Rune Factory 3 Special when?

Rune Factory 3 Special when?

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More like rune faggotry

more like rune i wanna fuck daria

5 is coming this year, right?

>>523499603Extreme doubt.

For me is Collette.

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>>523497142Not soon enough. Also I love Raven.

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RF3 has the best cast.And Micah is my favorite protagonist easily, the perfect player surrogate for that town of eccentrics and autists.

>>523497296Imagine her screaming "RAINBOW" during orgasm.

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>>523500767I liked lest better honestly. He had a tiny bit of a sardonic streak in some of his dialogue choices.

RF3 has the best world and cast.

>>523500993I wish it had been longer. Biggest flaw is that there isn't enough of it.

>>523501187It feels like an incomplete game at times.That's why I think it's a good candidate for a remake.

>>523501412I agree with you, though I'd prefer a frontier style extension over an outright remake.

Rune Factory Remake when?

>none of RF game let you romance milf not even in enhanced versionThat's it, i'm done with this franchise It's fucking garbage

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>>523501758in 2 there's the big titty scam artist.

>>523501412There's no female MC (so we had 11 girls to RF4's 6) which was a big draw for RF4.The could probably add one in a remake and just make events for Gaius, Rusk, Carlos etc..

>>523501909No femc is 3's strong point and the reason 4 sucked was that too much dev time was taken from the bachelorettes.

>>523497142Raven best girl. That is an indisputable fact.

>>523502081Gotta get the fujos

>>523502140This user is correct.

>>523497142Sofia is the WORST girl in the franchise

>>523502162No they don't. Fujos can suck a dick.

>>523500803That would be extremely gay


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>>523502518I will never not hate fags for stealing the rainbow. Why should colors be associated with their degeneracy?

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>>523502601Sweet, cute, generic, cute, fake, lewd, fun, generic, super sweet, generic, fake.

>>523501812You don't get itWithout ntr there's no point dating a milf

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>>523497142Should I jump into 4 or 3?


>>523503102>ntrworse than scat

>>523502081Is this true?


>>523503161play 3 first, the gameplay improvements in 4 make it hard to go backwards

>>523502856Carmen honestly has the best romance.

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>>523503161Both are good.RF3>MUCH better waifus and cast in general>simple crafting>very nice town>Aquaticus the relationships dragon>MC is based and get a cool armor too he can also turn into a monster albeit not a very threatening oneRF4>FUCK LOAD OF CONTENT BITCH"!!!11>bachelors if you gay or a girl>autistic and deep crafting>monsters actually are useful in combat unlike RF3>waifu loli dragon (do not fuck)

>>523497142I know there's kind of a rivalry between RF3 fans and RF4 fans. I love both games, but personally, I just prefer the cast of 4. I like the girls more. Their romance plotlines and engagements events are better, and overall I just feel that the townspeople of 4 are a lot more fleshed out than in 3. Not that 3 doesn't have highlights like Raven.Dolce & Pico best girls.

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>>523503757The first 3 games are waaay too short. What I don't like about 4 is that it doesn't treat you differently enough if you play as a guy or a girl. Most games are that way, so I'm afraid it will most likely will be in 5 too.Dolce sucks, Pico is good though.

>>523503285Kinda. Pretty sure the bachelors and bachelorettes have the same amount of events, but obviously the bachelorettes options would be cut down for the bachelors.

>>523497142I'd much rather have a 1, 2 or Frontier remake than 3 honestly. 1 and 2 due to how dated they are and I just prefer Frontier over 3.

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Remember no fatties

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>>523504609based raguna

Post your one true RF wife

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I hope we get more monster girl waifus in 5

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>>523504407>What I don't like about 4 is that it doesn't treat you differently enough if you play as a guy or a girl.This would get even worse if they add gay options as "everyone is bi".

>>523504804She ruined me for every other girl in the series.

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>>523497142Why does the idea of that sound so hot?

>>523504804I need to replay the Wii games before making a final decision, but I'll say Amber for now.

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>>523504893Hashimoto has said they're working closely with XSeed. So you just know they're gonna pester them until they add gay options. God, I hate faggots.

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>>523505131You're a masochist?

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>>523502601>can't get with Raven in 4Shit game design.

>>523505401I'm not. I've never even played Rune Factory, but I could borrow the first one on DS from my sister. The idea of getting used by monsters just sounds hot. What do Rune Factory monsters look like?

>>523505343>FoMT remake>everyone is suddenly bi for no reason

>>523505448Worst part is that she was supposed to be marriageable at some point in development, they even left her "I do" dialogue in the game's files. What could have been.

>>523505548>Raven lost twiceOuch

>>523505502Haven't played it, do you just trigger romance events with the guys if you befriend them?


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>>523505501>Borrow the gameJust get yourself Desmume on your PC. Drastic on your smartphone if you have one. You can play all three first games on either with no issue. You can also play Rune Factory 4 on Citra

>>523505502I'm holding out that the only reason they did that was because the girl version of the original FoMT had it.

>>523505501Your typical wolves, goblins, minotaurs, etc. None of that actually happens in game, Sofia is speaking in opposite whenever the text is red.

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>>523505548Was it new stuff or did they copy the RF3 files? Also I heard a rumour that Minerva from Frontier was supposed to be in and marriageable

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What rune factory characters should return in 5? I hope they bring back Dolce

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>less than 4 months left in the year>no announcementsCan they really pull it off?

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>>523505664It hurts. She deserved to win.>>523505863It was new, they used the new English voice actress. They also left in several variants of her intro speech where she said "this is weapons shop not a place for chatter" with different voice actresses.

>>523505965I wouldn't expect anything, given the circumstances.

>>523505841I honestly don't really mind if they add options, but be unique. "everyone is bi" is shit because it's just going to make everything gender neutral.

>>523504609Eunice was thick/chubby than fat. Seeing her in her swimsuit was proof of that and yeah it shows it even more when she loses weight. She still had a figure when she was thick/chubby.

>>523503102>These tits nipple thingsAll I ever think of when I see those are those weird shitty /d/ tier saggy long nipples

>>523505965Uhhhh they are taking longer because they are doing a PC version too, or so I hope.

>>523505228>pretends to be retarded>treat her like a retard>she gets upsetWorst girl, even worse than Egg Saber

>>523506021I think they wanted to avoid the issue if player already marrying her in 3

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>>523497142I’ve only played Frontier and Oceans. I feel like I’m spoiled on the 3D and I honestly don’t know which RF to play next.

What can fill the void of Rune Factory in my heart?

>>523503161start with 1 and work your way through the games.

>>523504437But the fact that the events are long is what made the game worse? As a player you can skip through it. Or have the devs admitted that allotting time for the femc detracted from things they wanted to add to the game? I thought the game was okay as it is

>>523506247That might be true, but I'd still use any excuse just to be able to marry her again. I mean they kinda did the same thing with frontier, where it implied that Raguna chose Mist but she up and left.

>>523506193She is retarded and is nice to everyone outside of her marriage event.

>>523505343if fags ruin this for me I'm going full Holla Forumstard I swear to fucking god

>>523504804Anette is the cutest cant believe i lost my save file for frontier right before i was going to marry her

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>>523506734I still need to finish that one too. So far I'm gunning for cinnamon.

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>>5235063073 then 4. Not 3D but tend to have more features than those.

>>523507038Alright, I’ll give 3 a play then check out RF4S later, thank ya user!

Anyone that wants to watch the girls events for RF 1, 2 and 3, this channel has them compiled even including the multiple choice

>>523503102There is always Jake...

>>523505851This always makes me laugh

Posting best

You wouldn't molest a ghost right?

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>>523507752;_; this nostalgia hits me way too

>>523507852woo woo woowoo woo woo

>>523506734Get her necklace so you can speed back to her user

>>523503757I have never seen any rivalry, people generally pick and mix stuff they liked from every game and are in a constant fear and hope of when (if ever) the next one is coming out


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>>523504804I love her so much, i don't care if she is semi retarded

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>>523507852You just know it's a three-way.

>>523505851>This is why i dont like humans...Every time

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>>523507852Give a cookie to Dolce on Valentine's and tell her it's for Pico.

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>>523505851I like how it happens after they are already married and gotten congratulations.


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>>523497142Please don't. Rune Factory 4 special had god awful looking sprites. And Rune Factory 5 will be soulless, thanks to Tencent owning Marvelous

>>523510234She won't fuck you because she will outlive you and her offspring, maybe she already went through that and is the reason why she won't do it.

>>523510412what the fuck. i never had high hopes for marvelous' future but they even got bought by tenccent?

>>523510509Yeah. It is where hopes and dreams goes to die.

>>523510568I know it looks bad but please i need 5 to be good

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>>523510656>>523510704Just have faith!

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>>523497142Imagine Rune Factory 3 with a post marriage section, town events, and the ability to marry Shino. It'll never happen but man that would be amazing.

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>>523512305Why would you want Shinonome when her daughters are top tier?

>>523512425Pia is my favorite girl in 3 but Shino herself is a 10/10 too.

>>523512337please, i need to marry her

>>523502641God i love petite girls

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>>523504804Carmen tomboy gf even comes with chad bro.

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>>523504804I'm so glad Special gave me even more cute moments with her.

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>>523513624>that yawn when she finishes her notesSomeone needs to make webms of the newlywed cutscenes.

Male bachelors were a mistake. I want my 10+ bachelorettes back

I'm going to make my own indie rune factory clonewhat should I put in it?

>Play 4 on hard/hell>Bosses are pretty easy>Every other normal monster two shots youI hope to god 5 has better balance

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>>523514308Suffering. Lots and lots of suffering.

>>523507852Pico does take some convincing but she does eventually come around to the point where there's probably threesomes every night.

>>523514308Lolis and monster girls just like RF because those are provably the best girls in each entry. Don't go too hard on the monstrous elements though, this isn't MGQ, they should still be mostly human or a fantasy race.

>>523514395>>523514627the duality of man

>>523514773That's why a wide cast is so important in dating sims. Though technically loli MILFs do exist.

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>>523515062Lolibaba dragons are pretty great

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>>523514308Don't listen to that other guy, put in MGQ style monster girls as there isn't any game like this with them starting with a slime girl. Make sure to have stuff that lets the townfolk interact with each other like 4's events.

>>523515490I always forget about Mikoto and the shop girl from Tides of Destiny, went with Lily myself

>how to upgrade Rune Magics>go to Leon and pay him to do the job>how to upgrade Rune Abilities>dude just farm 1000 boxes lmaoFor what purpose


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>>523515557Monster girls are boring if you're not into fetish stuff.

>>523513947Leon, Doug, and Arthur romances were good. The rest... Eh.

>>523515557When you start getting into slime, lamia and centaur territory, they stop having human genitals. Which is fine in some cases but in most of them HORSE PUSSY is a big turn off. Also fucking one giant pile of goo shaped like a girl is pretty aimless.

>>523515941We've already had a few and I wouldn't call them boring.>>523516089Lamias can easily have human genitals you just start the tail below it.

>>523514308Village of nothing but oppai lolis

>>523516909Now we're talking. Even your daughter should be one.

>>523516909One would be good, too bad no one has the balls to put them in their games.

>everyone wants something differentI can't have lolis because that will get me banned from everywhere after I add the pornographyI'll add 2 milfs, and they'll have a lot of banter between themthe dungeon boss waifus will be monster girls (and they'll be mostly boring monsters, no spiders or horse pussy)also they'll all wear microbikinis and suffer a lot

>>523504804RF2S, i wanna marry barrett desu>>523514308dilfs, rival marriage + children, unique daily town interactions, and various events or fuck off

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>>523514308Reverse traps

>>523502601this image shows why carmen is best girl.

>>523517621You need lolis in microbikinis or it won't be a true RF clone.

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>>523518184ok I'll add lolis but they won't have h-scenesinstead they'll have headpat and handholding scenes

>>523514308lolis, milfs, and a gilf.skimpy outfits for all, and make it mod friendly for the porn mods

>>523506184>they are doing a PC version tooThat would be great, although no one seems to be making any mods for SoS:FoMT even though it's technically possible. I sometimes try to figure out what does what in the disassembled exe file, but god damn if it's not hard as fuck, even with the tool that tries to reconstruct it into C++ code.

>>523517621Well of course everyone wants different small details. The biggest things you need to get down is that the town needs to feel alive and that both farming and fighting are satisfying enough to make you want to do both. Oh and a cute robot girl.

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Posting a forgotten wife

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>>523497142So what's the opposite of this?I don't want to take you to the city and let people have their consensual way with you once?

>>523518526Ah, a /m/an of culture.

>>523513220Sisters belong to their brothers. It's not good splitting them up.

>>523519205Literally who

>>523520083Felicity, one of the wives from RF1

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>>523519597>t. user who has never had sisters

Do they eat meat in the world of Rune Factory?

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>>523520157The first game seems like the least played one overall.

>>523520157I really like the idea of visiting the library to get Tori to like you, but in practice it's a little silly to keep reading the same tutorial every day.

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>>523520461I think so too>>523520849First game a has a lot of weird marriage requirements, like getting a love snapper to level 80, finding very specific items or talking to people at very specific times

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>>523497142>originally hate the last boss because their plan is pretty heckin' stupid>realize that they were just trying to weed out the thots and it's always your spouse's fault that you need to do the last portion of the game because of their specist doubts and fears>they also NTR the protag's potential prior to amnesia family with no guilt whatsoeverWith all this in mind is there TRULY a best girl in 3?

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>>523505501sorry user but you're a masochistic bottom bitchhave fun getting all your holes filled by vicious monster while your waifu watches you with a smile ignoring your calls for help

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>>523510234I read the title as "defective elf" and I can't stop laughing.

>>523523167Illuminata ace defective

>>523520849Amber's tight cunny...


>>523523563Imagine the taste. Probably honey.

>>523523634She makes her own

Attached: 1400816974275.png (536x681, 34.58K) the nostalgia is crushing

Carmen is and will forever be my favorite. I didn't even like her that much at the beginning of the game, and I found her brother-thing a bit creepy. But boy did she grew on me.Raven is the most popular girl in the threads I've been in, but never liked her much, too muted and passive for my taste.Daria is fun, but a bit too energic and weird art-school chick.Shara is impressively boring and bland Pia is cute, and probably open to kinky stuff, but there are other fish in the ocean.Sakuya was the girl I was going for in the beginning, but didn't like her much after a while, especially when she told my character that he looked like a girlSofia is fun, I like herKarina had a pretty nice arc, and while I like her, but also a bit muted.Kuruna always got a lot of flack in the v threads, but I like her, she is nice, and got a sweet British accent, Her gimmick with candy gets a bit too repetative.Marian is great and awesomeColette is cute, but I don't think her metabolism is going to be that strong in the next few years

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>>523514317I'm playing RF4 Special on Hard as my first RF game and I can never tell whether I'm just undergeared or it's just the difficulty. Been enjoying it a lot though.

I'm gonna bite you!


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>>523526852Just remember to upgrade your armor and weapons as much as you canIf you're still stuck then just lower the difficulty to normal, run to the boss room and then go back and up the difficulty again. The mobs are way more bullshit than the bossesFuck the delirium lava ruins

>>523527081>Fuck the delirium lava ruinsI passed that the other day and it was one of the areas that made me question it the most, and then the boss was an absolute pushover. Honestly though, I'm too stubborn and will probably refuse to take off Hard difficulty even if I get stuck.

>>523527051I'll post the full for you coward

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>>523503757Good taste

>>523505871>Milf DolceYes please.

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>>523514523Lewd but most likely true.

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>>523528634You mean single and alone Dolce.

>>523530062As long as I can see more of her I don't mind.

>>523503757>shared diaryI hope to hell that something like this exists in RF5, I also hope the events are more personalized for the waifus. The reason I love Dolce is because her events have little touches that account for Pico and other things which is not as apparent with the other girls

>>523528971Sauce nao, I need this for my Dolly folder

>>523505871It should be you and your wife from the save data.

Reckon the tencent influence over the developers will be non-existent or will they make some demands?

>>523530675>expecting based nips to cow to chinksNah

>>523530538Oh you have a Dolly folder too? Luckily for you I check Pixiv regularly. I really need to find a way to organise my folder soon. Here you go: concept for this one is that Dolce's clothes have been upgraded with the invisbile stone item but it had a bit of a side effect.

>>523527518I find it to be more enjoyable to lower the difficulty just to get to the boss when that happens since then the boss will actually be a bit more difficult and then they are way more fun to fight

Clorica is the cutest, softest and most adorable girl from RF4.

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>>523532158True but for the entire series and not just 4. She also has the cutest swimsuit.

>>523532158I love her long "gooooood morninnnng" she says when greeting.

>>523532158>keep gifting Clorica stuff trying to get on her route>"I love you" does nothing still>she stops me one day, says she has a gift for me>oh boy finally!>[Rock] received.>"This is a special rock, I tripped on it today. You can have it. Eheh!"She's an absolute dork and I love her.

If anyone wants them, here's the RF4 audio files, I didn't rip them, got the MEGA link from a RF thread a year or two ago. Now you can listen to your wife!adEBFboA!wTzdKkk5KKCppb1N2b_qRw!2MFT2RZC

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>>523532158But who is the lewdest RF4?

>>523533187If you're not counting bachelorettes then obviously Pico.

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>>523533175Downloaded this before but some of those Dolce lines are mighty lewd...

>>523533792Sleepy time

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rf4 is shitI couldn't get into it at all after rf3. also my wife marian is so cute

>>523537141No sense or right and wrong.

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I can't seem to get any taming hearts on boss monsters, I have room in my barns but giving them items don't seem to register for taming.

>>523537689You have to give them specific items or it wont work. The giant faeries, for instance, only respond to giant crystal flowers of their respective color.

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>>523537826I'm trying to get Siren, Do I have to defeat her first once or can I give her giant 4-leaf clovers beforehand?

>>523497142the only thing that i hate about rune factory is that you cant customize your character and you have to deal with a blond shota fuckboi to represent you, i would play them if that wasnt the case, it really messes with my autism.

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>>523538043You also need to be a higher level than her to stand even a tiny chance of it working, but yeah you should probably defeat her at least once before making the attempt. She'll respawn.

>>523538097Play one of the games in the series where you play as someone with a different hair color

>>523538183Thanks, It's probably best I grind levels, But I'm at 145 at the moment. What's considered the best things to kill once in Rune Prana to level up?

>>523538097Why does he have to wear a barrette?

>>523538507Anything in rune prana 7.

>>523538382i tried playing rune factory frontier, it kinda sucked

>>523538507>grind levelsDon't bother. The combat is all about equipment check rather than levels. Just max your crafting and forging. Up to rune prana 6 Orichalcum equips are the best you could get.If you need strong companion monsters, just save, feed monster with their favourite items, and reload if you fail.

>Just got the Clorica event where she offers you tea and gets increasingly embarrassed as you compliment her.And just like that I've chosen.

>Reminder that you will NEVER EVER have consensual baby-making sex with the cute loli dragon girl.

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Funny that RF thread popped up just as I found my lost handheld and got back into playing RF 4.Are there any must material monsters you want into your barns other than chickens and cows? I was up to 2nd boss before misplacing my console and have no played up to 3rd.

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>>523541183I've always found Woolys useful

>>523539793He wants to be able to recruit boss monsters. You need to be a higher level than them for it to work.

Guys.I'm fucking tired of dating vidya girls.There's this co-worker at my job, she's really cute and I know she likes me. I'm... I'm going to invite her out!

>>523541665No. As long as the musical note appear when you brush them then the monster is tameable as long as you feed them with their favourite items. It's just that the chance is very low.I managed to tame level 350 G Golem and level 300 Dead Tree 2 when I was like level 190. I even tamed level 1250 Terrable when my level less than 250

>>523542017The chance is astronomically low. How many times did you soft reset for that to happen.

>>523541987Enjoy getting fired for sexual harassment.

I married Dorothy in RF2 because i want to fuck barrett so i took her from him

>>523541665The issue I was having is that the heart symbol when taming wasn't appearing over boss monster heads (not even the skull for failing) but non boss monsters were getting them. I assume I'm just getting a bug.

>>523542142I got lucky and only need 2 resets for G Golem. But yeah I need few hours to tame Yellow Dragon, Dead Tree 2, Aquaticus and Terrable.It's still nothing compared to >>523515693 though.

>>523513624I'm really considering getting RF4S despite having already nearly finished the 3DS version.

>>523542710Some boss monsters are just flat out untameable, some will like anythig you give them but have a low chance of actually being tamed(i tamed a typhon by lobbing grass at it lmao) others like Marionetta will respond ONLY to their favourite items. You should look into this a bit

>>523538097It's had bits of customization. 5 will probably at least let you change clothes.


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What new feature/addition (or bachelorette archetype) would make Rune Factory 5 a day 1 buy for you?

>>523545231Small meat buns

>>523545851It's already at pre-order tier for me

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>>523545851It's already a day 1 buyBetter shop management would be great though, you could theoretically just take Recettear and put it into the game. It could be the best shop managing game. It's probably too extraneous though.


>>523546019Doug is a little shit

>>523526413I always felt like Pia was probably the most canonical of the potential brides in 3. Even though Shara is the obvious meet cute and first girl you meet, everything about the final dungeon and boss just makes it seem like it was made with Pia in mind.

>>523513947More than 8 options is honestly just excessive

>>523543172It's got an extra difficulty so if you're playing on normal it might be an interesting experience if you jumped right into after you beat that.>>523545851I'm buying it day 1 but I agree with this guy >>523546081. It would be cool if there was a lamia in 5 too.

>>523514308A second generation where you play as your kid, like in RF2.

>>523497142Are those games any good?

>>5235470814 is great, and I haven't played 3 but that's supposed to be about the same.

>>523514308Funny because I also trying to make one.Only 3 girls though.

>>523545851Rival Marriage and Rival ChildrenBara Bachelor

>>523547081For a game that was originally made to be a fantasy spin off of Harvest Moon, yes. The sequels just got better and better.

>>523545851It coming out. But I hope it still lets you invite your family on hunts.

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>>523545851PC release. No matter how good it is I am not buying a switch.

Will Rune Factory always be exclusive to Nintendo?

>>523549078Oceans came out on PS3.

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>>523549359Sweaty blacksmith

>>523503512>>waifu loli dragon (do not fuck)Lest doesn't get this memo in her Another Chapter. He can't keep himself off her.

>>523545851Bachelorettes getting jealous and/or trying to steal you away from other girls would make my dick diamonds.

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>>523550017>Venti gets BASED Another Chapter.>Still can't romance her in gameIt's like Marvelous wanted to twist the knife

what's the concensus on frontier? only one i played and i liked it.

>>523515354What effect does she have to offer the Blue-Eyes White Dragon archetype?


>>523550152At least she got it at all. It is a shame they didn't let you romance the main and most important girl in the game, but the fact we got anything is nice. Can always play the game naturally, stay single, and take that as your true ending after you get her back.

>>523550152Marvelous was very well aware that everybody would waifu Ventis, and all the other girls would be ignored.

>>523550806I wouldn't.

>>523550672hint: It was already posted in this thread

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>>523550806That already happened with Raven. I don't think they should care.

>>523552450That's exactly why. They felt having Ventuswill would both pressure people to go with her due to being the main girl and they didn't want to invalidate the other girls either. There would still be others that'd go for them, but you'd have their choices feel less for it.

>>523553369Stop making shit up.

>>523553573Main girls or even just the suggestion of there being one does pressure people to go with them over other options. This generally does invalidate other options because it suggests that the player is wrong with their choice. You also have the bullshit shipping/choice discussions where people will say you went with the "not canon" pick whether or not that is true or not. See Cold Steel, Persona, Ar Tonelico, and many other games with "waifu" choices.

>>523519223Im pretty she wants to take you to her room and have her way with you

>>523501412what does 4 special add

>>523553984That's all fine and dandy, but you still don't know what Marvelous' intentions were.

>>523545851bachelorettes (male)

>>523501909I hurted myself giving gold to Gaius even knowing he wasn't an marriage option

>>5235542484 is huge compared to 3.

>>523504804Always liked Odette. Tides of Destiny in general had a really nice selection for both sides, but she wins it all.

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>>523505841I think you're mistaking it with HMDS Cute, which had the 'best friend' system that was removed when brought to the west.

>>523555551I always thought it was a shame Oceans/ToD never got as much of a reception as the other entries in the series. It had quite a few pretty nice girls. The only dud in my opinion was the maid. The tomboy was probably the worst tomboy out of the entire series, but the rest are all great so she was still decent overall.

>>523550038Damn. That's a good idea.

>>523556227Rune Factory in general is nebulous that people actually prefer it when it's NOT on console. Don't get me wrong, Frontier and Tides of Destiny are great games and I'm glad to own both of them, but when you compare their reception to say (maybe) 2, 3 and 4 it's not even a contest and they as well fade into the background. Also doesn't help people did not like Aden as a protagonist at all.

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>>523556881>Also doesn't help people did not like Aden as a protagonist at all.To be fair he's kind of a dick most of the time. I personally paired him with Pandora because she forced him to stop being the tsundere one.

>>523553984Even worse in RF2 where many girls had canon love interests that you would cuck.Mana was also the most blatantly canon choice in the series.

>>523553984I don't care that there's a 'canon' choice in the game, but I do care that the canon waifu is always the dullest one of the lot. I get Japan has an obsession with the YN 'perfect waifu' trope but come the fuck on. EVERY lead girl doesn't have to be a goddamn doormat.

>>523497142>tfw it took me years to realize Daria was holding a chisel in her other handHow could I not figure out something so obvious?

>>523500553>Never see her with her hair down>Even though she'd be a 10/10I feel robbed.

>>523537570>constantly drugs Micah into her girly slave>goes around town forcibly injecting peopleHow does she get away with it?

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>>523504609>She actually goes on a diet and is glad she managed to lose the weight

>>523559305By being literally the only doctor in town that isn't so old she's about to croak.

>>523505871They literally just go with whoever's most popular. Yue, Raven, and Barrett were absolute poll-stompers.

>>52355754930 seconds intro. 28 seconds about her and 2 seconds for the rest.

>>523560387Still married Yue.No regerts.

>>523560595Best girl.

>>523497142I'd rather 5 or a 1 remake up to modern RF standards

>>523559305She could probably just brainwash anyone who objected.

>Became the wife of choice before she even introduced herselfHow do any other 4 girls even compete?

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>>523561512Simple. They don't

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