Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 is releasing in 2 hours

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 is releasing in 2 hours.

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>>523380561On PC?I'm downloading it right now on PS4.

I'm not hype about it. I heard it was sub-par.

>>523380561Don't care. No trannies, no cutscenes and no over the shoulder tps segments. Yikes

>>523380561I'm ready and F5ing, thanks Tim.

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I pre-ordered at GameStop that doesn’t open tlll noon and I probably won’t even get the bonus fingerboard

>>523380561Anybody else having trouble with an install? I've been fucking around in the warehouse and the tutorial for over an hour and it still says it's installing.

>>523380561As soon as I can smoke weed again I’ll buy it

>>523380758>I heard it was sub-par.From who? All the people who got copies early are giving it around an 80-90% on whatever their review scales are.

>>523380697It's on pc, xbox, and ps4

>>523380836hell yeah baby I picked up the CE but I'm sure you're going to dig it too. Who cares who does/doesn't buy it. I care about who enjoys it.

>>523380945Oh PCbros are waiting for the Steam unlock?

Already released on PS4 depending on your timezone. Got through THPS1 in about 3 hours but I'm really shit at video games.

>>523380878Weed drains my money too much so I just vape, I'll only smoke weed if it's a friends or if it's offered to me

I played it on PS4. Most of the game plays like the older games, but I swear you didn't lose speed that much with manuals. I need to hook up my PS2 with THPS4 and check it out.

>>523381019No it's only on epic games store on pc

>>523381067Not surprising, one thing I've consistently noticed going back to old games is none last more than 3-4 hours in the best of cases. Crazy to think how much I dragged games out as a kid just goofing off and not actually making any progress.

>>523381171Get a job you lazy burnout fucking retard nigger fuck


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This game have online or anything?

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>>5233805612 hours? I'm already playing on PS4. Went up an hour ago. It's good.

>>523381426Yes, which is why you'll want to buy it on a console. Any game that launches on EGS and didn't pre-exist has its multiplayer die within a week.

>>523381531Makes sense. Thanks, user.

>>523380793It has trannies. Every custom skater is a tranny

>>523381473>Using memechanxWHAT A FUCKING LOSER!

>>523380561>tfw I bought it on PS4 due to EGS shit on PCthanks tim

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>>523381190I also found out I have THP8 on PS2, so I'll test it out too.

>>523380561nicetorrent when?

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>>523381473How did u get 4chan on dark mode?

Why the hell are the camera controls inverted by default? I also don't remember them being this bad originally, they feel wrong to me.


hows the multiplayer? can you grief and/or trigger people?

>>523381924Haven't played the new one yet but the camera in the originals was dog shit until THUG so I wouldn't be surprised if you're just remembering wrong.

>>523381878scroll down and bottom right you dumbo

>>523382156Must be then. My last memory of the series was THUG 2, barely played any after that, and it remains by far my favorite one so I'm probably just misremembering the older ones feeling the same. It's definitely rough though.

I currently have a 90% win rate in multiplayer.Feels good man, i still got it.

Is there anyway to get the digital deluxe content (retro content) with a physical release?Maybe as a separate dlc?

>>523381843You won't be getting a torrent fag, just like you didn't get a torrent for the warehouse demo.

>>523381283Greedy ass niggas time to pirate

>>523381727>Whines about EGS>Bougt $400 hardware launcheryou cant make this up

>>523383134cope harder buy fag

>>523383272>pirateGood luck with that, thps uses the same copy protection as Modern Warfare, which still hasn't been cracked after almost a year.

>no bam>but non-binary tranny skatercool thanks bros

>>523383349you think I don't regret it user? console has fuck all good games on it and most of them got ported to PC but at least I'm not gonna be dealing with the buggy ass EGS software and giving money to tecent chinamen

>>523381308Well that was a bit extreme

>>523383629there's no purpose in cracking the new modern warfare seeing as its entirely online. think before you speak dumbass

>>523380561does it have the same soundtrack?

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>>523384223woh... eppin dwight... heckin stapler... in the jello.. woh

>>523384223This is the

>trannies>epicDamn I'm mad. Was looking forward to this


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>>523383721why would bam be in this? he wasn't in the original 1 or 2 and he's not even a skater anymore,let alone a modern one.

>>523381190>>523381835Just finished testing it. It plays like the older games. I guess I had rose-colored glasses when it came to manuals, but I guess it's because THPS1 wasn't designed for manuals at all (or reverts)

>>523384758It's still finishing downloading. I only played about 1 hour of free skate and the tutorial

>>523384864There is a hidden gray alien skater you unlock with his own special tricks by breaking a hidden alien plushie on each stage in the career mode also I think Officer Dick is unlockable, but I dunno how to get him yet, I assume you have to beat career mode? [ /spoiler]

>>523384223Some are back. Not all.

>>523384426Tbh I don't think it's a huge deal. They let you wear any clothes and faces, so you could make an ugly troon character if you wanted. What I'm more concerned about is when they release a "skater pass" or some bullshit with paid cosmetics.

>>523385632The custom skaters are so bland and/or ugly I don't think most people will care for more shirts or whatever all that much.

>>523385767Also a fair point. Maybe they'll put bonus skaters in or something, who knows? There's no way Activision won't pull some shit with this unless it completely flops.

>>523381019Waiting for the Pirate. I'll buy it if its gud. I have 1 year to decide.

>>523380561>publisher: activision>release it on epic games store and not battlenetok then

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>>523383721Bam is the original meme skater. Literally not even worth talking about

How the fuck do you play with friends? Are servers just fucked right now?

>Have to work today and do something later tonight >Busy pretty much all weekend Have fun for me bros

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>>523386343Online is shit right now, probably the only shit thing about this along with custom skaters. Apparently a patch is coming along to add free roam lobbies and private matches eventually, but right now it's shit.

>>523380861I'm remoting into my gaming PC and shit pauses when I alt tab, no clue what's going on there.

>>523384223Everything is back except a few rap songs.

>>523386536I mean, do we care? I didn't play those games for the online modes.

>>523386464Due to hurricane damage, wife and I's cabin vacation was canceled this weekend. Oh, well. Still have this I suppose.

>>523386052don't give them ideas

>>523380561PC spec?

Oh boy.

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>>523380758It's great. Even if only for one game, THPS is back.

>>523381019Me. or I'll just play an emulator of the original.

>>523381473I would do that, but hiding that person's post also hides people who comment on their post.I just ignore trip code people and don't ever remember their trips.

How do you customise the pros? I'm tryna make my nigga Kareem look fly


>>523386746I don't particularly care myself, I'm trying to get all the gaps rn. Just letting him know the online isn't that great right now, but I trust that Vicarious Visions will update it soon enough. They did fine with CTR.

It's only letting me do freeskate and the tutorial and saying it's still installing.

>>523380561bam is ITT right now shitting on the game, say hi to him Holla Forums

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>>523380836It has Denuvo so you'll have to wait at least a month before it gets cracked.

>>523387591You can't, this is Pro Skater 2 style where you have a couple preset outfits, I think due to licensing issues unfortunately.

>>523387997we all knew that he would turn out to be a mess. we were just enjoying spectating it.

This multiplayer is so fun. I love having no competition at all. Why the fuck do people suck at video games? Much less video games they claim they "played the fuck out of" as a kid. Jesus Christ.

>>523388586Dude it's day -1. Give a week and the online will shrink down to the diehards popping off constant 50+ million combos.

>>523388586because i havent played this since i was a kid so thats a pretty long time to have not touched a game user

>>523388068That's pretty shitty. You could change their clothes freely in 3 and I think 4 too.

>>523388970Just 4 iirc

So can you make hot chicks in this one? I remember jacking off to Daisy and Private Carrera back in the day.


>Game ost stops when you play Spotify on PS4Thank christ

>>523388970>>523389209Nah 3 had it as well, at least on PS2 and Xbox>>523389260I mean "hot" is debatable. I haven't seen any sluttier clothes, just hipster skater thot apparel, so if you're into that then this is the CaS for you


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>>523389496that's dumb since girl skaters rock out those tight shorts all the time


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>>523389496I remember you could skate barefoot in 4, can you do this?

>>523389496did they seriously not have a jean short option for girls? clearly they've never set foot in LA.

Activision: the game will have no MTX at launchAlso Activision;

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>>523386951>>523390308>charity DLC=microtransactions

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>>523389801>>523389928I know lads, especially when it's such a non-issue. My gf was pissed making her character at a lack of shorts, my guess is either PC bullshit gone mad, or they were just lazy making custom clothes.>>523389927As far as I can tell nope, but maybe i don't have it unlocked or i just missed it. I haven't gone back in the menu since I've started playing

>>523380758Bullshit. AndyTHPS is the senior designer of the game, so this remake is in good hands.This is the proper THPS Remaster we should have gotten in 2012.

>>523386951>>523390308>>523390415I know everyone will piss their pants about day one DLC, but does anyone else think those clothes are ugly as fuck?

Give me your parks, bros. The gimmickier the better.

bros this games good

>$40 for a game with no story mode where all you do is skate around the mapsgood game and love the nostalgia factor but ill wait for black friday

>>523390420>my guess is either PC bullshit gone madits this. there's some cow that works there that threw a fit when she saw the shorts so she pressured them to take it out.

>>523390908Wait, no career mode? Hard pass

Question: I never played the originals in the 90s. Can you learn to play this game organically, or do you need to austistically study and memorize combos like a fighting game?

>>523390908are you retarded? all the goals from the original games are back. Unless you mean an actual "story mode" narrative, in which case you need to go back zoomie

>>523391356There isn't a single part of this post that doesn't make me upset.

>>523391356It's very intuitive. All the special tricks are three buttons, and you assign those buttons yourself.Emulate THPS3.

>>523391279There is a career mode for both games, unfortunately it carries over between all skaters so once you beat it with one, you've beaten it >>523391356You can learn completely organically, just don't expect to be scoring ten million point combos right out of the gate. A lot of the learning curve is just reflexive, when to ollie, when to grind, etc. You can give this game to anyone, and they can pick it up and play it no problem.

>>523391575why? video games that you need to study like homework are for virgin nerds who have nothing better to do

>>523387997>Beats up friends and family members on national TV>Keeps that same attitude off camera, constantly beat up and robbed


>>523383629damn DRM works. buy form GOG!

>>523391784No problem, I think of it like this; if I could play it at three years old on my Dreamcast and beat it, anyone can if you give them enough time

>>523380561I remember my friends playing Tony Hawk when I was in HS, can't wait to see how it looks remastered on ps4

>>523391887or from

Wish Activision wasn’t being annoying as fuck with the deluxe edition content and physical. Hope I can find a collectors edition in stores tomorrow or I’m stuck waiting till Thursday for it to arrive. Don’t want to be forced into buying digitally. Hearing that you can’t change the clothes on the pros makes the extra outfits seem that much more necessary. Fuck Activision

>Tutorial fully voiced by Tony Hawk himselfSolid start

>>523391975>paying extra>for clothes

am I retarded or is there no free skate/2 minute mode outside of career

>>523392067>for an entire extra character

>>523389557>>523389837SO I GOTTAGOTTA NEW GIIIIIRL

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>>523391661That’s shitty didn’t there use to be unlocks for beating the career with every skater how does it work now?

Goddamn they made Burnside look greatThat rainy atmosphere turned it from one of the more lukewarm levels to a top tier one

>>523392331Skatestreet looks amazing. And it's kind of sad, because in real life it shutdown years ago.

i've got the digital deluxe edition on ps4 for 49.99, I thought there was a standard edition for $40. either way should i just get the DD edition?

>>523389837Jerry was a race car driver

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>>523392290 Most cheats are unlocked by default for beginners like perfect balance, always special, sim mode, etc. Career mode unlocks CaS parts, CaP parts, and eventually Officer Dick and a gray alien as secret skaters.

>>523392369A lot of these parks are gone now. I know Skatestreet, Burnside and the Venice Park are definitely gone, not sure about the rest though.

How many gb is it?Can I play it offline?

these create a skate parks are hilarious

>>523380561>Thought these Tony Hawk remasters were for Playstation only>sad panda>Friend tells me they are on PC >happy panda>just found out it's only on the epic games storeI'm a sad panda.

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