>press any key to continue>not all keys work

>press any key to continue>not all keys work

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If any drawfags are here can you make this image Mario Kart related?

>there could be niggers everywhere


>>523379686cool night air

>>523379686>press any key to continue>click mouse>it doesn't work

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What's it like having a car?

>>523379686I really like that image, to me its so much more than that random pol copypasta. Its a really cool image.

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>>523379686this guy always reminds me of val kilmer

>>523381720>>523379686CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER

>>523379686wtf they're filling up cars with slim milk now???

>>523380369that would be /lit/, and I don't think you know what copypasta means

>>523380369There's copypasta to this picture?


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>>523382346Huh. I never knew. Thanks user.

>>523382346i remember that nightgood timesalso, love that last line, it always makes me laugh.

>>523383135Not as good as the night we ordered pizza to DSP.

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>>523382346Does anyone have the Jordan Peterson vocaroo?

>>523380364It's like being free, as long as you have money for gas, so it's not like being free at all.

vocaroo link pls


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>>523383135>>523382346>he said to himself, out loudWhy is this line so effective?


>>523382346I always think of this image whenever I'm pumping gas in my car.

>>523385937this is why 4chan/nel is a very special place

>>523379773>If any drawfags are here can you make this image Mario Kart related?

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>>523385937The wind noise is what gets me

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>>523380364With a car you can go anywhere you want

>>523385937>nee-grrs could be here

>press any key to continue>press power button>computer turns off

>>523386205It's a legitimately fucking fantastic line that immediately establishes the character as self-centered and dismissive of the outside world. He doesn't care if he appears crazy or weird to the rest of the world, he speaks for his own sake, those around him be damned. It's also just non-sequitur enough to make his train of thought appear manic but still connected enough to what he's doing and his previous thoughts that he's not full on LOL RANDUMB


>>523379686>E85>Regular >MILK

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>>523388274jesus christ you're fucking pretentious

>>523388959Stop replying to me.

>>523389013>get called out for your supreme faggotry>s-shut upok zoomie

>>523386205I think it's the the , out loud. Everything else was a thought but this he's already saying shit.It's like saying you quickly ate your meal, very fast.

>>523381720based negress

>>523388959>why does X work>analyze why X works>AHHH WHY ARE YOU THINKING SO HARD ABOUT IT PRETENTIOUS MUCH???Try to be less of a faggot next time.

For me it's>his powerful thick veins

>>523389253>pretending something incredibly innocuous is LE SO DEEP>let's unpack this le fellow 4channers>look how deep and cool we are xDyou're so fucking embarrassing and you aren't even aware.

>>523387029Can you stop being a bitch for 5 minutes of your life, faggot?

>>523389347>calling a stranger a bitchoh you're not triggered at all, he didn't strike a nerve...at all...

>>523381720Muh dick

>>523389339I never said it was deep, retard, I said it establishes character powerfully and succinctly. Maybe if you had two brain cells to rub together you would know the difference. To relate it to videogames to help your dumb ass out, it's similar to how Bayonetta's entrance in her first game is glitzy, stylish, and dismissive of her foes in a way that immediately establishes her character as that of a runway diva.

>>523389569>establishes characterLMAOoh my god you're genuinely the cringiest person I've seen on this board in months. You know fucking nothing and to say that establishes character, fuck, I'm genuinely cringing at you. You're a fucking embarrassment.

>>523380364Constant anxiety because cars are 1000lb death machines and a single untimely sneeze could ruin entire families. Though, in that same vein they are kinda cool like a gun would be. Then there's the pain in the ass about paying insurance. Just another thing out of the pocket ya know? Go to /o/. Those dead fags could passionately spiel about it.

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>>523389569you need to stop

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>>523389656it's a low hanging fruit, but it was picked, and for that I congratulate you.

>PC game>"press start"

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>>523388274Based. Also the contrast from opening with a heavy N bomb to something so mundanely childish really brings out the absurdity.


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>>523389714/o/ was only good in

>>523388560>Mum put milk in the car again

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>>523379686>>523385937does anyone else keep their car on while they pump gas? i've always turned it off.

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>>523389998Yeah probably. Just trying to point the lad in the right direction because I personally fucking hate cars.

>>523386205External monologue is common in storytelling but not real life. The prompt is asking for a story, so the seemingly slapped on “, out loud” is a familiar stylized reality you can immediately picture in your head. But it’s a candid image, so the idea of the real guy saying that to himself like a rebel waxing philosophical after detailing his simplistic hate for niggers is just hilariously autistic. The juxtaposition between the prose that understands urban noir stories and the simple thoughts of the character make for great comedy.

I'm surprised there haven't been any faggot little 22 year olds in this thread like "ANYONE ELSE SLEAZECORE"

>>523390126No because it's a massive fire hazard.

>>523389656Relax autist

>>523390126if the signs tell me what to do, i follow them. i don't trust fate enough to risk having a video on the news of me pulling out my phone and it somehow sparking a massive fire.

>>523380006>listening to radio in car>hear that iconic synth beat>me: SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF THESE>radio: I WEAR MY SUNGLASSES AT NIGHTwhoops

>>523379686Do Americans really get their milk out of pumps?

>>523391152I mean it is the better song but yeah I fuck it up a lot too

>>523389885that's neither a fact or opinion, it's a statement

>>523391152at least it isn't like when you think the radio's about to play Under Pressure but it plays Ice Ice Baby instead for some godforsaken reason

>>523391437facts are true statements

>>523389904>N bombAre you 12? If you want to avoid using the word 'nigger' use 'racial slur.'

>>523392261Not necessarily. "Fact" can also refer to any statement that can be proven or disproven.