How did your vidya tastes evolve over time?Are there any games you used to love but can't stand anymore?

How did your vidya tastes evolve over time?Are there any games you used to love but can't stand anymore?

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>>523377414Falseflag europoor

>>523377352replace the pokemon on the right with a cute shota, and she'd be reacting way differently


Did you know there's a pokemon that's literally just a set of keys?

>>523377414Why do Americans do this?

>>523377414fuck you traitor


>>523377352What a shitty comic

samantha is built for mating press

>>523377414Patrician taste

>>523377414Dark types*

>>523377352pokemon are getting uglier. Most of the original 150 are just modified animals and a few weird objects, modern pokemon are literally "Cooldude The Hedgehog fanart" tier drawings

>>523377615Yup, and he was so broken that they had to invent a new rule in competitive to keep him in check.

I’m 26 and still thinks Mr Bubbles is cute as fuck and the coolest starter

>>523377352No because ive always had excellent taste

>>523377807>>523377414Mutt's law.

>>523377414I hate this board sometimes.On topic, I used to love really competitive games, but the older I get the more and more I enjoy co-op stuff. As a specific example I used to love the Quake, etc. type stuff now if I play a FPS it's just the co-op campaign like in Gaylo.

>>523377615did you know there's a pokemon that's just 2 magnets and a screw?

>>523377689They're niggers and nigger-apologists, not Americans.

>>523377352I'd put my dick in Samantha's ass.

>>523377921Based Mr Bubbles fag

Pokemon are getting uglier. Oshawott looks like a fucking golfball being pushed out of a foreskin.

>>523377414This is why you lose elections, people aren’t voting against clinton and they aren’t voting against biden they’re voting against you, people don’t like you and it shouldn’t surprise you.

>>523377615Did you know there's a pokemon that's literally a ball with angry eyes?


>>523377993Age 24 or age 10?

>>523377774Age 10

>>523377689unironically, jewish are brainwashing them10 years ago they really got pissed when called israel´s bitch and throwed antisemitic tantrums, but now they just say that is not and they are proud americans, avoiding completely any kind of attack towards jews, they are being successfully endoctrinated.


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>>523377856imagine being this delusional

>>523377352I used to be a retarded drone who automatically liked all of those "universally considered to be the best ever" games and now that I have a critical eye I actually have my own opinions

>>523377615>Turner pokemon look like shitWow, what else?

here is your Indian Elephant bro

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>>523377721>>523378059>>523378147>>>Holla Forumsand stay there, subhuman sub 70 IQ mouthbreathing cretinoids.

>>523377414I don't get it, why do people take this so seriously when it's posted to make people angry? There isn't even any sort of image posted with it

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>>523378190Americans can't meme.

>>523377414Cringe, BBC posting is only based when keeping BWC posters in check

>>523377807Big (Em)boar cock.

>>523378298Only Holla Forumstards take the bait because they think white genocide is real

>>523378287>sperging out>no proper responseMate, the low IQ demographics here is you.

>>523378358White men have the biggest dicks :^)

>>523378298Genuine, actual insecurity. It's why "cuck" was such an effective insult.

>>523377352What a shit tattoo, what a dumb cunt.



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>>523377414>all these replies

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Fastest derailment of a thread I've seen in a while.

>>523378190The entire world dislikes or outright hates you.

Why is it every time someone asks an interesting question that could lead to some real discussion, its actually just an excuse to post an unrelated image thats either bait or porn.THE SIMPLEST. FUCKING. RULE.TALK. ABOUT. VIDEO GAMES.FUCK

nerfnow knows how to make nuclear-tier replybait, it's incredible

>>523378429This will never not sound like cope


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>>523378059This, it was hilarious watching lefties cope and caving to clinton bad while they can’t seem to see biden has the same issues. Reality is it’s not weak candidates, democrats are just disliked as a people at this point.

>>523377352Most pokemon from every generation look good but Oshawott is one of the worst looking starters they've ever made

>>523378628Mostly third world shitholes including Europe jealous of our superiority

>>523377352nah, problem is that they had 20 yrs to improve and they decided not to. squirtle gets a pass because he was the first water starter, oshawott sucks on a fundamental level

>>523377414Based and repilled

>>523378121Mr. Bubbles.

>>523377352Samantha grew into a fine looking woman, look at those milkers

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>>523378736Dude what the fuck makes us "superior"? Culture? Hell no. Economy? Fuck no. Quality of life? Good lord.

>>523377352Jacob is objectively ugly though, so comic's point, while true by itself, falls flat on its face in this case.

>>523378869Pretending to be American is pathetic Muhammad

>>523378695rollin' for tiddyboy James

>>523378091American Kirby isn't an pokemon.


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>>523379018FUCK YEA

>>523378942You didn't address what I said. How the fuck am I living a superior life to Europeans when my fucking water isn't even safe to drink? What the fuck are you proud of?

>>523377414I wish animal cucking with a popular fetishalso fuck niggers


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>>523378190it's funny how we live rent free in their heads

>>523378298Because bro, every woman being BLACKED is being denied of my superior white seed even if she's fictional . Yeah, that's totally how it works.

>>523377414Post other characters that fuck black guys.

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>>523379018you've earned it

>>523377414Every fucking thread. Every. Single. One.

>>523378695wait a minute...

>>523377890Really? What did do to cause that?


>>523378869>culture You probably spend most of your time enjoying american entertainment, you’re posting on an american website that attracts people from all other countries en masse to seethe that they don’t live here and aren’t white>economy Besides the future being chinese, yeah, and we’d probably compete better if not for the left wanting to spend all our money on welfare>quality of lifeQuality of life is objectively better in the US than anywhere else, rich people all come here, and we have the highest average wages.

>>523377414No shit Sherlock, every single white American woman does


>>523378628And you just can’t leave us alone, we’re used to it. Why are you such a nigger user?

>>523377517Same type of person that says "waifus"

>>523378736>Be third worlder>Have renal problem>Third world healthcare system so I got the appointment for the exams I need three weeks after the doctor made examined me but I'll get treated >American>Unable to pay for medical care so he just lives with whatever disease he's suffering from >Mocks everyone else for going to the doctor, calling them "thin skinned". One of the few things I'm happy about being a third worlder.

>>523379379>Quality of life is objectively better in the US than anywhere else

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>>523379018hot damna coom for the ages

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>>523379379>Quality of life is objectively better in the US than anywhere elseLet's check again after a couple of years

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>>523378091That one's excusable. It's a mimic.

Why can’t nonamericans just go to nonamerican websites? You’re literally the most toxic people and it’s sad.

>>523378695Bit gay desu

>>523378193You are a retard.

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>>523380067>most toxic people are all leftiesFunny how that works

>>523379018hory shet

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>>523377414Who gives a fuck?


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OP's post but unironically.>anime left to ruin>mainline games left to ruin>no one cares for the tcg>the manga has inconsistent releases for each part, with the author and illustrator going back and forth through BW, XY, SM, and SwSh>"competitive" is just a 16 way rock paper scissors battle with occasional buffs and a gimmick depending on the gen>The only good game within the past 5 years has been a mobile gacha game>normalfags have taken back the franchiseHave you noticed it Pokefag? How the franchise is beyond salvation? Join me and we can move forward to a better monster collecting series.

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>>523377689Trust me spics,niggers,and,nips do this as well

>>523380067I'm not American and I consider myself way less toxic than your average American poster, if only due to never posting Wojack, Pepe or those Sleek N' Tears guys. I just find those images disgusting, especially the Wojack edits.

>>523380149Why does everything Pokemon related fall into WORDSWORDSWORDS

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>>523380149>Someone made the effort to make all of this and actually believes it.

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>>523377689Native american curse

>>523377414>>>Holla Forums

>>523380557>newfag outs himselflmao

>>523377352The designs of Pokemon has changed for the worse. New design look like plushies

Are you watching his anime?

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>>523379675Highest average wages, lowest cost of living, despite the memes about our healthcare it’s the best in the world and America consumes more medications and more expensive medications than any other country. Plus it’s literally modern day rome, the most advanced center of the world, it just literally doesn’t get better than the US and probably won’t for a long time. Also the only free country.


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>>523380490>>523380557For the same reason shows aimed at little children have Tv Tropes articles that are bizarrely long and full of headcanon wank: adults trying to make something aimed at children look sophisticated and "mature" so they don't feel embarrassed for liking it.


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>>523380864>it just literally doesn’t get better than the US and probably won’t for a long time.This works on the basis that it won't collapse soon

>>523381006Says increasingly nervous eurofag for fiftieth time today

>>523380813no, Gou is one of the worst characters ever made

>>523377414>Mods range banned me to not post pictures>While the 3 inches nigger posts are still not deleted despite the schizo posting them everydayDAILY REMINDERTHE NIGGER JANNIESDOITFOR FREE

>>523381006if america falls into civil war the only people that want to destroy anything don’t have guns, we’ll be fine

>>523377615Klefki is dumb, the flower ring pokemon from gen 7 did the concept better.

>>523378634Me too, user, me too...

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>>523381134the mods will literally ban you for reporting blatant shitposts.

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>>523379018congratulations faggot

>>523380864>and America consumes more medications and more expensive medications than any other i just a brainlet or does that sound like a bad thing

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>playing pokemon at 24I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

>>523381134Do you live in an apartment building? Those are pretty often range banned.

>>523378695I only remember like five of those outfits, you're telling me this nigga kept crossdressing past hoenn?


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>>523381120Shit taste

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>>523381241That's what you get for being a faggot narc. That said there was one thread yesterday that had a nipple in the OP pic and instead of deleting and banning they just moved it to Holla Forums.

>>523381267I don’t know if I approve of it but the idea that americans aren’t affording healthcare is crazy considering how much healthcare we are affording

>>523381358the new anime is complete shit, Alola was far better

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>>523381358So the time they decide to finally make ash reciprocate his love interest its another male.


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Food mons are the stupidest and laziest type of pokemon and you can't convince me otherwise. Yes that includes exeggcute.

>>523381412people didn't have to be narcs before, because post quality hasn't even been this fucking awful before

>>523377352But Oshawott is the cutest starter of them all.

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>>523378628I hate Europe just as much as USA, you're both pure garbage that needs to be cleansed of your disgusting selves. Australian btw.

>>523377856this guy gets it

>>523377414This joke never gets old

>>523381358Do people even still watch the new pokemon?

I would say Oshawott is uglier than Squirtle.

>>523381358Isn't Ash supposed to be in his 30s now?


>>523377414Do americans really?

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>>523380864Wow dude it's almost impressive how quite literally everything you said is like the exact opposite.>Nice argumentYeah you first you cumstain, nice proof or statistics you got there. You want statistics? Want me to post averages and per capita statistics showing how we're in the 40s and 50s regarding culture, infant mortality, healthcare, economy, homelessness, unemployment, crime, and life span? You know, all the shit that is very important and extremely easy to dig up online? Shut up flag waver, America sucks hardcore there is literally nothing to be proud of.

>>523377352Post how she actually looks irl

>>523377615But it's literally not. It's a fairy that collects and carries around keys.

>>523381006don't let the riots fool you, the plutocracy is going strong

>>523382397>You want statistics?not him but do it

>>523381685Nigger stop the horny posting

>>523377352I want to FUCK Samantha

>>523382542the artist's self insert is a purple tentacle

>dissing on my oshabrothis artist has the shittiest taste

>>523381768this, oshawott is the only reason why i bought BW

he's one of the better starter designs

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>>523377414God damn it. Stop replying to this shit if you want to stop seeing it, this thing having 400 replies is why it's going to be in every thread.

>>523377689>he thinks BLACKED is only an American meme

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>>523377352No. In many cases there are better versions with QoL boosts or physics unfucks but if it's a good game, it's a good game.Also, designs were fairly consistent in Pokémon until Gen 8. Only retards who don't comprehend the thought behind them think otherwise.Turner is shit but Sugi and Ohmura know what they're doing.>>523377615No, it's the key ring. The keys are ones it's picked up because it's a fae.

>>523384230It's a fine design for a western cartoon but not a good Pokémon. This thing is the reason I call Turner, Tiny Turner Adventures.


>>523377352while he might be right generally, oshawott is absolutely one of the ugliest pokemon in existence and is not helping his argumentit looks like a retarded clown and if i was 5 years old i would absolutely hate it. there are far better examples of cute pokemon in later gens.

@523384269@523384489>3 inches nigger samefags to himself after being deletedliterally mental illness

>>523377352oshawott is an ugly son of a bitch, but samurott looks pretty cool and is probably the best fully evolved starter for playing through the gen 5 games.

>>523377506Shotas can't suck?

>>523380149cool game bro, do your stats work properly?

>>523379379>You probably spend most of your time enjoying american entertainmentWho the fuck "enjoys" america entertainment?All your movies are SJW propaganda and you consistently deliver the worst videogames in the industry.>Quality of life is objectively better in the US than anywhere elseSwitzerland here.

>>523377352>How did your vidya tastes evolve over time?Used to play online games all of the time. Nowadays it's mostly single player stuff.>Are there any games you used to love but can't stand anymore?I used to have Pokémon Platinum way up in my all-time favorites, like top 5. Had over 600 hours of playtime with Diamond combined.I tried replaying it after my second run of Emerald like a month ago and it's boring as fuck. I don't know what it is but I'm really falling asleep each time I give it a shot.

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>>523377352It can be both. I may have gotten older and more critical, and yeah maybe bored of seeing the same old shit. That doesn't mean that games haven't been getting worse in a lot of areas. For the money they make on pokemon, the game developers who work on the games are incredibly lazy in comparison.

>>523385934It's because Sinnoh's an absolutely shit-tier region. FUCK Mt. Coronet and FUCK having to use 8 HMs to fully traverse it

>>523377352>As kid i just wanted to have team of nlmost powerful legendaries.>As teenager i wanted to have 6 female gardevoir harem>As adult i want to have 6 well trained pokemon (gallade is must have in my party cus he is my fav fighter pokemon) and have cute lilligant as mascot around me.

>>523378628We don’t even think about the rest of the world. You people seem extremely obsessed over a country thousands of miles away from you.


>>523385265Fucking seriously? Alright I give up, you people are literally obsessed. Keep replying to it, keep seeing it.Mental illness is right.

>>523379018>[The Price Is Right theme song]DINGDINGDINGDINGDINGDINGDING

>>523386629>We don’t even think about the rest of the world

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>>523377352 >artists literally change between games >NOOOOOOO YOU CAN'T JUST SAY THE NEW THING LOOKS WORSE NOW, YOU STILL HAVE TO LIKE ITfuck off, there's dumb shitmons in every gen but it's been a progressive spiral downwards

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>>523381241Mods banned me for making an "I'm 12 and what is this" joke because they thought I was actually 12The irony, of course, was lost on them.

>>523378346>make shitty mspaint meme from 2012 on white background using a wojak-tier template character>someone else does the same thing>"HURR U CANT MEME"

>>523379790And the keys arent?

>>523384489>doujin wants to sell worldwide>he sees everyone is into BLACKED so he makes BLACKED doujins

>>523386948Bruh if you don’t like that shit why are you euros all lefties

>>523377689They just love melanin

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>>523387878You euros make all the bbc posts because you’re lefties so why are you getting mad at left brainwashing, like that’s your side


>>523387969Europe is literally the epicentre of the rebirth of neo-nazism, dude.

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>>523388023Nazis were left wing and the left is fascist and you’re not answering the question, like you’re fighting for the left and getting mad at left brainwashing

>>523387969No, Europe is all full of very tolerant and peaceful people as long as they stick to other whites.The moment people here interact with foreigners is the moment yet another far right group is born.

>>523388129>Nazis were left wing Are you one of those American leftists who's only form of arguing is saying completely contradicting stuff with the hopes that the other person will just stop speaking because of how confusing everything you say is?

>>523388023>Europe is literally the epicentre of the rebirth of neo-nazism, dude.even Holla Forums keeps saying that and i don't see anything promising yet, can't they just become neo-nazis now?

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>>523387969What the fuck are all of you people talking about? The BBC posts are being made by faggots who just want to make you mad, it's not a psy-op. Just stop fucking replying to it and it will stop.

>>523377414>[Deleted]How SEETHING are the mods right now?

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>>523388301Well, for now you have Hungary.

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>>523386948While it is noble to want to do your part to help immigrants fleeing shithole countries, Sweden is an important lesson in moderation and not letting just anyone in. No, I'm not racist like (You). I don't believe there's anything innately good about white people that other races lack. Your hatred is a perfect example of this. While niggers are often rude, aggressive, intolerant, violent and entitled, and socioeconomic pressures can only be blamed for this to a certain degree, I do believe black hood culture is also a big factor in the tendency towards violence and instant gratification in that community. But clearly not all black people are niggers. We have countless examples of black people in popular media who have risen above that or just weren't niggers to begin with. Also, not all niggers are black people. Holla Forums whites (ugly stupid ill-informed classless white trash who use their race to feel superior and take responsibility for the achievements of better people) are the niggers of white people.

>>523388372is a good start, is just that im waiting for it to happen, they cry about neonazis and how they will punch them and kill them, well i want neonazis to finally appear and see if these so called antifa are tough enough, i want neonazis to go all out like how pirates used to do it, no code of honor nor that kind of bullshit fair fight

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>>523388341If they wanted attention they wouldn’t be politically correct

>>523378246Looks like that old Tom and Jerry bit where Jerry eats a cheese wedge bigger than him and ends up shaped like it.

Can we all just agree that the internet would be so much better without nonamericans

>>523381997early-mid 30s. Sun/Moon at least gave you an idea of late 20s Red/Blue/Leaf

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>>523388543it's not PC on here tho

>>523388629Yes I agree, we are pure cancer.

>>523380813Gou is super cute but nah. He makes lolifags assblasted so he's great for that alone.

>>523377615Hey don't you shit on boo boo keys he fucking beats up on a lot of shit that gets thrown at you by the brainless retards who play Ubers

>>523388642i hate how blue is not included in this

>>523388642Leaf isnt in sm or usum.

>>523377615Yes. And that's a good thing

>>523388530Real neonazis will literally wipe floors with antifa members, typical neonazi usually hits a gym and wears heavy boots. Typical antifa basedboy has no chance with beefed up white man specifically trained to defeat black "bulls"

>>523388530The thing about neo-nazis in Europe is that there's plenty of different types.You have the more organized groups like European Identity, you have the skinheads who are the most thuggish and who tend to get into fights with antifa constantly and then you have the Pagans who are just strange people and creep everyone out.And then you have more passive groups like goths who honestly just embraced neo-nazism to keep normalfags out after goth subculture got pretty much assaulted throughout the 2000s.

>>52337869550 James is so cute bros.

>>523378695jk rolling

>>523388629Not all of us are like this, actually most people in Europe wish they could move to America.

>>523377414Is coffee good for you?

>>523381997Some guy did the math. If every episode of pokemon was just one day in ash's life he would be 15

>>523389085Goth was only ever punk and capitalisms bastard

>>523381859No, it's just that bad even if they made Ash not release his good pokemon and keep them.

>>523387301>too low IQ to make OC>copy someone else>HAHA SEE GUYS WE CAN MEME TOO XDcringe....

>>523389143Why?It's Europe but with even more SJWs and niggers and no worthwhile architecture or culture.

>>523381859it flops around hard. The P/S show was good, but then the B/W show was crap, but then the X/Y show was good, and then the S/M is crap again

>>523378091Voltorb is meant to be the Pokemon equivalent of a mimic

Not really, besides taking a slightly bigger interest in RTS gamesI like stomping zoomers in FPS games and games that are quick to pick up and enjoy, and dislike ones with harsh learning curves.

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>>523388129>Nazis were left wingOkay this is epic.

>>523378298>that pici read that in norms voice. god bless that motherfucker. the sauce sucked but at least that gold nugget exists

>>523387474You don't find a fucking huge set of keys in the overworld