What are you scared of about the future of vidya?

what are you scared of about the future of vidya?

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Microtransactions and DLC. Even Nintendo is doing it and I thought they would be the last bastions against it

of vidya? nothingof my future? i dont even know where to start

I'm scared that Facebook taking over VR is the beginning of the end of free will

>>523386290Mainline video games are going to be completely free but will require $30 monthly charges to play them as well as either shit ton of microtransactions or +100 hours of grinding for basic items .

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>>523386290Catering to the Chinese goverment

Okay hear me out of this is a good idea. You can download your games for free on your systems BUT you need to pay a dollar every time you start it up kinda like in the arcade days.

>>523386290Japanese games getting more westernized.

>>523386290Sjw and normies/casuals

>>523386609Also pay another dollar every time you lose. And the first dollar is for each time you log in to play.

>>523386290I have no hope for the future of vidja or of the world. I expect a general decline as everyone tries to cater to the lowest common denominator and mega-corporations buy up anything of value.

I fear the Japanese will eventually stop making games other than gacha cash grabs.

>>523386613Also this

>>523386290why keep reposting weeb jokerface for the 8000th time?

Japanese games getting harder

>>523386290Dominance of GAASTrannies

>>523386762cus I like italso my folder is rather small

>>523386613I don't see this happening.>>523386708This, on the other hand...

>>523386608What are the Chinese going to do to your gaymes?

>>523386613>Japanese games getting more westernized.i hope to god that doesn't happen

>>523386290Forced DRM control, such as always online or needing to register your game that only works on one console. Chinese or foreign intervintion into game series for nefarious purposes. Forced advertisments during gameplay. No more physical media.

>>523386613Fucking capcom.

I’m scared we won’t get artificial reality with pussy attachments for simulated pussy fucking. Imagine actually fucking your favorite game girl bro’s. You could even mod in deep fake content! Ahh the dream.

>>523386978China has a good long list of banned shit

>>523386290Games are getting more expensive while also still having fucking microtransactions. Limited time content seems to becoming more and more common, locking out content for new players/people who want to replay that game. Also; nostalgia pandering, generic shooters, copy+paste sports games, weeb games, pay to win games, toxic/annoying fandoms, and people who blindly defend shit games just because they "enjoy" the game. (swsh, tlou2, origiami king, league, etc.) They're actively making the gaming industry worse for putting up with shit and allowing devs to never need to improve


>>523386376>Microtransactionsmostly this

>>523387263Within China, China as a culture is completely disinterested in the outside world outside of trade relations

>>523386290More scared about the collapse of the US desu.

>>523386290>Subscription based services like Google Stadia and Onlive becoming the norm for the game industry.>Sanitizing games worldwide for the chinese government thanks to tencent having their penises in every pie in the industry instead of making a separate version for their authoritarian bullshit>EGS not running out of fortnite money to keep buying exclusives while at the same time complaining about monopolies like hypocrite cunts>Denuvo DRM in every game permanently>Emulation of older games being wiped from the face of the earth resulting in games being lost forever once all the physical hardware that runs them breaks down>Every new game is a games as a service>Every new game must teach a political lesson or contain acts of "proper representation" and is never allowed to just be apolitical fun, this goes for both parties not just leftists>The industry stagnates with 16 button controllers that feel the same for decades more instead of trying to innovate like Steam Controller did or at least with stuff like jibb smart's flick stick>GoG shuts down>VR gets adopted by normalfags who ruin it's fun, experimental, and generally overall pleasant nature instead of dying with dignity while it's still fun>Games becoming $70 but still having an equal amount of microtransactions if not more>"AAAA games" with budgets so stupidly inflated and retardedly inefficiently made that they have to become as bland as possible to appeal to as wide an audience as possible while also working off established franchises that get extended to perpetuity star wars style to sell more, and if these games don't sell a kajillion copies they kill good studios EA style>More and more privacy violations with commonly used stores

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>>523386978Censor it way worse than any sjw.

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I'm scared about the future in general senpai

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>>523386290Series become more casual friendly, many unique elements of games are botched, no new unique IPs or games especially compared to 2/3DS era. Everything becomes samey and formulaic. If 2019's action game Sekiro is mechanically inferior to 2001's action game Devil May Cry then we all are screwed since in next 10 years we will be left with 1 button press to finish games.

>>523386290You will be required to subscribe to a streamer in order to play the game

>>523387461Go away Chang. Your country got games removed from steam for being anti-CCP, or had entire ad campaigns changed for showing historical facts, or had games banned from all countries for offending Chinese sensibility.

>>523386290it's already fucked up

>microtransactions>Chinese pandering/censorship>destruction of games preservation>anti consumer practices>content cut to be made dlc>gacha>sjw pandering/censorship>subscription models>decade old ports being sold for full pricewake me the fuck up when its over

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>>523386290Trump ruining vidya by using his decrees to attack anything that upsets him like he did with tencent and shit. So much for keeping politics out of vidya. Can't wait until my favorite MMO gets banned by Trump because the dev offended him on twitter.

>>523386978Same thing they've done to much of the film medium. I wouldn't say it's even censorship in the typical way where things are blocked are taken away after the fact, there are literally things done before a film is even written or cast that are done for the explicit reason to keep the Chinese market happy. Because of their massive size and potential customers/viewers and their businessmen with their tendrils in almost every industry around the world, companies who want money are more than willing to kowtow to them.

japan hopping completely on that money>passion train that the west started. they've begun already

>>523387794I can't wait for that either, get fucked kid

>>523387461If that was the case, no one would be changing their content to cater to them.

>>523387858Kids don't play MMORPG's in 2020. Most MMORPG's are filled with boomers.

>>523387916Sorry, you manchildren are indistinguishable from kids

>>523387820And then your company gets banned from China for the tiniest thing ever.And then your attempts to save yourself with them anger the US King and he mandates your company CAN'T operate in China anymore.And then your company goes bankrupt or sells.

>>523387989>Turns out conservatives were the censor happy onesWho knew, aside from anyone alive between 1950-2020.

>>523387794Fuck tencent and fuck you.>>523387858Based.>>523387916>>523387989Basado

>>523386613It will definitively happen one day.

>>523388083>akshually conservatives are the real censors!Cry more big baby, get better policy

>>523386290I don't think I'll have enough tokens to roll NTW-20's new costume this month. Will be pretty bummed if I don't get it.

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>>523388083If you censor poop it's still poop, you shouldn't be playing Chinese games in the first.

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>>523386290this crap becoming the standard business model

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>>523386290Streamlining for mass retards.Creative writing dying completely in any AAA games as the stories will be just pure rehashed preaching

>>523386290microtransactions and too much SJW bs

In the past, digital only games would get delisted because of licenses expiring. It sucked, but legal problems are a pain in the ass in all aspects of entertainment, so it was understandable.Now we have digital only games with no licensing problems whatsoever being "limited time offers" until they're pulled for no reason. That makes no fucking sense to me.

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>>523386613>>523386708One of these two is guaranteed to happen. I hate how powerless it feels to watch everything I enjoy become ruined by outsider influence or corporate greed.

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Denuvo continuing to reign terror on pc ports

>>523387257You should rethink your choices in life, user

>>523387637It’s okay, we’ll all probably be dead in the next few years either due to nuclear holocaust or world wide chimp outs

>>523387595Why you pretend american cuck culture doesnt sanitize games even more?Recent mainstream projects all have unbearably shitty agenda driven stories

>>523388285Best option is to buy (BUY not PIRATE) indie games now. At least those have soul still.

>>523386290You have to pay a subscription to play online...on your PC !

>>523388203>this eunuch would be first to go up against the wallwtf i love communism now

>>523387131Judd already fucked off so it probably wont happen again

>>523388425And strategies.

>>523386290If you're scared about the future of vidya but not of the West, then it's time to power off your consoles and start reading about the conspiracies against our populations.

>>523388210Name one game on gamepass that you can't just buy. If you want to pay $60 for Halo/Gears/Forza, you can.

>>523388405Pandering to american cuck culture is a choice. If you don't, the worst you get is a bunch of literally whos on twitter whining about how problematic it is. Meanwhile your expensive tencent funded game is not even going to release if it doesn't appeal to china. One form of censorship is internal, the other is external and optional.

>>523387595when has Epic Games ever complained about monopolies? wtf

>>523388594Fucking dumbass one of the main arguments to use EGS from EGS shills is complaining that steam is a monopoly even though we have other storefronts than steam to buy games from.

>>523387632is that really it? two small graphical changes is enough to make you complain?

>>523388565But partnering with tencent is also a choice user.

>>523386290RPG’s merging into the action adventure genreThe same way adventure melted into action

No. The future of society is fucked so vidya is the least of my worries.

>>523388565You think SJWs don't directly control creation already in the West? I have news for you, buddy...You think journos aren't part of the issue? I have some other news...

>>523388715It's a "choice" in the same way that not paying for protection money to your local mafia boss to protect your store is a "choice". You want in the chinese market? You sometimes HAVE to go through tencent.

>>523388561Good point.

>>523388594are you fucking serious dudehow can such low info retards like you exist, were you born yesterday

>>523388754You must be aware that in nations like UK there already some quotas for that kind of promotion of diversity or this kind of inclusivity.Of course situation now is not that bad. But user. Thats what the thread is about: I fear, the west will become so lost, to get funding there, you always will have to include all this garbage and rewrite stories, and as i said, it started already

动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 begone CCP shills

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>>523388801Imagine making game in the west about fags being bad or 13% of population.

>>523389028Not an argument.

>>523387881Post an example, I'm genuinely curious.>>523387704>accuses me of being chang/jew/cia/nigger/pol/ was a mistake

>>523388961You are so dumb, westernanon, it is really funny.

>>523386290black people

>>523389052Shameful display.

>>523388210I don't even have game pass and I love it because it drives any game on that service down to rock bottom prices in the aftermarket.

>>523386290more microtransactions and dirty play like it instead of actually making the fucking game fun.it feels like indie games are the only clean way forward. small devs like undertale and such who care about the game instead of a fucking profit margin.not the greatest example but thinking about it makes me depressed.>>523386613this too. western culture has been corrupted and subverted into trying to pretend ugly is beautiful. it's revolting.

>>523389175...are literally going extinct in the US with their ecological niche being taken over by mexicans

>>523387763Whats wrong with gacha?>>523388000Trips!

>>523389091Holy fucking shit do your own research. idgaf if you don't believe me at this point

>>523389225>western culture has been corrupted and subvertedDo you think theres chance people will hate this shit eventually and revert back to normal? Or writing and design for videogames will forever be controlled by obese women and spiritually weak men?

>>523389175Thats right. TREMBLE.

>>523389242Look out the window, mutt, niggers are burning your neigborhood again, go tell them they are extinctAnd mexicans are based

>>523386290Not really,I'm giving less and less than fuck about video games as time passes by,the last thing I truly enjoyed was F:NV and literally nothing showed on each E3 or any other cringy normie/gamer event in this decade has exited me in the slightest.Just the same shit over and over again.China gov , Corporate fucks , shills who let this happened and the people who cry out loud about being inclusive and that kind shit can fuck off

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Less freedo- oh wait that's already happening in every way for everything in life everywhere.

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>>523389350>Do you think theres chance people will hate this shit eventually and revert back to normal?Yes but they'll be a curious enclave like the Amish>>523389454My neighborhood is fine, maybe you should look at a map and consider how big murrica is compared to your irrelevent shithole

>>523389319I know more about China than most of 4chan and reddit, I'm not even Chinese. China is not interested in what games foreigners play, their censorship is for their own country

>>523389350it always will as the inception injection of such content was an artificial push by an overbearing group supported by the rich and failing that violent revolution. it's nothing new these cycles have been going on for hundreds of years.Good content will ironically subvert it as people look for it after the mainstream is poisoned. most of the games relevant nowadays are minimally or unpozzed.

I dont mind racial diversity, in the end its whites fault they are getting outbred in the market tooBut FAG & FEMINISM obsession in western culture is truly revolting, physically


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>>523386613At least some of the soul will remain and some westaboo nips have proven to be able to produce western kino (kojima)Now the real fear is: Japanese games getting chinkified, Holla Forums loves to shitpost about niggers and whatnot ruining japan but the real inmigration problem will come from china specially if it collapses

The fact that I own more games than is possible for me to play to completion in my lifetime while also having a full time job and family responsibilities.

>>523388810>>523388671>no argumentSo you just hate Epic games for no reason. Got it.

>>523386972>I don't see this happening.Its already happening to some degree,Capcom has been heavy on this for a whileNintendo is doing it to a lesser extend too, instead of making a game and sending it to localization, they know ask NoA for input in "what is acceptable", which means games are now pre-censored, to put it in a way.

>>523386978turn them into soulless gacha and/or asset flips

>>523389665No fear

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>>523389395>hears the nigger words>cowers in corner complaining on twitter about racism

>>523389717The argument is that they are hypocrites.

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My fear is a thousand years of stagnation

>>523389678>westaboo nips have proven to be able to produce western kino (kojima)

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>>523389665Who is this by anyway? Wish the artist would sign his or her work

>>523386290There is no future for video games as I knew them. The audience, the ones that actually spend money on them, have no interest in games as anything more than minimally interactive summer blockbuster movies.

>>523389867It has decent storySomething western mainstream devs physically are unable to achieve

>>523387794>*democrat does that*>"these are reasonable changes that dev said a bad word 20 years ago so its fair his game got banned after getting hastag cancelled and publicly castrated"you know a lot of "trump is tyrannical" people think like this, don't lie

>>523389665this but the other way around

>>523387595This post is based and I wish it wasn't

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>>523389586The issue with feminism is that not only it brings ugly roastie characters but also weak-minded and super beta. When men were creating females they were more likely feminine but also better written and strong characters, paradoxically.Anyway, and fags are disgusting period. But sorr, you forgot the sheboons. There's been an increase in Sheboons and that's A NO-NO-NO-NO definitive.

>>523389942Why do you pretend to be blind or dumb? What is fun in that?

>>523386290Limited-time singleplayer games.


>>523390130This shohld be criminal

>>523386290We're entering NWO hell and vidya will die from economic cataclysm.

>>523386290Corporations start pandering almost exclusively to normalfags and children because of how profitable they are, while indie games usually cannot compete and the future generations will barely know shit about quality videogames, on top of the increasingly worse streamer culture where children develop personal attachments to online entertainers that couldn't give less fucks about them>EA will never receive retribution for putting a dozen legitimate vidya companies 6ft under>Epic will continue to limp on with its store while Fortnite is still racking in tons of cash because of all the children buying overpriced skins>all the Minecraft children that got into the game because of shitty youtubers grew up and now insist Minecraft is the pinnacle of videogames, which just proves that the same shit will happen with FNAF and Fortnite>there are people that already consider Skyrim nostalgic and a great RPG even if it was the worst entry of its franchise>the constant dumbing down of the internet by encouraging every normalfag to use it ruins almost all online discussionEven without the pandemic this year and the last year were already atrocious for videogames and I believe it's only going to get worse, even the updates for the games I like were shit this year and there were THREE

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>>523389395Nigga sama, i kneel

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>>523389350Everything cycles around eventually.

>>523390210>EA will never receive retribution for putting a dozen legitimate vidya companies 6ft underI am still mad.

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>>523390210Why do you hate children?

>>523386613Jap games could use some of the west's technical skills, though.Their games still play and feel like they haven't evolved since the year 2000 and I don't mean that in a flattering old-school way.Western cultural influence can definitely fuck off though.

>>523386290i'm not, actually.>Nvidia release 3070 that costs far less than a 2080ti while outperforming itnot all companies are being devious, it's nice.

>>523389867cope, the metal gear series (sans V) is one of the best videogame franchises in history

almost everything i was worry about is here todayi was worry about rehashing of old games, creativity voidbut it's not as bad as i imagined it, we got some ok remakes of old titles and new good games are still made which you will find only if you don't expect every game to be polish like the biggest aaa titleson the other hand i'm still worry about game streaming which unironically can mean death of vidya just like that guy from Freeman's Mind saidalso i hate seasons in games like in fortnite or rainbow six siege when you cannot unlock skins and shit because you don't play one game everyday for past few years, fuck that

The videogame industry is unsustainable. Nintendo is literally the only publisher that relies solely on it and they're clearly trying to branch out before the other shoe drops.

im not i have a massive steam library.

>>523390337Okay I've only played one Metal Gear game (Revengance) and I immediately see you are full of shit. That game had big problems with its mechanics.

>>523390309I shouldn't really hate children, everyone here was a kid playing videogames and it was all fun and games, I should hate the careless parents that don't know what the fuck they're doing and decide leaving children unattended on the computer in these modern normalfag-internet times is a good idea, letting the children not only spew their shit on the internet but also getting brain worms from all the social media

>>523388695listen buddy, i know it's not a big deal for you but i love skeletons in video games and china censor skeletons so fuck them

Honestly i just want woke culture to go the fuck awayPut whatever blacks, gays, troons, or else in your game but please put at least some effort in making them fit your story and give them a decent backstory that makes sense. And for the love of god get rid of any references to modern day politics, no one likes it.

>>523386290I don't care about the future of vidya.

>>523390337Go to sleep Kojimbo.

>>523386290Indoctrination of children into spending money on items by using in-game monetization and customization as a way to create class barriers between cliques, and general use of dark patterns in storefronts. Check out Fortnite's Manufactured Discontent.

im just waiting for election campaign ad's to run every time i start a gamethanks for setting this precedent BLM, really great

>>523388695In his defense China's culture is pretty much artificial, there's no actual substance to the fear of skeletons or anything

>>523386290nopeI download gog install files and put them on a portable hard drivesimple as

>>523390560Okay fair enough, I can respect someone who knows what he wants. Can't bring myself to agree with you though, I just don't see graphical changes as an issue.

>>523390321The only way western games have "evolved" since the 2000s is making them more cinematic and throwing more budget at them (which has the same effect of devs taking less risk and making more cookie cutter gameplay).No thanks, I am better off without that shit.

>>523390535>Revengancecalling out this bait

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Games as a service. Consumers will have no ownership over their games and will be forced to pay every few months just to access one title.

>>523388594>>523389717timmy boy sperg'd about apple's "monopoly" with there only being one app store on their own device

>>523390590Hating Metal Gear series shows demographic of this board really. You may not like it but Metal Gear was innovative and refreshing in it's every entry which isn't something that can be said about many other game series, west or east it doesn't matter . It's a "solid" series that deserves many praise it can get.

>>523390818Are you saying its not a metal gear game? What. I guess you were just shitposting idk why I replied to you.

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>>523391052Ya seethe?

>>523391117Rising secondaries are subhuman. That game is most overrated in the series just because of it's memes. It's one of the weakest games of Platinum too right alongside Nier A.

"Gameplay" referring to anything not pre-rendered. Nvidia tweeted out the latest CODshit trailer, calling it gameplay footage, but it was actually a bunch of in-engine cutscenes. So "moviegame" in meme-speak

>>523391117ya cope?

>>523390535>This series is shit>I've only only played one non cannon spin-off

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>>523388210I get this for $1 every 2 to 3 months and it's the best deal in the market to play games I never would've bought

>>523390037I thought sheboons are part of feminism.Otherwise, you are extra spot on.

>>523391052mgs starting from 2 helped usher in the "movie game" meme with it culminating in mgs4. Kojima badly wants to be a movie director and it shows in his games.

>>523390772None of the things you listed have anything to do with what I said.You can do "cinematic experiences" with bad technical skills just as you could with good ones. They're completely unrelated

>>523391312He said that the series is one of the best. I played a game from the series and it wasn't that good, therefore he is incorrect. IDK how you are mad at that.

>>523390669China was considered 'old' by scholars writing 3500 years ago, I think it's got a bit more culture than you think

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>>523386290Vidya has already gone to shit.Just curious at this point to see what comes after the era of rehashes, remasters and remakes.

>>523391613Not after the revolution

>>523391612Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Rising are different series.

>>523386978Same thing they're doing to the world right now.Best we can hope for is a world war where they get their shit kicked in enough for Taiwan to assume control again

>>523391613Cultural revolution ruined it

>>523391680Oh. Well why didn't you say so? Shit nigga this reply chain is way longer than it needs to be

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>>523391802Nigga 2 of them are stealth games and other one is an action game, you figure.

I'm scared that the tired fucking "soulslike" genre won't go away.

>>523391936Me too.

>>523391936Why/how would a genre go away? Only genre I can think of something like that happening to is rts

>>523386708>>523388285>>523386972Japs really fucking love the gamble.

>>523387794Trump has been in power for years and hasn't made any moves to affect vidya. Meanwhile Biden isn't even elected yet and is making connections between violent videogames and mass shootings. "Games that teach you how to kill" and devs are "little creeps"granted the last part is accurate but when games face real, actual legal maneuvering, its usually from the left, not the right

>>523392065Point and Click games are basically dead.

>>523391292The only one coping is you kojimbo.You will never be a real movie director.

>>523391613>>523390669>>523391664>>523391739These two are correct. Chinese culture was literally killed by the gommies. Current chinese culture is so artificial it may aswell be made of plastic.


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>>523387595Don't forget that the inflated nature of AAA games means they take like 5+ years to develop nowadays.

>>523392324Real Time Strategy. Like Starcraft or Age of Empires.

>>523387820>kowtowvery nice>>523388285>ruined by outsider influence or corporate greedHopefully VR will remain a niche circle for nerds so no one thinks its worth influencing, and small audience sizes keep the market small and games will be made by passionate people, for other vidya players

>>523392324Sometimes genre's disappear because of profit losses or not enough people play them. Other times it's because the games get knee-deep in a culture, when they're actually knee-deep in a specific community's, or even person's asshole.

>>523387595>Games becoming $70 Hate to break it to you user but AAA games have been anywhere from $80-$120 each for years now.Hell Starcraft 2 came out in 2009 and was three $120 parts


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>>523392419Yes, exactly.MOBAs killed them.

>>523392065>>523392181>>523392324I should have been more precise in my wording. I fucking hate how ever since DaS blew up everything has to be "soulslike", especially in the indie dev sphere. It pains me because I hate soulshit and love action RPGs.