Do the yukes have any good mimicsalso final fantasy crystal chronicles thread

do the yukes have any good mimicsalso final fantasy crystal chronicles thread

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I mean, Amidatty is a pretty cool guy.

nopethe Lilty made sure of that

i really wish you could mimic regardless of your tribe/gender

>>523378150>>523377967Amidatty is the best one, Sherlotta if you don't dig the weird suit of armor and want to be the magical girl

>>523378349It's definitely because of the animations.

Reminder to separate yourself from the

You know, if Moogles were replaced with some other original fluffy mascot race, this could have easily dropped the FF from the title and been simply called Crystal Chronicles back in the day. Same as how Bravely Default is still for all intents and purposes a FF spinoff series that uses the same spell terminology and crystal centric lore despite no other similarities.

Thank you Tiptap, XYZAN and ShinjiK for joining earlier.FUCK those bees for messing up our Gravity fusing!

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Is this the new thread? There's two nowAnyway good run Zeige and the other two whos names were blankDown for anymore lobbies, might host some Selapation cave for fun and possibly to get that ring. If not, I can always save scum is soloPIc related is skins we should have got, but didn't. Any other rare FFCC designs that could have easily been included but weren't?

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>>523378605What about Malboro, Behemoth, Bomb, Cactuar, Coeurl, Flan, Ahriman, Tonberry, Mu, Iron Giant, Antlion and Zu?

Someone posted this strawpoll yesterday, I'm curious if anyone hasnt voted>>523378983No problemo, bro. Those fucking bees, holy shit. Almost not even worth a gravity. Just hack n slash em down to size.Pic is more skins we should have got but didnt

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>>523378150Is there a difference between the amidatty and bessamzan mimic?

>>523379310the players without a logowhat are they playing on?cause i see alot of people with switch logos and some without any logos

>>523379539If you're on Switch, you can only see Switch logos. The PS4 and Mobiles players are both blank. On PS4, I can see a generic controller for Switch, the PSN ID for other PS4 players, and a phone for mobile players.

>>523379006we made em at the same time idk

>>523379503probably the voices

>people unironically starting new characters with dlc mimics and weaponsREEE

>>523379650>blank>generic controllerare the first parties really so autistic that they can't even let their players know other platforms exist?

>>523379664It's ok I did the same shit the other day. Now we see which has more activity or gets autosaged by the mods

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Just ran selepation cave, got the ring on the first go with randos. Feels goodman. Now just need the blizzard ring and this year is set.

help user decide whether he wants ribbon or long hair clavat!

>>523380294he needs to learn to cope with his crippling ocd or whatever and our votes aren't going to helphe should take long hair because he deleted a ribbon save (instead of just making a new character) and lost hours of farmingso now he just needs to commit, period

>>523380294Isn't there a long hair Clavat mimic? He could do ribbon and switch between them.

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>>523380294>>523380383the duality of manbut also >>523380350

>>523380294>>523380350He should make the new threads while we're all out adventuring and he's being indecisive and not playing

>>523380294i don't know what he wants but he needs professional help

>>523380350dude just needs to make both and keep them both levelled, I said it last thread and I'll say it again, that's his best bet to be happy.

>>523380476no, because he'll post angry/sad wojacks and not yukes

>>523380506he said he didn't have timeironically he would have time to do that if he'd stop struggling with this so much>>523380446 might be onto something though

>>523380512True, I never thought of that

Last thread someone said Fiona's mimic has a huge ass, can anyone get screenshots? This is important.

>>523380629is Fiona's mimic a Lilty or Clavat?

Selapation Cave, Cycle 2Get in here164065

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>>523380350since he's so indecisive he should just pick the short haira choice that no one likes


>>523380350>you got it right that I have crippling OCDI'm impressed. I just don't know what to do.>>523380701The princess is a clavat and her disguise is a selkie. I'd post pictures but I'm not far enough.

>>523380741Gotta boot up, hope it doesn’t fill too fast.

>>523380795I like short hair. Bandana on head gives her that tough country tomboy look.

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>>523380839i dunno either man, but i get brain problems suck, i have an informatino processing disorderi know vaguely how my own shit works, but i'm not gonna start giving you advice on how to deal with ocdgood luck with it though

>>523380937>informatinotypo unrelated to neurological issue

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>Orc Belt and Utimate Pocket require 178-195 points in the Mines>Monsters and items only give me ~100 points>Gotta kill 100 Orcs in the boss fight

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>>523381042Wait there's a point threshold you need to meet for certain items? Well shoot, is there a site that charts it out?>>523380923Drink up fellas

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>>523381042I think end points are cumulative between players?

>>523380839it won't really matterit's not that importantkeep reminding yourself

>>523381042>not restarting for inflict damage or some other easy ass bonus conditionbruh>>523380937I'll try my best, thanks user. hopefully things are okay for you too with your disorder. if I had reaction images on this computer you'd get one>>523380476I'm not here too often because work and OCD, otherwise I would make the threads.

>currently playing a co-op playthrough on dolphin>hate the way the remaster dropped the ball on co-op story>love the way it does multiplayer for jumping in with randoms or Holla Forums lobbies>already kneejerk told everyone i talked to about it that i wouldn't be giving SE money for this because of the multiplayerbacked myself into a corner lads, what do

>>523381341just buy it


>>523379226Don’t forget the carbuncles.

>>523380839Ultimately nobody can decide for you, the same way mental health professionals can offer guidance but cannot solve the problem for you. You will be in a neverending cycle of uncertainty and anxiety until you are able to break the mold. I don’t know if it’s personal uncertainty or if there’s a layer of social acceptance here for picking one you think others would compliment you on (taste-wise), but at least know that everyone here wants you to pick a character and play through some dungeons with you no matter what your character is. The best you can do for yourself is practice playing a game without actively focusing on the alternative, similar to how people with ritualistic behaviors may be challenged with doing their daily tasks without the rituals they are used to as sort of an exposure thing. Even if it’s baby steps, you need to focus on the decision you choose more than the one you don’t choose.And don’t let Raem eat your memories.

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>>523381205>>523381221Wait, I'm an idiot and can't countThe requisite points are exactly 178+ for Orc Belt and 195+ for Ultimate PocketI thought it was 278 and 295, so when I entered the boss fight with 100 points from the bonus and 100 from monsters + items I thought I had to grind out another 100Whoops

>>523380741looking for a ring?

>>523381293it's cool man, the human condition just sucks

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>>523381341Admit that you got butthurt over nothing and buy the game.

>>523381042retard you shouldnt need to grind

>>523381559>over nothingwrong, now i remember why i don't want it

Alcoholics Anonymous thread

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>>523380629>Fiona's mimic has a huge assSomeone here's gotta have her unlocked

>make random mp lynari lobby just to get myrrh this year>two Holla Forumsriends join>not one pub shows upwell thank fuck for you guys

>>523381341Fun fact, people don’t hate you for having an open mind or changing your opinion.

um why are there no black characters in this game

>>523381790>who is the black knightliterally in his name dude come on

>>523381630>passed up on her gem for something that I don't even remember anymore

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>>523378542I don't wanna play with Holla Forums lol

2709 2551 9253Add me and take me along on adventures please.

>>523381790they fled after burning all the stores down, the smoke from the fires is actually the miasma

>>523381790>fantasy setting>niggersNobody want to see that shit

>>523381341SE honestly made the right call with multiplayer.>you don't get myrrh drops from helping>you only get artifactsI only gets souls in Soulsborne games, but nobody hates helping in those.>no mp in townsno reason for it.>no shared villagedoing shared progression on a village would be too much work and the game was already delayed twice.>no localI'd rather have online than local.>region locked match makinga legitimate fuck up.

>>523381790Selkies are basically the same thing

Oblivion Village050835

>>523382082Surely you meant Lilties

>>523381790Ask the Lilty, they're the masters at making a race go poof

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>>523381616i've had 13 drinks in 5 days because being drunk is fun and life's stressful>>523381293we'll all be waiting to see a pic of your endgame cutscene retardthe poll's tending toward Ribbon, so start over and get moving and if you never come back with a cutscene of a girl in a poofy red shirt i'm gonna be sad and angrygonow

>>523381281If I'm grinding for all artifacts I wanna do it with a character that I like.>>523381456yeah, I know what you're saying. It just feels like I'm making the wrong decision no matter what I pick, and I end up thinking about that more than playing the damn game. Fuck me man, I wish my brain wasn't fucked. Thanks for the type up user.

>>523382251nah, it's definitely selkieslilties do get an honorable mention though just for the fact that their entire cultural outlook is WE WUZ

>>523382074I do think they could have made it so you can get rewards from all the fathers with just one character. Otherwise, I agree with everything here.

>>523382354The difference is unlike joggers Lilties actually wuz once upon a time. They're closer to modern italians than niggers.

newb question, why are people avoiding picking up items (even money and artifacts) online? I understand saving magicite for a Yuke, but I don't understand this.

>>523382554They do, you don’t see it because everyone can pick up everything.

My Clavat is nearing completion so I'd like to make a proper video review of this game, even though no one will watch it.What are some positives and negatives about it that you guys think need to be addressed?

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>>523382554Some people might not care. Do they have a ton of hearts? I played with a dude earlier who was just there to help on cycle 3 dungeons. Had a shitload of hearts and didn't pick anything up

Lilty- RomansClavats- GreekLilty- NordsYuke- Nephilim

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>>523382074honestly it probably wouldn't have bothered me as much if they had just let people know ahead of time exactly what it was going to be like. they had to have known that a lot of people expected those features out of a remaster, but they just kept completely quiet about it so most people didn't even get an opportunity to decide if they were okay with the changes or not before they put down money for it. feels really scummy to me and that's really the only reason i don't want to pay up for it.

>>523382554You're the only one who can see your items. They probably are picking them up on their end.

>>523382671ooooh gotcha, thanks

>>523382554They pick it up on their screen. You won’t see it happen. If they run towards an item and then leave it, they picked it up.

>>523382695Cover the multiplayer controversy respectfully. A lot of people were rightfully disappointed, but that doesn't mean the way they did the online isn't fun.

>>523382816Oops meant to say selkies are Nords. They go from swamp dwellers to beach bums.Lilty can also be italian since they're short and never stop talking

>>523382695You better make a 30 minutes long skit before the actual review with good and evil versions of yourself, a talking animal and a token black guy. The actual review must not be longer than a minute and a half.

>>523382816>no selkiegoodthey're outsider scum anyways

Whats a good weapon for the later stuff?Zus take like 30 hits before they drop for me.

>>523382695positives>drop in/out MP>Hard mode>savescumming to save hours of your life grinding for artefacts>crossplaynegatives>region locked match making>can't revert cycles for getting early drops easy>only nine trophies on PS4, no platinum when cheaper and easier games have one>not enough new content>game was pulled from AUS/NZ because the online is literally busted

>>523383016Use those roles as a weird version of the striped brigands roleplay.

>>523382554All items except magicite are instanced, meaning everyone gets a copy. So the only thing you really need to fight over is magicite, gather everything else.

>>523382829I can get that. No new hard mode for you then though.

how do you savescum?just save before a dungeon and see if the item you want is thereor is there some quicksave feature i don't know about

>>523381509Yep. Well, fun co op first, ring second. If I dont get it, I'll save scum, doesn't bother meAlso, holy shit that Gigas mob was fucking crazy. Thanks for joining me, everyone who's name was blank lol. Fuckin PS4.Also I think I failed to ask ya'll to do haste, or you guys didnt have the required magicite or something lolDoing another run in the same room right after

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>>523382980Yeah, while I'm at 80 hours, I still hesitate to recommend it to some people because they expected something different.

>>523383185game autosaves on every zone change i think, just hard reset and reload the auto

>>523380701Hilariously Fiona has two mimics and one is Clavat, while the other is Selkie instead of Lilty.

>>523382307I'll make a decision next week, I can't bring myself to play today after deleting the save. I'll post my clear screen though.

>>523383335just keep in mind if you wanna mp it's gonna start tapering off sooner or later

>>523383335if i knew you irl i'd beat you up

Anyone have the Lilty concept art where they look like a Clavat got some "ideas" with a Chocobo

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>>523383392This makes me sad. It’s the same with Monster Hunter and MMOs. Eventually everyone is at the endgame and nowhere else.

>>523383457rude. you're the drunk guy, right?

I'm tired kupoIt's your turn

>>523383831You'll carry the chalice and you'll like it you little shit.

>>523383542At least with monster hunter it's popular enough to jump into beginner lobbies and help them out and show them the monsters gimmicks; using a weaker weapon than your default of course

>>523383831>mog bitches>asks to carry the chalice ten seconds later

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>>523383817no, dick, i'm the drunk guy and i posted >>523380350 >>523380550 >>523380937 >>523382307 and all the yuke threads latelyanyway i'm sober rn

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>>523383970Let me carry the chalice kupo

>>523384068>you're the drunk guy, right?>no, dick, i'm the drunk guy

>he doesn't feed his Mog before every dungeon run so he never tires out>he didn't unlock the personal Kupo trainerSQUATS AND OATS

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>>523384064I'll never understand why they did this.I get it's a kid but it's just a waste of time and inconvenient

>>523384064moogles have a short recovery time if you know what i mean

>>523384064It helps to just have him occasionally drop it when you fight enemies.

>>523383817i can get drunk before i do it if you want

>get letter from Eleanor calling me weird because i ate some beardBeard is good

>>523385125you sure you're not drunk now?

>>523385125Why aren't you drunk right now

>no option to tell people to lead the waywhy?

>>523385607>no option to tell people you'll erp in exchange for a phoenix downso annoying

>>523385607>No option to ask people if you're going the right wayEven if I know the map pretty well, if I join midway I don't know if they hit ay artifacts or if theres something they know that I don't

>>523385607Just drop the chalice. Somebody will pick it up. They might resist for an uncomfortable amount of time, but the show has to go on eventually.

>>523385876why on earth would you need MORE phoenix downs?

About how old is your character when they first join the caravan?12?

Holy fuck, thanks guys for the help on Selapation cave. You graciously left me the Thunder Ring.This is what this board is supposed to be about; vidya comraderieIf you post any lobbies I'm happy to join. Just need a short break for now.

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>>523385972it's the only thing i could think of that people could trade

>>523386098I'm guessing like 12-13

>>523386098Sounds about right. Although age means nothing in a game where you can be on year 100 and no one look any different.

>>523386265>tfw can't sell you're body for rare equipment scrollsfuck my shit up

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As an absolute newfag to the Final Fantasy series should I check out Chrystal Chronicles as a first entry or play one of the regular rpgs in the series for a bit of context beforehand?

>>523386098average age of a shonen main character is around 12-14

>>523386525they're all different stories in different universes with only superficial references to each otherexcept the rare occasions where a character's actually dimension-hopping like gilgamesh from 5

>>523386525They're mostly independent of each other, so you don't really need context between them. Things like certain creatures, spell names, etc. carry over between entries, but it's not a big deal.

>>523386226Good taste, fuckin savedWhy cant the musicians be skins?

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>>523386525either is fine, just know that CC is a spin-off and not indicative of the mainline series

>>523386525Pretty much every mainline FF game is completely separate from the others, and Crystal Chronicles is in itself its own thing entirely. There's pretty much no context to be had.

>>523386525Aside from some shared enemy and skill names, it's an entirely different, stand-alone series, with its own lore. Playing any entry in the main series will provide you with no context.

>>523386158no problems man

Whats a good year to do the end level?I hear year 5 is a nightmare to do it at

>>523387113Year is a meaningless indicator of progress. You could do 100+ dungeons and still be on year 5, assuming you do myrrh-less ones or join people online

>>523387113I did it on year 7 and it was still hell. Tbh you should at least get to year 9 so you can see the bigger map events.

>>523378605And then nobody would have bought it

>>523387545>Only found out about this game because my dad wanted to get my sister and I a game and thought it looked coolLove ya, Pop.

>>523387367I think i did it on year 9 on the gamecube.All i could remember is how fucking horrible all the death knight guys and ghosts were even with holy

>>523387861I didn’t even fight them this time. I just opened the chests and ran.

Should have been a skin 2: Yuke Booglaoo

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>>523388465Holy fuck how did I forget about that armor

>>523388465Dragoon armor makes more sense and looks cuter on onions.What's everyone got in their chalice to drink before they get drunk, find the one user >>523383817, and beat him up... in minecraft

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Someone please tell me I can get scarletite anywhere besides Miasma Pit

>>523389072Just get some curse resist, bro.

what do you hand over if you decide to pay the bandits instead or running over the moogle

>>523388727Swamp water

Should have been a skin 3: Selkies Strike Back

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I want Crystal Chronicles gameplay with EoT customization>>523389316Go back to the sand island Selkie you're drunk.

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>>523389476i want an eot remaster so bad bros..........

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I'm at year 8(9?). Should I do the final dungeon or save it for later?

>>523389621Best if your stats are in the 70s. The fight can take literally hours solo with stats in the 50s.

>>523389621Just take it at your own pace. Or do what I did>Quick match>Final dungeon, even though I didn't technically unlock it (think it's a hidden element glitch)>Best boss with party after 50 cutscenes and credits the host won't skip through>Have bonus dungeons unlocked even though you're on year 6

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Is Gaia Armor still the best raw?

>>523390073Of your chalice is unknown element and the Jergon River is wet, it considers Mount Vellenge unlocked.


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>fighting Miasma monster guy.>shitty no fun ass slog of a fight>taking foreverI'm tired kupo its your turnFuck MogI'm gonna have a moggle coat boys

Just bought some cosmetic DLC like a fag. NO P2W stuff though. First time I ever wanted to do that. Also got Bloodborne Old Hunters DLC finally

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>>523389542I want the entire series to be remastered or remadeespecially Crystal Bearers to have a remake

>wonder why matchmaking isn’t working >remember the online is region locked>no eu normies play at this time

>>523390279Bro... a moogle doesn't have enough fur for coat... settle for a hat

>>523390145Yup, still worth crafting if you want to go over 100 defence

>>523389542I want Echoes of Time and Ring of Fates to be remade in an HD pack using the remaster's engine as a base. Would pay $50 for that

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>>523390592Sounds good to me

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what's the best weapon, armor, and accessories for each race?

>>523390952>using the remaster's engine as a base.I'm not sure that'd work out too well, just because of the gameplay changes those two made.

>>523390952I forgot, alot of the armor in EoT was wearable by most races right?

>>523391204I just wanted a true sequel to FFCC, but yeah whatever. Hopefully remade with the remasters artstyle and aesthetics (though the chibis are cute)>>523391237I think so

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>>523391794Jokes on youI would love Crystal Bearers to be remastered

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>>523391324It's a cute game for a depressing story. I'd totally play a non korean mmo with the same aesthetic. And if they put some effort in it, than it'd already be better than Maplestory 2

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>>523392151>Those people you grew up with?>DEAD>Well at least the person who mothered you is stil->JUST AN ILLUSION BUT ALSO DEAD>Her original form is still alive and she holds feelings for you at leas->CRYSTAL CANCER AND NOW DEAD

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>go back and craft clavats ragnarokholy shit the focus strike on this is actually way better than the new weapons