>everyone bitching about 3D All-Stars>no discussion of this tasty new Kart game

>everyone bitching about 3D All-Stars>no discussion of this tasty new Kart game

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>>523376414>He plays with kids toysnext you'll be telling me you play videogames

It's a gimmick. Why the fuck can't they just make a new MK game without some shitty fucking gimmick? I'm not gonna rearrange my fucking house to make an interesting track.

>>523376414>props not included

>>523376414Because it's a toy first and foremost. Try >>>/toy/

>>523376656so are dildos but you dont see /toy/ letting me post about them

>>523376750Man, if you're sticking Mario Kart up your ass, that's on you.

>>523376414honestly been thinking of building a little toy track town as a little project, this might push me over the edge and do little mario kart tracks with itconsidering going out and loading up on halloween shit pre-preemptively to make a ghost house track

>>523376414I'm not cleaning that shit up.

>>523376414>Mario Maker>Mario Kart MakerWhere my Mario Party Maker? Fucking nintendo

Seems like a worse version of normal remote control cars.The cars look like it has to be on flat surfaces so you can't really do ramps or have anything that would get you out of bounds unless you want to get up from your couch and fix up the kart again. Normal remote control cars seem a lot better and if you want to play MarioKart why wouldn't you just play mariokart?

Guys if this works out. Star Fox drone AR game.

>>523376414doesn't that shit cost like $120? At that point just buy regular Mario Kart

>>523376628it's a toy for children mate

>>523377283yes, a child's toy that costs roughly $320-490.if my kid wants to play with a RC car i'd just fucking buy him one, not an entire console and a extra set of toys for no actual purpose

>>523377283>>523377464Admit it. You guys would have loved to have this as a kid.

>>523376414>Play for one hour before going back MK8.

>>523376414If I were a kid you're damn fucking right I'd be begging my parents for this. Hell if I had even a cool nephew to spoil, I'd splurge on that thing.

>>523377030>Mario monopoly


>>523376414who the fuck has the room for this? like really? the majority of people live in small shitty apartments.

>>523377524i would have thought it sucked after not being able to do any shortcuts, not having any jumps, and only being able to play with one friend at any given time. i don't know how stupid of a kid you were, but apparently dumber than me, and i used to eat the nesquik powder out of the container with a spoon while wondering why i was fucking choking

>>523376414>Carpet fags btfo

If I was a kid I would be asking for this for christmas

Why isn't this just Labo #5: Mario Kart?Did Nintendos give up on the Labo product line?

>>523377756>and i used to eat the nesquik powder out of the container with a spoon while wondering why i was fucking chokingI-I do that now is that bad?

>>523376414mario kart if he real

>>523377756>only being able to play with one friend at any given timenah you can play with up to four at once

>>523377767If anything this looks more like their advanced progress on the 3DS augmented reality minigames.

Do you know what would be based? If you could have online play be that you use someone else's kart that they placed for others to use so that you can race on their track

>>523377756>i would have thought it sucked after not being able to do any shortcutsAren't you able to drive however you want though, provided you enter the checkpoints in the right order and from the correct direction?

>>523376414Why does Nintendo keep doing this?These fucking odd little things that seem neat on paper but you fucking know every kid is going to play with it once or twice and just put it away forever.

>>523377714Rich kids.My younger cousin is going to have a field day with this game since my uncle has a gigantic house.

>>523376414Not every family wants to have their kid take up a full room to make a pretend race track

>>523377886the shit only comes with two racers, doesn't it? it doesn't show you being able to use extra RC'seven if it does theres still the entirety of the control scheme and the limits the RC brings. you have to have a practical goalie picking the karts back up if you even consider playing on a raised surface, and i don't know how the fuck you'd drift with these fucking things if you even can

>>523376841Mario Kart shove it up your own ass game

>>523378074>Why does Nintendo keep doing this?Because they can? What's the point in being a big company if you don't think outside of the box every once in a while?

>>523378074>Why does Nintendo keep making games for kids Why is that a bad thing? You had childish games growing up and you probably loved them, the next generation should get the same thing. Mascot platformers were blatantly courting a younger audience, but they were great. We loved Mario, Sonic, even great tie ins like Alladin or Hercules.

>>523378074It's a part of their "create an interesting concept, then develop a game around it" thing.

>>523378350>even great tie ins like Alladin or Hercules.I miss when licensed games used to be good. Now we only get trash like Iron Man VR or Square's Avengers.

>>523378309this looks more like it was developed in a vacuum considering its a game you spend a hour setting up, 10 minutes playing, then leave on a shelf to rot. i'm not even sure you can play this on anything other than a perfectly flat and solid surface, can these things even go through dirt?

>>523377957Yeah, until they destroy your house with the kart

>>523378502>Iron Man VR or Square's AvengersThey're probably still at least good enough, but they're probably not for you if you don't see the need to buy them.I don't see the need to get them as they don't seem interesting to me. But they're probably at least interesting to someone who like these kinds of stuff.

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>>523376841I'm actually an attractive girl

>>523378832>online meta is just trying to destroy the luigi RC

>>523376414i wish i was a kid again and be able to fully enjoy this, and have sex with milfs as a kid.

I'm gonna print out a bunch of porn and make a mario kart navigated porn gallery

>>523378974oh god, imagine the tracks based entirely on weaving between anime titty figurines

>>523376414I hate this. I fucking hate this so much.

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>>523378213It comes with one racer, you can buy the Mario or Luigi edition, you need to buy twice to get both

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>>523378925you'll never be a real woman

>>523378974even if you dont do it, someone is going to do it, i bet someone rich enough is going to pay some skanks to become the walls of a racetrack.

>>523379212i imagine they'll sell more racers down the line but holy shit thats fucking retarded they're launching this shit with multiplayer essentially locked to buying an entire extra copy

>>523379218At least that much is confirmed.


>>523376508he doesn't just play video games, he plays video games made for children

>>523376414I will be baffled if those things handle any better than a fucking boat.

>>523379212I wonder if I could put the camera and hardware onto an RC buggy and make this game work at the track.

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>>523376414This thing will do gangbusters over the holidaysHowever it's not a real MK game and I'm pissed were stuck with MK8D for at least a few more years

>>523379776or just replace the Karts with upgraded wheels and motors


>>523376414Man, me and my friends would have loved this back when we were kids

>>523381074That's not gonna cut it.

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>>523377759this, it looks like a top tier toydo kids nowadays still play with toys? I figured they just play Fortnite on their Iphones and ask for fortnitebucks for christmas

>>523377767you can't put a motors on a cardboard car and expect it to drive properly

>>523376414Yeah if I was 7 years old again and my parents still loved me this would be the coolest shit in the world to me. But as an adult I am able to understand that I am no longer the audience for these things.It's not a bad gimmick though, it's a great one for its target audience. It's not for me.

>>523377464It's 100

>>523378832Thats the Mission mode.

>>523382150Plus the price of the SwitchES. You can't play this with other people (your family) if you only have one family Switch.

>>523376414I'm waiting for someone to refloor a room in his house to get the optimal surface for drifting with these things and fifty Wojak edits of him because of course it will be a white dude

>>523382503>of course its a white dude>blacks can't optimize anything

I'll just wait for the youtube videos of retards pimping out their cars and putting them in death races.

>>523382503These RC will be featured in tons of soi-worthy videos with soi-worthy thumbnails.

>>523376414>Dude just have a 20 square metre room with nothing in it to create courses in with junk lmao

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>>523377756>A 20+ year old man is mad about a children's RC CarReally makes my head a noggin.

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>>523379345>you need to buy 2 toys in order to have 2 toysWOOOOOOOW

>>523379776fuck that, put the camera on a real kart so you can sit in it and drive with the Switch

>>523382308a good parent would build cool ass courses for their kid

>>523383650why is it this tactical infantilzation shit only comes up to defend nintendo? you write this off as kiddie shit and then people would shit themselves in a rage saying 'OH WELL I BET YOU ENJOY COD DON'T YOU MISTER MATURE!?!?!?!'its childish and pointless when you need to defend it but its completely justified for an adult to enjoy kids shit when you want to dump 100+ dollars on it

>>523383775why wouldn't I just shrink myself and sit in the cart at that point

>>523384997because what if a giant milf wanders in and mistakes you for food haha that'd be awkward to get picked up by a giant woman and devoured whole haha how embarrassing

>>523377030already happened

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I would love to see meme racetracks that people will make. Inappropriate ones included.

>>523383653They could very easily have put the game, two karts, and cardboard shits into one package. Just Nintendo being greedy nothing new.

>>523383292even if you live in a minuscule cuckshed, if you have enough space to walk you should have enough space to drive your bingbingwahoo toy around

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Why did they make the toy so big though? Wouldn't it be easier to make tracks for smaller cars?

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>>523376414Cant believe nobody haven’t come up with this before. Very smart use of AR.

>game aimed at literal children>using tasty to describe it

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>>523376414This picture just makes me want a new R.C. Pro Am.

>>523379776I did see something in Japanese twitter with that recently. People playing with racing wheel, controlling their RC cars on a track via a camera feed.

Wonder how the speed will work.Seems like a track like this would take 10 seconds tops to go around.

>>523386718>Every single track is basically Baby Park with some swerves in it.

>>523381362this, im planning on picking one just for the collection potential. I doubt ill ever be able to play it with another person

>>523376414Ever heard Holla Forums talk about Ring Fit Adventure? Holla Forums never talks about games that will became 20 million sellers. This will be by FAR the biggest selling game in the next 12 months.

this thing better have a "Free drive" mode where I can drive around the cart and watch it in first person without being confined to a racetrack

>>523387037>Holla Forums never talks about gamesYou could've stopped there, honestly.

>>523387148please this.

>>523387037it won't sell that much because it'll be sold-out everywhereyou can always expect Nintendo to create artificial scarcity for their toygames

how big can the tracks be? can you bring this to some empty parking lot and go full autism?

>>523387293im guessing if it sells out the Nintendo will release carts with other racers. Daisy please Nintendo. or better yet, biker Daisy

>>523387372It depends on how the location recognition works.It might have trouble with uneven terrain or bright outdoor environments without walls as a reference point.

>>523387293>artificial scarcityAnimal Crossing outsold every first party Sony game combined. So much for scarcity.

this is cool as fuck, i dont want it now but i wish this kinda shit was out when i was a kid

>>523376414>damn hope we get a new mario kart>make your own fucking mario kart retardsthanks nintendo

>>523387583This. I would have loved this as a kid

>>523377845Look up the "Cinnamon Challenge".

>>523377756you never though a taking a big breath then eating a small spoonful of that stuff?the whole thing is to avoid breathing while you are eating that shit. if you do it like that, theres not problem

What's the signal range of the Switch?I don't remember it having this type of wireless support.

>>523388284not much really, you might have to sit in the middle of the track

>>523376414I just want to fuck the cute boy in the commercial.

Problems:>Bluetooth will make it almost guaranteed 2-player only with a very short range>Track design will almost definitely be 2-dimensional tracks only. No sick ramp jumps or figuring out how to rig up a boost shortcut.>Probably won't be able to make larger tracks even with multiple kits.>"offroading" might not even be possible>$100 pricetag minimum; may be closer to $150.>Karts are probably fragile as fuck, so if a kid drops it gg no re.>Internals probably aren't going to stand up to much wear and tear to cut down costs, so even if this is your GotY somehow, you'll be looking for replacement parts in a year and a half at best.On the other hand, this is very much the kind of thing I'd keep an eye on. In like 3-5 years the modding scene for this game could explode because it'll combine RC Autism with MK Autism.

I can't believe they still give a shit about AR after what they did with 3DSIf this going well i guess they probably make Pokemon GO Switch edition that force you to buy Pokemon dolls for 200$ just to start the game Please do not support this shit

>>523379776when I was young I loved RC cars because I liked controlling small vehicles in general.Then RC trucks and front loaders and other stuffyoutube.com/watch?v=F9js7eu1Dis&disable_polymer=trueAnd this one just because I lul'd when hearing the music.youtube.com/watch?v=q-a3lgDfWaE

>>523389742Forgot this one.youtube.com/watch?v=A-EAIuJi2lU

>>523381581Remove top, make bottom to look like a gokart= win win.

>>523376414I'm a pretty hardcore snoyfaggot but I gotta admit AR Mario Kart looks fucking cool as fuck

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