>blacksouls 2

>blacksouls 2

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>>523375984Covid is fake.

>playing bs1>fairy made me a boat>giant eye monster waiting to kill me in the riverAre all fairies in this game pure evil?

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>>523375984I love her

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>>523376353>>523375984i want to see the nightsky

>>523376228They're like kids. Cocky little shits.But that boat is actually useful, just use your brain a little.

>>523376228No, Leaf loves you!

>>523376228After I killed the fucking piece of shit with flame and other fire spells, I went back to the fairy and raped her

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>>523375984Why can't we fugg?How do you get these CGs?

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>>523376537Yeah it took me to RRH’s house. Can I bring the boat somewhere else though? Cause there is a section in the Skeleto Maze and after it I’d need one>>523376541Leaf is the one that disturbs me the most. She smells of final boss>>523376646Based

>>523376740Lose to the final boss

>>523376792Must be because I had lewd off.


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Favorite sprite?

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>>523376740One you get naturally by doing End G. The other you need to lose to the final boss.>>523376843You missed a great intro then.


>>523376985I sometimes forget I have it off when I do so to save time.

What does candy even do?

Which class has the best start?1.2.


>>523377238You give to burd for items, it's in your rape dungeon.

>>523377238you trade it to the crow just like in dark soulsin bs1 it's near red hood's housebs2 it's in the dungeon

>>523377238Trade them to a bird for items. Near Red's house in 1, in your dungeon in 2.




I fucking missed 1 fairytale in bs2tell me it isn't required for the true ending

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Whats the threshold on bullying bill before the serpent god gets angry at me.

>>523377648no. you just get a small bonus for getting them all in one playthrough

>>523377696Anything that would break the covenant or make it inaccessible.

>>523377746thank god whats the bonus


>>523378210swimsuit sex with nodeor a crappy ring that you can get in the chaos dungeon

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>>523376983I'm partial to the sorcerer, I love masked protagonists.

>>523378340i used sorcerer in black souls 1. i was glad there was more variety in 2 though

>>523378210Which one? >>523378281>WR ring>Crappy

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>play a mage>all endgame enemies have magic reflect / immunity / evasionthe fuck am I supposed to do? is there a magic version of omnistrike that counters this horseshit?

>>523378632Meteor Shower.

>>523376983I like hood boi because when you're playing ending F/G there's a point where it looks like you've formed a chuuni squad.

>>523378632meteor shower

>>523378723Won't you still get nuked by the counter?

>>523378281FUCK>>523378393faggot iron hans whats the ring do

>>523378829How did you miss Hans? Also 50% chance of a bonus turn plus 20% boost to all stats.

>>523378393Honestly I just prefer the Black Rabbit Ring

>>523376983Far right, the OG Grimm.

>>523378964wish i knew :(

>>523377648I know that feel bro. I missed Saint Catherine's summon on my all fairytales run because I speedran the game too hard

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>>523379204I can get missing that one or Pinocchio.

Played BS2 first, doing BS1, Hellkaiser went down like a bitch, why do I have Gungir's ultimate?

Whats the point of the mushroom village?

>>523380828play red hood's game

>>523381028Where can I download it?

So, is the Golden Goose supposed to be fought much later in the game or something because it hig for like 39k damage, which is over twice my life, and has about twice my speed

>>523381129/hgg2d/ game archive

the kishingatana with the wand of creation to buff yourself and then madness with double black goat ring black rabbit ring and grim reaper ring.

>>523376860Fuck you, Lindamea! You killed Hansel and Gretel! I will fuck you up and your damn boss goat!


> cheshire cat wants to play spot the difference> almost immediately figure out that it's gonna be a jumpscare or a ruse from her demeanor, guidance, and the drawing itself> volume down to zeroGet fucked you smug cat bitch.This game has me really really on edge all the time though because everyone acts friendlyish but if you tempt fate even a little bit then it's off to the slaughterhouse or you're hollowed or a mimic rapes your face or possible jumpscares or a place like the mental ward/rivers of blood, it always feels like "something extremely fucked and horrific is right around the corner ready to terrify you"

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what does the new dlc add?

>>523382469Congrats on ruining the fun of the game abbytard

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>>523382469that's why the game is so great

>>523382596dlc1 is the undersea sectiondlc2 is the chaos dungeondlc3 isn't out yet, will probably come out this year and adds some other stuff

>>523382469>because everyone acts friendlyishYou kidding? It's exactly because of that you can't trust anyone. The fairies that ran away or shittalked (You) in the beginning of the game are actually more trustworthy than 90% of the rest of the cast. It's the normal reaction when you meet a goddamn undead. Of course anyone else that acts friendish from the start is gonna try to kill or use you.

>finally get to the Old King>spawns ?? million HP clones every turn>all of which do charged attacks that do something like 10 million damage>all have 100% magic reflect because fuck you>can't break them fast enoughHOW?

>>523383503gun and pocket watches

>>523382469Why do I always die in stupid ways in these types of games? I died before chargen in Darksouls 2 and I immediately fell off the stairs in BS2.

>>523383543Why did the creator not make inventory use cost a turn? It did in 1.

>>523384664honestly the items aren't really that powerful aside from pocket watches

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>>523385727Yeah and pocketwatches do break the game. I think its EMMM trying to ease up the lack of party members in BS2 but just straight up just broke the battle system anyway.

>>523385727I think the dmg buffs making it easy to set up an instant kill certainly are. Sure, watches + gun break it but this would have been pretty strong anyways.

Is there a guide or walkthrough so i can know where did i mess up or what im missing?

is there a point to here? I'm level 1.

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>>523386658Big NIGGER Hans hasn't deemed you worthy i guess.

>>523386658>level 1 CHADI KNEEL! No color souls either?

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Any of these worth?

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>>523386986No, not yet. Haven't needed them so they're sitting in my inventory. I played out of order so anons told me to play BS1

>>523387101Jesus, how are you surviving? I can't imagine myself winning those fights without at least some Yellow Souls for boosting my speed to act faster than my opponents

Found some rings to carry me for now>>523387240

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Also the dragon dropped a weapon which seems OP as shit right now.

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>>523387009not really

>>523387489k, I''ll just dump my souls with Goose then.

I've been playing for an hour, I'm lost and spent too much time in the desert.

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Can anyone tell me how hard it is to get the true ending in BS2 with basic tips? No one has a full guide, but the partial guide that exists seems very specific. I don't want to miss shit because I accidentally triggered the game to progress and kill half the npc's.

>>523388441it's actually pretty easy. basically do a full playthrough with 0 sen

>>523388441As basic as possible: Play the whole game on 0 Sen so you don't miss a Red Hood meeting and gather 6 flame-like souls that are hidden about. Go to Queensland (either kill Hein or get the pass form Duchess) and fight the boss there, this will access an area where Leaf is, talk to her, free her, talk to her, click LEAVE, she'll give you her ring. Play the game until you get an ending. When you start NG+, play the intro but don't choose an Alice, click X and you should get a new option. Choose that option. if you have Pricket's ring equipped (not leaf's) then you get interesting dialogue.

>>523388562What should I do if I want to do the side stories in the same playthrough? Jump back to regular sen? Or is it more worth to just play one then the other?

>>523388783You can, easier if you have the Wheel from ng+. If not, it's really too much busy work imo.

>>523388783do all those on a separate playthrough. NG+ exists for a reason in this gamefor your true ending run, just devote yourself entirely to exploring with 0 sen.

casually kills everyone in your rape dungeon

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Lol, can level me down when I'm already level one frog-bitch.

Don't piss off the snake god.

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>>523389372yknow i wouldn't be surprised if this has something to do with it. you do have to dungeon bill after all

Why don't enemies stay dead until you rest at a bonfireIt's fucking annoying getting sent to the battle screen every 30 seconds while trying to explore

>>523376983Knight for first NG, templar or edgelord for the next ones

Goose is gone.Where did she go?

>>523390013The tent in the sea of trash. You should not forgive her if you want her as your companion.

Is there any way to save Old Man? It seems he's become a zombie.

>>523389694There's a spell in the boss house at Behemoth Ranch that lets you go invis with mp instead of using items.

This is new.Any way to save her? Her character definitely feels the least developed in the entire game.


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>>523390464Homeward bone and you'll see she left a note, anyway no the only way is not to advance her story.

Is there anything to do in the desert?

>>523390820It has the entrance to snow whites area and also the Aladdin fight.

>>523381467That's a companion you didn't save. I missed her on my first run through as well. Her boss form is meant to be fought way later. If you care enough just reset the cycle and go straight to her. You don't need the companions to get the extra endings so if you don't wanna put in the extra time I don't blame you.

>>523391028I'm set to carrying the consequences of my actions in my first playthrough, so I'm fine with that. But how did I miss Goose?

>>523391316She's locked up in shackles in behemoth ranch right at the start of the game. You just have to bring a magic key to her and she becomes the soul bank. I forget which boss defeat is the one that shifts her over but it's pretty early since shes available right from the start.

Do you get anything for killing Leaf? She seemed like a psycho-bitch in 2

I don't like Bill anymore.>>523390634Yeah I know. I saw that before but it's the first time she wanders into the catacombs when I flip the switch to open the entrance to Bill.

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>>523391316Every time you go through fog time moves forward. If you go there after Hansel and Gretel on your second playthrough you'll be fine.

>>523391546>>523391759Welp, now I'm worried. Sounds hard to balance out the boss fights. I know from a previous thread that killing too many bosses would mean Iron King kills Victoria. Sounds like I'll have to adjust the order in the second playthrough to save everyone.... is it possible to save everyone?

>>523391552>She seemed like a psycho-bitch in 2Don't tell me you played 2 first