Serial Killers

How is there not a game about this yet? Not talking about the hunting them down or escaping them, rather their perspective? >all the preparation and killing, the fun of messing around with the police>seeing your achievements in the paper and the people around you talking about it>the excitement of going back to the crime scene people around you oblivious to the fact you're the killer all this time

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>>523515007I don't know if you noticed, but most gameplay mechanics are incredibly simple, and what you're talking about, is comparatively complex. Most games have mechanics like, point this gun and this effect comes out when you shoot it, and them some physics happens. You're talking about a game where you constantly manipulate AI.Also, serial killers are a taboo subject, and no developer would make a game about it for fear of being reprimanded as deviants.

>>523515142I wouldn't say it's out of reach with current technology, A.I could be at hitman level, the A.I is very exploitable and can be manipulated, all that's really needed is the feature of having a dynamic wanted system maybe? Also R* could get away with manhunt and Postal exists still, all that's really missing is better features

>>523515007How come there is no SMITE-esque multiplayer game where you play as infamous criminals fighting each other in an arena in hell?

>>523515007I met BTK.

>>523515543Because most them can't run a few meters without being exhausted, something like The Ship would work though>>523515553How was it?

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>>52351552020 years ago, we got postal 2 and manhunt. The modern pearl clutching pederasts would never let this fly. They'd make some nebulous speech about how 'we have to do better' like every shitstain mutt puts out to the press when they fuck up.

>>523515007Heavy rain exist.sadly.

>>523515007Yandere Simulator.

Most people find it extremely difficult to sympathize with psychopaths and boy molesters and probably wouldn't want to play as one.

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>>523515007It exists tough.

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>>523515007sounds like an intriguing idea for a game. has a lot of potential but most companies wouldnt find a game like that to be worthy of proper investment.

Does anyone remember that serial killer roguelike project that turned out to be a scam?

>>523515553I imagine he is unimaginably condescending

>>523515007Because killing is morally evil! Our society could never do such a thing. Now go back to playing your shooters.

>>523515954well like anything ignoring them like everything they stand for always works>>523516008doesn't really fit, plus made by david cage>>523516058kek>>523516074it could be a good way in order to really symphatize with them though, pedophilia not so much, but the murder is fair play imo>>523516084Mass murderer =/= Serial killer>>523516226I beg to disagree it's an unexplored genre and doesn't seem that hard to make, would make decent profits with the right push

>>523516278yeah, a few years ago I believe, was it pic related? anyone could just take the idea now desu but nobody seems to want it

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>>523515007>those shark eyes

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>>523516465I guess the idea of having to kill someone vs wanting to kill someone is still a blurred line for some people

>>523516670>I beg to disagree it's an unexplored genre and doesn't seem that hard to make, would make decent profits with the right pushPeople instantly freak out when they can't compare one game to another. Death Stranding,LA Noir,Beyond Good & Evil,Brutal Legend,Daikatana and Last Guardian were all failures. Gaymen is business before all else and publisher wants to make profit not art. That's why 3A gaming is cücked beyond saving and that's why people are always making same winning formula games when marketing/production budgets increased beyond imagination.

>>523516915Yeah that's the one. Shit that was in 2010 this happened. I remember a big drama and a bunch of accusations flying around. I'm surpised no one did take up the idea.

Condemned 1/2 revolve around a serial killer, though the second not so much.

>>523515007Morshu on the bottom 2nd from left

>>523517175Other than daikatana and last guardian, the rest of the games are decent , besides serial killing CAN be compared to hitman, also doesn't necessarily need to be high budget pic related was close desu, but didn't quite nail it, also by your logic derivative games would be the best games of all time, marlow briggs would be the best video game ever made

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Gamers aren't white women

>>523517515>around a serial killeri'm sick of this concept, even hannibal the tv show did this everytime will graham was on the screen it just devolved into him whining all the time and feeling sorry for himself enough of that crap

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>>523518071Yeah, loved the series.But i rather had it being more focused on hannibal instead of the relation between will and him, and the cat and mouse that followed.

>>523517432to this day I still want to see it happen even with the graphics of something like Neo Scavenger or cataclysm

>>523515007at best you could do a roguelike and even that would be extremely difficult to pull off and would get limited support

>>523518264CDDA is nearly a serial killer simulator as it is

>>523518201I suppose it was necessary to set up red dragon but it was just too drawn out, you would expect something like the movie red dragon to happen where will knows how to deal with hannibal but instead we got weird symbolism all the time

>>523518347close really close but no not really, the theme doesn't feel right

>>523515007There's Lucius

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>>523518308The best I could do was have a mister sandman only run in New Vegas where I just used speech and small guns and could only eat people in hardcore mode while needing to kill people at least twice a day with mister sandman, it was fun, but nobody questioning why people are getting murdered in their sleep bothers me quite a bit

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>>523518884>having only one way to kill someone, doesn't sit right with me might as well be something like those newgrounds/kongregate games

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>>523516670>it could be a good way in order to really symphatize with them though, pedophilia not so much, but the murder is fair play imoThey tried this with The Last of Us part 2 and people are still crying about that character who shall not be mentioned. People say they want to play a nazi campaign or play as the serial killer but not really. They think they do but they don't.

>>523517160You don't have to in most games. You just mow down people in cold blood because they are in the same building as the mass murderer player character.

>>523519261the thing is you understand the character, you can sympathize with people like hannibal or dexter, but when you no longer see the character and just see the writer then it's understandable why most people didn't like the last of us 2

>>523519914You only see the writer because you're neck deep in Holla Forums satellite propaganda who is obsessed with jews, Holla Forums has the same discussions about Dexter and Hannibal writers being moral relativist jews as well but since you don't browse that board it's invisible.

>>523519574Seems empty doesn't really capture the feeling of taking a human life, a bullet to the head is too quick and desu the one that captured the feeling best in regards to killing with guns was that feed me billy game

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>>523520214Yeah that could be it, I mean it's the same with any form of media really but if you take into account that you can't separate the character from the writer then it's just bad writing. When you watch a show based on books do you think;>This show is really good every detail is how I imagined it to beOr>Writer X decided it was time to rush every character arc of the show so we can end the show and work on star wars>bonus if protag comes out as gay

>>523515007Can't believe nobody's mentioned Hitman yet. But as expected of Holla Forums, nobody here actually plays video games.

>>523515007Feed me Billy by PuppetCombo

>>523516074I'm sure they'd find a sizable audience with Holla Forums though

>>523516670>pedophilia not so much, but the murder is fair playWhy do people think like this? Isn't ending someone's life for good worse than damaging it?

>>523516074As long as you only kill females, there will be no problem regarding this.


>>523515142>hello GTA V

>>523520971Can't believe you fall for this meme, on Holla Forums nobody plays games ANYMORE, everyone's too depressed now, so they just talk about it like war veterans

>>523521305No, it doesn't necessarily have to be for good, rather for catharsis, any subjective opinion is just an excuse to have that catharsis

>>523521093They nailed it, I want more games like that maybe more torture and stuff

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Hatred in fps with color is amazing but its a mass murder sim

>>523522171It's just postal 1 then? Or even postal 2 but with executions?

>>523517047"...the blackest eyes... the devil's eyes"

>>523515007>white maleE-V-E-R-Y T-I-M-E

>>523524118We need more POC representation in the serial killer genre

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>>523521476Yeah and that mission sucked


I distinctly remember there being some kind of serial killer roguelike (complete with ascii graphics) in the making that garnered quite a lot of attention, and in the end it turned out to be a social experiment by the creator, aka the game never actually existed, he just wanted to see if people would get excited over the prospect of simulating murder.I remember being pretty upset about it, even.

>>523524118Wayne Williams was also pretty bad people not even sure if he was responsible for all the killings or not, he just matched the profile for a serial killer and was linked to one murder and he was only convicted for that one the numerous others weren't

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>the game takes places in a town>every day only last 1 hour>everybody goes to the same company and then to their houses>you can kill then in the street or go to their houses>you can wait for then inside the house or enter while they sleep>you can become their friend and they would invite you to their houses>you can disguise as a pizza deliver and they could open the door>some people live with their couple or have guns>if you don't have a modus operandi is harder for the police to catch you get less pointsWhat do you think, Holla Forums?

>>523515007Why do they all have those sad droopy eyes?

>>523527468>everybody goes to the same companychange this and it will work really well user

>>523527468>is harder for the police to catch you but you get less points*

>>523527603They got caught, and maybe all the trauma they endured during childhood

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>>523527603Most serial killers are pretty sad Most come from broken homes or were abused as kids or just had straight up fucked brain chemistry from the start There’s no such thing as a “born” serial killer Almost all serial killers had something fucked up in there life’s that made them that way

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I want another game like condemned where you try to hunt down serial killers That game was creepy as fuck even ignoring the supernatural stuff The matchmaker the guy who kills women and poses them with mannequins And the the torturer that horrible tortures his victims till they are so broken they kill themselves in order to stop the pain are pretty interesting villains I wish the game focused more on that rather then the supernatural stuff

Why are there hardly any female serial killers?

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>>523516670>it could be a good way in order to really symphatize with them though, pedophilia not so much, but the murder is fair play imoWhy in the utter fucking hell would you want that.

>>523515142 Manhunt 1 and kinda Manhunt 2 come to mind.

>>523517175>Brutal LegendGranted, Brutal Legend really did suffer from bein a clumsy mishmash.

>>523527603They're broken people.

>>523515553Was getting caught part of his plan?

>>523515007>in depth mustache customization

What are some of the creepiest killers you know of? For me it’s The Babysitter >children go missing in the late 70s >turn up days later Dead >who ever took them seemed to take care of them before killing them >a boy was found in the snow with his head blown off but they found evidence she was fed KFC and was not abused at all before the death and even had his cloths pressed was neatly dressed bathed and manicured before death >All the other victims where children that were locked after before being brutally killed >to this day no one knows who did it

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>>523515142Do you really believe it would be too hard to make a serial killer game?

>>523530472Less likely to be caught.All of the successful serial killers were charismatic and could easily feign social norms.

>>523521305you can justify murdering someone, you cant justify raping a child

>>523531981t. schizo

>>523531981You can't justify serial murder though

Do you think serial killers will no longer be a thing one day? I know the police have gotten really good at capturing serial killers so not a lot of them can get away with killing that many people before being caught Or do you think serial killers will just adapt and become even harder to catch?

>>523524118>>523524487There were probably way more black serial killers than documented because cops just didn't give a shit enough to investigate if all they killed were poor black women.

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>>523532317Serial killers tend to be very intelligent, i have no doubts that even in a very technological advanced society there would be killers smart enough to avoid capture

>>523527603A lot of serial killers have childhood brain damage.

>>523532465Depends where at.Most poor black communities were very cloistered, everyone knew everyone, so if someone disappeared, it wouldn't be something just ignored.There is a fair bit to unpack.

>>523515007You have Laveview games.

>>523515007Would prob get accused of toxic masculinity by progressives fags and cuckservative would say that it inspires people to become killers. It's a miracle Manhunt 1 didnt get Rockstar banned, but sure as hell even Rockstar isn't making Manhunt 3 during these post GG times. A straight up triple A serial killer game would get constant backlash from the media and game journos. Dunno how many publishers would invest in it. You got bigger chances at an indie dev studio to make it, similar to Hatred.Ironically, the faggots that shilled last of us 2 for its gore porn and retarded story would be the first to dox the devs and try to get the game cancelled.

>>523532490>serial killers are very intelligent This is kind of a myth most serial killers aren’t very smart and a lot of them just get lucky Jack the Ripper for example was most likely some fucked up drunk asshole that killed hookers and got lucky he almost got caught. Bunch of times If jack was a killer in modern day that prick would of been caught after the first murder of he didn’t get caught before that too

>>523532465I remember reading several times that a lot of serial killers probably went under the radar for years anyway, due to them killing hookers, which the police just didn't give a shit about.

What the serial killer you play as be sympathetic or just straight up evil? The maniac Remake I think did a pretty good job making you feel bad for the killer

>>523532919The only "serial killer" I really feel any sympathy for is Ed Gein, and he's not even a serial killer.

>>523515007>bottom left one

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>>523532960Didn't he claim to have killed 100-110 people?

>>523532960I’m pretty sure he killed more then one victim Ed got most of his body parts from graves but he would still kill to furfill his sick urges

>>523533075Nah, he only killed the two women from town and probably his brother.>>523533106Serial killer is usually more than three. Of course everything he did was completely unforgivable, and I don't want to minimize that. He was a sick, sick man, and being caught was the best thing to have ever happened to him. He did really well institutionalized, it's just too sad that he wasn't put away to get that kind of help before he took those lives and traumatized the whole town by playing arts and crafts with Grandma's pussy lips.

>>523532919I wouldn't want this kind of game in general, but if there has to be one, I'd prefer one that allows for sympathy, but without ever letting go of the fact that the acts they eventually commit are reprehensible. Let people see how the monster is created, but never lose sight of the fact that it's still a monster.

The Jack the Ripper DLC in asscreed was surprisingly good The fact that you could play Jack and brutally kill people was rather interesting for a Ubisoft game since Ubisoft is the safest fucking company alive right now

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>>523517175Those games being unique experiences had nothing to do with why they tanked.

>>523527603This right here is the answer >>523528254. They tend to look like they're on top of the world until they get caught because they truly believe they won't ever get caught.

>>523515142There are games where you can sort of manipulate ai but its only a illusions maybe make it so it looks like its being manipulated like make it open ended so the put come is two or three different. You could make the game an mmo like game it could be turn based too. A murder happens in a open world game like GTA. The killer then hides the body or evidence and goes home. The detective character then logs on when ever or a bunch of them do and they get all the info of the murder from ai or from a host of the server and the first one to solve the crime gets the most point

>>523533578The utter fucking retardation Ubisoft displayed with regards to Beyond Good & Evil will never not make me mad.


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>>523515007No game company would want to take the risk of "glorifying" a killer that existed in real life. Families of the victims would go ape shit, and it would be a media circus.Making a game simply to create knowledge of the killer and how their crimes worked could TECHNICALLY work, though it would have to be done in a way that mostly preserves accuracy and detail. Furthermore, it would need to lean in on the narrative that you are playing as someone that the player should NOT like. You can humanize them, show them interacting with friends and family, but you would need to be very careful not to go over the line and make them sympathetic.It would honestly be easier to make a game that is about a fictitious killer, but work in elements from real serial killers in order to explore their methods, rituals, quirks, etc.

>>523534173The fact that most of his victims are unidentified is what creeps me out He doesn’t even remember most of his victims or there names He killed them and they were forgotten He painted some of the victims he still remembers People hope these paintings can help identify the forgotten victims

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>>523534215>Furthermore, it would need to lean in on the narrative that you are playing as someone that the player should NOT like. You can humanize them, show them interacting with friends and family, but you would need to be very careful not to go over the line and make them sympathetic.I really don't think there's a single AAA studio in existence right now that could manage to walk that fine line.

So what do you guys think?Are serial killers made? Or born? People still debate the idea of. Natural born killer to this day Is it possible to be born a killer?

>>523534427>those paintings Now that's the real crime right there.

>>523532884Hookers and Homosexuals were a killers crack in the 60s-80s.Who could you kill today and get away with it? Homeless people maybe?

There was going to be a game where you play as serial killers hunting kids around their cabin -- kind of like a mix between Ft13th and Dead by Daylight.Never got made, though.

>>523534982Probably homeless and undocumented people, especially if they're without families.

>>523531462>he says as there are 0 serial killer games

>>523533075You're probably thinking of Henry Lee Lucas.

>>523534173>probably the worst serial killer in history >killed more people then most spillers have in his lifetime >he might have even more victims we don’t know about>has almost no media attention or public knowledge Wtf?? School shooters get non stop attention for killing like two people but what could be the worlds most deadly serial killer has almost no attention at all? Are people really just not scared of serial killers anymore?

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>>523515007You sound metally ill

>>523535415I heard a movie was being made about him staring Leonardo Dicaprio called The Devil in the White city Wonder if it got cancelled or something

>not manhunt

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>>523534681Some people are just defective and are born with some kind of personality disorder. Upbringing is definitely a big factor though.

>>523531176It doesn't count as serial murder, but there's this old American story about a girl being abused and eventually killed by her foster family. I can't find it right now. Really fucked up shit.

>>523535629Manhunt was great, until you get guns. I mean, it still has atmosphere, but the guns removed a lot of the tension.

We already got the perfect one

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>>523535302>probably the worst serial killer in historyI read about this guy they think may have killed/raped something like 400-600 children. But it was in South America, so who the fuck knows.

>>523530472because theyre usually too cute for jail user

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>>523515142>I don't know if you noticed, but most gameplay mechanics are incredibly simple, and what you're talking about, is comparatively complex. Most games have mechanics like, point this gun and this effect comes out when you shoot it, and them some physics happens. You're talking about a game where you constantly manipulate AI.Also, serial killers are a taboo subject, and no developer would make a game about it for fear of being reprimanded as deviants.jesus christ I cringed so hard reading that shitty reply of yours. you sound like a pussy who tries to be smart but instead reeks of autism and being a pussy loser who has never had sex

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>>523515142Nonsense. Monster Hunter is basically a game about being a serial killer. You have all the preparation, the stalking, the choosing your target, the choosing the right weapon to kill them, then there's the hunt, the fight, chasing the prey down as they try to flee, then eventually killing and butchering them.

Attached: ce3.jpg (500x709, 80.65K) the fuck am I reading?

What went so wrong bros?

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>>523515142clueless redditor has no imagination and can't see how a game like that could work

>me and gf meet our neighbor and hang out for a bit>cool guy, metalhead >immediately after she starts talking about Jeffery Dahmer and thinking our neighbor is into satanic shit because he listens to metal in his 30's and is slightly socially awkward

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>>523536796I remember spoiling this for my friend to save him, he didn't believe me and skipped to the last episode lmfao

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>>523534427all those facial expressions are horrifying in context, like that's the only expression he ever saw them with

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>>523516084Based Miamiposter

>>523537057Most probably downtrodden crack whores. Sad to think about.

>>523536813You better watch out on your gf.

>>523536927I’m just glad I dropped it around season 5 I wish I knew season 4 would be the last good season also season 3 sucked balls too And fuck the side characters no one gives a fuck about who Angel is fucking this week

It's crazy to think how many serial killers that are still roaming the streets everyday and the likelyhood that you've met some of them without knowing it.

Whenever serial killers come up the same ones get mentioned over and over again. Aren't there any recent ones to talk about? Is it just not possible anymore? There are so many unsolved murders there must be a few on the loose still.

The real question is howcome there aren't more games about kindapping young women and inflicting stockholm syndrome until they love you so much they don't want to leave.Yes I have played sealed room breed one and two.I need new games though or at least stories about the subject.

>>523537273That’s why you never go outside.

>>523515007savage sub human demonic white niggers

>>523537273I don't live in America, so probably none.

>>523534427Don't know about him but if he killed mostly blacks going by that pic then no one gave a shit, not even blacks themselves. Poverty is a bitch because you can get away with almost anything, especially back then. Hell, there's probably more gang members with a higher kill count than him and you'll never know about it. American blacks live such shit lives that a lot of them still hide under the radar due to being born with no records, birth certificate, family history etc. so a lot of them especially from the 90's and on back couldn't even be identified if found dead.And you wanna know what the scary part in all this is? A lot of blacks in america, don't believe in mental illness. As in, they aren't going to take there kids to a doctor or get treated for a mental illness and just let their kids run wild. Now mix poverty into this and you have a whole melting pot of what the fuck.

>>523524118People only care about white murderers

>>523515007I gotcha senpai

>>523517047looks extremely soulless

>>523537285BTK wasn't arrested until 2005 if that counts. But I think something about American society has changed that creates less of them.

>>523537285There was a recent thing about a body bag being found and people suspect a serial killer Best part is due to all the roosts and lack of police it’s the perfect time for serial killers to strike

>>523530472Women are more sane than m*n

>>523537285Serial killers have been around long enough that a new serial killer would have a lot of knowledge to make it look like their murders weren't connected to each other.

>>523537285I'm pretty sure most information about modern serial killers is intentionally buried/understated.

>>523537737>But I think something about American society has changed that creates less of them.Yeah they aren't pussy anymore and just shoot up the place.

>>523515007literaly Hitman bloodmoney >news paper details what you did and how you did it >levels become more challenging due to the notoriety system (ie if you get too much notoriety by going on mass shooting and shit like that civilians and armed guards will be able to recognize you more in your normal attire)>you can fuck around with said notoriety by stealing camera footage/bribing cops/killing witness i guess the only thing missing is that you aren't a serial killer but a hitman

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>>523517624>"I'm like pretty obsessed with serial killer documentaries XD"Seriously where the fuck did this roastie trend even start? It's become the most common NPC "interest" that it makes me eyes roll behind my fucking brain whenever I hear this.

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>>523532317They're currently no longer a thing in the US. Forensics developed to an insane level, most murder cases get solved easily if an effort gets put into it.

>>523537613There is sadly a lot of people out there who legit don’t know about mental illness or don’t believe it exists You mix untreated mental illness with bad health bad homes bad people and bad money then you are going to get some truly fucked up people black of white we are taken Baker family levels of fucked up

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>>523538000Every woman is secretly a pen pal with at least one locked up serial killer or murderer, sometimes even two.

>>523515142LOL, it would be pretty easy:>level is someone's house>you spawn there or minigame about stalking>try to get inside, few options>the louder and messier you are the more likely you are to get caught unless you got skill like pyromancy>level ending is the newspaper>make it 70s and 80s style for more simplicity (no internet, dna research minimal etc)>hide the body or leave it or do something to hide your tracks >choose personality type: demonic obsession by drugs, being a perver or being cold ass killa who hates people and loves killing em aka psychopathWhat is your path to hell?

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Because it would be infinitely more fun to make a whodunnit party game.

>>523536927imo it was still worth a watch as a "let's kill an hour to relax" kind of dealalthought the last 2 seasons were laughable bad

>>523533017>the bottom left oneThat's John Wayne Gacy, user. Probably one of the most famous serial killers.

>>523531176Andrei ChikatiloBeady eyed motherfucker should've been tortured to death with medieval instruments

>>523533017>Heil Hoss

>>523538000People have always been fascinated by serial killers, it's nothing recent. Why do you think every fucker at least know the names of Ed Gein or Ted Bundy?

>>523537887Mass shooters are nothing compared to serial killers Serial killers have massive murder numbers and don’t get caught plus do horrible things to there victims Meanwhile mass shooters are trannys who shoot up like three people because they became obsessed with MLP and Danny Phantom

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>>523538009Yeah they're even using new DNA technology to solve cold cases from as far back as the 60's.

>>523515909>the shipplayed the shit out of that game with my friends years agoI miss them.

>>523537371Please, if you have any games, stories or pornographic media about this subject let me know.

I'll just leave this

>>523535689Sylvia Linkens.There was also a very similar case in Junko Furuta from Japan. Both were truly tortured souls.

>>523515909>Because most them can't run a few meters without being exhaustedThey're already dead, they aren't bound by the limitations of a living body anymore.

>>523538389Women in particular go out of their way to make it known to the world how unique and edgy they are for watching Ted Bundy documentaries on Netflix.


>>523538397I think there's the ultimate through line that most Serial Killers and Shooters just have an underlying need to feel that power and recognition but express it in two different ways. Shooters are basically the instant gratification equivalent of serial killers. Especially since they're the big controversy like serial killings were decades ago. Instead of "A Serial Killer could be coming to YOUR TOWN" it's "A shooting WILL happen here" and in the end the piece of shit that does it becomes infamous until the next one happens.

>>523538000you're in a thread full of dudes interested in ityour infantile hatred for "roasties" has been registered, though. consider having sex

If you were somehow forced to spend an hour in a room with a known serial killer who would you choose and why? Dead or alive it doesn’t matter you just got to spend one hour in a room with a known serial killer

Attached: B47ECF26-FC6F-4D40-B2FD-370FB1B8599F.jpg (1200x1200, 419.59K)

>>523527468>>every day only last 1 hourToo little time

>>523538930Andrei ChikatiloI'd beat the life out of that motherfucker

>>5235389301 hour you say?

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How would you translate being a serial killer into a game? Like, think about most games where you get to mass kill people: usually you play as some sort of spree shooter or madman in a car where the police response is immediate, and is usually made arcadey enough where after you evade them for a bit they'll just give up looking for you.Part of what makes serial killer investigations so damn interesting is that the police often have to catch up to the killer and guess who he is via small but important details, and the investigation doesn't just let lot of videos from this channel show how a lot of murder cases from people trying to get away with it actually look like when they're caught. Usually the victims are people close to the killer and not just random people (which sets them apart from serial killers) and usually its their behavior on top of evidence that damns them.So how do you translate that into a game? You couldn't just be some skitzo in the woods, otherwise there's no real reason for the police to look into you. Maybe you could become one, but you would maybe start off randomly generated as a member of a community, maybe you've got a family, a job to go to, there's security cameras, witnesses, etc. Then your motivation to kill people could initially be extrinsic, your wife cheated on you or something and you have to get away with that, and if you do then you start getting voices in your head telling you to do it again. Maybe it could get easier with the more random people you kill, you start leading the police down a goose chase, they could learn your MO. you would need to take care of things like hunger, health, and finances that would make serial killing difficult.

Attached: 1596011548893.jpg (1280x989, 290.37K)

>>523538000You would be amazed by how much weird fan art there is for serial killers

Attached: CE5EEDAA-5551-4723-A86E-051F9187B7CF.jpg (1159x1381, 262.85K)

>>523539082Source of pic plz

>>523515007Honestly a serial killer game where you could either catch or be one would be fun as fuck but moralfags would probably never let a big studio make it. Be a hero OP, make it as a badass indie game.

>>523537285They just got better at killing people. I’m 100% sure that their are some right now killing people, you always hear about people missing and what not.

Who the hell was he?

Attached: 7B9AF47F-C1A5-4AF7-BEEC-C01F70E06249.png (554x765, 504.88K)

>>523539253could he get away with it today?

>>523538818See>>523538725Way to confirm you've never even spoken to a girl. Nice attempt at projection, though.

>>523539181dunno lol

>>523537887Anon shooting people takes nothing, serial killers get personal with the people they kill and rarely kill with guns.

>>523538634Yes! Thank you! I was actually thinking about describing it as "The American schoolgirl in concrete".

>>523538725They do that about everything, women love attention.>"ohh, I just put on my shirt backwards, I'm so whacky XD"

>>523515007serial killers are the most pathetic cucks of the killer world OH NO NO NO ITS THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN THE BIBLE TELLS ME I HAVE TO KILL A MUTE HISPANIC MIDGET THAT LOOKS LIKE MY MOM OH MOOOOOOM chad psychos like shool shooters or terrorists fuck over tons of people for fun and are proud of it; serial killer impotent sits in his basement and drools like a fucking retard while god or devil or monkey brain fiddles with this loser's brain

>>523515007Taboo to do something in that vein for people who have to fund or approve of game projects..Most people would fund something like Dexter, where you're a serial killer but it's more "morally grey"/his victims have it coming. Or an assassination game like Hitman because the freedom of targets means you can do anything that won't get moralists on your case and not heavily compromise the game's vision or the idea of it.Only way you could really do it is probably making a cheap indieshit title and releasing it somewhere where the standards aren't that fucked.

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>>523530472Yeah, there are few, but some of them have impressively high scores. A lot of them are/were nurses. One that comes to mind instantly is this

>>523539729t. Killed by serial killer

>>523539253Good 'ol Ted.

Attached: Ted-Cruz.jpg (1280x1600, 150.96K)

>>523539867I don't look like someone's mom you tard

>>523539729dumb.serial killers are the inspired, specialized, skilled artists that have a blessed goal and dedicate their life to it.those other guys are pollock wannabes paint splatting a wall because they heard it was art. That one guy quoted pewdiepie for shit's sake

>>523539082How about thisYour "hunting ground is confined to either a large building or a block of buildings. Early levels are simple enough you get to pick a target and do your best not be seen doing the act and then escaping however there's no immediate consequence if you're seen exiting a scene. There's very minimum security in the buildings. You don't immediately know the layout of the buildings but you're free to explore all you want if nobody bars you from going somewhere. As the game goes on, police presence begins increasing, suspicion begins mounting. Maybe even throw in a few curve balls like you can start framing other residents by leaving evidence in their homes. There's no real end game, either you get caught or you just stop playing.So basically Hitman with a consistent map and arbitrary targets.>>523539083Laius we talked about this, no eating demi-humans means no eating regular humans too.

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>>523537285spree killing is the new meme for dark triads now

>>523539253who indeed

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>>523515954>20 years ago, we got postal 2 and manhunt.And here in 2020 we have Postal 4. And the only reason we don't have Manhunt 3 or any other interesting titles is because Rockstar is a GTA/RDR company now. Shut the fuck up.

>>523539302Probably not. He's lucky that DNA testing wasn't a thing way back when.

>>523540268>>523539082Main problem would be communicating enough common sense stuff to the player (don't get caught stabbing someone on camera where they can identify you) while still keeping it vague enough that the player could have a run ruined because of a legit mistake they should've thought about (got in a fight where they could find his DNA and didnt dispose of the evidence, or didn't make sure they couldnt triangulate where he lives on his route to the place) without it being bullshit unexplained reasons that they have no control over and that the computer just fucks them on (oops, a tiny fucking pixel of you was found in a recording so the police now know exactly who you are)Might make things interesting if you added human players as investigators who have to figure out your case before it goes cold. You could be part of an online bulletin where they get assigned to it, have a real life week to solve it, and can upload data that your game's police then uses as data to try and find you.

>>523536527How did he try to be smart? Lmao all he said was that there isn’t a serial killer game because of the subject you fucking dumbass basedjack poster

>>523539338Women also like breathing and drinking waterNeither of those things are a roastie trend nigger

>>523530472They are mostly men but there are a lot of female serial killers too. Read.

>>523532317Depends what you consider a serial killer. Gang members kill each other all the time but they don't get called serial killers because its under gang violence and no one cares about gang violence

>>523521093Is Billy really a serial killer if there's a gigantic meat mouth in the floor of his house demanding he feed it people ? is the meat mouth not real ?

>>523541254You could argue it was in his head.

>>523534427They are black girls. No one cares about them unfortunately

>>523519261The problem is that they had well established characters user and the pacing was fucked from the start

>>523540793You could have an "inner monologue" as the tutorial warning them about such things.Though the sandbox and random nature of things, trial and error should be part of the norm rather than handholding them. If you want a serial killer sim, you aren't really going for a mass appeal game in the first place. Though having a investigator mode sounds really cool.>Investigator has their own rules too, you can actually end up letting the serial killer go if you find the right person but lack evidence to make it stick/violated their rights while capturing them.

>>523541254David Berkowitz thought a dog was telling him to kill. Hitmen are also considered serial killers. You're thinking too hard.

>remember hearing the names of a lot of these serial killers growing up>never actually bothered to look up any of these fuckers up>finally catch a few documentaries on tvMan some of these guys had MAX fucking Luck. A good chunk of the cases were police being dumb and letting these killers go, multiple times.

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>>523535302>has almost no media attention or public knowledgeWhat? They made a big deal about his arrest when it happened. And school shooters get attention because it's ultra shocking for a 17 year old to unload on classmates.

>>523541584I don't think I am, in the terms of that game it's a pretty big plot point that there's a GIANT THING in the house demanding you feed it people. If it's all in his head, then well you just play as some fucking psycho. If there's a literal meat creature bidding you to commit murders or god knows what, and you have to listen, that's a bit different isn't it ? Normal person manipulated into doing horrible things is pretty scary too.

Manhunt 1Manhunt 2Hitman series (Kinda, paid assassin is slightly different)Puppet Combo games HatredPostalHarvesterAlll those games where you play a movie killer hunting 4+ kidsLucius 1 + 2

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>>523538009That is if they care enough. If they think its gang related they don't give two shits

>>523540881>"Hey bros I stayed up all last night watching this Ted Bundy show on Netflix, doesn't that make me weird hahaha"Point out one time this has happened.

>>523541632>A good chunk of the cases were police being dumb and letting these killers go, multiple times.Let's talk about how many times Ted Bundy escaped capture. Let's talk about how the moronic judge who handed him his sentence didn't even take him seriously.

>>523541779>Normal person manipulated into doing horrible things is pretty scary too.I'm not saying that's not scary, but it's still a serial killer.Think about it like this. If someone forces you to commit a murder, you're still a murderer.

>>523541632Keep this in mind:A LOT of murders go unsolved still to this day. Serial killers just escalate the chances of being caught by piling up the bodycount -- though, you only need 2 victims now instead of 3. It does include luck, but murders go unsolved all the time.

What should the mood go for though?>synthwave 80s slasher innawoods?>realistic but with the killer's delusions manifesting as horror game elements>supernatural justified killer that runs into spooky shit on top of trying to get away with killing people

>>523541839I've heard dudes say it myself, as early as high school.

>>523541909>If someone forces you to commit a murder, you're still a murderer.yeah, technically, but isn't there some type of law or something that helps exonerate people if they were being forced to do something under threat of death/injury ? I swore this was a thing

>>523541991Doesn't count if they were fags

>>523515007You mean Hitman games?

>>523541960>synthwave 80s slasher innawoodsI'll play it, but I'd prefer a more organized serial killer than a Jason knockoff.>killer's delusionsNo. Fuck altered states of reality in games. The fun comes screeching to a halt when devs add this (Max Payne 1+2, DA:O, etc).>supernaturalnope

>>523542207They weren't. Keep moving your goalpost, though. It's entertaining.

>>523537371Slave matrix

>can't punish evilwhy even be alive

Attached: Pun-0006.jpg (1280x2032, 414.57K)

>>523544101has punisher ever killed the wrong person?

>>523530472Killing is easier if you are stronger than your victims and if you can outsmart victims and police.Women are severely handicaped in both of those.

>>523515007fuck off with that edgy ass bitch game

>>523544505fuck off with that bullshit

>>523521093this. there's probably more in the indie/niche community

>>523537741Huh, I thought it was just a drug deal gone wrong

>>523545435>fuck off with factsEffective serial killers weren't dumb nigs who just bash shit, nor were they twigs who set up Rube Goldberg machines to kill.

>>523532317i'm gonna say no

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>>523536527>serial killers are a taboo subjectNever seen Hannibal?

>>523546596Vidya gaems are held to much stricter standards than jewroll

>>523515007The Hitman games are very, very close to this. The closest we’ve ever gotten in fact.I’m baffled the media went after GTA instead of it, since Hitman is a literal murder simulator.

>>523515553>associate degree in electronics >In his letters to police, Rader asked if his writings, if put on a floppy disk, could be traced or not. The police answered his question in a newspaper ad posted in the Wichita Eagle saying it would be safe to use the disk>Police found metadata embedded in a deleted Microsoft Word document that was, unknown to Rader, still stored on the floppy disk.[46] The metadata contained the words "Christ Lutheran Church", and the document was marked as last modified by "Dennis."this guy is a fucking retard.>hey police, is it safe for me if i send you evidence>expects the police to tell him if it's actually safe

>>523532490Honestly most serial killers seem to have gotten away with it either by preying on those that noone cares about i.e. hookers and niggers etc, or getting lucky with police being incompetent fucks. Literally the only reason the zodiac killer has never been caught is because the police fucked up 3 chances they had him on hand and let the fucker go because they were too lazy to follow up. Also we rarely see classic serial killers anymore thanks to advances in forensics, which have actually let us catch killers and solve cold cases from decades ago. Its why nowadays you only ever find medical serial killers, doctors and nurses killing their patients secretly and only getting caught when a coworker reports them or they trip up due to their own hubris and narcissim.There are also prolific serial killers stil lactive in 3rd world countires where the victims arent important enough to investigate or the police force are incompetent and using outdate tech. China and India have quite a few, such as the Indian killer who kidnaped, raped, tortured and murded hundred or so kids before he was lynched. Kids and women regularly go missing in those countries too, either falling victim to unknown killers or sold into sex slavery

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You've clearly never seen me play Hitman

>>523547126It's illegal for the police to lie though.

The photos of the victims of Jeffrey Dahmer are fucked up>black guy bodies everywhere>heads, hands and toes all over the place>packed human meat in the fridge because he eat his victims>somehow this fucker manage to evade police, not one, not twice but three times in the most red handed moments possibleThe guy is a jinxed max luck build incarnated

>>523547659the police didnt give a fuck until they had too considering he was killing rentboys

>>523547659a policeman, at one time, walked a naked terrified drunk 14yo boy back to dahmer's apartment, as he had escaped

>>523547910>"Yeah, he is my flatmate and he is drunk as shit, could you help me?">the guy was saying Jeffrey was trying to kill himHow in the fuck the cop didnt stop him? Plus his flat was stinky as fuck thanks to all the corpses


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>>523548210He was involved in higher rings and had community support, same as Gacy, iirc.

>>523548242>being a lanklet damaged his brain so that he could only kill

>>523538930The guys who tortured Junko FurutaMe with a gun and earplugs

>>523548242based roastie slaying giant.

>>523515007Hatred is probably the closet we'll ever get.

Attached: Screenshot_2020-09-05 132066-games-news-vile-mass-murder-game-hatred-back-on-steam-with-gabe-newell-s-blessing-image1-7dHxv[...].png (970x609, 993.45K)

>>523549313First Postal did the same thing and better.

>>523515007some of the killers in Dead by Daylight were serial kills prior to the events of the game, clown is obviously based on john wayne gacy (bottom left)

Attached: 1434287251_preview_clown_02.jpg (1920x1080, 381.32K)

I've been wondering. Is it possible for a mass shooter to get away and do it again like a serial killer?Having seen the New Zealand video, Tarrant could easily have gotten away (at least initially) if he had just taken some extra measures and didn't shoot out his car windows to fire at pedestrians on his way to the next mosque.

>promoting serial killers Nope, stupid idea. Being a detective that tracks them down while they kill throughout town, and the longer you take to catch them the more they kill for a unique experience would be fucking dope if they could swing it that way. Being an actual serial killer sounds stupid user, and would give people dumb ideas. These people were monsters, fucking and eating rotten corpses. They shouldn't be have any positive light on them whatsoever

>>523550184what? tarrant only shit at the mosques and muzzies, I saw the whole video before it got memoryholed, even his drive afterwards

>>523547643Only in court, otherwise it's legal.

>>523550184Something like the the Austin yogurt shop murders?

>>523550375>and would give people dumb ideasIs this b8?

Attached: 1402153038405.jpg (750x1000, 119.66K)

>>523550184Could probably lay low for a while with a good escape route but shootings are basically public demonstrations, you inevitably leave a lot of evidence and possible side witnesses.>>523550513If I remember correctly, he fired at some muslims that were probably on their way to the mosque on his way out.Shame we didn't get to see his planned burning of the mosque to go along with the fire song, that would have been pure kino.

>>523521476Not even a game.

>>523550375>someone with a brainThese dregs don't deserve glorification or emulating. OP is such a white male.

>>523550837weird though they never mention the other shooters, since there was another mosque attacked the same time and multiple shooters spotted by police yet only tarrant is ever brought up

>>523526004He did murder a lot of them, but not all of them. So no sympathy for him, but politics prevented other perps from getting caught.

>>523515007>>all the preparation and killing, the fun of messing around with the police>>seeing your achievements in the paper and the people around you talking about it>>the excitement of going back to the crime scene people around you oblivious to the fact you're the killer all this timeIt's called Hitman Blood Money.

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>>523550972this unironicallypeople who think serial killers are le interesting and cool are low iq as fuck

what i hate about serial killers is that most just kill women(young ones like 12or 15).Any serial killer that doest discriminate and kills tons of men and women?

>>523538930Probably one of the unit 731 guys

>>523551298Why would you hate the based serial killers and only the based ones?

>>523515007Anon, is there something you wanna tell us?

>>523551423because only cowards go after the weak.

>>523515007cause you play one in p much every game...


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Serial killers are fucking scary,man. Especially the ones who are charismatic enough that people actually like them as a person despite what they did.

>>523537741>police stopping serial killersRemember when they gave Dahmer his 14yo victim back?

>all these videos on youtube analyzing murderer interviews explaining where they fucked up>realize that a new generation of serial killers are gonna watch these videos and learn how to not get caught better

>>523516074Part of writhing in discomfort is being forced to watch them deal their dark deed, even darker having been apart of it knowing in the end somthing about it keeps bringing them back and by extension you.I want to be made uncomfortable when I hear the whimpering and crying, their lamentations of agony. I want to know there is no hiding this disgust.Make it stomach turning and methodical, dont be an artist, be a disgusting pervert taking a strange pleasure in depravity.People are too afraid to shock, they want to talk about serial killers but they only want to put skin on the beast, they dont want to witness the foulness in its guts and in its innards.

>>523537285there was one in canada a couple years ago that killed gays, he put their bodies in his garden or something.

>>523547030>I’m baffled the media went after GTA instead of it, since Hitman is a literal murder simulator.Hitman wasn't blamed for indirectly causing a murder. I'm not saying GTA deserves the shit it gets for "violence in video games." I'm just pointing out people used a scapegoat instead of accepting that a worthless cunt killed their kid because he was a worthless cunt not because a video game had any influence over him.>

>>523551648>p muchfaggot

>>523552081Something I've noticed is that there really aren't any high profile serial killers anymore. It's been replaced by whiny school shooters

>>523552686welcome to the internet

>>523539246A lot of missing cases are due to dumb shit or human trafficking. I don't doubt there's serial killers still out there but they're probably not the major reason why people go missing.

>>523551780Is this a basedboy without onions for 2 days?

>>523553138There are, most are gang related though and the media likes to treat that differently even though a good number of them really do enjoy killing decapitation, rape, torture, you name it, they done it. Of course some are forced into it but there are other gang members that get the same euphoria from killing as a any serial killer. Only difference is, gang members rarely see the death penalty because of the amount of information they provide.

>>523554359It's the Junji Ito version.

>Spend several days vacationing at a themepark with some friends and friends of friends. >Find out sometime later that one friend of a friend's husband had been arrested for serial rape and murder when a victim managed to barely survive his attack>They still think he made a local girl disappear during that time we were vacationing.>Vaguely remember him going out for donuts late or some asinine shit and taking a real, real long time coming backShit's still a little weird to me.

>>523556538Any news article on the missing girl?

>>523539437It's not about it being "personal" or anything, guns are just not an effective way to discreetly kill anyone. They're loud, expensive, and leave behind lots of evidence. Hell, they're barely effective at killing multiple people. And before someone starts citing shooter MCIs, bear in mind that firearms are designed to engage one target at a time. They simply aren't as efficient as any number of methods. They're an easy method for idiots and amateurs to quickly get caught.It's why it boggles my mind every time there's a call for bans after a shooting. You WANT these nutjobs using guns. It makes them easy to catch and keeps the bodycount down. You don't want them having to get creative. They might realize that fire, bombs, chemical attacks, and many other options are difficult to trace and many times more—-fire-the-most-effective-underused-weapon-in-the-world/

>>523515007 They once made one about the player being a vengeful rapist. Niche japanese didn´t like political pressure from USA to ban their games, neither did the pirates overseas.

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>>523537371If I want to go about doing this what would the method be ? Also what's the success rate ? Asking for a friend

>>523530472Because serial killers are predators/hunters. In our history and psychology men are the hunters.

Attached: 27C00E0E-2ADE-4E9D-94FC-320A110A417A.jpg (604x589, 55.75K)

>>523515007>it will be banned in Australia

Attached: real man play loli.jpg (960x720, 186.16K)

>>523547910Every time I remember that I start to fucking boil. Especially since the cop got his job back on an appeal and was later promoted or elected to some higher position.

serial killers are hard to catch in our daycant imagine the hell unleash by them during the middle ages or prior to it.

>>523515007LA Noire’s homicide cases were all about one Serial Killer implicating people. I fucking love that game so much.And almost every GTA game since III has one serial killer in it and RDR2 had a side quest too.

>>523515007Forgot to mention that Manhunt is basically a Serial Killer simulator >>523517047

>>523517047Greenriver killer is officially the deadliest serial killer on record in the US

>>523557557No idea, honestly. I didn't keep close tabs on the case since I didn't really know him beyond his wife being a friend of someone else I knew there. I just knew they were trying to connect him to missing persons in that region/timeframe as part of the case they were building.I just know there was like 4 or 5 in the Georgia area, with the last girl surviving the attack and that's how the caught him. He's still on death row as far as I know.

>>523530472women kill in a completely different way and aren't as sloppy

>>523560045>got his job back [...] and was later promoted or elected to some higher positionThis happens far more often than you'd imagine. Clown world.

>>523515543>who the fuck doesn't ban John Wayne Gacy, fucking fags threw the game at char select

>>523560443That's where all the spooky stories come from. They're based on crimes that are so disgusting that people believed it couldn't have possibly been committed by a human being.

>>523535302>has almost no media attentionwell...>Investigation Discovery is airing a two-part, four-hour documentary about serial killer Samuel Little. It airs Monday, August 31 and Tuesday, September 1 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ID.It literally aired this week. But honestly, who watches television these days/

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