Should I play dmc5?

should I play dmc5?

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>>523495660I want to bury my face in that cute tight ass

>>523495660Yes, it's fun.


bros... what do girls tits feel like

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>>523495776Squishy and soft. Ass is better though


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>>523495776bags of breasts

>>523495776Really really good. I used to play with them for hours. I miss it.


>>523495921post Nero

>>523495776Try touching your butt while in a relaxed position. It's not 1 to 1 but you'll get a general idea.

>>523495660Only if you like kicking ass to gay pride parade anthems.

>>523495660if you like punching bag simulators. If you're looking for a challenge, pick up a Soulsborne game

>>523495921take your meds

>>523495921I doubt female coomers are the ones complaining about male coomers. It's like how yaoi and yurifags have no reason to conflict, it's a live and let live situation.

>>523495660cute butt

>>523495776soft and squishy, fun to suck on

>>523495660>should I play dmc5?Yup. It's legitimately the best action game ever made.

Anyone else find it a bit strange how 80% of DMC porn is gay stuff?

>>523495921You'll die of AIDs faster than we do of cancer, lol.

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>>"str8"/Mentally ill cocksucking faggot.

YawnCalls me if she turns around

>>523495776i cant remember....

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>>523496659Are you asking me if it's surprising that Dante is a female/fag sex icon on the equivalent level of Lara? Because the answer is no. Why would that be surprising to anyone?

>>523495660Yes.>>523495921Based gaychad dabbing on attention grabbing OPs.


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>>523495776>he wasn't breastfedsad

>>523498173>Male feet fetishistGod, you just get worse & worse, eh?

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>>523495660Well, sony censored, so that is what the high seas are for OP.

>>523495776squishy, round, soft, warmfun to tease them with

>>523495776when i touch a girls boob in a dream it feels like my own moob

>>523498814Were that deranged faggot's around-the-clock psychopathic fantasies of everyone except his assfucking AIDS ridden faggot buddies suddenly dying not enough to convince you?

I can't decide whether to bang the jap bitch or the tattoo bitch

>>523495660Not enough art of Trish and Lady being held inside of demons and being used as lewd batteries.


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Why is the western DMC porn so fucking bad? Plus Sadpanda only has one doujin with good art and it's Nero sticking it to Dante

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>>523495776I actually enjoy more fondling my gf's breast through her cloth with no bra than directly.

>>523495660It is only okay. 3>>1>>>>5>>>>>>the rest

Lady is a beautiful young lady!

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>>523498814I will never understand str8 men with feet fetish, women feet are ugly. Men's feet are manly and rough, that's what feet are all aboutWomen's feet instead are stinky and deformed, it's like you have a fantasy of cinderella's feet but all real women's feet are disgustingStr8 men seriously need to get cancer and die.

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>>523501920I can't even begin to imagine the sheer disappointment it was for your father to see his child become a psychopathic cum guzzling sodomite faggot with more daddy issues than sperm cells in his colon shitposting and evading bans 24/7 on an online imageboard because he cannot process in his sexually twisted and rotten mind his lifestyle is grotesque to the overwhelming majority of inhabitants of the planet. What an unbelievably miserable existence.

>>523502723You're the one who sounds unhappy but okay

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bros... what does a toned tummy feel like

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>>523503080>that>toned tummyno

>>523503234>faggot who things toned means being a roided up monstrosity

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>>523503348you're a legitimate nigger if you think that's tonedit doesn't even have any definition

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>>523503461and you're a legitimate faggot if you think it's not

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>>523495660You can tell it’s a Japanese game by her ass alone.It’s modeled after an Asian woman who has poorly shaped butt.No matter how much Asian women work out, their butts will never be round.

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>>523503080>tonedAnon that's not toned. And there's nothing wrong with that. Soft kissable bellies are just as good if not better. Especially Nico's.

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>>523503515>he's still going LMAO, Nico is many things but toned isn't one of them

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>>523503579and you're still gay

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>>523503608>still no toned stomachyou're in denial, and heavily dosed with melanin and AIDS

>>523503648and you're still a faggot

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>>523497021Get high, man. Haven't felt tits in over three years, yet sometimes when I'm high enough, I can feel them again...Anyways, yes, buy DMC. Life's short, user.

>>523496659No, lots of gays play DMC so naturally a lot of the porn is gayPlus have you seen Nero Vergil and Dante lately? They basically begging to have their tight pink holes creamed in and destroyed. Especially Nero and his tight ass and fat bulge

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>>523500879>Nero sticking it to Dantesauce me up Vergil daddy

>>523503675>running out of images>still no toned stomachLMAO, here ill give you some clues

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>>523503894and you're still gay

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>>523503630I want to do this to Vergil while Dante watches

>>523503521The characters in DMC5 are fully photoscanned, you dumb mother. Her ass is the same as the ass of her face model.

>>523495776like bags of sand

>>523503940>he's still goingBAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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>>523504023Naw, theyre all edited after being scanned and all nude models are stitched from somewhere else.

>>523503958Can you go away. Take your AIDS and degenerate lifestyle somewhere else. Gross.

>>523504361>not wanting to pound Vergil's soft creamy assi dont know bro you sound kind of gay right now

>>523503630alright whats the sauce mate

>>523504583You are forcing yourself into an exit only, you can’t breed, your sex smells like farts, and you have high rates of disease because of it. Just stop.

>>523504771Let the degenerate cunt continue he’ll only end up blasting himself by the time he’s 35 anyway

>>523503521How to get an ass like thatAsking for gf

>>523505019start walking on the balls of your feet, for starters

>>523504771>>523504917>ywn enjoy and appreciate the full experience of ramming Vergil against a walldamn bros i genuinely feel sorry for you guys

>>523503348>>523503515>>523503551>>523503675>>523503940>>523503940You much as I like Nico, that voice of her's is hella annoying.

I don't like tats

>>523505019Travel to Peru or Colombia, buy a slut from Venezuela or an HIV free test, have kids, take care of her body and she will stay with u

>>523496659I always suffer from this. I'm bi but still, I want some hetero art of Dante or any male character!

>>523505532Retard, go to any developing country and say you'll take your tinder date to America. That's all you have to do.

>>523495660Yes I mean look at him you'll either want to fuck him, or get fucked by him.

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>>523506343I want to be him (and fuck Patty).

Literally porn on OP's picture.Rest of thread is full of porn.Jannies remove gay images that show nothing.Another day in homophobic 2020.


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>>523505278You'd b surprised at how many people get horny over it. I remember some britbongs in these threads gushing over her accent wondering what the fuck it was.

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>>523506906She didn't have any clothes to wear. She's literally the victim.

>>523506906You were baiting. You get what you deserve.

>>523495660>>523503521Is it bad that I'd really want to lick their assholes?

>>523499086>that statementKEK

>>523507028I'm ok with everything about her, except for the smoking part. That shit is so disgusting it kills my boner. It's a shame.

>>523495776>you will never touch a woman during your lifetime

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What the hell is happening in this thread?

>>523507872anons being horny on main about DMCI love it

>>523506906I don’t hate you for taking it up the ass, I hate that you people make up the vast majority of child molestors.

>>523502836>n-no u!good job faggot

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I am still salty u cant play as Lady. They even made her in game model and weapon.

>>523508000Okay, so as far I see. >lonely>two waifutards fighting>horny fujos>horny homos>and -transphobe- fighting with some other anonWell, usually there's fighting between between wich DMC is best wich usually devolves into shit flinging. I can say this one is worse.

>>523508329Well, yeah because she's a character in the story. Having her weapon has nothing to do with really, because Dante gets it within his first two missions.

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>>523508329Don't worry you can play her in the upcoming DMC: Pinnacle of Combat available for smartphones.ngl some of the things they've done with lady in that shitty mobile look interesting, hopefully they'll add them to Lady through a Special Edition, if they ever release that

>Tfw need to coom but your FWB won't even let you look at her naked

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I love naked women so fucking much bros.

>>523508568At the end of the game there is a cutscene that hints they were intending to implement Lady and blonde one as playable characters. They just didnt have the time/resources. And Capcom didnt let them do DLC. Even Vergil that was almost playable didnt make it in the end

>>523509161Based straight user.

>>523501752Is she working for facebook?

>>523509412You need to go back.

>>523509760based reubdon

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>>523506906Faggots are UNWELCOME here...UNWELCOOMMEEEEE

>>523495776like salty bags of milky coins

>>523509006What do you mean?

>>523510026She gave me the "we need to respect each other" speech and has now withheld sex from me.

>>523509760Sweet, you'll be a part of the 51% soon tranny...

>>523509760Based. I love him even more now! Covid is a hoax.

>>523495776it's just skin and fat basically. after playing with some for the first time i concluded "holy shit this is boring" but the girls wanted me to keep going so i made an effort not to even go there in the first place.

>>523510169Ghost her till she comes begging

SFM artists need to STOP making Nico porn and make more Lady porn

>>523510714Love Lady, but at least make her fuck Dante.


>>523495660Yes. But start with DMC3 first. And at least watch a speedrun of DMC4.

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>>523495776salty milk and coinsThey're really just squishy balls of fat, dude, feels nice but not really something groundbreaking

>>523506906>Literally pornIt's ingame, you troglodyte

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>>523512110Disgusting advice Kill yourself my man

>>5235125134 was shit but it's neccesary for the story.

>>523512716If you intend to get into a series, you start on chronological order and don't skip anything like a fucking pussy, not start midway like a fucking retard

>>523506906>Jannies remove gay images that show nothing.faggotry is disgusting tho, it should be removed

>>523495660Yeah it's awesome, one of the best

>>523512464I posted scenes from the old god of wars that had naked girls and got banned for it. It was in a god of war thread too. This place is pretty gay

>>523495660What an absolute gross "white woman" shape. No harmony or proportionate at all.

>>523495660I would marry Lady if I could

>>523513705but then she'd be Wife not Lady

>>523495660get that hag lady out of there and let me sniff nico's armpits

>>523513705>marrying a girl with a fetish for demonsJust asking to get ntr'd aren't ya

>>523513817>FetishBut she kills every demon she sees


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>>523513993She tried to kill Dante like million times in DMC3 tough.

>>523513993poor dante

>>523513993>She doesn't kill the one demon mutt That doesn't make up for her gunning down every other innocent full blooded demon she meets

>>523512464>>523495660i like this version better

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>>523506906You aren't welcome here

>>523514113>demon muttDante and Vergil are Japanese.

>>523514074What do you mean? Did you seriously think he was going for that kiss? As if

>>523514113>demon muttDid you really had to call Dante like that?

>>523495660Wait for a sale.

>>523514134>nipple tat implies nip but doesn't show itthem japs are too fucking good at this manwhat will they come up with next?

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>>523495660literally a perfect female specimen designed for breeding

>>523495660Man, I just wanna see Lady's 1/4th demon babies...

>>523514279Yes. Dante and Vergil are genetic dead ends due to interspecies coupling. This sort of behavior should be discouraged. Sparda should have settled down with a pure demon wife and continued his bloodline but instead knocked up some human bimbo who craved the BDC (big demon cock) Absolutely disgusting. I'd tell the entire family to go to hell but I don't want them here

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>>523495776Nice, I like sucking on tits. like grabbing a thigh except way squishier.Ass is indeed better.

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>>523496563I second that. Some women like it when you do it too.

>>523495660>should I play dmc5?Play 1 for the superior action adventure.Play 2 for the luls.Play 3 to gaze into the demented minds of those who enjoy mashing away against puppets in ugly rooms.Play 4 to see the same but in less ugly rooms, and with more variation.Play 5 for the superior coom action.


>>5235146651/8. Sorry he fucks only Nero.

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dmc5 is boring, no wonder no one ever talks about it.

>>523514843>Play 3 to gaze into the demented minds of those who enjoy mashing away against puppets in ugly rooms.Based. 3rannies should neck themselves.

>>523514843>4>more variation????

>>523495660if you like dmc games you'll like this one too.

>>523514893Sorry, but Nero only practices Hand-holding with Kyrie

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>>523515010>tfw you realize Nero is 100% a "mommy gf" kind of faggot

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>>523515057Anon nobody is gonna like that ship, Lady is almost 20 years older than Nero

>>523514843>1 for the superior action adventureAt a bare minimum, 1 is objectively worse than any other title in the series (including DmC) with its terrible menus and FPS segments. Needing to watch another weapon spinning into place to equip it is fucking stupid.>mashing away against puppetsIt's plate spinning. Just like high skill is weaving buffered inputs, high skill for enemies is rotating your attacks between them to keep as many neutralized as possible. Difficulty is that you can't check all of them, and each requires an enemy- and situation-dependent action. Hell & Hell lays this out.

>>523515392>Lady is almost 20 years older than NeroEven better.

>>523495660Yes, it's just hamfisted porn, obnoxious sidekicks, swears, drama, goblins and dubstep, everything you want in a western game. Oh wait, it's not western? What?


>>523515643>hamfisted pornHuh? What?

>>523514769How the fuck does she even walk around with those things?

>>523515643>dubstepIgnored. There is not a single dubstep track in DMC5.>King Cerb-Again, not dubstep.

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>>523515713>DMC3Every game except DmC. Most difficulties (skipped a lot of DMC2), most characters in 4, etc. I've played enough of the series to not obsess over one game in it.1 has a lot of good things, but the only one it exclusively has is theme. Everything else has been improved upon or repeated.

>>523503461>here's a toned stomachLooks exactly the same.

>>523496570>middle of the road safe sequel with ugly people is the best action game ever

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>>523508008Liking little boys and masculine men are different orientations you retard, it doesn't matter how your smooth brain tries to simplify everything under gay or hetero. Sexuality is more about liking feminine and masculine featuresLiking little, pre puberty boys is closer to general heterosexual tastes as their whole appeal is that they are still very feminine looking, in sharp contrast with the masculine mature men.

>>523515643>>523516414Ok, now what's so wrong with DMC5 to be disliked like it's the worst thing ever.

>>523516414I wish I was this ugly. I might be better at attracting women.

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>>523495660Why is it that even with this scene i'd still rather spread Nero's buttcheeks open and fuck him instead?

>>523495660yes,also watch the anime it's kino and also shows why Dante hates Lady and Trish.

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>>523516525People take their opinions to the extremes here, user. DMC5 is flawed, but it's not the worst thing ever. DMC5 is good, but it's not the greatest game ever made

>>523516879>Dante we've gotta go motorcycle racing and also I'm taking 90% if the bounty>Okay...

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>>523514134I know the patch uncensored Trish's scene, but when did this get uncensored?


>>523516525It brought too many gays into the series, if it wasnt for Devil May Cum 5 we'd probably have a DMC waifu thread right now instead of a Which DMC boy has the longest dick and thickest pubesFuck this faggot fanbase

I wanted to enter this thread to discuss dmc5 but it's all lwed stuff, guess OP is either shitposting or should've chosen a better pic.

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>>523496563He asked what boobs feel like not what you want to do to Vergil's ballsack

>>523517226So discuss. What difficulty are you on? Preferred breakers and styles?

>>523516879 and that's why Lucia is best girl.

>>523517294haha that would be so gay aha

>>523516928Ok, that's reasonable enough. But it usually these kind of threads devolve into shit-flinging for reasons taken to exaggerated proportions >>523517171Yeah, that seems to be the case lately. Although, all fanbases suck-ass anyway

>>523516135She has 2 people help carry them

>>523495723Fpbp. Just imagine

>>523517526I know right? Imagine cupping and sucking Vergil's soft and squishy balls but as a jokethat would be so funny no homo haha

>>523517171>Which DMC boy has the longest dick and thickest pubesNero definitelyDante has the wildest bush and thickest dick but Nero has a longer one and thicker pubes

>>523517431I mostly play Dante, I like tomboy on Nero tho.I bought the game last week so I will start Dante must die soon (Currently working on BP).I come from mainly playing E&I and coyote on 3 and didn't play 4 too much, this time I'm working on using all 4 styles at the same time one weapon at a time and later I will implemnt everything together.To train I do BP runs using only 1 weapon and then one last run mixing then together, rinse and repeat.Since I'm a big sucker for wacky weapons I gotta say I totally adore Cavaliere but I am kinda pissed that a nice move is locked behind a paywall and even so you can't use it on BP which seems retarded to me.Balrog is a huuge improvement from Beowulf/Gilgamesh and Faust is broken (BUt fun)

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Post more Lady butt.

>>523517431I've beaten DMD and Heaven or Hell but now I can't really bring myself to beat Hell and Hell. All of Dante's styles are preferable but back during DMC3 my preferred style was actually Gunslinger which is apparently not very popularMy favorite breaker is Ragtime because it's the easiest to abuse. Failing that I like Punchline and Overture, my friend swears by Tomboy but I think I hate it

>>523519067How did you play Gunslinger? I was a gunslinger main myself (I'm >>523518197)

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>>523495776Just grab your fett belly and you know

>>523519067currently trying a playthrough of Hell and Hell, took me a week to get past mission 3 with S rank. the best advice i got here was to limit yourself to 3 or 4 tries a day so as not to sour the game experience for you, and it worked. i went from 20+ tries a day getting worse and worse each attempt and hating the game, to looking forward everyday to my 4 tries and feeling accomplished when i finally beat iti like hearing nico cheering me on with the announcer dlc

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>>523495660Too much ass

>>523519179Why, by abusing the shotgun of course. One thing I was disappointed with in 4 and 5 is them getting rid of the wackier E&I moves, like using enemies as a skateboard while you shot, or stepping on enemies and just shooting them before punting them into other enemies

>>523514706Aren't Dante and Vergil more powerful than most pure demons though because they have souls on top of having demon powers?

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>>523518197>I do BP runs using only 1 weapon and then one last run mixing then together, rinse and repeatInteresting. Though how far can you get by sticking to just one weapon pair? Furies should be really difficult with high-hit weapons like Cerberus and Faust, though RG is a baseline.>Balrog is a huuge improvement from Beowulf/GilgameshDamn straight. It's my default, and I love how broad the moveset is. I'm not as familiar as I ought to be with all the nuances (iframes etc.), but I think that's fine given Dante doesn't require focus like Nero.

>>523519725Even Lady is stronger than any demon ever was except MAYBE Mundus.

>>523495776The idea of tits is better than the reality.

>>523503551>Soft kissable bellies are just as good if not betterAh, a man of culture

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>>523519067>I can't really bring myself to beat Hell and HellI'm working my way through it now, on M09. Trick seems to be leaning away from style and towards survival. I've learned far more about Nero's iframes in Hell & Hell than in DMD.>my friend swears by Tomboy but I think I hate itTomboy ranged is awkward, but you can use the untargeted melee against Goliath, Cerberus, Gilgamesh, and Malphas to great effect. Check this out: against bosses, especially Cerberus, you can activate Tomboy for your attacks, then break away to iframe. Cerberus gets stunned, DT and Tomboy on, get some hits in then d.buster before Cerberus recovers, Tomboy attacks until the blast comes, then break away to iframe through the blast.Good breaker to check out in Hell & Hell is the Buster. Furies? Launch into charged Buster is OHKO. Bosses? Charged Buster with DT on openings takes off a quarter or so of their health. Burning breakers lets you skip fights that would be a pain.

>>523519768>Furies should be really difficult with high-hit weapons like Cerberus and FaustBy using the neutral swordmaster Cerberus move (revolution) you can parry them to death.You can get pretty far because you have RG and Trickster to make up for mobility, as far as your skill with the weapon takes you. Also by limiting myself to using only one weapon I can learn it's weaknesses and overcome them in interesting and new ways (Like how cerberus is lackluster in terms of crowd control or Cavailiere in terms of speed)>>523519628Coyote JC in 3 was totally broken indeed, also the fact that you could charge your guns while using GS moves is broken aswell. In fact I play dmc GS using E&I + Coyote and ust using beo's stinger for mobility.

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I will always have faith, bros...

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>>523509309that's what the special edition will have

>>523510306ha, gayyyyyyy

>>523518197>I'm a big sucker for wacky weapons I gotta say I totally adore Cavaliere but I am kinda pissed that a nice move is locked behind a paywall and even so you can't use it on BP which seems retarded to meHow good Redline is is overstated. It's fundamentally not different from Cavaliere's other finisher moves. Its call to fame is being usable in the air and being jump cancellable; but then again, it is a finisher move and you've got a hundred other ways to move in the air with Dante (air trick being the first). There is one other useful ability it provides, but this is a design oversight: Redline can be executed at the right time during Full Throttle.The reason for this, and for it being a sort of bonus, is that Redline was originally just the "Stinger jump" for Full Throttle. It's not that Cavaliere R has an extra move; this function was turned off from normal Cavaliere and given an extra input. Switching to Cavaliere R simply turns this move on again and turns all armor off (which imo makes the weapon less interesting). As a result of this, Redline can be executing mid Full Throttle with the base Cavaliere if you switch to Cavaliere R in the middle of it (hitting an edge or doing the input at the right time both work); as you can easily redirect Dante's direction before Full Throttle starts, inputting Redline during it will launch you again to the enemy. Switching between both Cavalieres also has the effect of your combo levels not being registered, but the gear level is, so you can chain anything back into the first move of a combo, even the move itself. Since Idling can be cancelled by jumping, RG, TS or other weapons, it can also be cancelled by switching Cavalieres, even into itself.Also, Idling, Slipstream, Full Throttle and Wheelie Jump all have i-frames while Dante is flipping.

>>523519725If human blood fuels and empowers demons like with Urizen, then Dante and Vergil practically have ubersteroids in their blood all the time. That might be why they are so powerful.

>>523519889wasn't her dad also a demon?it's been ages since i last played dmc3.

>>523521357No, her dad is just a human scholar that acquired demon power after doing a ritual, using her wife as a sacrifice.

>>523521357No, Arkham was just a human that was into occult shit. He had powers but Lady doesn't have anything but guns.Lady's never been canonically shown fighting anything big.

Anons help me please. What is the recommended weapon in a DMC1 DMD playthrough?

>>523507028>I'm ok with everything about her, except for the tattoos part. That shit is so disgusting it kills my boner. It's a shame.

>>523514475its a mod by using a chinese dude's nude texture, the original model has a white shirt underneath

>>523521986It's just ink, user. It isn't dirtier than touching a drawing or a painted wall.

>>523520784This combo resetting and the Redline input is very interesting, Cavaliere R basically makes cavailiere moveset more flexible, I will try this and get sad because I can't use it on BP

Attached: 1585490554367.gif (130x142, 7.08K)

>>523521948Sparda. DT in 1!DMD completely stops healing you, so you're way better off getting DT damage all the time. Swap Ifrit out when you need to spam Inferno against Frosts, Plasmas, for Griffon and Nightmare, etc, and swap your guns depending on the enemy (Grenade Gun works great for most Mooks though), and you should be set for the most part. Nelo 3, Nightmare 3 and Mundus are generally the only times I chicken out with items, so save any surplus for them, and pick up the items scattered through the game along the way, as shop prices for items go up in DMD too, iirc.

>Whatcha lookin' at... handsome?

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>>523522473Thank you very much user!

>>523514993Style switching.

>>523522239to stain the flesh in such a manner is a very disgusting thing that is reserved for low class people.

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>>523516334>1 has a lot of good things, but the only one it exclusively has is themeNah. It has the beat environments by far (RE tier) and is the most challenging because they designed it so that you play it primarily to progress instead of for score/comboing like all the later ones.

>>523514134>tit jiggle as she gets upthat little detail makes me diamonds

>>523520784>Redline>a finisher moveAnon, what the fuck are you smoking? It's literally Dante's best combo extender.

Attached: 1598595161015.jpg (1000x563, 46.96K)

>>523517038bro that hot

>Have played most DMC's games to death>Decide I want something new>Try playing Bayonetta again>Have completed it several times but it just never clicks>Try W101, like it even less than BayonettaGoddammit I wish they would port Ninja Gaiden to PC.

Attached: 1432243656.jpg (289x355, 9.42K)

>>523495660i don't get it,is Dante gay or something? why hasn't he pumped both of their dark souls™ with light.

Attached: ladyxtrish.jpg (850x637, 91.98K)

>>523525020He is a wacky wohoo chrayzy pizza hobo, he isn't *THAT* overly interest in women. He has other concerns. Atleast that would be my assumption. Also in the case of Lady and Trish, I think Dante has counter friendzoned them.

Attached: c900bdf37f625c02710ba5084f13e8251157189df07ce53801784bc864c0a77e_1.jpg (1080x1620, 390.38K)

>>523525020Dante's lazyness and debt turns-off Lady from developing a more close relationship, although they're still close friends. And Trish is a demonic clone of his mom, so that a given no-no.

>>523524348>the beat environments by far (RE tier)The upside is that there's an excellent feeling of constraint as you loop around the main Mallet castle to put various keys into their holes, the various keys giving a great theme to things. The downside is that the fixed camera and lack of environment diversity makes it a muddled Gothic hallway clusterfuck, sort of like 5's Qliphoth. Which is why I split theme from level design.>the most challenging because they designed it so that you play it primarily to progress instead of for score/comboing1 though 5, the design has always been two-tiered: first tier is completing a level, second is S-ranking it. There's a reason 1's mission record screen shows the rank.

>>523524348>It has the beat environments by far (RE tier) and is the most challenging because they designed it so that you play it primarily to progress instead of for score/comboing like all the later ones.Disagree, DMC3 is way harder. DMC1 enemies all have hard coded weaknesses so it's mostly just about using the right tool for the job. DMD is quite easy outside of some insane difficulty spikes like nightmare 3.

>>523526234Disagree all you want. If you're not doing DMC1 playthroughs on the higher difficulties from scratch New Game without saves to blast through in under an hour and a half then you're doing it wrong. You're just a savescumming pleb who wants to mash buttons.

Attached: SSSPARDA.png (1278x2162, 2.06M)

What the fuck happened?

Attached: devil_may_cry_5_trish_1049068-1024x576.jpg (1024x576, 68.5K)

>>523495660Moooooods My eyes my virgin Christian eyes Moooods do something

>>523495776Soft and squishy. They're sensitive and delicate so you can feel a bit of a reaction from beneath them in how the girl breaths, and how the nipples might get erect. Its quite a experience with the right one. Kissing the space between them and how your cheeks barely touch them is as good as experiencing womanhood gets.

>>523495660Nah, you are clearly feminine. DMC5 is for masculine bros who appreciated the brotherhood and love of skill mixed with style, which women and feminine men clearly don't posses either.

>>523506906You're welcome.Your board is that way ----->/GETFUCKED/You don't get that your fetish is fucking disgusting for someone who is normal?No you don't.

>>5235069061) Go to an hetero thread and board2) proceed to post your unholy crap3) .....4) Gays are actively asking to be insulted.

>>523495660Built for DMC

>tfw V will never get extra summons like Phantom>tfw V will never get more Cane moves>tfw V will never get d-pad pet commandsWhy did they have to do our guy dirty bros? Fewest missions and way smaller movepool than Nero and Dante.

Attached: 1570614824754.jpg (1152x2048, 299.65K)

>>523527428No... this can't be true bros... they told me sex wasn't anything special, that I wasn't missing outDAMN IT

Attached: 1598928895420.jpg (970x545, 770.74K)

>>523529429he's my favorite go to character when i don't feel like playing complex. just tried the palace and made it to 89 on my first try so he's pretty easy, will probably take me 1-2 more tries

>>523495776like this

Attached: 1599182198772.webm (640x480, 2.64M)


>>523495776Soft and squishy

>>523529949God... I wanna grope a pair of nice tits.>tfw KHHV NEETGuess I'll die.

Chapter 1: DMCV SucksThe levels are dull, the enemies are punching bags, and switching characters is annoying. The end.

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>>523530249so not at all like a bag of sand with salty milk and coinsi see

>Error: Upload failed.Uh oh...

>>523529234Dick, My Cock?

>>523506906Yes, the majority of human beings on planet Earth are normal people. Naturally faggotry is going to be snuffed out.

>>523525020He probably does on a regular basis, he's just casual about it and professional enough not to bring personal drama up on the job.

>>523506743I see you're a cunnysseur of culture as well.

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>>523509760Good old Reuben. I've heard that if you catch him at a convention and start talking paranormal/conspiracies he'll go for hours if he can.

You ARE part of the 1%, right Holla Forums?

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>>523536268Definitely sounds like someone worth having a beer with.

>>523536671The platinum is at 0.4% on PS4 and the answer is yes.

>>523536671One day I will be. But when the CTR remake came out I had to school all the nerds and remember just how massive a Crash Bandicoot fan I was 20 years ago. Some day...

>>523517050it was only censored on the snoy gaystation.

>>523527184A nose that can sniff demon scum from a mile away. Even Vergil has to respect that kind of power.

>>523536671Fuck no. I enjoy DMC but I don't hate myself. The last time I played DMD in any game (DMC3) I hated every second of it.

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>>523536671>bullet sponged enemies difficultynot interested in being part of the 1%

>>523537690Learn to master Break-Age, Exceed, Quadruple S and Nightmare promotion and you will dish out damage easily.

>>523537580I see a lot of people say that DMC3 has the worst DMD mode, mainly due to enemies becoming damage sponges when they DT.

>>523538060They're not wrong. When they DT it just becomes an absolute chore with the chessboard amplifying that 20X over. I never want to do that again.

>>523538060The game doesn't challenge your skill, only your tolerance. If you're willing to pound away at sponge for hours go ahead.I'm pretty sure DMC1 has the best designed DMD.

>>523529949Sauce please

>>523538154>>523538283In DMC3, I've noticed that you take way less damage when you get hit while you're in DT, so I think that when enemies DT in DMD mode, they also get that massive defense buff.

>>523537580DMC5 easily has the best DMD mode in the series since DMC1, and unlike in DMC4 characters have lots of moves that dish out tons of damage. I recommend playing it.

>>523538283>I'm pretty sure DMC1 has the best designed DMD.Definitely true. It has way less nonsense and much fewer enemies on screen at a time resulting in something that is challenging, but doesn't test your patience.

>>523538393I don't know I said I'd never play DMD ever again, I might try it when SE comes out I guess but not before.

>>523538458DMC1 DMD suffers from only having one enemy type at the time, it makes fights too boring and predictable, since you know that if a Frost appears its time to whip out the Ifrit gloves etc

>>523495660I don't think the characters are that old. They may be in their late 30's

>>523538653>DMC1 DMD suffers from only having one enemy type at the timeI think DMC1 makes up for that by having enemies that have a lot more moves compared to DMC3 enemies.


>>523538831Early 40's for Dante, Vergil and Lady.

You're not getting the most of out DMC1 if you're playing the difficulties New Game plus. You might as well use unlimited DT costume at that point. I am going to drill this into your fuckers heads.

>>523538831It's safe to assume Dante and Vergil are in their early 40s and Nero in his early 20s by the time of DMC5.

>>523495776Overrated. My GF and I are in our late 30's and her tits sag so much now. Thankfully, her ass is still decent.

>>523525020You dont think Lady would hang around after all those years if Dante didnt fuck her on the regular right?

>>523495776Just learn to suck your own dick

>>523495776Soft I cannot overstate the softness The skin is soft, and the squish is soft for a surprising amount, until you meet firmer resistance Nipples are also very soft, if they become hard they become firmYou can move them around a lot and they will echo every tap

>>523539171>You're not getting the most of out DMC1I don't care. Some people think the only way to play MGS2 is on Euro Extreme difficulty, well I've done that and fuck anyone who says bullshit like that. My enjoyment > your epeen.

Attached: 1573569200936.gif (525x526, 495.12K)

>>523538060DMC3 DMD is purely based around Devil Trigger explosion (which is never even fucking told to the player) and Nevan. Its so mechanical that it removes almost all player involvement and makes the game speedrunning tier

>>523495660>post an unofficial nude mod>"GUYS LOOK HOW HOT [FEMALE CHARACTER] ISWhy does Holla Forums always do this? It's embarrassing.

Attached: akko_annoyed.png (340x349, 153.72K)

>>523525020A girl he cared for died in the manga I believe? He dealt with the trauma of his mom's death differently than Vergil, Dante would rather keep to himself and not have his powers hurt others and Vergil condemns himself for not being powerful enough to save others.

>>523539523>unofficial>he doesn't knowLel

>>523539523>censored snoiboilul

>>523539643You literally cannot convince me that a game publisher okayed that nude shot. Not in 2020.

>>523539934>he didn't play DMC5lel

>>523539934>You literally cannot convinceBrainrot.

>>523495660Kinda saggy

>>523539523>This is the state of console fagsBased retard.

Attached: syötti.jpg (1080x1350, 163.71K)

>>523539934You're making it extremely evident you've never played Devil May Cry V.

>>523539934No, man, you're right, the cuckolds at Basedny have forbidden all titty!

>>523539934He literally has no idea.

Attached: EgwWH_UUcAEd4Go.jpg (736x745, 45.73K)

Lady changed her name to Mommy

Attached: 1597622931619.jpg (704x704, 277.53K)

>>523510306Stupid fucking faggot

>>523495776tits are overrated, tight butt and hips is where it's at

>>5235366715 is the only DMC I didn't platinum, and it's not even because I hate the game, it's because HaH is a loading screen simulator without an option to insta restart, and because Bloody Palace patch made my game constantly crash and they didn't bother to fix that because "we're done lol"

>>523539410Do what you want, I don't care. Just don't share your retarded opinions across difficulties if you're not willing to get the most out the the entries in the first place.

>>523540641I can see her nipples

>>523543701What got you so anal pained user? how is my experience completing DMD on DMC3 "retarded" exactly when other anons agreed with what I said? Don't get mad because I don't give a shit about epeen lad.

>>523544360huh? where did I mention DMC3? You're clearly retarded but that's besides the point. Who are you even trying to talk to.

>>523544981>huh? where did I mention DMC3?I was talking about DMC3's DMD and how I hated it, and because of that I don't want to bother with DMC5's DMD. You then started bitching some shit about how I'm not allowed to have an opinion on difficulties because I hurt your fee fees or some shit. If you're going to shitpost at least try and keep up.

>>523545226Yeah we're not on the same page at all.

>>523544071I know.

>>523503461get fucked

>>523527184a pony tail would make her 100% better


Attached: Acceptable4a.jpg (1977x731, 187.91K)

>>523527184Character with almost no screen time so she gets shafted

>>523547359Why even play

>>523522939Looking at some prime breeding material

>>523495776big bags of salty milk coins.

>>523516414As much as I love DMC5 this is completely accurate.

Attached: 1595803739756.png (565x564, 497.28K)

>>523500879>Why is... western... porn so fucking bad?what did you expect m8

>>523495776Not as soft as you think. Ass is infinitely softer

>>523524532Do you understand how Cavaliere works, user?

>>523543057including HaH as a platinum requirement was aids, i went through with it but i regret it as it soured my experience with the game towards the end

>>523529949>>523530139>>523530534>>523538286Rita Peach

>>523529949>>523551061The code though?

>>523502723Write a blog about it, faggot


>>523551757just google jav/amwf with her name you're bound to find it.

>>523495867Tits will always feel better than ass, there's more to do with tits too. Ass just exists and is only good for visuals.

>>523525020The original game had sort of plans for Dante and Trish, but then Itsuno came in and destroyed whatever canon or idea there was, so now Dante is eternal virgin.

>>523525020in the anime(which is canon btw) both of them hates dante because he acts like a edgy hobo whose diet consist of only pizza and strawberry sundae and dante hates them because they both put him in massive debts and don't even pay if he do there job for them.

Attached: ff00b5f0db036a579e357a024af13636by.png (1000x558, 501.59K)

>>523495776The fact that you have to ask means you are not worthy to know.

>>523495660I want to fuck and break Lady exclusively in her asshole

>>523506906Stay mad faggot.

>>523514252That's what you tell yourself when you want to make yourself feel better about getting rejected.

>>523508000>>523508534>transphobeCould you fagets go and stay go


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Does it bother anyone else that Nero seems to be more of a main character now than Dante or Vergil? His moaning all throughout DMC 5 about being dead weight was fucking anime tier writing then him become stronger than both Dante and Vergil was ass

>>523559996He is the main character

Attached: 57514_Devil_May_Cry_5.jpg (300x450, 66.45K)

>>523559996he has been the main character since 4.

Attached: dante-devil-may-cry-devil-may-cry-4-dmc-devil-may-cry-wallpaper-preview.jpg (728x455, 85.34K)

>>523560049>>523560194That's why DMC 1 and 3 are better. He was much better in 4 than in 5 though.

nice polygons

Attached: boob.png (235x232, 47.76K)

>>523559996it bothers me more that people unironically give a shit about writing and power levels in an action game

>>523539369>>523527428This is what virgins think who touched breasts for the first time and their brain is clouded in chemicals of their honeymoon phase >>523519807>>523512303This is how it objectively really feels when your brain is not going full retard on hormonesalso: Why is this thread still up ? Mods are some lazy cunts

>>523560454>He was much better in 4 than in 5 though.No, he wasn't. He was almost unbearable in 4

>>523515253Name one downside to having a mommy gf, you absolute faggot.

>>523495776It's been a while but not that special really, last girl I fucked was a fat chick with ok tits so they were just kinda like any other fat on her

>>523559996As a Vergil main who started with 3, I have to admit, Dantefag tears are always delicious.

Attached: 3b24cccd5bdd54eb7c58a108986b24a2.jpg (1024x768, 71.41K)

>>523495660So I'm a virgin but she doesn't look like she has much of an ass? Am I wrong? It looks kind of flat to me. I really didn't find Lady's body all that attractive, also she had a weird looking face.

>All the normalfags in this thread >All the LARPERSGood lord...

>>523561203Good thing we get off on each others pain then hehe. Cuz I get to see you cry for another decade until the SE finally rolls around.

Attached: 1599006758527.jpg (512x337, 29.88K)

>>523561302It's fairly plain, but you have to remember that 90% of people in America are obese so seeing a thin, toned ass is something that most guys here are going to drool over.


>>523560794t. never touched a teat

>>523561703I was in a 4 year relationship, so you can bet I did Stop projecting on me just because you're triggered by the truth virgin