You can pick your favorite internet artist to be the lead art director for the next entry in a game of your choice Who...

You can pick your favorite internet artist to be the lead art director for the next entry in a game of your choice Who do you pick and what game?

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who gives a fuck about artistsi pity any fucker who can actually name any lmao

The guy who created wojak


>>523378404Nikolas Draper-Ivey or Kaneko.


Nezumi Pokemon

i always wanted to make a game off my kinda vanilla niche fetish, but I can only draw and not program.

>>523378404theBoogie>Sonic Forces 2

who in the fuck can name off artists who arent total memes like stonetoss or buckley?

>who can even name anyyou fucking philistines make me sick.

>>523378580>lets draw the vagina as big as TON 618


>>523378643It isnt already?!for me its>Asanagi>Megami Tensei series

>>523378404I don't think I have a favorite artist.

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The Honorable 23 (xxiii)


>>523378404>minus8the game wouldn't even come out because he'd get cancelled the moment it was announced

Rikose on a new Final Fantasy game

>>523378683Coomer Loreshout outs to;>Arekishi>Apostle (even if he traced)>Mitchiyoshi>Goto Beido>Fossil>Zone>Reiko>Julius Zimmerman>Witchking00>Playshapes

>>523379156he'd just pull the "im gay" card

>>523378472this. Fuck obsessive artist "fans"t. artist

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>>523379370Zonein charge of Skullgirls 2 if ever

>>523379454didn't work for spacey

>>523379471literal /beg/ here. Should i take any shit commision they ask me to or get CSR tier popular and then charge a fuckton for commision?

>>523379584He's hasnt gotten Cosby'd Epstein'd so its a win

>>523379584God I miss Kevin Spacey.

>>523378404>Minus8>Paper Mariodon't even play paper mario but i'd buy that shit

>>523379642The high commission price isn't just the skill Is the game you have

Sindoll as the artist for a human on anthro h-game metroidvania

>>523379806he's one of the few that knows his shit with nintendo charactersalso>feat. Shadbase and Spazkid

>>523378823>Doesn't like big ugly gaping vaginasgay

Kamicheetah for Splatoon.Hot damn.


Jollyjack -War of the Monsters

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>>523379857>>523380031i see. I wanted to know which would be the best course to go, i dont really mind doing literal shit commissions. I want to be humble in it but not in a "that guy is such a slut, he takes any shit, no respect"


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>>523380241what about sheep?

>>523378404po-jufire emblem

>>523378404Boris Noborhys, either an FE or remaster Golden Sun 1&2

>>523378643At least Zeena would come back.

I pick Xelvy to do Silent Hill

>>523378404Spacejin in charge of the next Touhou game

>>523378404Elton PortilhoA game about getting sucked off by rabbit girls.


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>>523381085but what game? I feel a point and click adventure would be great for Firth's stuff


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>>523378404Plague, Coffee Talk

>>523380241That's a lot of cringe there, mate.

>>523380241Goombas were a solid A for me, while Mighty Switch Force/Mario Gets Molested flicks were like a C.

>>523381185I'd play a salad fingers p&c adventure

>>523379370how popular was Zimmerman (rip)? I love most of his stuff but there was never any real collection for his work afaik.

>>523382640His stuff is up on SadPandaHis Tinkerbell stuff was the best

>>523378683ShadmanBleedmanThis is like not knowing how to triforce levels of lurk moar here are you all serious?

>>523383069Shadman has become a total meme and Bleedman is so focused on his crossover shit that he hasn't been relevant since the early days of his comics back when it was impressive.

>>523378472I've noticed that every post I've read on this site that contains the word "lmao" is almost always completely fucking retarded. Why is that?

>>523378404KempferZeroCrash Bandicoot franchise.

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>>523383949Zoomers are retarded.

>>523384013>came outta nowhere>stopped just as suddenlyRip.

>>523382937I knew about e-hentai but not SadPanda. I tried to save a bunch from a Zim VK fanpage. mainly wish there was a giant collection easily downloadable, but I do have a lot of it

>>523383949sensitive, overly self-conscious zoomers who genuinely took the virgin/chad shit to heart and changed their entire speech pattern based off of it. i know a couple faggots who started talking like they were trying to imitate the chad in that format and its just embarrassing to watch.

>>523378404Tony takaTales of

>>523378472how the fuck am i supposed to look for their work on gelbooru then?

I choose a plague of gripes for Senran kagura. I know he would do it justice.


>>523378404Necdaz, puffypinkpaws or Omegazero01Teaching feeling remake

>>523378501You really need to be more specific because you might be shitting us here. nu-wojak has nothing, but I do mean nothing to do with the og wojak

Ex-porn artist here. What the fuck is with the one-sided conversation artists and most of their audience have? Like nigga how do you expect me to improve or find the niche you all like if you just give me the fluoride stare over Twitter/NG/etc.

>>523378404-8Bug Fables.

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>>523378404Minus8, Rhythm Heaven


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>>523380241>Literally unfinished and never to be finished animation on Awherever who made this was beyond retarded

>>523378404I pick Naze so all the characters can have gigantic milky titties. I don't actually care what the game is. Deus Ex, I guess.

>>523378404I'd instantly try to learn Japanese if Kawady MAX ever wrote the story/ drew the art for a VN. But if I did have to choose a game then unironically Hotline Miami 3. I think his gritty, honestly somewhat ugly artstyle would pair great with Hotline Miami's themes.

MisconSuper Mario Bros

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>>523378404>that Lammy

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I choose Krekk0v to be the lead art director of the next Silent Hill game.

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>>523378404Reiq/Jigglygirls for Fire Emblem

Aruurara for Star fox

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I don't have a favorite artist but I'd fucking kill for a game based around some of Simon Stålenhag's work

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>>523387559A lot of artists I've seen are extremely delicate flowers who will throw a fit if they receive any criticism from randos on social media, so I, and I imagine other people, don't bother.

>>523379471Fuck Pepe and Fuck Frogposters.

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>>523378404Motchie Kingdom and he does the next...Bayonetta game.

>>523389572What did you think of Amazon’s The Loop? It’s based on his art.

>>523389248My penis doesn't know how to feel.

NexivianPokemon, Digimon or TES

>>523380241Not New too highGoomba too low

>>523378472without artists there wouldn't be any visuals in your games


>Methonium>I dunno, maybe Senran Kagura?I really just want to make as many women as unspeakably thicc as possible. Or you know what, a Princess Peach game. I'll sacrifice quantity for one really, really good turnout.

>>523383949>redditor trying to fit inSad.

>favorite nsfw artist mentioned something about not feeling well enough to stream>their last tweet before going silent for months

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>>523378501but nobody knows who truly created him to this daywe only know a fag who reposted it