Friday paper Mario oc thread

Any good ideas for partners/npcs/badges/chapters?

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>>523423136Hopefully, someone has ideas.

>>523423554I guess it’s dead for right now

>>523424224Oh well, maybe there will be another thread later

>>523423136>someone who wasn't me made the threadholy based

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>>523426204Thanks for replying, this thread is barely alive

Someone should make a cataquack partner

>>523427042Or at least an npc

>>523423136Waluigi, but turned into a blooper

>>523427779That sounds neat

>Swabbie, a, ex-pirate shyguy who feels lost without someone to direct them in life, who needs mario to order him around ever since he was kicked off Captain Guy's crew>timid but incredibly loyal, calls mario "boss" most of the time>sad that his "swabbin' days" are over but glad to light the way in dark areas using his last possession>clumsy and sometimes trips or stops to look around while following mario in the overworld

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>>523429257I love this little guy and the pirate concept

>>523429257I remember someone made a rival pirate for captain shy guy.

I think these threads are slow because they are made too early, most people are just waking up

>>523430350Yeah, that’s probably true

>>523430350Same. It’s 10 am in America and I usually don’t have free time until after 5pm

>>523429257>his standard attack is a gymnast flip jump like shy guys in PM>his first special is running at the enemy with his lamp, tripping, and having it set every ground enemy on fire>his super rank move is loading himself in a cannon and firing from the stands with a yoshi's island like crosshair, dealing massive single target damage that avoids both head spikes and side spikes>ultra rank is rally wink with him cheering on mario with random button inputs

>>523431314That sounds pretty cool

I'm thinking of making a Super Mario Universe General: /smug/What do you guys think

>>523432529Try it. We need a mario character with a smug face for the op image. Drawfags, do something.

>>523432529no, generals lead to death and we can barely keep up with fridays sometimes

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>>523433004This would be a general for any game under the Mario umbrella, not just people's OCs or whatever

>>523433479I mean, its the perfect time to do so, with the switch ports and all that....

>>523433479fuck off, we're going going to /vg/

>>523433946That's the idea?

>>523433479it's only gonna get instantly booted off by gacha general #84, euros just went to sleep a few hours ago and americans aren't awake yet, just be patient

uhh Marty Jr, son(?) of THE Martymario for size comparison because thwimps are tinyJoins Mario so he can see Marty, who's being held in bowser's castleprobably not even Marty's son

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Currently sketching the sandwich. Who of these 2 do you want on top?

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>>523435908I like it. But I would make him spiky. He looks like a pillow.

>>523436646bonnie obviouslythe red one



>>523436740>>523436826The duality of man... Ok i will decide it with rolling. If its odds Red , if its evens Purple.

>>523436646i was about to ask if you got better, you're doing god's work herealso red

>>523437486Purple on top then>>523437598Sorry man I already decided. Also thanks for your corcerns, Im currently fine. My kidney doesn´t hurt as much as last week :D

>>523437486Good, Purple was the one who'd initiate if past pics are believed.

I was picking references and realized Bonnie is black....not complaining tho.

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>>523438375she isnt human


Sneak peak to bump

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>>523438375woah... bonnies a nigger...

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>>523441668Yeah. I know that bottom arm looks fucked.




wake up mutts

>>523445483Slightly related to bumping the thread, should draw a bumpty on life support, since this thread slightly feels like it’s on life support.

i might also draw a bandit pussy sandwich, not sure yet

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>>523445934Do it. Its better than nothing

>>523446076 Draw it pls

>>523446286I can’t at the moment, I meant someone else should draw it, but I might if I have time later.

Don’t let the thread die

>>523447237I won´t

>>523445934we should probably make these threads in the late afternoon from now on to accommodate to the wagies, early day in these threads is always deathly slow

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>>523447458Yeah, but having some extra replies raises the chances of someone new entering the thread and let us reach bump limit easier

>>523447458Yeah, we should, also that’s adorable and accurate represents what bumping a thread feels like. Bumps just feel like life support.

>>523447458 Im sorry

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hey everyone! i revised naughtia a bit from the last thread because i just wasn't happy with how her personality or appearance looked. her new personality is more chill and she's probably madeleine's closest dormmate and acts more of a foil to her. fairly well-liked by those she knows, she likes doing magic duels in the gym (without permission, obviously), is surprisingly perceptive of other people, and she's still probably high all the time. working on some more details, but thoughts?

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>>523448676She’s from a wizard school or college, right?

>>523448676I like her, also>20Based non-pedo user

>>523448873yep! she lives with three other roommates!>>523448946thanks! pfft, there's gonna be coomers regardless, but i might as well take the based route for this one

Watching thread

Based user doing his own koopa Little Witch Academia

>>523450981All the drawfags are either lurking or in other threads...

>>523450223Who would be the college mascot?

>>523451223A human

>>523451543I want to draw a goofy looking mascot later if I have time

>>523451543So did they capture Mario to use him as the new human mascot and there’s someone wearing a goofy costume of him.

>>523451223who knows>>523451543OH N O>>523451684i'd love to see that user!>>523451795that might actually be a chapter component. maybe mario sneaks into the college somehow by assaulting the actual costume guy and then wearing the dumb mascot costume. the boss fight is with kamek and it's during a sporting event. i think that'd be fitting.

Drawing human bodies in sexual positions with no prior experience while being a perfectionist is exhausting. I will post the pussy sandwich later, Im going to rest a bit.

>>523429614Does anyone have a pic of that rabbit pirate rival, I want fanart of her.

Would making a unique Toy Box partner ascend Miyamoto beyond the realms of anger and frustration, so much he'd smite anyone who dares utter the words of its name?

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>>523453005Meant for >>523452459


>>523452459>>523453005this is why we gotta start archiving stuff to the booru.

>>523453190I actually took it from the booru

>>523453503i managed to find the archived thread and uploaded it just now. it wasn't there initially.

>>523453668Ohhh. Thaks then

Did 80% of the drawfags gave up or what?

Paper slits

>>523454382I believe that anyone with a vision and some time can make a cool concept, drawfag or not, even if it's just a greentext, don't be afraid to sharehell my ability to draw especially lewds has gotten marginally better since these threads started

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Ah shoot, I didn't have time to make any new sprites this week. I wanted to do an alternate version of the Cajun K Rool I did last week but themed to a mob boss, Don K Rool, or something like that. I'll probably aim for that next week if I'm able.Also, just to repeat myself, if someone can please replace the Merazzle number holder image to be the one with the outline on the booru, I'd appreciate it.

alright so since i posted madeleine's arc when the thread was dying, here it is again with some slight edits>there's a good boarding school/college for magnificent magikoopas>kamek is somewhat of the dean of this institution (not by choice)>madeleine's dormmates are:>a chef magikoopa named maestro who doesn't even LIKE magic; a chill goth magikoopa named naughtia with a down-to-earth ppersona and a solid understanding of people; a half regular koopa-half magikoopa douchebag fratbro named kevin who uses healing magic>madeleine gets along with them on a surface level, but is generally holed up in her room due to her crippling social anxiety>one day, Bowser's Epic Evil Exam comes into play. she does well for most things, average enough, but then her flight test comes up. thing is, because there are no rules on how to use a broom and she's somehow afraid of heights too, she naturally fails the test and gets kicked out of the academy>now she lives in an attic of some frog-person's species (probable either wart's frogs species or the frog students from super mario rpg) and she is basically a NEET who performs spells in her room all day. she's quite competent when she's alone.>an indecent involving picking up ingredients in to forest outside of town for a new spell causes her to run into mario and promptly run away while crying>meanwhile, her old roomies try and convince her to come back, ending up as miniboss fights of some kindcont. in reply

>>523456672>kevin tends to sneak off campus a lot, and he cares about madeleine a lot, tracking mario and co. several times.>gameplay-wise, maestro is the status buff and debuff guy, naughtia is the offensive magic user, and kevin is the healer, and madeleine is the all-around jack of all trades type>she's one of the only magikoopas who cannot operate a broom, and this causes her to walk behind mario instead of flying behind him.>meanwhile kamek is chasing after madeleine upon learning she has teamed up with mario>this would REALLY look bad for his school and he'd be punished by bowser severely>there comes a point where mario and company have to sneak back into the school in disguise. one problem: you can only access it by flight/broom. (maybe only students could access it).>every other method of flight is unavailable.>madeleine is the only one with the school seal. oh no.>frog guy has a broom big enough for everyone, but it's up to madeleine to actually operate it.>"I...I'm tired of running away. I'm tired of being scared....this situation is my fault, I'm sorry you got involved.">after that, she has a little cutscene where she discovers that she indeed, can fly.>the final boss is kamek and the battle takes place during one of the biggest magic sporting events of the whole semester.there's a couple of details that i need to flesh out, but i think this is good so far. thoughts?

>>523456672>>523457002>>523457191I like the setting

>>523455921What were your ideas for female Kremlings?

>>523459024What got deleted

Pls mutts save this thread

>>523452786He has a move "Smash" that does good damage with defense piercing, but has 1/6 chance of doing 0 damage

>>523459024thanks! i'm having a lot of fun with this idea so far!>>523460190there were a couple details that needed to be changed/i forgot to post the next part as a reply. nothing major.

>>523459449Bayou sluts like Kalypso

>>523460270No, save it on eurown.

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>>523459449Didn't think too far into it, but I wanted them as a parallel to the standard muscle bound male Kremlings, so maybe them going for more brain than brawn, or using tools over their fists. Something like that. I may aim to do something with them for next weeks thread, or later tonight if I can build up the motivation.

>>523460604Dam it Carlos. I guess I will have to pull another allnighter...

>>523460892Don’t worry, I’m joking, I’ll probably start drawing soon but I’ve got something on my mind that some will hate.

>>523461187>some will hateOn-model lewds?


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>>523461402No, just wait and see

>>523460849Even if you end up following that idea, pls do at least one musclegirl kremling

Ah crap. I just want to work on my game but I keep getting hit with inspiration. Alright, I think I know what I want to make in regards to a female Kremling. Keep this thread alive you knuckleheads and I'll try and whip something up

>>523461585No problem user, I will try to keep it alive

also i didn't post maestro yet, so here he is. maestro's deal is that he's pretty darn good at cooking and has great technical skill, but he's lacking....something. he was the oldest out of the four of them, and he tends to be sort of a mother to the group probably because he has mommy issues doesn't know how to take care of himself, and tends to stretch himself thin, all while being annoyed. he's a bit grumpy because he doesn't really wanna practice magic, he's only there out of a sense of obligation. magic is a safe bet, pursuing your dreams is risky.but he's become an adept potion maker as a result, and he combines his cooking with the game he'd give status buffs to the other magiroomies in the miniboss fights.

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>>523462294I like the idea of a game focusing on a bunch of low-ranking Bowser troops

>>523462294>bottom leftOhhh, how sweet

>>523462418Someone had suggested having a hammer bro as a protagonist once since they can jump and hammer so moveset would be close to Mario's, that could work for a fangame based on the minions

I'm out of state right now so I can't do any art of it but I had an idea for a Diamond City counterpart to Pauline: Amber Grees, a haughty singer who dislikes Pauline for being New Money.She would be very skinny as opposed to Pauline's hourglass figure, with long, exaggerated eyelashes, and dark skin. Wario constantly hits on her, mostly because he wants her wealth

>>523461549Eeeeh... I'll probably leave that up to someone who wants to draw it, these sprites take a minute to make and I need to get back to work on the game I'm making, so I'll only have time for one sprite, and I want to aim at getting the base sprite made first and foremost.

>>523463808That sounds pretty cool

>>523462418right on! i've always been curious about the worldbuilding of bowser's domain. i think it'd be an interesting concept for a game.>>523462957yeah, maestro cares a lot for his dormmates even if he can be stern.

>>523463808On the topic of new donk city, since New York is named after the duke of York, does that mean new Donk is named after the duke of donk? Did the duke of Donk look like donkey Kong?

>>523464392maybe it's named after the Duchess of Donk instead, for additional coomer points.


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>>523464942Maybe the duchess of donk looks like candy kong or pauline

>>523465862You were right, I hate it Now make a coomer

>>523465862well, you're right. i do certainly hate it.

>>523466254I might later

>>523453005I remember making her, I hope someone makes fanart of her since they are people who can definitely draw her better than me in the thread.

>>523467585i was thinking of doing some fanart of some of the ocs in this thread, and your pirate chick is really cute


>>523465862He’s from the clover kingdom


>>523452174Finished resting. Give me half an hour

>>523470324Sweet, okay

Meet Kayenne, a Kremling enemy that tosses different types of peppers like grenades that cause different status ailments. Chili peppers that cause a fiery explosion, Chilly peppers that freeze, and spooky Ghost Peppers that cause confusion, and more.

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>>523470454I love her

>>523470454These kremlings just make me hear a cajun version of the diddy kong racing theme in my head and now I want an actual remix like that

>>523470454Love the fisherman one

>>523460849I love the way you think. Looking forward to whatever you make, whenever you make it. You have the most fitting K. Rool persona ideas.

>>523470454Damn your sprites are clean

>>523470454She's perfect! Hope somebody lewds her. What program do you use for spriting?

>>523470484Thank you, I like using cartoony peppers in my designs for some reason so I thought it'd be fun to use with her.>>523470587Haha, yeah that would be pretty fitting with them.>>523470718Thanks, I named him Kreole, he was fun to make.>>523470843I actually want to have a K Rool like character in my original game if possible, someone that just keeps changing personas based on where you encounter them>>523470861Thank you, it's actually a pretty easy style. I just make a large sprite with a normal outline, then I shift the sprite one block left, right, up, and down to get that trademark thick outline, followed with some AA to clean it up.

i made some bandit'm looking forward to the other anons contribution

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>>523471129Honestly, all of my sprites are made in MSPaint. That said, when I'm animation, I'll open up Aseprite.

>>523470587It's kind of weird Rare never really made a cajun-flavored Kremling themselves. A few of the playable ones had weird hick accents in a beta version of the unmade "Diddy Kong Pilot," but the werey just generic Southerner caricature voices.

>>52347126510/10 >>523471302Damn, that's impressive.


>>523471393Eh, MSPaint offers the basic essentials without all the extra fluff on top. I've tried using more advanced programs, but they tend to over complicate the most basic features. Heck, the newer versions of MSPaint add AA with the paintbrush whether you want it or not and it's just a hassle.

>>523447458Euros tend to be the lifeblood of the threads around Friday night over here, for whatever reason. We've still got content and artfriends, and we'll be fine as long as we have ideas coming from somewhere. A slow pace suits me just fine.

>>523471265solid bandit sandwich, would eat

>>523472212I definitely wouldn't be able to work with anything too complicated. Making games with no experience is a bitch.


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>>523471265Two delicous buns. Now we need the chorizo

>>523429257The fact that we never had a Shy Guy partner is probably the worst thing about the classic Paper Marios. They really threw that potential in the trash for no reason. Swabbie is adorable.

>>523468234Maybe make it lewd

>>523472563I mean, some more advanced programs are a lot like the Paper Mario series. The old versions do things that are simple and work, no extra nonsense. Then the newer versions show up and get rid of some of features that were essential and just made sense, and change other features, not because they needed change, but jsut for the sake of making them different, usually muddling them and making them unenjoyable to use.

>>523473532It hurts.

Oh yeah, gonna go ahead and post an image of Kayenne by herself for the Booru since the rest of the image I originally posted is already on there.

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>>523468267>>523467585here's she is, hope you don't mind the artistic liberties taken with your design>>523473078knew someone was gonna ask for it and i will deliver

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>>523474245Great, looks even better, I like the little details you added to the design

Last week somebody had a concept for a Black Broozer that ran a fight club who just joined because he wanted to say they punched the Main villain in the face.Thought it sound cool so I did it.Then the thread died.

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>>523474645Oh man, I love it. From the thumbnail I thought he had a weird robot eye, then I noticed it was bandaged and I loved it even more. I like to imagine that he's ultimately trying to punch the big bad because he's actually a softy compared to most Broozers and he's trying to prove himself.

>>523474645the sans broozer

>>523474245Bless you.

>>523473731Now there's a spicy mama. >tfw female Kremling fetish and one canonical character to enjoy She's a blessing.

So is there an archive of these threads or something? I popped in on a whim and now I'm intrigued by all these ideas.

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>>523474645I had to look up what a Broozer was but I love this fuck.

>>523474645that user here, love him

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>> free to pop in any time

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>>523475104Considering how these threads tend to go, I feel like you may end up seeing more of her as said thread goes on. Done. Its my first lewd so don´t expect a masterpiece. I will color it later. Don´t ask why purple is barefoot, i just felt like it...

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>>523475335I hope so. I've been Jungle Beating off to the same pictures of Kalypso for years, and I've had to accept she'll never be seen again because I know neither Retro nor anyone else will bother rescuing the Barrel Blast Kremlings from purgatory.

>>523475267Sweet, thanks man.>that image of a full set of SML-based partnersDamn, that's good.

>we will never get a pure Paper Mario game ever again>we will continue to get Sticker Star remakes until the end of timeThanks Miyamoto

>>523475550>neither Mario Land nor Wario Land games will ever see representation againAt least we have each other

>>523475573Even if they did make another Paper Mario RPG, it would still be full of generic Super Mario brand Toads and enemies, the partners would have no distinguishing features, and the plot would center around a malevolent army of envelopes led by the Postmaster General, an envelope with a military cap, localized to have Trump's speech patterns, and hellbent on enveloping all Paper entities to send them off to another realm. We're better off dead and being a respectable ghost.

>>523475842When will the old guard and jews at Nintendo die off, so we can actually get something good for a change?

>>523476261The man in charge of mainline Mario now is a soulful genius and I'd give anything to have him put on an RPG spinoff. Not sure how often they do that kind of thing, though.

>>523475469>tfw I was blatantly ignored...*sniff* well, here is the colored version

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>>523476445I very much look forward to Miyamoto stepping down so Koizumi can be totally in charge of Mario and its rules

>>523477074It's pretty good. Didn't notice your original post.

>>523478153Thank you :D


>>523475469>>523477074Delicious sandwich

>>523477074*sniffs* it's beautiful

>tfw the specific OC I posted is not on the booru...

>>523479513Post 'em, dummy

>>523479627I can´t , I changed of pc. Thats the reason I was looking for it on the booru.

>>523455921updated her number

>>523479701Which OC was it? Maybe someone saved it.

I would like to hear villain ideas, or brainstorm some. Paper Mario villains are wholly original concepts that still manage to fit the style, so there's a lot of freedom here. What would be a natural follow-up to a secret society of technocrats/shadow demons and a small band of thematically inconsistent and disconnected ne'er-do-wells in a dark noble's employ? What's a fun new angle to approach antagonizing the Mario world from that has no connection to paper?

>>523480179Xuan Wu Kamer Rider-like super koopa

>>523480616I searched his name in the board archives and nothing relevant came up. I remember the character concept, but it looked nothing like a Koopa, and I suspect that's how it missed being added; it was mistaken for something else and scrolled past.

>>523480575Rebel faction in Bowser kindom that STILL wants to invade the Mushroom Kingdom but dont want Bowser to be involved in any way because they consider him thoughless fool. Their leader is a goomba.

>>523480575I had the idea a while back utalizing the idea that the PM world is inside a book. Basically the book was once owned by a witch. Anything written inside it became real inside of the book. The witch wrote about herself so that if she was defeated, her book self could escape and continue her work, however at some point after her defeat, someone found the book and wrote about Mario and his adventures, creating the PM world, trapping the written witch inside.There was also something about her trying to collect the mc guffins to open a chamber in the book that houses any misspellings, not nonsensical writings that the book couldn't decipher which she intends to use to make a literal plot hole to escape the book (and maybe said bad writing turns into the true final boss?)

>>523480616this it?

Attached: 1598102532240.png (6600x6600, 1.05M)

>>523481076This. Thank you.

>>523481138no problem. it's on the booru apparently, but it's tagged as xuanwu instead of xuan_wu

>>523480976There's a lot of potential here. A Goomba main villain, huh...feels like the kind of subversive but appropriate idea you'd think we'd have seen already.>>523480982That feels a lot like something we'd get in a real game.

>paper mario OC threads>its just a weekly porn general like /ctt/

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>>523481273Real game like a classic PM or modern? Depending on your answer, I'll take that as either a compliment or an insult. Either way, I always thought the idea of PM taking the "World in a book" aspect was neat and I wish they'd embrace it in a clever way and not just "Haha, PAPER!"

>>523481269>on the booru apparentlyNot it isn´t. Just checked every page again...

I think I might make one sometime, it’ll probably just be a shitty doodle but maybe I’ll have something for next week. I wanna do some species that don’t get much love

>>523481383there's plenty of non coomer art in these threads though, with there usually being less than half of the art being lewd

>>523481593You can still do it user. Even tho it says "Friday Thread" ,these threads tend to stay alive a whole extra day.

>>523481519Classic. TTYD opened with a book and all. If it were modern, the witch would be the book.>>523481383We've had less porn with every subsequent thread for a couple weeks now.

>>523481806True, perhaps I will but knowing me it’ll take a week for me to feel like getting to it anyways lol

>>523481853Heck, the first game's plot literally starts with Bowser taping Kammy inside of the book to kick things off.Like, imagine a game where areas are becoming frozen in time, and it's because bookmarks have been placed in the world that are pausing everything (literally bookmarks in the pages), and you have to destroy the bosses guarding them. It's like the idea of ToK but with bosses that aren't office supplies, and maybe some time movement shenanigans.

>>523482246I can get behind that.

>>523423136> badgesHere's a plausible expansion for the entire badge system: double-sided badges.As in, you flip it over, and it's a different badge on the other side.This'd partially be for preventing you from equipping redundant, unhelpful, overpowered, or contradictory badge combinations. So say, Jumpman and Hammerman would be on different sides of the same badge.But there'd also be a few badges that do other stuff- for instance, a lot of badges that unlock moves would flip over to reveal a passive badge that gives a weakened/chance-based version of their move's special effect to the appropriate basic attack. I.E. Sleepy Stomp flips over to Sleepy Shoe, which gives your jumps a chance to put enemies to sleep.

>>523482529Oh, What about a badge or an item or something that lets you flip all badges at once in battle? That could lead to interesting strategies where you set up badges that work well together on both sides.

>>523482246The paper setting can work if the game doesn't aknowledge it every 5 seconds

>>523480575I got one idea>A cult wanting to steal every crown from all the royalty in the world in order to resurrect some big mad king guy>game starts with peach's castle being attacked by bowser>mario fights through some goombas and such while luigi helps him by giving him a refresher on action commands>they get to peach's bedroom door, with bowser ordering some chargin' chucks to break down the door>bowser makes a large speech about how he's finally won before the chucks break through, come back and interrupt his speech to tell bowser he should probably look at what's going on>they find peach already being kidnapped by some people bowser calls robed dudes>said "robed dudes" KO all of bowser's troops before one of them explains that they're out to steal "all the royalty in the world" before they fly away, one of them leaving behind a map of all the places they're going to attack>bowser gets angry that they didn't even want to kidnap HIM as if he's "not royal enough" and has his remaining troops disperse, leaving the castle in tatters>mario follows the map to main hub town where shenanigans ensue>bowser has his own chapter epilogues where he's going all over trying to prove he's royal enough to be kidnapped>peach's chapter epilogues start with the leader being angry they kidnapped peach in general because they just wanted her crown>crowns are the mcguffins of the game, each of them having hidden powers once mario finds them

>>523482739That reminds me of the idea I had of a physical "badge equip" screen, with some badges/moves that just flip a certain area of your badge inventory. Does that sound too complicated?

Im going to sleep. Pls manage to keep the thread alive at least 8 hours more for me to keep bumping tomorrow. Night

>>523483296gn user, we'll do our best

>>523483002Honestly, I feel like acknowledging it somewhat often isn't even an issue if done correctly or at least in a natural way to the plot. TTYD had scenery tear apart (Doopliss bursting through the sky), Mario's curses making him more paper like, ect. The main issue is that the current PM team doesn't know about subtlety. Unfortunately Tanabe seems to think paper is the funniest shit. Dude walks into an office supply store and cracks up on the paper section.

>>523483542I meant specifically in the story/dialogue. Visual gags are fine, and the curses in TTYD worked because the game never lingered on too much on them and NPCs acted like they were an unnatural part of the world, so an anomaly. Newer games are paper just because paper is in the title.

>>523483749Ah, yeah I agree. It's like IS doesn't get that people play Paper Mario for Mario, not Paper. May as well change the series title to "Paper, featuring Mario"

Are Goombas mushrooms that look like chestnuts, or simply chestnuts themselves?

>>523473078you asked for

Attached: heh.png (790x756, 140.63K)

>>523484975They are mushrooms that look like mushrooms.

>>523485682Noice, and plans for any other designs in this thread?

>>523485682That's the good shit.

>>523485842not at the moment, but i'll take suggestions! or maybe just draw that one idea from of the magikoopa pubes cut into shapes and dyed their respective colors

>>523486428Holy shit, draw that, whatever else you do

>>523486357thanks! it was fun to draw some buns~>>523486472your wish is my command, then.

>>523486428I was just going to suggest Kayenne if the idea interested you

>>523486715Someone should definitely lewd her. Don't gotta be this guy if he's not up for it, but somebody's gotta. I need my gator wife or I'll de-evolve.

>>523484975They are mushrooms, they used to coexist with Toads in the Mushroom Kingdom but sided with Bowser because they felt marginalized or something

>>523485753>>523486907>In Japan, Goombas are called "Kuribō", which loosely translates as "chestnut person".But why

>>523487331Huh... weird, but hey, I learned something new today, so that's cool.

>>523485682Huh, someone made my design lewd, neat

Does anyone have a link to last thread?

>>523487331>Goombas look nothing like mushrooms>Except for when you roast them out of literal chestnuts husksI guess the colors match?

>>523481383A lowest-common-denomenator person cares more about character art than art style and character building, leading to tasteless porn art. Kinda like how the lcd-person only listens to lyrics and rhythm instead of harmony and composition, leading to tasteless pop music.There's still some anons putting thought and design into characters, but it won't be the most popular.

>>523488068>>522656023here you are

Here’s cheepo the birthday clown fish. He works at a horrible chuck e cheese like place and he joins your party because he thinks mario’s fame will get him out of his deadend job. He can swim through disgusting diseased filled ball pits and water. You can ride in his clown car with him which will make you go faster and allow you to go through small passages. He can belly flop and spray water like sushi but uses a flower instead of his mouth.

Attached: E93CD45E-D949-458B-9333-428A054216BF.jpg (4096x4096, 920.99K)

>>523488932Here’s his chapter>one of the macguffins winds up at the prize corner of a chuck e cheese type place with arcade games and ballpits>You have to get enough tickets to get the macguffin, similar to how you needed enough rubies to get out of debt in that mansion level, but less annoying than in there, because you’re doing little minigames instead of mindless labor>You eventually find cheepo, who auctomatically joins your team because he thinks teaming up with someone as famous as mario will get him out of his horrible job>The ballpits have tons of tickets in them, but they’re so rancid and disgusting that you need cheepo to swim through the ballpit to get them>After you get enough tickets, the macguffon is gone and the guy who runs the prize corner say the birthday boy took it>You wander around looking for the birthday boy and eventually found put that its Jr troopa, who purposefully won the macguffin because he knew mario would need it>After beating jr troopa, you get the macguffin and leave, but you can replay the minigames any time you want and can even get some badges from the prize corner

clefts are underrated and have pretty big potential for attack moves, so here's a cleft

Attached: Dorris.png (765x580, 95.06K)

>>523488932I like to imagine that the boss of the area is some animatronic gone haywire due to the mc guffin thats about to attack some kids. Cheepo jumps in front of it, "The only one who gets to terrify these kids is ME!"

>>523489125If you're making it a girl I would've removed the chip in the chin making it a butt chin.Still cute tho

>>523489227this better?

Attached: Dorris.png (773x584, 94.71K)

>>523488932>>523489031>>523489170Golden. His face is beautiful.>>523489125Excellent thinking. Hate these motherfuckers, but one on your side has potential.

>>523489458Yeah, it ends up also giving her a more visible physical difference, aside from the eyelashes and the bit of what I assume to be rock-hair?

>>523486472you got it, chief.>>523486715i'll see what i can do but no promises>>523487981glad you like it, dude


Are there flying sections?

Attached: pm flying section.png (570x762, 24.22K)

>>523491579There are now. Superb.

How would you guys feel if they pulled a Mario RPG, and made a spiritual successor to Mario + Rabbids without Ubisoft?

>>523492107Wrong thread

>>523427779Wabloopuigi number one

Attached: 95C20151-D69C-4773-AAE2-842C1D7C4DFB.jpg (1864x1852, 168.21K)

>>523492602So it's Walamari tonight, I se

>>523492828>walamariThat is a much better name than what I came up with

>>523489170Now that I think about it, an animatronic boss would be better than just refighting jr troopa. Jr troopa could still be a secret boss in the chapter.


Attached: goomblah.png (1320x807, 122.48K)

>>523489031>Cheepo braves the piss ball pit multiple times just for the possibility of not having to work with children anymoreMario does not deserve him. Also kinda interesting to have his partner ability be an "all terrain" ride, since I'd naturally default to swimming.>>523489458Could probably throw Dorris as well and break hard blocks/ pierce enemy defense somewhat. Call back to the Iron Adonis Twins and all that.>>523491579>Final chapter just turns into a shoot 'em up right before you storm the dungeon.Extra points if you can choose not to ride the StarPop and game over for trying to breath in space. Again.

thanks to these threads I'm gonna replay TTYDgod I hope chapter 2 isn't as bad as I remember

>>523494761I just tried to think of clown stuff

>>523493405what if it was Jr Troopa in a shoddily rebuilt animatronic akin to magnus von grapple?

>>523495469That could be cool, having him pilot one of the animatronics as a mech

>>523493405I figured he could work as a miniboss. Like, you beat him, so he tosses the mc guffin on stage and it goes inside the anamatronic's mouth, and before you can get it, the stage show ends and the machine is lowered through a tapdoor into the basement, so you have to go backstage to find it.

>>523495071Use Flurrie's ability on the wall behind the trouble center building for a useless but cool secret

you euros better keep the thread alive tonight

Attached: sandy moves.png (1005x770, 120.09K)

>>523495602Oh shit, that sounds really good

>>523495675You end up fighting a creepy anamatronic Monty Mole with a guitar, and it summons it's various band members to help it fight.

>>523495785This man is plugged the fuck in.

>>523495861I'd honestly love to work on a Paper Mario type game someday. I've had a few ideas in these threads that I'd love to translate over to my own original chracters (Like the bayou cruise, or the frozen casino ideas).

>>523495640Why do I want to fuck it? Where are her erogenous zones? Where can I touch without hurting myself?

>>523496000What's the frozen casino?

i don't even know where I'd put a pussy on her without it looking wierd

>>523496176Yeah, that's a real issue. Some species just need to be rendered a bit more anthropomorphically to be fuckable without it being stupid. Still want to smooch her.

>>523496156The original idea was for Merazzle. Mario goes to Frost Vegas, a winter wonderland full of casinos. The general idea was that you have to make you way higher up in the casino (both literally and in the sense of becoming a big shot winner) so you can get the Mc guffin which is in the hands of a magician that preforms there. Said magician has Merazzle under an unfair contract to be his assistant for eternity.Another user had a neat idea added to it:>Contains the game parlor equivalent>Depending on what hotel you're booked for, you fight different enemies from around the world, or alternatively are given a challenge fight.>Challenges could include stuff like a water torture-esque arena where you have to acquire a key within a certain amount of time against aquatic enemies before Mario fucking drowns>There's also a Houdini-esque ex-star who gives you hints and directions>Boss is an big-shot illusionist/stage magician like Criss Angel, but he's using the obligatory macguffin to perform actual magic and make his performances a bit too real>You fight him on the roof of the fanciest hotel in a multistage fight where he does weird effects throughout and inflicts stage hazards>Can come back and do fights for decent cash handouts after the chapter ends.

>>523496774I love all of that. I wish Vegas was somewhere cold instead of a fucking desert. >MerazzleBest partner, best girl, would fall in love again.

>>523496935Thank you, I'm glad you like her design. Honestly, between her and the Kremlings, I feel like I get some pretty fun design ideas when working in this style.

>>523497184I hope...somebody makes that DK game now that Retro is mining Phazon for eternity. We're never going to see a Shaman again. It's bleak here.

>>523495785Here’s musky mole and his rad swooper sideshow, shades

Attached: 63A97ED9-784A-47C2-9E65-E51FF2D807A9.jpg (4000x4000, 839.51K)

>>523497448I barely put any effort into this

>>523496318I would smooch her too


Attached: 1572900530590.png (326x356, 66.01K)

>>523497815Here's to lips full of needles.


I want the malleable, disembodied Mario head from the Mario 64 title screen to be a partner.

>>523498898Make it one of these koopas from World that wear Mario masks, except his is hastily made and is too easily malleable.

Attached: Beach_Koopas.png (72x26, 340)

>>523499281That's a way better idea. These enemies need to come back.

>>523461549I'm not an artist but I'd say a musclegirl Kremling would be good muscle goon for the mob boss K. Rool he wanted to sprite for next week.

>>523499880>>523461549It should be like a female Krusha or something.

>>523496774>mfw my brain died trying to think of the NPCs for this and never recoveredThey probably shouldn't both be Toads, but I mean Toad and Chriss Angel both rock the shirtless vest so... maybe the Houdini NPC should be a Flip Flop Folk with the joke being he just flipped out of his predicaments instead of "dead X because bad at escape artistry" like I first thought.

Attached: illegally customized toads and also a mouse maybe.png (934x437, 129.07K)

>>523500743Yes, and I could see her having a red rage mode like the Krunchas from DKC2.>>523500894>Chapter boss ToadIs that...can you do that? Can anyone do that? I love these designs, though. Moudini is the best concept, Escape T. still has a great design, though...and that Flip Flopper is a great idea for an escape artist, as much as Super should never be acknowledged. Tough choices.

>>523501210>Can you do that? Can anyone do that?We're in lawless territory now son, anything goes. Jokes aside, my thoughts were that he wouldn't be an actual villain like most chapter bosses, he just really really wants to hold onto the macguffin so he can keep sawing people in half and levitating and junk. So you separate them. Violently.

>>523501995I like that.

>>523486472ask and you shall receive sorry for all the magikoopa autism, this was based off an idea from the previous

Attached: peekaboo.png (743x662, 153.09K)


>>523502308thanks my dude B) i had a lot of fun with this concept. now to lewd naughtia

>>523503334Can't wait.

Somebody lewd this spicy gator gal for when I wake up, if you please. I place my faith in the night shift. >>523473731


>>523505108Where'd everybody go? Does the Mario anniversary and its onslaught of threads keep former participants scattered across the board? It's weird that we still have activity but the thread keeps sliding off.

Attached: 1577473854096.jpg (480x360, 20.44K)

>>523505259the americans are falling asleep, plus i think the acceptance of that bullshit mandate has finally broke some people. combine that with the fact that nintendo keeps making stupid business decisions and Holla Forums likes to talk about said decisions, it makes sense to me. but it is odd. i'm just happy this thread isn't dead yet.

Some people were talking about a girl koopatrolwhere's the fucking art, that one should've been excellent draw bait

>>523505949>there's not a single Koopatrol in the booruWhat the fuck? Anyway, what were people saying for this concept? We can always workshop something.

>>523506043Well, I always thought a Koopatrol partner would be cool.Shake up the whole you-always-get-a-regular-koopa-and-he's-always-the-second-partner routine. You'd get this one later.And someone was talking about a girl koopa who was a knight, and you don't find out she's a girl till later, and I was like "koopa knights are koopatrols"

>>523506421That's cute. Good setup. Almost like Samus in the first Metroid (so a bikini alt where she's clearly embarassed to be wearing so little would be a great accompaniment to an illustration). Would she have any visually distinct features, despite nothing implying her sex? How would she act?

>>523506630I'm thinking blonde hair, not in a ponytail>quiet (not silent, but less than talkative. She might talk alot if you get her started)>strong>noble>loves and respects life and nature>not spunky>not annoying>quick to come to the defense of small animalsThis is sounding a lot like samus and I'm not trying to make it that way, it's bleeding too much into the themes you see in Fusion and Prime.But desu that's ok because those were some damn good themes. And I much prefer that samus to the modern one we have with the epic attitude.So yeah, like samus. But Prime/Fusion samus, not annoying zero suit samus.She takes herself and her life seriously, and so she doesn't just flippantly decide to join you. She joins up because you're on a quest for the life and freedom of the people of , and if she can help by her life or death, then she will.She is quiet in peace and in anger. Where others will be vocal about their disapproval, she will demonstrate her anger with action. (This doesn't mean she doesn't ever talk as a rule)Perhaps she was part of an army that scattered awhile ago, or she's the sole guard for her home village or town, or she just lives in a meadow and stops poachers and earth rapers (loggers, people blowing up the meadow for power gems or whatever the fuck)Maybe her dad was a knight and she wears his armor

>>523507557i feel like that sort of subtle characterization would be appreciated in the marioverse, samus-like or not.

>>523507557I'm very into this. Hopefully someone can bring her to life.>IP count hasn't gone up since this afternoonWouldn't count on that.

>>523507557I'd let her kill me instantly. 10/10.

Mario RPG has so many weird-ass enemies that would be fun to see again.

Attached: 1590636818007.jpg (700x700, 581.87K)


Attached: 1531140073004.png (640x1080, 223.42K)

Attached: 1569522463626.gif (400x480, 288.47K)


Oof, on time. Good job anons, its alive. Now that im here and its daytime, this thread wont die if at least one of you cooperate.

>>523471265>>523475469>>523477074>>523485682>>523502197Good shit

>>523496035 her spikes can be made soft at will, kinda like big nipples

>>523516224Good lord is that hot.

>>523470454That's K. Rool calling that voodoo man persona?


>>523516690He called him Kajun K. Rool in the last thread, where his Kremling partner character (the fisherman, Kreole) debuted.

Oh, you are still here. Thank godness I wont have to selfbump in the end

>>523516835I do have to split now, but things should be okay. Morning's soon.

>>523516224Someone draw this

This isn't really Paper Mario related but I've lost control of my life

Attached: fludd gurl concept.png (4750x3000, 2.98M)


Not yet


>>523454382I would draw more tanoomba but I've been lazy for weeks and I always have problem getting back to drawing

Jeez, cmon fellow eurofags

>>523519849No problem. Draw when you feel like it. Just post to dont kill the theead.

>>523519849>tanoombaI hope you draw more of her user

>>523523704Im not the og artist, I did the second newest one on the booru but I really like her design

>>523524610>Second newest on the booruGood job user, thos one is

>>523517910Why green?

Boring bunch



>>523516224....I kinda realized where can we put the "holes" nipplefucking


>>523530285between the segments would be logical, no? as in the segments being stacked on top of the holesspeaking of stacked, how come nobody lewded that stacked mermaid on the booru yet

any partners based off of super yet

Attached: NINTENDO.png (800x757, 720.13K)

>>523531183No, no super paper mario partners, yet, that was sound neat, though, I might draw one.

>>523530826Because you dont post

>>523531325It’s actually hard to think of super paper mario enemies or npcs that could work as partners, does anyone have any ideas for spm partners

>>523530976Thats a good idea too

>>523530976>how come nobody lewded that stacked mermaid on the booru yetBecause no one requeste it, until now I want a mermaid titjob lewd


>>523480575I had this idea of a bandit who stole an ancient superweapon (pair of scissors) thinking it was just a generic artefact he could fence for a quick coin. He soon noticed it can cut through anything (paper jokes, but s u b t l e) and started stealing other ancient gear to see what they can do, breaking and entering using the superweapon.end twist was that the ancient supermachines were alive, and the scissors specificly were the most evil of them all, trying to destroy entire nations just because it could. The bandit was just a convenient pawn to help it regain it's power using the key pieces of the other supermachines, and start off on it's world destruction tour again. The bandit joins Mario's team for the final battle not because he want to fix his mistakes, but because he wants the scissors back under his control.

>>523532908>but because he wants the scissors back under his controlI like that

>>523532908That sounds pretty neat even with the paper puns

>>523533217It's more like exactly one visual pun, everyone in-universe is thinking it's some master criminal with high-tech laser cutters and then it's just some random bandit with magic scissor demon.

>>523533472Yeah, that’s actually pretty good.

Attached: 70b72a48f75f0a8fcc6944082239eb47636e1401.png (1000x1000, 286.42K)

>>523480575An old scientist from a high tech faraway kingdom who believes that mario can be used as a robotic super soldier so he lures mario in with something (either he kidnapped peach or he say his kingdom is in trouble). He’d probably be a twist villain at the end who makes mario the final boss.

>>523480575This wasn’t originally paper mario but I think it still think it works and I kind of modified the story. Mario hears about a kingdom called the leaf kingdom which have been overun by “evil” kitsunes. The tanooki princess has also been kidnapped by the kitsunes. At the end of each chapter, mario and his partners think they’ve finally rescued the tanooki princess but it just turns out to be another tanooki retainer, at the end of the game, it turns out the tanooki retainers were all just disguises for the tanooki princess, and that the tanooki princess was the villain all along and that she wanted mario to beat the kitsunes so that she could take the throne, she either reforms, dies, or gets aways at the end to be seen another day.


>>523535293This, but make the tanookis tanoombas instead

>>523536862Eh, I think some normal tanooki would be fine, there were some in sunshine.

>>523537313I always forget there are tanookis in mario universe

>>523537930It’s easy to forget about


Live, please

>>523423136If I would suggest a partner, a koopatrol general who's secretly a girl

Attached: D7cZB0PXsAQ9u2Z.jpg (1918x1382, 516.22K)

>>523540291That loses its appeal the same moment you realize you cant make a koopa look cute

>>523540291This but the joke is that everyone knows the truth

>>523540552>you can't make a koopa look cute

Attached: Koopie_Koo.jpg (176x248, 12.29K)

How about a dry bones who is a former member of the mafia. He was murdered and became a dry bones after he told some secret about the boss. He’s gay but he won’t admit it. He has dirty little secrets about everyone in the mushroom kingdom. He’s a literal skeleton in the closet who knows about everyone’s skeletons in their closets.

>>523541282Yeah, but you can´t give eyelashes and rosy cheeks to a koopatrol due to the helmet

>>523541678do what the guy that made the cleft did

>>523541678I mean, you could make her armor look scary and masculine, but when she takes it off, she looks cute and feminine.

>>523541678the helmet makes it better

>suddely, the lurkers appeared in the thread


>>523542439The enemy

Attached: EB2403FE-AF44-4387-A80B-45BF1DE36381.png (113x116, 24.41K)

Thank god koopas can cannonically go out their shells or it would be impossible to lewd them.

>>523542646Ohh, this >>523489458 one looks good

>>523542653It seems like something that nintendo would’ve made a mandate about if super mario world didn’t already have them go out of their shells

>>523542653Koopas should have a body like bowser, with the shell on the back but not grabing the whole body

>>523543285This actually bothers me because his shell just stays on because magic I guess?

Bros it's SATURDAYhave a

Attached: explorer_ZvAEL4qEKC.png (246x285, 125.23K)

>>523543565Thanks you bro. I apreciate it. Hora de estrujar el ganso

>>523543565Whoever you are, magikoopa maniac...I salute you.

Attached: 1596412918837.gif (500x379, 876.37K)

>>523535293Made this to go along with this, what colors should she be?

Attached: EF624670-7FBF-4B8C-8342-FBADEC52138D.jpg (2533x2828, 456.39K)


>>523543565holy based


>>523531325>>523531183I personally don't like SPM species and don't think they should be partners, it is better for them to be forgotten in their own thing


Attached: 1598670383718.png (233x312, 27.03K)

>>523543565holy fucking shit dude, creator of madeleine here, this is the most based thing i have ever seen


>>523516224keep the thread up i got an idea

>>523544167Seriously, anyone know any good colors for her?

I've got an idea for a partner as well, sorta linked to the scissor bandit villain above. I'll hold off on anything specific until I've got some art done.Here's a teaser: The Bandit of Smokey and the Bandit but it's a piranha plant girl on a souped up trike.>>523546181I'd say green with a brown striped patterning on the things on the upper skirt part and the shoulder toppings.

>>523546560What about her hair

>>523546638Ginger. Decide for yourself whether it's ginger ale or the actual hair color.Also gold for her accessories.


>>523547380Here she is

Attached: ADFD9E2C-FE37-4941-B106-3CA272F6BC18.jpg (4000x4000, 547.9K)

>>523546093Now I definitely will

>>523548015I think she should have light brown skin

>>523548015I'd say darken the green a bit, and you missed the stripes for the toppings and the hip...hem...things.


Attached: 64818DBA-2EAD-4989-838C-9079B269D67F.jpg (1676x2446, 483.8K)


>>523549102Now its way better


>>523549102wow user, she looks adorable! i gotta wagecuck soon but if this thread is still alive i'll draw her for tonight!


Don’t die


Do we also just draw regular art (as in non-lewds) of other characters?

>>523517910I sure am looking forward to playing Sunshine again.

>>523543565We are blessed.

>>523552928Yes, plenty

>>523552928Sure, just make sure it’s mario related

We should rename the threads to "friday/saturday paper mario oc thread" at this point...


Hey, Merazzle/Kremling sprite user here, any general requests or ideas for a partner/enemy or anything I could sprite for next weeks thing? No promises, but still, wanna see if something jumps out at me.

>>523555116>>523541592 would go well with Don K. Rool.

>>523546093It would be ironic if the thread autosaged before this user could finish his thing. We cover the full spectrum of thread timing problems here.

Attached: 1591745149578.webm (1400x1800, 341.7K)

>>523554665or just weekend

>>523555467Might try for Don K. Rool actually


>>523555636Oh shit, time to slow down a bit then

>>523556382At the risk of incurring further posting, the problem is how fast Holla Forums is. We still have ideas, artists, and roughly the same amount of posters every week, but the threads are constantly endangered because of the speed of this wojak/twitter cap containment board. And no, we can't move to /vg/, because it's -faster-.


>>523555968Would Don K. Kong work better?

>>523558247I mean, name wise yeah, but my idea was that it'd be a new theme for the Kremlings to go off of. That said, Don K. Kong is a pretty amusing idea.

>>523555116A southern gentleman Kutlass with a cane sword. Two cane swords if you want to get crazy.

>>523558247>You're...Donkey Rool!

Attached: 1533940587606.gif (368x279, 1.48M)

>>523558570Maybe Don. K Kong was the original mafia leader, but due “an accident”, Don. K Rool was put in charge instead.

>>523560151That would be a fun ecological niche for Donkey Kong in New Donk City, from which he was conspicuously absent.

>>523560151Don. K kong might look like this

Attached: 594D990A-E3D6-4533-85B9-AFAAA77666C1.png (372x479, 254K)


I call him Toad

Attached: toad.png (1280x1532, 1.55M)

>>523561445Veddy intradesting. Terr me more.

>>523561540he says funny paper puns


>>523561445I actually had an idea for a scientist toad who looked just like that but with glasses. The scientist believed the only way people could achieve world peace was for everyone to look and act the same, so he came with a chemical that turn everyone into identical toads. His name was going to be Professor T. Nabe.