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>>523514068Serious talk, how deadly that attack would be?

>>523514921To Pain? Wouldn't have done jackshit since the Six Paths are practically zombies with infinite chakra.

>>523514068Hinata is a jobber

>>523515272kid Konohamaru killed one

>>523515272i like to think the chakra wolf fist things were concentrated enough that they could that they could slice through pains puppets, and that she was too much of a jobber to land a single proper hit

>>523515442Jobber means that people had high hopes for her and she underachieved but she was an underachieving underdog character from the start

>>523515442Aside from itachi, who isn't by this point.

>>523515272I'm talking in general, an attack like that for a regular ninja would be deadly?

>>523515542Ya with a rasengan.>Teen* KonohamaruBtw. He was a proper, not-shit genin. I mean he could do a rasengan.

>>523514921Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists is good in the games because it also reduces your opponent's chakra along with their health everytime they take a hit from it.

>>523515542It didn't kill him. He gets up and leaves and rejoins the other Paths like nothing happened.And before you say he got revived by the Naraka Path, that WAS the Naraka Path.

>>523515542>>523515708>Konohamaru masters a number of jōnin-level jutsu while still a genin>ends up a mere teacherWasted development

>>523516468He gets to bang hanabi so he is cool

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when will there be another GNT/CoN bros...

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>>523516468>Wasted developmentso are rest of the side characters. look what they did to my boy rock lee. i'll never be not mad.

>>523516468He’s honestly probably next in line to be Hokage until Bort or Salad get old enough.Also, leading a team is supposed to be a big responsibility. Kakashi and Guy were both team leaders even though they were both clearly above your average jounin. Even Asuma was actually part of some special niche that were supposed to be the Hokage’s personal bodyguards or some shit.

>>523514068>make a perfect confession>nothing happens after thatHow did Kishi fuck this up?

>>523519379He remembers what she confessed in “The Last”

>>523516468>Wasted developmentThat's the name of the franchise indeed.

Post your favourite moment, anons.I unironically think they should have promoted him if he didn't get cripled by Gaara. He was the only one during the Chuunin fights straight up willing to die for a cause.

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>>523517528Never ever EVER and it FUCKING SUCKS


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>>523521019I didn't know Pain's eyes made a "vween" noise.

>>523515442How is Hinata a jobber when she never had a chance against Pain to begin with?

>>523520685Naruto too, and this is why you don’t get promoted. Chuunins supposed to be cool headed, bit more coward and strategical.

Hinata should have died instead of neji

>>523521371t. pinkshit

>>523521371Hiashi should have died.

>>523514068She never even had a proper fight to show her new shit, except for last movie, but that shit reeks of fanfiction.

>>523520685Feel-wise, when Danzo exploded himself trying to get Obito and Sasuke and it kicked the flashback with all his Sarutobi related moments and feelings.Hype-wise, tailed naruto vs pain.

>>523521394>Immediately deflects to Sakura.Literally rent free.

>>523520685Since we are on Holla Forums. Night Guy in Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.

>>523521437I love playing her in the games because the gentle fist is cool but one of her finishers is straight from a filler episode. Kind of sad.

>>523521308I don't think it's explicitly stated that only Shikamaru-esq traits get you promoted to be a chuunin. Also it's quite clear that the chuunin exams aren't clearcut "get to the end, and you get promoted", they are simply a series of tests made to measure the overall skills of different Shinobi.>>523521547>>523521796Good calls.

>>523521882>>523521308Shikamaru getting promoted for giving up after exhausting his options and then spinning it as keeping his cool and knowing his limits was retarded since in a real world situation that would just get him captured and tortured for information if not outright killed. Literally the same scenario happened against Tayuya and he would have died if not for plot.

>>523514068reminder that this game sold very little in the beginning but in the long run reached 1 million copies sold and that soleil is becoming a successfull videogame company.

>>523522303I agree partly. I think you could say Shikamaru knew that, it's just a test; not the real deal. And secondly, he just didn't give a fuck.Obviously this goes into headcanon territory, but I think it's logical.

>>523518171> Hokage’s personal bodyguardThat was actually the bodyguard for the Fire King if I remember correctly.

>>523520685When Haku died and Zabuza cried.

>people who watched Naruto during their childhood are now old enough to post here

>>523523304your time is over, old manAMATERASU

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>>523522723What the fuck is it anyway? At first glance I thought it was a beat em up/action game, but it seems to be yet another arena fighter as if we haven't had enough of those. I miss the Ultimate Hero games.

I always felt like the akatsuki and especially Sasuke made the story go where it wanted. Felt like sasuke's decisions had much more impact than naruto's so I think the show would have been better if it had some neutral name instead of naruto. It could have shown more character developments

>>523516468Boruto and seeing what happens to all of them is just depressing to the point that its rather realisticValue your youth its all downhill from here

>>5235238283v3 third person action game.You can play as the characters from the series or an OC with a moveset based around different roles (attack, defense, healing, special)Has three game modes. Death match, capture the scroll, and a mode where you have to defeat the other team’s summon.Honestly it’s not bad and at least different from another arena fighter. It just suffered from shitty netcode and the OC options being kind of limited.

>>523522723Is this OP's Naruto game?soleilgamestudios.com/en/games/18001/index.html

>>523520685The shikamaru 1v1 with the whole lighter thing was suck a good fight. Also the naruto v pain fight was the peak of the show, should have ended there desu. None of the other stuff makes sense or is good

>>523514921It did nothing because he avoided all damage.

15 days until Sasuke and Naruto's lifes are put to an end.

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>>523526174What do you mean? Wasn't the manga over already??

>>523526528Boruto.Boruto is canon, also.

>>523514068Every female in Naruto is useless and Bleach has better girls.

>>523527003>Females>not useless by natureWaht's wrong with that?Also I agree but shark tits deserved better

Video games

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>>523527003>and Bleach has better girls

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>>523526174BASED.It will probably take a few chapters for them both to die.

>>523527289I didn't know Kakashi was a nigger.

>>523527003>Every female in Naruto is uselessEveryone in Naruto is useless except for Ninja Jesus #1 and #2

youtube.com/watch?v=kXhAGO4IE8YHow does it feel knowing no Naruto game will ever give you this feel?

>>523516468Minato was a teacher before becoming Hokage.At the end of part 1 Kakashi is still a teacher and he is one "sure I'll do it" away from being Hokage along with being probably the strongest in the village next to Jiraiya and Guy - who was also a teacher.Team leader is pretty much the selection pool when it comes to Hokage candidates.

>>523528006P-pein bros?? It was hilarious to see.

>>523520685When lee takes off his leg weights. Pure kino.

>>523522303>Literally the same scenario happened against Tayuya and he would have died if not for plot.Shadow tendrils was a deadly technique and he would have won if not for plot that mandated he had to lose for Temari to save his ass.>Muh she is too strong I can't choke herFucking bullshit. Kiba and Rock Lee were actually not strong enough and had to be saved, Shikamaru had it on the bag but he needed to lose.

>>523520685>most inspirational character in the series>gets more in more irrelevant every time he appearscan you be an even bigger underdog when even the author is against you

>>523527905You should considering you are one.

>>523516468Minato and Kakashi were teachers and they became hokage.>>523517659On the bright side, Rock Lee is the only ninja to master the art of asexual reproduction.

>>523528354The whole fight was kino.>>523528843I doubt it. As much as I like Naruto, Kishi wrote himself in a corner hard the longer the series went on.

Did NaruSakufags ever recover?

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Neji should've died after beating Kidomaru, dude does nothing of value after part 1.>>523529191We still have a few threads about it 6 years later, what the fuck do you think?

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>>523529191did you?imagine being a grown ass adult and caring about this shit

>>523514068Pain arc was the peak of Naruto, everything after that was a complete trainwreck

>>523529715Please understand, if anyone actually died during that then sasuke wouldnt have be in the running for redemption

>>523529880Where do you think you are?

>>523529928So? Fuck Sasuke.

What's the absolute best Naruto game?


>>523529880It's been nearly 6 years and NaruSakufags are still this salty. Top kek.

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>>523529715I'd compare NaruSaku to Zutarans, but I've yet to see the Naruto equivalent to How I Became Yours. I have to wonder what stops them. >>523529880Awww, did Kishimoto troll you too hard when he made all the Naruto/Hinata porn 100% canon?

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>>523514921I'm assuming the lion constructs do some kind of Hyuuga fuckery to your chakra points/circulation system, so it's probably actually pretty devastating for even a god-tier ninja to be hit by themToo bad they're big and glowy and obvious and easy to dodge, or else it'd probably be an extremely dangerous technique

>>523514068Naruto thread?

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>>523529191Hiashi's face will never not make me laugh thanks to this site's nuclear powered autism.

>>523529715Thanks for reminding me about Choji's fight against the chakra eating fatass.>Choji puts his life on the line for a guy he could give two fucks about and is mostly doing it for Shikamaru>Shipudden happens and he's a Chuunin>proceeds to hesitate and show cowardice in battle every time he makes an appearance and somebody has to dick slap him back into realityYou'd think three years later would've matured Choji more after what he did during the Sasuke Retrieval.

>>523530424Battle Stadium D.O.N.Also the best Dragonball and One Piece fighting game.

>>523530513That comic was the shit of legends

>>523529191Lmao, weebs are so fucking sad.Naruto getting it with Hinata is fucking kino.

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>>523529191>"It's Toneri's child guys"Holy cope and absolute denial, I really don't know what's worse between those who actually cried in anger at best girl winning, or this dude who seemed to have his eyes and ears sewn off to reality.

Give me the lovey-doviest Hinata doujins you can.

Naruto threads aka porn dumps that mods don't give a fuck about.well played


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>>523531660There's zero porn in this thread, but it's also very obviously an /a/ thread that shouldn't be on Holla Forums. There are like five posts discussing the video games.

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>>523531547The ones by 774

>>523531431Gotta wonder what was going through that guy's mind when Cuckura almost happened

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>>523531660>Porn dumpsHuh? Since when? Normally it's talking about the series, where it went wrong, laughing at SakuNarufags, reminiscing cool moments, watching game webms. There's a single porn gif in this thread and so far everyone has ignored it. Fanart dumps are rare in general unless asked or baited.

>>523531547>>523531937What kind of miracle had to happen for this to not only exist, but have a decent amount of content?

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>>523532031what you can't reverse search?

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Today I shall remind them.

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I would definitely watch/play naturo if it wasn't like 900 episodes/20 different games

Why is discussing anime more fun on Holla Forums than /a/?

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>>523532426/a/ feels like I'm going through the same thread every time and probably with the same people

>>523532426Because you are breaking the goddamn rules. And I assume responses are more varied on Holla Forums.Like hey, how do you guys feel about Belldandy?

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>>523532426/a/ is pozzedtoo many femoids post there

>>523529916Agreed. It all went downhill after that, starting when he just brought everyone back like nothing happened.There were a few good moments, but the entire shinobi war arc was awful.

>>523532019I don't even hate Sakura but that scene was so fucking funny.

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>>523531547774 nanashi has a 2parter that's sweet as fuck.Considering this guy also does that brown girl bully manga, and frequently draws girls fucking pigs and monkeys, it's kind of a shock it's so vanilla. Guess he really likes Naruto.

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>>523532426/a/ has never been good, ever.

>>523521371t. Sakura

>>523532695> slight hint of hand holdingThis is a fucking blue board you degenerate scum.

>>523531937>>523532695Reminder that miracles can happen

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>>523532426I can't post in /a/ because i make fun of fat cosplayer.

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>>523532685The edits were amazing during the final war arc and this. I really regret not saving them.

>>523532426cos Holla Forums likes anime

>>523532685You have the edit where Sasuke sees Sarada and says something like 'that's the look your mother gave when I almost killed her'.

>>523527289>Healthy relationship>Naruto completely neglects his entire family to run the village

>>523532426You know how Holla Forums and Holla Forums are like off topic wastelands where you can sometimes find pretty alright discussion on different topics? Yeah /a/ is almost the complete opposite.

>>523529191I mean putting all memes aside, NaruSaku makes more sense from a narrative perspective. Hinatafags will seethe over this but its the truth.


Naruto is a gateway anime of the worst kind. It's a bad series, a clusterfuck of story and characterization that isn't very well done by any aspect, but which attempts to compensate for its weaknesses by adding in excessive shipping faggotry and DARKNESS. The normal user can see this as the shit it is, and may enjoy it, hate it or be indifferent to it, but all the while recognizing that the series itself, regardless of their opinion, is plain bad.However, these very aspects that try to smear over the shit of its core make it a breeding ground for aspie, unsociable underageb& faggots who engage in every kind of faggotry both online and in the real world. The superpowered characters all trying their hardest to look cool, the jutsus, peculiar, colorful clothes, the whole ninja faggotry and everything about the Naruto world fuels their escapist fantasies, while the pity-party character backgrounds, emphasis on revenge, and overall preachiness of the series make it fit just right with the mary-sueish drives of your average preteen and his sense of unwarranted self-importance towards the world. Exactly the kind of shit that makes little kiddies and underageb& retards eat this shit right the fuck up.Naruto is basically THE series to attract the most hated anime fanbase known to /a/, which is why, regardless of individual opinions, it is the responsibility of every user to troll the fuck out of this show and everyone who likes it, and ensure that no Naruto threads ever encourage the newfriends to show their faces here.

>>523533119>woman has 0 respect for you as human and/or ninja>in secret she really lovesnah don't think so tim

>>523533173Naruto and Sakura develop a strong emotional bond throughout the series through all their trials and tribulations. They literally and figuratively grew up together. Hinata meanwhile has a big crush on Naruto and thats pretty much it, he largely ignores her for like 90% of the series.

I’d like NaruHina if they had more development in the actual manga, but Kishi is shit at romance. Like, Naruto straight up doesn’t talk to Hinata about the whole confession thing. Even a simple “look I’m not rejecting you but I just need some time to think about this” would’ve been alright. But instead all the actual development for their romance is slammed into a movie.Only romance I really liked was Minato and Kushina, her hair being the red string that brought them together is kino.

>>523533119>Hinata has admired Naruto's scrappiness her whole life and accepts him for who he is >Sakura is a cunt who relies on him due to her own powerlessness and thinks Naruto has feelings for her even though he just wanted to bone onceHonestly I didn't realize how little Sakura actually featured in the series until I read the manga. The anime of course has a ton of filler and missions and shit but Sakura is irrelevant to all of the development with Sauce and Nardo.


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>>523533196Jesus... could you at least delete those spacings before using those pasta?Now user will never think you seriously. Btw, i think naruto is a good way for anime. It led me into manga and show me that there're way better series out there.

>>523521308>this is why you don’t get promoted.No, you don't get promoted because you suck at taking tests.

>>523521435Fucking this. It would've been kino if Hiashi protected Neji as a debt to Hizashi for protecting him.

Is Naruto to Boruto any good?I know Naruto is a shit series but I take some pleasure from it.

>>523533510>ESL critiques fucking tenured pasta of all things and praises Naruto Not surprised


>>523533493Thanks kindly, sir.

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>>523514921depend of the plot armor the opponent has


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>>523532943>/a/>cosplayPick 1 and only 1.

>>523533493>>523533839Got any good 2nd Hokage edits?

>>523533916Some user posted a whale cosplayed as mikasa in SnK thread.I replied is this what mikasafgas look like in real life?Then i can't post there anymore.

>>523518171I think the next hokage will be Shikamaru and then Konohamaru

>>523530513Only tails gets trolled has ever reached more lofty heights of greatness

I like Sasuke. Honestly never understood the hate.

>>523532634Her step-MILF is better

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>>523533119It does make "more sense" but the reality of things is that Naruto grew out of his crush of Sakura and she never saw him in a romantic light despite how much she grew to admire and respect him over the years. Unlike Hinata who's always loved him from the beggining when his flaws were the most flagrant, she saw past the brat and unresponsible child and witnessed something she wanted for herself as a person and to be with her.The only bad thing is that Kishi completely forgot to develop their relationship, along with many other things.

>>523533426Naruto and Sakura's personality clash way too much for them to make a good couple, while Hinata's "balances" Naruto's.Also, you pretty much said that they would be a better couple just because Sakura is one of the main characters.

>>523534571>Kishi completely forgot to develop their relationshipHe didn't forget, he's outright said he's terrible at that stuff and gets super embarrassed whenever something like that comes up, it's why the movie was handed to other people because he wanted to tell the story but just couldn't do it himself. Dude has major emotional autism.

>>523514921Against basically anyone else than Pain or a puppet, completely deadly. Picked a bad matchup.

>>523528843At least Might got to shine, who is more or less future Lee.

>>523532284>ywn have a beautiful traditional japanese wife with big titsIt hurts so much bros...

>>523533105And this is why Holla Forums and Holla Forums are the new Holla Forums

>>523534082Then you got baited hard, you could have easily reported the cosplayfag since anything not anime or manga is off topic.

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>>523526174Any not specifically planned out sequel that shits on the happy ending of the MC of the original is absolutely worthless in my eyes.

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>>523534571>Naruto grew out of his crush>proceeds to hit on her a number of times after he returns in Shipudden>when his dad shows up during the ninja war Naruto outright says he and Sakura were more or less a coupleThe guy took every opportunity he had, even while being aware he never had a chance. He didn't 'grow out' of it until post Shipudden.

>>523535090>Boruto>Not plannedSilly of you to think Kaguya wasn't introduced with a sequel in mind. All those different locations with secrets in them, her plan of creating an army to fight others of her species. Yeah, that happy ending would obviously come with a caveat , dude.

>>523535076>>523535287jesus I haven't seen these in a whileI think since the days of visiting Narutoforums.

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>>523535341Remember that time Sakura "confessed" and got BTFO when Naruto called her a lying thot?

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>>523529928Yeah, imagine if Nardo actually had his ideals challenged instead of having his cake and eating it too every time, that would be just awful.

>>523535341he dropped sakura the second she pulled that fake confession bullshit and the thing when his dad showed up was clearly a joke

was he based?

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>>523535867on a true story

>>523535673>>523535732It's a good Sakura moment because she finally realizes the toll Sasuke's faggotry is taking on Nardo but 1. She should've known her stanky ass pussy wouldn't stop him and that Naruto wouldve been on this path regardless of her "SAVE SASUKE" plea, and 2. If she was just saying it to placate Naruto temporarily then she should've let her fucking death squad try to gank Sasuke like they originally intended (even though Sasuke had plot armor, this was the point where friendship no jutsu should've been abandoned and Sasuke should've become a full fledged villain instead of a plot-dragging asshole)

Naruto and Hinata's relationship was fated to never get any development, she's a female side character in a shonen so she was never going to have enough screentime for a proper development.Also, her fucking existence is a retcon since she and the rest of the Konoha 12 weren't in Naruto's class in chapter 1, so Kishi had to make a bunch of excuses to why Naruto didn't befriend her by then.>>523535341For some reason Kishi and nips love Sakura's shitty gag, to be fair at least Kishi has an excuse since he's married to a "Sakura".

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>>523530713Naruto thread

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>Holla Forums - Anime & Manga

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>>523535867That filename though

>>523536894Yes, easily.

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>>523520685All the Kakashi/Obito fight when inside the Kamui dimension. Kakashi was always the mostly cool level headed teacher and to see him ready to break down then kill his former best friend really hit me. Fight wise it's too hard to choose, Neji vs Naruto, Hashirama vs Madara, Final Naruto vs Sasuke fights of either series, Guy vs Madara

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>>523530713I’m gonna coom!

>>523536348I remember how even Kishi’s wife thought it was gonna be NaruSaku at the end and was genuinely shocked when it wasn’t.I think there was an interview where Kishimoto called Hinata the ideal wife and his own wife got angry.

>>523535867Everything about the Uchiha's especially Madara reeks of unplanned.>Uchiha powers get stronger the more they winge about how their feelings were hurt>Hashirama believes Madara could lead Konoha to peace>latter rejects the notion because boo boo everybody in the world is fighting despite us being unified>despite having one foot in the grave, conveniently finds the one thing capable of saving his life>uses it along with some skin he just happened to bite off Hashirama to make himself part senju and use wood jutsu>this coincidentally unlocks the strongest eye magic to ever exist by pure happenstance of the familial bond the Senju and Uchiha share

>>523538005Goddayum Naruto fucked them titties didn't he?

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>>523538702Madara actually rejects it because despite all the sacrifices he’s made the village still didn’t trust the Uchiha; he overheard Tobirama talking about how an Uchiha will never be the Second Hokage, and when he tried to tell his clan that they still weren’t trusted they told him to fuck off.As for the eye magic that was caused by Madara and Hashirama being pseudo reincarnations of the Sage’s sons, not just by being Uchiha and Senju.

>>523538465>Make character based on your wife>She ends up as a single mother in a loveless marriageWhat did Kishimoto meant by this?

>>523538895Many times. No doubt Hinata has been gang banged by his clones as well.

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>>523514068what the fuck is this, why isnt she being fucked by raikage RIGHT NOW this is shit pictur

>>523538990Fuck off Sakurafag.

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Hinata is shit, Sakura is best.

>>523538895What titties?

Attached: boruto_the_movie___hinata_uzumaki_by_roxannepitts-d916ys6.jpg (1600x1894, 131.83K)

>>523538990Mutt hands typed this


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>>523535867If Tobirama didnt kill Izuna, he would have never gone down the wrong path. Fucking Tobirama is the cause of all this bullshit lmao.

>>523539119>>yes I do click on threads of thing I don't like to show my disapproval!

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>>523539150>Be at war with someone>Kill your opponent>Some retard on a malasian basket weaving forum in the future blames you for doing your joblmao salty uchiha fag spotted

Hinata is a boring ass character. She's the ultimate wish-fulfilling perfect cute shy lovestruck waifu that's so easy to project.I know "muh feminism" but I can"t stand a female character who's life goal is getting married to their senpai AND has such a absurdingly passive personality.


>>523539150Tobirama excelled at keeping everyone on a leash. It's funny how much he pushes around Hashirama but knows when to back off lest he'd get his ass kicked.

>>523520685>Hironobu Kageyama made a song for Leeyoutube.com/watch?v=4rUnNx22nnw

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>>523534089>>523518171Those guys will never be hokage unless Naruto dies young.

>>523538005>not anywhere near flattened/pushed up to her neck

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I always felt the rinnegan was never used to it's max potential. In boruto does a villain get it and least use one of the 100 of abilities it has or does he just unlock another broken ass rinnegan ability that he has?

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The only based ninja:>Madara>Orochimaru>Lee and Guy

>>523539604But Nauto will be kill

why does Holla Forums like Naruto all of a sudden?

>>523539970Because I've fallen down the Naruto fanfiction rabbithole.

>>523540047is it yuri fanfiction?

>>523539970>all of a sudden/v/ has always been good for Naruto threads as way back when they were insta-deleted on /a/ it's just a continuation of what has always been. Try not to be new next time.

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>>523539873why did Orochimaru get a presidential pardon? I mean he literally killed the third hokage and countless other villages. I know they had a truce to fight Kaguya's army but afterwards in Boruto, >shes literally still kidnapping people

>>523539682Pain/Nagato used every ability the Rinnegan had except for Limbo and teleporting which seemed to be unique to Madara and Sasuke respectively.

>>523539873>no tobirama>no Jiraiya >no shisui >no kakashiyikes oof cringe

>>523540181>Out of the unknown>Rotted Rowan>The cost of living>Walk on the moon>The empty cageI'm pretty pissed of that none of them are updating, besides the finished one of course. Do you have any to recomend?

>people literally begging you to be Hokage because they believe in you that much>decline it because you don't fee suited for the job>if not for your death the top brass of your country were going to beg a 4th timeJiraiya will never not be the best of the trio. He always stuck true to the village, taught some of the strongest ninja around (for better or worse), virtually loved by everyone that comes near him. It's a shame we lost him.

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>>523517528>Gekitou Ninja TaisenMy ninja nigga

Attached: 1152298218534.jpg (500x500, 71.51K)

>>523540365>no tobiramaFair enough>no JiraryDumb coomer retard>no ShisuiGay name>no kakashiO MY TALK NO JUTSU NENI will however apologize for not including the akatsuki besides Tobi as well.

>>523540289Because you really can't kill him. You destroy his body and he just pops out of the curse seal he placed on some orphan in a lab somewhere 2000 miles away. Not even getting sealed by Itachi was enough to stop him. You'd basically have to scour the world and hunt down every single one of his experiments and destroy them which may also involve killing innocent people. Better to keep him close by and keep an eye on him.

>>523534526Is this the only harem manga where the protagonist not fucking every one of them actually explained, not just him being an unrealistic pussy?

>>523540431That's why he was killed off, user. I read on a Japanese forum somewhere that supposedly the Kishimoto realised that Jiraya is simply a better Naruto - as did the native readers.

>>523540668To be fair, being a better protagonist than Naruto isn't a high bar to clear.

>>523540431>was Naruto's god father>ignored him for most of his life then treated him like shit when Naruto forced his way into hisJiraiya is great regardless but what a shit.

>>523540408True Potential and Cruel Fate Kind Destiny are the only ones i really liked so far.I might check some of the ones you listed, how are they?

>>523540738To be fair to Jiraiya he runs Konoha’s spy network across the nations, and after the Kyuubi attack he had to go full damage control to keep things in order. He also thought Hiruzen wouldn’t be a fucktard and would take care of Naruto.

>>523540736>hokage rock lee

>>523540738He was off investigating Orochimaru and the Akatsuki and was away from the village for years, only returning right before the Chuunin Exams when he finally met Naruto again. It wasn't like he was just chilling in the village and decided to ignore him the whole time.He probably also had no idea Naruto was being treated like shit the whole time. The Third Hokage was the one who dropped the ball on that.

>>523540047Naruto fanfiction died in 2014. Bleach fanfiction too sadly.

>>523540541>>523534526>>523532634Is there a harem manga where, you know, the protagonist actually DOES sleep with multiple women?

>>523540738Kishimoto didn't think of his character when he was writting chapter 1

>>523540757>Out of the unknownStar wars crossover starring Plagueis and Naruto, the prose is dry at the start but gets better later on, the story has clearly been somewhat planned and there is a lot of genuinely great adventure, showing us places that we didn't really explore in either universe.>Rotted RowanNaruto Isekai, surprisingly good writing for the genre and has some genuinely great moments, read this if you enjoy keikakus. Beware that some of the slice of life is slightly awkward and does dip into wish fulfillment a bit, but overral it's a pretty good story even during the sol segments.>The cost of livingNaruto bails out of konoha and gets indebted to kakuzu who trains him. It has been a long time since I've read this but I believe the ending was sort of meh.>Walk on the moonAnother naruto isekai, this one much more slow paced than the previous one. I really like the writing in this one, and the author is just fantastic at characterization. As the previous one it has some great moments and it also get bonus points for somewhat proper power scaling.>The empty cageNaruto dies when he is born and his body is inhabited by kurama. I haven't finished reading it so I wouldn't be able to tell you if it gets worse.

>>523540736I mean in the sense of "Jiraya is a better Naruto than Naruto".

>>523529191>you might be jerking-to-anime-tiddies pathetic, but at least you're not crying-over-anime-shipping-not-going-the-way-you-wanted pathetic

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>>523540431Why does he have "oil" written on his bandana?

>>523541402The third and the last one sounds interesting, thank you user.

>>523541134>>523541196I can't fully blame Hiruzen. It's not his fault the adults of the village despise a child who had no say in the matter for becoming the vessel for something that would've destroyed their home. Honestly it's probably for the best Naruto didn't learn the relationship he had with the 4th until later on. If he did there's a chance he could've turned out like Gaara due to being aware of his lineage so he could throw his weight around while the village is simultaneously kissing his ass and accidentally set off the 9 tails chakra because someone pissed him off over something trivial.The whole idea is that because Naruto had no idea why everyone hated him it would become his motivation and life goal to be recognized as somebody people wouldn't hate.

>>523542105Because Mount Myoboku and its oil fountains

>>523514068FOR ME ITS SAKURA

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>>523542532It only took 230 replies

>>523542386It is Hiruzen’s fault for not even giving the kid a home or even basic training. Just “here’s an apartment kid, have fun in a village of people who despise you even though you don’t even know why. I’ll never tell you anything about your parents or why people hate you, but you keep pushing for that Hokage title even though you’ll only get it if people respect you which they don’t. I’ll be around every year or so to give you some shitty ramen and pretend I care, have fun!”I’ll say it again. Fuck Hiruzen

>>523541273>>523540541Ah My Goddess has a lot of female characters, but it isn't a harem story. There's like, one single storyline very early on where Sayoko legitimately makes a play a steal Keiichi from Belldandy, and that's as close as it ever gets. It's never a romantic conflict in that way ever again.Also, I'm pretty sure there's an ending of A Tenchi Muyo series where he does or is implied to marry them all.

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>>523541219Naruto became the fan fiction..

Dawn’s Sage was a pretty good naruto fic. Naruto is raised by the roads and winds up joining Akatsuki, keeping his Jinchuuriki status hidden with Sage Mode. Even has a female Deidara which is nice.

>>523516468Most teachers in Naruto have absurd powerlevels bro, it's a better fate than 99% of the side characters in the show.

>>523542591Sorry I was jerking off

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>>523543116You forgot the filename, faget

>>523542630Because again that's put the village and Naruto at risk of learning the truth about what happened with Kurama that night. I'm not saying what he did wasn't shitty, but given the circumstances it really was a 'best to keep our mouths shut' situation because as I said before, things could've unfolded differently for Naruto had he known any of it and could've turned negative for everyone involved.

>>523530513> wananananana

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>>523543180I never rename files as a mobile poster

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>>523543396But the majority of Konoha knew Naruto was the Jinchuuriki, which doubtless means other nations would’ve found out as well. Hiruzen basically put a target on Naruto’s back without even explaining to the kid what the hell was going on.


Enter mastered Rinnegan Sasuke

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>>523532426Discussing games is also better on other boards. If you try and discuss the correct topic on a board, you're going to end up with shit.

>>523541273>Is there a harem manga where, you know, the protagonist actually DOES sleep with multiple women?You're probably better off with Light Novels honestly, Isekai especially. I recommend Shinmai, or Majika no Kenshi right off the bat if you want something ecchi, they're both finished and both fantastic. Otherwise Master of Ragnarok is one of the best Isekai around and the protagonist sleeps with his whole harem pretty early on.For manga, Parallel Paradise is an obvious one, so is Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan, both have protagonists who bang plenty of women and have problems caused because of that. Umi no Misaki and MaoYuusha both have harem endings, with the MC sleeping with multiple wives, and obviously the big classic series is Tenchi Muyo (anime but still).

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>>523543832That's what was weird to me. All the parents and shit already knew. Did they know that he was the 4ths son and that he sealed 9butts in naruto

>>523543995even /jp/?

>>523540408>Do you have any to recomend?You could read the one I wrote, "The World's Greatest Chunin Exam Team"Basically it's a take on all those stories that have Naruto have to take the Chuunin exam at a point in the series where the exam would be a complete joke to him. And it's treated as such, rather than the usual gimmick of him actually somehow struggling his way through.>Set a year after the war. Naruto, frustrated at being told he's going to have to miss out on another Chunin exam due to no available teams, seeks to solve the problem himself. The story of an S-Class Ninja forming an equally ridiculous team to compete against Genin. [Some NaruHina] (Complete)

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When Naruto and his clones shot their seed into every one of Hinata's holes, how loud do you think they screamed "DATTEBAYO"?

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>>523540738>>523541134Jiraya has an excuse for this. Kakashi absolutely fucking did not. He didn't even know the most basic thing about Naruto until they met for Team 7.And then he treated Naruto like shit forever. Re-read the Chuunin exam tournament, Kakashi not only didn't bother showing up to watch Naruto fight Neji, but he just automatically assumed Naruto had/would lose. And he wasn't even late for any reasonable reason, he was just hanging out with Sasuke. That's even aside from the fact that his training was basically just fobbing Naruto off to Ebisu.Kakashi being beloved by the fanbase really is due to his design more than anything else, because he's a complete asshole in part 1. Jiraya was a far better mentor/teacher than Kakashi ever was.

>>523543180What's the filename meant to be? I've never seen that before

>>523544541>Jiraya was a far better mentor/teacher than Kakashi ever was.Agreed

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will sarada ever get mangekyo sharingan? She still has one tomoe, will she transplant sauce's eyes?

>>523544541Outside of Gai no jonin master was competent/likeable, Kurenai is a fucking joke serously how come no one in Team 8 learned a single genjutsu?

>>523544470Why would a clone have a seed? He is just chakra construct. He might have a boner, if Naruto summons him while having a boner, but definitely no cum.

>>523544541Kakashi was kind of a fucking mess emotionally though because of the shit that went down with Rin, Obito, and his dad. He never wanted students in the first place and failed every team that had been placed under him prior to accepting Team 7 and had distanced himself from pretty much everyone. Yeah, you think he would have bonded more with Naruto considering that he was the son of his old teacher, but he just clicked with Sasuke more who had also gone though a lot of shit.

>>523544470You know sometimes he turns into 3 Hinatas and has a womens only night with her.

I can't remember which naruto game it was but Gai had an amazing super move where he did a bunch of retard strength push ups with dramatic/silly cuts and quotes. I loved playing as Gai in that one.Also obligatory I want to undress and then dress the salad.

Attached: salad eye it.jpg (451x800, 134.89K)

>>523544842>will sarada ever get mangekyo sharingan?She will get Rinnegan or something higher.>will she transplant sauce's eyes?Tobito kept them and Sasuke probably has them stored somewhere so most likely.

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>>523544635not telling ya ;)This gay image gets reposted in every single thread, I'm surprised someone has never seen it.

>>523517394>banging the hyuga bicycle is an accomplishment

>>523545008Ironically enough, Team 8 was probably the most well-rounded team. They were one of the few teams that got through the first two parts of the Chunin Exam with zero trouble because their individual skills synergized with each other so well and they had excellent teamwork. It's really a shame that they got the least exposure and never had any arcs dedicated to them outside of filler.

>>523545036>implying Naruto hasn't been through a lot of shit since basically birth.He just wasn't retarded emo boy, maybe Kakashi couldn't handle him at first, because he reminded him of Obito.

>>523520685feels hit me hard when naruto is giving up control to nine-tails against pain and minato's chakra intervenes

>>523544541To be quite honest I agree with you in pretty much everything, but logic says he went to help the student that needed psicological help the most, Naruto had no family and was a loner but at the time of the exams he was pretty much over it and didn't seem like a school shooter, unlike Sasuke who was still seething over Itachi and his family. So out of Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke, Sasuke needed him attention the most at the time.

>>523545026Since Kurama has nine tails, I'm pretty sure that means at least nine clones are capable of shooting jizz.

>>523544541You can argue that Kakashi felt like he owed it to himself to teach Sasuke. His former teammate was an Uchiha and is the reason he has the Sharingan. Given the guilt he felt due to how things transpired on top of Sasuke losing his entire family, Kakashi probably felt the least he could do is make sure the former didn't lose his way. Too bad it didn't work.One thing I enjoy highlighting is when Kakashi stops Naruto and Sasuke's fight on the roof and his talking to Jiraiya about it.>Naruto's too young to be using that shit why would you teach him something that could tear someone apart?>Right back at you, why'd you teach Sasuke how to mutilate people's guts?

>>523545541Sasuke's entire clan was murdered by the person he trusted the most who then taunted and tortured him by making him relive watching everyone get slaughtered for 72 hours. He was consumed by hatred and on a path of self-destruction to get revenge. Naruto grew up as an orphan and was scorned by the villagers, which also sucks, but Sasuke definitely went through more trauma. Between the two Sasuke was more of a ticking time bomb.

>>523544304Sounds interesting, I'll check it out.

>>523545082Do you think they ever turn to their younger selfs to have underage sex?

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You know what, screw it. I'm going to write my own Naruto fanfic, and set it outside of the leaf village for a change.

>>523545828Oh shit, I don't remember that talk between Kakashi and Jiraiya, what ep was it?

>>523516468All the Hokages except Naruto were teachers at one point.

>>523542386How does it make more sense to let him be on his own in a village where he is shunned by everyone and has an equivalent of a nuclear warhead inside of him that can get activated if he is pushed too hard. The only reason Naruto didn't grow to hate his village and the world is because author author said so. It would have made a lot more sense if the 3rd took him in and trained him personally from a young age so that Naruto can control himself and not give in to the hate.

>>523546187Can Hinata even use Shadow Clone?

>>523545959But does that justify such an obvious favoritism? He was balancing between two pretty well in Zabuza arc, but then comes chuunin exam, and Kakashi is all over Sasuke, teaching mentally unstable kid a murder jutsu.

>>523539682Rinnegan is irrelevant in Boruto, it's just a Sasuke exclusive thing now. The big bads in Boruto are the alternate dimension Kaguya rejects.

>>523546253Chapter 176, Episode 108, Bitter Rivals and Broken Bonds. Best part is Sasuke realizing what would've happened if that Rasengan connected.

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>>523534295I don't really hate him either, but he did make me hate Naruto in the anime with how much he tried to get him back like an overly attached girl trying to convince her abusive ex. Hell, I hate fujos and I consider Naruto a more canon ship than Sakura because how invested he gets with trying to bring Sasuke back to the village

>Hentai-key naruto

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>>523520685Rock Lee was the only highlight of Naruto after the exams. Also when Naruto stopped using the Uzamaki Barrage and started using muh fox it got too DBZ for me. But Rock Lee I still like as a character.

>>523546817Sasuke realising, that Naruto is so much ahead, was one the most kino moments of part 1.

>>523546330If Kiba can use it then so can Hinata

>>523547078You sure he used Shadow Clone and not just a standard Clone?


>>523546629He was just more suited to teaching Sasuke than he was Naruto. Which makes sense. They both had Sharingan which meant Sasuke was literally the only one he could have taught Chidori too since you need Sharingan to keep your bearing due to the speed you move at. I also think they had the same chakra nature too, though that was mentioned until Shippuden. And it's not like the team leaders are obligated to personally teach their team themselves. Rather it seems like each one had a certain team member they were compatible with. Guy clearly favored Lee and most likely didn't teach Neji and Tenten shit. Asuma favored Shikamaru and always played chess with him but couldn't give two shit about Chouji and Ino. Kurenai didn't seem to have bonded with anyone on her team before getting knocked up and going on maternity leave.Kakashi could have been less of a dick about looking after Naruto, I agree. But at least he recommended someone else to teach Naruto because he admitted he couldn't.

>>523547152Nope, he even used it for his new attack in the war

>>523547335Where did he learn it? It's a forbidden jutsu.

>>523521778Seething pinkshit

>>523523908>Naruto got to be hokage but is now so busy he can’t find the time to be the dad he never had>Anko got fat>Choji got a hot brown wife>Sakura is unhappily married because Sasuke is always away>Sasuke and Orochimaru got full acquittals for their war crimes >Guy is wheelchair boundIt’s a mixed bag for sureI just like to remind myself that Naruto got his dream in the end of being respected and that’s enough


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>>523547074Here's the page with Kakashi and Jiraiya, though it doesn't really matter if I post it here since I gave the chapter number. Still I just enjoy how they call each other out.

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>>523547371He saw Naruto using it and copy it#Whoneedssharingan

>>523546187>>523547443Not even just Hinata

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>>523517528>tfw we never got Ex Taisenwhy can't we ever have a real Naruto FG

>>523526693It's also shit. Seriously, for those reading this who haven't had a chance to check out Boruto and liked Naruto, do so at your own risk.

>>523547570That makes zero sense.

>>523547585God I love this artist.

>>523547570>>523547371Shadow Clone is a B level technique. The forbidden technique is the Mass Shadow Clone technique Naruto used.And it's only forbidden because it'll almost certainly kill you (from chakra loss) if you try use it. Naruto's the only one who realistically can.

>>523533493whos got the chopping the salad edit?

Naruto marrying hinata was the most forced bullshit>is a big pervert and gets obsessed with girls>still doesn't give the slightest shit about hinata>gets a shitty movie to make up an excuse to marry >falls asleep and remembers one good moment they had together when they were like 5yo>wow turns out I love her, we'll marry right now

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>>523535867Absolutely based

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>>523547371>>523547152>>523547570Only Naruto's Mass Shadow Clone technique is forbidden because it involves creating so many clones and splitting your chakra so much that a normal person would just fucking die if they tried to create that many. Shadow Clone on it's own is just a regular high-level jutsu but most people can only create 1 or 2. Also, you guys forget that Hinata was supposed to be a pretty shitty ninja pre-Shippuden too. She got schooled by a literal 5 year old. And no, she wasn't holding back, that was just a flashback they added in anime filler. Even in Shippuden a lot of the technique she showed were filler only.

>>523547761here we go again

>>523547420You forgot the worst part:>Gaara is still most likely a virgin and didn't slay any sand pussy despite his entire village loving himTruly the greatest sacrifice.

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>>523532426even worse retards here. makes everything better.

>>523539119Is that cooked gang job?


>>523546629>>523547235Kakashi's logic for training Sasuke was "Neji won't kill Naruto, Gaara would kill Sasuke" which is sound logic. And he's also reasonably justified in teaching Sasuke the chidori, because he taught it to him as an anti-Gaara technique, again, that makes sense.Where the problems come in are:>He set up fucking nothing for Naruto and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for Sakura. Sakura got straight up abandoned, and Naruto got pawned off to someone who had a teaching style that's completely the opposite of where he should be focusing>Just assumed Neji would win and that watching Naruto's fight would be a waste of time. Didn't believe in Naruto at all, didn't offer any tips, or hints or anything>Not only that, but he didn't even fucking show up to watch it. He came afterwards, and for no reason. There's absolutely no explanation as to why he and Sasuke couldn't have turned up 20mins earlier and seen Naruto's match.

>>523547420Guy being a forever cripple is still weird to me.

>>523539119just kys

You guys have actually played the superior Naruto games right? You guys don't play degenerate mashers like Ninja Storm right?youtu.be/ylriCsZbtvc

>>523547761>Expecting a romance between a MC and a side character in a shonen to not be forcedYou only have yourself to blame

>>523547874>tfw Gaara's mommy sand would probably gather around his dick acting like a sandpaper condom if he tried to have sex for any other purpose besides consensual procreationSucks to be him.

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>>523547874>>523547420Worrying about Boruto shit is like worrying about Harry Potter sequel/prequel shit. Just ignore. It's not written by the original author, it's completely soulless and there's no reason to consider it canon at all.I read Naruto from the first chapter to the end, I enjoyed it and I had a complete story there. I don't need a shitty sequel story. I'm happy with what I got.

>>523547980>ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for SakuraSakura wasn't in the finals, so she had nothing to prepare for. I mean yeah, he could have tossed her a bone too for later down the line, but she legitimately wasn't a priority at the time.

>>523547874I'm surprised he didn't tap Matsuri

Attached: Matsuri_Part_II.png (916x768, 708.9K)

>>523548190Literally just abandoning your student for months is a shitty thing to do. She was left legitimately just bumming around bored. He couldn't have arranged any of his ANBU contacts to teach her? He couldn't have left her a training schedule? Nothing at all?Come on.

>>523547874Didn't he have a love interest in one of the light novels set between the end of Naruto and before Boruto?

>>523516468In Boruto? He’s not a teacher, he’s team 7’s leader. Shino became a teacher at the academy.

>>523548145He's not a Jinchuriki anymore

God bless Sunahara Wataru, did more good for Sakura's character than Kishimoto did

>>523532019she looks like that one chick from that one doujinshi that I refuse to read

>>523535867the most based.youtube.com/watch?v=0verLM5ejNE

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>>523547585Sauce right now please

>>523514068Even more worthless than Sakura since at least Sakura helped that old woman beat the puppet kid. Granted they are both the worst girls in Naruto along with that one red-haired bitch that followed Sasuke around.

>>523548356It is even more retarded, considering that everybody in the village stopped any activity outside of being participant/spectator. Weren't missions essential for economics of village? Yet they got basically a month long vacation. Free genins should have formed teams and gone working.

>>523548356Like I said, he should have thrown her a bone too. But at that time period they had limited time before the Finals to prepare so there was no reason to waste time on Sakura when she wasn't participating. But again, the team leaders honestly seem more like babysitters that don't have any obligation to actually teach their team shit outside of the basic principles.

>>523548198Gaara had a few girls going for him. He was one of my favorite characters throughout series. The speech he during before the 4th ninja war was fantastic.

Attached: 004.jpg (1066x1600, 291.26K)

>>523548556Shindol one?

>>523548701Inofag or Temarifag?

>>523520685sasori fight

>>523548757gaara was only good before they turned him into a fucking moral faggot retarded

>>523542105because he likes FAT tiddies

>>523548449I though gaara's mommy protecting him was a separate thing from him being a jinchuriki

>>523532695those doujins were so sweet they wrapped around to depressing me because I'll never have a relationship that cute. I literally can't read them without getting sad

>>523548924It is.


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>>523548924That cutie now protects him of free will too.

Attached: 70d2f78f7e89e9d9779a8e5a90e4b944.jpg (1280x720, 69.14K)


>>523548472My only complaint is that by giving Sakura huge breasts like that, then he's losing Hinata's niche of having huge breasts, it's a cop out. I understand he likes Sakura more, but it's cheesey. It means when he does things with Hinata or Tsunade the breasts have to be so ridiculously huge they look silly.That said, whatever, I barely care because he gives me Shizune. And his Hokage Naruto mini series was 10/10.

Attached: 1599144986833.jpg (2560x1600, 1.88M)

>>523522303>>523522303>Shikamaru getting promoted for giving up after exhausting his options and then spinning it as keeping his cool and knowing his limits was retarded since in a real world situation that would just get him captured and tortured for information if not outright killed.No, it means that he would know when to retire/back away from fights that he knows are impossible to win. This is complete opposite from the other retards in the exam who were nearly dead in their battles and still wanted to go on.

>the only good couple was Shikamaru and TemariNice

Attached: 78025305-E686-45B2-A5CA-CF7464B3E596.png (379x418, 46.33K)

>>523520685I can never find a clip of the exact setup for the scene, but it's towards the middle of Obito/Madara fight.There's a moment where Nardo's KCM runs out, just as Madara & Coolest Guy gain a huge advantage. By all accounts, Naruto has no options. It's just him, the Kage, and a handful of other ninja.So what does he do? Same thing he always does. Pulls out the shadow clone hand seal and starts talking shit likes he's gonna use his mass shadow clones for some kind of attack. There's some back and forth where Madara basically calls his bluff.But then it's not a fuckton shadow clones that appear, it's the entire Shinobi Alliance. Which with any other shounen protagonist, you'd chalk up to dumb luck that reinforcements would arrive just as the hero runs out of options. But during most of the war we've had the setup that KCM gives you crazy good sensing abilities. During that shittalking exchange, Naruto knew the whole time that the Alliance was just a minute away, and that all he had to do was stall for a little bit.Thematically too, that single moment just has so much payoff for everything that has been building up during the series. It's the logical progression of how his conversation with Nagato ends after defeating the Six Paths of Pain. For all intents and purposes, from that moment on, Naruto is effectively commanding an Alliance of all the ninja villages, something Nagato nor even Madara thought was even possible.

Attached: 1592779212008.jpg (444x555, 85.12K)

>>523548648exhentai.org/?f_search=karakishi engThat one specifically is part of his Hokage Naruto series.Ch1: Konoha-donCh2: Konoha-don Okawari Ch3: Konoha-don AigakeCh4: Konoha-don Yasaimashi Ch5: Konoha-don Tokumori The titles are a joke on the Oyakodon tag, with the rest of the titles being like "Even more", "Large portion" etc.

>>523535867Madara was the perfect endgame villain but Kishi fucked him over.

>>523549509Shinobi Alliance no Jutsu was indeed fucking awesome. Nice touch where Hinata put his shoulder back in place too.

This all seems very autistic and makes me glad I read dragon ball instead.

>>523549726It's pretty sad that Dragon Ball has done better romance than Naruto.

>>523532310I'm still disgusted.

>>523549726dragon ball has similar levels of autism. Go ahead and ask a bunch of dragon ball nerds if goku's a good dad, see what happens.

>>523549703Agreed. Kaguya was really lame and came out of nowhere with no setup. I really can't understand what the logic with her was, Madara was far more engaging and a far more exciting fight, it should'a just been him.But Madara is also why Gai and the 8 Gates was such a let down. The whole series you knew that at some point we would see the 8 Gates and it would be the most hype thing ever, everyone wanted it, everyone was eager for it (not that we wanted Gai or Lee to die, but still). And then it finally comes out, but it's against Madara, a villain that we know -narratively- that Gai isn't going to be allowed to defeat. So it hits him and it's awesome and it does a lot, but it obviously isn't game changing in any meaningful way.Real let down.

Kisame, we're leaving.

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>>523549358>Hokage naruto mini serieslink?

As far as the exams go, I always liked this moment. Kankuro unraveling himself to reveal he had switched places with his puppet was a badass reveal at the time and was during the time when the characters kind of still did ninja stuff.

Attached: 016.jpg (668x1100, 144.22K)

>>523549831Even if you really, really love Vegeta/Bulma (entirely happens offscreen) or Krillen/18 (almost entirely autism driven, but cute regardless) there's no way DB does better romance than Naruto. NaruHina was a great, satisfying moment. Hell, Minato/Kushina was too in the flashbacks, those were great chapters.

>>523549925I’m more mad about toriyama shitting on Tien and getting rid of Launch

>>523549929Realistically there was no way they could have used 8 gates with Gai and done it any other way without having him totally usurp the series. Gai himself was kinda bullshit honestly because any fight would basically come down to "LOL GATES!"

>>523549994See: >>523549598

Attached: konohadon_011.jpg (1280x1822, 438.28K)

>>523550027The prelims were the end of the ninja stuff and it hurts to think about it.

>>523535867>basically alone against the entire world at one point>utterly mows down everyone>then drops a meteor on them>then a meteor on THAT meteor>then resurrects himselfAnd that was only a fraction of it. Guy had plot armor like no one's business, but damn if he didn't wear it well.

>>523549985Kankuro will always been one of my favorite side characters. Ninja puppetry is so fucking awesome.

Attached: 687474703a2f2f70726531352e64657669616e746172742e6e65742f633933312f74682f7072652f692f323031322f3233342f302f652f6b616e6b75726f5f62795f66656c6970656269656c3231342d643563316378712e6a7067.jpg (894x894, 50.23K)

>>523549598Already enjoying these so far thanks for the sauce

>>523549472>Shikamaru and Temari>GoodLiterally appeared out of nowhere in part 2 and had pretty much no development

You guys remember LOVE NINJA right?That shits kino

>>523550027I hate when this happens in any series. That slow transition from characters using their brains to plan, scheme and pull tricks, leading to interesting and engaging fights, to LMAO powerlevels son, you are still using energy X? I'm on X+1 nothing you do can hurt me'.

Might Guy and Kakashi are the only good characters in the entirety of naruto

>>523517659they should have killed off might guy at the pain arcthen let lee do whatever guy did in the final arc instead

>>523550556Please, like you wouldn't fall for a man that had you licked from the start of the match. Bet Temari felt good about that.>not only did I get led by the nose like a fucking dog, this son of a bitch up and quits when he had the win

>>523544541But he look cool tho

>>523550556Compared to the others it’s probably the most likely one. Sai and Ino was way out of left field

Anyone here play Shinobi Strikers?

>>523550556Not really. There was at least some mutual attraction and tension between them, as compared to Naruto/Hinata being completely one-sided until the movie where suddenly it's not.

>>523549925I never got the bad dad thing, yeah he's not a great husband but he has always been a perfectly good father.

>>523550556I cannot even imagine how someone can be this retarded.

>>523551016All the games had them flirt with each other so I wouldn’t no development but it’s obvious people shipped them. Probably even the writers too

>>523551018He nearly got Gohan killed by Cell. Piccolo even points out that Goku always tried to force Gohan to be a fighter like him even though he didn’t want to be. Also, the series ends with him fucking off to train and abandoning his family Vegeta is both a better husband and father

>>523550556>He doesn't know

Attached: 1585091861493.jpg (640x814, 44.76K)

>>523550968Yeah but we give her that victory because she got her Sasuke which is superior to the actual one and is actually home with his family.

>>523551016>There was at least some mutual attraction and tension between themYes, in part 2.>as compared to Naruto/Hinata being completely one-sided until the movie where suddenly it's not.You can blame Kishimoto's boner for Sakura's shitty gag for that.

>>523550594You either do that, or you get cancelled. I'm still butthurt about Mx0.

>>523550401>>523550027This had such a great fucking build-up too.>sand team's first appearance>you're instantly going to see the wrapped up object Kankurou is carrying on his back and become curious>when he's about to use it, Temari become worried and is like "I can't believe you're going to use 'the crow' here">gets interrupted before you can see what it is>during the cheating part of the exam>"I'll have to use 'the crow' for this...">this scene>finally reveals during his fight by pulling the ol' switcheroo >creepy ass puppet that shatters every bone in his opponent's bodyNinja puppets were such a cool concept.

Attached: 019.jpg (633x999, 106.77K)

>>523551307>>523551267>I cannot even imagine how someone can be this retarded.>He doesn't know>Not really. There was at least some mutual attraction and tension between themAnime filler doesn't count, retards. And yes, before you run off to check, the Shikimaru showing Temari around the city part is anime filler. Never happens in the manga.

>>523551016>as compared to Naruto/Hinata being completely one-sided until the movie where suddenly it's not.I always wonder if people who write shit like this read the Pein or War arcs?

>>523549726Narutofags are horny weirdos

>>523551461Explain Sai and Ino then?

>>523549726Superman beats Goku

>>523551307What is your point here? That Temari is hot? Then NaruHina isn't forced either since Hinata is hot too.

>>523550556>>523551335>>523551461>didnt show attraction to each other until they were matured and teenagersWhat? No fucking way

Hottest Ninja>1:Kisame>2:Madara>3:Tsunade>4:Kushina

>>523551835>didnt show attraction to each other until they were maturedSo Naruto marrying Hinata isn't forced then?

Shinochads where you atWe got fucking robbed

Attached: main-qimg-a896db0685d5d524c01109e9dc5d42ed.png (602x450, 176.57K)

>>523532426/a/'s very elitist and always seems to be paranoid and on edge that someones going to find their secret club. I saw someone try to make an AOTY thread back in December and anons started to sperg out about how it was a hidden recommendations thread.

>>523552089i hate this design. why does he have a toaster on his head

Attached: Shino_part_III.png (1440x1076, 2.18M)

Night guy>anything else

Attached: 421.jpg (4000x3000, 399.71K)

>>523530513>Tails Gets Trolled>Night of the Were Ed>Grim Tales>This Zutara comic>Longest piece of human literature is Smash Bros fanficHow do they do it. How do they have kino down to formula? Is fanfiction just the pinnacle of human expression?

Attached: 1396123029640.gif (500x282, 996.87K)

>>523514068>english dubKill yourself dattebayo.

>>523552224>You better not betray us Ikari

>TFW was always a fan of Andromeda Shun (no homo).>TFW still assblasted because neither Naruto or his children got to learn about the Uzumaki chains.>Want to write a fic about Naruto learning it in his childhood and change a few things about the story.>Too afraid to make one because i'm a filthy macaco who is probably going to make many typos while writting it in english.>Nobody in Brazil reads non romance fics so i can't write it in portuguese.What should i do bros?

Attached: Andromeda Shun.png (400x400, 117.39K)

>>523552714Revealing that Karin was an Uzumaki and then going literally nowhere with it or even having Naruto acknowledge it was some of the biggest dropped potential in the series.

>>523517528Is this one translted somewhere?

>>523551018Yes and no. Goku's problem is that he's programmed to want to fight all the time. Where Gohan is concerned, Goku wants his son to realize the joys of fighting strong opponents Yes to protect the earth, but that's a side effect and it's more out of the self satisfaction. The former though has more or less been made to fight because he's the objective 'Out of options' card. Piccolo force trained him for the Saiyan invasion; he willingly went into space to get the Namekian Dragon Balls because he and Krillin were the strongest people on earth (not laid up in a hospital bed) at the time and wanted to bring back those who sacrificed their lives during said invasion; after Future Trunks shared his story Goku reeled Gohan back in because if something did happen to the former then the latter would have to pick up the slack whether he wanted to or not and this particular theme persists throughout the Android and Cell Saga.Gohan largely fights because it's an obligation. He doesn't do it for thrills, he does it because since childhood he's pretty much been treated as the very last wall if all the other walls before him get demolished or are in the process of. The only time Gohan ever gets a kick out of fighting is when he lets his Saiyan side run loose and he starts getting over confident with his abilities.

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>>523549985Why is this guy always leaving?

>>523553008Their work here is done.>>523550556Didn't it stem from the Chuunin exams? At least hinata actually liked naruto from the start.

>>523552971Why is Chi-chi such a stupid cunt?

>>523551460>when black ant makes his first appearance and just brutal fuck murders Sakon and UkonHe's too good for this world.

>>523551410It just feels like any anime/manga/novel/webseries I pick up that shit happens. It's like low fantasy and realistic fighting scenes are heresy to people and they only care about masturbating to the power level of their favorite characters.

>>523514068I like Sakura milf.

Attached: 1584c0d184dc3afaa065cfdd067a45d8.jpg (1213x1543, 1.05M)

>>523552224>"Free will is a myth, religion is a joke">"We are controlled by something greater!">"Shitty plot twists"

>>523553301HxH turned into power level faggotry for one arc, then returned back on track, so you can check it, if you haven't. Unfortunately, it's on indefinite hiatus.

>>523552089>>523552224I don't necessarily hate everything about what they did to Shino in Boruto. He barely had a personality in Naruto due not being on screen that much, but the few times he did interact with anyone for any brief time he was shown to be kind of awkward. Like when he got upset that Naruto recognized everyone else after the timeskip but not him, even though it was his fault for wearing an outfit that almost covered his entire face.I think they went overboard with him in Boruto by making him too goofy and kind of pathetic when they could have capitalized on him being more awkward.

>>523551835Just put those goalposts down right over there

>>523514921>>523515272Pain is really durable. He took on some Kyubi 6 tails shit. He'd shrug it off.

>>523553764It's the hiatus that's stopping me honestly. I already waited for Berserk to get off the boat, I don't think I can stomach a manga that's even more notorious. Which version should I watch if I decide to anyway?

>>523550027the sand ninja don't fuck aroundand he's only like 14 here

Attached: Pg2nOHA.png (514x776, 419.63K)

>>523521796Good choiceyoutube.com/watch?v=04e8UupoY30

Attached: Night-Gai-Watermarked-1080x567.jpg (1080x567, 135.39K)

>>523517394How did Hinata cope with the fact her sister was superior in every single way?

>>523554634Reminder Kankuro was already Jonin level here and my boy Shino took him to a draw

Attached: shinobugs.jpg (500x500, 53.11K)

>>523554662She knew she had bigger breasts

>>523554662By marrying, fucking, and breeding with a ninja god. She gets kage bushined daily

>>523554662By beating her when she told Hinata that Naruto doesn't care about his family.

Attached: Naruto Shinden Parent and Child Day.png (817x1280, 1.8M)

>>523554662For her, it ain't about the cards you get but how you play em, she gets knoted by the hokage while her sister will have to settle with some leftover.

>>523555212>not canon>>523555295Hanabi could dom Boruto whenever she wanted so they're even

>>523554639hes the strongest

>>523529191remember naruXhina was so fucking powerful it healed nanashi's broken NTR soul and made him create wholesome nagatoro and his legendary naruXhina doujin

>>523553301That's the way it goes for this sort of escapist media. You also see this in western shows and comics. It's really all just self-insert arguing.

>>523538005Was this Anko?

>>523555401>Not canonThe Last was also a novel user

>>523555591Looks like the pain fight where hinata gets speared and naruto thinks she's dead

>>523555778>a dog is an animal>a cat is an animal>therefore a dog is a cat

>>523539090I still dunno why they changed up her design like that. Was it western influence or just an oversight?


>>523557279Different artist who rarely draws titties

>>523555557It's all so tiresome

>>523539090Nardo sucked them dry.


I will share with you all the most comfy, vanilla Naruto doujin thats so good it should be canon. exhentai.org/g/1655377/b9ac9d1196/

>>523557279I heard the artist who took over is a lolicon.


Attached: wow.jpg (522x365, 75.63K)

>>523532426I've noticed Holla Forums does its best when its discussing off topic stuff as well. Last year I randomly posted some /h/ manga page and not 1 but 4 anons recognized the page. It was from 2006? I think, at least the anime adaption was that year.

>>523533427>Only romance I really liked was Minato and Kushina, her hair being the red string that brought them together is kinoThat was very sweet. I have no idea how Kishi didn't think of a proper follow up after Hinata's confession. Should've been simple and sweet like the one with Kushina and Minato instead of a fucking movie to wrap things up between them.

I love how the only time Boruto was worth watching was when they went back in time and we saw kid Naruto and Jiraiya again

Why is Hinata such a jobber?

>>523558685Almost every character was a jobber.

>>523558685>Her two on pannel fights were against the second strongest genin and the main villain of an arc.God, i wonder why?

>>523558685biggest jobber is lee by far, dunno why redditors are obsessed with him

>>523558685Seeing her try hard and fail makes her more endearing since it reinforces that she needs to be protected. It's kinda like how guys prefer the white mage to the amazon, because the white mage just stands back and supports while (You) protect them, while the amazon fights alongside you holding their own, meaning they aren't as reliant on (You).

>>523558685It runs in the family

>>523558497you mean the Sakura Cuckqueen arc

>Trains her whole life until she got married>Was bullied for being weak>Is a jobberHinata is pretty much Lee if he was a girl and wasn't trained by Gai

Attached: Hinata training.jpg (671x1384, 464.36K)

>>523529191Who the fuck even cares about sakura? She fucking sucks

Attached: 1563921632811.png (568x510, 226.85K)

>>523528843The issue is that the hidden lotus is too OP. Enormous physical strength and chakra flooding counters everything, do if Lee wasn't sidelined, he'd dominate every fight. I wish there was a better excuse though, like that his injuries were more permanant even after Tsunade's treatment, and it took years just to get back to where he was.

>>523559529Lee deserved so much more... it was always hype when he showed up, then he’d either be beaten or show up too late.

They REALLY could make Boruto SD. Fuck, there's so much potential for an actually fun show with all these characters they barelly use.

Didn't Hinata married Naruto when she was like 19? What took them so long to have kids? Their eldest should've been older than Sarada, Shikadai, Cho-cho, Metal, etc..

>>523559727I think there is a Boruto SD manga

>>523559574Hinatafags actually. Sakura is their scapegoat, their shield against any and all criticism. No one really likes Sakura, but the moment you say anything negative about Hinata or the "NaruHina" ship you are a Sakurafag by their logic.

>>523552089He's banged Hinata's sister.I don't feel robbed.

>>523559853Really? Link?How come that hasn't been adapted to anime yet?

>>523559705I dunno why people don't call out Guy for being OP, given that he basically has an I Win button for nearly every situation. And the only time it doesn't secure the win for him (barely) they get mad that it doesn't, like he should somehow just be the strongest character in the series. Hell he almost is anyway. Makes it really dumb that he considers Kakashi a rival when he's a dozen times stronger.

Why does every Naruto thread look exactly the same?Doesn't matter which board, it's always the same images, same stuff being said, probably the same people posting too.

>>523560037No one seems to be interested in Boruto on 4chan so we don't talk about it.I would dig discussion about the new chapters if there was any. Stuff is about to go down.

>>523559862Probably because of the giant shitstorm when the couples were formed. 4chan was going over to forums to troll and take screenshots of sakurafags preparing their nooses

>>523559862To be fair Sakurafags also use Hinata as their scapegoat, same shit for different people.>No one really likes SakuraHA! You wish.

>>523559529Early Neji was ruthless, he's actually going to kill Hinata in that match.

Kisame...let's go

Attached: 1591649161184.png (1389x1047, 965.41K)

>>523560037Because Hinata is the Tifa of Naruto, and thus dominates every 'discussion' because waifufags are obsessed with her.>>523560271I sure as shit never see Sakurafags anywhere around here or on /a/. Rather, just people who don't like Hinata that get dubbed "Sakurafags" regardless of their feelings towards Sakura.

>>523559994Search for it, it's pretty easy to find some chapters

Attached: LOCK ON.jpg (689x1024, 111.37K)

>>523517528Dangit, I want them to revamp that series into a good fighting game, but it's Shonen jump, and Boruto and the Storm series get priority.

>>523515442She won Naruto

>>523560280What if Kisame wants to stay and mingle? Do you ever think of what he wants?

>>523560684No time for hoes

Attached: 1598648421859.png (340x340, 113.81K)

>>523560638thanksguess this is what I'm wasting my saturday night on.

>>523560280When did Kishimoto ruin that eerie atmosphere of early Akatsuki? Imo, it was introduction of Tobi.

>>523560280>>523560760Kisame was one of the coolest characters in the series. Shame he got shit on so hard and had to go out like a bitch.

>>523560507>I sure as shit never see Sakurafags anywhere around here or on /a/.Most Sakurafags went to either Tumblr or Twitter, there's still some Sakurafags on /a/ though, i still remember that user spamming threads saying that anyone who doesn't like Sakura is an incel.

>>523533103Naruto is arguably the most important person on their planet. He also grew up without a father figure for the majority of his life, and one of them is dead. He kinda has an excuse to be a "shitty" father and even then he really isn't bad.

>>523560821Tobi still allowed them to be mysterious and threatening. It was allowing Sasuke to fucking summon the snake and make Deidara a chump that ruined any kind of threat they may have posed.

>>523560839>youtube.com/watch?v=-0gWRFtmkskBased and Kisamepilled

Attached: Nar002.jpg (600x356, 88.23K)

Imagine using a giant cheese grater as a weapon

>>523560014Kakashi's kamui is OP, it's like a fucking mini black hole but his low chakra reserves balanced it out or else he's going to spam it in every fight.

>>523529191Did this ended up being like the whole rukiafags getting mad that ichigo ended up with orihime? Jesus why do people care too much about this shit? Some even got pissed off to the point that they apparently harrassed the author? Don't know if that part was true

Attached: 1562454295487.jpg (431x431, 13.79K)

>>523561028> It was allowing Sasuke to fucking summon the snake and make Deidara a chump that ruined any kind of threat they may have posedLol. Sasuke would've died like 4 times during Shippuden if not for plot armor. Bee shitting on him is one of the best moments

Attached: 7ahcpm9kyq831.jpg (800x1171, 233.06K)

>>523555295>some leftoverthat's the 3rd hokage's grandsonhardly a weak bloodline

>>523561187>Jesus why do people care too much about this shit?Autism

>>523561028Yeah, it was both turning Deidara into comic relief and then humiliating him. I also remember Hidan and Kakuzu being non threatening at all, despite Asuma's death.


Attached: kek alil.jpg (317x265, 20.31K)

>>523561194I remember those times, there were some insanely stupid fake spoilers back then>team sasuke on the way to konoha>they find a baby on the road>sasuke uses his new mangekyou to age the baby until it dies from old age

>>523561394It was a lot better in the anime

>>523561394Kakuzu almost dumpstered the Ino-Shika-Cho revenge mission and without Kakashi they would be dead. Kakuzu getting one shot by Naruto after falling for a Shadow Clone really lost my interest

Attached: ExaltedGleamingAnaconda-size_restricted.gif (316x251, 2.29M)

>>523533119>narrative perspective>Naruto admitted that he was only pinning for Sakura because of his bro-ner for Sasuke and Sakurai never once held romantic interest in him. Meanwhile, Hinata wanted Naruto's dick since day 1 and all Naruto needed to do was let go of his cripping self-loathing to realize that, which he did.So this is what 100% purified delusion looks like.

>>523561394>I also remember Hidan and Kakuzu being non threatening at allNah can't agree with that one. Hidan was a legit threat and reveled in his religion giving off mad bomber vibes and Kakuzu was an unrelenting force until Naruto's plot armour did him in.

>>523560014>I win button for every situationHis techniques destroy his body, that's why. Put him in enough fights, and he'll disintegrate.

>>523561628>Female ninjas on your squad>Any year

Attached: 1873fd60efdeefef47a5b687cd99df1aa3fc9aae_00.gif (296x166, 720.42K)

>>523560839I wouldn't say he went out like a bitch at all. His death was fine and he was made into one of the strongest non-god characters in the whole manga.

>>523519924Decent movie for tying up the relationship but it still doesn't make sense given how she confessed to him in the most desperate moment he'd been in at that point. It'd have made more sense if him transforming into the 9 tails had made him forget the last few minutes right before so he didn't remember it until later, but apparently he did and just let that confession sit for 2 years before doing something about it.

>>523561447I actually keked at that lmao

Attached: 1598906301618.jpg (441x411, 66.7K)

>>523520685Shikamaru playing Shogi with his dad before breaking down after Asuma died."I'll be here to pick up the pieces, son."

>>523562009Base Kisame is 3 tails tier and with Samahada he scaled almost infinite. He was ruining Bee's charka cloak each time and he took the L for the recon mission with White Zetsu

>>523542982really?most teachers seemed like absolute jobbers>Might Guy not being able to take out whats his face>the Eye-jutsu chick that Jobbed to Itachi right off the bat when she tried to shank him from the tree>the guy that died to Hidan and made Shikimaru or whatever actually try for once>the Forest of Death teacher that ended up having Orochimarus curse mark so was basically useless the entire time and then got fat>the guy who used to take Naruto out for ramen all the time and was pretty much his adopted uncle. I think he died to a huge shuriken to the back but I dont rememberKakashi was like the ONE actual capable teacher who didnt immediately job and even then it was a close fucking fight between him and Zabuza where they took turns having the upper hand. I cant think of a single teacher who was outright untouchable.All the teachers in Naruto seemed fucking useless and got outpaced by their students by shippuden It seemed.

Attached: 1593893104247.jpg (480x600, 32.97K)