Have there been any decent videogames made in these countries?

Have there been any decent videogames made in these countries?

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>>523377535No, people who are capable of making games move to better non-socialist countries without a corrupt gov

Mexico is making a loli vr game. That's all I can think of.

>>523377535Texas made the best video game series ever.

You already made this thread today.

>Latinos are bullied so hard on /int/ and Holla Forums they're trying to use Holla Forums for their socializing and politics / society talkEmbarrassing

>>523377535Chupame el pene, gringo patetico.

>>523377535No.Source: i'm Brazilian

Has there been anything decent made in these countries?

>>523377535No.Source: Buena cabros cómo estan? Espero que no me baneen por hablar en español :(English bullshit anti-warn.

>>523377535>tfw tacoland>tfw $60 dollar games are already $80-$90 for us>tfw can easily imagine them going for $100-120 once games start being $70 for the gringosThe fuck did we do to this cruel world to deserve this? Cartels only kill our own, never have we slaughtered any foreigners

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>>523380524>Buena cabros cómo estan?Based RinconStiff

>>523377535calla oputo

>>523377535Have you ever made a good thread OP? Why repost this shit? Check the archive you fucking autist

>>523377535gta san andreas mods with hentai on the pause screen

>>523380043You're wrong. I love Momodora and Odallus. Abraço de Portugal.

>>523381091Kek, I remember playing GTA Chile, Brazil and Mexico, that was the peak of our third worldism

No. Brazilian developers, as far I see, try to put some message first, before thinking about anything else. They do not catter to any form of escapism, just like our cinema, everything has to be some form of ufanist cringe like trying to make our pathetic folklore cool or putting as much political critics as possible, repeating the very fame of brazilian media only taliking about poverty, drugs, corruption, inequality and so on ; making the games boring. The only game made here that was not trying to be this manifest of stupidity I guess it was Toren.

>>523377535nope, but one of us argies made the theme song from mission impssible. Beat that


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dejen de postear cosas /int/ fuera de /int/ de una vez por todas porfavor,

>>523377535I guess Regnum was good, it's probably dead now but it was a fun free to play MMO

>>523377535Blazing Chrome

>>523380143Electric showers

>>523377535No, brown people are not creators

>>523377535Who the fuck caresUse a search engine, dipshitStop making this thread every day

>>523380761el hombre paja

>>523381406Stop talking out of your ass and go play Momodera.>trying to make our pathetic folklore cool or puttinStop having a mongrel complex. Embarassing.

>>523382516KEK Don't be an asshole, the nigga is chill as fuck

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>>523382258Then how come so much media comes out of America?

Automobilista 1/2 from Brazil

>>523382692It's getting worse and worse as the country gets browner


>>523377535>Pinochestein 3DOp, erí un maricón reculiao, muérete enfermo reconchetumare, ojalá te de sida.

>>523381406i mean, you're not gonna one up first world developers with resources NEVER. your only chance to somehow stand out is to appeal to that local shit

>>523380658You're just unlucky. In Brazil, digital $60 games are literally cheaper, like $55 or so. Physical copies of $60 games usually cost more though.

>>523377535Nothing decent have been made in these counties.

>>523377601>non-socialist countrieschile ranks higher than the US in economic freedom, dingusheritage.org/index/ranking?version=149

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>>523382802american culture has been basically nigger culture since the 50sand it always has been terrible

>>523383150Because all of the taco lower classes came to the USA, dipshit

>>523383150That's because Chile is the best country of Chile, we are the number 1.

>>523383150you know who was socialist too? hitler

>>523383242Nope, you people ruined it

>>523383436the only culture that america can export is negro music -rockanroll, jazz,hip hop-, negro clothing, negro movies, etc

>>523383396No. No he wasn't you retarded nigger.

>>523383382>That's because Chile is the best country of ChileSorry bro, Chile isn't even close to being better than Chile. Chile is way better.

>>523383642The only culture that tacos can export is diarrhea

>>523383396wtf i love socialism now

>>523383812You wanna fight sick fuck? Fucking chileans ruining Chile.

>>523380658what are you talking about?steam games are cheaper in mexicoexample i got fall guys for 185 pesos that is less than 10 dlls.

>>523377535Chila has done some stuffs, like rock of ages and zeno clash. But most studios make smartphones games.Btw there was a chilena fighting game but it was terrible, i remember how in every local event they showed it never allowed people to try it and it looked like trash.

>Mexico:Kerbal Space ProgramViva ProjectPatoboxElliot QuestEl Chavo KartFlat KingdomLucha Libre AAA Heroes del RingMulakaMilitantRage of the Dragons (co-developed with Japan)AttractioTyr: Chains of Valhalla>Brazil:Chroma SquadMomodoraAgar.ioBad ratsDandaraHorizon World Tour>Chile:Rock of AgesZenoclashTower of Monsters>Argentina:Nothing>Venezuela:Crazy BusVA-11 HALL-A>UrgayFight n rage

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>>523377535Blazing Chrome


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>>523384191>Nothingwhy are white people so lame and uncreative?

don't forget wolf loves mexico

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>>523384329No one below Virginia is white

Brazil made Automobilista.youtube.com/watch?v=ay8I-aqZfdM

>>523383350enlighten me, how is this taco country more economically free than the US then?>>523383396>be socialist>destroy countryWOW, BUGGED ECONOMY MECHANICS

>>523384191>>523384329i was going to argue its a combination of poor economic situation and undeveloped tech sector, but then again even venezuela made games

>>523385612Because there are now 60 million low class unskilled shitheads on government benefits, dipshit. That's a larger amount of people than the population of must countries.

>>523383960u are both subhuman niggersChile is clearly the better Chile of Chile

>>523385812why isnt 18% of the chilean population living on welfare thenthe only way your hilarious argument makes sense, is by arguing there are somehow proportionally more spics in the US than in chile

>>523386298Population of Chile: 19 millionNumber of unskilled tacos on welfare in the US: 60 million and climbing.

>>523386438population of the US: 328 millionassuming what you say is true, proportionally, 18% of the US population is a welfare leech, why is that not the case in chile? why is 18% of the population not a leech?how come for chile Public debt is equivalent to 25.6 percent of GDP, while for the US Public debt is equivalent to 105.8 percent of GDP, and these are last year numbers, you can bet your your ass the numbers are MUCH worse now, because while you were raging at spics and liberals, you allowed multiple administrations to sink future generations into inescapable debt, not even a bat is this shortsighted

Argentina has AM2R, Trivia Crack (Preguntados), Scratches and the Godot engine. And more importantly, Spaghetti Party.youtube.com/watch?v=FSXIdliLWOk

>>523386438>>523386438Go eat shit chilindio mother fucker, learn to speak spanish first you fucking mongoloid

>>523383150Maybe for the richfags in the country, chile sucks in reality

>>523377535Texas makes plenty of great games.


>>523386892Bad administration is a result of bad voters. Bad voters come from other countries, because the USA didnt have a debt problem 30 years ago.

>>523377535NoEven if there were any, we would ignore them because we prefer things from other countries like USA or JapanThat's why most people from south america on this thread are here, they don't like the hispanic version of 4chan

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>>523384191>El Chavo KartBASADO

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>>523380143porn and helicopters from my country

>>523387307well i left venezuela and moved to chile, been living here for over 3 years now, and before leftist monkeys started burning everything last october, i loved every second, every square centimetre of this beautiful country, for the first time in my life, i was truly freegod the things i did here, but then the morons burned the subway, and the chinks brought the plague, its been a while since i saw my beautiful santiago and viña in their full splendor, and it makes me sadi mean jesus the fucking fucking place quadrupled its immigrant population in 8 years, anybody who claims chile sucks, is completely unaware hes living in the one oasis in this god-forsaken, barren desert of a continent, besides uruguay

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AM2R Wasn't it created by an Argentine? okay ... it's not a game, but it's something pretty well done

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>>523377535no, spics are too busy killing and raping each other

>>523387672funny then that mexico's debt to GDP ratio is 53%youd imagine a country composed entirely of bad voters would have even worse fiscal healthhow about you start blaming the people who actually vote to increase the budget, the president and the fucking congress, this bullshit has continued even with trump at the helm

>>523388070>every protester is leftistKek veneco estupido

>>523388420im not saying every protester is leftist, im not even saying some protesters might not have some reasonable grievancesim SPECIFICALLY accusing the baboons who burned the metro and many of the rioters of being leftists, and we know this because atleast one of those arrested was linked to a leftist groupi can accept people having grievances and i can accept chile very pro-protest culture, i also accept students will be students, universities are contrarian factories, been there, done thatwhat i cannot explain is the organized targeting of 80 subway stations at roughly the same time, this was organized violence, probably made by leftist groups, that episode in particularunless some more evidence comes to light

>>523388406Mexico has castizos and pure Spaniards, the ones coming to US are the lower classes like I said.

>>523377535Chroma Squad was kinda cool, together with Momodora

>>523381539Even after the heat death of the universe, Brazilians will still be playing modded GTASA.

>>523389016are you really trying to argue mexico is whiter than the US?

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Mana Spark is one of the best games i've ever played in a long time. Brazil has made good stuff recently.


>>523388070>is completely unaware hes living in the one oasis in this god-forsaken, barren desert of a continentthat's the thing, Chile is an oasis compared to the other shitholes here, but if you look at other countries we're still shit. Es como decir que cagar normal es mejor que tener diarrea, es verdad, pero sigue siendo como el oyo

>>523389165No. I am saying that the mass immigration to the US since the 1980's has been almost exclusively unskilled lower class people who vote for clown politicians.

>>523389494that depends on your point of comparison, sure its garbage compared to say switzerland, but compared to some eastern european country, it aint badyou can always do better of course, but this is not a bad starting point for improving in my opinion

>>523389642how come debt to GDP ratio dropped from 65% in 1995 to 55% in 2000?

>>523388070>>523389494Kek, thats exactly what most brazilians think, "we should be thankful that we were born in the best country in south América instead of Venezuela, Haiti or africa" and the like are something i regularly hear from boomers.

>>523388994>unless some more evidence comes to lightYou don't even have evidence for what are you saying kek

>>523389936I'm not arguing anymore because I don't want to get banned again. This is a simple equation:>Prior to mass immigration USA was prosperous and unified>After mass immigration USA is poor and dividedThat's it. That's all there is to know. Goodnight.

>>523384191None of those games are good except VA-11 HALL-A.

>>523389642Since the 80s? Try the Heller-celler act in the 60s.

The most known shit Chile has made is:>Fallout Shelter>Rock of Ages>Zeno Clash

>>523390112one of the guys detained belonged to a leftist group, theres also the self-evident fact that, 80 subways stations burning at roughy the same time, is AT THE VERY LEAST suspicious dont you think?i mean if tomorrow someone burned 80 McDonalds restaurants within the same 2 hour timespan i would be inclined to believe there was some kind of organization against McDonalds

>>523390112>t. primera linea nigger

>>523378515the fuck you talking about? we run /int/.

>bomba patchCade meus bomba bros?

>>523390123when has there not been mass immigration in burgerland?, chinese, italian, irish, etci take particular issue with this mindset because you are assuming that whites & non-lower class are somehow immune to political manipulation, when we have countries like italy and spain that are just as bad as the US in terms of GDP to debt ratiooh and of course, fucking japan with its 237.1% debt to GDP ratio, japan, the country well known for its vibrant immigrant populationjesus christ they are bleeding you dry and all you care about is fucking mexicans

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>>523390643*100% atualizado intensifies*

>>523377535no, people who can code just work for multinationales making 100000 more money than a meme carreer would amke

>>523384191Did an arg make Godot?

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>>523390827he made it mostly to add to his CV so he could get hired and scape the country.He is still prisioner

>>523377535>chile Rock of Ages>>523377601t.

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>>523377535No, but they do make funny live leak videos.

>>523384191Uruguay (Argentina's rightful clay) made Kingdom Rush.

>>523390790Its almost like each one of these immigration waves (that were way smaller than the current ones) were marked by decades of violence, crime, economic decay and race wars that almost drove the country to total colapse multiple times before being assimilated for being white (except for the chinese who were largely a non-problem).Im not even a mutt and i know that, but youre right the imigration is a sympthom of a way larger problem.

>>523390827Yes. He's called Juan, for God's sake.

some brazilian made Spark the Electric Jester 1 and 2

>>523391457whatever problem you believe immigration brings, im arguing it has nothing to do with uncontrolled government spending, because the countries exporting immigrants often have better fiscal health, and country like spain, italy and japan are just as bad at handling their debt if not worse

>>523378515South Americans outbanter everyone else because we can insult people beyond mentioning race, which is all america can think of.

>>523391663Japan got fucked over by Milton Friedman.

>>523391742shut your whore mouth, this beautiful man is a saint

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>>523390038Theyre not wrong though

>>523391976Do you know the history of the Japanese debt?

>>523391663Italian and Spanish are an extreme minority in the USA. The US became successful because it was English and German. All other races besides those two are completely worthless.

>>523377601Why is it so easy to spot the brazilian?

>>523377535Lol Texas and Mexico are the same, dumbass.


>>523391687We South Americans train day and night to insult another countries because reasons, which reminds me to say: Fuck to argentinos narigones, pigeon eaters Peruvians, narco colombians, brazilian macacos, iliterate chileans, poorfags venezuelans, Argentina's commune Uruguay, the non existent Paraguay and Bolivia that doesn't have sea.

>>523392245Fuck off chilean cuck, don't you have more cities to burn over a few cents?

>none has mentioned the best chilean game

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>>523392509Aren't you busy dying from covid? Or getting stabbed in a fabella, or eating monkeys?

>>523380043MomodoraOdallusChroma SquadKaze and the Wild MasksDandaraHorizon Chase - World TourYou should go back to your touhous.


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