Is it worth?

is it worth?

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i wanna know as well

>>523375873how much is that in actual money?

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You've known what the gameplay is for like a year now, you literally walk from a to b with The walking being apparently okay and everything else being garbage. There's a reason this game was panned at launch, it's like an artsy fartsy interactive experience with mediocre gameplay that appeals to you then pull the trigger.

>>523375873>CA$just pirate it

>>523375873Being Canadian? No

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>>523375873100 hours in, love this game.

>>523375873Do you like boring, broken gameplay and laughably outlandish plots with terrible pacing?

>>523375873More than 100 hours in, it's great.Still have fun despite finished the game. Webm related.>>>/wsg/3604342

>>523376215Lol Bolsonaro is such a douchebag.

>>523375873I already work in logi, I don't want to pretend to move boxes when I get home

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It's Kojima at 110% so story and dialogue is just as crazy and you'd expect. Gameplay is fun, but is exactly what you think: you deliver things. There is combat, but very little of it.Overall I enjoyed my time with it and am glad I purchased it.

>>523375873I like saving the world by doing my small part.Sometimes I deliver heavy.Sometimes I deliver light and try to break my previous records.Either way, with each delivery, I'm bringing people closer together.

It was my favourite game last year and a massive breath of fresh air


I got about 50 hours in and finished everything worthwhile. I really enjoyed by stay but I don't see how anyone could spend double the time of that... After 50 hours you only got repeating missions left. You have to be some completionistic autist to enjoy player requests or the same quests over and over.Main story and some side quests are fun though

If you like Kojima games yeah

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>>523379854what if i never played a kojima game before?

>>523375873>64 maple buxis canada okay bros?

>>523379976it's kind of like if they made a game around the worker unit in Civ

>>523380062we just make more money hence why we can afford such prices.

>>523375873I would pay $5 for it

>>523375873What kind of hellhole do you live in where a fucking videogame costs 60 damn dollars???

>>523382495Yeah, Canada, a well known hell hole. Everyone knows Canada is terrifying.

>>523375873Everyone plays up the whole watch where you're walking and organizing your package load to balance the weight, but that shit stops applying halfway through the game because leveling up increases your stability to the point where I'd run straight towards a goal far away if I could see it instead of zigzagging.

>>523382495>what is exchange rate for $1000 Alex

>>523382495not brazil, i guess?

What's that, like $12 in real money?Yeah, worth it.

It has incredible atmosphere, great visuals, and is just an all around unique experience. A real breath of fresh air when I was bored of endless rooty tooty point and shooty games. Having said that what little combat there is sucks, and I hated the ending. I paid about the same and didn't regret it. >>523383381The purpose of zig-zagging later in game is to avoid BTs/Mules and to set up sweet zipline routes on mountain tops.

>>523376208Isnt the ropes and ladder building a big part of the game?

>>523385608A bad game doesn't become good because it's different. It's also not as radically different as you're making it out to be.

What is that in Euros? I only understand actual money.

>>523386037Never said it did. But clearly I didn't think it was a bad game.

>>523376215He was trying to get the Bolsonaro to notice the other leader on his left, not shake Trudeau's hand.

>>523375873When will this shit gets pirated or become cheaper than 30 dollarydos? I want to play it like you wouldn't believe but I am poor. I can buy it for PS4 but fuck that kid's toy.

>>523385608>The purpose of zig-zagging later in game is to avoid BTs/Mules and to set up sweet zipline routes on mountain tops.I never avoided BTs, one of a few things always happened:>I'd be on my bike and avoid running into any BTs>I'd be on my bike and accidentally hit a BT, then I'd get dragged around until I could run out of the area>I'd be off my bike and get caught while running through the area, and I'd escape by struggling and jumping>I'd get caught off my bike and get dragged around and I'd run out of the areaIt wasn't until the very end of the game that I started using hermatic grenades to get the grabbers off me when caught by a BT's tracking splash move.

>>523375873what store is this?

>>523387032It has a steam logo in the picture.

>>523387506...which means it gives you a steam key. But op's screenshot isn't from the steam store

>>523375873No. It's not good. I wouldn't have minded the game if the story wasn't complete shit. The first few hours figuring stuff out if fun, but the fun drop off pretty quick when you realize that all you're doing is moving from place to identical place to have a hologram dump some boring exposition and give you a new waypoint. Pretty much the entirety of the game. Like I said, if the story was at least good I'd be fine with it, but it's like it was written by a 12 year old using "and then" story telling.

>>523387716Fair enough.

>>523376059It has the best atmosphere, soundtrack and overall aesthetic of any game in the last few years. It's unironically soul.

>>523386308>But clearly I didn't think it was a bad game.Then you're clearly wrong.

>>523385987Yes, cooperating with the online community is thematically and narratively a big part of the game.

>>523388402>atmosphere, soundtrack and overall aestheticAre the only games you play CoD, Halo and Fifa?

>>523388647The last game I played that was better than DS in those departments was Bloodborne

>>523375873>Tfw didn't buy it based on every video I saw looking boring as fuck but then someone gifted it to me and now I can't stop playingIt's unironically a masterpiece.

>>523388402this, it's a beautiful experience

>>523375873Probably one of the best games to come out in a while.Also if your computer can do DLSS 2.0 shit, it's ported so well it can run 8K 30fps. But you'll probably just want to run it 4K or 1440p for higher fps.

>it's boring>it's amazingso which is it?

>>523390072If you enjoyed RDR2 and MGSV you will definitely enjoy DS.

>>523390072It's boring if you like good gameplay and stories. It's exciting if you like bad mechanics and think bland and uninspired artistic direction is fun to look at.

>>523390072If you hated RDR2 and MGSV you will actually enjoy DS.

i love shitty games but DS is beyond shit

>>523390159>>523390220Duality of man.

>>523375873it's on sale for more than that right now on steamand it's probably not worth

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>>523376208>just pirate itIt's not even cracked yet bud

Can someone tell me why people have a problem with Denuvo but not steam? I'm almost certain those same people don't even use the gog alternatives so what's the big difference?

>>523376215Man you're dumb

>>523389295If OP is worried about sales, I don't think he can afford an 8K capable rig.

>>523382696Fucking polar bear shits

>>523390536Denuvo is hard to crack, steams drm isnt

>>523375873>>523375929The best game I've ever played. After all the faggots on this board saying Kojima was a hack after 4 and 5, Death Stranding solidified Kojima as a master of storytelling and game design. The most innovative, revolutionary game since Minecraft.

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>>523390918nice bait

>>523390536there was once a meme about a 3rd worlder trying to run one of the first uncrackable games (lords of the fallen) with task manager openbut it was literally because this kid was running a potato with virtual memory swapping caching to his hdd because he didn't have enough ram to run just the gamebut it stuck in the heads of vtards for some reason

the most divisive game every made. hideo & kojima have done it again.

>>523375986About tree fitty.

>>523391293objectively shit game does not mean divisive

>>523375873I'd say it definitely is. It was my favorite game of 2019 after Pathologic 2. I put about 90 hours into it and once I upgrade to a 3070 card plan to double dip on pc.

>>523390159>>523390220i never fucking played any of those games

>>523391293objectively revolutionary game, pushing the boundaries of the medium with a master's eye for game design and storytelling does not mean divisive.

call me when it's $5

>>523391527Well what have you played? Are you even OP?

>>523390593>yes, i do pay full price for all of my games. how could you tell?

>>523391527what kind of retard hasn't played MGSV

>>523391798dunno. looked like a boring game when it was announced.

>>523392007should try itit's like a perfect game that somebody stopped working on 3/4 of the way through

>>523391798some one who has not played MGS1, MGS2 sons of liberty, MGS3 snake eater, MGS 4 guns of the patriot, MGS ground zeroes, MGS ghost babel, MGS peace walker, MGS both psp titles, MGS VR mission, Document of MGS2, MGS 4 ipod touch, Metal Gear...duh

>>523392265>MGS1, MGS2 sons of liberty, MGS3 snake eater, MGS 4 guns of the patriot, MGS ground zeroes, MGS peace walkerWatch them on YT.

>>523375873easily one of the games worth full price in recent years.

>>523392342why would anyone torture themselves like that

>>523392265can play 5 without anything else desustory and message flies over heads of 99% of the kids playing them