>kill one npc>cant level up on my save file anymore for what i assume is the rest of the game...

>kill one npc>cant level up on my save file anymore for what i assume is the rest of the game, one of the core elements of an RPGwhy do people like this shit?

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You can't permanently kill the level up NPCs. Did you even play the game?

>>523383767Fucking retard

>>523383767npcs in das2 leave graves which you can use to revive them

>>523383980>>523384141how do i revive them?

>>523385093By not being a dumbshit. Why did you kill her in the first place?

>>523383767lol retard

>>523385295i was testing damage on her after i got new spells or after i mass leveled or upgraded a weapon etc and she suddenly aggrod on me after i hit her once with the great club. i tried resetting and waiting but i couldnt talk to her and she would just stay aggrod so i killed her assuming id get a new npc.

>>523387339Absolute buffoon.

>>523387339imagine lying on Holla Forums

>>523387693where else am i supposed to test my damage?

>>523383767>why do people like this shit?>implying anyone likes DS2

>let me kill the person making me stronger

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>>523388009an enemy

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>>523387339you played dark souls 3 first, didnt you

>>523383767Unironically waifuism. Dark Souls 1 was superior in this regard, as it allowed you to level up and upgrade items at any bonfire. This was a brilliant mechanic that allowed you to keep up the pacing of the game. It was an objective improvement on Demons Souls' system, but they regressed in later titles. Having to warp back for things like leveling up kills the pacing and atmosphere of your journey, as well as simply being tedious to sit through an additional two loading screens and BEAR SEEK SEEK LEST every time. And the only possible reason I can even think of why they'd go back to the DeS system is because they wanted waifubait. That's it.

terrible bait.


There are multiple legit ways to shit on DS2 and you chose to lie? sad!

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>>523388240i didnt want to kill her but she wasnt letting me talk to her anymore after she aggrod

>>523388297ds2 is my first souls. it was very cheap on the xbox store.>>523388546its not a lie

>>523388317Upgrading at bonfires doesnt make sense. Do you become a blacksmith in ds1?

>>523383767Why did you killed her? What did you expected?

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>>523388830Later after you kill several bosses her tombstone will appear in Majula, you can call her ghost to level up. But basically your character is fucked. Maybe next time don't attack friendly NPC to "test damage" dumbfuck

>>523388740You can "sin" in Dark Souls 2, killing a friendly NPC for example. There's even a covenant dedicated to hunting sinners.You need to talk to the pardoner and pay the required souls to cleanse your sins.Also, you have been told this already, but you are a complete retard for using the Emerald Herald as a test dummy.

>>523383767Good job you fucking idiot. You have no one to blame but yourself.

>>523389270I already answered that in the thread. I thought id get a new npc to level with

>>523383767>kill one person irl>cant live my life anymore because they take me to jailwtf Holla Forumsros how could this happen

>>523389156muh lore should never take precedent over gameplay. It was superior.

>kill her>get a permanent homeward bone>costs 2k souls to revive her every time you want to levelhonestly not that bad of a trade-off if you're familiar with the game, doing it on your first run is fucking retarded though and you're stupid, OP

Don't do that

>>523387339>let me test my attacks on a friendly npc instead of an enemyYou deserve to have your save file ruined.

>>523389510I asked you again because i can't belive anyone can be this stupid.

>>523383767>>523387339>so i killed her assuming id get a new npcIn what game can you kill an obviously vital npc, then someone else takes their place and continue the game like nothing happened?

>>523389302to be completely fair in regards to the OP, she is right next to a place that lets you attune spells, buy weapons, upgrade weapons, and level up. npcs also restore their health every time you rest at the bonfire and dont become aggressive the first time you hit them. she also doesnt have a weapon. its pretty easy to think she was designed to be a test dummy in the hub world.

>>523389828SHE WOULDNT TALK TO ME ANYMORE. she wasnt vital anymore clearly because she didnt do anything for me anymore besides stand and stare at me. also theres bad npcs that you are supposed to kill like that guy in forest of fallen giants that tricks you into getting gangbanged in the gate ambush so clearly the game establishes the idea that there are some npcs you can kill. is it so hard to believe a game would give me another option like a crimson or sapphire herald?

>>523389839>its pretty easy to think she was designed to be a test dummy in the hub world.There are 2 NPCs you don't want to kill. Blacksmith and SeekSeek lady.

>>523389839Friendly NPCs don't aggro after one hit so the player doesn't fuck up their home base permanently on accident.You must be sociopath if you see friendly, unarmed people as "dummies".

>>523389839>its pretty easy to think she was designed to be a test dummy in the hub world.If you have brain damage, sure. I just use the bonfire (that's right next to her) to teleport to some other place with enemies to test my damage. I guess it's just me who think this way.

>>523390114if you aggro an NPC you're not supposed to, you're supposed to get your sins absolved by the pardoner in the church in brightstone cove

>>523390162test dummies are friendly and unarmed with infinite health though

>>523390205i havent gone to brightstone cave yet. this is my first playthrough

Let this serve as an example as to why devs keep dumbing down games. It's because of people like OP.

>>523390114>*Hits woman*>WHY DOESN'T SHE TALK TO ME ANYMORE????

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>>523383767>actions have consequences

>>523390114>bad npcs you are supposed to kill like that guy in forest of fallen giantsHow did you know that you're supposed to kill him? Did you use a guide? >using a guide on first playthrough, first area evenlmao

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Posting in an epic troll thread

>>523390248As friendly as an inanimate object can be.

>>523383767The guilty pay the pricesomeone post the vid where the invader kills someone's herald at the dragon's aerie

>>523383767>my actions have consequences reeeeeeeEveryone laugh at this retard

>>523389839>its pretty easy to think she was designed to be a test dummy in the hub worldWhat game has non hostile npcs serve as test dummies? Are you a psychopath?

>>523390445take lots of screenies for your reddit account

>>523390434i knew to kill him because he got me ambushed and didnt help me.

>>523383767>trade leveling up for infinite homeward bonesHerald is one of the few good instances of good game design in that abortion. Probably a leftover from the original director.

>>523390603Not OP but Demon's Souls and Bloodborne's levelup maidens are immortal and good for testing damage onMaybe DS3 too, I never tried

>>523390114You're a legitimate simpleton, like really dumb

>>523388740Maybe you shouldn't have attacked her in the first place

alright, fuck all of you guys, im going back to the game and making a new file. this is shit game design and everyone here is just too elitist to admit it

>>523390335I guess..

>>523390694And non-instant healing, penalties for running out of stamina, weapon viability, dual wielding, hexes, useful throw-able items, non linear progression, bonfire ascetics, sexy cloth physics...

>>523390746Never even occured to me to test weapons on alliesDo you hit your irl fridnds too?

>>523390746but who would ever figure that shit out without thinking "welp it might fuck me over but i'll see what happens"

>>523390929You can revive her for 2k souls, retard. You get a really good reward for killing her, so it's a completely optional thing that benefits you if you're willing to work around the downside of always spending an extra 2k souls to level up.

>>523391030>>523391040>not going on a murder spree right before NG+>b-b-but the npcs are your frieeendsHellooooo reddit

>>523390929Next time take your brain medicine before playing games, dumbass

>>523391128I always kill the shop owner at the start of a run because his armour gives extra souls and the shit he sells is absolutely worthless outside of fashion.


>Play Mario>Jump into a bottomless pit>diesWhy do people like this shit?Can someone replace Mario? Luigi maybe? Shit game design.

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>>523391128OP didn't beat the game so he has no reason to murder-spree yet.Do dumbasses have some secret pact to try to defend each other?

>>523391402Everyone look at this goalpost moving retardKill yourself you dumb cunt

>>523391398>starts Morrowind>kills Caius Cossades>get an ominous message about being unable to continuewoooooowww dude who designed this game, Kojima?

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>>523391636Someone from the empire should replace him. Maybe Baius Cossades or Taius Cossades. Quest NPCs is a core elements of an RPG, you can't just erase it. It is a shit game design.

>>523391021Healgem spam is worse than sippies because it's just as fast and it stacks too slowly allowing you to tank multiple hits over your max HP. Penalties for running out of stamina already existed. Non-linear progression is a lie, there's like 3 paths with awful horizontal and empty levels, each with its own shit mandatory miniboss and then there's the fucking 1 million soul paywall, item distribution is a fucking mess with 80% of the good stuff locked behind mid to late game.

>>523391768>Consequences for your actions is bad game design.Retard.

>>523391886He’s very obviously being sarcastic and mocking OP

>>523391886According to OP, it is. OP is clearly the smartest guy on Holla Forums

>people getting genuinely upset over an obvious bait threadthe trannies are right, you guys really need to have sex

>>523390114You brought this on yourself, moron.

>>523391886>demonstrate that theres no consequences for attacking an npc and demonstrate that they heal when resting at bonfire>suddenly introduce consequences for no reason

>>523392292>hitting an npc once and hitting an npc more than once is the exact same thing