2070 Super bros...how are you guys holding up?

2070 Super bros...how are you guys holding up?

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getting a 3090

Imagine being too poor to upgrade every generation.

I just built my computer in January with one.Eh, unless I feel I suddenly have an abundance spare cash to spend, I'll wait until the 4xxx cards.I don't regret building my computer since it helped me through quarantine at home and for working from home.

Have fun getting downgraded performance on new drivers once the new gen comes out. You're in the backseat now, bitch

>>523382162had to get a 2070s after my 1080 suddenly died last month. Screen locked up while gayman, suddenly massive coil whine and it won't post anymore. I'm going to attempt to sell it for 350, even includes a fully transferable warranty from my local computer shop.

I'm okay, thanks for asking

Laughing my ass off at all these fags with 10x and 20x cards that are crying now. I've been gaming on a GTX 295 for the past 10 years and it carrys just about everything at 1080p 50-60fps if you tweak the settings. I'm waiting for a card that is under 400 dollars that has 30GB of Vram before I upgrade. I suspect we'll be there in another 5 years or so. Have fun getting jewed hard every 2 years when a new and better card comes out.

>>523382162We told you not to buy it but you did anyway.

kinda miffed but it's still the best gpu i ever had and will probably upgrade next year once the day 1 buyers test it for me. i'd sell it now but i don't want to twiddle my thumbs until october and even then there's a chance most of the stock will be bought out by faggot dataminers.

Pretty fine actually, thanks for asking. Waiting until the 4000 series before I upgrade since I game at 1080p/144 Hz.

>>523382162games are stilling running well, but I'm selling it and upgrading because boy did the fuck over the 2000 series buyers who beta tested the objectively better 3000 series. Glad I didn't get a 2080TI

bought a 2080 a year ago so I'll probably sit this gen out. :(

>>523385906If by "tweak the settings" you mean "install special mods to go lower than the Lowest preset" then yeah

>>523385906Get a fucking job.

>>523385065>Drinking the Reddit Kool-Aid

>>523386047This, but 165hz.I'll upgrade and get a 4k display for my second monitor once the day 1 buyers standardize it.

>>523386535stop wasting money

Doing very well, but I'm definitely going to wait for 4000 as well

>oh no, what ever will i do now that my games run at 100 fps instead of 150

>>523382162I'm getting a 2060.

>>523382162My buddy is looking to build his PC, so I'm going to gift him my 2070 once I upgrade.

>in order to get a RTX 3080:>have to upgrade my PSU>have to get a 4K 120+ Hz monitor to actually make use of the card's power>almost $2000 upgrade overall for a fucking GPUNah, I'm good with my 2070 Super.

>>523387320You really only need 1440p/ 144hz - $350Yea CSGO will be 500 FPS, but it's already 300.Lots of people already have a 750W, but yea if you dont1200 bucks for you, pal.If you go 3070 you save 350, though.

>>523387771What's the best value card for 1440p 144 gaming right now?

>>5233878462060 Super


I came about a hair away from buying the 2070S in April, thank fucking god I didn't.

>>523382162>Friend's 960 starts going on the fritz>Tell him to wait until the new releases>Too impatient to wait a month or two, buys a 2060>Keeps seething about missing out on the biggest single-gen performance jump in 15 yearsAnd you retards think "just wait" was a meme. Get fucked

>>523387963Isn't there a 30xx card that performs better than that for the same price?

>>523388321He said right now. The 3070 and 3060 aren't now.

>mfw I bought a dirt cheap 1660 super knowing the 2000 series RTX would be absolutely destroyed by the second generation of RTX cardsNever buy overpriced first gen tech kids.

>>523384374>buying a new card a yearThere has to be another hobby you spend money on, right?

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>>523388283>there is no reason to wait>just upgrade bro>there is "always" something better around the cornerIf you're such an impation smoothbrain that you need to buy right now don't come complaining once something better comes out a week later

i will continue gaming @1080p 60fps high settings for years to come

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>>523388484He’s either going to say no or that he has so much money that he can drop $3000 a year on all 50 of his hobbies including planes and yachts. Either way he’s full of shit and you probably shouldn’t take the bait.

>>523382162I'll probably get a better card but not now

>>5233821623080 incoming

>tfw bought a 2060 Super a month ago>tfw it doesn't even matter since I'm only doing 1080p 144hz

>>523385906not that i care but you haven't had any extra money in the last 10 years to get something that doesn't require tweaking and other shit just to play? are you retardedly poor or something

>>523387320get a high fps monitor instead of the 4k.

Sitting comfy til the 4070 Super.

>>523382162>spent $500 on a 2070S>it's obsolete as fuck>I could have gotten a 3060 that outperforms even the 2080

>>523382162giving my 2070s to my bro. he's still using a gtx 460.

>>523384374I bet you have nothing in your savings account for eventual retirement.

>>523389102if it's the founders edition it's still selling for close to $500.

You are a retard if you bought any 2000 series card.

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>>523382162waiting for 5xxx to release

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>>523389365This. Even Fermi was a better purchase.

>>523387320>not wanting to go 4k ultra wide at 144hzDude.

>>523389365What else are you supposed to upgrade to from Maxwell? If you have a 970, the 2070S is basically your only upgrade path.

>>5233878465700 xt.

>>523382162When I got a 2070 it was a huge upgrade, I'd been on a 960 for years. I'll just use the 2070 for like 4-5 more years and then upgrade again when stuff costs peanuts.

>>523382162Definitely better than the shitty Intel 620 HD laptop I had. Bought it in February with my very first PC build and will just wait for 4000 series so the price/performance is better. Don't see that much value in upgrading to a 3070 now if I'm only getting maybe 30% more performance in most games which is probably what you'd get if the 3070 does perform as well as a 2080ti. I'd rather just save money and buy the eventual 4080 or 4090, maybe get a 3080Ti/Super if I get impatient enough.

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>>523382162>Not having a 2080 super with a 1700kOof

GTX 980ti and still going strong

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>tfw bought a 1070 at launch and still don't feel like I need to upgrade yet>mfw bitcoin miners happened>mfw the 2070 came out and it was barely an improvement

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Considering upgrading to a 3080 sometime next year. Not in any rush though.

>>523382162prob just gonna wait till 4xxx drops since im on 1080p 240hz ips, i can still most likely get 1080p 60 fps in cyberpunk and DLSS is neat

>>523384374I just got a 1070 for $50 cause of the gpu crash

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>>523390034980ti here too, still going but it's not really "strong" anymore.60fps just doesn't cut it for me anymore.

1070 hereWould I be retarded to try to snag a cheap 2080ti and wait to buy into the 3080 until stocks stabilize? It's going to be impossible to get one anywhere near the launch timeframe.

>>523390502>tfw I payed 420 dollars for a 1070 a couple years agoOh well, at least I didn't get fucked as hard as the 2070 boys.

>>523385906>I'm waiting for a card that is under 400 dollars that has 30GB of Vram before I upgrade.nigger if you're willing to wait 15 years, maybe

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>>523389554i waited for the 3080, too bad you have no patience dumb ass

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