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Soak in those cyberpunk tunes Holla Forums I'm sure this what everyone thinks of when they think of cyberpunk music right?!?!?Fuck you CDPR

What gay musical choices. Not a SINGLE synthwave track? Think they'd add in sone GUNSHIP? It's not too late...right?

2013> Personal responsibility bullets are the beauty of the blistering sky2020>NIGGER FUCK YOU I WANT YOU FUCK YOU I FUCK YOU I FUCK YOU I FUCK YOUAnyone that defends this is a faggot

Dont care.

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>>523377452Of course you are onions boy

>>523376242bros.... i cancelled.... my pre buy.... bros


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>he's not going to buy the GOTY cyberpunk 2077

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>>523377296Cyberpunk is a genre for faggots

First thing I think of when I hear the word "Cyberpunk"?Mumblerap obviously

>>523376242>half of the game is in the desert and now this instead of synthwaveWith Cyberpunk be the most uncyberpunk thing ever created?


>>523377728Mumblerap inst cyberpunk

>>523376242I'm sticking to Shadowrun

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>>523378132I'm not talking about the music

>>523376754>Soak in those cyberpunk tunes Holla Forums I'm sure this what everyone thinks of when they think of cyberpunk music right?!?!?>Fuck you CDPRWho are you to say what "cyberpunk music" is?>>523377296Bullets is still in the game, the chorus plays during the first "Cyber Psycho Detected" side mission, a recreation of the teaser, and on one of the radio stations, You literally don't know what you're talking about.

>>523376242based soundtrack

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>>523378679It's about as based as a salted hemorrhoid.

>>523376242Nigga you literally made this exact same post in the morning, the absolute state of cyberpunk shitposters.

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>>523376984>synthwavenormie tier cringe

>>523376242>>523378679Please die and stay die

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>>523378928Terrible opinion but I'll allow it.

>>523376242holy shit it gets worse by the day

>>523378928aand still, more cyberpunk than what is presented.So point still stands since personal opinion is irrelevant for what is more appropriate for this specific game.

>>523376242I love grimes!

>>523378907And I had not seen it. Now I have, so fuck youOp, thank you for your second input, Since I was working (something a lot of people here don't do) I wasnt aware of this new information.I will not spend my money on this game. Only torrent it, and if that even.

>>523376242>>523376754>>523376984>>523377296>>523377538>>523377728>>523377849>>523377960>>523377987>>523378132>>523378185>>523378828>>523379213>>523379307>>523379337Don't care. I'm still buying Cyberpunk 2077.

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>>523379413Of course you are.

>>523379130Not him but he's right, synthwave is trash and really isn't cyberpunk.Don't confuse "synthwave" with literally all other types of music that have synths, it's synthwave specifically that is normie upbeat garbage.

>>523379529Ok then.

RTJ is fucking awesome, I didn't know they were gonna be doing Cyberpunk 2077

>>523378185Based. Posted the best version of shadowrun too

>>523377452>>523379413no one cares you brain damaged retard

>>523379529Not the guy you replied to but what IS cyberpunk in terms if music.

>>523376242this isn't what I ordered.

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>>523376242Damn so this is music in the year 2077?What a joke.

This reminds me that Lirik called his fanbase infantile and immature for complaining whenever he puts on rap music

>>523379307>more cyberpunkno, your idea of cyberpunk is playing shitty 80s synthwave in a Delorean parked in a chinese slum. The song fits well with Mike Pondsmith's "high-tech low-life" vision of the genre.

>>523379529What type of music does hotline Miami have then?

>>523376242>Square is busy shilling their Avengers garbage so we'll never get the last arc of Jensen's storyYeah,

>>523380000Who the fuck is Pondsmith?

if i were in charge of cyberpunk's soundtrack, these are the songs i'd

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>>523378293"What is cyberpunk music?" Music I like

>>523380196A glorified board game creator

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>>523376242What's the problem, retard? Do you think the future can only be your arbitrary vision?

>>523380306i was prepared to call you a faggot, but you're actually extremely based and ed banger pilled

>>523376242If this just plays in-world someplace, it probably won't be that offensive honestlyIf the entire soundtrack is stuff like this it's kinda worrying though

you didn't think it would be a dystopia without nigger music did you?

>NOPE CAN'T CHANGE THE RADIO STATIONThere isn't a single open world game with more than one acceptable radio station, and most of the songs are still shit.


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>degenerate future>Holla Forumstards are surprised that KARA BOGA music reigns supreme and not their le epic synthwave retro garbage

>>523380487Thinking any genre will just disappear is retarded.

Making the little faggots who like synthwave mad makes CDPR eternally based.

>>523379818>>523380041Cyberpunk-esque music is dark electro mostly (downtempo) but also branches into industrial. Some examples of what i consider to be "cyberpunk music" to be fair, a lot of the music i've heard in 2077 fits the bill, but then there's also this dogshit in the OP, and trash like grimes which really doesn't belong.

>>523376242it's good

>>523380041Synthwave. Hotline Miami is also not a cyberpunk game. It's explicitly 80's Outrun.

>>523380306your soundtrack would be trash then.

Whole OST should be Infected

>>523376242rent free

>>523380653how do we know this kinda of music wont be in the game

>>523380848Read the bottom line of my post.

>>523380952>>523380848>>523380653pay attention to the music playing in the night wire gameplay. the OST is total industrial stuff. the op is just licensed music for the radio stations.

>>523376242what's wrong with just posting on pol?

>>523380457very very excited for myd's album this year if it's still happening>>523380740better than the song in the op, at least

>>523376242This shit sounds baller.

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>>523380306You forgot yeah, the game's well on its way to become hot garbage.

>>523381057I hope the music that plays during the parts when the aussie girl is talking is the character creation music. It has that relaxed techno feel to it.

>>523380000>Hey guys, let's call it cyberpunk, make it full neon with old aesthetic cars BUT WITH RAP SHIT CUZ WE ARE PROGRESSIVEHow can people be that delusional?

>>523380653It does belong because it's music on the radio. The nondiagetic music, the soundtrack that is, completely fits the bill as you have pointed out. The diagetic music, the radio, fits just as much due to the differing tastes of the listener. A Nomad player might wanna RP as a genuine Nomad and have zero interest in rap, electronic, or pop and just want to listen to the country station.

>>523376242could this game be any shittier

>>523376754i don't care if it sounds "cyberpunk" i care that it sounds like garbage. "cyberbunk" music would just be "whatever you think will be popular among urbanite retards in 2080," which has greater than average odds of being complete shit.

>>523381574Just scary is all

>>523380196a nigger that watched blade runner

>>523379698>RTJ is fucking awesome

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>>523379731>No you can't buy a game I don't want you to buyEnd yourself faggot.

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>>523380487i see you are completely couched in the "it's supposed to be shit" defensive position>imagine model pieces not falling off and sinking into the map geometry in a dystopia>imagine the game not crashing in a dystopia>imagine your save file not being corrupted in a dystopia


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>>523379818Grand Theft Auto III soundtrack

>>523382952Based, where are those?

>>523382689>Literal rage faces

Jet set radio future had the best cyberpunk soundtrack dare I say it

>wiggina fliggina hibbina (WUH)>fliggina slibbina bibbina (WUH)>flibbina (WUH), bibbina (WUH)>FLIBBINA HIBBINA SLIBBINA (WURL STAAAAR)I love cyberpunk

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>>523376242where is dance with the dead ?

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>>523376242>Cyberpunk sci fi setting>"We gotta have killer mike!"

>>523383369dance with the dead is way too good for this game

>>523383369>staining Dance with the Dead with this garbage

>>523383332I didn't know we had a talented musician on the thread, did you copyright that? I think the Cyberpunk ost might steal it.

>Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction in a dystopian futuristic setting that tends to focus on a "combination of low-life and high tech">Holla Forumstards expect low-lives to listen to fucking classical music

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>>523379337shit sounds like the fall guys soundtrack

>>523380306I expected vaporwave or hotline miami music but I was pleasantly surprisedtoo bad about the hacking relates faction not being the types to fit this style of

>>523383690/pol/ doesn't like video games in general.

>>523383690Actually now that I think about it, it worked in Clockwork Orange.

>>523376242>Ed Sheeran>Smug black man>Lil Bow Wow>Miley CyrusFucking state of zoomers

>>523380306>>523376242If I was in charge of CP2077 I wouldn't pay a single song license.Music is the lesser art form.

>>523383717ooh this sounds cool as shit, thanks user

>>523376242Personal responsibilityPersonal responsibilityPersonal responsibilityPersonal responsibilityPersonal responsibility...

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>>523376242>amerimutt music>>523380306>more amerimutt music>>523380653>even more amerimutt musicI understand that America nowadays is a dystopia, but I don't think their music should be anywhere in well, anything.

>>523383927They didn't license any music.

Uh yeah, no thanks. I'm sticking with a REAL Cyberpunk game.

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>>523383690some zoomer doesn't listen to a little ludwig van before a night of the old ultraviolence

>>523383927I agree if I was the project lead I'd insist on writing all the music myself, when they hear my past projects there's no way they'd refuse

>>523384052>more amerimutt musicall the music i posted was european, retard

>>523384184Not much difference between muttland and Europe nowadays, honestly.

why is everyone fat

>>523384130>yeah dude cyberpunk 2077 is going to flop, i'm going to stick with this literally who gameI keep forgetting that this is the place that unironically shilled Metal Gear Survive.

>>523384212just stop posting you retarded brazilian

>>523384130God, I wish someone would make another SR game. Though I dunno what woke shit HBS will bring to the next one they make... Why must all developers be retarded?

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>>523384303>unironically shilled Metal Gear Survive.No we didn't.

>>523384320Maybe it's you who should stop posting trash.

>>523384254Game is set in Clapistan. What do you expect?

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>>523376242this song actually sucks ass though, bait thread aside

what this game needed was starcadian music

>>523384373Yes you did.

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>>523384320even brazillians can sometimes come up with great

>>523384303>>523384373>>523384460it's really bullshit that they pulled the same deal as TPP with that opening hour being very scripted and interesting and chucked you into a shitty open world afterthank god for the open beta before release which revealed the game to be a sequel to bloons tower defense

>>523382952will you keep spamming this wojack in every thread?

>> really hope you atleast get paid for this shit.

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>>523376242Why can't they just make a good game, guys? Is it so hard?

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>>523383978check out acid as a genreone of the few things the UK did right

>>523384729Unlike OP?I think a lot of mentally ill people in Holla Forums just use CP2077 to vent their mental illness, somehow it attracts them like magnets, like that literal cult that formed in Holla Forums around the Alita movie.

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>>523384742it's like expecting chris burke to design a rocket

>>523384052>even more amerimutt musicActual retard. All but 1 of those are european you dope.

>>523384742Why would you care?Cyberpunk is maybe the worst aesthetic and worst subgenre to be aborted into this world in the past decades.Anything cyberpunk is automatically trash, it is the prefered genre of the 60 IQ, pseudo-intelectual reddit amerimutt.

>>523384773you have any good recommendations? the most "acid" i've ever listened to was

>>523384947i told you to stop posting brazil

>>523384947What's worse user, Steam or Cyberpunk?

>>523384918It's sad that Europe is as decadent as America is, then.

>>523384692>SpamOh is this the 2018 definition of spam again? We're in 2020 now boyo.

>>523385045Steampunk, at least cyberpunk could happen some day, the other is nothing but the official fedora setting.

>>523382689>literally posted from an iPhone

>>523384947lol your president got covid multiple times. KWAB

>>523385068western music has been decadent since the 17th century

>>523385043Why don't you go back to listening to your blank noise?>>523385238No he didn't, i'm swiss.

>>523385068Yeah music should only be Pop straight out of a fucking factory.You're actually retarded.

>>523385164>TruthI wish it had more potential like steam engines in Rome or something(someone maybe did that, but I wouldn't know).

>>523385164not really no. there is no way of limiting the centralization of power in high tech epoch, which invalidates one of the key insecurities that underpins cyberpunk as a subgenre.

>>523376242I believe music like this is made for the game's radio stations, by real world bands. I looked over the main composer's Instagram and I assume most of the actual ingame ambient or combat tracks will sound more like

Here's your cyberpunk

>>523385504You are replying to a guy who has been making this exact same thread since 2019.

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>>523376242I fucking hate Holla Forums, none of you niggers have actually played a tabletop game and just make stupid assumptions of what a setting is supposed to be like based on memes. Synth is gay, techno is gay and bladerunner is gay, I'm more surprised there's no much punk music considering that's what heavily influenced the genre and it was the music my group predominantly listened too during games way back when.


So how are shitposters going to cope when this releases and they cant just blatantly lie anymore?

>>523384834OP is nothing compared to the autist who literally posts the same image 9 times per day on average.

>> (aphex twin) be a dream to hear this style in a cyberpunk setting but I doubt it'll ever happen

>>523376242To be fair. This is an accurate reflection of how music in the future will likely sound.

>>523385273>SwissAh, the people who pride themselves on being neutral even though any of their neighbors could conquer them if they felt like it.

>>523385792Like they did with The Witcher 3, just keep making vague threads repeating that it's bad over and over and insist that the game totally flopped.

>>523385792When the game is inevitably garbage they won't need to

>>523385881They had to cope really hard when TLOU2 came out and sold a ton.

>>523380804welcome to the Cum zone

>>523385869None of them have, not even the nazis did.Besides, we have conscription for a reason.

>>523385792That has never stopped anyone and somehow people still believe them.

>>523385706>muh punk is what influenced duh genre!!!! :'(No, you fucking faggot.

Imagine a game being on fucking STADIA of all things and your kiddie tablet is still too weak to play it so all you can do is make angry threads on Holla Forums.

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>>523385968They worked for Nazi's, no point in conquering them

>>523376242every song they release is just garbage

>>523385706nah synths and vocoders have always been associated with futurism because they were cutting edge when futurism was en vogue in pop culture. also no one listens to punk for ambience, so find a better lie.

>>523386173I've legit seen people post shit like "where's the pertubator music?" herewhoever you guys are, I hope you're more self aware now of how retarded you sounded when you thought Hotline Miami or Furi were cyberpunk

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>>523385968your entire continent is a vassal of the american empire. you should give up on the conscription.

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>>523386457Why? The USA is collapsing, and forced service filters out the pussies.I think it's the rest of the west who should implement conscription.

Attached: 1593553306816.png (964x583, 395.76K)

>>523386616nah conscription just wastes valuable time and as a conquered people there's no point.

>>523386748>nah conscription just wastes valuable timeWhat the hell are you going to spend your time between 18 and 22 on, playing videogames or watching marvel movies?Besides, the military is entertaining, and the girls there are all insane in the good way.>a conquered peopleFix your civil war first.

>>523376242Remember when it was supposed to be an RPG and not an action-adventure story?Fuck.

>>523386619If you needed any more proof that it's leftist trannies shilling for this game.

>already breaking sales records before it's even outHow ya copin, ninten/v/?

>>523376242the fuck is this bullshit?

>>523386863do useful mathematics while you're sharp or pretend to be a soldier? good point, one should probably do the roleplaying instead.

>>523376984>Synthwave>Came out in the 2010s so let's using it for an 80s based cyberpunk????????

>>523386867It's still a full-fledged RPG.

>>523383927And you're the lesser human.


Why is Rock and Metal or Classical music disappearing completely?So in the future, people only listen to hiphop/techno dance crap?

>>523387078Well, conscription also means you can either stay in the military and already have a job for nothing, or use it on your resume and join a private contractor.>useful mathematics You are saying you can't do that beyond your early 20s?

The most damned fucking thing, even ironically impossible to listen to. Just imagine the stupid fucking face of person who listens to this, how he dresses, behaves, how he sees himself ... oh, I can't

>>523380306>not a single hard punk or metal track

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>>523376242What is this fucking zooming shit? The absolute music tastes of zoomers, fuck.


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>>523387287imagine inviting people out to listen to it

>This game is not boring and predictable>This game doesn't cater to every one of my shitty tastesCry more

>>523382689Is this supposed to look like the cover of Revolver?

>>523377296>in a cyberpunk gameit checks out, dumb shitposter>>523379731then dont make these threads lol

>>523380306Not bad, you're not a faggot.

>>523376242>2077>77Who are those tribesmen obsessed with repeating 7s?

Why does he do it?

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>>523376242This is the most Punk song they've released so far. The Samurai/Refused stuff was clearly Rock.

>>523387641i kneel to shazam

It's not even chaotic noise, it's not even agressive, or edgy... It's 80% hip-hop, and 20% soft techno beats for low IQs.Too bad in a cyberpunk world there is little place for reflection, contemplation which I find is the best thing that could feature the genre.Will this game even have a meaningful message? An insight into Man, machine, technology, community, identity, faith or whatever? Or will it be ebil corpos and street gangs crimes only?

>>523387948get help please

Attached: 2020-09-03 22_31_36-(0) _v_ - CYBERSHIT 2077 - Video Games - 4chan.png (363x103, 6.79K) THOSE FUCKING BANGERS

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>>523387341yeah i dont listen to that stuff man

Grimes has a nice face for facefucking


>>523388038you need a browser extension that can diagnose your mental illness

>Holla Forumsirgins that are angry people listen to non-metallol go back to your basements. DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEATH BLOOOOOOOD ROOOOOARUUUURGH! VIKINGS!

For music I would have Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, while I chill in my apartment of driving at night in the car.

>>523388137piss! so much piss!!

>>523388038This makes it incredibly obvious you are from Holla Forums fyi. It's the only place I have ever seen anyone do this, because it allows them to not argue anything and just attack flags/post ids/post count like a message board.

>>523388369>having 4chan X makes it obvious you're from Holla Forums please lay off the schizoburgers

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>>523388523>StrawmanNot really helping your case here bro.

>>523388554>Strawman>literally exactly what was saidhuh?

>>523388038>you cant post more than onceMillions of years of evolution and you chose to become retarded.

>>'s just special

>>523388630>maybe if I post enough times about how terrible this game is people won't buy it

>>523388597Please find the post where someone said having 4chan x makes you from Holla Forums? I don't see it. I see a post stating if you go around going "HEY YOUR FIRST POST HERE" it's Holla Forums as no other board does that. Needing to strawman to deflect is also obvious Holla Forums behavior. Go back.

>>523388038based samefag detective

>>523380000>le high tech le low life!stop this meme

>>523388523>deletes his browser history everything Holla Forums related>no dude! i dont post in Holla Forums, see my history! lay off the schizoburgers!

>>523376242the fuck is this

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>>523388703I miss when this word had a meaning. A samefag isn't making multiple post in a thread. A samefag is making a statement and then replying as if you were a different person. Someone stating something and not stating "I AM ALSO POSTER 523388665" isn't same fagging. The following is.

>>523388802This. Absolutely based and genius reply. Thanks user.By the way you can tell I am the same person because my post is EXACTLY one minute after that.

>>523388682>oh god fuck he noticed how i was posting the same shit over and over again, uh...that's it, just say he's from Holla Forums, that will do it!!!I don't understand your angle here.

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>>523388665imagine choosing the purpose of your life being to...protect the sales of a video game.

>>523388665>if I criticise a game about its flaws that means I have an illuminati tier agenda Get help, schizo.

>>523386616>(((forced service/dying for israel filters out the pussies!)))


>>523388682Just because you've only seen that behavior on Holla Forums doesn't mean that it's a Holla Forums thing (or an /int/ thing for that matter).

>>523376242So, a game that takes place in a soulless, corporate nightmare world where sex is sold like candy in a "Brave New World" like hedonistic hellhole, with murderous cyborgs and crimerates that make ANTIFA and BLM look like MLK's protests, and you hate the music... for ACCURATELY EMBODYING THAT?No. Go fuck yourself. It's supposed to be dumbed-down, repetitive, brainless and sex-drenched tripe. That's why it fits this horrifying setting

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>start game>music volume zero>put on deus ex soundtrack

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>>523389065better yet just mod it out

>>523389036look at this guilty conscience

>>523378928ive always found the music synthwave is based on too be more interesting than the genre

>>523389123look at this fat nigga goddamn

cant wait for the OST for their next annoucement for the CyberPunk 2077 Card Game ™

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>>523389093how is that better?

Remind me again how CDPR isn't the same as EA

>>523389062>No no no, it's SUPPOSED to be shit!I hate cyberpunk

>>523389182because it means you're not playing on console


>>523389186because they're a polish indie devhonestly what does CDPR have in common with EA

>>523389132one of the best music videos of all time is rotoscopedhow does this make you feel Holla Forums

>>523376984synthwave and industrial have been the OST, the in game songs made by fictional pop musicians are pop shit.

>>523389303>indie>AAA budget

>>523389386indie doesn't stop being indie just because they have a lot of money, user

>>523389303i prefer american indie devs like activision-blizzard

>>523389432but that's a chinese indie dev

>>523389247>No no no, it's SUPPOSED to be shit!YES! IT IS! That's why it's horrifying! It helps with the nihilistic horror of the setting! It's supposed to make you disgusted, as it is "low life meets high-tech", and this trashy, repetitive music sells it perfectly!

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>>523378132that isnt mumblerap autist

>>523389514literally everything that isn't synthwave is mumblerap

>>523387341Well yea he's trying to make a good soundtrack not a shit one.

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>>523389485cd projekt is a kenyan indie dev because someone from kenya owns a single share

>>523389418yes it does

>>523389651indie means they self-publish

>>523389514sounds like mumble rap to me

bing bing wahoo

>>523376242generic music for a generic game, not surprised. I am glad i refunded my preorder.

>>523384003I hope crowbcat or someone makes a video showing how different the game used to be compared to release. I know that was just a teaser but man...

>>523389738>i hope my eceleb helps me by telling me what my opinions are

>>523389738well it'll just be a teaser on one side and grand theft auto los angeles as the final product

>>523389736Fear, uncertainty, and doubt (often shortened to FUD) is a disinformation strategy used in sales, marketing, public relations, politics, cults, and propaganda. FUD is generally a strategy to influence perception by disseminating negative and dubious or false information and a manifestation of the appeal to fear.

Attached: l;ol.png (371x81, 4.9K)

>>523389684it implies financial limitation though.

>>523387341imagine if they mixed synth punk industrial together to form something interesting.

>>523389932no it doesn't, even if that's a common theme among indie acts and films

>>523389684Sony, Ubisoft, EA, Blizzard, Activision self-publishes too, so that means they’re indie, got it, retard.

>>523389916microsoft is paying me to not like your favorite game


>>523389512Is not horrifying. It doesn't sell anything. Is just bad. It causes the opposite of engagement. I can get horrified and the OST of Saya no Uta or Silent Hill yet I'd come back for more. This is just nigger shit.

>>523390027virtually no one considers them indie. Indie mustn't mean what you think.

>>523390027>get called a retard>confirm itwew lad



I have to wonder why there are so many constantly spammed hate threads about Cyberpu-oh.

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>>523389916>making a purchase decision using Holla Forums's postsl;ollisten, you can suck on CDPR's dick if you want, everything about this game is a huge red flag which influneced my decision to refund my preorder. still sad about the teasers they put out since i was previously hyped for the game.


>>523390286yes user, i genuinely believe that you made a well-informed purchase decision and are not at all shitposting multiple times ITT

>>523389982cd projekt is a publicly-traded major game developer and publisher and is not an "indie" studio

>>523390336hi CDPR marketing team

>>523376242yeah its all retardation nowneed to throw the niggers in the music to make the normies think they are elite along with the eliteness of the game games are a fucking joke now, its all about thought control rather than entertainment

>>523390394hi angry switch owner

>>523390336bill gates personally contacts me to keep appraised of my efforts to sabotage your favorite game

>>523390476>>523390009Microsoft is marketing CP2077 retard

>>523390507that's just what they want you to think

>>523376242>cyberpunk genre>music is crude and soulless>NOOOOO IT CANT SAY THE F WORD IT HAS TO BE ABOUT MUH WHEAT FIELDS AND MUH WAIFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Reminder that Holla Forums is fucking retarded.

>>523376242Sounds kinda dumb, but seriously just change the radio station if you don't like it

>>523390164>the metal is just screaming/growling

>>523390084Horror doesn't always require a retard in a metal head-casing chopping people up, or zombies. That stuff isn't "scary", it's too retarded to be scary. A cyberpunk setting, on the other hand, is closer to Earth. It's "horror" is that society will degenerate into a corporate shithole, where "diversity" has turned the world into a hedonistic soulless void of retardation and violence. Where things like "beauty" and "deeper meaning" have been erased by technology, crushing corporate power, and drugs.

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>>523390581changing the radio station to a better game


>A$AP Rocky >grimes fuckin based. glad it’s not some garbage “muh sekret” underground drone noise/techno trash.


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I'll buy it if it looks good on release but it's just GTA at this point, right?



>>523390610You know you can have a soundtrack that does all that and still be good, right?

>>523390852thanks to spotify everything that's not cardi b is underground

>>523376242Be honest wit me Holla Forums,will Cyberpunk 2077 be as good as Witcher 3?

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>>523391087It doesn't sound like "shit" to me, if it fits the setting. If it was out of place rock music, or death metal blaring at me, sure, I'd understand. But this sounds cyberpunky to me.

>>523376242This bangs.


>>523391208yes, it will be as good as witcher 3

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>>523391208why not aim higher, like the order: 1886

>>523383690/pol/ plays video games about as much as their SJW counter-parts.

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>>523376242What's wrong with this?

>>523390027Retard alert.

>>523390651knock yourself out, no one cares about your shitty opinion lol

>>523391592i can think of someone that cares

>>523391208It'll be even better.

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>>523391250>It doesn't sound like "shit" to meThat's because you are a retarded cyberpunkfag. You niggers have no taste.

>ctrl+f "machine girl">0 results

>>523384383*Pig squeals*

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cant wait for the game guys!

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El-P my man what happened to you...

>>523390562>>523383690>>523383797>>523391530>>523382952stop strawmaning lmao.

>>523391724>You niggers have no taste.Define "taste". It's not my problem if faggots like you don't want a game to be immersive.

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Where did it all go so horibly wrong, bros?