Is there any chance Dragon Age 4 will not be complete shit?

Just bought DA: I and the game is pretty good... I wish I could get hyped for DA4

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What kind of man thinks this looks acceptable when presenting yourself to millions of other people or even on the job?

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>>523382803Imagine being a fat middle aged "man" with blue fucking hair.

>>523382803>DA: I>pretty goodat this point you're going to love anything boiling in Bioware bowels

>>523382803No. There isn't.

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>>523382918He seeks attention. probably middle age crisis, a shame, some men use it to buy a bike, go to the gym, get a cool hobbie.He chose to go by "they/them" and dye his hair blue, a suicide waiting to happen.

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>>523382803DA: I was funny when it didn't force you to grind for progression currency. I remember REALLY enjoying the story bits.

>>523382803What did you find pretty good about DA:I? Because the MMO combat is awful, the quests are horrible, Corypheous is an awful villain and most companions are walking stereotypes.Add to that the character creator is bad, the inquisitor is souless, there are barely any choices, etc.

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>>523382803Hopefully it turns out good. They need to show gameplay.

>>523382918Subhumans>>523382982Prob a pedo>>523383075You can't deny the game has nice effects, art direction, sound design and general polish. Also I like MMOs, so the gameplay is OK IMO.The lore is dumb and I hate the SJW bullshit. DA4 will probably bury BioWare, which is a good thing. Fuck niggers and trannies.

>>523382918>>523382982>>523383212Rent free.

>>523383316See >>523383401

>>523383401>nice effects, art direction, sound design and general polish>MMO but single-player aka filled with fetch questsjust like I said, you're going to love their other shit

>>523383413You have to go back.

>>523383567Mass Effect is good. DA: O I found to be boring as fuck. DA2 has nice combat, but that's about it.Won't even bother trying Andromeda and Anthem.I honestly don't give a shit about BioWare, but I'll to try Baldur's Gate in the near future.

>>523383413but he ain't wrong

>>523383401> nice effects> art directionWhat do you mean? All locations are MMO like so they are extremely empty, NPCs are awful, Orlais is mean to be beautiful yet it's just one tiny square with elevators, Hinterlands still give me PTSD, Heaven was just... a small fortress with snow.> sound designNever understood sound fags, but if you think that's good you must think DA:O is godlike.> general polishHehe is not polish, it's canadian.What the fuck polish even means? Everyone looks greasy, most textures ARE AWFUL, have you seen the starting armor? What the fuck is polish? The game is still full of bugs and the same animations people mocked in Andromeda like walking up a stair is in DA:I too.> so the gameplay is OK IMOThe absolute state of ,MMO RPG fags.

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>>523382803He looks like he posts interracial porn messages.

>>523383842Go have sex or something you sad piece of manure.Also name some games you think are good. And don't fucking tell me soulsshit and weebshit like zelda or persona.

>>523383401art direction

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>>523382803inquisition was fully pozzed with politics

>>523383989That's not cool dude, stop mocking him, he just lost his entire family and people are mean to him.

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>>523383401you disgust me. get some taste

>>523384102what happened to his family?

>>5233840742/3 of the characters are indeed shit, I didn't express myself well enough. What I meant is I like the graphics and art style.

>>523384192He ate them

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>>523384170I bet you love garbage like Dark Souls and/or Nintendo crap

>>523384280> I like the graphics and art style.Ok he's retarded

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>>523384053Skyrim, Witcher, Alan Wake, Wolf Among Us, Borderlands 2, Heavy Rain, Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 2.

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>>523382803If you think DA:I is pretty good why would you be worried? Clearly you like garbage

>trusting modern bioware after>DA2>ME3>DAI>ME:A>AnthemI sincerely hope none of you are excited for this.

>>523384524no, i like rpgs with depth which don't have mmo-tier gameplay

>>523384665>Dragon Age 2>Movie-game shit like Heavy RainYour taste in games is way worse than mine. Skyrim, Witcher and Mass Effect 2 are fine. The rest are complete garbage.What a pleb kek

>>523383107>>523383212>>523383316>>523383842>>523384102>>523384490>>523384572Extreme, repeated homosexual behavior day in & day out

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>>523382918I unironically thought the same thing. Like who will fully dyes their hair blue like that. Then I remembered, there's a raging flamer at my work who is like that. Nice enough guy, but radiates daddy issues. Not to mention I work at an all boys college, so pretty dodgy really...

>>523384929Nah, they are all good, you are just being condescending

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>>523382873top kek come here to say that.good job user for notice it too

>>523385002Objectively there isn't a single good thing about that Dragon Age 2 other than the combat. Wtf are you talking about man?

>>523385126It has the best villains, most interesting companions, best romances with different paths for each, best Dragon age protagonist, best personality system of any RPG, bestcombat of the DA series since it's fast paced and fun specially for mages, completely new companion depending on your class, Varric, etc.You just hate DA2 because you were told to. Literally none of you can argument why, and when someone can they always bring up "uh... re... reused stuff?!?!?" when literally all games do that, even Witcher 3.

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>>523384801I like to turn my brain off and grind in a open world while acquiring cool gear. That's about it.I'm not a "muh story driven games", "muh games are art" pseudo-intellectual faggot.I found DA: O to be fucking boring because it's linear and I couldn't grind.If the gameplay fits my taste, then it's a good game in my book. I also loved Assassin's Creed Odyssey and put 400 hours in it lmao>>523385426You couldn't be more wrong, I finished it without knowing shit about the game, and I ended up agreeing with most people complaints. I'm not even saying anything about reused assets, I just remember the game to be extremely dull and linear, but with a really good combat and effects.

>>523385002>>523385426>>523384572stop avatarfagging you absolute inbred mongoloid

>>523385827Suck my dick

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inquisition has been sitting in my backlog for years convince me to play that regret purchase

>>523382803>any dragon age past origins>good

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>>523386014Cullen is super handsome and cute and his ass is so perfect and bubbly I wanna rim it all day.

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>>523383107>>523383212Do the world a favor, and kill yourself.


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>>523386180Statistically you're WAY more likely to do it, tranny.

>>523382803isnt he a level designer? you only need to get worried if the director or the writter looks like that (which they probably look but we don't know yet)

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>>523386014Don't. There's really nothing compelling in it beyond some visuals in certain places (like the deep expansion stuff, the underground ocean is extremely cool). The gameplay is fucking boring if you aren't a rogue or a mage, the quest design is atrocious, and they jammed horseback riding in the game almost exclusively to cover for how fucking empty and monotonous any form of travel is. There's also a really tedious collectathon with glowing shards that you can do, so look forward to that in a way that requires jumping and scaling vertical geometry in an engine that can barely handle the concept; on the Storm Coast I was at one point scaling a cliff and jumped when the game suddenly decided to catapult me into the stratosphere and across the map onto a totally different mountain. The way they did itemization and gear creation is really fucking weird too. On top of all that shit, they put a follower/minion mission system on top of the whole thing as a bolt on that operates in real-time because reasons. DA:I is a stupid, sad little game that isn't really worth anyone's time.

>>523386825No, he's the new lead writer. Replacing David gaider

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>>523382982imagine trusting your imagination to someone with the "i have an imagination" starter pack.

>>523382803last 2 digits are the days until he gets busted for child porn or pedo shit

>>523382803What compels a man to become like this?

i liked DA:I, the combat was descent for action/RPG. Really great worlds to explore and you have actual influence over. The RPG element was definitely there but fuck if i didnt hate most of the companions>Dorian - fucking lgbt pandering character with a homo problem thats as basic as a highschooler dealing with a homophobe dad.>Sera - another fucking lgbt pandering character who is a retarded cockney version of robinhood who adds nothing to the story>Cole - literally panders to autist. Is the autist archetype with a backstory im supposed to feel sorry for and make him edgy.>Cassandra - basic yandere bitch, tries to be deeper than the strong woman but is nothing much than that>Vivian - nigga love slave to a dying old rich white man. Doesnt even entertain notion of your dick because muh slave owner love>Solas - le mysterious elf trope, also is more righteous than you because hes a god>Blackwall - LARPing insecure neckbeard which offers nothing to the storyOnly based companion was Varric and thats because he's the OG with Hawke. Hawke's companions had twice the substance and story DA:I would ever have.

>>523387062I have a dream.

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Oh look, this spicfaggot is ruining YET another DA thread

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>>523382803Honestly... We can only hope.

>>523384074that bowstring is driving me nuts

>>523383316>Corypheous is an awful villainCracks me up that Samson was a better villain and even had a better fight than the actual final boss.

>have a friend that keeps telling me that Inquisition and Andromeda are actually great games and that he's excited for DA4How the fuck do biowarefags get this kind of brain damage?

>>523386014building your party to take down really big Dragons and conquering the land made the tediousness worthwhile

>>523387325Hehe that's me!

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>>523382803There's a chance it will have good gameplay, but there's absolutely no chance it won't suffer from the blatant political influence plaguing the industry today.If you thought Inquisition went overboard with its attempts to have a D I V E R S E cast of characters, imagine that times ten.

>>523387406Samson is one of the reasons I can't side with the templars, he's such an amazing villain, and he deserves an ending, who gives a shit about Calpernia women belong in the kitchen, Samson had a role in DA2 he deserves an ending, plus it gives Cullen more content, imagine having a hot gay threesome with Samson and Cullen

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>>523387697Having a diverse cast means you can kill them. I killed Krem and Iron Bull, punched Dorian and kicked Sera. Based Inquisition.

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>> got fat and dyed his hair. That pic of his is from like, 2010

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>>523387532The dragons were a huge letdown since all of them are the same, the only differing factors being that some of them have an add phase and they each have a different elemental weakness and strength. That's it. If you have a tank that can decently hold them and regen armor and a single mage with a staff of the appropriate element, every dragon is trivialized and handled in exactly the same way with no deviation: stand at medium-close range so they don't do their widespread AOE attack. The only challenge to those fights is combating the retarded AI of your companions if you brought ranged dudes.

>>523387885You know they won't give you options like those in DA4. That would be hateful, and hate has no place in fictional medieval fantasy video games.

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>>523384102>>523384490>>523384572>>523385002>>523385426>>523385996I was under the impression that avatarfagging is, in fact, a bannable offense. Am I mistaken?

>>523388757It is.

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>>523388757Yet somehow, this faggot is always here

>>523389031Your life doesn't, you Peruvian living fleshlight

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>>523388757He ban evades and spams Cyberpunk and Dragon Age threads.

>>523389224he sounds based

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>>523388757It is, this guy is a homosexual spic who avatarfags in all threads with games that have character creation.Mostly Cyberpunk and Dragon Age, he's mentally ill, although you should have guessed at from his desperate attention whoring.


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>>523389746>not just a gay spic but also a Dragon Age and Star Wars apologistOH NO NO NO

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>>523389746La creatura de homosexual

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>>523390135> fat> female> elfDo trannies really?

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>>523382803Well, in concrete terms, if this particular faggot needs woke shit to be the primary source of his status, it means he doesn't take pride in his work. Which likely means there is nothing to be proud of. So he'll do shitty work, almost certainly.

>>523382803If you liked DA:I, then you'll probably like DA4. I'm surprised that you're not hyped for more of the same.

>>523391938Judgemental little faggot, aintcha?

>>523387968>Patrick is the lead writer for Dragon Age is married to the lead editor for Dragon AgeWhat the fuck is with this fucked up company?

>>523392462You're the one using roleplaying games to put yourself in the role of a woman, and not just a woman but an elf and a fat one.

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