These guys are dead to me now. What vidya-related podcast should I listen to next?

These guys are dead to me now. What vidya-related podcast should I listen to next?

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>>523376853Whatd they do on the most recent podcast now?

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>>523376853Videogame podcast fucking suck>so I played this game, err, here's my opinion durrrrrr

>>523376853Good Morning Mug Club and Timcast IRL.

>>523376936they called the Serious Sam games "a retro shooter series" and suggested to DUSK instead

>>523377894Sounds like Holla Forums.

>>523376853>These guys are dead to me nowOh no! What will they do without your support!No one cares faggot

>>523377894Cooking podcast fucking suck>so I cooked this meal, err, here's my opinion durrrrrrEducation podcast fucking suck>so I learned something, err, here's my opinion durrrrrrMovie podcast fucking suck>so I watched this movie, err, here's my opinion durrrrrrdo you want me to keep going or do you want to actually elaborate on your opinion?

>>523378048Hello Holla Forums

>>523377894It's worse: they mention a video game, and then they go on a tirade about their pearl clutching canadian worldview and how everything is troubling to them.

>>523378314>Tim Pool Holla Forums You do know he's a half breed right?

>>523378195/v/ has the potential to discuss though, the only input you have on Castle Superbeast is if you catch it live and tell Pat he doesn't have mind goblins he's mentally retarded and hope he doesn't ignore it or you don't get drowned out by his Fake Friend Army posting 'Pat that's crazy talk xD'

>>523378124Theyre right though

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>>523378491How the fuck is the Serious Sam serious a retro shooter if the fucking games themselves never fucking changed

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>>523378280why you just helped my point

>>523378124Not Pat bitching about the ps3 store for 30 mins? That thing no uses anymore..

>>523378563why does it matter? this was seriously the straw that broke camel's back for you with these guys?

>>523378563...user are you retarded? You answered your own question. They never chaged, their gameplay has stay the same, theyre the same as the old (RETRO) games.

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Remember, Pat and Woolie are NOT your friends

>>523376936Decry Tom Clancy's Elite Squad in similar fashion as they did to Call of Duty the week before.

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>>523378714For me I just can't take Pat's insanity anymore. For Woolie it's just he's awful co-hosts.

Has Pat ever streamed himself doing non crafting content on FFXIV

>>523378124>>523378416>>523378642oh my god how horrible. I'm literally shaking right now.

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>>523378241>No one cares faggotActually, they are dropping. Soon they will care.

>>523378905How was his Deadly Premition playthrough? I only watch him play games I care about nowadays.

>its another 'something bad involving black people happened, so we have to talk about race and shit for 30+ minutes' episode

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>>523378960Pat being sent back to the grocery store would be so fucking satisfying. smug balding prick

>>523378830i'm literally screaming at my pc im fucking fuming right now im pissing and shitting

>>523379016>Its another "Chewie acknowledges something stupid he does, apologizes for 20 minutes, and never learns or changes" episode.

>>523379002Pat was super into it other than constantly dogging on the framerate. He even got a bit emotional at the ending.


>>523379002It's ok but It's too much the same game so it's just Deadly Premition again but without Matt.

>>523379137>>523379189Sounds good to me, thanks fellas.

>>523379137SWERY is the biggest con man in the industry right now for having released DP2 in such a state, so from one con man to another it stands to reason Pat loved it

>>523379137Oh ya the game runs like an asset flip on steam.

How many things in the industry have they claimed happened because of their influence this week

Pat has actively gotten worse over the years due to a lack of people pushing back on his bullshit, now he's allowed to buy into what he says without being challenged.

>>523379457bout three fitty

>>523379457Like when Pat said they made the word Slooters.

>>523379535If anyone tries it on twitter his goblin army and girlfriend fucking swarm them

>>523379535I find Pat to be entertaining because of his stupid bullshit, I don't get why people get so autistically mad at him for being wrong about shit. Just laugh at him.

>>523379660Which is why social media is cancerous and acts like a parasite.

>>523379137>>523379189How did Pat react to the tranny stuff in DP2? He was already primed to have a certain feeling about it ahead of time, right?

>>523379774Haven't forgotten the time everyone went ape shit on some guy for calling him crazy or something and he got mega offended and said he has OCD for real.

>>523379793idk I got bored after the first stream and give up.

>>523379535This is the fate of basically all youtubers/streamers/e-faggots. Have a legion of cocksuckers whisper in your ear every day about how cool and smart you about everything it's only a matter of time before you start to believe it. It happened to Liam and Matt, now it's Pat's turn. Woolie seems to be self-aware enough to avoid it though at least.

>>523379793He didn't get offended because there was nothing to get offended by.

>>523379770There is a fine line between being autistically funny and autistically annoying. Pat fell over onto the annoying side shortly after beginning streaming full time.

>>523379937Woolie does fight with his chat like he's DSP more and more tho.

>>523379937It didn't happen to Woolie because he's had enough shit happen in his life when younger to realize he ain't shit. I mean he's not even black.

>>523379770I get the impression that people's increasing negatively towards Pat is proportional to to how much they've been exposed to his habits on Twitter where he's at his worst, especially through this year. The same goes for his girlfriend.

>>523379793I dunno how HE felt but I saw it pre patch and the way Morgan emphasised the words 'HE' and 'HIM' were fucking hilarious

>>523380104He got so much shit in Doom Eternal for picking a pussy difficulty and not realising he had to jump down that fucking pit he had to tell people to calm down.

Reggie out here turning into my favorite member of the extended 2bfp universe.

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>Shuffles around for 10 mins in the beginning of the podcast because of the dog>"Want to take 5? 10? 15?">"No, its okay" *BARK BARK BARK* "we can keep going">Fumbles around reading sponsors for 10mins because he has to add his own funny flair to it to hide his inability to read a print that he has done multiple times without stuttering.>One is clearly wrong about something, and corrects... again, and again till he hammers the point in that he knew he was wrong and now knows but ultimately doesn't matter since he never learns.>The other is always wrong but doubles down on it because that way he doesn't have to admit he's wrong under the guise of trying to annoy others.>*Reads news article*>*BARK BARK BARK*>"Paige went to do her nails in the middle of a pandemic 4 hours ago, yeah, no its completely fine">"Oh fuck that guy, always hated him, always thought he was a piece of shit, fuck him">"Okay we gotta go soon, its been 5 hours">"Questions?, lets just dedicate 5mins to that and fuck off because sitting on my couch and talking for 5 hours for free money is hard">*BARK BARK BARK* "Sorry guys, its time for the dog to eat. Did you guys know I have a dog?, let me talk about it for the next 20 mins and keep comparing it to the child I'll never have"Please, give me recommendations for actual competent gaming news podcasts.

>>523380152What happened to Paige She used to be cool and fun. I think her hanging out with Adam's shitty ass has ruined her.

>>523380310I'd say Giantbombcast, but thats slowly become the "Out of touch boomergamer cast"

>>523378905Reggie is growing on me.

>>523379127>It's a "pat says/does something retarded, acts like a cunt about it, and then does it again anyway" episodeoh wait that's every episode

>>523380459The Bombcast was a zombie before the Friendcast even started.

>>523380037>>523380152I dunno. Maybe its because I don't follow them too closely, so I don't get saturated with their shit. Don't have Twitter and I only watch their content when its a game I care about.

Anyone else really starting to hate pat?

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>>523380539For sure, but it keeps getting MORE boomer somehow.

>>523380152>>523380314I think it has to do with being at home with Pat for literally 6 fucking months. I'd want to kill the little bald redheaded midget. No wonder she got a car and spends hours outside the home risking dying from corona just to get away from him.

>>523380298Reggie has the most potential of Woolie's shitty ESL replacement zaibatsu.

Why do people sub to Pat when he delays and cancels more streams than any twitch streamer I know?

>>523380479Reggie is ok.

>>523380670Stockholm syndrome.Plus anyone paying money for something they're already getting for free is retarded by default.

>>523380581I increasingly hate both of them. I really need a podcast to replace CSB.

>>523380310>The other is always wrong but doubles down on it because that way he doesn't have to admit he's wrongIt's like listening to almost every online debater ever

>>523380670>>523380679He's a weirdo with no charisma

>>523380574I find Pat's podcast behavior to be his most annoying honestly. Couldn't care less about twitter but I can't even listen to the podcast anymore because of Pat.

>>523380298I kinda love him too especially for how pure his love for shounen protags is but my god JUST GO DOWN NIGGAGO DOWN INTO THE FUCKING WATER

>>523380504mind goblins lol :^)

>>523380314I barely pay attention to her Twitter, but I've gotten the impression that she has a tendency to get into dramatic spats there, and people like Adum and Dick Masterson being in her friend circle doesn't help. As far as her streaming goes, though, I think she remains quite enjoyable.

>>523379770Cause he's a faggot with a shitty 'gag'

>>523380314>She used to be cool and funShe was always an annoying could anyone like her?

>>523380581Yeah but its more of a symptom of Woolie enabling his bullshit and not reeling the fucker in. Matt being the boss man at least meant that Pat's fuckery was kept under control since he wasn't at the top or worked with someone else as an equal. Now there is no fucking stopping his bullshit narrowmindedness that takes over all the fucking segments and derails them with his bullshit. Now with the dog, that's the fucking cherry on top of his fucking grating personality. At this point, I'll take a fucking podcast with Woolie and Reggie. Woolie really needs to grow a fucking pair of balls and tell Pat to stop being such a fucking couch slob ginger lazy fuck.

>>523380932idk she always seems pissy like she doesn't want to be there anymore.

>>523381021I think Woolie just doesn't want to be confrontational more than enabling Pat.

>>523381014does she still keep bringing up her sex life with pat, I'm no prude but that was really weird and awkard, at least on twitter

>>523381021>At this point, I'll take a fucking podcast with Woolie and ReggieUnless Reggie grew a backbone Woolie would go completely out of control.

Plague of gripes should start a podcast where he just bitches about random shit. I'd be down for that.

>>523381043I think it's because she's locked herself into playing Dark Souls 2 forever, a games he clearly doesn't. I enjoy those streams were Pat and Plague shit on her for it though but I wish she would just move onto to something else.

>>523381261That's called his Art Gripes videos

>>523381312I know.

>this threadYou know most of your complains make you look like this crazy guy, right?

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>Its another 'Woolie plays the big release of the month for 3 hours a week, so the LP takes 2 months and most of it misses the hype window' episode>Its another 'Have to listen to Little V be wrong about shit for the entire LP' episode>Its another 'Where the fuck is Woolie vs God' episode>Its another 'Woolie still treats YT like its 2015' episode>Its another 'Woolie's most successful video in months is some random shitpost, but he doesn't follow up on it' episode

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>>523381021I'm surprised they've yet to bring on any guest. I figured Plague, Paige, or maybe Max would have been on at least once by now, but they're 80 episodes in and it's just been them with no variety.

come home vidya man.enter the BIG THINK DIMENSION.

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>>523380932Paige's stream would be fine if Pat didn't actively try to sabotage her>Fall guys stream >memory platform game>Paige was already on the correct platform>Pat says "go right">she did, like an idiot>loses >Paige gets mad, Pat didn't even apologise, says "oh, I was distracted because of the (stupid) dog"There are countless examples of this. That and his constant breathing into the mic just makes the whole experience unbearable

The balance of CSB tipped a while ago, the majority of their fans are now literal tranny pinkos. They are basically obligated to give the safe and correct opinions that Walmart agrees with when it comes to any social/racial issue. The hotter the issue the longer they have to give you their safe and correct opinions and reinforce that they are on the good side of the false dichotomy.

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>Woolie STILL hasnt come back to finish Spark the Electric Jester, let alone begin playing Spark the Electric Jester 2>Woolie STILL hasnt released his ZeroRanger stream>Woolie and Pat STILL havent invited a guest into the podcastI'm going to boil these fuckers alive

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>>523381446Little V was cool during KOTOR but christ he got too much of a powertrip yelling at Halo fans. Guy is insufferable now.

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>>523381021no it needs to degenerate until it's too late and his life is fucked forever I'm not Liam btw

>>523381263Paige should just play Bloodborne again. With her memory it would be like playing blind. Or maybe Sekiro, that game doesn't have a lot of customisation so Pat couldn't sabotage her as much.

>>523381624How far we've fallen from Cloud Niggers, and smoking a 40oz of crack.

>>523381261I dunno, it seems to me that Plague's pool of knowledge on shit to bitch about, outside of select topics like, say, Star Trek and Dragon Ball, is actually not that deep and would quickly become exhausted.>>523381547Maybe it's just me, but Max seems to be strangely disassociated with Woolie and Pat despite their presumed friendship. Like, Max frequently mentions and talks to Matt, but not those two.

>>523381868Ok Liam.

>>523381187>>523381084God, its like fucking tiers. You can't have X with Y because one overpowers the other, you can't have Y and Z because the same thing happens. >>523381446Their fall was never outgrowing the LP format that was dead by the time Pewdiepie became big. The whole making 50 parts that are 30+ minutes long was insane. I always ended up skipping a lot of the runtime in those episodes because of it and just went through the highlights if I already knew the game.>>523381786It was always amazing for him to say some lore stuff in the Halo playthroughs and just having a 70% chance of being dead wrong and watch the chat correct the fuck out of it.

>>523381786halo fans are just star wars fans who are more deluded

>>523381429Watching the 2BFP fanbase overstep their boundaries and think they are on an actual friendship level only to get smacked down is a real joy to

>>523382008Pat was actually in one of his Dan Legacy videos though.

>>523381550Fuck these pretentious douchebags

Why is matts wife so ugly in personality

>>523380310You forgot>Talks about his fake-ass OCD in an overblown wayOr>Goes on the same hour long tangent about how poorly handled the content for Destiny/FF14 is

>>523380581I stopped listening to the podcast over a year ago after they had just become too insufferable and even started wallowing in their unlikeability. Not sure how other Holla Forums users have lasted longer than I did.

>>523382278She's married to a manlet with a baby fetish. I almost feel sorry for her but that's the future she chose.

>>523378280Looks like you're starting to get it.

>>523382306Oh my god he never fucking stops talking about fucking Destiny.


>>523382184He didn't make THE STRUGGLE, a fan did and Max paid him to be allowed to host the video on his channel as well.

>>523382306Yes, Pat. We fucking get it, you don't like fluids but then you happily sit around on stream with dog piss on your lap not even attempting to stop and going to the bathroom and get a change of clothes.

>>523382040>skipping a lot of the runtime in those episodes because of it and just went through the highlightsSame. I think the only LPs of his I've watched most/all of were DMC5, DOOM and Dokapon. Everything else I just skim through or ignore.

>>523381550Is KZ the guy who said Trails in the Sky had 'one of the worst combat system ever and it's not even close' and didn't even understand elemental advantage?

>when they broke up people were shitting on Matt for being too sensitive and stuff>now they realise he's the only one reigning Pat's bullshit inGames where the "villain" turned out to be right?


>>523382008Getting plague to shit on 40k space marines for a bit could be funny.

>>523382703Well it's pretty obvious when he's the common demoninator in Matt and Liam's departure.

>>523382494Still he included a video with Pat in it on his own channel. I can't imagine Matt or Eyepatch Wolf or Mother's Basement doing that, and those are the ones who admit to avoiding Pat. Maybe he just likes Matt more than Woolie or Pat but I don't really see him distancing himself from them that much.

>>523378830I laughed my ass off at that bit, the call of duty, umbra shit was just so tone deaf

>>523376853Is it bad that CSB has replaced pretty much all my memories of the SBFC.I seriously dont even remember liam's voice anymore. Or whatever matt brought to the table besides muh Simpsons. I think CSB desperately needs a 3rd voice since Woolie/pat can get up in their bullshit to much and be several layers into references before letting the audience in on it.Still, they're enjoyable enough.

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>>523382854>those are the ones who admit to avoiding Pat.really?

>>523382854I mean I guess, but at the same time it's in a joke that's making fun of pat and his incessant bullshit.

have they topped the condom episode yet

>>523382891>Or whatever matt brought to the table besides muh SimpsonsNo, that was pretty much it, actually.

>>523382891>I seriously dont even remember liam's voice anymore.I remember it since I occasionally rewatch his playthroughs of the KH series because those are basically the only good content he put out on his own.>Or whatever matt brought to the table besides muh Simpsons.Talking about what he watched on Netflix with his wife that week.

Think there will be anymore 'woolie will figure it out'?

I know people joke because he's such an Oreo but sometimes I really do question if Woolie is black

Woolie seems like the most likeable since the breakup, but even then you have to put up with him sticking to an absolutely awful LP format and the fact that he literally cannot conceive of anything except in terms of fighting games or bottom of the barrel anime stereotypes

>>523382541The DMC playthroughs were what got me to stick it out with Woolie and Pat since they were so good after the departure. Should have just dropped them when they finished SBFP.

>>523380581Pat has become the worst version of himself through nobody being around to challenge him on things, actively getting rewarded for acting like a shit "for jokes", and the world shutting down allowing him to crawl inside himself more than ever. I still enjoy streams that are he and Paige because they're a good comedic duo, but everything else is out including the podcast because it's all the "pat being an ass" show.Funny to think this is the same guy who got drunk on an early podcast out of shame and anxiety because they fucked up some facts in a video about some jojo game.

>>523382854its pretty easy to avoid pat because he never leaves his house even before covid

>>523382750I understand that Plague is actually the creator of Commissar Fuklaw, but has he actually paid any attention to 40k for like... the past decade?

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>>523383214I found out he was black when they did some videos or some shit where they were hanging out all three. I was so surprised.

>>523383408It's probably for the best if he hasn't

Why the fuck would anyone want to watch two white, French-Canadians talk about American politics concerning African-Americans?

>>523382925Eyepatch Wolf's disassociation with Pat appears to be recent, but it's not clear to me why except for what we know about Pat's abrasiveness generally.

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>>523383408There was that Necron OC video.

>>523383486He obviously has a black guy's voice so I knew right away but in so many ways he's the whitest person in the group.

What are some of the top tier LPs? I loved the XCOM 2 playthrough, where Pat was a terrible commander like always and Woolie was a

>>523379457do they seriously claim credit for yakuza popularity

>>523383640I hope not. Granted their playthrough of 4 was what got me started in playing the series and I beat the game before their LP did, but they have such a small audience.

>>523383523What a faggy way to respond. Does he think every single one of his viewers has a encyclopedic knowledge of him and his relationships with other youtubers?

>>523383598Eternal Darkness is one I always go back to

>>523383640They dont but the publishers do. Sega literally mentions them.

>>523383598I consider their entire Souls/borne saga to be one giant playthrough.

>>523383758maybe he was out of line, but I will enjoy absolutely enjoy every e-celeb fan getting slapped by their favourite people, serves em' right fucking simps

>>523383287You could see it happening even in the final days of SBFP, where he actively refused to back down on believing that Wesker teleports and not just moves really fast (even though he's played Code Veronica and that game shows it isn't teleporting).

>>523383640When thousands of fans feed into your ego you'll believe anything. They did however kindle interest in Metal Wolf though.

>>523383523>Read the room with a closed doorFaggot

>>523383824>They dontPat literally does every time anything about yakuza or lpers hurting or helping is brought up.

>>523383724>but they have such a small audience.Their Yakuza video has like half a million views, from 6 years ago. They have PARTIAL credit on that one.

Should I "grow out of" video game podcasts already?I feel like they offer me nothing (besides game news) and I've only been getting increasingly annoyed at them. Dropped Giant bomb and Beast. Currently just listen to the Gamespot one, CSB and MinnMax. And I only really enjoy MinnMax.

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>>523383931Yeah that was legit, I think Devoler admitted it even.

>>523378195>Holla Forums ever playing video gamesFunny

Pat is retarded and not funny. The only decent thing woolie has put out were his Halo playthroughs because he had no idea about the series.

>Pat essentially asks Woolie "If you have kids are you going to be black?"

>>523376853I would tell you about a channel I found that is alright, but I'll just get called a shill.

>>523379016Do they actually talk about that shit on the podcast? Glad I stopped last year.


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>>523380670They're friendless losers who think he's their real friend because they don't know what real friends are.

>>523384096>Its a Woolie looks at the fucking ground when the Dawn is flying down in Halo 3>Its a Woolie takes till the second visor crack to notice its cracking>Its a Woolie has no fucking idea how to drive the most simple vehicle controls>Its a Woolie is fucking blindIt was great though.

>>523384181Well Woolie is a cuck. So probably.

>>523384257No one cares about your tiny discord podcast you post on youtube with 300 views an episode and no editing.

>>523384096>Woolie takes an hour to pick up a weapon on the ground>Woolie tries to shoot only to realize he's out of ammo>Woolie meanders around while Little V solos the encounter

>>523384281Woolie can't stop himself and Pat doesn't have it in him or doesn't want to try and steer him away from it.

>>523384181What does that mean?

>>523382661That guy is one of two channels I've ever had to drop due to the person being too retarded for me to want to listen to them say anything.>plays SMT4 apocalypse>says "I don't ever do optional things in games">complains about the fact that the game is making him talk to NPCs to know where to go>complains about literally everything the game doesn't explain to him in mandatory cutscenes rather than optional NPC dialogue that he skipped

>>523384315Gotta' admit they set that brand up so well though, look at the intro to Friday Night Fisticuffs for example. Not surprising loners latch on to the dynamic they made.

>>523384030All the old boomers should get together and make a serious long form podcast, without the garbage trivia, politics and personal lives. Let me listen to highly technical discussions about shareware and dithering.

>>523384030A podcast isn't a hobby. Saying you should grow out of podcasts is like saying you should grow out movies or tv. It's just something to listen to. Like an other type show some are good, some are bad, some start good and get bad. I just listen to this shit when I'm driving or doing something else.

>>523380670On the topic, can anyone explain to me why anybody subs to anybody ever? I truly don't understand it. I watch a bunch of twitch content but I've never for a moment considered subscribing to anybody for any reason. Is it literally just "maybe they'll notice me"?

anything to fill the void of the lack of annual shitstorm of scariness?

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>>523384336>Its a 'Woolie runs past Johnson while he's on the ground dying' episode

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>>523384429I watched him play FFXIV for 3 minutes and he skipped all main quest dialogue that wasn't in a cutscene.

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>>523384030I've cut out all the now annoying podcasts I used to listen to and just throw on old Opie and Anthony clips when I would normally listen to

Woolie at least tries to put effort into his stuff and come up with ideas for series, but Pat just puts out the bottom tier, laziest garbage he can possibly shit out from his couch without moving while him and Paige are both literally going to be dead within the next 10 years, and his Twitch paypigs just enable his narcissistic bullshit even further. At least 50% of the recent podcasts you can physically see Woolie just completely checking out while Pat climbs up his own ass live on camera.

>>523384181If I had children, I would certainly act like a white parent and not like my own father.

The only thing worthwhile from Pat and Paige are when they're paired with Papa Plague, he does not put up with the bullshit and shuts it down. Now that the Watch Party service has fully rolled out I hope we get more Trek streams soon.

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>>523384342It's not my channel. It's also not a podcast, But they are small. I think they make good content since most LP channels are fucking shit nowerdays.

>>523378124Serious Sam fucking sucks. Who cares?

>>523381624It was a sobering moment when I realized all those times one of them mentioned a female friend of theirs playing a game or something, that they were actually talking about trannies.

>>523376853I have a podcast I do with a friend which has vidya/movie related content. We've only done about 6 episodes though, I finally it pretty hard to have a regular schedule with actual things to talk about regularly and not just ramble.

>>523384520Subscribers only VoDs.

>>523384520Exclusive emotes, access to sub chat mode (for those streamers who tend to use it), people using their Twitch Prime monthly free sub

>>523384429They're all fucking insufferable. feel is an olympic grade pretentious douchebag

>>523384624Plague of "I hate patreon request sketches, but refuse to remove the option and will bitch about it for infinity" Gripes

>>523384624>tfw the picarto archives are shitty and some sessions are unwatchable nowI never got to see them watch the wounded, and that's my favorite episode. Oh well.

>>523384761I find that aspect of his personality funny.

>>523384670Was it LauraKBuzz? They brought up the time she said a Persona 5 song said 'retarded' but couldn't rip on her because she's a 'friend of the podcast'

>>523384648Anon, just post it.No one will call you a shill so long as you dont shill it everywhere or sound like a shill.

>>523384761>>523384857I just hate when he tries to make people take him seriously about anything, and thinks he ever actually has good points about anything. He doesn't.

>>523383523Why does Pat cause so much butthurt? Granted hearing him talk to Paige after his dog pissed on him and how hard he was berating Paige for being late made it pretty clear that Pat's an endlessly petty person. Still though, it can't be that bad. >>523384336>just want Woolie to play Half Life 2>he plays 4 fucking Halo games in a row>will probably be burnt out on FPS games afterwards for a whileShit kinda sucks. Granted Woolie's Black Mesa playthrough was genuinely painful at times due to him refusing to use KB+M.

>>523384941He's the actually smart one of the extended SBFP universe. It's not a very high bar.

>>523384958>him refusing to use KB+M>Refuses to deal with the awkward feeling of getting used to a peripheral despite being a "fighting game player"

>>523384853A couple of the streams are lost to time but here is most of TNG.

>>523384857>>523384941>complains that people view him as a cartoon character instead of a person>regularly behaves in outrageously cartoonish fashion

>>523385113Based. Thanks, user.

>>523383598These videos made it so obvious pat plays the game by taking the first, quickest move he sees with no thought or strategy and just savescums until every single dice roll goes his way.

>>523380581Pat's inclusion is good only from the perspective that he's there to be a sad degenerate to be laughed at.

>>523384652Kill yourself.

>>523384761I imagine he's afraid if he removes the option his Patreon will lose a ton of support.

>>523384934It's called TheStrawhatNo! It's the best I could find after SBFP went to shit. No one really watches them But I like them so whatever have fun shitting on me.

>>523383034Godzilla references from time to time

>>523384941He's right about Dragon Ball at least.

>>523385258>p-please listen to my podcastAnon, stop.

>tfw Pat and Liam was your favorite duo

Attached: 1595418070797.jpg (720x481, 74.97K)

>>523385113Oh shit, thanks bud. I remember seeing this floating around once but I didn't save the link and assumed it would be taken down eventually.I'm sad their streams have slowed down so much because I actually prefer DS9 overall. Paige seems less interested in it but I still enjoy Plague and Pat's commentary over it.

>>523379016>that one time where Woolie went on a rant about his neighbor disapproving of his relationship Fucking crikey.

Attached: 1599084040515m.jpg (819x1024, 51.41K)


>>523385306No he's not. All he does is perpetuate the same common misconceptions that exist in every fandom that he's a part of.

>>523384336Woolie probably actually needs glasses.

>>523385349It's a Youtube channal and they are playing the Tony Hawk remakes unlike Woolie.

>>523385390What was that about?

>>523384417Black parents are stereotypically thought of as excessively strict.

>>523385349I'm going to listen to the podcast specifically to spite you.

Take the Oneypill. He's the ideal fake letsplayer friend that will never sell out to the lefties.

>>523385445Abridged did so much unrecoverable damage to people's perception. And then Super went and made the flanderization canon.

Attached: 1595656697766.jpg (1598x1248, 518.28K)

>>523385564Lyle is so awful tho.

>tfw the Pro-crastinators lectures are great, but the actual podcast is awful.

>>523384901>she's a 'friend of the podcast'God damn, that episode of the podcast she was on where the sat there and pounded away on her mechanical keyboard the entire time. It was all you could hear.

>>523385349They're playing Tony Hawk. They sound alright so far.


>>523385218He's talked before how he would much rather have one-hundred $1 supporters than one $100 supporter. It's way better to have that safe cushion of people you know will stick around than one furry that will jump ship when they want. He knew it would happen of course but when he started he had $4k a month and I think he's at half that now, still really good for his area and living at home.

Attached: 1582271560661.gif (248x188, 787.53K)

>>523376992Fuck off Pat

>>523385602DBZ Abridged is so fucking unfunny. Literally every Abridged series piggybacking off Yugioh Abridged missed the fucking point of that series

>>523385732They're stream is a little iffy but atleast they are good at the game.

how can people still listen to this shit? at least back in the day there used to be funny retarded arguments between stubborn people, now it's just two half-asleep neets yawning and looking at their phones while being wrong and agreeing with each other and lashing out at the listeners for correcting them

>>523385671>Digibro's a tranny nowI'm just waiting for when we get a three-hour epic lecture about him

Attached: The Hottest Goss.jpg (1271x673, 114.8K)

The biggest thing that killed CSB for me was the excessively podcast length. SBFC and early CSB episodes were usually just long enough at 2-3 hours to cover the news, answer however many question they want, and get lost meandering in their weeks. Then CSB starting running 4-5 hours each week. Pat and Woolie don't have enough to talk about to make that length of time remotely interesting.

>>523385501>>523385548>>523385732>noooooooo just listen to my podcast- i mean lp channel i swear i'm funny and interesting PLEASE I WANT TO BE AN INFLUENCER!Stop.

>>523385386>>523385159DS9 is best. Paige will like it more once we get the war started.

Attached: goth cupcake.gif (605x406, 1.46M)

>>523385886I had a lot more fun with Tony Hawk before I got good. Surprising how most people are garbage at Tony Hawk and SSX.

>>523385102Even bigger insult to injury really. He also was playing Half Life 1, which is probably the most friendly game to learn KB+M on. Shit starts slow and is really low hazard early on. Him relying on using a controller and then instantly falling apart when he came across soldiers that could shoot at range and move quickly was so god damned predictable. >>523385489>Woolie clearly misreading shit in Doom>Reggie reading it fine>Reggie also seeing shit in the game and understanding mechanics well before Woolie doesIt's insane how tunnel visioned Woolie gets, but yeah his vision is clearly trash. Even during Halo he never glances at his ammo counts and just stands around with nearly empty mags all the time.


>>523376853mega64 podcast

>>523386039I need to get them I have the old ones for ps2.

>it's a "Pat and/or Paige tweets an incendiary take and people start shitting on them, so they both then spend two or three days relentlessly fighting random people on twitter before finally pretending a much more measured and reasonable take and pretending that was what they were saying all along" episode

>>523385927haha dude it's funnee haha we spend 2 hours talking about vomit and poop and hitler nazi poop aids needle baby ashes puke

>tfw you realize the only Pat content you consistently watch are just clips of his random bullshitI haven't watched Pat play a fucking game in I dunno how long.

>>523386065It's amazing that he's even half-decent at fighting games. It's like he lacks the self awareness and capacity for learning in every other genre, but FGs. And even then he's a kind of a Baiken shitter.

>>523386129Patrick "Motte and Bailey" Boivin

>>523384761All he need to do is strip that option, and if he isn't making enough money sell 10 commission slots at $500 and he's golden, But "No I don't like taking peoples money"

>>523386218>Plays for 4 minutes>Thanks x person>Puts controller down>Starts rambling about dumb stuff or his catI went from being excited for his channel to kind of hating him.

none of them are funny on their own, at all

>>523384512Watch any talk Carmack has ever given.The man will go for HOURS about arcane details and industry techniques, it's absolutely fascinating.His Quakecon keynote talks used to be yearly events. Now you need to look a little harder for them.

>>523386167lol, the mind goblins, anything Pat does or says that is wrong is because of the goblins

>>523386124>They're actually talking about past Tony Hawk games seriously and not just "lol TH bad now"I like these guys.

>>523380298because he and woolie actually talk about games and shit and don't spout social issues or whine about twitter arguments for hours on end like pat and woolie do. It's pretty clear Reggie's just there to have a good time

>>523386387>hey i dont know if anyone knows this but i have a retarded cat, he's called elmo and hes retarded, but we love the little retard

Official Super Best Friends Power Rankings:1) Pre-2015 Pat2) Non-Devil’s Avocado Liam (RIP in Pieces)3) Interested Matt4) Woolie5) Devil’s Avocado Liam6) Post-2015 PatPOWER GAP7) Uninterested Matt

>>523384556>Woolie says Reach has the best OST How? Just how?

>>523385958>the war finally starts but odo goes full orbiterWin some lose some I guess. Seasons 3 4 and 5 of DS9 are super high tier overall, and Dukat starts to get some real screen-time.

Attached: 1267457688.png (1070x851, 1.01M)

>>523386387>hey gang my stupid cat woke me up at 11am so im gonna call off todays stream so i can nap, see you next month

I am currently editing my shitty video game news podcast.I will not tell you the name, here's a thumbnail figure that shit out.Or don't

Attached: Thumbnail.jpg (1100x810, 127.63K)

>>523386486No wonder he alienates everyone, he literally can't admit he's wrong or apologize unless you pry one out of him.

God I wish I could make pats e-celeb career crash and burn and force him to go back to bagging groceries like he deserves.


>>523382482>this fucker became a VTuberThis world, I swear. He's got such a punchable voice too.

Attached: 1588113720001.png (272x255, 117.58K)

>>523386595He's been playing them all with Little 'sprint was such a great add' V, so maybe that's why.

>>523386781I fucking wish. People would actually watch us then.


They peaked with the early scripted, edited videos they made for Machinima.

>>523386573XCOM and DS Pat was post-15, tho.

>>523384958He might play HL2 since ODST won't be out for like a month. Or he'll wait till after finishing ODST since ODST should only take them one session since it's short as hell. Halo 4 probably won't even be added until november at this rate.

>>523382378I think the bulk of their fans on Holla Forums couldn't stick with them for long. I felt like their fanbase consisted of two broad groups of people: the ones who understood the references/jokes they made and the ones who thought the references/jokes were lol-random.The lol-random crowd stuck with them because to that audience, they could say nothing wrong because by the nature of that attraction ANYTHING can be lol-random. But the people who wanted humor with some sense to it, that sort of joking around stopped when they stopped having each other as co-pilots. Woolie chose charisma-black-holes, Pat chose a cat and a girlfriend with two maybe three jokes, and Matt went solo.I mean, it's a sad state of affairs that Matt and Liam's collaboration on Life is Strange 2 is the last good thing. Because whether you like it or not, that's last piece of output that remotely captures the magic that existed when they were together.I actually felt sad when I saw Deadly Premonition 2 was happening because I knew those two idiots wouldn't do it.

>>523386908>using mental illness as a crutch

At least they'll never crater as hard as this fuck

Attached: 185px-Spoony.jpg (185x278, 8.6K)

>>523386563his relationship with elmo is the same as his fanbase's relationship with him.

>>523386875V doesn't even like Reach's OST though.

>>523387086it was hilarious when some of Pat's fake friends were trying to make him apologise

>>523386758If anything, being forced back into retail is fitting given how Pat appears to have a contemptuous view his fellow man as he's been talking about real-life moments with strangers in his day-to-day life>recently mentions scoffing at the sight of young people having the audacity to hang out because COVID

>>523387180Yes but he generally has terrible taste, so maybe some of that rubbed off on Woolie.

>>523385113Thank you so much for this. It's one of the last good things.


Pat was wrong about the ff14 tactics raid too

>>523387348Pat being wrong is the natural state of things.

>>523387124Sometime this year or the next, the news is going to drop that he's dead, and sadly I'll be completely unsurprised.

>>523386875Isn't the whole sprint thing a bit?

>>523387348>Alama survived the stabI always thought it was nonsense that Delita would have struck that deep.

>>523383523>Eyepatchwolf>Good>when he quit his podcast that he was doing with the most aggressively TERF dyke and the cuckold who were using him to get ANYONE to pay attention to them

>>523385445Remember that time Woolie literally regurgitated all the shit /m/ hated about Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny like it was some original thought of his own? Or whacks off to fucking Zeon and ignoring all their bullshit. If there was one good thing that came out of the XCOM2 playthrough, it was Space Traitor becoming a thing.

>>523387769Ophelia not Alma.

Attached: rrbjtnvwklv31.png (469x469, 175.13K)

>>523387124Legit who is this guy?

>>523387829>whacks off to fucking Zeon>Me hate authority and authority figures like God and government>So me hate Earth Federation because I won't bow down to you meanie overlordsCan't stand people that get bent out of shape when told what to do in games or vicariously through fiction.

Attached: 1558307248516.gif (687x480, 1006.01K)

>>523387552He said at the end that he honestly likes sprint as it provides for a more realistic feeling to combat, but adds that he speaks of it as primarily a PvE Halo guy and understands its contentiousness among the PvP Halo crowd.

>>523387829The biggest joke was how surface level his takes on Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny were and how little he could actually describe why it was bad. He was literally parroting Secondary opinions while ignoring major sticking points.

>>523388027It's better that you don't know

What are some actually good ANYTHING podcastsI don't care what it's about as long as it's not shit and bingeableinterests are mystery, weird trivia, and cooking

Attached: 1590017762677.png (285x427, 181.81K)


I stopped listening after they went full on blm cock suckers for an hour after that nigger overdosed. How many other blm talks have they had since then and how are people not sick of that already?

Attached: 1596663496476.gif (436x293, 225.35K)

>>523388027A dead man walking.

>>523378830What'd they say about the Umbra shit? That they walked it back or that they made their generic villains revolutionary villains have generic revolutionary insignias?

>>523382854>Mother's BasementDidn't he come on the podcast and talk about the Kiseki series so much they had to stop him

>>523388154He didn't overdose, but yeah its getting pretty tiresome. Its pretty much guaranteed that Woolie will go on a 30+ minute rant about whatever bad thing involving black people is on the news that week.

>>523388154As far as I can tell, nothing so blatant, just Woolie's "They're beating niggas up" while the protests and riots were in full swing and Pat's tirade about how nerd shit was always poltical when CoD forced the BLM bumpers.

>>523388095Find the Path is the premier Liveplay Tabletop podcast. Serious enough, all the players are straight and heterosexual while throwing the token bones so the Queers don't get mad, and the DM isn't a bitch and regularly punishes decisions. Podcast of the Galactic Heroes is enjoyable, though the quality will dip once one of them adds their girlfriend. The episodes though vary from show and episodes. Cyborg 009 has been really fun just because they're in the middle section of the show and shit just goes crazy. From psychic dogs, to teaching alien children to kill, to being stuck in the time zone. Mobile Suit Breakdown is a decent Gundam Podcast going through all of Gundam. Very liberal, but they do interesting research pieces and watching a guy try and get his wife into gundam is amusing. It also helps contextualize Gundam series

>>523388086Well no shit, why do you think his entire screed on Gundam Seed literally felt like he was quoting a post on /m/? I can at least admit I still watched and rewatched the show for the female characters.

Attached: 2faeac1917870e005a796e1ce25ac505.jpg (750x1000, 378.19K)


>one of the final podcasts before the split was an autistic fan>he was so bad and cringey the gang just started ignoring him and talking over him>he never took the hint and stayed the whole time

>>523388504Christmas or Halloween?

>>523388331they proved he did. it was all over literally nothing.

>>523388635Link plox

>>523378124Heaven forbid, the humanity !

>>523387348It makes no sense that Ramza survived. They were underground in the ruin of a city infested by the baddest fucking monsters in the world and the only entrance was destroyed.The assertion that the purpose of Ramza's losing of all his royal titles but to survival and gain friendship/love was to provide a contrast to Delita's gaining of royal titles but losing all his friendship/love is fine but completely terrible because it requires Ramza and the team to survive unbelievable circumstances.The contrast that I felt was appropriate was the fact that Ramza made the heroic choices but was forever branded a heretic and traitor whereas Delita made all the evil choices but was heralded as a hero. That was the point of it all from the beginning to be righteous as Ramza's dad told him to be.I don't know anything about FFIV but I guess I didn't think Matsuno thought something contrary to what I thought.They were fucking stuck underground in a fucking buried city that hasn't seen natural sunlight in forever. How in the fuck did they just "dig" their way out when their god-rocks were all but consumed. And no, they didn't just Summon Bahamut to blast their way out.

>>523388689Link to the toxicology reports?

>> is a retro shooter though, it’s always been in the same vein as Quake and such. It isn’t 2003 anymore.

>>523388504>a bunch of homosexual and unironically autistic furies discussing nothing for 12 hours at a timeA fate worse than death

>>523387829Woolie just seems like someone who has watched some Gundam stuff a long time ago but doesn't remember any of it all that well. I really wish Pat had actually continued to watch through UC Gundam instead of dropping partway through Zeta. I really enjoyed listening to him talk about it, and it was a major driving factor to get me into UC Gundam shows as well as the Gunpla hobby.>>523388475It only occurred to me sometime earlier this year that pic related is specifically based on those two officer characters from Gundam Seed.

Attached: 33347.jpg (225x350, 22.37K)

>>523388812>MC and friends survive and explosion and escape>How can this be?This is where the line is drawn for you? On MC plot armor 101? One of the most basic and commonly used tropes. "Hey look the hero survived."

Attached: 1578271616073.jpg (768x1024, 170.28K)

>Sub only vods on twitchlmao

>>523388676Halloween is better in theory, but Christmas is better in practice.

>>523384602Now I don't know your dad, but I do know mine, and I can tell you that some white dads are cunts.

>>523383598>Top TierEternal DarknessSilent Hill: DownpourOmikronDetroitWalking Dead Season 1L.A NoireBFB: Mario KartPolicenautsCharles Barkley: Shut Up and Slam Gaiden>High TierDeadly PremonitionDaS2BloodbornePredator: Concrete JunglePrison BreakREMakeRE7Until DawnDMC3Most telltale games (Batman 1+2, Borderlands, Walking Dead 3, Wolf Among Us)Most shitstorm gamesParasite Eve>Reasonable tierShattered MemoriesEvil WithinRE4David Cage Games that aren't Detroit or OmikronDeus Ex>Secret Best Video on the Entire Channel tierMinit


>>523389481L.A Noire was so good.

>>523388504>10 hour long podcasts about Star Wars and making fun of other ecelebs made by furriesGod no. I'd rather be deaf.

>>523389202Are we just going to be slaves to tropes because "that's the way everyone else does it"?The tragedy is that Ramza would never be seen as a hero. He and his team paid the ultimate price but it saved the world. Seems like a pretty good and clean conclusion unless you can say something otherwise.


>>523389481Did Liam hate Pat in the Barkley playthrough yet? Because they genuinely seemed to get along well and that LP is easily one of the best.

>>523388451>Mobile Suit Breakdown is a decent Gundam Podcast going through all of Gundam. Very liberalIs it to the extent that they are commies who honestly believe that the Gundam is a symbol of spacenoid oppression and that Zeon is only bad because of Zabis? Because I know of another Gundam podcast that's exactly that. Pic related.

Attached: D3aDxlsWwAEEiko.jpg (1500x830, 129.52K)

It really is amazing to see Pat think that his opinions on world politics and social issues has value considering that his entire adult life has consisted of working at a fucking grocery store for 6 or 7 years and then playing video games online acting like a clown for the rest of it.

>>523388812The FF14 version of events has Alma survive anyway and she was with Ramza though?

>>523383598Their God Hand playthrough is definitely my favorite and I've gone back to it a couple of times. It's also their last decent LP before the breakup.

>>523389638He still isn't seen as a hero to the world at large. They still don't know of all his deeds throughout the game. Him surviving and being able to help people here and there doesn't go against the any of the game's themes.

>>523384550This, Fuck me i miss shitstorm...

>>523388738You need help finding one of the last friendcast episodes? Are you ill, mentally?

>>523390679>Fatality>Yeah knock him down

Attached: 1556487214730.gif (340x340, 133.55K)

>>523389481Coin KeepThe brawls and Star Fox Adventure need to be in high, though.

>>523388635Tier Zoo?

>>523390994Tier zoo was not a fan. He didn't know who they were whatsoever.

>>523389860Liam probably started hating Pat around the time both of them started regularly accusing each other of being pedophiles when the other was out of earshot.

>>523390521That’s also supposed to contrast Delita. Ramza spends the rest of his life travelling the world helping people with his friends but is forgotten by history. Delita is remembered because he gets credits for things he didn’t do and he lives alone in misery.

>>523390289that does put his experiences in line with a significant portion of the population.

>>523386908This is just pathetic.

>>523391198>The world will forget you>Still presses onChadza a beast.

Attached: 1554605201683.png (539x376, 369.35K)

>>523388027A self serving scumbag who fucked over his fans.

>>523388095Quick Question

>>523386908Bullshit he has OCD.

>>523391187>time both of them started regularly accusing each other of being pedophiles >bothwhat did pat do to be accused of being a dirty pedo? i get liam had a bunch of loli shit but as far as i was aware pat never had anything like that going on.

>>523391198>>523391410He’s forgotten by Ivalice, the other countries probably remember him fine. Now I’m upset about that cancelled FFT2 matsuno showed in a stream last year againRamza and gang having adventures around the world sounds super chill

>>523391553No idea but Liam always brought it up in LPs, saying stuff like "no, I'm not Pat" in response to that kind of stuff.

>>523391525>Cleanfreak>Cares quite a bit about order and has a particular way of doing things>I have OCDJust just awful as people who claim they have ADHD because they read the symptoms online.

>>523380310>imagine actually listening to trash for 4 hours instead of just reading the timestampsIt's the only bearable way to experience it and takes 5 minutes.

>>523388812And the FF14 version where Alma survived makes more sense how?And that article doesn’t mention it but Matsuno said on twitter that he never said it was a one way trip.

>>523391274Yeah, that definitely gives him extensive knowledge on Japanese drug laws, international cold war relations, and the racial divides in other countries because he bagged groceries with a useless degree for half of his adult life.

>>523376853Level die

>>523387769OpheliaYou want stupid? There are people who thought Delita died in the ending even though the game says he went on to rule for like a hundred years.

>>523391628>Ophelia dies due to unknown means (after the stabbing she lived through)>Body swaps with a body so she can hang out with Ramza and Agrias

>>523391553He was called Pedo Pat for quite a while, in videos and by fans. One that sticks out in my head is their Battle Fantasia video.

>>523391553I seem to remember there being rumors years ago of him trying to exchange sexual DMs with some underage girl.

>>523391525I know we wouldn't take that excuse from anybody else but given Pat has a psychology degree I would presume he has the fucking sense to not offer that diagnosis to the public unless he actually visited a doctor to get diagnosed with OCD.Anybody else saying it sure, they're just saying shit. But this is probably the one thing you could trust Pat to be correct about. Unless he's that big of a piece of shit but it seems like nobody is demanding he confirm he went to a doctor to get that diagnosis. But I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.

>>523379016I almost hate it as much as the month they nearly spent a collective eight hours on rollback

>>523391805looks gay

The worst part about Pat is that when anyone actually calls him out on his bullshit to the point that he can't actually argue it anymore he just says, "Haha well I don't really care and I'm just being an asshole lol" even though he just spent 20 minutes seriously arguing it in the smuggest way imaginable. Such a pathetic way to deal with a discussion not going your way.

>>523391826Wait? How? He literally monologues to himself even after getting stabbed. He kind of tanked it if anything.

>>523391198And banging his little sister. Can't say I blame him, either.

Attached: 6972008ddf46ca6bd34c2db835364ce4.jpg?e=1599279876&m=R9uqdtODt6plC54S17g54A.jpg (800x1012, 562.92K)

>>523380298You're late to the party, friendo. He was fuckin invaluable during the Katamari LP.


Attached: db0.jpg (349x642, 29.45K)

>>523391918He definitely didn't. He specifically said he went to get a psychology degree so that he could figure out what was wrong with him, instead of just going to a fucking psychologist. You KNOW he self-diagnosed.

>>523376992Nah, I'd rather not hear out-of-touch middle aged men from California give cold takes on news they know nothing about

>>523391918Oh yeah, that valuable degree that he used to become an esteemed grocery store worker for years. He's never mentioned anything about getting a diagnosis from a doctor on any of the podcasts, and knowing Pat he would proudly parade that shit around at any possible time as an excuse.

>>523392089The best part is that it would hardly be looked down upon as much considering the times.

>>523391918you do NOT have fucking OCD because you keep hoarding fucking MP potions in Dishonoured

>>523392310Kept his bloodline pure!

>>523378938who is the artist of this pic? reverse search brings nothing

>>523386079Damn cowardly Japanese, talking about shit like self-confidence and self-acceptance. They had the perfect pitch to write about queer kids and help out, but no, they just take a left turn into generic non-queer teenager shit, what the fuck? I have flaming homo friends that related to Kanji, why doesn't Japan bite the bullet and talk about gay issues? Fucking cowards, ignoring good writing to talk about "common Japanese youth problems".

Attached: birdsquad.jpg (882x1200, 134.62K)

>>523392485wait, how did he rationalise Naoto being trans when she would never ever crossdress ifthe police took her seriously?

>>523391743>Matsuno said on twitter that he never said it was a one way tripThe guy straight up blows up the teleportation platform that they used to get there, and it was a city buried beneath the ocean with the Vatican built on an island on top of it. And you personally were involved with murdering every single living individual who even knew the city was there.I'm saying the the fate Matsuno has or had in mind is just stupid.