What was it like Gaming in the Clinton Years?

What was it like Gaming in the Clinton Years?

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You ever try gaming with breast cancer?

it was pretty cool

>>523382771I distinctly remember playing some licensed warner cartoon game on ps1

>its been over 2 1/2 since a new rp videoWhy did beef have to become a fucking twitch leftist

I would once again like to say I did not have sexual relations with that woman.I did, however, go to ifreeclub.cum where they offer hundreds of free products.

>>523382771>SNES/Genesis to PS1/N64 to the beginning of PS2Aside from soccer moms being a more minor SJW-equivalent over Doom and Pokemon, it was pretty radical.

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>>523382771I am THE Final Fantasy... 7.

It would have been better if Hillary Clinton had gotten breast Cancer

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I miss the old Retsupuraes

>>523382771All of the videos those tryhard faggots commentated over are way funnier on their own.

Pretty cool

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>>523382771Monica learned how to use a joystick

>>523382771opportune time to shill the 24/7 george wood stream (pic related)

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>>523383184They were a universal subject of ridicule in the gaming industry too. Like how Eternal Champions had a Joe Lieberman parody character. You didn't have subversive elements with the same politics trying to tear the industry down from within.

>he's actually fucking back>youtube.com/watch?v=d8IlmaIceNI

>>523384771I thought he died like a decade ago

>>523385193He faked his own death and started a cruise ship scam or somethingyoutube.com/watch?v=gt1okiAGzww

>>523382771>Chrono Trigger>Donkey Kong Country 1, 2, 3>Super Street Fighter 2>Panzer Dragoon 1, 2, and Saga>Resident Evil 1, 2, 3, and Code Veronica>Parasite Eve>Castlevania Symphony of the Night>Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII, and IX>Yoshi's Island>Metal Gear Solid>Super Metroid>Zelda Ocarina of Time>Goldeneye>Sonic 3&Knuckles (and CD)>Mario 64>Crash 1, 2, and 3>Ape Escape>Tomb Raider 1, 2, 3, and 4>Legacy of Kain 1 and 2>The Mortal Kombat trilogy>Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2>A whole slew of Mega Man games>Earthworm Jim 1 and 2>Killer Instinct>Brave Fencer Musashi>Twisted Metal 1 and 2>Abe's Oddysee and Exodus>The Spyro trilogyFucking awesome.

What's the use of the truth if you can't tell a lie sometimes, Holla Forums?

>>523382771The people who where calling me problematic for my taste in games where to busy shunning me because of my taste of games.At least they weren't trying to push me out of my hobby.

>>523385596you know that's honestly not even that shocking from a dude as weird as this guy

>>523382771Why not just say the 90s? I don't get it, not everyone is an Amerimutt

I didn't really like it. I tried it but I didn't inhale.

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>>523383184At least soccer moms never infiltrated the fucking industry to subvert it from within

>>523382839Incredible fun!

>>523383184everyone just laughed at them and played the games. my parents didn't care about anything other than beavis and butthead

>>523386228You mean like you and your magalard buddies?

>>523383184I unironically miss the days of soccer moms and shitty politicians blaming their problems on video games.At least we could laugh at the old fucks and how nonsensical their arguments were.Now it's all transexuals, "feminists", and sjws who tweet at anything that "offends" them. (RIP Uncle Ben & Aunt Jemima)You can't even make fun of them without being labeled as a sexist or a racist.Worst part is they aren't even old like the soccer moms and politicians, they're usually young adults/late teens so it's not like their "out of touch with the youth" like the old fucks were.

>>523384771So are slowbeef and diabetus. Coincidence?

>>523382771Pretty chill. Sometimes Bill would come over and I’d beat him in NBA Jam as him.

>>523387297>I unironically miss the days of soccer moms and shitty politicians blaming their problems on video games.I mean sure, they were annoying. But it was a fairly new industry and there was next to no research about its effect. Little panics like that are understandable. I'd take stricter age regulation if that means I can get R rated games instead of this M bullshit.

I was in middle school for most of his time in office. I don't think I was gaming all that much then. I didn't really awaken my gaming addiction until I got Shenmue on Dreamcast. I picked up Broodwar and Counter-Strike during then and played that a lot. But I think that was the tail end of Clinton's years. Played games in the arcade every weekend. Played a lot of Simpson's Arcade and TMNT Arcade. Time Crisis was a lot of fun. The interactivity of pressing the pedal to take cover and reload really blew my mind, along with the lightgun recoiling when you shot. House of the Dead was good fun, too. And I played KI and X-Men vs Street Fighter. I also had fun playing pinball machines. But there were only like 5 machines at my local arcade.Even before all that, I had a Sega Gensis. I remember playing a lot of Avengers on Sega. The first X-Men game, which I got stuck on the "reset your console" level. Loved the second X-Men game.

>>523382771It was like gaming. But in the Clinton years.

>>523387368did they actually upload a video together?

>>523385596this documentary video is pure kino

>>523382839i only gamed with front loaded anvils

>>523388124They've been playing RE5youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-DNICST8ZbySUg0gP2jzgqK2AFvSqKHG

I remember being shocked that people also had seen those gaming in the clinton year vids. I remember watching them ages ago and they felt like videos that were buried away and you had to somehow stumble upon them

>>523385973it's a video series about a weird boomer who makes strange reviews of 90's gamesyoutube.com/playlist?list=PL56642954C53CB79D

>>523388298Most people are probably only familiar with him due to RP but I'm pretty sure I stumbled upon him before their vids. Weird stuff.

It was cool, I'd rent games every other Friday from Videos and More or Blockbuster. Trying to tell if a game was good solely from the cover art and description was fun. You also were more inclined to play it even if it was bad because you already spent money to rent it.

What video games does Bill play?


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>>523383184>Doom and PokemonDon't forget Night Trap. A heavily compressed 168x104 FMV game that caused more busybodies, including Hillary Clinton, to lose their shit than every other game combined.

After I play Buster Brothers I’mma Bust-A-Nut

>>523383001Betus was always the superior one anyways. Pretty sure one time he got trashed with the Freelance Astronauts and said nigger on stream.

>>523389048hee hee based for the win fellow centipede

>>523389106what's a centipede

>>523382771god this channel is the best.

>>523389341Oh rite, we're being subversive lol. Gotchu homie.

>>523382771>the Clinton YearsDo Americans really?

>>523389424no i'm just not very smartthey used to call me donkey boy back in middle schoolis this a similar thing?

>>523382771A great distraction from the BS going on such as Clinton's betrayal on NAFTA, trade deals with Ching-Chongia, the Balkan War, and the rising police state.The SNES was a pleasure, I had access to an NES and even a functional Atari. My first console was the N64 with great multiplayer experience. Also, the Doom games and Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 were excellent. Oh and you could rent games so you could try before you buy.

>I have trained many SeeD cadets>”In what?”>Fuckin’

>>523382771Literally magical. Squaresoft was at its peak.

>we will never go back to the mid to late 2000s kino age of YT game reviews

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>>523389919>I'll show ya why they call me big dong donkey kong

>>523383648Yes, because then she wouldn’t have convinced friend of the Clinton family Donald Trump to openly question her presidential rival Obama’s legal status in 2007, Trump wouldn’t have developed a rabid following of racists that would propel him to the White House eight years later, and we might have someone competent in office during this period of unprecedented turmoil

>>523389718Nice try, Holla Forums. Most of that shit happened at the tail end of his presidency, and the police state was 100% attributed to George Bush Jr's presidency, along with The Patriot Act.


>>523388535I found his videos as a 7 year old kid and thought nothing of them at the time. My aunt walked in on me and saw the intro and told me to turn it off because “anything with Bill Clinton in it probably isn’t appropriate”.

>>523391858>during this period of unprecedented turmoilPretty sure we wouldn't even be in this mess if Trump was never elected. He's the one that disbanded the pandemic team and cut funding to FEMA.

>>523389532You're replying to a confused newfag/plebbitor who thinks saying nigger on 4chan relates you to le drumpf despite it's use here predating all the modern day politics he's obsessed with

>>523382771It was fairly similar but with worse graphics. There were lots of good games, and avalanches of total shit games. 3D was only just getting started, so there weren't any "experience" games like now with all the walking simulators and movie games. But there were about a billion shitty platformers

>>523382771I want to go back

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