Fix the FPS genre in 5 words or less

Fix the FPS genre in 5 words or less.

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No more mother fucking storyline

>>523384987More weapons.


Kill All WomenBottom Text

>>523384987Make more games like FEAR

>>523384987No more artificial difficulty

>>523384987Way more bazookas on deck

Don't do anything, it's fine

Stop designing around consoles.

Accurate gunplay with much customization.

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>>523384987Bigger guns, interesting enemies

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>>523384987Just let us have fun

>>523385214This. Just look at the transition from fear to fear 2. Just awful.


Elemental bullet types. Kinda like what borderlands does.

>>523384987No more bullet sponges

>>523384987no morebattleroyale games

>>523384987Women as candy eyes

>>523384987Early 2000's turret shooter sections

>>523384987fear 1pure kino

>>523384987No more diversity hires. Titties.

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>>523384987big tiddy anime dick girls

>>523385214I don't even blame consoles. FEAR played just fine on 360.

>>523385463WORSHIP IT

>>523385463Meet Tyrone, he'll tell you what to do

>>523385517Which just goes to show that dumbing games down isn't necessary.

Make it like (old) combat arms

>>523384987better ai, better level design

>>523384987battlefield bad company 2: HD

Customized character like Armored Core. Fuck Nigg...

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>>523384987Call of Duty never existed.

>>523385354Mutts law

Let's see who has the best taste ITT:>your first FPS>your favorite FPS campaign>your favorite multiplayer FPS

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>>523384987Solve meta play

>>523385875>Wolfenstein 3D>Doom II>Team Fortress 2

>>523384987Less ammo and more skill.>>523385875Turok: Dinosaur Hunter on N64The runway level in Goldeneye 007 on N64Turok Rage Wars on N64

>>523385831This alone takes care of 80% of the issues.

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>>523384987Limited HUD and no cutscenes

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>>523384987Delete COD and Halo

>>523385875>Turok>Escape from Butcher Bay/Halo CEfuck you I can't pick a favorite campaign>Halo 2

>>523384987End worshipping of shitty FEAR

>>523385354Yellow hands typed this post

>>523385875GoldeneyeGoldeneyePerfect Dark

>>523385875Duke Nukem 3DF.E.A.R.Battlefield 1942

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>>523385035FPBPIt's funny that devs don't get this, but they are all communist propagandists now so they would never actually do this.

Am I the only one that can't fucking stand unskippable, in-game cutscenes? It ruins the replayability of every shooter when you're forced to sit through minutes of dialogue in exposition you probably weren't even paying attention to the first time you played.

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Ban nonwhites. Destroy consoles.

>>523385875>Doom>Return to Castle Wolfenstein>Team Fortress 2

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Fun, fast movement, story optional

>>523385875GoldeneyeF.E.A.R 1/Extraction Point2142 Titan gamemode

Server browsers and community servers.

>>523384987This is the single most overrated game of the 2000-2010 decade. You play it for 30 minutes, you've experienced everything it has to offer. The "AI complexity" is a fucking meme and you spend the entire game doing the same walk in room -> locked in -> wave of enemies -> DUDE SLOWMO -> Repeat. It's the video game equivalent of Blumhouse movie.

>>523384987Sexy femalesNo niggersGameplay

Have sex with little girls

Ban microphones.

>>523385875mechwarrior 2 counts right? STALKER SoC/CoPbattlefield bad company 2, specifically rush mode

>>523385875>Medal of Honor, forget which one (not the new bullshit)>Doom 2016>Battlefield 4

>>523385649>>523385621How will that help making a good game

>>523386504FEAR was an accomplishment in graphics, it's ridiculous to downplay the impact of that game.

>>523386638good game?

>>523386504The core combat loop is fun. Shit taste

>>523384987knee deep in the dead

>How will that help making a good game

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Character action gameplay mechanics.Doom Eternal and Ultrakill singlehandedly evolving the FPS genre for the better.

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Remove niggers, women, and Chinese

>>523384987where's the map community for this shit?

>>523385865im british idiot

>>523385875It's all varying Halo games and I have no shame.

>>523385875>your first FPSUnreal Tournament 99>your favorite FPS campaignDusk>your favorite multiplayer FPSUnreal Tournament 2k4

>>523384987bare feet for female characters

>>523386590based voice command chad

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>>523384987Bring back health bars.

>>523385035Games that don’t cater to casual flop sadly

>>523386859you mean medkit gameplay


>>523386752Here's one that's less controversial.Balance for fun, not competition.

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>>523384987Stop Making Call of Duties

>>523385875Mechwarrior 2Titanfall 2Timesplitters 2

>>523386946Not him, but yes. Health pickups and resource management are way more fun than cowering behind cover to wait for the jelly to disappear from your screen. In fact, F.E.A.R. does it best, imo. Have carryable health pickups that reward exploration.

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>>523386445Good, fast movement mechanics is crucial since 100% of the game revolves around it.

>>523384987bring back puzzles and platforming.sorry zoomies

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>>523384987remove ads and gameplay > graphics.



>>523384987Kill dual stick aiming

>>523387438A game with low graphics would never be shipped, sadly.

What are some FPS with top-tier atmosphere?

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>>523387798>shippedmeant to say greenlit

>>523385875>one of the Timesplitters games at a friend's place>currently Doom Eternal, but that's with recency bias>Titanfall 2

>>523387798DUSK has done quite well for an indie game and plays well but it's ugly as fuck and not in a good way.

>>523385875>Wolfenstein 3D>Deus Ex (if Deus Ex isn't considered FPS than probably FEAR)>Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

>>523388135Indie games have a lot more wiggle room. A mainstream FPS that didn't prioritize graphics would probably be DOA.

>>523387902stalker SoC


>>523387902System Shock 2

>>523388418Dynamite planted!

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Get rid of progression systems

>>523385875Black ops 1World at warBattlefield 1

>>523385517It was designed for PC, though. FEAR 2 was made with consoles in mind first, and look how that turned out.

>>523388815The Quake 3 engine is hands down my favorite fps engine.

>>523389413>muh strafejump>muh circlestrafeCringe

>>523387662back in the day all genres had at least some platforming. you should have to EARN the ending, scrub

>>523389561Every other multiplayer fps feels sluggish as hell by comparison.I like to move fast.

>>523389616Go play quake champions/quake live/reflex arena/diabotical thenThey need players

>>523389394What about FEAR makes it designed for pc? Aiming isn't a problem because you can slow down time, you can only carry 3 weapons, and movement speed isn't that fast either.

>>523390008I'd rather someone make a spiritual successor to Wolf ET.>inb4 "Quake Wars"no

>>523385875>Halo CE>Blood>Rising Storm 2

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Bigger, more gigantic tits

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>>523385035"Hold it right there marine! I need to take control away from you to explain your objective in a shouty voice while scripted gun fire and explosions go off around us, however you cannot interact with any of it and you must do exactly what I tell you. Now run down that linear path through brain dead AI and press F on a thing to do another long ass animation where I talk more and things happen that you can't interact with.""Also by the way I have kids and a family and stuff so when I die three missions from know you need to feel sad because war is heck."> FOLLOW THE MARKER TO YOUR OBJECTIVE

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Make battlefield great again please.

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>>523385035very gay and very stupid planstories don't make shooters slow and cover based.fuck cover, fuck slow movement, and fuck retards that try to make it about story because they heard carmack talk about it once.if you take the story out of call of duty, it just gets worse, indicating you're a fucking retard for suggesting this

>>523390696>if you take the story out of call of dutyDude have you even played Call of Duty? They've literally never had a good story NOBODY EVER PLAYED THAT SHIT FOR THE STORY

>>523384987remove any and all matchmaking

>>523390978fucking TF2

A.I. that can surprise you

>>523390654I wanna go back to bf3/4 I WANNA GO BACK!!!

>>523384987Big titty anime girls naked

>>523391372BC2 was better

>>523384987Refined movement and enemy variety

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Bring back micspam servers

>>523385875Battlefront 1F.E.A.R. 1Star Wars Republic Commando

>>523384987more horror in FPS games

>>523391754Are you guys going Trick-or-Treating?

>>523385875>Wolfenstein 3D>Halo 2>CS Source was the only one I was ever able to get into.I'm not a multiplayer guy.

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>>523384987more psychics based engines and trying to make more complex physics possible rather than focusing on graphics. experiment with new things dont just remake arcade shooters and military shooters over and over. make the story secondary like>>523385035 said

>>523384987Make fun of Zoomer culture

>>523385875>Call of Duty 1>Operation Flashpoint>Squad/Project Reality


>>523385875Carnivores 2XIIIInsurgency/Sandstorm or Squad

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>>523385875If I recall correctly >Heretic>Marathon (All 3)>Dunno

Tits when you look down

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>>523385507Huh.Any ideas?>Play as a futa operator fighting a monster girl cult>You have the option to rape them into submission

Open World Survival Crafting Multiplayer