only restrict markets and make people poorer with their policies.

>Cyberpunk 2077's E3 demo has weak gunplay and unimaginative stereotypes

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>>523515029>He doesn't go bowling with EmiriPoint at laugh.

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Attached: ubisoft purification2.png (612x698, 336.55K)

>>523516878Based abe

>>523542824You should up your reading comprehension then because the article makes it clear the very same game gets reviewed as "creeptastic" once the journalist actually played it.

Attached: 1553117712826.jpg (642x1024, 89.86K)

>>523543329Schreier is based though he dabs on Druckmann.

>>523543329>Alexios was the more played character out of twobased soulless suits were right


Attached: 1557545440803.jpg (1311x629, 178.79K)

>>523543343The image you posted does no such thing. It is in fact completely inoffensive.

>>523537262Making shit up. Doing sexual shit with underages is literally the bread-and-butter with muslims and Blacks.

>>523542615>Valve's video game marketplace Steam is now the anti-App Store>years later, Epic is suing the actual App Storelmao

>>523543496And even with all the data... denying reality is just a normal thing to do for them:lar.net/2015/09/07/where-are-the-women/

Attached: female gamers are the majority!.jpg (745x1023, 267.85K)

man, this shit deserved better media articles

Attached: bullyhunters.jpg (1340x1382, 429.28K)

>>523543515Dont care, he made fun of Druckmann and Baker.

>>523544575do you have some pictures or articles? I'm kinda outdated about gaming news these days

>>523544538>psych researcher ladyBased Miriam Godwinson to the rescue, let's hope she discovers God is the best mental health medicine.

>>523544741Eh I can find links I guess but I'm busy watching Xcalplays vids of Yakuza 0 right now because I dont feel like playing the game. This isnt a TLoU2 thread anyway. But it's the Schindlers List of video games that Schreier mocked and Druckmann plus Baker got defensive about especially since Schreier used Anne Frank as an analogy.Basically Schreier is a jew but he isnt scared of exposing Druckmann for kike behavior.

>>523544575He also called George Kamitami a pedophile

Attached: index.jpg (1200x493, 124.93K)

>>523545191I'm not going to get mad about what people said 8 years ago, unlike these SJWs.

>>523545768He didn't just say it, he published articles about it. Several.

>>523545940Are they recent? Because the Druckmann dab is recent.

>>523546123Depends on how short your memory is I guess.

>retards who stream>retards who watch retards streaming

>>523516878How's retirement abe-kun?

>>523515029HOW GAY IS THIS MAN?!

>>523540706Why wouldn't you want intelligent/beautiful/healthy people to have kids so their genes and therefore gifts can be passed on to future generations? Don't you think it's sad Tesla's 200 IQ genes weren't passed on so his descendants could make future breakthroughs in science?

Attached: 1598975577765.jpg (201x250, 11.89K)


>>523515029Doesn't this guy have a wife and a child? I understand what you mean tho, Poor fool, his dick probably stays hards while he's fucking his wife.

Attached: 1599319861522.jpg (1024x752, 135.17K)

>>523542341>toxic "pro-consumer" userbaseO Y V E Y


Attached: 68840121_527071628097368_5552591418723710814_n.jpg (1080x811, 78.33K)

>>523549650What the fuck is that

>>523515524> Be a faithful, god fearing man with a wife and two kids who enjoys vidja.> Avert eyes from pornographic scenery so as to not let my soul be corrupted by things which would affect your normal life.> Get teased by coombrains for not being a complete zog brained degenerate like them.> Dick actually stays hard while pleasuring the wife.

Attached: 1599078787067.png (477x464, 172.42K)

These guys know that a lot of their audience is children and teenagers, so they adopt a kind of childish behavior. That's why they use thumbnails where they open their mouths as if they were going to be face fucked too.

>>523549882that's futomomo

Attached: EcjQMbLU4AIKi_u.jpg (1536x2048, 273.63K)

>>523515337I enjoyed this minigame a lot because the most forward combinations always worked.

>>523542615My question is: were there an equal number of articles celebrating the victory of devs' creativity? Or is the entire press coordinated to serve those who have the money to "invest" in them?

>>523549650>>523550307would rest my head upon /10

>>523541615And now she's fuckng anorexic

>>523550307No, I mean the frost on her cunt

>>523516878Abe should force umarried women to be impregnated

>hot asian babes>based anons posting facts against leftcuckistsIs this the best thread ever created?

>>523551293that's just a panty patern dummy

Attached: EfDgHpHUcAEbcsF.jpg (2048x1590, 207.2K)

>>523549005Uh Tesla was murdered so if he had bred his children would have been killed too. Youre right in general though but lets be real theyre keeping us geniuses incels because the alternative is they would kill or transexualise our children. If you think you have high IQ, tell nobody, work to acquire power first, then think about breeding.

youtube.com/watch?v=TV_xrEU5o2gDaily Reminder that Chris Avellone literally did nothing wrong and no journalist actually bothered to do even the slightest investigation of the claims or put them in context.He got cancelled literally for, breaking up with his girlfriend, and jokingly drunkingly flirting back with someone who was flirting with him.

Attached: chris-avellone.jpg (200x200, 7.48K)

>>523549650Interesting but I cant see her face so no dice.

>>523550307 hiding the face? I dont trust this. It might be a skinsuit and it's actually a dude. You can tell those by the bad mouths on most masks.

>>523515029I can't wait to fuck his wife

>>523552467nanishe's literally right here >>523522809

Attached: ENccommUYAA8uNO.jpg (1562x2048, 250.34K)

>>523539901I really really really hate journalists.

>>523552569How do I know it's the same girl her hair and clothes are different in every picture. I can only tell apart asian girls by their hair color e.g. Asuka is red and has red plugsuit but Rei is blue and has white plugsuit, et cetera et cetera.

>>523552569I'm not sure that's not a mask either, those lips dont look right and the eyelids look too small.

>>523518359This along with the boom social medias are at the roots of the decline. And I'm not saying this out of hatred for women or because I see them as inferior. They just had a specific role for thousands of years that kept their wild emotions in check and now there's nothing to stop them from separating themselves from the suffering of these emotions. They are instead amplified and echoed through the medias resulting in borderline insanity that gets unfortunately normalized instead of really helped.It's coded in their DNA, since the dawn of mankind, women's weaker disposition was caused by being pregnant for 9 months at a time and needed care and protection. What they obtained, they usually obtained through asking and complaining as any physical endeavours, through thousands of years of evolution, could be undertaken with better results by men. It's still this way to this day even though they were brainwashed into believing their role is inferior and women were forced into it when the truth is that they're just different and their role just as important.It doesn't apply to every men and women and it shouldn't, but the way it's sold to them through feminism and identity politics is that if they can't accept who they are, society as a whole has to change.All of the societal problems that we face stems from that insecurity and desire of purpose, only they look for it misguided by false ideals and profiteers. Most girls would love nothing more than have kids and a loving family to care for but they never learned to accept to live with concessions and make sacrifices for other's sake. The fault is not all on them but as long as they refuse to open their eyes, the anti-depressants industry will flourish, more and more girls will be diagnosed with BPD and more and more misguided guys will resent them or see them as only objects.

>>523551293It's called underwear, user. Girls have them too

>>523554010>or see them as only objectsThey are objects

>>523554482They're objects just as much as you're an object. I understand the sentiment of wanting to emotionally detach yourself from modern women because of their now very common unhinged disposition and manipulative tendencies. I've been hurt by women too. But the solution isn't lying to yourself, either.

>>523554010Anonymous if women had "evolved over thousands of years" to be good for child rearing and nurturing, wouldnt they actually be good at it?But they ARENT. The only thing that made them capable of even that much was a strictly male dominant, meritocratic reality. Just as empathy and nurturing was fostered by those traditions so is sociopathy fostered by the modern left. Beyond that women are nothing more than any other domesticated animal and will simply do what they are taught to do by men, whether it's act like hysterical rabid bitches or caretaking hens. But either for bringing up a child or for making war on an enemy, the male is the superior being and is the only one who can have say in affairs of civics and the state. In a democracy, we dont give more votes to those who have more farm animals and having more women trained to mewl for you can be no exception.

>>523555006Shut up bitchThis is why girls dont fuck you

playing yakuza made me realize i dont find japanese women attractive, they're just funny or weird looking to me

>>523555240>girl fucks the manNot the turbocuck but are you a beta? The male fucks the female not the other way around, ever.

>>523555240That's a lot of presumption and bottled up anger. But it's an anonymous board so who cares. You'll end up realizing it before you're dead.

>>523555093The fact is that the matter of the evolved hasn't been seperated since the beginning of the century. It is why there are several cases in which space beta is being infiltrated, and can't make anything up for it, for as long as it has been held. There are no concerns, it has already been contempted. As a matter of fact, all of them are already deprived, which is a reason of self consciousness. Just because the pretentious are preoccupied, doesn't mean that it previously applied to the same manner of being.

>>523555858>gaslighting on Holla Forumskys

>>523555093>But they aren'tThey aren't because society molded them into thinking being equal to men is doing everything like men. They should be seen and respected like men, they should have the same jobs as men and play in the same sports as men. They simply forgot who they are because to them it's an inferior being.This is completely wrong, and seeing them as pets is exactly what I mean by misguided guys. You can resent them all you want; the reasons too are far from lacking. But you're playing into the game of their manipulators and you're thus cattle just as much as them. There's plenty of good things a female perspective brings, plenty of important roles a mother has to fill in a family unit. One that can never be truly filled by a father. And this is the basis of a healthy society.

Klepek single handedly turned Giant Bomb into the SJW cesspit it is nowadays


Attached: 1599075847370.jpg (336x500, 32.04K)

>>523540932>>523541107>Holla Forumsirgins question the dedication of an Olympic athlete

>>523556223>they arent because society moldedStopped reading right here.Caretaking is something that comes by genetic instinct. Men have been expected to do other things than child rearing and still are. Yet left with no social compulsion to be good at it, women have become worse at something you argued earlier was their evolved natural field. Either evolution has no significant effect on gender, which would mean the libshitters are right and women can be "empowered" to be men, or it does and has made them worse.Just admit to yourself that women havent evolved to be better at anything. The biological difference between men and women is that men are better in every way and the only thing keeping women alive are their wombs. Not the nurturing or the caring or whatever the fuck we associate with femininity. Just a fucking organ,a piece of flesh, an object meant for reproduction.Now fuck off with your halfassed pseudoscience. We know it's wrong.

>>523537873Kiwami 2. Model is Hikaru Aoyama, and she is just a gravure model. She is so hot it makes me angry she is not in jav.

>>523550213yeah you sound like an easily manipulated like a retard

>>523536953>>523536280>>523535983well, publishers and censorfags apparently do

Attached: feminism is great.jpg (1450x4166, 3.97M)

>>523517669>wasanon I....

>>523519075He's not funny and you are a moron. Leftists like you are the immediate cause of the decline of the video game industry as a whole. Prove me wrong. Protip: You can't.

Attached: 1597981990858.jpg (878x599, 152.09K)

>>523516878Enjoy you're retirement Abe, if you can.

oh boy I really need to get on with playing yakuza 0I got bored after a couple hours, does it get better?

>>523557702I read the first 6 words of your post, but then I got bored. Does it get better?

>>523557118>says the retard who sees tits and goes mind blankand you smell very REDPILLED. aka like pussy repellent

>>523518359Holy BASED

>>523557016>we knowFortunately for most healthy societies left out there, -you- are wrong, you shouldn't include others in your sad delusions.Women are factually and demonstrably better at nurturing and caring than men are. Just look at the job distribution of nurses or child care or simply observe young couples with newborn infants. I'm not saying men can't but they're more inclined to not be as good or comfortable at it.They now suck at it because they got convinced that it's a weak, inferior position due to all sort of reasons, your twisted perspective included. So they now instead aim at activities and occupations where they are factually inferior to men and end up terrible at both roles. Instead of making concessions, they will harm the family unit for their own gain and petty ego and it's easy to start hating them from there, especially when they refuse to admit it themselves. So in a way, I don't blame you even though you're unable to hold a conversation.

>>523529201Japan's birth rates are barely worse than Germany, user.


>>523538848who is she?

>playing yakuza 0>this thread made me realize most of the platinum hostesses are JAV stars>looking them up reveals disgusting old men fucking [email protected]

>>523559357yuki aint

>>523558158>nurses>child care>young couplesAnd do you have any fucking quality metrics for their performance on those jobs? Of course not. Because if they were actually reviewed it would be transparent that any male can approach such tasks naturally and effectively while all women do is fake compassion and empathy in an imitative mimicry, and only if they are trained to do so by the traditional standards of men.>most healthy societiesWhat healthy societies dipshit? There havent been any healthy societies for over a hundred years now! WOMEN are fucking VOTING.

>>523559616Yuki is fictional.But Ai....

>>523530075>let corporations work your population to death>waste millions of nip currency for singles parties.

>>523515029>Cuckservatives playing videogames.webm

>>523559749You're not American are you? If you are, I have bad news about your average hours worked.data.oecd.org/emp/hours-worked.htmImagine getting overworked worse than fucking Japan and still trying to bring those memes out.

>>523560081Burgers have opioids though so they dont care about being overworked. Theyre all gonna be millionaires soon, right?

>>523560265It's hilarious>equal or lower birthrates>high immigration causing incredible unrest>population hates one another>worked harder>b-but at least we're better than Japan, our way has truly given us a stable country

>>523560447Nah the only thing Japan has worse than USA at this point is the gaudy neon in the big cities and uglier women. But if the burger women are all whores that last point doesnt matter and at least their cities arent being looted or quarantined.America is fucking done. They wont endure another 5 years as a single nation.

Did Nagoshi marry Anri?

>>523520629What are the effects of being birthed by a famous pornstar. What happens in 10 years when all these girls on onlyfans finally spit out a kid. Do they continue or do they retire? What happens to the kid?

>>523561573Japanese women are cuter than fat mutts though.

>>523561695Probably depends on the kid.If I were a chad and I had a pornstar mom I could probably brag about it and become alpha dog.Otherwise you hide it because its something youll get picked on.

>>523562006Yes but America still has a lot of attractive women which Imho is unfair. In the coming decade when the US starts collapsing I hope there will be a trafficking business to move all of those girls back to Europe where they belong, leaving the burgers with the negresses and fat liberal cunts.