What'sd the excuse this time?

What'sd the excuse this time?

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>>523385510things are worth what people pay for them. What's your definition of worth?

>>523385510because its nintendo

>>523385510Mario is actually good.

>>523385510>What'sd the excuse this time?It’s actually a good game

>>523385510Better games.

Mario is good and not a cereal mascot

you couldn't pay me to play a crash game, they're bad enough as is without the shit pillbox collision data they added in the remake

Nintendo games have soul

>People are now pretending classic Crash is badAll consolewar shitters need to be gassed

>>523385816oh no no no no

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>>523385510Cope furfag, I'm still buying Super Mario 3D All Stars.

>>523385510got bored of crash and sold it. never fully played sunshine due to not having a gamecube and never played Galaxy. so its a great oportunity

>>523385816>not a cereal mascot

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>>523385510Nintendies will cope no matter what, don’t bother trying to get a logical response

>>523385510>ass remakes confirmed>hate>coming to switch>love>mario remakes come out, look shittier>HATE


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>>523385510Imagine paying any amount of money for any amount of Crash games.

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>>523385930>>523385967>Mario is a better cereal mascot then Gash Bandaged-coochTalk about Yikes!

>>523385816Mario is the fast food of vidya and is the most normie/entry level vidya franchise to exist.

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Nintendo games never drop in price. We are lucky they aren’t being sold individually.

>>523385980at least they don't arrest.>>523385936Nevermindarrest yourself.


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>>523385510Stop complaining and let free market regulate itself, you fucking commie

>>523385510The excuse I'm seeing from drones now is that "they're better games". Even though that has fuck all to do with the pricing and lack of effort. Nintendo will keep doing this because their fans keep letting them get away with this shit.

>Nintendo>Releasing cheap games>Even for rehashesYou must be new.

Because crash is a shitty Mario ripoff that only third world snoys played.

>>523386091>N-NO I M-MENTSit down, you lost

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>>523385510Don't forget that the original All Stars actually remade the games with super nintendo graphics. Nintendies will buy it anyway.

>>523385510Nintendo fans get so god damned upset whenever anything comes close to competing with a Nintendo franchise. Crash 2 is also way, way better than Sunshine.

sunshine is the only mario game here better than any of the first 3 crash games

>>523385510SOULLESS vs SOUL

>>523385510>literal who character vs one of the face of video games

Its ok when Nintendo Does it

Demon's Souls > Mario

>>523385510>leftgeneric shovelware>rightgreat games

The "remastered" Crash games play worse than the originals and in many cases look uglier, too. The same is true for most remasters, which are typically outsourced, low budget, or handled by lesser studios. I'd take Super Mario 64 over the DS "remaster" any day. But that Mario bundle is ridiculous. I missed the announcement and assumed it was a joke when I saw it posted on Holla Forums. Looks like it doesn't even come with Galaxy 2?

Learn the difference between remasters, remakes and ports, retardCrash trilogy is a remakeMario all stars is a port

>>523385510I'm not complaining. The higher the base price, the more I'll charge if I resell it.

I mean video game value is like somewhat subjective. Nintendo will charge more because people will pay more.

>>523386276This is whay I don't get, Nintendo could've just made a halfway decent texture pack for 64 and Sunshine and called it a day.

How many threads do we need of this?

>>523386493Too much effort

>>523385669>>523385740>>523385806>>523385816>>523385871>>523385909>>523385936>>523386087>>523386091>>523386247So this is what they meant when they said that Holla Forums is a Nintendo board

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>>523386093I'm pretty sure that's just mobile games in general, user.

>>523385510the excuse is nintendo's fanbase is borderline retarded and will buy shit on a plate as long as its shaped vaguely like mariohonestly i'm fucking shocked they didn't split the games up and sell them for forty bucks each.

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>>523385510The only thing I can think of other then the fact it's Nintendo is that it's three games from three different console generations.Also, how does it feel that because of this we probably won't get N64 online.

>>523385510Nintendo drones will literally eat it up.EVERY.TIME.

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>>523386462>Muh semantics>Implying the original all stars didn't overhaul 4 NES games down to even the physics engine

>>523385510Right side is wrong, they are not the exact same games, they are worse, edited and modded to remove bugs and glitches that enabled cheating and speedrunning, plus no more so long gay bowser.

>>523385967Based Nintendo

>>523386297Nintendo fanboys are fucking rabid. They defend 60$ Game Boy games in 2020. They defend N64 grafix for Pokemon. They defend bare-bones ports of multi-decade old games that lack features even the pissiest remasters have put out. And if you point any of this out you get called toxic or a Snoy. And this is from someone who primarily games on Nintendo platforms.

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>>523385510Really can't understand why people shit on Nintendo so much. Always crying about how anti-consumer they are. The thing is, they aren't anti-consumer, they just know their products are worth more than everyone elses. Even Microsoft praises them.Mysteriously, it's always Sony fags that do this. You people are absolutely obsessed and there has to be some sort of underlying mental disorder that goes into it.Under the circumstances of covid, I'd expect people to also be more lenient when it comes to Nintendo's news flow. Not every company operates the same way, you can't just expect everyone to continue working like nothing ever happened. Can I just get an explanation as to why Nintendo gets so much hate please? Let's try to at least be somewhat civil here. Everyone apologize to Nintendo right now.

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>>523386615>plus no more so long gay bowserMario says "Bye bi" . Bowser is Bi now

>>523385510Mentioning how they're remakes/ports is irrelevant. Just knowing that it's 3 old games in 1 package, you can see that Mario has a pricier, and therefore worse, deal than Crash does.

How can Nintendo fans defend this when they gave you more effort in A FUCKING DS PORT 15 YEARS AGO?

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>>523386452This, they fucked up Crash's hitbox and have refused to fix it despite porting the collection more than once. I would not trust Nintendo to not fuck up Mario 64 intensely if they were to tackle it in the modern day so that being the original game is by far for the best.

>>523386842true kek

>>523385510Those Crash games are remakes, not remasters. The Mario collection is unironically a remaster, since they're higher res than the original and the textures have been touched up.Crash is still a far better deal, though.


>>523385510Which is better, the remakes or the original trilogy?

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I like some Nintendo games like Turok, Goldeneye and Banjo but jesus fuck the rest of them make everyone else look bad.

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>>523386842>They could've had the chance to finally put multiplayer/luigi in Mario 64 but they didn't bother because they're lazy as fuck

>>523386963Nobody on this board is going to tell you the remakes are better than the originals.

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>>523385510nintendo fucking sucks

>>523385510Nintendo always charges a premium.

>>523386603Im not saying nintendo arent a bunch of greedy japkikes, but you have to criticize properlyCrash trilogy isnt a remaster, its a remakeMario all stars should be a remaster, but its actually just a port (and thats a bad thing)

>>523385510games on the left are shit, even with a remakegames on the right arent

>>523386880crash's hitbox doesn't negate all the cool shit they added to the remakes though, imagine if they added cut content to those mario games, it'd be sickbut nah too much effort for nintendo lmao

>>523386091moving the goalposts.gif

>>523385510crash and spyro are just the poor man's mario for kids who were unfortunate enough to grow up with a PS1 instead of an N64.

>>523386842>three new characters>entire visual overhaul>multiplayer>new minigameswe never knew what we really had

>>523386582no that's clearly mario now seethe more tranny

>>523386093>it's bad because it's popular

Nintendo board

>>523386093What you've described is Skyrim.

>>523387235Yeah cardboard lmao

>>523385510Japs are greedy and soulless beings.

>>523387156I had both a N64 and a Playstation, and enjoyed both consoles gamesWhose the poorfag again?

>>523386564>>523387156It's funny how every game in the same genre as Mario gets called a ripoff or trash. Like no one looks at Halo and goes "this is a shitty Quake rip off" but for some reason Nintendo fans do that shit. Hell CTR is drastically superior to MK64, you'd have to be delusional to think otherwise. It's like they must prove that they only play Nintendo games and have a hyper limited taste in games because of what they play. >>523386728Nintendo fans will buy it because they literally have nothing else to play.

>>523387331Nah, chinks.

>>523386842>effort>mandatory filler at the start>extra content sucks>no analog input>Ocelot's Color Stealing Machine

>>523387132Yes I certainly enjoy Crash 1 becoming much harder to play because the developers decided to change Crash's hitbox and physics for no reason.

>>523385510How about I ban your ass for dissing Nintendo? You little worthless piece of shit, you know how annoyed I am right now to know that cretins like you are ALLOWED to post this after I made a sticky earlier about the direct? Who the fuck cares about that Sonic clone when Mario exists?

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>>523387379they arr arr same


It's been 0 minutes since snoy cried about Nintendo

>>523385510“Rebuilt nearly from scratch” isn’t a good thing. Atari 2600 pac-man was rebuilt from scratch. So was every 8-bit console version of arcade games. I never played through the original crash games, they didn’t appeal to me and I didn’t care for what I played. But I see a lot of complaints about hit detection and physics and placement of things. There are also complaints about the art style and colors. It might be a remake but it’s a remake from a completely different development team and publisher that doesn’t use the original source code. I wouldn’t want to play these Mario games like that.

>>523386963Only major issue with the remakes is the hitbox for Crash. It fucking blows since it's not square and instead an oval which means he's more likely to fall over ledges.

>the immediate and only narrative from fanfucks to excuse the pricing is LE EBAY PRICES, completely ignoring Wii/U rerelease pricesand people actually still deny Nintendo having shill plants in social media

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>>523386564This board is full of both Nintendo and pc apologists. They'd never shit on their platform or admit any downsides.

>>523385510Nintendo knows her fans are rabbid enough and starved for games this year they will buy anything

>>523385510The Crash devs think their own game is shit because it's the only reason you'd devalue it over time.There would unironically be literally nothing wrong with either collection costing $180. You should count yourself lucky they don't. Unless you agree they're shit, of course.


>>523385510Nintendo bonus

>>523387195Its not inherently bad. Its Mcdonalds.

>>523387623>implying Nintendo won't shut down the wii U games like pikmin 3


>>523387674What type of stupid fucking logic is this? Valve gives out Half-Life 2 for practically nothing during sales, that doesn't mean the game is 'bad'. Face it, Nintendo is and has always been greedy.

>>523387378it's just bantz fag, chill. also i played CTR at my second grade classmate's birthday and it fucking sucked.

>>523387634Please enlighten us about the downsides of PC gaming

>>523387515Those fags have the worst persecution complex

2021 is going to be fucking bleak for the Switch. Nintendo is going to continue this starvation/limited time release combo model to avoid effort for as long as goddamn possible. And to rub salt in the wound they'll absolutely still be milking the goddamn COVID excuse.

>>523385510pirate everything

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>>523387649thiswhat the fuck is there to even play on the switchmario cock and ball torture simulator? LOL

>>523386093>t."What is Legend of Zelda?"

>>523386221They are better games though. Much better games.

>>523387889it's gay

>>523385510Selling Let's GO was a bigger offense than any sort of remaster or collection they've tried to sell. It was inferior to the 15 year old remake in content in both areas to explore and amount of Pokemon to collect.

>>523387674>The Crash devs think their own game is shit because it's the only reason you'd devalue it over time.All software and technology rapidly loses value over time. You'd have to be retarded to pay top dollar for old games. Fucking Activision never puts their games on sale, because they're greedy kikes. >>52338816464 and Galaxy, yeah. Sunshine, nah. Crash 2 is really solid, 1 and 3 are okay. Crash was always marketed as a console pusher but he never really was. Klonoa and Ape Escape are much better platformers.

>>523388164It could be the best game of all time but that doesn't mean it isn't scummy if they charge $200 for it.

>>523387374I had them both too and Crash and Spyro sucked. Spyro was better though. I also think Banjo Kazooie sucked on N64.

>>523387378>Hell CTR is drastically superior to MK64, you'd have to be delusional to think otherwiseAnyone who has actually owned CTR and played through it knows, it’s just people who haven’t or people like >>523387880 who only played the multiplayer for maybe 30-60 minutes without realizing how great the single player was. MK64 is iconic and shit but it’s aged fucking horribly, almost as bad as MK SNES. I say all of this as a person who thinks the Mario games shit all over Crash.

Crash has a pill shaped hitbox

>>523388410Am late to this thread but imo what's more scummy than the price is that it's limited time. I seriously have no idea why they would do something like that

>>523388490MK64 still has some of the best MK music however. Some reason it just stands out the most.

>>523387459The remakes are arguably easier what are you talking about

>>523388545>I seriously have no idea why they would do something like thatCreate massive demand with artificial scarcity, it's not hard to understand

>>523388490CTR has so much more depth than MK64. Like a good player in CTR cannot lose to a bad player, even with the items on. The boosting system and the shortcuts just really give that game a ton of depth, and it lets players that master the system shine. Also yeah, Crash as a platformer is definitely inferior to Mario as a platformer.

>>523386602>consoles>actual servers...heh...

>>523386842People shit all over this game when it came out. Literally nobody was positive about it and reviews were poor relative to so many other games. It's surreal watching people praise it nowadays.

>>523385613Labor theory of value

>>523386221>I just LOVE how easy it is to get away with this shit with you people!>I want to stop putting in development effort and coast mostly off AC bucks? You just sit there and let me!>I want to rerelease lazy ports for full price as our holiday offerings and delist the original games off of the somehow otherwise active eShop? You just sit there and let me!>I want to artificially limit releases for our games to explicitly encourage scalpers and create fake urgency to drive up sales to look better in time for the investors meeting, YOU JUST SIT. RIGHT. THERE. AND LET ME!

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>>523386564Leave if you don’t like it.


>>523388903marxist garbage

I like both franchises and I've never played sunshine before so I'm excited to check it out, and by the time I finish all the mario games Crash 4 will be out. It's a good month for gaming :)

>>523386842not many people were even 5 year old when it came out.not all people had a DS.not many people can play on portables.

>>523388826I thought the only complaints where directed towards the controls

>>523386093Nah it's the Disney of vidya.

>>523385510Nintentykes have brain damage.

>>523385510Do you think Nintendo did this as an insult or a moral obligation

>>523389045Except the DS family sold 154 fucking million units you stupid cunt. Only poor families with shitty budgeting priorities missed out on getting their kids a DS and went with a Ghettostation Portable instead. You weren't one of those kids. Right?

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>>523389221Wasn't the PSP more expensive than the DS?

>>523387156PS1 shit all over the N64. Only kids who were stuck owning one console pretend the 6 games the N64 had were special.

japanese products are more expensiveit's like buying a gundam toy instead of a funko pop

>>523386584Nobody but contrarians would have bought Sunshine then because it sucks.

>>523389045Everyone I knew had a DS, even dumbass soccer moms who wanted to play brain age. And flash cards were dirt cheap and easy as hell to dump roms on. I worked at TRU during the DS's entire run and they sold like hotcakes.

>>523385510anyone who wants a full remaster of these games is stupid. a full remaster would take too much work and would probably ruin the games. hopefully they get all the games to run a 60fps

>Defending ports for $60I'd get it more if they were just ports onto the virtual shop, but the fact they are bundled all together for that price is bullshit.Besides, all 3 are able to be emulated so

>>523389221>he cried to his parents to get him a handheld bing-bing wahoo handheld None of you do this right?

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>>523389330I remember them being stupid cheap on craigslist and ebay because it just wasnt' that popular.

>>523389345Yes and no. It beat the N64 on software selection and price, but the good N64 games were system sellers all on their own.

>>523389589>Parents are so poor they need guilted into purchasing thingsLaughingwhores.jpg

>>523387378>Like no one looks at Halo and goes "this is a shitty Quake rip off"No, because Halo is a shitty Unreal rip off.

>>523389330Yeah but I'm sure piracy was more rampant on it as well.

>>523385510The amount of effort it takes and the quality of something doesn't determine its worth. How much people are willing to pay for it does. Im not happy with a lot of the choices they've made with the collection, but its clear the games are ones people love and are willing to spend big money to have portable, moreso than crash. As long as they arent being deceptive or manipulative, who are we to be upset about a pricing that most people are ok with? Get pissed and mad about how its a bad collection, but the pricing is just how the world works.

>>523389589I got my DS exclusively so I could play nintendogs and didn't buy a single mario game

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>>523389579A softmodded wii can play all of these games. And as much of a Switchfag as I am $60 is fucking insane, this should be $29.99 max.

>>523385510I would have preferred ports instead given how badly they fucked up the Crash games in the remake.

>>523389775My parents were middle class I just didn't feel the need to ask them for a console with no interesting games to play and on a handheld.

>>523385967That cereal tasted like shit and all the amiibo code did was give you 3 coins.Shit was such a waste of money.

>>523389692The only N64 games that were actually fantastic were Banjo and Conker. OoT streamlined and dumbed down Zelda, and SM64 was the first of its kind which was cool, but the actual levels, the shit camera and his movement weren't really great. Go compare it to levels in the Spyro games, which there were 3 of. Yeah, triple jump and wall kicking are nice, but that's not enough to prop a game up.

>>523385510Newer games. Other than 64

>>523389930>he actually bought itoh nononono

>>523389802Holy based

>>523386842This honestly makes me sad, I just wanted a Switch remake of Mario 64, and this tells me it'll never happen

>>523386221fucking retard. Pricing has EVERYTHING to do with how good game is, while effort alone means nothing for price. If people like it, they will buy it. You could spend 20 years making a nasty looking figurine out of shit, and id still be more likely to buy something that company put literal no effort into making. Why? Because it wont be shit. Effort alone does not equal quality, and it certainly doesnt determine pricing

>>523389589As opposed to getting a movie player handheld (PSP)?

>>523385669thisCrash looks ugly, i dont care about the value if the characters, worlds, music and everything is inferior in every single way.

>>523390062>he tried it

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>>523389943Its pretty astonishing how much thought and input went into Spyro.

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>>523385510It's Mario, not fucking Crash, duh.

>Nintendo says that the physical editions are 'limited availability'>Still up for pre-order everywhere

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>>523390226No you reactionary ninny I need a TV or PC to game. Looking at small handheld shit or phones doesn't do it for me.

>>523386842They also put more effort into remaking SM64 in a single bonus level in Super Mario Galaxy than the entirety of this $60 remake

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>>523390269Spyro is absurdly good, and there were fucking 3 of them.

Nintendo’s remasters are usually shit so I disagree

>>523389943>and his movement>he actually prefers the slow as shit movement in Banjo Kazooie

>>523389924What was the point of your reply? Who would ask their parents for something they didn't want?

>>523390361Cope, you blind monkey.

>>523386842This was almost universally bashed and the biggest complaint was that it ruined the experience of the original.

Having all three of these handheld is pretty cool, I just wish they made 64 available in 16:9

>>523389943Mario 64, Starfox 64, Super Smash Bros, Mario Party, Zelda 64 were all system sellers and even if no other games existed would still easily justify the purchase. But I also owned a ps1 for RPGs since the N64 had almost none.

>>523385510I hope this flops hard nintendo needs to try harder whoever their president is a cumfaggot

Mario is nearly a 40 billion dollar franchise. Crash isn't anywhere on the list. Brand recognition and power are important driving factors. Also, I just learned the Big Bang Theory has someone made more money than the Halo franchise.


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>>523390181Not him,but are you actually retarded? Companies routinely ask high prices for items that aren't worth it and people will still buy enough for it to be worth it to them.

>>523390348doesnt that just mean that they will make enough for preorders and then some. but not flood the market with copies.

>playing anything by naughtydogeven in their hayday they weren't that great

>>523385510why did they ruin crash dance?

>>523390348Limited as in, probably won't be availible for as long as normal releases. Not like limited run where there is only so many predetermined. It would be retarded to not sell as many as possible.

>>523390430Banjo is slower but Mario controls like a fucking boat. I get what they were trying to do with momentum, but they didn't didn't it right until the later games. The levels in Banjo also blow Mario levels out of the water.

>tfw still no virtual console on the Switch store

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>>523385510Nintendo babies will literally buy anything with their logo on it. Check Sword and Shield or that New soup game on the switch that is worth $10 that costs $60

>>523390547You didn't list a single great game.

>>523390728This is the biggest pile of fucking shit I've seen from the Switch. There is NO excuse not to have a virtual console on there whatsoever, and FagTendo know it.

>>523390728Ugh, thanks for reminding me that terrible robocop movie exists.

>>523390537It has 60fps, 16:9 support, and a proper camera control on PC. Still it's not a very fun game even if you fix the technical issues, though. Very tedious getting kicked out of the level after every star unless you have some severe nostaligia goggles

>>523386615so long so long gay Bowser

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I have this.

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>>523386615>fixing the game = making it worsethe absolute state of trannyrunners

>>523385915>pretending classic Crash is badIt's always been bad.

>>523387634No, there are plenty of level-headed Nintendo fans who also have standards, Arlo is a good example. I also like Nintendo but have standards and I don't eat any shit that Nintendo puts out. Sadly we are drowned out by the hoards of screaming cultists who make videos of themselves crying tears of joy and praising Nintendo because bing maring 64 is getting a port with 0 changes. I will gladly buy high quality stuff from Nintendo, Mario Maker 2 for instance was good on release but became fantastic and filled with content after a few updates. Odyssey and BotW were pretty good too. However shit like the Link's Awakening remake, which was a gameboy game with better graphics for $60, or the new Pokemon which looked like an upscaled 3DS game, or 3D All-Stars which is barely changed whatsoever from the originals and will only be on sale both digitally and physically until March 31st (???) is ridiculous and I will call Nintendo out on it. But again, there isn't much we can do when most of the people who like Nintendo are drones with a cult mentality.

>>523386182why does she looks like she's enjoying it

>>523391181Why did N Sane sell 10 mil copies then. Don't give me the nostalgia excuse cause people bought it on platforms that weren't PS4 as well.

>>523388545They pulled the same tactic with the Super Mario All-Stars rerelease on the Wii only to add it to Nintendo Selects and have it sit on store shelves later on. The same thing will happen with this collection no doubt.

>>523391185I feel bad for Arlo when Twitter hates on him cause he doesn't praise Nintendo 24/7. He's one of the few Nintendo YouTubers that isn't a blind shill which is surprising coming from a muppet clone.

>>523391301Delusion. Crash holds up way better than Mario 64.


>>523389057>I thought the only complaints were directed towards the core part of the game that made the original a massive success


>>523386091As a Crash fan who just wanted Crash to come back and get new games I didn't expect the series comeback to make Mario and Sonic fans seethe so much. It's a nice bonus not going to lie.

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>>523391571Anon I was defending Crash.. I was implying that if NST sold 10+ mil in today's gaming climate then the original games held up well.

>>523391723People don't like competition for some reason. They feel threatened by Crash and Spyro.

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>>523389943Its okay to be a zoom zoom mr redditor.

>>523391384Christ I honestly got sick to my stomach when all of the Gameexplain videos came out today and the lispy faggot Andre was acting super excited "WOW I CAN'T BELIEVE NINTENDO REVEALED ALL OF THESE INCREDIBLE THINGS TODAY THERE'S SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT", it's like they don't have a critical bone in their bodies. And you're right, at first I hated Arlo for the muppet gimmick but he's one of the few people that are critical but he still gives credit where it's due.

>>523388826It has massive issues but it's more just that it's confusing that there's nothing added to their "big ticket" game when evern the 3d world port got a new campaign thing

>>523389221What the DS was way cheaper than the PSP. Everyone that I knew had a DS also used an R4 card to pirate games so idk why you're acting like the DS was the luxury product here.

>>523385510If they sold all 3 separately for 60 bucks each I'd buy all 3. I wouldn't pay 20 dollars for 3 Crash games. Mario 64, Galaxy and Sunshine are truly special experiences that I can play over and over.Crash doesn't even compare let alone compete.I am speaking objectively too.

>>523388385I think you mean Nintendo, Crash and Spyro remakes were on sale over summer

>>523391841I'm looking forward to this board try to act like Crash 4 is a garbage game when it's probably not going to be. Especially on release. Will be fun to read through.

>>523391861>90a kid console warrior pretending to be older than anyoneHave you even ever owned an NES?

>>523391841crash mechanically always had very little comparison to nintendo's shit so I never understood thatspyro was the one that was a lot closer to maro/dk/etc

>>523391889I wish most gaming YouTubers were like him when it came to judging products. Like he still fanboyed over the Mario collection which I understand cause he was excited for it but he still called Nintendo out for the limited release and shit.

>>523386842>Nintendo didn't remaster Mario 64 and add characters for co-op like this gamebros...

>>523392180We get daily threads by people on how Crash 4 will be bad or is shovelware 24/7 since the trailer first came out. Its going to get alot worse.

>>523385510>3 mediocre games vs 3 of the greatest games to ever be made lol, snoys really think they're clever with this shit. Their "excuse" is that they make games that blow every other game studio out of the water

>>523389943>OoT streamlined and dumbed down Zeldadon't you have some e-celeb shit to do, arin?

>>523385510Mario was never good.

>>523392257that one commercial from 96 has warped peopls perception of the series. Crash isn't like Mario at all, it's closer to DKC and Sonic.

>>523392257Because SM64 and CB1 came out in the same year. Spyro was closer to 64's gameplay being a collectathon during an era of collectathons, but 64 and 1 both came out in the summer of 96.

>>523385510Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy are all better games.

>>523392301>Implying Crash 2 is bad >IMPLYING SUNSHINE IS GOOD

>>523392384I think I preferred when it was the companies themselves doing the war, at least that gave a few entertaining commercials.All console wars have given us since 6th gen is just screaming autists and shitposting.

>>523392302Based zoomer who only realized people who like the 2D games hated what OoT after he watched a fucking youtuber talk about it.

>>523392541Everyone shits on him for being a retard because he is a retard. OoT is exactly the same mechanically as alttp was, but please keep trying to fit in with your meme words.

>>523391909I actually think 3D World is gonna be improved a lot but they didn't say much during this reveal because they didn't want to overshadow 3D All Stars.

>>523392465Crash and Spyro suck dude. They're nowhere near as good as SM64 was and pretty much everyone agrees. Nowhere near the amount of fluidity and control in either of those games compared to Mario. Seethe

>>523392465sunshine is objectively great and crash is pretty good too

>>523391841>They feel threatened by Crash and Spyro.No one feels threatened by Crash and Spyro, especially Spyro. After each had their first three games they went on to produce a ton of shit with a few slight gems here and there.