Does Holla Forums likes video games involving warship?

Does Holla Forums likes video games involving warship?

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I do

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>>523387218Should've let it die

war what now

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Yes but Taihou is fucking garbage.

>>523386530>>523387218>>523387273>>523387352>>523387451One fate thread at a time you dumb nigger

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>>523387451Should I war what now?

>>523387510This. Bitch sank after one torpedo.

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>>523387780Her sister is better

what are wee talking about here?

>>523388191something about massive plump juicy ships idk

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>>523388339More paizuri please

>>523388191is coffee good for you?

why do her fingers only have one joint, it's actually scaring me

>>523388431Uhhhh, i like a morning coffee, more than that and i get lethargic after the comedown

I wonder why do I keep coming here

>>523386530>KancolleGacha>Azur LaneGacha>BattlestationsOld school, too old.>World of WarshipsWorld of p2w Jews>DreadnoughtEarly access, single player circlejerk>Other things that only feature little submarinesUninspiring>War ThunderPure Russian garbage


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>>523386530Coffee isn't all that great for you.


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Yes thats a nice warship right there

>>523386530where's the veins?

boats and hoesboats ARE hoes

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>generic big titty warshipthats cool and all but where are the actual good ones?

I love botes but holy fuck I hate playing gacha

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>>523389603Can you post more of the boat on the right?

>>523389603God I love that boatslut on the righf


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>>523389787Please reconsider

>>523389230Are you kidding me? It's a stimulant with almost zero side effects. Some historians even relate the change from drinking wine and beer 24/7, a depressant, to drinking coffee to the rise of the Age of Enlightenment. Coffee is great. And so are big boobs.


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>>523389939Just wait until people are smoking weeeeeeeeeeeeeed 24/7 then duude hahahah

>>523390039But I can only fap to St Louis

>>523390085What a shame.

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>>523390068That's part of why human society is regressing back to the middle ages as we speak, in fact. More coffee, less cannabis and hard drugs.

I wish someone would post St Louis


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>>523390529Finally! would you mind posting more of her?

>>523386530i dont know wut game but im literally drooling a bit rnwhy does 2D have to be perfect

>>523390632What for?

>>523390796No reason in particular, she is just pleasant to look at.

>>523389787>>523390039>>523390246are you done?


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>>523390639From the dawn of mankind, humanity has only had one wish: to be able to draw perfect female boobs. Big anime tiddies are the pinnacle of human art, the realization of the original dreams of our ancestors. They're the result of at least 32 thousand years of trial and error, that's why they are perfect.

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>>523391038Fucking slut with no class

>>523386530there's been a lot of femdom threads lately and I am very happy about that

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>>523391110Go away

>>523391086yeah she's great huh

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>>523391271It would be great if you could lewd her more

>>523391110No, stay.

>>523390039the perfect woman!

>>523391369I'm staying user, don't worry

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>>523391445God, yes.

>>523386530>>523387451Do you think Taiho would let me sit on her face?

>>523391609Go away


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>>523391307Make me

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>>523391775Make me coom instead


Dominant Holla Forums women let's goooo

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>>523387218fpbp guns are better

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>>523391881Not that one you posted however

Which bote would you be?_

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>>523391737"Especial comissions" for extra money!

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>>523386530Whats the best L2D Taihou skin bros?

>>523391931Id be the sexy brown one in the white dress

>>523391956Post more of that slut please

>>523391881>>523391915is right post UMP45 instead


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>>523389929>>523390085>>523390473There's literally St. Louis threads on /vmg/

>>523392093>/vmg/That's boring!



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>>523386530they have to be adorableand/or humorous

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>>523392024>post UMP454+5=UMP9 ? :3

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>>523392150Wait, that's not Bremerton

>>523392276Post her adorable butt

>>523391931You already know.

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>>523392279Any UMP is fineexcept 40

>>523386530>>523387273>>523387451>>523387780>>523388339>>523389204>>523389603>>523389662>>523389787>>523390039>>523390246>>523390529>>523391038>>523391271>>523391869>>523391931>>523392036>>523392276>>523392150>>523392279>>>/h/Wrong board nigger

>>523392519why would they post censored and non-pornographic images on a pornography poard?

>>523386530I think you mean worship

>>523392519Youre a fucking loser

>>523392519>get told to go to /h/>remember how slow /e/ and /h/ are meanwhile /d/ gets three times as many posts per day:(

>>523392279Reminder that, comparing her to her pistol, loli cat nun P7 is actually 7ft tall

>>523392583Which azur lane girl has the best heels?