Name a harder game and boss fight than ultimate raiding in Final Fantasy XIV. You can't...

Name a harder game and boss fight than ultimate raiding in Final Fantasy XIV. You can't. Post your ultimate clears or morbol mount and necromancer status to prove you're a real gamer

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>>523501343Bowser at the end of any mario game

>>523501343>parsetrannyunironically kys

>skills/abilities you hate with a burning passionpost em

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>>523501343>playing tranny fantasy xiv

Ultimates are a patience test, user. Our green on 8s gunbreaker has a TEA clear.

>>523503145Goring blade

>>523502252Being competitive is a high test male thing but tranny fantasy xiv is not

>>523501343get a fucking life

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>>523501343Parsing isn't hard when you have a static that does 50 runs and only uploads the best 2 runs.

>>523501343I can't. Finding 7 other people who are not only willing to spam the same fight for weeks but also improve over that time and manage to finally have a single run where all 8 people make 0 mistakes is beyond me. It truly is the hardest thing one can do in gaming.

>>523501343Thanks for the clear OP.Unsigned work is a zero, see me after class.

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>>523501343i can already tell you're an unfunny faggot

>>523501343There's nothing competitive about Ultimates.

>>523501343>so buttblasted he has to use my bait from the last thread for his new Final Dilation XIV general

>>523501343what the fuck is that resolution?


The only thing I want to accomplish is getting the Necromancer title but I always stop before I start. I dont get how people do it. It feels impossible even as red mage, how am I supposed to do enough damage to make up for 3 others and also heal myself without timing out? How the fuck do others do it as classes with no healing without getting dicked. Idk

>>523501343>Gay Sex With Hats OnA bit disturbing but who's to judge?

>>523501343>67 e5s kills>still rank 303must be nice playing on working servers though, nuke cali

>>523509126Some people have actively "cheated" to get their solo clear. Something about being able to avoid AA damage from mobs somehow.

>>523501343>90.4What diapers do you use? Been thinking of getting into Ultimate but dont know a good brand to start with and ABU looks like crap made for oversized babies.

>>523501343>most faggots these days bought their ult clearsIt's no longer a status symbol, just a retard magnet.

>>523503145i hate senei for replacing guren in 99% of scenarios, guren has a much better animationi also hate the fact that enlightenent wasn't just a replacement to forbidden much button bloat for no reason

>>523501343>Bragging about clearing Ultimate when gear+food+pots make the fight easy.>Bragging about difficulty when the only thing difficult about said content is coordinating with 7 other trannies to dilate when raid buffs pop up and move to x when y happens.Fuck off lmao, FFXIV isn't difficult.

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>>523511079Spinning them? That's been in the game since 1.0 It's how I cleared it years ago on RDM.

Nice slutglam, faggot.

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One brings Huggies, One brings DiapsTwo-toned nappies filling with shiteThreescore dirty ten cast asideFour-fold rattles, no milk in sightI remember. Our limsa idlersTheir surrender, to dickgirl ERPSlowly shitting into their diapersEver posting to piss off the JanniesNow I'm thinking "Well was it worth it"As I led them, to make another threadI resent this descent to crosspostsCome and save us before we 404Like broken Shitters progless cast from Discord's gates(Our slumbering Jannies awake)We won't get far when parsing, parsing all these greys(You'll take off dilate and seethe)And like a fat slob in a diaper drenched in pee(Disgraced Untouched and Unseen)And to their beds their rattles shake until they sleepIn lewd modded melodies. Au'ras are naked and bibbed(Bringing me to the edge)Deep inside, we're nothing more than Greylets and Shitters.Through the pain, Tonight our clear is nigh. Aaaaaaaaaaa

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>>523501343>un-ironic trannyparsingdelete yourself from earth

>>523511638>catFurther confirming theyre a diaperfag. Good job user.

>>523511638>>523511852It's not OP. Or the guy who OP used the pic from in the OP. Last thread some faggots where arguing about ultimate raiding being shit and easy. The Holla Forums poopsocking diaper parsetrannies who live for this game couldn't handle that and as uasual started saying "but muh ultimate you have no clears" and shit and then some random unrelated user posted that image that is obviously bait yet some dumb newfags still fell for it.Just like almost everyone in this thread.You know you've really BTFO'd the fuck out of someone when they are so butthurt they have to bring posts from older threads into new ones. Even worse if they start with the OP imao.

>>523513741>blown the fuck out the fuck out

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>>523501343>using third party software>real gamer

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>>523513948>bumping this shit thread off of page 10 for this

>>523514102First xiv thread, huh?

>>523513948I've been up a while ok? But you get the point.Shit it's this easy to get doxxed here. Think twice before you give in to some faggot here demanding proof.I'm still struggling to understand how this autist >>523511638 even managed to dox him since I can't see any direct giveaways in OPs pic.

>>523514079It's bait faggot.Look at the tabs.

>>523514263>implying this means anything to newfags

>>523514206>can't see any direct giveaways in OPs picThe whole image is full of very specific numbers that are easy to search for. I just went to the UCoB parses page, filtered it to show NIN damage ratings, and ctrl+F'd for the DPS number from OP's pic and found him on the second page.

>>523514482I wouldn't know honestly since I don't use that faggot site or raid but I'll take your word for it.Still fucked up though. Literally a random innocent faggot unrelated to this is probably going to get "harassed" by at least some salty faggot here because another user wanted to troll and bait people.

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>>523514263>It's bait faggot.Doesn't matter, point still stands. Most Ulimate first clears had cheat engines used.

Which job is difficult/fun to play? I'm leveling a RDM, but apparently that's a snoozefest. Don't care how well it parses, I've seen the logs, it barely fucking matters.

>>523515247>Most Ultimate clears have cheat engines used.ftfy

>tataru decides to learn how to fight>gets a cool new outfit>suddenly "lol she sucks at this but you're good at number so just keep doing that"Fuck I hate the japanese and their shitty culture

I still dont know why I keep trying to play this game at morning

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>>523511493spoken like a true guide watching greylet.

>>523513741People posted because you spent an entire thread seething about being bad at the game and it was funny to watch you seethe harder with each post. Now you're seething in an entirely different thread because someone baited you and you can't stop coping

>>523516994>queuing for alliance as tankJust do it as dps, that roulette gives shit exp anyway.

>>523515884BLM is the hardest job imo. Spend a whole tier in any class and you'll probably get used to it.Monk is a bit of a pain to optimize, I heard similar things about Samurai but I haven't tried it yet. Ninja can be hard depending on the fight because you have to cram as many abilities as you can in your TA window, and if the fight requires you to do a lot of shit during that it might be tough, but the class is pretty easy to understand.Ultimates aren't easy. UCOB/UWU right now can take two-three weeks being persistent with pugs. TEA with a decent group can be done in a month or two.

>>523518698I meant to say aren't hard* and to clarify, all classes are easy granted you spend some time learning the ins and outs of the classes.People who play badly even after multiple tiers on the same class just don't care enough or is being completely stubborn in regards to habits and analyzing their own gameplay

>>523518319its not a roulette, it's crystal tower duties, which are now required to finish post ARR questline.

>>523520709I just hit this wall as well. God the crystal tower plot is awful

>>523520942it starts pretty shit, but i'm starting to like it, after you start actually playing the fucking raids.

>>523521058>generic fuckhead catboy with heterochromia who turns out to be secretly descended from royalty>dumb clone bullshit as wellIt's absolutely terrible

>>523501343I will forever be proud of my Necromancer title and Morbol.

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>>523521151It's bad, but i've seen worse plots in ARR, a lot worse.

>>523521307I guess. Just got done with Syrcus tower so I hope that's it for this crystal tower shit

>getting echo flashbacks after already losing connection to HydaelynGuess I was supposed to do this shit earlier

>>523522675The Echo and the Blessing of Light are two different things.

>>523522865Are they? I thought they were linked, since every character so far that has had the Echo was also blessed by the big dumb crystal. Or least I thought so.

>>523523092They drank mommy's kool aid.

>>523523456Oh, is this some plot that I haven't seen yet

>$60 Down Payment>Expansion Fee>Subscription Fee>Fantasia Fee>Transfer Fee>Cosmetic Micros>WoW Clone>Square-Enix>l-look at my virtual accomplishment, guysI'm sorry OP, I know you're sick. I'm trying to find help for you and many others.Until then all I can do is kek.

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>>523523508You'd have known from the start if you were looking, you had the Echo before ever getting the first crystal.

>>523523793Yeah but Hydaelyn was talking to me from the very first

>>523523856She talks to everyone with the Echo, but you only get the Blessing after first getting a crystal.The Echo in fact has nothing to do with Hydaelyn.

>>523523920>The Echo in fact has nothing to do with Hydaelyn.I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm just saying this isn't really how the game has portrayed it, at least up to the point of the story I am.

>>523523991If I remember right the Echo and Blessing being different is more or less explained by the end of ARR, basically you still getting Echo visions after losing the Blessing isn't an incongruity, it's how it works.The Echo not being related to Hydaelyn is only explained like three expansions later though.

>>523524314I hadn't gotten any echo scenes doing the main story quests after the whole Midgardsormr thing happened so I had assumed that when it happened doing the crystal tower shit I'd just done some shit out of order. After all, presumably some of these quests were in the game before others because of how MMOs work.

>>523523991That is exactly how the game portrayed it.

>>523524475>hydaelyn talks to you in the very first seconds of the game>later you find out you can see people's pasts>then you meet a girl who can also do this, and she also apparently talks to hydaelynMaybe I'm dumb, or maybe your knowledge of shit from later expansions is giving you 20/20 hindsight.

>>523524712Everyone with the Echo has heard Hydaelyn, that doesn't equal the Blessing.

>>523524804Ok, sure. But forgive me for drawing a connection between hearing her voice and having access to the Echo.Since the dragon severed the Blessing I've yet to talk to Hydaelyn, so I had assumed that meant all other benefits that I thought I had were gone

>>523524897>But forgive me for drawing a connection between hearing her voice and having access to the Echo.There is a correlation, but not a causation.>Since the dragon severed the Blessing I've yet to talk to Hydaelyn, so I had assumed that meant all other benefits that I thought I had were goneRemember that when you started the game, you had the Echo and heard Hydaelyn before ever getting a crystal.Also her not saying anything to you has more to do with her being half-dead than you losing the Blessing.

>oc donut steel catboy seals the tower away forever, never to be seen againWas this whole fucking plot written by interns? Or someone's teenage daughter?

>>523527469>never to be seen again

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>>523528162Fuck, don't tell me this asshole comes back. That is not encouraging me to keep playing

>>523528310Joke's on you, in like 300 hours he'll be your favorite character.

>>523528460I refuse to believe that. Yda will never not be my favourite

>>523528504>I refuse to believe that. Yda will never not be my favouriteOh you poor son of a bitch.

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>gay sex with hats ona true classic

>>523528674But I'm a Ronso.

>>523523991Latest story in patch cleared it up. The Echo is not a gift of Hydaelyn, but a requirement to get the blessing of Hydaelyn.

>>523528504Oh my goodness. You poor bastard. Welp, have fun with Stormblood.

>>523529175If I ever get there. ARR doesn't seem to want to end and I can only assume Heavensward is just as fucking long

>>523501343relying on other idiots doesn't mean the boss is hard.

>>523529280True, but Heavensward is much more interesting.

>>523521232>*hide titles*

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>>523529280Heavensward is like 80 quests shorter. Also much better overall.

>>523501343>Hard>Completely depends on the ability of the other 7 people in your party to do their jobRaiding is just being held back by retards.

>>523529365At least tell me ARR is nearly over. I just got to the feast in Ul'dah.

>>523501343Look at this MMO playing poser with his "prove you're a real gamer" garbage. Come back here when you've beaten Ninja Gaiden Black on Master Ninja difficulty.

>>523529451It's over. You'll be able to tell in like five minutes.

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>>523529567Thank fuck

>>523529451If if recall correctly, you are at the very end


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>>523522363you got one more to go, user

Are there any guides on what skills I should take and what my rotation should be for Blue Mage in Coil/Alex Savage?

>>523523583what third world country are you buying Shadowbringers where it’s $60?

>>523529684>Blue MageWho cares?

>>523529583You should probably do the Coils before actually starting Heavensward though.

>>523529893I've already cleared all extremes, savages, and ultimates so I want something new to do. Plus it allows extra flex and preps me for doing ultimates on blue next expansion to get that coveted Blue Legend title they have in the works.

>>523529910The what?

>>523530008Play other games, user.

>>523501343>leaving your reddit and porn tab open Embarrassing, XIV players have no self awareness

>>523530074The Binding Coil of Bahamut. Starts with the blue quests from Urianger at the Waking Sands.Though I guess for the point you're at it makes no sense to actually do if you've already started the long cutscenes for the feast.

I stopped caring about people flexing their ultimate titles and parses once I learned people buy 99% parses and kills all the time. There is even one loudmouth in my server who acts elitist and calls PvE easy while he literally buys every PvE fight in existence. He even was busted in Twitter and still defended himself with a "proof" video that actually only confirmed the boosting lmao

>>523530317I don't remember seeing that chain with him. Unless it only appeared recently, haven't been back to the Waking Sands since I needed to do all three hard mode primals

>>523530452It unlocks after doing the three hard mode primal quests.It's also the actual ending to ARR.

>>523530410Also adding that XIV got the equivalent of DBM now that just literally tells you what to do it kinda makes the fights alot easier

>>523530656Alright cool, I'll go do them after all this feast shit is over

>>523530725It won't make any sense to do after the feast, if the Echo bothered you this will drive you nuts.

>>523530768Man I'm used to MMOs. I know all about things happening out of order

>>523530656>It's also the actual ending to ARR.No, the coils are not the actual ending of ARR. They're a continuation of something from 1.0 and not connected to ARR beyond a single mention from alisaie during the story of HW. A single line. The actual ending of ARR is quite literally the 2.0 storyline, with everything else being a new story and/or the build up to HW.

>>523530837Are you already in the cutscenes?

>>523530893Yeah. Teledji is throwing around accusations like it's christmas

>>523530889>They're a continuation of something from 1.0Bahamut, Dalamud, Louisoix, and the twins are all pretty important. I mean finishing Coils literally gives you the other half to the opening cinematic of the game.

>Thirty Six Dollars"Omg what a cool mount! Can't wait to buy it.">"Hey guys, Shadowbringers has been getting less battle content... don't you think we should be asking for more battle content...?">"FUCK OFF WoWtard, all you care about is your skinner box! Unsub and go play other games! Loser!">AFKs in Limsa

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>>523529893You shut the fuck up.

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>>523531113Correct, they're all extremely important, but the coils are in no way the actual ending of ARR.

>>523531263>finish base ARR>hear giant roar after the credits at your party>don't do Coils and never have it explained

Wait what the fuck. Did Lolorito plan all this shit and just manipulate Teledji into being the fall guy? If so damn, that little shit is smart

>>523531352It's literally side story content, like all raids in XIV are. I don't know why you're trying to argue semantics when the quests aren't even marked with the MSQ icon.

>>523514781>I wouldn't know honestly since I don't use that faggot site or raid but I'll take your word for itWhat the fuck do you do in this game then?

>>523531436He's based, yes.

>>523531643I was convinced they were going for the "he's a greedy asshole, but he's a loyal greedy asshole" route. Guess I'm a dummy

>>523531602probably a degenerate erper lmao

>>523501343>Name a harder game and boss fight than ultimate raiding in Final Fantasy XIVliterally any shoot em up

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Imagine thinking that beating raids in an MMO is some kind of challenge when you’re copying someone else’s strategyOnly world firsts really matter and even then it’s just literal actual trial and error

>>523531470>It's literally side story content, like all raids in XIV are.

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Isnt ff14 just a bad wow clone with ddr mechanics though?

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>>523532514>It's bad because WoW sucks!XIV is one of the best games released in our generation

Lads I'm loving tanking.I've been leveling up my DRG through MSQ, in early heavensward, as I spam Dark Knight in dungeons. It is so fun. I'm comfortable with pulling big packs. So far I'm level 44. I have tanking experience in WoW too, but never did a raid.How does tanking in raids and shit work in this?Like do I stand there like a retard while the other tank, tanks? How do I know when to cast provoke? This is the only thing stressing me out about maining tank.

>five different fucking raids for the coil of bahamutYou guys are real assholes

>>523532514Why does Suzaku still have people seething

>>523531436Yeah Lolorito is a guy I love to hate, he's all over the place.

>>523534285Dont forget the 4 for the second coil, and 4 for the final coil

>>523531436He hijacked Teledji's plan because Lolorito is a patriot.

>>523535684Man, there's only one half elf in the entire game, if they can't even do interracial right, do you really want them to tackle LGBT?

>>523535893>only one half elfThey're doing great!

>>523535684I will forever ask why exactly we NEED more representation for XYZGBTBBQLMONP+++-== in games. They're video games. Fantasy worlds. Fantasy. Not real.

>>523535684>viera is a tranny>au ra is basedhmmmmm??? apologize??

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>>523534285Just use unsynch and PF for them, then it's only the length of the cutscenes practically.

>>523536595I do not understand what you are saying

>>523536249It's a fantasy game with magic. It makes sense to tackle real world issues. Expecially in a setting where gender expression can easily be done with magic items or glamour magic. Like having an Alchemist quest where you brew an experimental fantasia which gender swaps a character, with the other quests being about them coming to terms and enjoying their new sexuality. And considering how sprouting SE is of the lgbt community it'd be nice to see more representation in game anyways.

>>523501343>dodging red circles the game

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>>523536912>Click on heads the game>Press the notes game>Avoid the spikes game>Shoot the girl game>Move the mouse gameWow it's almost like if you break down a game like that anything sounds easy. Bad troll.

>>523532120>dude just memorize patterns and position yourself accordingly while maximizing dps to the bosswait a second........

>>523536905This is a good troll post. People, take note.

>>523531117I find this funny. I played ff14 from back in 1.0 till a little bit after heavensward launched. By the least few months I was subbed I was only interested in fishing, crafting, playing cards and decorated my FC house. I dropped from the raid ground and didnt touch combat for weeks. It was actually the most fun I had with the game. The Comcast gradually lost all appeal to me with the launch of ARR. Strictly vertical loot progression and mindless combat rotations wore thin. I had every class at 50, combat. crafter,and gatherer so It wasnt because I was playing a boring job. My favorites were WAR, MNK, and WHM.

>>523536676Unsynch is where you can take people of any level and trivialize it. PF is the party finder, NOT the duty finder, where you just make/search for a group from a list of other people doing the same. If you try to just queue for it in the DF you'll never find a group, it's not in any roulette. When you write a description, note that you'll be watchibg cutscenes and you have a furst-time poetics bonus.

I apologize for some of the typo's I should have reread before posting. It's early.


>>523529361/legacymarkdo you even know who you're dealing with ?

>>523534285So how'd you like the end of ARR?

>>523501343mythic raiding is harder. n'zoth alone is more complex than entire XIV

>>523538582Meh. All the Ul'dah political stuff isn't really of interest to me.

>>523534285>fell for the must do coils memeits 12 raids too. The coils are neat but by god does no one do them. Just come back to em later

WAIT A FUCKING SECONDFRAY IS A SHE??I thought Fray was a male this whole fucking time. I'm doing the level 45 DRK quest, and in the description Fray is called a she.

>>523539235leave before you get spoiled

>>523539235Anon is your character female by chance?

>>523539439>>523539271You know what. My character is female.i haven't been spoiled yet, but for some reason I DID have some sort of suspicion, around Fray and I, and I don't know why.I should leave


>>523501343Ninja Gaiden Sigma, even on the easy difficulty.

hows MNK? I made a delinquent highlander girl and theres no other job Id rather play on her

>>523540061A mess. Its getting reworked next patch so its hard to recommend playing it right now.

>>523540238ah fuck thats sad to hear. Hows it a mess? I got BRD to 70 so I assumed not a lot of things would be worse

>>523540425They practically don't change at all after 50 with the exception of GL4, and GL fucks them on every fight so hard SE has been playing damage control on it for like six years.

>>523540425MNK has a long history of being shit. They were fine in 2.0 but then NIN was released which stole their gimmick of being the fast DPS. In 3.0 they gave them more damage and no real support abilities so they became the high damage selfish dps similar to BLM. In 4.0 SAM was released and stole that gimmick from MNK. Their basic combo structure is really solid and feels good to play, but Greased Lightning is by far the worst buff in the game to keep up. 40% of their damage and 20% of their attack speed comes from Greased Lightning and half the fights in the game make it impossible to keep up. When it falls off it takes 12 GCDs to get back. Also at any given time a significant chunk of their buttons are worthless. Right now they have 5 abilities which you'll literally never press, you don't even need them on your hotbar.


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>>523541151I don't get people who think that was hard. Sure its harder than anything else in the game up to that point, but it really isn't that difficult.


>get my CNJ chest from Nier 2>literally cuts my bosooms in half compared to Nier 1Feels bad man.

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>>523542476Just buy our new cash shop outfit goy. You can have big tiddies for only a few shekels.

>>523542476With the amount of money $E is making out of this game you'd think they will allow Viera to wear hats and give them more hairstyles.

>>523531602Play the fucking story with friends? It's an rpg not a diaper simulator. Why would you play this game only for raids?

I struggle to see why I should pay 60 for this and subscription. I'm about a week into the free trial. When does it get good?

>>523523583>Fantasia FeeYou get one free ingame. And honestly why would you ever need one? You can just make the character you want when you first start playing. Only reason I see is if you want to play an expansion race after you stop being a trial player and purchase the full game.Speaking of trial players can they make Au Ras as well now that heavensward is inculded in the trial?

>>523545792quit playing then

>>523503145Energy Drain for ScholarNot the skill itself, just the fact aetherflow is tied to potential DPS gain. I'd rather energy drain just have its own charge / CD

>>523545792You can play until the end of heavensward for free man. If you don't like this shit just stop playing. MMOs are an acquired taste if you don't like it it's not for you.

>>523542946Man you're right. I saw someone in my FC wearing it. She basically never logs in but logged in the day that was out.And boy they were big tiddies.

>>523546328That's one of the best things about it retard. The fact that you have to choose between healing or more dps is one of the few remaining things that makes healing not a snooze fest.Heck they already removed ED once and nobody liked it so they put it back.

>>523545782lmao read a fucking book if you want story, anime are for children.

>>523546835it was bad they removed it because they didnt put anything in its place and you were left spamming biolysis nonstopI objectively think energy drain using aether is just dumb since it just encourages you to heal less which is bad design

>>523547314What are you doing on a children's website in a thread about a children's game then?Yeah fuck off to wow if you just want to skip all cutscenes while you wack off to your hrt meter getting high numbers.

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>>523501343It's only hard because you're waiting for the worse player in the team to not fuck up.And I'm the worst player.

>>523547992Fit sure is anime lit sure is anime. It's not 2007 cunt.

>>523530410>>523530660>clearing ultimate with the boys without triggers>not using the title so I don't get memed on when I fuck up in savage "perfect legend btw" Feels good, progging the fight over weeks was a lot of fun but I now realize that there is truly no content...

>>523548550That and pic related literally happened this year you faggot. Die in a fire you will never belong here.

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>>523547992I'm talking about video games which I play because of the mechanical challenge and not the braindead anime story because that would be an insult to any adult.

>>523549014Holy fuck, I'm embarrassing for you, truly. Maybe someday you'll wake the fuck up.

any suggestions for alternate gameplay?

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>>523533875There is Main Tank MT and Off Tank OT. The MT has boss aggro most of the time and is responsible for positioning the boss properly for mechanics as well. The OT is a glorified DPS that only does things other than dealing damage when specific mechanics take place the OT has to take care of. You should play both, it's not as complex as you might think and it will avoid gay situations where both tanks in the party only did OT for example. Provoke is used to perform a tank swap (or when both tanks died to get aggro quickly else a DPS gets the auto attacks). Tank busters usually (not always) apply a debuff on the initial target like physical vulnerability up. This means that as soon as the tank buster is over, a single auto attack will kill that tank in one hit. What you want to do is when the boss is casting the tank buster, you want to provoke during the cast and the other tank ideally shirks you to ensure you will have aggro afterwards. From then on you'd have to tank it, if you take a tank buster then you'd have to wait for them to use provoke (check enmity list) and then shirk them to swap again. As long as you explain you're new to raiding, no one can really flame you for fucking up so don't be too worried.

>>523501343>My group finally got a clean Nael killWe immediately at shit to Quickmarch but goddamn it felt good

>>523501343>posting stormblood ultimates during shadowbringers when stormblood ultimates got so nerf hard that a team of 8 tanks can clear ucob together meaning anythinglmao imagine being a person showing this off to a chinese cartoon image boardalso hiding your name means jackshit because you can go to anyones fflogs who cleared both fights to do this

>>523516179Tataru very quickly becomes like the second most important person in the Scions

>>523549183>ESL describes himself as embarrassing and is accidentally accurateHilarious, please post more.

>>523549675>also hiding your name means jackshit because you can go to anyones fflogs who cleared both fights to do thisThat's exactly what the guy in OP's pic related did. It should have been obvious he was full of shit the moment you saw the tabs you newshit.

>>523549414So as soon as the Boss starts casting a tank buster, I (if I'm OT) cast provoke, while it's in mid cast?Also I'm assuming it's a blaring and obvious yes, but should I study the wiki for boss mechanics pre raid, so I understand everything, or just go balls deep and learn first hand.One more thing, does the game automatically label MT and OT, or is that just something both tanks decide when they get in the party?I think I'm gonna focus on being a MT. I aint no bitch.Also thanks a fuckton for the info user. You answered more than I could have asked for! Thank you!

>>523501343>moving out of circle on the ground hardthis is your brain on estrogen

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>unironically thinking mmo raids are hard

>>523552026Every fight that's not labeled as (Extreme) or (Savage) can easily be completed blind, don't worry too much about looking stuff up beforehand as everything is telegraphed fairly wellAnd yeah when they are casting the tankbuster, provoke during the cast and the tankbuster will hit the first tank and then the boss will switch onto you. This is generally only necessary for things which apply a debuff to the first tank, and is rare outside of higher end contentWhoever main tanks is pretty much just decided by who has their tank stance on, who pulls first, and who is doing the most damage

>>523552026yes, to tank swap you use Provoke during the tankbuster cooldown so the next auto attack hits you instead of the other tankas for mechanics, there's very few actual tank mechanics. you've probably seen them all by level 60The game does not label MT and OT, typically the better geared tank will be MT. Some fights don't use the OT at all, some have a shit ton of stuff for them, and sometimes they even switch often enough that MT and OT don't really applyalso, Dark Knight is the beefiest tank. good choice

>>523552026>focus on being a MTHell yeah, going from MT -> OT is WAY easier than going OT -> MT so you'll save yourself a lot of troubleFor studying mechanics beforehand, it depends what you want to do. Even now there are lobbies that are "practice from start" where you don't really have to know a lot beforehand to just get into the fight, but if you want to progress faster, it's helpful to know mechanics beforehand. It's usually a blend of both, sure you can try to memorize mechanics by heart, but knowing them and then playing and applying it makes you remember them a lot easier + getting used to your rotation for that specific fight (like do I want to hold this damage buff here, should I pop a cooldown there, that kind of small stuff that comes along as you do a fight more often).

>>523546108They can.

>>523501343>plebbit tab>into the trash it goes

>>523552463>dark knight is beefiest tanknot when war and gnb exist


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>>523554616WAR is beefy as fuck in dungeons sure but who cares about fucking dungeons?GNB is made of fucking tissue paper in comparison

>>523555090do you think nascent flash doesnt exist in raids or something?

>roulette into SoS>retards fail first click to winhere we fucking go

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>>523537868>1.0a sucker

>>523501343lol Mythic Archimonde and Kil'jaeden

>>523555174And are you trying to pretend that Nascant is worth dick in raids compared to TBN?

>>523549229Why are you bothering to censor names. We're on 4chan retard

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>>523501343Try finishing Killzone 2 on hard difficulty.

>>523555627yes? look at any drk/war log and the war consistently heals 100% more than the drk lol

>>523556289And self healing is WAY less useful in raids than giving yourself or others a fuckhuge healthbar every half minuteChrist why am I even trying to argue you said fucking GNB was better at tanking damage

>>523556537name one (1) attack in this game that requires a shield

>>523556684Double Slap without a shield takes 3-4 defensive to barely survive without a shield

>>523556842then you should invuln it lol

>>523556684The prey marker in t10.

>>523556949If you invuln the second one you can't invuln a Morn Afah during Wyrms Lament 2

>>523556289>healsWhoopdie-fucking-do. I like WAR, and the self-healing is nice, but it still doesn't compare to TBN turning tankbusters into literal jokes, especially when you factor in its interaction with defensive cooldowns as opposed to just stacking % modifiers.

>>523557038>bahamutmight as well not exist, 99% of players have never done anything past t3, let alone t1

>>523557157>Name one>No, not that one. It doesn't count


>>523557312i'm not even the guy you were responding to

>>523557121thrill is literally just tbn

>>523557482On a significantly longer cooldown.

>>523556684o7s prey missile

>>523555989In this very thread someone unrelated to the previous thread's argument about ultimate raiding got doxxed. This place is full of autistic spergs who have nothing better to do.

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>>523555210To be fair that one is kinda bullshit. It's the only one in the game where you have to delibertly let the gauge fall close to the end because only when it's nearly empty do you get a massive boost in gauge gain when you press a button. Trying to do it normally is just wasted effort unless you have a turbo controller or something.

>>523557754>cheese genichiro with mortal blade>cheese first phase with mortal blade>actually fight the second phase >cheese last phase with lightning reversalive heard you can cheese his second phase by running around but i didnt bother.

>>523557754This is an xiv thread not a video game thread. The tards here don't actually want to hear about games outside their small well that is mmos.

>>523545792>When does it get good?combat gets good at the endgame. questing never gets good lol


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>>523501343Does it actually take skill? Or is it mostly grinding better gear and stats until you can beat it?

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>>523501343solo queue in overwatch as healer and try to climb from bronze to gm in less than three months. it's impossible.

If you don't know pic related you're not a real gamer.

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>>523559210You can't grind better gear and stats, there's a limit. It mostly comes down to finding 7 like-minded individuals with whom you're going to spend weeks/months doing the same fight over and over again until you clear or until someone snaps and the static disbands. It gets easier when everyone knows how to play their class so DPS checks aren't as tough as they could be.

>>523559210By the time an ultimate releases, everyone making a serious attempt at it already should have the best gear available from the previous raid tier, there is no grinding possible to beat it and is pretty much pure mechanical difficultyHere's a clear of the first ultimate they

>>523557739>Got doxxedIt's a literal who in a bait screenshot. It's like saying every time somebody posts a screenshot of the retards on official forum they are being doxxed.

Are all the SB EX fights able to be burned down now? I fucking hate dealing with Suzaku EX.

>>523555989It's because that image is actually from reddit.I know because my redditfag friend sent it to me.

>>523559949yeah, except for Suzaku lmao


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>>523559117The horse is dead, user. It's also the worst meme of it's kind, at least the fawn having the skill "dilation" is actually on point.

>>523560527Cry more, faggot.

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>>523560669>Faggot has the reading comprehension of a five year oldWhat a shocker.

When is the next Bozja patch getting released?

>>523560724>he actually went and cried more

hey. what are the paladin stat allocations?is it crit-direct hit-det, is there a skillspeed cap? i comfortably get 2 goring blades in FoF at my current skill speed

>>523560812>M-m-maybe if I-I d-d-double down??Yawn.

>>523560831All tanks are crit on everything, DH or speed on everything you can't slap crit on until you hit a certain thresholdGo to the balance website to see what GCD you want, I'm not sure what Paladins use for that


>>523561197>Still desperately trying to get attentionHave another handout, pleb.

>>523560234Fuck. How fast can you burn down Suzaku?

>>523561325>still crying

>>523561506>Being so desperate you try the same shit after failing twiceAdorable. I don't think I'll ever understand the reasoning behind this whole "pretending to be retarded" act.

rewards for roulette should scaled based on if you're a veteran player being put into a party with sprouts. holy fuck I am tired of wiping 3x on Moogle King before echo finally carries us through because mouth breathing shit licking RETARDS can't count to fucking FIVE and attack enemies in order

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It always gives me a smile when someone whispers me about my Necromancer title, asking for tips or just congratulating me.

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is there a reason to do lvl 50 extremes or should i just keep mindlessly grinding the MSQ

>>523561647>still crying

>>523552205We're not talking about Sastasha sprout.

>>523561005the balance website is only for stormblood it seems

>>523561932Not reallyI did Ultima EX and Odin a bit after hitting 50 and they were a pretty fun challenge, but the ques on duty finder took forever and it took several disbands

>>523561932they give horse mounts and can all be soloed when you're level 70+. skip them for now

>>523562182>Paladin guide was last updated for 4.5Fucking parsetrannies can't even do their one useful job right