They found it

They found it.

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>>523513490WHAT proof


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>>523514608>we did it thanks to you>but fuck you we're not gonna tell you anyway lmao

>>523514653they will tell after they make their video

>>523513490this is autism of the highest calibre


>>523514681>make bug buck off ad revenue millions of kids will watch>people who made it possible get a thank you message at the end and that's it

>>523513490autism prevails again

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>>523513490Based autists.

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>>523514608>We're not revealing the seed quite yet - we are currently working as fast as possible to slap together a proper reveal.for what purpose? they've already shared screenshots and said they found the seed. everything that a "proper reveal" could show off is already out there

>>523513490>>523514608I don't understand any of this. Context please?

>>523514814ad revenue

>>523514719In the menu of old Minecraft it showed you a thumbnail of a mountain with a waterfall. People have been looking for the seed from which that image had been taken.

>>523514714>this is autism of the highest calibreYou need to see the SalC1 channel if you want some real autism

What's special about this shitWhy is it relevant/deserving its own thread


Whats so great about this particular seed?

>>523514746They also get to learn the seed?Who fucking contributes looking for payment you fucking jew

>>523514653I bet you're the type of nigga that doesn't even foreplay.

>>523514719using only a like 300 x 300 blurry image and reverse engineering the minecraft world generation they found the seed to the default server image>>523514746The people who made it possible just used their PC power it's not like they actually entered the seeds manually the people getting the ad revenue are the ones making the programs to do the shit

>>523513490oh god can't believe they actually did itactually what the fuck is this

>>523514608>[email protected] these fuckers develop a program that uses other people's processing power to look for a goddamn Minecraft seed?

>>523514814nevermind, i just remembered that this project was started by a youtuber. it's for the ad revenue

You can tell Holla Forums is full of zoomers when they rush to post shit about minecraft assuming people even know what the fuck they are talking about.

>>523514814Because they want the fucking youtuber that popularized all of this to get the grand reveal.Genuine greed.

>>523514881Yup they even used it to do shit like find the panorama seed and the tallest natural cactus

>>523514879weaponized autism managed to find the seed of the default texture pack image

>>523514831some guy on youtube wanted to the find the seed that you see when changing minecraft texture packs

>>523514892exactly, Holla Forums has no history with minecraft whatsoever. It's purely a zoomer game with nobody on Holla Forums that likes it. Fuck off fake oldfag.

>>523513490Explain to me what is the use of this?

>>523514898>genuine greedyou'd do the same thing

>>523514881>>523514934Fuck everything about this. Machines have stolen the wonders of self discovery and now they have eternally robbed the lucky soul who'd be the first person to stumble onto this seed by pure luck. There's no excitement in this. No soul. It's a fucking travesty and they did it for nothing but ad revenue. This world can suck my dick.

>>523514892Notch used to post alphas here you fucking retard.

>>523513490>>523514608>using the processing power of multiple systems for months to find a fucking minecraft seed instead of using it to help medical research or at least mining cryptos for personal gainIs this the next level of autism?

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>>523515079nigga it would've taken eons to find this accidentally

>>523514991Speaking of which, does the game still have the splash text on the title screen that references this shithole?

>tfw still have backups of my very first indev world

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>>523515079>being so angry about thatliterally noone would have found it from pure luck, the chance is too low

>>523513490my fucking god, this is bigger than l in mario64gg bros, this is epic

>>523515079>the first person to stumble onto this seed by pure luck. Considering they had to use the position of clouds and discovered that it's thousands of blocks away from spawn you wouldn't find it even if you were luck enough to get the 2^48 different seeds

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>>523514845It's the minecraft world showed off in the old menu screen.

>>523515087Yeah that was like 10 years ago and most of Holla Forums moved on once it became mainstream.

>>523515087Notch was a Holla Forums user

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>>523515132Is crypto mining even worth it? Like how long would it take to get 1 bitcoin let alone sell it.

>>523515220>wasprobably still is

>>523515079>>523514892Somehow you manage to be more autistic than the people who spent months looking for a Minecraft seed, but at least they had fun doing it.


>>523515079I think it's funnier that you can opt to donate your computer's processing power to medical research, but instead a ton of people used it to find a Minecraft seed.

>>523515150maybe? I know they removed the 'Created by Notch!' which regardless of politics was pretty fucked up, so I wouldn't be surprised. Probably wouldn't be news like that though.

>>523515150Of course not, Notch isn't even mentioned in the game anymore.

>>523515132>instead of using it to help medical researchget that gay shit out of my face

Anyone have FLAOT01.png?

>>523515150Yup "Woo, Holla Forums! " is still in the game

>>523515290notch was too based for normie microsoft

>>523515151Fuckin' soul.Wish I still had mine. nothing but memories. A nice river with a house along a cliff.

>>523514991no lol, minecraft's first audience was 4chan

>>523515275Some people just want to watch the world burn.


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>>523515439improve your reading comprehension. it was sarcasm>but sarcasm doesn't translate over text!comprehensionlet

>>523513490no fucking way

>>523515439that is exactly what he is saying you fucking smoothbrain

>>523515151Modern Minecraft looks so dreary compared to this.

>>523513490why do people care about this

>>523514881It's based on a program that has mostly been used for medical research

>>523515578Most of the hype is zoomers latching on pretending to be nostalgic about it.


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>>523513490for what purpose?

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>>523515645zoomers like minecraft? say it aint so!

>>523515531sage desu

>>523515645>pretending to be nostalgicThese kids played minecraft when they were 6, 7, 8. That was 10 years ago. I'm pretty sure it's real nostalgia.

>>523515132I reckon the publicity should give boinc a lot of additional users in general so in a way this helped the medical research more than those people directly doing that would have

>be minecraft dev>create a random world, take a screenshot and crop it for UI>years later>autists spend 8 months and shitton of computing power to find the random world seed

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>>523515482What's the primary difference between Indev and Infdev? I can't remember which one I had. All I remember is that it only had a single tree type and grass color, there were no snow biomes, and zombies dropped feathers because chickens didn't exist.

>>523515578ok boomer

>>523515812Indev didn't have the infinite world yet, infdev had the procedural infinite world generation.

>>523514838holy autism batman

>>523515764this, boomers don't realize minecraft is 11 years old

>>523515670ad revenue

>>523515717There's a huge difference between modern Minecraft and pre-release Minecraft.One of them could get their hands on this seed, get all starry-eyed, realize there's no Enchantments or some shit, and drop it like a brick.

>>523515254you gotta mine the shit out of some memecoin and then hope it goes up in value

>>523515645>pretending to be nostalgic about itunironically, what did he mean by this? minecraft has been around longer than most zoomers have existed. of course their nostalgia for it is real.

>>523515151>tfw had two worlds with the same name>delete the one i didnt want>it was actually my OG world>only a few accidental screenshots remain

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>>523515860This, this is my entire world map. Notch never fixed the overworld screenshot function so this will have to do.

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>>523515860So how did the world exist in Indev then? A singular seed and the player is spawned in a random location? Because in the version I had every world looked different so I assumed it must be procedurally infinite

>>523515989>how did the world exist in IndevIt wasn't infinite. It was just like it is now, but a single chunk instead of infinite chunks.

Dumping screens from a Holla Forums beta 1.7.3 server from a few years ago

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let me know when they find the far lands on 2b2t

>>523515787>COVAIDS started roughly 8 months ago>the program which uses processing power for medical research is being used to find treatments for Kung Flu>for those 8 months tons of processing power was spent on an equivalent program made for the sole purpose of hunting a seed in a Minecraft screenshot instead

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>>523515254I don't mine myself but I basically rent processing power for miners while I'm asleep. Around $40 a month for just keeping my PC on at night which I would do anyway.


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>>523516065Looking back, Beta 1.7.3 is the best version of this game.

>>523515220>wasI still am

>>523516175KurtJMac proves that in every episode he's done

>>523515079>stupid soulless retards who invented horse-powered carriages, they took the joy out of traversing through the country on foot


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>>523516086there are no farlands on 2b2t it's impossible no one went that far that early


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>>523516203Hi notch

Who /woke up this morning on the beach/


>>523516203post tits

>>523516203Still are what? A faggot?I mean java? Really?Did you code that shit in your high school computer class?

>>523516410Thats the most soul minecraft music

>>523516203Stop pretending to be me.

>>523516093This means that if the processing power that was used to find this seed was used on COVID-19, it most likely would've sped up the vaccine's development, meaning it would've come out sooner. This means that it's almost certain that someone, perhaps multiple, will have died from this.

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>>523516203Get off Twitter it's ruining your life and mental health.

>>523516515ok who cares lmao eat shit

>>523516203Sure you are...

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>>523516203give me $500,000 daddy notch

>>523516515A small sacrifice for a great cause

>>523516203do you still have regrets not taking the game into a full on dorf fort autism direction like you originally wanted to?

wow fucking finally

This thread really help me remind myself that I'm actually not that autistic at all.

>>523516515World's overpopulated anyways, couple thousand more checking out early every day can't hurt

>>523516410>Nov 21, 2010Damn that's all the way back in Alpha v1.2

>>523516515>>523516093a few thousand neetbux worth of rented servers aren't going to cure covid-19. the processing power they could have contributed was like a droplet of water in the ocean


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>>523516564why do these jap girls not have noses?

>>523516053All right that settles it. I had an Infdev build of the game then.


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>>523516165Peak comfy natural generation.

>>523516728look closer


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>>523516821at the pimples?

Who here remember Team Avolitionthey deserve ice cream

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>>523516826wrong reply but whatever

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>>523515079>Machines have stolen the wonders of self discovery and now they have eternally robbed the lucky soul who'd be the first person to stumble onto this seed by pure luck. The human race would go extinct before someone found the seed. There are 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 possible seeds. If you just spent one minute looking through the world for the correct place, it'd take you around 600 billion years to find the correct oneRetard

>>523515051not him, but I'd probably post the seed on some social media platform THEN make a video on it for the people that don't bother with that shit.

>>523516876My friend was inspired by those videos and made his own client with cheats. The text was orange colored and was impossible to read

>>523516950But the feeling that one guy would have had... just imagine. Tech really ruins everything.

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>>523514608>>523514653>>523514814Imagine being so cucked you do this for someone else and not only make no money on it, but keep it a secret so said youtuber can make money on it who did nothing


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>>523517071They needed the processing power of hundreds of PCs to get it done in a reasonable time.

>>523517071would they even know the seed personally cause all they did is get it from their cpu power

>>523517041what are gigabytes and what are their relation to pokemon creatures?

>>523517041It probably already happened and they didn't even fucking take notice.


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>>523516165Is that gargamel? God that was the best fucking seed ever.

>>523517184no, they wrote their search algorithm and program to not log the seeds used

>>523517184>>523517154even after all the work it took from every all they get is a 4 second thanks :)

>>523517041The gall of posting this on facebook. What kid doesn't like balloons anyways?

>>523514838>>523514872When did Holla Forums just start happily spoonfeeding people?

>>523517305We've grown as a people.All the viggers are in the mobile gacha board now

>>523517261what would they want exactly? It's not like they did any work personally. They just had the equivalent of a bitcoin miner running while they weren't using their computer. The people who will get accolades are those who developed the search algorithm.

>>523517228>want to build cool mc worlds>halfway through realize no one will ever visit

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>>523517261because they didn't do anything special you have people actually writing the programs and reverse engineering the way worlds generate all they did is speed up the time it's not like their machines were the special something needed

>>523517350post it on Holla Forums, at least a few people will boot em up.I wish adventure maps were still made. Those were fun.

>>523517202crummy pokemon creatures? Who cares! What do they have to do with water?

>>523517397they are still

>>523517350>>523517228Holy FUCK this place had infinite soul and somehow I have literally no memory of it?

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>>523517289>What kid doesn't like balloons anyways?I knew two kids who claimed to have phobias of balloons back when I was really little. Made them puke, apparently.

>>523516203If you are really Notch, why not use a trip to prove its you? Fucking brony bastard. Get the fuck off of this board.

>>523517449other side of the map

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>>523517305I suppose it must have been when someone had a nervous breakdown as his world collapsed, when he realized how pathetic it is to base one's life worth on the act of belonging to an exclusive group who's only defining traits of superiority are their possession of specific pointless trivia that others do not have access to currently, the ability to gloat about others not knowing those things, and the feeling of miniscule power over others by having the power to let them know and choosing not to.

>>523513490>>523514608Would this basically make this the "official" default seed for Minecraft? Anyone remember that old trailer that used to be on the website from late 2010 up until launch?

>>523517519So much soul


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>>523516203buy us pls

>>523515079imagine always being ready to get upset about trivial shit, what a miserable existence

>>523516516He deleted his account recently, pic related.He can always come back, I guess, but currently he hasn't returned.

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>>523517350>tfw the only friends I know that still play Minecrafts are autists who only want to do PVP and nuke everything with TNT, or autists who only play in creative>just wanna make some cool autism castles in adventure mode with some budsI hate it

>>523517550they found the title screen seed which i'd say counts as default

does anyone actually care? like you would load the seed, look at the area and go "huh neat" and thats it. What a waste of time.

>>523517676I can't read it with the fullscreen tab and the censored text. What the fuck man?


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>>523517728>What a waste of time.user said while sitting on his ass responding to random Holla Forums threads with waste of bandwidth posts

>>523517708I guess so.I have to say, this modern Minecraft stuff just sucks man.I may have only really played Xbox 360 version, I always loved TU1-4.

I dont get why everyone is going MUH ADS HERES YOUR THANKS KEKthe dude behind this project is autistic like pannenkoek2012 stryder7x marcel vos are most his videos are under 5 mins he gets no like ad rev its just a hobby he's not like that *other* 2b2t youtuber

>>523517751Youtuber mad he got drumpf ads on his videos despite turning adds on making him 1000 brit dollars so he's like fuck ads I dont want extra money then notch says stop being political

>>523517519ebin swatika bro i'm laughing my ass off man thats gold

>>523517850Well, that's a brony for ya.

>>523517879wasn't me retard, there were like 20 people in this server


>>523516203>>523517648Yeah, use your money for a good thing and buy this shitty site or at least this board


>What a waste of time.>user said while sitting on his ass responding to random Holla Forums threads with waste of bandwidth posts

>>523517482sounds like less ofba phobia and more of a latex allergy

>>523513490I just googled itHoly fucking autism, this is the most unnecessary shit I've ever seen

>>523517850So he was gonna drop it anyway?I think Notch was just looking for an excuse to ditch Twitter. Just like when he threw up a meme price to sell Minecraft. good for him.

>>523518075get out you stupid nigger

>>523515079>Machines have stolen the wonders of self discoveryYeah because the most effective way to achieve a goal is to not work together.

>>523517676good for him. Twitter fucking sucks. When the dems get that revolution they want to so much they'll all be dumped in a mass grave known as the hudson.

>>523518042you forgot your memeface

>>523517543Dude calm down. Lots of threads have been derailed in ancient times with asking for sauce. Its been a tradition to try and find it yourself and advances have made it easier then ever.

>>523518092I'm usually into these kinds of useless autistic things, but damn, this is a whole new level of worthlessIt's like making an huge fucking project just to find the seed that a literally who youtuber used

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>>523518170well a lot of the project has practical math related concepts. Watch this>Minecraft Seedfinding Ep. 1 - Linear Congruential Generators

>tfw playing 2b2t back in like 2011Good fun, it was so much fun coming upon a ruin of someone else's base. You mentally tried to piece together why it was abandoned, and went deeper and deeper into it trying to find loot, while being on your toes in case it wasn't actually abandoned. Eventually you just claimed it as your own. I remember doing that with a massive underground pyramid.


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>>523518167>Lots of threads have been derailed in ancient times with asking for sauceand there is the issue why get it derailed when a quick post puts it on track


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>>523515151>tfw deleted mine

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>>523518167I was cool with that but there's some extremes. Never labeling Youtube links was not OK. Just, not OK.

>>523515787They did it for the culture

>>523518385>corrupted mine with mods like the original aether mod

>>523517817Sal is taking brand deals/extending his videos for ad revenue. If you believe otherwise, you're a sheep


>>523518372oh god

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>>523517229>gargamelBased beta CHAD


>>523518446>extending his videos for ad revenue.of his last 10 videos only 1 is past the magical 10 minute number hell one of them is 9 seconds less than 10 if he wanted to be an algorithm whore why didnt he add time to the vid?

>>523515079>unironically this

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>>523515787Yeah but why don't just take a screenshot near spawn, why you gotta make it that hard for those autists

>>523517817i remember he did a video that was basically just "we haven't found it yet"

>>523518270Just like I said, I love these kind of autistic complex projects, it's just that the payoff is so worthless that it just ends up feeling dumbFor example, the title screen world seed is far more interesting

My first interaction with this game must have been around the time they added biomes. I walked around a bit, thought it was dumb, and didn't touch it again until they released the ocean update when I saw some screenshots and decided to try again and ended up falling in love with the game.It's weird. Feel like I missed so much.

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Why old versions of minecraft look better than the current one? It started to look like shit when they changed the grass color.

>>523518476Can't believe this is still a meme in modern Minecraft.It's good to see a couple of things have stood the test of time.

>>523518536The new length for midrolls is 8 minutes you braindead youtuber cocksucker

>>523518446dude im telling you those pay nothing with the amount of subs/views he gets two do you know what capital gains tax is


>>523518515>Team Avolition Complete>[Deleted video]

>>523518476Out of all the creepypastas and other spooky shit this is probably the most laziest and uncreative one

>>523518132Nice LARP

>>523518476>>523518605>Herobrine was created sometime between August 13, 2010 and August 30, 2010It's been 10 years...

>>523518618that happened like what 2-3 months ago

>>523513490>do i care that they found it?not really>will i check the seed?no>will the shill uploaders who know the seed make bank off this find?absolutelyHoly fucking mother of autism.

>>523514653You can find the seed from this image way faster than they took to find it

Genuinely, so fucking what

>>523518602That, and if you ever scrub the minecraft wiki enough you'll start to notice that almost every old block has 3 or so visual changes in its history.They kept on fucking with it and fucking with it one pixel or one color shade at a time and didn't stop. Eventually it just lost the overall cohesion.

>>523518618>The new length for midrolls is 8 minutes you braindead youtuber cocksuckernearly half of the last 10 videos he made are under that limit

>>523518602older versions of minecraft were objectively superior, i.e. Beta 1.7.3

>>523518730and don't even get me started about the lighting.

>>523518730>. Eventually it just lost the overall cohesion.the did update it to force cohesion but the issue is instead of making the new fit with old they redid everything in the new shit style but it's cohesive now

>>523518591fucking zoomer

>>523513490Notch would be proud of this in some autistic way

>>523518823Can't be forced though. Has to be natural, with little to no art direction or experience. The Notch way.

>>523518132That's littering anonInstead each city will have its own designated mass grave site where they will put a monument on top of them declaring 'NEVER AGAIN' so that we might never forget the dangers of unchecked communist infestation and jew subversion lest we repeat the same mistakes that led us to this point in the future.

>>523518656It's ruined now


>>523516203was it worth the weight?

>>523518981SERVER WHEN?

Minetest is the better Minecraft, honestly. It's like a proper Minecraft without any of the shitty grindy village potion survival bullshit they added after 1.8.

Attached: cliff.png (1280x699, 1.44M)

>>523519114ironically mining in minetest is more fun than minecraft itself, because minecraft is like 64 block deep, almost nothing while minetest goes all the way to 40k+ with seveal undeground biomes and formations

>>523518657What else can you expect of the most popular pasta made out of the most popular game in the world? Of course it's top of the bell curve absolute mediocrity.

Remember when some guy got pissed wolves were added to the game so he made better than wolves I think the modder is a tranny now

>>523519264Well technically Minecraft can too, with mods, but that specific mod breaks so much other mods

>>523519264Minecraft devs have actually been trying to make shit deeper for years.They're still on Step 1, making their vertical chunk rendering not total ass. It's taking a while.

>>523519447I think It's because they're still chained to java and Notch's legacy spaghetti code

>>523519327You know, I argued the autism of the seed being found earlier in the thread.But thanks to your post I remember. This shit's always been autistic.

>>523519447they ought to go have a talk with the guy who made a mod that does literally what they're trying to do

>>523519114Went to go install it and found out it comes pre-installed with the distro I'm using, thanks brother :)

>>523519541They keep putting their toes deeper and deeper into the territory of mods with each update. Pretty sure they will just outright do that eventually, and be overall more transparent that a massive hivemind can find out more cool ideas than any single dev time.


>>523519714>deeper and deeper into the territory of mods with each updatethe Horse Update was literally taken from a mod

>>523519819Mo' Creatures now that was a mod

>>523516203Based. Keep the twittertrannies seething

>>523519447They should just incorporate cubic chunks into the engineInfinite in every direction

>>523518793The game took an entirely different direction which is pretty sad.


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>>523517213>It probablyNope, not with those numbers

>>523517229>>523518490personally i'm more of a Glacier guy

Attached: glacier seed 2 spawn views.png (1280x1350, 1.89M)

so which method did they actually use?

>>523516586Man he could have earned his billions just in sales alone on that ideaIt's the ultimate rpgBuilding systems upon systems that all interact and provide dynamic gameplay"rpgs" using scripted are 99% of the time is an adventure game with light rpg elements rather than a true rpg.Mount&Blade is more of an RPG than most games claiming to be RPGs

>>523518167You are a fucking moron

>>523515079>1.0x10^-654% chance of finding it yourself>On a legacy version of Minecraft>Even if someone did there's high odds they wouldn't even notice

>>523518490>>523520392Fuck Glacier/Gargamel/suavebabyShit was cool but way worn out. If you found ANY OTHER COOL SEED you basically couldn't post about it.

>>523515254only if you live somewhere where electricity is really cheap

>>523517543reddit called, they want you back

>>523520553That's why shit like cubeworld and hytale got pushed here.Shit was supposed to be that. But I think people are really fucking optimistic about those.

>>523517305They probably do it just to piss you off. Don't let them win user

>>523515254>Is crypto mining even worth it?It is for the GPU producers

>>523520392god why can't newer minecraft worlds look like this. I tried reinstalling the other day and found myself creating and deleting worlds for hours because all of them looked uninteresting and boring

>>523521187You can easily find locations like that

>>523520869I'm sure we'll get it one day.But whoever ends up making such a game will 100% be some autist. Any company that tries is gonna give up and release something half assed because profit stands above creating something good.And like DF you're most likely to see it being updated and added to over decades because there is just so much to add into such a game

>>523521187Biomes.There are a couple of mountainous biomes where you can get sub-floating-island arrangements like that, but they are very few and far between>>523521393Pretty much. That's the same philosophy I hold for MMORPGs. We know what we want, nobody wants to fuckin' make it because that's actually shitloads of soul and work.

Attached: 2019-08-09_22.41.56.png (1280x1024, 914.96K)

>>523516586He couldn't even get MC to run any decent

>>523515151>>523515965Still have my first world I made in 2009.Played a bit back in 2012 on it, then some more in 2017 iirc.

Attached: Desktop 2020.08.16 - (1280x720, 1.98M)


Attached: New video.webm (1280x720, 1.82M)

>>523521706And the first multiplayer server I played on.

Attached: Sprites.webm (1230x754, 1.35M)

>>523521628>>523521706based archivist

>>523521628>>523521706I always wanted to but never could bother with something like this too long. Update would come that would change the world generation somehow and I'd feel compelled to start over. I still remember the redstone update, having to go to another region to get the precious new stuff was actually kinda cool, but after one or two other gen updates it became too much. Maybe if I had some sort of structure ahead of time but it's all work.

>>523516627Go to bed, lil nigger kid


>>523521795Thanks.>>523521879Yeah. A few things on the server doesn't work anymore, all teleports for instance does nothing when triggering them. So I'll have to fix that if I want to continue playing on it.Though I'm still gonna leave the non-tampered one backed up.The shots taken in my webms are from world that is a copy of the backed up one.

>>523521610For example, this is an old backup of our latest survival map, this was a few hundred blocks from spawn. We ended up hollowing out the sand in the middle and turning it into a lake for more

>>523516515a sould for a soul

>>523516115Wouldn't you earn more by shutting off your pc

Attached: 1595656949024.png (650x638, 24.56K)


>>523515079I mean some scientists recently wrote an algorithm that automatically composed every possible melody and tune that can ever exist, ever. Does that mean you should just give up listening to music entirely because it's all been done?Pull your head out of your ass and stop with the "SIMPSONS DID IT!!" syndrome.

>>523515254You cant mine Bitcoins themselves anymore. Havent been able to do so in a financially viable way for a decade now. The way people "mine" bitcoin is by mining altcoins and shitcoins, hoping that they become worth something, then trading them for a portion of a bitcoin. This is why nearly all crypto prices revolve around Bitcoin, Bitcoin's basically the Gold or Oil price of Crypto. It's the standard that all others value themselves on.

>>523513490Holy shit.It feels so weird seeing it from any other angle.

>>523515079Dude, lower your dose of autism. The entire point was taking on the challenge of finding something with next to nothing to go off of. They did a shit ton of work to find this and while I think it's retarded, it would've never been "stumbled onto" because no one would've even realized or given a shit otherwise.You keep acting like this and no one's going to suck your shrimp dick for the rest of your sad life.

What the fuck is the packpng seed and why is it so valued?

>>523524551If you don't already know, you will never truly understand.

>>523516515Most of the people who contributed Computing power wouldn't have even known of the program otherwise so eh... no oportunity cost?

>>523516515If they died from this meme virus then they were weak. No excuses or exceptions.

>>523515645Im 27 and Minecraft is part of my childhood.

>>523524753Lmao I been playing since alpha, guess I’m not as autistic as I thought

the fuck is this and why should i care

>>523514608>y-yeah we t-totally found it guys! N-n-no you cant see it...

>>523513490After reading more about this, that's the cool kind of autismGood on them

>>523525069I already asked and nonnie refused to answer clearly because it’s fucking nothing

>>523517305Fuck off. I get not spoon-feeding obvious shit but this needed an explanation.


>>523525069It's literally fucking nothing.

>>523515132Who the fuck cares about people? Minecraft takes priority

>>523516515>still thinking that the Coof is realAnon...

>>523515079In this particular instance it's so rare it would have literally never happened.But in most cases you're 100% right. Data mining and wikis have killed a ton of the joy of discovery and experimentation. Of course people will say >Just don't read them lol But secrets should be something you find by playing. By that same logic, you can get the same enjoyment from watching a LP on youtube than you can get from playing the game itself.


i played minecraft a lot and the image of pack.png wasnt even that recognizable to me. i dont know how i just glossed over it this whole time

Don't give the shills money, check it out yourselfSeed: 3257840388504953787


Attached: FLAOT1.png (985x911, 1.37M)

>>523528963Thanks user

Attached: smush.jpg (960x720, 71.48K)

>>523529170Have some FLAOT poster lore too

Attached: FLAOTWHY.png (1870x159, 51.57K)

>we won't share the seed until the e-celeb produces the grand reveal, sweety!YOU FUCKING DISCORD TRANNIES AND YOUR ECELEB GARBAGE I FUCKING HATE ECELEBS

Attached: 1587676704546.jpg (480x480, 21.63K)

Attached: file.png (415x64, 6.65K)



>>523516515In the long run it will have a positive effect on medical research by bringing more attention to the concept of distributed supercomputing

>>523530128can you find your dick when you piss or do you have to sit down cause it's too difficult?

Why are they doing this intead of having sex?

>>523530769There's more to life than sex

>>523517305>'Ask a question.'>"Huurr, stop spoon feeding people,reeeee!"

>>523513490>Autistic effort actually pays offIs there any better feeling in this world?

Attached: 1537705240839.gif (810x456, 3.41M)

It's already just wanted to make a short video celebrating the find, really not that big a deal.Everyone complaining are just impatient spergs.



>>523531172You call this impressive?It's fucking boring!2nd Minecraft seed I had which was really the first that was random was perfect. It was TU9, had a fucking village in a sand biome when that wasn't even possible! It was amazing, but I deleted it and lost it.Do you understand what I'm saying? It's alright that they found this, but its all a bunch of Discord and Reddit faggotry and its for one seed.

>>523531446Why are you even here?


Attached: 1569849810653.png (650x680, 560.59K)


>>523514838Minecraft really is a game for fucking losers

>>523531446seek mental healthcare


Attached: 1561898026265.jpg (354x423, 83.48K)

>>523532131autism incarnate

>>523530941Sleeping is pretty nice

>>523531491>>523531493>>523531558>>523531732>>523532131>>523532236Discordfags need to go back.


Attached: yawn.gif (220x220, 23.36K)

>>523532459I don't use discord

>>523531080>>523531493>>523532131>>523532481based yawn poster.>>523531172>>523531491>>523531558>>523531732>>523532236>>523532459cringe yawn complainer


>>523531493>>523532131>>523532481based Akko poster

>>523530627what version?

>>523532668all me

>>523514840I stopped watching when he ripped off my boy druaga1


I've still never played Minecraft. I ain't giving Microsoft no dollaroos


>>523515079Machine make good.Machine find bad.

>>523533189I accept your concession.

>>523516515In that sense us using this laotian arts & crafts site for looking at cheese pizza is also killing people

>>523533146pirate it retard


>>523533227based akko poster

>>523533107this but unorinically

>>523533257Not him but, is there a Minecraft client that works completely offline?Each one i used needs to connect god knows where for no reason at all


>>523533384Yes. Use TeamXtreme launcher


>>523513490why do soiboys get so autistically excited over this stupidity

>Minecraft nostalgiaPlease off yourselves.

>>523534575shit I'm sorry

>>523515151>tfw i fucked up my original world with mods

Attached: 1470972847630.png (637x510, 586.4K)

yall fucking pedophile trannies le ebin discord reddit memes omegalul amirite

>>523534924no I'm just a 4channer

>>523515132Hobbies aren't always for the same goalsI think you are the one with autism

I had that map playing the demo

>>523517305>being helpful is spoonfeeding

Attached: so true.png (680x680, 390.7K)

>everyone is expected to know what this shitty fucking "nothing" project isWho the fuck even cares. You don't see the thing anymore, and half the people who contributed to the project probably never even played during the period you could see the image.A bunch of oldfags hyping up something that literally means nothing.

Attached: 1444134990715.png (762x647, 518.91K)

>>523528963>tfw I remember when FLAOT used to be one of the most reposted images on Holla Forums

>>523535762Don't you have anything better to do?

>>523535762if you put it that way, everything on this boards means nothing, because we discuss games that are not sold anymore, and we have people discuss about games that came out when they weren't even born.Seriously, get that broom out of your ass and enjoy life.

>>523535762>unironically complains that most the users involved in the project didn't play minecraft when the image was took

>>523535623i hate nintóddlers so fucking much

>>523534760sorrry for what?

>>523535930>An actual game that can be analysed and have multiple factors to it, can represent years of work by developers, artists and a company as a whole and can have a profound impact on a player is the same as a fucking png asset file that is no longer in the game and most people never really gave a fuck about until some oldfag likely tried to stir up some project for itIt would be like me trying to find the exact time and date that a developer made a fucking asset in their home/studio or whatever. No one actually cares, its useless trivia that you've spent months digging through and now these people have the seed for a literal mountain.Wow, you found a fucking mountain guys, congratulations. 8 months for essentially something you could build yourself, and it would be the same fucking thing. That's the point of minecraft.

Attached: 1435292536609.png (471x467, 329.8K)


>>523525370>something created by the Chinese to damage the rest of the world isn't realAnon, please don't imply you're defending those bugs ever again.

>>523516515This means that it's almost certain that a boomer, perhaps multiple, wouldn't have died from this.

>>523523463I won't give up listening to music. But yes, every time I hear a song I'm gonna think about it. And it still hurts.

>>523533992Thanks bro

>>523536287>No one actually caresobviously a lot of people care enough to be able to do this>Wow, you found a fucking mountain guys, congratulations. 8 months for essentially something you could build yourself, and it would be the same fucking thing. That's the point of minecraft.minecraft has no point, you can do whatever the hell you want in it. also the image was too low of a resolution to rebuild all of it. thats why they wanted the seed.

>>523536287Yeah, I bet these faggots play videogames too. Could you imagine playing videogames? Give me a fucking break. VIDEOGAMES? Imagine wasting your life playing videogames when you could be playing sports or being a productive member of society. Why spend your prime years wasting away in front of a computer. It's fucking pathetic. Everybody who matters is laughing and making fun of you for doing it. My dad would disown me if he ever saw me touching or talking about a videogame.

>>523514608>T-Thank you for your power, we need to keep it private to make a youtube video so we can make some revenue>Please understand, we can't work, I swear, w-we have a disability!!!!youtubers and streamers deserve the rope. monetization was a gigantic mistake

>>523525008Well it's a good thing it didn't have much of a past at that time, for a Youtuber to remember and their hordes of kids to pretend to be nostalgic about.

>>523536986If it was too low resolution, then how the fuck did they find the seed? Don't bullshit me with "some of it could be seen".If you can find the seed based on that png, you can recreate that mountain.>obviously a lot of people careBecause on e-celeb got their rabid fucking fanbase on it.>>523537002Seething

Attached: 1567544925504.gif (309x203, 3.99M)

>>523537041It is a weird world indeed where I can say I wish Youtube actually stiffed all contributors from the get-go, claimed partial ownership of everything, and just ran more and worse ads.

>>523515151>tfw my main world got deleted after we had a power outage circa 2012

Attached: 1581536439254.jpg (1376x2048, 247.43K)

>>523537169>If it was too low resolution, then how the fuck did they find the seed?they recreated the parts they could see to find the seed

>>523537169I don't actually know but from scrubbing the thread earlier it's something like:>they have cloud position, clouds are from a .png and are always a consistent arrangement, possible positions of the screenshot could be narrowed down from this>with the help of the above they can estimate certain block positions that are in the screencap, such as 'if the clouds are there that water block could be at [1000 68 1500], or maybe [2280 68 1500], etc' >make epic seed grinder program, filter by seeds that would spawn blocks in the places they know a block to be so it takes somewhat less than the 3 trillion years it would by doing it purely

>>523537243I remember the first time I played Minecraft was back when there was a free "demo" browser version, so I couldn't even save my original Minecraft stuff.

>>523537169What the fuck? I thought you agreed with me? This kiddie videogame shit is a waste of time. Why the would you look for some pointless "seed" in a videogame? That's almost as pointless as playing videogames for fun. Why do human beings do this?

>bro why the fuck would climb a mountain when there's nothing for you to get at the top??

>>523515079Pure autism the post

>>523537805This but unironically

>>523537805Maybe the real mountains were the friends we climbed along the way

>>523517041>5$>for a fucking balloonThis better have lots of RAM.

>>523539113You can always download more

>>523517305Spoonfeeding? You mean helping?Since we moved all the nazis to Holla Forums, I guess

>>523513490so from which version was this? Some 1.6, 1.7? No fucking way anyone would stumble upon it by a chance then, not even one in a billion


>>523517305this isn't spoonfeeding you gigantic mong, you have to be underaged to unironically think this way

>>523537749>Why the would you look for some pointless "seed" in a videogame?The same reason why we want to know the meaning of life. Simple curiosity.

>>523537749What did you accomplish today user?Broke your record for fapping to trap porn?

>>523539879>>523537749Sorry, realized you were joking after rereading your post

>>523514838Isn't it possible that this just happens to be a generation that happened to generate something similar but isn't the exact one?I get they could autistically pour over block by block to "confirm" but there's few enough blocks visible in the original shot that it's possible that multiple instances of that generation exists.What if it's not THE one, we will never truly know.

Attached: 1556845731730.png (695x564, 218.01K)

>>523535623Because it originated from 4chan.

>>523514845oh im sorry did a mario 3d complaint thread or some Holla Forumsnigger shit die for this?good

>>523515151>My original world is on a computer that no longer works

Attached: 1589552728073.png (1000x1016, 620.72K)

>>523540645you could salvage the hard drive and retrieve it

>>523540020No, anything "close enough" would have been found by the search too, unless there was some big mistake at some point.You seem to greatly overestimate the amount of minecraft seeds: there's "only" 2 to the 48 of them, which is roughly 60000 times less than the number of black and white (no greys) 8x8 pixel images that can exist.

>>523540085guess where minecraft came from?

>>523541397Not 4chan


>>523532481>>523532131>>523531493>>523531080>"oh my GOD I can't BELIEVE people are putting effort into something they LIKE I'm going MAKE SURE they know how BORED I am!"

Attached: 1593638013437.jpg (500x698, 49.55K)

>>523514608>[email protected] (BOINC)Holy fucking shit based


Attached: 48fee82326dd38e90192649ad15fbf5a8176140av2_hq.jpg (1024x720, 47.87K)

>>523539618you're a sad little man. kys


Attached: 1353143983498.jpg (491x404, 19.34K)


>>5235437212x4chan is not coming back, no matter how much you spam their gay memes.

>>523540645Same. I played in an old laptop that eventually overheated and just fucking died, years later I plugged the HDD in to another computer and it was corrupt as well.

>>523544348newnigger redditor

Attached: FLAOT1.png (985x911, 1.12M)

>>523515150>>523515290Switched to Bedrock last year so I haven't played Java in a while and can't be sure but the wiki says it's still there.


Attached: 4.png (854x481, 329.1K)

someone make a swastika on it already.


>>523529162>killing the pigwhy

afaik this entire thread and minecraft itsself is alll nazi propagandaprove me wrong

>>523514881I guess you haven't learn about [email protected] that powers terabyte availability of hi-res porn doujins

what version of minecraft? i checked on the most recent and its not there

I heard about this like two months ago.Why is it being presented as new?

>>523515151>tfw started in beta 1.2>my very first world is stuck on some computer they probably got rid of in my old highschoolfuck

>>523547734After sadpanda had its neck put on the chopping block for a couple of days, I think people suddenly realised how important it is to have community-based availability for hentai

>>523547679crap, you've discovered us! you weren't supposed to figure it out so soon!

>>523516410i still have the lyrics to this song fully memorized to this day

>>523548308Alpha 1,2 I believe. Time for my yearly Minecraft playthrough


>>523515151I'm too lazy to find an old version of minecraft, but I still have my very first indev, some infdev and a few multiplayer worlds still saved. There was a certain comfiness to the old worlds before biomes were introduced.

>>523516285thought your crosshair was some big ass cross in the middle of the pyramid

>>523550237you can download the old versions in the launcher easily

The bigger issue is you need to use NBT editor to change your initial seed then delete the chunk folders because this is back when minecraft lacked seeds. But it does work

Attached: the world.png (1920x997, 1.2M)

>>523517305You are trying to hard redditfaggot

>>523550431I said I was lazy and I am just getting a whole lot of random names for the old versions, I just want to boot up indev, and I have no clue which one of these numbers are that.

Attached: asdf.png (1549x971, 52.18K)

>>523552000>I just want to boot up indev, arent on launcher you gotta download them from the net luckily the wiki has them

>>523551129Also turns out the waterfall hill has a zombie dungeon inside it around the back so it's not a bad spot to build a home on

>>523552232The hell was that user about then. It just looks like the alpha is in the launcher.

>>523552412He assumed since it has beta and alpha it would have the rest of the old versions

>>523515151I lost one of my original indev worlds. Kinda miss it because I thought I was hot shit for making some floating cobblestone farm that mobs couldn't get to. I still have another one though where I was playing on floating islands and I was building a tower to one of the higher islands with wood.

>>523516515most of the deaths are either old people, democrats in cities, illegals, and minorities. Its been a net positive overall.


Attached: groudon.png (1918x1011, 1013.73K)

>>523517338>All the viggers are in the mobile gacha board nowThis is so true it hurts

>>523552412>>523552554my bad

>>523517704>pvp & tnt nukersbe sure to thank FagMC and the Jewtube algorithm for that shitnow every 12 year old edgelord's a "nomad Crystal PVPer"

>>523555015>Literally one guy changed the entirety of minecraftDamn he sounds really based.

Attached: 1526780837515.jpg (1862x2048, 667.56K)

>>523530941the touch of a woman

>>523555215dude has over a million subs and tens of millions of viewscertainly enough influence to noticeably affect the the general multiplayer aspects of the was created by a single mannot impossible to imagine it could be changed by one

Attached: notch cuntfusing.jpg (581x394, 33.49K)

>>523514838An achievement to be truly proud of

>>523556273Its not everyday such a mystery could be solved. Beforehand people would have considered it impossible, but here we are.

>>523556587Okay. So what do you have of it?

>>523516203Post candy wall

>>523516950>it'd take you around 600 billion years to find the correct onetechnically you could find it on your first try by running in a straight line for a few minutes

Attached: 1577678057199.jpg (1280x720, 113.9K)

there you go

Attached: Screenshot_20200905-205328~2.png (999x167, 143.83K)

>>523555537women are temporary, minecraft seeds are eternal

>>523517305You mean actually talking to other anons you absolute fucking retard.

>>523558380you gotta do it in 1,2,2a if you want the correct trees thus you gotta use NBT editor change your seed then delete your old chunk folders

Y'know, something I kinda wonder, do people still make mods for the older versions of the game? Or is it entirely just whatever the newest version supported by Forge or whatever?

>>523559296Theres been a push to get players to move on from 1.12.2. Mainly with new mods being made for 1.14+ and not making ones that support older versions. Paper is a new modding API and that only goes as low as 1.14 with no plans on supporting 1.12.

>>523559809I meant more like do people still make mods for like, pre-hunger versions of the game or shit like that.Also why's 1.13 just kinda shafted like that?



>>523531446>Villages Zoomer detected

>>523516515A small price to pay

Modded server when?

Attached: 2020-07-11_11.20.31.jpg (2560x1440, 1.23M)

>>523560746>I meant more like do people still make mods for like, pre-hunger versions of the game or shit like that.Maybe. I haven't checked but you could just search on curseforge and see if theres anything new or updated.>Also why's 1.13 just kinda shafted like that?Forge probably took too long to get working on there. By then, 1.14 and 1.15 were out and people would rather mod on the latest for more content.

>>523517305Fuck off. I would have settled in from Reddit so much quicker if Holla Forums wasn't so autistic about being new.

>>523532734>(Version: Alpha 1.2.2. To enter the seed in this version, you will need to create a new world with that seed in beta 1.3, copy over the level.dat, and delete the chunks).

>>523561345kinda surprised no one took that party Holla Forumsan minecraft server a month ago and rehosted it.

Why do zoomers care so much? Almost 90k likes on the downloaded the game in beta or alpha and I don't even remember this "pack.png".