How do we fix the FATE franchise?

How do we fix the FATE franchise?

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>>523376604an actual game that isnt gacha shit

By banning it from this website and preferably also making all western consumers of Japanese gacha bullshit have to pay fines to their government for essentially burning their money

>>523376604>>523376712I don't know about Fate but I like the giant anime tiddies.

>>523376712Neat, now I will delete that jpg trash I posted for the OP

Make a Gaul event.

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>>523376789>>523376604>>523376712She's 15

>>523377034>HUUURRRRR UNDERAGEBait for pics harder retard

>>523376604Delete everything in the franchise other than F/SN and F/HA, rewrite Zero from scratch without the fujobait or grimdark Urobuchi bullshit, make a sequel about Emiya after FS/N and his eventual transformation into EMIYA.

>>523376604Erase GO from existence and properly localize Stay Night.


>>523376712I wanna motorboat those fuckers.

>>523376604delete guda and replace nasu as writer with urobuchi in all future stories

>>523377034She's literally 30 unless there's some Fate bullshit I don't know about.

>>523377602No 30 year old woman looks like that.

>>523377034Yes, end?

>>523376712big fat anime titties

>>523377672Neither a 15 years old you moron

>>523376604add oppai lolis

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For me, its Corday.

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The emperor of Rome is definitely not 15.

>>523377672wrong, perfect women look like that

>>523376604More slice of life with seiba

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>>523377672I dunno about 30 but my ex still looked like a 16 year old when she was 28.

>>523376604Kill all Saber clones

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>>523378165But Foreigner X is my favorite saber clone.


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Gacha was a mistake.

>>523378250Post ass

>>523376604Fix? It fulfills its intended purpose of huge cash machine. Fate was initially created when they had to discard their own ideas on what to make in order to make what sells.

>>523378562FGO isn't bad, it's just getting quartz is a bitch when you run out.

>>523378667>FGO isn't bad,Wrong both gameplay and story are complete shit.

>>523376604>how do we fix anime pedo shitAnd you want to do that, because...?

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>>523378667I mean original 2004 VN. Whatever soul was left in Typemoon departed when it took off.

>>523376604Remake TsukihimeRelease the Extra RemakeDub hollow/ataraxia

>>523376604We bring her back.

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>>523379063>Remake Tsukihime>2020 Nu-TMBe careful what you wish for.

GBF will outlive FGO.

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>>523376604>>523376712This Tenga Cup looking slut makes me so hard.

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>>523379269>they've been adding writers for a P3Yeah, no. When Nasu leaves we can go far more interesting places than the lostbelts.

>>523379436I don't see the appeal to be honest

How long does it take for fate stay night to get good?

>99% faggots think FGO when they hear "Fate"Nasunigger gets what he fucking deserve for years of pushing his extrashit cancer instead of developing franchise in other directions. Now after low quality mobile game lifespan ends eventually, it will just shrink to like 1% of its size and nobody will give a fuck anymore because faggot responsible for it is way too up his own ass.

>>523379063Way too late for a Tsukihime remake.


>>523379694It gets good when Archer and Lancer start fighting in the prologue.

You'd have to go back in time and delete Extra from existence.Everything wrong with Fate today has its roots in Extra.

>>523379823cry more

>>523379930Doesn't n*su to the present day still wanks extrashit and his shitty OC from extrashit to the point when it reflects on f/go? It's unsalvageable at this point.

>>523376604More fucking.

>>523380271you mean BB?

>>523380381Will never be a thing because big publishers with big money don't like that. I've heard they invest quite an effort to sweep their origins as eroge makers under the rug and pretend that audiences who made them famous do not exist nowadays.

>>523376810Those two would break the canon. Though id like to see them take on Gilgamesh.

>>523380458Probably talking about literal planet fucker and her suddenly getting wankedstill not musashi or nero levels of attention but almost there

>>523379436I'm not even a tit man but her lewd outfits, her personality, and the fact that she's like 4'11" make me diamonds.

>>523376604Less cunny

>>523380905planet fucker? huh?

>>523378250>>523378381Artist is UO Denim.

>>523376604I dunno.See how the counter force reacts to humanity just up and nuking itself

Girls having sex with girls that are also famous characters from both history and legend.

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Has this series introduced one new male character since the gacha or is it all just basic anime design girls for whales to coom to?

You had the same thread yesterday, faggot, even used a Nero image like that one1) No, it doesn’t need fixing2) there’s nothing a fat neet like you can do from his basement to change how Nasu or anyone at TypeMoon worksGod, you’re retarded

>>523380792Isn't that part of the fun?

>>523378771Hot opinion, did Reddit tell you to parrot it?

>>523381320There are hot men in it too, don't worry.

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>>523381048Kiara Sessyoin, the biggest slut of all the nasuverse

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>>523381320No males allowed.

>>523376604Introduce him and see how the setting reacts

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>>523376604We had this thread already today

More NTR via bbc


>>523381481Her design is trash

>>523381542I hate that you posted this and not even the boomer wannabes who obsess over Doom and Quake will recognize him.

>>523377034I'm going to let you in in a huge secret, very few people know of this:That is actually a drawing, it's not a real person. Nobody is being abused.

>>523381837He's just baiting for (You)s dumbass

>>523381689Well?The Eternal Hero.Wonder how they’d react to him

>>523381963Poe's law.

>>523381420Please Reddit loves your garbage

>this thread everyday>that daily coomer overwatch threads>that "asuka!" spamming autistit's all so tiresome

>>523376604fuck off to /alter/ or /fgog/ you tard

>>523381320I'll give you a list.SABER>Julius Caesar>Fergus mac Roich>Sir Bedivere>Yagyu Munenori>Sigurd>Lanling Wang>Jason of the Argonauts>Castor of the DioscuriARCHER>Arash>Orion>King David>Nikola Tesla>Arjuna>Billy the Kid>Sir Tristan>Tawara Tota>Professor Moriarty>Napoleon>William Tell>Ashwattrama>Paris of TroyLANCER>Musashibo Benkei>Leonidas I>Romulus, founder of Rome>Hector of Troy>Finn MacCool>Enkidu>Hozoin InshunRIDER>St. George>Blackbeard>Sakata Kintoki>Christopher Columbus>Ivan the Terrible>Sakamoto Ryoma>Red Hare (the horse)>Bart Roberts>Mandricardo>OdysseusCASTER>Mephistopheles>Mozart>Charles Babbage>Solomon>Thomas Edison>Geronimo>Merlin>Chen Gong>AsclepiusASSASSIN>Charles-Henri Sanson>The Phantom of the Opera>Fuuma Kotaro>The original Hassan-i-Sabbah>Yan QingBERSERKER>Asterios>Caligula>Darius III>Eric Bloodaxe>Beowulf>Hijikata Toshizo (might be from the gudaguda comics technically I forget)>Xiang Yu>Mori NagayoshiRULER>Sherlock Holmes>Qin Shi HuangAVENGER>The Count of Monte Cristo>The Hessian from Sleepy Hollow riding a famous wolf from American folklore>Antonio SalieriFOREIGNER>Voyager (as in the satellite)

We need more saberfaces.

>>523376604Make a actual video game. Like Fate/Unlimited Codes 2, just throw in more characters. Or make another stand alone RPG or maybe a action RPG set in the Fate universe.


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>>523377408Too late to localize it.It's not that people don't play the VN it's not localised, it's just people can't get into the the series without fancy animations.A proper remake of Fate/Stay Night is a better solution.

>>523381621true, but at least her nun outfit is great

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>>523383280It doesn't look that great

>>523376604Kill off the Servants and let them find rest

>>523377386> make a sequel about Emiya after FS/N and his eventual transformation into EMIYA.I think it would work better as a side story, not a sequel.>>523377593> replace nasu as writer with urobuchi in all future storiesI know Uboruchi is much more competent than Nasu, but wouldn't that mean the series will be depressing? I mean the current state of the series is already depressing.

>>523383280No ass

>>523376604More female servantsless male servantsno more delaying lostbelthave a the sao x fgo collab already.

>>523376717There's already one and guess what? It fucking sucks ass.

>>523378939>Giant heaving breasts>PedoshitIf you miss neogaf so much---just go to Resetranny. Why bothering coming here if you hate tits so much.

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>>523383935>More fgoshithe said fix the franchise not further it's destruction

>>523377602Not sure about Nero, but Artoria Pendragon was at cake age when she died.

>>523384072Pretty sure that's a bait

>>523378939>projectingSeek professional help. It's not too late to right yourself.

>>523383669Prove me wrong.If humanity needs to cause this suffering in order to survive, then I guess it isn’t worth saving

>>523378939>imagine seeing OPs imagine depicting a woman with wide hips and large breasts and immediately your mind thinks pedo

>>523384118Well Artoria also had sword magic halting her growth.

>>523384072>Let's have more of the shit that people dont like Good idea.

>>523384421One Fate was plenty popular before FGO. Two what people like about FGO is just the waifu's which can be put in anything. Three we weren't talking about fixing Nasu wallet it doesn't need fixing.

So which parts of the franchise are considered "good"? I've been ignoring it for a long time since I generally prefer to start at the beginning, so now that I'm finally slogging through the first VN I'd like to hear there's something to look forward through once I get past this.

>>523384865Good: Fate, FGO, Zero, Emiya Gohan, Prisma Illya, HA, Garden of AvalonBad: UBW, HF, Apocrypha, Requiem, Extra, CCC, Extella, Extella Link, Last Encore

>>523376604More fat girls.

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>>523385294What part of her is exactly fat?

>>523385152> FGO> GoodGood one, user

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>>523376604I once wrote this story.And only now do I realize that it sounds like Fate. I didn’t even know what Fate was when I DID this.>Demons and all sorts of supernatural nasties are making an incursion into our reality>The big guys decide to resurrect warriors and soldiers in order to covertly act as an army.>We got the usual shit. Knights, Cowboys, Celts, etc. Even mythological figures come back.>And a Polish WW2 soldier named Gabriel. This is our protagonist.>Long story short, Gabriel is a man who, in life, paid a price for his capacity to kill. And that price was pretty much his mental health. It’s clear that, while absolutely not batshit insane, the shit he went through left a fucking MARK. >I actually researched PTSD and it’s symptoms. He’s distant, prone to self destructive behavior, has a lot of pent up emotions, and it’s made apparent that none of this is good for him. He’s not exactly “Oh woe is me” but rather is just kinda... Broken. >The fact that he spent several decades in Purgatory can’t be good either.>And his character arc is learning to open up to people and fucking talk about his problems.

>>523384421>Let's have more of the shit that people dont likeN*su LOVES this idea. Pretty sure he thinks that antagonizing fan base makes him DEEP or some shit like that. Great example is excessive wanking of overly slutty characters because nips have aversion to those, if he was a westerner pretty sure he would have constantly pushed something else that is considered annoying. Everything that made TM stuff loved by people came from Takeuchi, if not for him n*su would have still be sucking dicks for scraps somewhere.

>>523385450I kinda went on a rant there

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>>523385410You blind? I know being in America you must be used to fat, but you should still be able to see when a girl is a fat fuck.

>>523384865FGO:Good: America, Camelot, Babylonia, Salmon, Shinjuku, SERAPH, OlympusBad: France, Salem, Agartha, Okeanos, London, Anastasia, Gotterdammerung, SIN, Ooku, Yuga Kshertra, AtlantisBad because it has (Insert popular character): Septem, Shimosa, The Moment a Star is Born

>>523385508>Someone who isn't afraid to admit how retarded N*su isA fellow man of culture.

>>523385580And yes, that is what he looks like. Maybe.I got a bunch of artwork from /trash/

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>>523384865The main series, which areGood: Fate/Stay Night, Zero, Hollow Ataraxia Other spinoffs are not so good, but here the good ones.The good spinoff are: Carnival Phantasm, Emiya Gohan, Unlimited Codes and Fate/Strange FakeFGO is literally the worst thing could ever happen to the a game series. This thread should prove it.

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>>523385975>FGO is literally the worst thing could ever happen to the a game series.Pretty sure that's extrashit. The only reason FGO took off is how starved people were for Fate content that isn't extrashit.

>>523385450>>523385580>>523385938Anon, I think it would be great idea if you wrote those ideas on Google docs and share them with your friends. Posting them here isn't really a good idea.

>>523386170Pretty much. Extra is such a fucking shit show. Thanks to whats his name, Wada, and Sakurai.

>>523386170How did Extra ruin the series?I mean, almost everyone who plays FGO here haven't played Fate/Extra, let alone any other type of Fate media.

>>523386208I did that.I wanted to share them with you guys, though.Plus, here’s a fun fact.>Gabriel fought abroad in WW2, >After that, he refused to return to Poland out of guilt for not being able to bring his folks. He felt like they’d either be dead or judge him>He moved to America, then fought in the Korean War.>And there, he died via sniper after doing something horrible

>>523386412The usual arguments are >introduced blank slate protagonist, even if that played into the story>Allowed for same-faces with Nero's popularity>ayy lmaos

so how the fuck has the original VN not been released in the west yet?

>>523376604By giving us actual video games instead of this fucking gatcha shit.

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>>523386527It wouldn't make nowhere near as much as Grand Order.

>>523386527Because anyone who cared already read FSN ages ago while you don't need to know FSN to give typemoon your money through FGO

>>523385508I don't know what fuck I just read. And why do keep censoring Nasu?>>523385912Nasu is unironically hated by actual Fate fans, as well Tsukihime fans. So him talking shit about him isn't new.

>>523386412Extra has a really bad setting and it tries way too hard to be deep. There isn't much meaning or impact to what happens in that setting. The characters range from meh to really annoying as shit.

>>523376604Delete all established characters and lore. Make Fate a framework for other franchises to have holy grail wars.


More ASStolfo

>>523386503That's some great and interesting ideas. I believe you can create something that's different than Fate, but uses similar elements. Try to write how the story goes.

>>523376604Include a fishing event or story line with busty fishing servants.

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>>523386676>love the aesthetic>love the OSTI cannot bring myself to hate it completelyI can easily condemn Extella though

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>>523386509How different is the blank protagonist compared to FGO?>>523386676That seems understandable.

>>523386974Karl and Charlamange are completely wasted in Extella.

>>523387191FGO's protagonist literally says nothing and just follows the plot along and his dialogue choices don't really matterExtra's protagonist is still in a similar position of life or death but is working with trying to figure out what the fuck he is. If nothing else, his identity crisis is an overarching plot point that he/she tries to break out of

>>523386947> FishingAhem

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>>523386935Well, he does, at one point, team up with a knightess. She’s a fucking chivalrous dork.Long story short, the entire “Arc” is Gabriel learning to smile again after being exposed to something he never really had: A life

>>523376604More cunny.

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>>523387337Wow, that really does sound bad.

>>523386974If jap games had this as their actual art style instead of everything being as bright and as colorful as clown vomit, I actually might play more of them.

>>523387395>pictures exist

>>523387483That sounds like Kiritsugu is recovering from his trauma because of Saber. I can see how well the story with this idea.

>>523387690No, I'm saying Lancer actually went to fishing in Hollow Ataraxia. That's a thing canonically happened.

>>523386947>Fishing event featuring Captain AhabYesssssss

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>>523387504>more SMUG cunnyfixed that for you

>>523385410All of her.

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>>523387701However, Gabriel is also fucking terrifying.One of the first times we SEE him is after he clears an entire outpost of demons. It looks like it got hit by a fucking missile. There are mutilated corpses everywhere, the buildings are on fire, and he calmly walks out of there like it’s a Sunday afternoon.Then he sits down, sighs, and just kinda... Waits there. Like he’s awaiting orders.I think it’s a good way to sum up his character

>>523388269who is cute tubby neet lookin dork?

>>523376604explicit sex scenes

>>523387191They're kind of similar. Both are inhabiting a world that is beyond fucked and both are essentially viewpoint characters that lack agency.The difference is that the extra protagonist has more orbiters and is a broken person. The fgo protagonist is a normal guy who is the only sane and ethical person in the world who can understand heroic spirits better than anyone.

>>523388428It really does sounds like Kiritsugu desu.

>>523388162>More smug cunny WITH WIDE HIPSIf you're gonna "fix" something, at least to it right?

>>523388269>dumb glasses>fat>long, probably unkempt and smelly brown hair>nerdWhy is Fate allowed to steal my identity like this?

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>>523389650Post her rear user

>>523389753I don't know who her rear user is, but I'll be her front user

>>523388678Huh.NeatAnd he gets a really bittersweet ending. He rescues the allies and friends he made from Hell, but then closes the place off from the inside, condemning himself to the “Lower” planes forever. He gives up his chance at peace for his friends

>>523390047That sounds pretty depressing, but i do get the how it's bittersweet.

More boys

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>>523382472poor diarmund

>>523376604Free the Servants

>>523376604Y’know, if I was a Master, I would:>Ask my Servant to not call me Master>NEVER use Command Seals>Kill other Masters personally>Try my best to be nice to my Servant

Fate should stop taking itself way too seriously. Plots about literal who normalfag saving the world from indescribably powerful and horrifying threat with the power of last minute asspulls and plot armor EX are getting stale.

>>523391732so you want Scheherazade to be your servant?

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>>523391898Meh>>523392329I guess.I don’t want to be a dick to them