Was 90s the peak of gaming?

Was 90s the peak of gaming?

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Not this picture again please... Last time I received a full month ban for my posts...

>>523389285gamers in the 90s looked like thatI want to go back!

>>523389367What did you post?

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>>523389285OH GOD!!OH FUCK!!!

>>523389285Something's odd about that picture.

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>>523389897it's the one on the right. saucy little piece

>>523389367What's wrong with the picture? If anything I'm interested what game that is, looks familiar

me playing games

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>>523389285PlayStation 2 era i would say

Can you stop the pedo shit, please?

>>523390000cute, post more

>>523389285Almost, it's the only form of media where the silver age predates the golden. PS2/Gamecube era was the peak of gaming.

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>>523389285Why does that look like Bubsy on a computer?

Yes, because that's when Capcom made Darkstalkers.

>>523390143I mean I can... but will I?

>>523390143stop projecting please, I can see it from way over here

>>523390143How do you know this is pedo stuff, do you have any proof?

>>523389367I got a permaban for posting a picture of a kid playing Final Fantasy VII.

>>523390000CheckedUTFW no daughterE

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>>523390428Uh ok what was going on in it besides ff7

>>523390428Rightfully so. FF7 is garbage.

>>523389285jesus FUCKING christ CLEAN UP YOUR HOUSE

>>523390556Nothing, actually it was a screenshot of a video I found on YouTube. A kid, in a sofa, playing FF VII Remake, that's all.

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Cunnyfags need to be burned at the stake

>>523389994think it's bubsyanyways people posting pictures of kids is always a blatant invitation for the child predators to start posting so no shit they're going to get deleted

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cute and funny thread

I wish kids stayed on their parents phones playing gay shit like bubble witch, where they belong.

>>523389285is that super bubsy?

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>>523390684wat gaem?

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>>523390684Child game

>>523390392because we have had this thread multiple times a day every single fucking day for the past yearthis exact same fucking one

>>523389285Wait a minute that girl has a fucking wedding ring

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>>523389285>these girls are now grown up and probably hot

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>>523390867>barely any characterslittle girls are shit at vidya.

>>523390867picture the smell

1997-2007 was the GOATI've been chasing the same feelings gaming gave me at that time for thirteen years and failing.

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>>523390930>these girls are now grown up and uglyftfy

>>523390954quick question what game is thatlooking it up never gets me anywhere

Everything was fucking expensive. If you were gaming online, nobody could use the phone and if your home got a call, it would disconnect you anyway because of call waiting shit. And even if you could deal with all that, you would still be branded a social outcast if anyone discovered you played games other than casual bing bing wahoo. But, yeah, it kind of unironically ruled.

>>523390893And you're in every one of these threads despite knowing that they're pedo threads? Seems suspicious.

>>523390983You are supposed to help them.

>>523390723>child predators>fat greasy NEETs who barely leave their moms basement and are too scared to go outside>child predatorsLmao

>>523389285>already chocker on the right oneAlready the black belt for cock sucking at this age. My god they grow up fast.


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>>523391425She does looks like she knows her way around engorged adult cocks baka.

Should I get my niece into gaming? Is Mario a good start?


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>>523391425its just a neclace, you nigger dick obsessed cuck

I really really want a daughter...

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>>523389285Why are little girls so cute brehs???

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>>523391718I want a daughter wife

>>523391702Google choker and exactly the one the girl has is listed...

>>523391629>playing SMBX with little cousin>I always picked Link and she picked Peach>another cousin commented that I was her knight and she was a princess>cousin I'm playing with starts blushing

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>>523389285That lefty one is wonderful petite treasure.Just look at the way she has her hand graciously on the desk. She's a little sneaky goddess. She already plays with her feminity at such a young age... Oh here I am, letting my Humbert Humbert side out again...

>>523391629i got my 6 year old niece into gaming when she was 5 by letting her play touhou on my computer. i eventually gave her my old genesis with sonic 2 and she loves it. lately she's been playing mario 64 on an emulator and she loves it although she just runs around the castle and never makes any progress.

>>523391718Post lewd pics of Reisen, Tewi.

>>523390954Oh no!youtube.com/watch?v=3CywmOitVWk

>>523391813>>523391686>>523391718>>523390930what the hell is wrong with you people

>>523391848I want a daughter wife and a daughter

>>523391962Loving cute little girls is natural.

>>523391962I can't help the fact that I find little girls cute.

>>523390867This reminds me of the time I was at my female friends house and they had some of their cousins over. They were 2 girls, 10 and 11 I think, and they wanted to play Smash Bros. Brawl. One of them kept saying how good she was at kirby. I joined in and fucking beat the absolute shit out of them and they got bored and left after 2 rounds. I was 17

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>>523391962>what the hell is wrong with you people

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>>523391947Reisen is a whore

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>>523392045You're such a meanie, you're supposed to toy with them and let them win a bit. But how could you know, you were a dumb teenage boy.

>>523389285Girls don't play videogames. Kys

>>523389285Everything has been on a steep decline for the last 30 years, probably longer.

>>523392045Should have played deliberately bad to keep the cunnies happy

>>523392098Come on Tewi, you can do better than that

>>52338928590s to mid-00s but no further. Why? The Internet was becoming available in every home, yet remained its own thing. It wasn’t integrated to full social media bull shittery and wasn’t integrated into most games. This meant games were shipped as final copies and only the first vestiges of DLCs as we know it could be found. Instead we got full blown expansions. Physical was still king, so the community had places to congregate IRL. Internet forums were in their childhood and were filled with all kinds of topics that could be discussed any time and with anyone and with half the bulls hit and trolling that goes on now. Some games feature online capabilities and they were hailed a revolutionary, this was where we started to take our steps away from each other and local multiplayer in favor of online.Gaming is so lonely now.

>>523392040>>523392042no its not. keep it to yourself. please you are the bane of every father.


>>523392045>tfw 6 years ago I lived at my aunt's place for a few months and spent tons of time with my back then 11 and 9 year old cousins.We played tons of vidya together, and watched cartoons from my laptop. The girls also just clung to me constantly, and even went as far to wake me up by crawling next to me on my bed and snuggling me.God I miss that time so much, there is no better experience than waking up to two adorable little girls hugging you and laying next to you.

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>>523391876Don't be around children, and seek professional help.


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>>523392206It's all lonely now, despite "social media 3.0" crap.We are more and more isolated from one another, and more polarized on everything and anything.We can't go back. The future already feels terrible.

>>523389897why? do you have the sauce??

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>>523392338Tewi please

>>523392268>drinking the feminist coolaid In a proper society, fathers groom their daughters into good potential wives and then allow honorable men of good character to court them in order to build strong alliances between his own family, and the families of the husbands of his daughters.

>>523392325>The girls also just clung to me constantly>wake me up by crawling next to me on my bed and snuggling me.

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>>523391876The one on the right has that mischievous look though.

>>523392268The bane???

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>>523391337>fat greasy NEETs who barely leave their moms basement and are too scared to go outsideyesyoutube.com/watch?v=w_b6dto-JVY

>>523392491He's a big guy

>>523392325lucky man, at least you have the memories

>>523392558For little girls.

>>523392268if you think that there's something sexual about thinking that little girls are cute then you're fucking demented

>All the people in this thread thirsting over literal, real life childrenSeek therapy you fucks

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>>523392469The only time I have been kissed by a girl was when the older one of my cousins gave me a kiss and whispered that she liked me into my ear.

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>>523392268Kill yourself you perverted coombrain, there's literally nothing pedophilic about the posts you quoted.

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>>523392579This. Pedos are just projecting their insecurities. Kids are cute. Puppies are cute. Kittens are cute. So what?

>>523392594sauce me user tor only

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