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What the fuck was this borb's problem?

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>>523380025>everyone in Dreamland is lazy>so I'm gonna build a really big airshipWhat was his thought process

aw yiss

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>>523380127I think it was to try and be a menacing force and to look cool. However that plan fell flat when it was taken down by a child. Now for a real question what the fuck was his thought process in robobot?>giant technologically advanced ark appears>starts invading your land and fucking up shit>ram your entire battle ship into the giant ark>ride it completely in the open where you can easily be seen and shot downDid he think that would actually work?

>>523380025What's his name

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>>523380127He really wanted to be Sportacus.

>>523380025We need this little fucker back

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>>523380551Giving your enemy who also has copy abilities a sword also doesn't work, but he continues to do it anyway, that's just his style


God I just want Kirby to force feed me tomatoes.

>>523380906You might be onto something user>both own airships that hover over the land they protect>both are blue>both are reasonably active and agile as fuck>both hate lazy people>both have weaknesses for sugar>both lead rather than tell>both push themselves to be the very best and want others to do so

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>>523381191I want to spoil and force feed Meta Knight sweets so you're not alone.

>>523380025>everybody is lazy>give them a reason not to>*not lazy kirby beats him up with a sword meta knight gave him*MISSION COMPRETEI wonder how would Dream Land be under Meta King's rule>>523380551This. Why didn't he go over it? Why wasn't he shooting it?

>>523381637>I wonder how would Dream Land be under Meta King's ruleThis something I've thought of quite a lot actually. I like to think technology would have advanced a good amount, enemies would know how to fight and protect themselves much better. I don't think Meta Knight would go full evil king dictatorship but I could see his ego rising a significant amount if he were to win, definitely harsher punishments for breaking his laws put in place and he'd definitely keep a watchful eye for anyone trying to usurp him or form a revolution.

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>>523381583best enemy


>>523380025He dindu nuffin. He recognized that as the brightest beacon in the solar system, Pop Star as a utopian planet was gonna attract the worst of the worst, countless untold cosmic horrors from the bowels of space, coming over to it like bugs to a bug zapper. So he wanted everyone to be more disciplined and resolute for when that time came. Seeing everyone frolick lazily about like Kirby did disgusted him.And seeing as how Planet Robobot occurs, I'd wager he was right. Fucking Kirby. You dumbass. You sent this man's ship tumbling down into the Orange Ocean and with that, his pride and manhood along with it. I hope it was worth it...

This thread needs more Ado.

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>>523383147>This thread needs more

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>>523383147This thread needs more dee

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>>523383018Okay but in Robobot he was a straight up dumb ass. He deserved having his borbhole remodeled.

When do you think the next game is coming out, I think it’ll come out in 2022 for the anniversary

>>523383186Why not?

>>523383563That's because Kumazaki retroactively gave him autism and/or something hit him in the head before the events of RtDL. This motherfucker now unironically draws with cryaons on the ground alongside the other aspies


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>>523383809That's his mirror counterpart, and he's probably hating every second of it.

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>>523383809>retroactively gave him autism and/or something hit him in the head before the events of RtDLI thought DMK was the autist.>>523383925Look at how he's clenching his fists as he draws, he's even drawing a sword he's having fun user.

>>523383925I still wish shadow kirby got in as the dream friend instead of dark meta knight, I really hope someone mods him in

>circle: kirby>square: qbby>triangle: ???

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Why does Dark Meta Knight fear her as well?

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>>523384571he already knows the possibly fucked up things she can do to him


>>523384571she's pink. mirror boy doesn't fare well against pink things...

>>523384858And he runs away?

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>>523385557>And he runs away?user I don't think you'd want to be she gives off the vibes of a cutesy girl who's into some degenerate femdom mindbreak shit

>>523383925>DMK is the worst artistGood

>>523384517part time UFO maybe?

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>>523386049I-I'll take my chances.

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>>523386316Also possible she will just clone you and use that.


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>>523386316Anon she'll shove things up your ass, play with your prostate and edge you for hours as an endurance test. Possibly make you into her personal mindbroken boy toy for her to use as she pleases as well. Meta Knight was lucky to be saved from that hell.

>>523386828Would she really???

>>523386871She might not, I like to think she did some terribly lewd thing to Meta Knight though.

>>523386828Aww, man. You're right. That would be hell. haha

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>>523380127It was built to conquer Dreamland.Most disasters in the games would have been resolved quicker or wouldn't have existed at all if Dreamland were militarized like Meta Knight wanted.

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>>523387007That's painful to imagine!

>>523386828How many fetishes do you think Meta Knight got from that debacle?

>>523380025I want a halloween game


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>>523387538He at least got this one.

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>>523387867>He at least got this one.How? Wouldn't thicc asses and sexual experiments be more fitting?

>>523388146So something like this

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>>523384571Someone has that drawing where borg declares that they are going to "reconfigure her asshole"?

>>523388374Always felt like that image should have the roles swapped.

>>523387482>Most disasters in the games would have been resolved quicker or wouldn't have existed at all if Dreamland were militarized like Meta Knight wanted.This. If Dreamland was a weaponized and technological powerhouse along with Kirby helping protect the place, Dreamland would be unstoppable.

>>523387640Closest you have is Squeak Squad, with the candies, and also ghost+animal power ups

>>523389340And that’s why I want one, they could do a lot of cool shit with a horror theme


>>523381583I miss Neglected Mario Character Comix

He's just tired of paying taxes because Kirby keeps looting his airship and painting BLM on the front hull.

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>>523389498You could make dreamland into a spooky place by an evil witch or have superstar style subgames based on different horror movies

>>523391053You could make a lil halloween short with Kirby being the monster. Have him really be trying to get everyone's candy but they assume he wants to eat them.

Why Kirby kills the angels of god?

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how many times has the halberd been sunk or destroyed

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>>523391415They're bein dicks>>523391693Well one in super star, and definitely in Robobot. At the end of Robobot it takes a big hit but I think it stays in the air after launching the robobot at the ark. Besides that I think it's been mostly fine? Besides Smash Bros, if that counts.