God damnit

God damnit.

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>>523501916The greatest work of fiction ever made. More important and more relevant than the bible.

>>523502227This desu.

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>>523502227Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's no Halo 2 but it's certainly up there.

>>523502389Glad we are on the same page. Why are normalfags so repulsed by the thought of visual novels? Some people don't know what's good for them, the world would unironically be a better place if everyone took the time to read this.

>>523503074Goldfish brains zero attention span

So, I've played through the main entry. What spinoffs do I need to try?

>>523502985halo 2 is fucking gay

>>523503885All of them except My darlings embrace

>>523502227THIS, without a hint of irony.

>>523501916>tfw Okabe in S;G0Shame 0 was kind of pointless because I loved how he was portrayed

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I think just because of the color palette, I've never been able to get into this. Just greenish Matrix tint in every scene.

>>523503885All of them except Elite.

>>523503919Sorry that your parents named you halo 2, but I heard you can change stuff like that these days.

>>523502227dunno what the fuck this dude got about it but yeah i loved itShould I read 0? I heard it was a bit dissapointing so I don't to ruin the original

>>523505512Go for it. It's a huge downgrade from the original but it's still a fun read nonetheless.

>>523505512Wait for patch 2.0 then yes

>>523505512Nah. Whatever head canon you have based on what you know about Punished Okabe from SG1 is better than what it actually is.


>>523504992How is it pointless?

>>523506110Basically this

>>523505809is this supposed to come soon or what's the deal

>>523506253I supposed the more appropriate term would be unnecessary. Didn't really feel like anything particular happened, or at least nothing that could have gone without any explanation.Everything related to Kagari was pointless though. They sure did waste a lot of time on a character that is related to absolutely positively nothing. Wouldn't say I disliked Kagari, but I also don't know why she exists. Did they ever mention why she just happens to look like Kurisu?

>>523505512>dunno what the fuck this dude got about it What i "got" is that it should be required reading for everyone. Atleast once In their life.

>>523506894Shiet, I meant nothing that couldn't have gone without an explanation. Getting tripped up by my own negatives.

>>523505512>answer the phone calls>get bad ending

has any human being gotten the true ending without a guide? Some of the choices absolutely defy sense (like having to randomly shut down Kurisu with a dismissive comment when she's opening up to you), and there are so many little choices you make with your text messages that the probability seems close to 0 of doing it right.

>>523501916I felt physically sick at jelly Mayuri scene, I started crying.


>>523502227This but unironically. Only reason I didn't an hero and started university instead.

>>523505809What is patch 2.0?

>>523502227Agreed, there's nothing else that compare.

>>523503992Don't listen to this nigga. It's the only game where you can bang male Lukako.

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>ywn have a Kurisu gf

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Which part of the VN broke you?youtube.com/watch?v=XGg37vQzmcY

>beat SG;0>can't wait for the anime>two episodes come out>go to jail>spend about a month in real jail and the other 3 months in different ICE facilities/jails that have a contract with ICE to house detainees>get hyped as fuck, torrent all the episodes in the airport and watch them on my plane ride home>it's shit and nowhere near as good as the VNFuck

>>523511298What did you get clipped for and did you get your booty tickled

Reminder that reveal #9 for Steins;Gate's 10th anniversary is an "earth-shattering bomb" as described by Chiyo and is expected to be announced alongside the Anonymous;Code trailers as a new project they've been working on.

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>>523511271Too many parts did, it was so unbelievably depressing and morbidly dark.

>>523511271Okabe getting caught in a loop and only Suzuha noticing as he slowly falls into despair.

>>523511271Steins;Gate 0 reunion>pinky promise

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>>523511997>"earth-shattering bomb" as described by Chiyo>trusting Chiyo>after Steins;Gate ELITE>after Steins;Gate 0 ELITE>after all others reveals were literally nothing>after last twitter campaign was nothing but a twitter repost bot instead of limited real gachapon>with no announcements after that

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>>523511997>Steins Gate is far from overUh oh, time to undermine the original ending and everything it stood for.

>no adorable lukako bfOur ability to imagine is both a curse and a blessing.

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>>523512736>>523512651yeah it'll be shit, that's why I posted the image with it

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>>523511271Emotionally, the whole thing was almost overwhelming.

>>523502227looks gay

>>523512137I honestly thought the anime did that scene better (although they left out Kurisu returning the hug for some reason). It’s both romantic and heartbreaking to know that if Kurisu did manage to reach the lab in time to confess, Okabe would’ve stopped the final leap altogether.

>>523514638Ye, it gave me FEELS too.

>>523505512It's an entertaining story but don't think too much about the details of time travel in that one, they're kinda wonky.


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>>523511271Near the end where I have to choose between Mayuri and Kurisu

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what did they mean by this?

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>>5235155600 is ugly. UGLY

>>523509284same but now i want to an hero because there is no decision in life i regret more

>>523515560big autism milkers!

>>523515742I don't get it

>>523515742Depends on the person I guess. I have a purpose and can apply my brain to things now.

>>523502227Silly user. It's not even the best visual novel.>>>/u/mineko+is+better+than+steins+gate>>>/u/mineko+is+the+greatest+visual+novel

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>>523511271失敗した 失敗した 失敗した 失敗した 失敗した 失敗した 失敗した 失敗した 失敗した 失敗した 失敗した 失敗した 失敗した 失敗した 失敗した 失敗した 失敗した 失敗した


>>523501916Steins;Gate is such bullshit lol

>>523502227Shame they keep trying to undermine it

When the FUCK is Anonymous;Code coming out

>>523505512Zero is worse overall, but the peaks of Zero are higher than the peaks of the originalokee dokee

>>523516825Before the end of this year, apparently. I don't remember where I heard this, though. Sauce: dude trust me

>>523502227Put into basics, steins;gate Is just a story about a mans struggle to fight the will of the world. its a beautiful and profound masterpiece thats an inspiration to many.

>>523517265Anon...it was delayed to 2021...

>>523517254That's a lie, nothing about 0 is good

>>523517463>He didn't like Re-Awake and the roof scenesI know there's the inane "Holla Forums hates everything" meme, but come on.

2011 was such a great timeI want to time leap back

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I thought this VN was normalfag tier. Is it legit good?

>>523502227Indeed I agree, also it is pretty progressive and Ruka is one of the few trans characters that are accepted on Holla Forums

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>>523517534The roof scenes are literally the worst part of it, why did you think that would convince me? 0 completely undermines the purpose of the original and turns a story about man's struggle against a universe fighting against him into big guns and explosions and action! It's bullshit

>>523517534>I turned and faced them proudly>to leskinen>to his armed guards>to the attack helicopter with it's rocket launchers

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>>523516338was expecting the truth to be posted.thank u bernkastel

>>523517738Luka is gay, not trans.

>>523517824Did you actually miss the point that hard or are you just desperate to hate everything?

>>523517859Yes, because he knew he is fucking invincible because of FATE

>>523517824II'm sure no one thinks it's even close to being meaningful or profound like the original was though, 0 was just fun.

>>523517462tell me you're lying

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>>523518142I don't.Release date(planned, still subject to change) should be told at event that is planned to happen before end of this year.

>>523517589Dr. Peppers is unironically the best soda

>>523517738>translmaooooo no

>>523511271The worst for me was reading Mayuri's text message in 0 after the machine goes boom.That little autist deserved better.

>>523511271Tie between that, having to see Mayuri die again and again


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elite is good

>>523517738fuck off cultist

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>>523503885Don’t play Zero, is garbage.


>>523517738based, but Holla Forums transphobes are still mad

I really hated Okabe at first before things started kicking off then found myself praying to god,..like someone please help him!. Give him a happy ending even if it's an asspull please holy shit this is hard to watch

>>523517534Reawake is the only good thing though. Zero's ending and Mayushi slapping him are good too but it can't compare to the original. I already forgot a lot about 0's story because it's such a cluster fuck

>>523501916I thought the time travel mechanics were absolutely retarded on many levels yet I still liked it for some reason.

>>523522749Did the lectures confuse you? I could've done without all the technobabble

>>523522882Not really, it was actually pretty familiar to me as I've read and watched a lot of pop science on speculative time travel. It was more that the "rules" of the time travel were very silly. Especially Reading Steiner.

>>523522721You must've forgot it because Its not worth remembering, it was fucking shounenshit tier in the 2nd half





>>523501916>watched the anime, didn't touch VN'sWhat is the reading order?

>>523511298>get out of jail>immediately commit a crime on your way back from jail

>>523523808lmao retard its like mario he had i-frames against jail

>>523501916the only thing i know about his thing is that i want to fuck the shit out of the trap

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>>523524909Pretty based

>>523524909You'll want to fuck him more once you read some of his text messages

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>>523511769Concealed weapon (flip out knife that I bought when I got to the US because I was in Michigan and was scared of niggers).Also jail isn't prison. You don't get your booty tickled in jail. I was also in a cell with a guy that had 15 felonies for driving his truck through a bike race while high on drugs.He was alright. I basically came there only wearing a jumpsuit (which other jails don't use any more). He gave me underwear, socks, food, we played cards, dominoes and other shit while waiting for the TV to turn on at 5PM (in the ICE jails the TVs were on from 6am to midnight, we also had tablets in ICE jails)

I just want to cover Kurisu's legs with my pearly white ropes of cum.

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>>523502227Anime is by far the worst form of entertainment there is. It's less art than video games.

Chaos;Child is better than Steins;Gate

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Should I play elite or the original vn?I've only watched the anime so far

>>523530343I see you in every S;G thread. This sort of autistic ritual posting never gets people interested in something.

>>523530046good thing this thread isn't about anime thenalso anime website fuck off tourist normie

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>>523530482The original. Now go have fun user.

Just give it to me, if i loved Umineko will i like Steins;Gate?

Did anyone suffer like he did?

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>>523517859>helicopter in the animeFucking comedy gold

>>523531374>the naruto run dodging bullets scenes0 is unintentionally hilarious




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>>523530695I only do it when nobody else has posted Chaos or SciADV in the thread, and it's not the exact same post every time. Autistic ritualposting is posting the exact same text with the exact same image. I don't do that, and I don't even post in every S;G thread.


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Even if nobody else will, I love Moeka!

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>>523532183Best boy

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>retards first time travel storywow what a masterpiece indeed!

>>523506894it fixes what was basically a deus ex machina in steins gate

What the fuck did she mean by this bros!?

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>>523537119>He can't take the bantz Never gonna make it


>>523530343Chaos;Head is better than Chaos;Child

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>>523538697Chaos;Head NoaH English TL when?

>>523539031Unironically soon, see committee of zero twitter>>523530343Enjoyment wise? Yes. Writing wise? Absolutely no

>>523517463tsundere small girl

>>523539191>Unironically soon, see committee of zero twitter>literally zero progress for years because they forgot to check in on their translator and just ask "what's up?">ditch him, get loads of literally who on board>suddenly two routes in two weeksThis is going to be machine-translated-tier, isn't it.

Should I read VN or anime is fine?I heard there's 2 versions of the anime - which one is the ''better'' one?

>>523539191>unironically soonThe common route (70% of the game) is only 4.34% translated

Visual novels are not videogames. Something is not good if it "gives you feels :(".

>>523540305Utawarerumono is a video game

>>523540305VNs can go on Holla Forums. Cry moar.

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>>523539843Subbed 2011 anime. If you aren't hyped to play the 80 hour VN after the 8 hour anime, then you just saved yourself a boatload of time.

>>523539843Source material always, maggot.

>>523540385Pictures of smug animes are not arguments.

>>523511271Faris letting Okabe sacrifice her father.

>>523539843In my opinion the VN is better. On the other hand the anime is actually good and not a cash-grabby adaptation.>>523540445>80 hour VNNigga, it's 30 hours max if you go for all endings.

>>523539756Time to learn spanish then


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>>523517738If Ruka was trans why is he still a fucking HE in the future in 0? Ruka just wants Okabe and as Okabe isn't gay the easiest way to do that is to wish he was born a girl

>>523539843there's 2 versions of steins game anime? whats the difference?

>>523539843The Anime sucks as they change something one of the characters does which makes zero sense


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>>523540445>80 hourDamn user you must struggle hard with reading.

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>>523541082He's just talking about the original 2011 series and the 0 anime. Stay away from Steins;Gate 0.

>>523541447don't listen to this anonwatch 0 too

>>523501916I wish there were other VN's as good as this

>>523540445>80 hour VNIt's not even half of that, whether you let all voicelines play out fully or not

I must have played Steins;Gate like 10 years ago and only vaguely remember it. Is it worth replaying even if you know all the twists?

>>523501916I wish I hadn’t seen the anime before playing itI’ve never played it but it’s my favorite anime

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>>523501916Where the fuck on this green earth can I find and read the ORIGINAL Steins Gate?

>>523540445It's at max 30 hours

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It's good. Though the maid cafe shit is gay and the last 10 hours are disappointing. Thought I would get to go to the future or some shit, but guess not.


>>523501916Very overrated

>>523544139Do you mean the JAST release?


>>523544139Wait what the fuck? VN has a few releases too? which one is the proper one to read?

are there sex scenes in this vn

>>523544808I don’t know Someone tell me AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa

>>523544808The one without 0 or Elite in the title

>>523544139Just get the one called Steins;Gate. Not "Steins;Gate ELITE".

>>523544930The original is the one that just says STEINS;GATE on steam. If it says anything else it's a different game.

>>523544905Nope. Closest you get is some fully clothed cuddles.

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>>523502227>>523502389>>523502985>>523504897>>523505512>>523509247>>523509284>>523509810>>523517279>>523517738Imagine thinking baby's first visual novel is a masterpiece.

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The VN is great if you managed to play it with no prior knowledge.

>>523544905this is the closest you get to nudity in the entire game. I don't even think the dating sim spinoff has anything that gets closer, though Mayuri in a bikini might be sexier depending on your tastes.

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>>523545340No visual novel is a masterpiece, but S;G has better writing than the vast majority of them. Well, except for Yosuga no Sora I guess.

>>523545374This is why I always advocate for playing VN first before watching anime, but it's a very steep uphill battle.

>>523545340It actually is one though.>>523545429The girls are so well designed that them being fully clothed is no obstacle to a good fap.

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>>523546045Suhuza's spats

>>523545340Fucking Sudafags, when are you going to learn your place? Suda's a hack. He can't write. Get over yourself, pretentious fuck.

>>523546127Suzuha's spats, Kurisu's hotpants and pantyhose, Moeka's pencil skirt etc.

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>>523511271>>523540689This and the scene after when Okabe hugs her and apologizes and she’s all confused.

>>523502227fpbpWhat an incredible experience S;G is

>>523545340It is a masterpiece.

>>523548673It was intense, for me it completed my view on life and self actualization.

>>523545340>Imagine thinking baby's first visual novel is a masterpiece.But nobody's talking about Yume Miru Kusuri here.


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>>523511271One of the worst sounds ever is the crack in someone's voice when they're about to cry

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>>523531834What a brilliant performance desu.

>>523511271I absolutely loved the voiceover in the VN. Miyano kills it in a way that his more subdued performance in the anime doesn't match.

>>523501916Why can't we hit bump limit


>>523553737Males can't be wives user.

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>>523529791Don't we all?

>>523554079take your meds

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>>523502227Since when?

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>>523546410How did Huke do it?

So why does Okabe have Reading Steiner

>>523554640He listened to his dick while designing them to the benefit of us all.>>523554716Everyone has it.

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>>523554716Read Anonymous;Code.

>start "playing" this shit>MC is a retard>lose interestIs it unironically worth reading or is it just self-aware cringe and waifushit?

>>523554716His chuuni autism unlocked it.

>>523554915I can't read it if Chiyo keeps fucking delaying it

>>523554881God bless him. I want to conquer Suzu's fortress through her spats.

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>>523554716because he's the main character.

>>523555145>six rewriteshow bad will it be?

>>523555101I wouldn't like S;G is Okabe acted like a chuuni the entire time, he puts it on hold when shit starts to go down.That said, if you still describe things as "cringe" then I recommend turning back to western media.

>>523555250Her lewd spats are highly appealing.

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What are some other kino visual novels anons?

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>>523554296Well, it is true that the SG girls are crazy hot.

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>>523554716something something fever that radically enhanced his ability compared to others

>>523555421I'm cautiously optimistic but the fact that Chiyomaru is writing it himself doesn't fill me with confidence, he's a hack.

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>>523555569How Okabe managed to resist even as he was on the verge of a mental breakdown I'll never know.

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>>523555846Are you saying you would've given in?

Attached: 1572314978862.jpg (4451x3062, 683.26K)

>>523555739The lewdest scientist I've ever seen.

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Dont start gaying out in this thread pls

wheres the gay

>>523555101Imagine getting filtered by best boy.

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>>523555101An actor playing a retard does not make the actor a retard

>>523556041Anon, if I was around Suzuha daily while also going insane from constant time leaps, I don't think I'd have the willpower to resist.

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>>523556542But if he constantly pretends to be a retard to the point where even his internal monologue doesn't let the mask slip, what's the difference? I'm still having to listen to a retard.

>>523556617To be fair, you'd be seeing her get all hot and sweaty riding her bike over and over.

Attached: 1599331150362.png (747x1091, 682.21K)

>>523556798Then get filtered and drop it

>>523556286Hell yeah.>>523556617That just proves how best Okabe is.>>523556798Maybe if you read further you would find out.

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Something I've realized over time is that S;G IS a masterpiece, but only for the exact kind of person who posts here, down to the sperg MC and explicit 2ch and anime culture references. It's a good game by any measure, but it's truly 10/10 if you are part of the very specific target audience. I'm not even sure I would recommend it to my normalfag friends, but for me it's easily one of the top 5 stories I've ever been told. We are blessed to have such a personalized, tailored work of art, and I hope other kinds of people have a chance to experience something similar.

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>>523557367Is this official art

>>523557464It's the kind of thing that's easy to get into and understand but not quite entry level. You'd never pick Steins;Gate for someone's introduction to anime but it'll top 2010s recommendation lists.>>523557526No it's fanart.

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>>523557464>sperg MC and explicit 2ch and anime culture referencesEvery SciAdv VN has these things tho

>>523557464Yeah I've never recommended SG to anyone irl but it's my favorite

>>523558573Yeah, but most of them aren't nearly as good.

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>>523558776I disagree.

>>523557464A few friends and I stand by the fact that the first half of the VN is very nice to read through if you're someone who's at all familiar with the culture it portrays. All that good SoL goes to waste if you're not into the specific set of interests the characters are.

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>>523540305>Something is not good if it gives you feelsWhy not? What a stupid thing to say

>>523516338Extremely based